I decided to share another portrait from our sessoin. The talented Ms. April. Tried to shoot wide as inspired by another photographer I know. #beauty #actress #raleigh #nc #wral #trp_company #2014
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Behind the #WRAL #NewsDesk at the #NCStateFair #Fox #NCProud #Raleigh #NorthCarolina #StateFair
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myeshia1989 : Miss mr jaso!
mister_jb_sir : Awwww....miss you too @myeshia1989
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Beautiful night at the #ncstatefair #nofilter #WRAL
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bmclamb : And it's been a beautiful week for the fair as well! It was really good seeing you this afternoon!
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On the field at Wakefield for the Wolverines' game against Broughton. Highlights tonight on #FootballFriday on @wral! #WRAL #HSOT #HSFB
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Scott Mason live at the #ncstatefair #WRAL
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Ken Smith is live at the #ncstatefair talking about ride safety and traffic tips for the weekend! #WRAL
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These hams met Ken Smith today and ran to him for hugs like they've known him their whole life. #ncstatefair #wral #kensmith
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Good Morning! We are sharing our first #FBF #WRAL #Welovewhatwedo #CoachM3
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#Wral desk
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People always ask me "what is a wrap" well here is your answer!! Lets get you started on a "procedure" today!! Ask me how to get your wraps for only $59!! Text "wrap me" to 567.224.4994 or inbox me! Click link in my bio! #wrapsforlife #wrapsarelife #let #me #wral #you #skinny #askmehow #inbox #text #procedure #linkinbio
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we really like to talk with our hands. #hurricanes #wral #canwegetawinplease
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itsfelder : You and Mike hahaha
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That time when this happened. #WRAL #JUSTICE
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#mikemoss #wral
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Wish I could report our usual fun had at special needs night at Monkey Joes in Cary. Unfortunately they let anyone in tonight, didn't have a sign out that it was closed off to the public, so neuro typical children trampling all over mine and others and my friends son. Calling names and bullying. Shitty parents not paying attention. And the worst of all.. An employee yanking the feet of a child with Down syndrome who was simply sitting in the corner of a slide minding her business as we've seen her do plenty of times of going each month. Tried to force her down etc. I've never been more appalled at a children's event than this and it's always a fun and safe environment. I watched regulars leave after ten minutes (some of which I know for a fact this is their ONE night out a month with their child due to income restraints or fear of ridicule).. And it really was just a shitty night. Archie who is usually hard to get to leave had no issue putting his shoes on and leaving before an hour. I've emailed everyone I can email, I've blasted and got some FB friends to blast their Facebook page, I'll be calling the corporate office in the morning. The manager on duty didn't give a shit about what was going on, made up excuses. It was disorganized, not fun, not safe for kids like mine, and just overall a pile of fuckery. So hey #monkeyjoes @monkeyjoes .. We are pretty pissed off over here and I hope you listen. #monkeyjoescary #raleigh @wral
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hirokorain : @WRAL @abc11_wtvd
saraemersereau : @abc11_wtvd
hirokorain : @wtkr3
mandydayle : @WRAL @abc11_wtvd This needs to be investigated, changed, used as a chance for learning and developing! those who are not use to helping/raising special needs children need to be educated, children (special needs or not) DO NOT, ever, deserve to be abused! This is appalling, disgusting, and I comment you @alifelessimagined for using your voice to speak up so that changes can be made!
grettahandley09 : This is a great chance for education. @abc11_wtvd
awwgagan : @wral
anorthowife : I'm so so sorry this happened. And I'm so so happy that there are Momma Bears like you who will fight back and not let this nonsense go unnoticed. This is WRONG, just plain WRONG and I'm relieved to hear that you're making noise.
liab71 : Completely unacceptable on the part of MJ but I agree that this is an excellent opportunity for education. I read your post and said what is "neurotypical" and for a moment I was almost offended. Then I did some research and learned something new which led me to wanting to learn more. Hopefully something good will come out of this horrible situation. @alifelessimagined
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I don't really know what's happening outside of my cubicle right now. I'm sure it's high level creativity #wral
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wral : Minds about to explode!
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My sis is playing today at West 6pm kickoff #pinkout#gomustangs#football#kicker#guard#wral#abc11
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joco_babe21 : Good luck @breana_garcia13 ☺️✊
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Just a couple of dinosaurs, editing video, covering the job fair in Raleigh. #wral @bronto
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Don't forget to watch #CollegeRoadTrip tonight everyone. I'm hosting! Watch for great advice for students and parents about the college process. We'll hear from the College Foundation of NC on loans & scholarships, the Better Business Bureau on ID theft, & Dr. Christine Hall, a writer for @WRAL's Go Ask Mom, who helps families navigate the road to college. We will also visit 3 local campuses! Watch tonight at 7 p.m. on #WRAL
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__niic0le : So proud of yu! 👏👌
emilymoedl : You're like really famous.
brittanyybass : YGG
ajcarrasquillo : @kleighru this is awesome. What an opportunity!
kleighru : Can't believe they are letting me do this! @ajcarrasquillo @__niic0le
hollyyfryarr : Just watched your piece on wral. You better already have a job with them after that, so well spoken and well done. I got the chills when you finished! My dad remembered you from red oak basketball. Lolz. Congrats, it was awesome!! @kleighru
kleighru : Thanks so much for watching, @hollyyfryarr! And even more thanks for the kind words. Miss you!
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There's a reason Justin looks like he's up to no good behind Page & Marleigh. He's holding a sprinkler. #hectivity promo shoot # 4 for #wral
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Got to meet Debra Morgan! #ncstatefair #wral #corndesk
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Hanging out at the #ncstatefair with Renee and Bill from @wral #ncfair #raleigh #fairgrounds
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kiddb628 : @chouchoutv
kiddb628 : #wral #wralnews #billleslie #reneechou #raleighnc
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Got a selfie with Mike Maze the meteorologist from WRAL news at the state fair!!! #selfiesunday#WRAL#NCstatefair#statefair
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gwhester : Nice pic
queen_jadashamiaya : Thx!!😘😘😘 @gwhester
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Oh you know just hanging with Deb✌️#DebraMorgan #WRAL #5
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I met Debra Morgan from @wral at the #corndesk @ncstatefair #fun #wral
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With @WRAL news anchor Ken Smith at the #NCStateFair!
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nmelanieb : #WRAL
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Another Person That Flipped Too 1000$😍💸👏 Get Started NOW❗️❗️ #dt #cwd #money #moneyflip #moneygram #westernunion #easymoney #riseandgrind #tbh #goodafternoon #grind #hundreds #hustle #hardwork #textme #paid #payday #abc11 #wral #atm #sodmg #blackops #harrypotter #stackorstarve
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Good Morning! We had a fun evening session with the upcoming Actress April! More to come. #actress #beauty #trp_company #raleigh #nc #wral #sunset
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Yes we are on the news 🎀 #wral #cheer #hchs #footballfriday
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bgrizzard05 : Great job GIRLS yall ROCK
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Friday Fair Fun! #WRAL #wralcorndesk #ncstatefair
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My first selfie with a turkey! #ncstatefair #WRAL
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fayeriner : You and Tom! Tommy Turkey!
sallysmith26 : What was his name?!
newsduchess : So funny
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Come see us at #ncstatefair! #wral
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ryan_stainback28 : I am!
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#WRAL's Lynda Loveland interviews the guys from #ACF and samples the BBQ stuffed, bacon-wrapped hush puppy fried jalapeño with Moonshine BBQ sauce. Now that's #GottoBeNC
wral - acf - gottobenc -
triadfoodies : Welcome!!
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