Today I queued 2 hours for a bowl of bak chor mee that cost $8 😱 Congratulate me plz πŸŽ‰ apparently everybody knows about this place and I don't πŸ˜‚ #wtheck #cantbelieveit #legendarybcm
wtheck - cantbelieveit - sgcampaign - onlysingapore - whatiate - minute65 - legendarybcm -
triciawonggg : @judupu that's what everyone says! It's nice!!! But super expensive too 😩
triciawonggg : @jonwayang IKR 😩 buttttt it is nice πŸ˜…
judupu : The owner is my dad's good friend hahaha
jonwayang : Haha overpriced noodles. NEVER for me
wonghy27 : Sibei long and not cheap, too shag liao
msyoke : Yes! Best bcm!
triciawonggg : #minute65
triciawonggg : #whatiate #onlysingapore #sgcampaign
jasminegohjy - steffimun - tcuicui - aicilaretsgnail -
Great times at star bar #friends #coworkers #bachata #wtheck #funtimes #starbar #sundayfunday
starbar - wtheck - funtimes - coworkers - sundayfunday - friends - bachata -
justindecastro : Hashtag #iglife. @csrlo
carlo_barlo : #gotme #iglife
justindecastro : Hashtag #iglife. @carlo_barlo
justindecastro - mcrayweipibm - a.hndrx - kevlovedonuts -
NEWSFALSH:: it is not attractive, nor appropriate, to wear a see through chiffon top without an extra layer. Especially if it's the middle of the day and you are middle-aged and you work at a nail salon and you provide a hygiene service to women. Every single one of them. #sheesh #everyonesdoingit #wtheck #WHY??? #beautyschooldropout πŸ˜ΌπŸ‘΅πŸ‘™πŸ™ˆ
everyonesdoingit - wtheck - beautyschooldropout - sheesh - why -
kwhits13 : Why is that foot tub covered in Saran Wrap?!
bluefigquilts : Lol!
quiltsandcutiepies : Crazy! Same ? As @kwhits13 ....
kakiofhoneyhill : @kwhits13 @quiltsandcutiepies you see...that's an under shirt of sorts for the foot spa. Because, that's way more essential than an undershirt for chiffon tops. πŸ™ŠπŸ˜‘
quiltsandcutiepies : ROFL!!! Well at least your feet are safe id only they had eye protectiin too!! ;)
grt1218 : Omg...eeewwww....
kwhits13 : I'm still confused lol
kakiofhoneyhill : @kwhits13 is a liner for the bath. I guess it's more sanitary or something. Not really sure what the point is.
iheartdl - pumpkin_patch_quilter - reginafarth - grt1218 -
I played tens & two's with #ladybug our beagle, because Caroline (@_jesus_freak_99_ ) would play with me, and the dog beat me.....πŸΆπŸ˜’ #wtheck #howcouldthisevenhappen
wtheck - ladybug - howcouldthisevenhappen -
olivia_ramsey - alleehewitt - _jesus_freak_99_ - emilyngeyer -
Awh my little brother all suited up today. #whyyousobig #youreonly14 #wtheck #cutie
youreonly14 - wtheck - cutie - whyyousobig -
ofwgkta_edgarr : Send it to me
hoeslappa_ : @ofwgkta_edgarr laterrrrr..
vidadeyesi : Awwww he looks so big
judee85 : Omg he is getting so big
san3475 - janalovesyu - jack.i.e_ - mayra_gonzalez11 -
Mother of god.. #agh #wtheck #omg #mix #trollinit
wtheck - mix - trollinit - omg - agh -
gamer_girl_derp - jesustakethewheel22 - all_homestuck_rps - johnstuck -
Me... Puerto Rico!!! 15 years old... Lmao, that style lol... #style #backthen #me #wtheck #lmao #pentecostal
me - wtheck - style - lmao - backthen - pentecostal -
gabrielgh777 - tammater - we90skids - marcial15 -
Bulu bulu halus firdaus oil #firdausoil #WhoWantsToBeAnArabian #hell #arabian #wtheck #stayhumble #asian #LelakiJantan #Berbulu
berbulu - wtheck - arabian - lelakijantan - asian - hell - stayhumble - firdausoil - whowantstobeanarabian -
rainermassie : Cc: @jordyalexandro
jordyalexandro : Biittccccchhhhh!!! @rainermassie
rosaliebclaudie - merrillrqnv - tannapuqr - markpierree -
Lol #cat #wat #lol #wtheck
wtheck - wat - lol - cat -
shorthaircatlovers - nekotheotaku - raspberry_pone - misprrift -
#wtheck #myface #lol #smile #snakebites
wtheck - smile - snakebites - lol - myface -
almightysigh - darthvenom_ - la_flaca1995 - justjonn25 -
This is what I woke up to today.. AT 6:30 IN THE MORNING!!! #WTHeck #Jericho2K14
wtheck - jericho2k14 -
zachalert : #hahahahahahahahahahahahahalolololololol
zachkidder : that is awesome!!!!!!!!
kyledevries : Hannah told me to watch this and it was the greatest thing I've ever seen
nrfritz4 - blloydd - dallasmaginn - joenitsua -
Umm you don't c that in your backyard every day?! #WTHeck
wtheck -
daniellehenson1975 - bbdbaby - anitasweetfriend -
First year throwback. Why were in the sand at varsity @sexiesash ?? #throwback #wtheck #lol #fun #wedidntcare
throwback - wtheck - fun - wedidntcare - lol -
sweetipielila : Lol!!! I miss yall....
saint_sexy : I also miss y'all ffs
sexiesash : Ffs? @saint_sexy lol...ndd miss u too @sweetipielila n @saint_sexy ...@jacqlynej we were wits high models of 2010 lol
jacqlynej : I miss you guys!!! :( @saint_sexy @sweetipielila
seebz_ - shannonshakes - sal_rox - maingtoled19942795 -
Having a few with my besties like it's a Friday!! Haazziitt!! #missedher #itsbeenawhile #weonlylive4streetsaway #wtheck
weonlylive4streetsaway - missedher - wtheck - itsbeenawhile -
_nohe : 😘😘😘😘
monicalavin : @_nohe 😘😘😘😘
mamalowee : I miss you two ladies!!! @_nohe @monicalavin 😘😘😘
_nohe : @mamalowee Miss you too sister!!! 😘😘😘
monicalavin : @mamalowee miss ya too girly...we are way due for a gathering!!
kasiepk - hawnhulalady - kaiunalu - ashlyn_lovee21 -
I'm looking for my bff/gf, has anyone seen her? I haven't heard from her in the past 24 hours & she's not texting me back πŸ˜‘πŸ˜’ I might have to send out a search team πŸ“‘πŸ”¦ #wtheck #whereareyou #someonebetterhavekidnappedyou #causeyoubetternotbecheating #orelse πŸ”«πŸ”«πŸ”«πŸ”«
wtheck - someonebetterhavekidnappedyou - orelse - whereareyou - causeyoubetternotbecheating -
__kimberly_____ : I'm alive πŸ™‹ my phone was dead and I was sleeping 😴
_ohdangbee : @__kimberly_____ "sleeping" hmmmm.
__kimberly_____ : I text you back πŸ˜‘
valerie_vixxen_ - c_godinez - nathanielp2 - abeccare -
July 23, 2014: Made Me Laugh. First off all, this crazy chair in the house we're hoping to lease. #WTheck?! Secondly, I laughed with joy about the resilience of kids. They've moved on from three houses that were possibly/probably going to be our new home and quickly accepted this new one with so much hope and peace. No matter how tough this moving stuff can be -- especially with our kids' tough starts in life -- I am so blessed that our kids can feel at home most anywhere, as long as Daddy and Mama are there. #goodsports #blessedmama #crazychair #mademelaugh #godsgiftsjuly #photochallenge #photoaday @melofbacchus #mamaflockmovingtotx2014
godsgiftsjuly - crazychair - blessedmama - mademelaugh - photoaday - goodsports - mamaflockmovingtotx2014 - photochallenge - wtheck -
dtmar23 : They are learning that stability doesn't necessarily mean the same house or even the same local. Knowing their parents love and care for them and knowing God loves them.
dtmar23 : ^ that's stability.
emilyannhupe : Praying for you and hoping the move goes well. We just did the San Diego to Austin, TX move in January....I still feel tired;)
sugartwist1 : The home for you will be #rightontime just #keepbelieving
mamaflock7 : Thank you, Mom. πŸ’— @dtmar23
akacarey : It really is amazing to see how your kids have gone with the flow with all of this. It just goes to show that with loving God-fearing parents that's where their stability lies. Amen! Still praying for you to get a permanent address so we can mail you a housewarming gift :)
mattiejw - akacarey - cewang - crystalschandelier -
She got upset because her blocks fell. πŸ˜‚ so she's putting them away. #sister #blocks #pink #disney #upset #funny #wtheck #victoria
pink - funny - sister - blocks - upset - victoria - wtheck - disney -
_korrynalove96 - _its_grape_ - amanduhh_97 - michael_lokk -
How they spelled @estherhoran__ name on her old ID. The 3 is silent. #wtheck #shejustnoticed
wtheck - shejustnoticed -
wonderfullyjoy : Lol
krystalwantspeace : That reminds me of the movie with Vanessa hudgens & she has a 6 in her name πŸ˜‚
krystalwantspeace : I meant 5 lol
justcallmegabi : @krystalwantspeace haha. That's why I did it :)
krystalwantspeace : What movie was that?! πŸ˜‚
auri32 : Oh my... I think they should have stayed in school lol
justcallmegabi : @auri32 bandslam. Haha. I had to look it up.
justcallmegabi : @auri32 haha. Right?
miss_felicierz - munky__ - shantelruiz - esalas11 -
Holy MF #pain! #Freezing #Cold & #TighAsEff! #KneeProblems #Decompression?! #WTHeck!
wtheck - kneeproblems - pain - compression - decompression - cold - freezing - tighaseff -
lilbbboo : #Compression not #Decompression lol
da_momma_sk - smithmillicentjfqr -
...this is a repost #wtheck #lol
wtheck - lol -
x0xo_char - jessicaakajeshika -
Girl hold my earrings cardio is this real life?!? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚#fitfam #fitspo #fitness #fitmom #fitmoms #cardio #wtheck
fitmom - wtheck - fitfam - fitmoms - fitness - cardio - fitspo -
misscleo22 : Very cool!
jerryk1228 - ricardomarreta - ebanziii - mommaruns1 -
I'm no angel, i just look like one. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ ~ kumontra will have bad luck for 5 days. #wtheck
wtheck -
issagarcia84 -
I just KNEW this day was coming!! #omg #WHY #FABULOUSfours #sheWANTEDbangs #foundHAIRhiddenUNDERmyBED #wtheck #beingkhloe #crazyKIDS
wtheck - omg - fabulousfours - shewantedbangs - beingkhloe - crazykids - foundhairhiddenundermybed - why -
ladydi_07 : @lindavaughan_fittu my daughter Chantel did the same thing when she was little. Smhβœ‚βœ‚βœ‚
hey_bend : 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 @lindavaughan_fittu
bubbla84 - hprycesparks - t33zybaybeeee - barkingbasement -
#mcm but really it should be #WCW πŸ˜‚πŸ‘¬πŸ‘¬#toosrat
wtheck - mcm - toosrat - wcw -
sydneyhuff : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but really!
captaincaitlin7 : That's a bag of pretzels in their hand... #wtheck @sydneyhuff
sydneyhuff : Hahaha hungry or nah?
sydneyhuff : @joshua_aguirre699
morgan_paige12 - peytonmacleod_24 - _emmamonfette - elexus22 -
My current situation #eye #swollen #injured #Quasimodo #cantsee #hurt #wtheck #omg #looking #crae πŸ‘€πŸ‘·πŸ˜•
injured - cantsee - eye - quasimodo - hurt - wtheck - crae - swollen - omg - looking -
that_one_gurl18 - beforeitallexplodes - chapofacecard - lilmama3306 -
"Looks like your name isn't in stores. On the upside, you must have a unique name." (from the 'share a coke' website) ...Wow-no "Tammy", but these are available?!? I have NEVER met someone named Noor! #wtheck #wow #lol #uniquenames #tammy #coke #cokezero #shareacoke
cokezero - wow - uniquenames - lol - wtheck - tammy - shareacoke - coke -
gigibell07 : They even had a "Maurice"! That's EB's middle name. Haha. Haven't found a Suzy or Suzanne, either.
gr8smiles1964 : @gigibell07 lol-I have seen all sorts of crazy names and I'm like-really?!?
gr8smiles1964 : @gigibell07 I'm looking for "star" and "George"...if u c either one-grab them and I'll do the same for u!
pure_quotes4 : I can never find Corra
gigibell07 : @gr8smiles1964....will do!
wholockedhannah - aaronfranklin - reciperecords - glodowg -
This is NOT a HOAX Ladies and Gentleman... We have found the REAL LIFE Little Mermaid!!! And she happens to be my fiancΓ©. God is so darn good. #WaitOnGood #ItsWorthIt #LikeForReal #Wow #Wtheck Shout out to @chrissosaphotography for the amazing engagement photo session today. Recommended for anyone looking for an artist and not just another camera guy!
wtheck - waitongood - waitongod - likeforreal - wow - itsworthit -
chrissosaphotography : It's going to be legend ........ Wait for it..............dary! Legendary @stephnmiranda
stephnmiranda : Lol!
iheartmelly : Que linda!!
stevemaxexcel : Unbelievable- Baby looked beyond gorgeous. I'm speechless.
mama_jen18 : Lovely lovely lovely!!!!!
lioness777 : Gorgeous!!!! @stevemaxexcel
v3ro17 : #beautifulbride
ailedpm : Absolutely beautiful!
themariog - jamie92992 - ideybis77 - lizisfabulous -
Even when she's asleep she's cool #shadeson #lilsis #wtheck
lilsis - wtheck - shadeson -
misssomia : Lmao your sister is hilarious
endlessexpressionss : Exactly what I thought to myself
cheyenneskeez : You got your phone???
ana_415 - nkenjih - kaytothekizzo - mimster612 -
Right after my last post she accidentally cuts herself and doesn't even cry, shes so calm and smiling as she says "look mama , I cut myself"........ I almost had a panic attack. It won't stop bleeding and I put a bandaid on it and all she wants to do is take it off and look at it. #wtheck #mychild #whatdoido #mysoldier #shesstrong #toughasnails #twoyearsold #loveher
twoyearsold - loveher - mychild - toughasnails - whatdoido - shesstrong - wtheck - mysoldier -
_conqueror : Where she get a razor blade from?!
chrissypooh1998 : Awe poor baby
loving_this_life1 : The bathroom. I cut a wig then Shannon used it as scissors but she had to climb the cabinet to get it. Like you and that pencil sharpener. Lol @_conqueror she laughed though
loving_this_life1 : She's fine @chrissypooh1998 I was more scared than her. Lol
_conqueror : Don't put my business out in public like that
loving_this_life1 : Lol @_conqueror
_conqueror : I didn't have to climb on the counter, I just grabbed it
loving_this_life1 : Lol, but you were like 9
ourmenwearcamo - kissyface3344 - chrissypooh1998 - legzisback -
Is this kid really already starting to say mom? 😳😩😒😍 #tysontru #growingupsofast #loveofmylife #smartbaby #wtheck
wtheck - loveofmylife - smartbaby - tysontru - growingupsofast -
jess_millr : Awwww how cute hes saying mom already i cant wait.till my lil one does
kristinaportella : Omg!!! 😍😍😍 he's totally saying mom!!!
christeenalovee : Awwwwww! Definitely saying mom!
run3212 : @shaunae_rae what thats crazy :-) smart boy!!!
heather_marie_horner : @shaunae_rae This made me smile
veetodd : He melts my heart!!! Bring him over ASAP I wanna hold him
shaunae_rae : @kristinaportella @christeenalovee he's only 4 months!! Baby Einstein? Lol
kristinaportella : Yup little Einstein πŸ’™πŸ’™
angibabi22 - dubyd - nancyy_reyy - nytray -
Throwback | 21 #23onAug8 #wtheck #timeflies #throwbackthursday #vscocam #vsco #aug8 #family
23onaug8 - timeflies - throwbackthursday - family - vsco - wtheck - aug8 - vscocam -
mcmx_josh : Ew wth is that steph lol!
mcmx_josh : @steephaniex3 ew hah
kingdomindfilms : @mcmx_josh hahahaha I almost didn't recognize her lol!
steephaniex3 : Wow @mcmx_josh
kingdomindfilms : @steephaniex3 😘
umblaurela - t_rex318 - steephaniex3 - gilliantackett -
How #orionthewhitepit #sleeps #bigpuppy #7monthswhaat #whitepit #pitbullpuppies #dontbullymybully #dontbullymybreed #pitbulladvocate #bestfamilydog #cantkeepupwithus #lazypup #surehesleepsbutkeepsmeawake #fail #wtheck #pitbullfamily #loveourpit #staffam #staffie #stafforshire #greeneyes #sweetiepie #itsnotthebreeditstheowner
sleeps - loveourpit - surehesleepsbutkeepsmeawake - lazypup - wtheck - cantkeepupwithus - sweetiepie - whitepit - staffie - fail - pitbullfamily - 7monthswhaat - pitbullpuppies - orionthewhitepit - bestfamilydog - greeneyes - staffam - itsnotthebreeditstheowner - stafforshire - dontbullymybully - bigpuppy - pitbulladvocate - dontbullymybreed -
stephwinter : Aww, he loves his new home!!
paulinarvca - lolabuehrens - sharkbite411 - jessv_15 -
Doing a drive by shoot in adoration of these street dogs.....#wtheck #noshame
wtheck - noshame -
kevin_supertramp : Omg
chriskimcg : Noooooo~ So she will bring revival to the other dogs and tell them about Jesus and they will stop sleeping around and have one wife and one husband. Gosh
candacekim : @chriskimcg What if thats his one & only wife but theyre just homeless so they had no choice. What if theyre street evangelist just trying to multiply for future generations....
kellyspark : Lollllllll
chriskimcg : Okay fine. Gosh~
michelleyeehaw : Omigosh this comment thread LOLOL @candacekim
thegonecho : Lollll u guys r funny
spamxk7 : Awesome!
michelleyeehaw - kellyspark - jarofjayo - michelleelee14 -
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