These guys colonized a buoy we found today while heading out to dive off Lanai. One man's trash is another man's treasure. The amount of debris floating around today was incredible! Based on the writing and type of debris it was, we believe that it all came from Japan's 2011 tsunami. More images of today's findings to follow... #worldoceansdayhawaii #worldoceansday #hawaii #maui #lanai #debris #marinedebris #pollution #tsunami #japan #plastic #saveourseas @pangeaseed @sustainablecoastlineshawaii
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Just a quick sweep at Five a Graves resulted in this mess of discarded fishing line. If you fish, please do your part, leave no trace, and fish responsibly. Plastics do not belong into the ocean. #worldoceansdayhawaii #worldoceansday #hawaii #maui #fivegraves #fishingline #pollution #nogood #leavenotrace #saveourseas #fishresponsibly
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“7 Wonders of the Underwater World” #5 The Great Barrier Reef This is the world's largest coral reef system: made up of over 2,900 individual reefs and it can be seen from outer space. #worldoceansday #oceanconvervation #nature #beauty #7wondersoftheunderwaterworld #greatbarrierreef #funfact #science #sea
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How dare you call plankton uncharismatic! Not only do they form the basis for life beneath the surface of the sea, they also come in some pretty mind-blowing shapes and sizes! #plankton #ocean #saveourseas #nature #worldoceansdayhawaii #worldoceansday #oceanography #natureisart #life
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THIS WEEK ONLY! We're excited to announce limited edition World Oceans Day shirts, which will arrive before June 8th. Get one now: link in bio. For every shirt sold FLOAT will donate $8 to help us grow World Oceans Day. Lots of fun colors to choose from! #worldoceansday #Tshirts #FLOAT #donate #growth #oceanconservation #fashion #ecofashion
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The ceramic artworks of artist @lorienstern - stay tuned for an exciting collaboration with Lorien and PangeaSeed. All of us at @pangeaseed encourage all artists for oceans to share your work with us by tagging @pangeaseed / #pangeaseed for a chance to have your work featured on our page. - And don't forget, our Sea Change Student Art Contest deadline is right around the corner. Don't miss this chance to have your artwork for oceans featured in the prestigious Honolulu Museum of Art, win $1K and other prizes during @worldoceansdayhawaii art and film festival June 6-12. For contest info visit and help save our seas via art and activism! Special thanks to project partners @sustainablecoastlineshawaii / @fromthebowseat / @honolulumuseum #artivism #saveourseas #staywild #worldoceansday #worldoceansdayhawaii #art #artcontest #pangeaseed #sustainablecoastlineshawaii #fromthebowseat #honolulumuseum
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giliethekid : That's sweet man @tlviens
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luanacassidy : Ha ha ha nice
keithfiori : These are AMAZING ! Where can I buy? I check the Etsy site but no sharks?
lorienstern : Hi @keithfiori πŸ‘‹ these are at @alchemybottleshop s upstairs gallery in Oakland. I am working on making an online gallery shop for the show. I will announce on my Instagram when they're listed 🎈🎏
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“7 Wonders of the Underwater World” (Originally by CEDAM International) #6 The Lake Baikal, Russia This is the largest volume freshwater lake in the world and holds about 20% of the world’s fresh water! Photo: Shutterstock Legion-Media #worldoceansday #funfact #7wondersoftheunderwaterworld #lakebaikal #nature #beauty
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Wish these little ocean birds luck with their spring migration North! This Arctic tern is a small coastal bird only 28–40 cm long, but they migrate 70,900 km each year! They spend the summer in their breeding grounds in the Arctic and travel to the Antarctic for the rest of the year - almost North to South Pole! One Arctic tern can fly up to 2.4 million km total in their life- that adds up to 3 journeys to the moon and back! Photo by Roar Photo #worldoceansday #funfact #migration #arctictern #coastalbirds #shorebirds #nature #science #funfact #beauty #marinelife #oceanconservation #travel #flight #ocean
oceanconservation - arctictern - flight - beauty - nature - science - travel - worldoceansday - marinelife - coastalbirds - migration - ocean - shorebirds - funfact - - selva_de_mar - aidan_p33 - frhphotography -
“7 Wonders of the Underwater World" (Originally by CEDAM International) 70% of the earth is covered by water so it makes sense that many of the earth’s natural wonders would be under water! #7 Northern Red Sea, Africa The name may come from a reddish coloring of the water during seasonal blooms of the red-colored cyanobacteria near the water's surface. Photo by Martijn Schornagel in Egypt at the Red Sea #funfact #nature #ocean #redsea #7wondersoftheunderwaterworld #worldoceansday #oceanconservation #marine #beauty
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Beautiful isnt it?#worldoceansday #seahorse
seahorse - worldoceansday -
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Seahorses are some of the most unusual and beautiful creatures! There is a great diversity of seahorse shapes and patterns. Some can even change color to match their surroundings. They are tiny—only a few centimeters long—so they need disguise for protection. Also, they are very slow swimmers because they have just one small fin on their back which can flutter back and forth up to 35 times per second. They are often stationary, holding onto a piece of seaweed with their curled tail. To see more cool pictures of seahorses: #worldoceansday #ocean #science #funfact #seahorse #marinelife #marinecreatures #nature #oceanconservation
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The beautiful Cotylorhiza tuberculate—photographed floating in the Gulf of Trieste, Adriatic Sea, Italy under Miramare Castle. This species of jellyfish, is also known as the Mediterranean jelly or fried egg jellyfish. It has a smooth, elevated bell surrounded by a ring, and clustered appendages which contain mouth-arm openings that are colored deep purple. This jelly can grow from just a few millimeters to the size of a quarter in a couple weeks and only lives for about half a year, from summer to winter. Photo by Adriano Morettin #worldoceansday #marinelife #nature #beautiful #ocean #oceanconservation #funfact #science #jellyfish #color #sun #castle #celebrateouroceans
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You may know that octopuses have blue blood. But did you know it is the blue color of their blood that allows octopuses in Antarctica to survive subzero waters? To cope, Antarctic octopuses use a copper-based protein called haemocyanin. It makes their blood run blue and is much more efficient at keeping their bodies properly oxygenated at freezing temperatures. For further reading: Photo by M. Rauschert #worldoceansday #marinelife #nature #beautiful #ocean #oceanconservation #funfact #science #blueblood #color #celebrateouroceans #antarctica #survival
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Gearing up for #WorldOceansDay and getting on board the #BetterBagChallenge - and tempting folks to commit to not using disposable #plastic bags used for a year..
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Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment. - Claude Monet #worldoceansdayhawaii #worldoceansday #hawaii #saveourseas #ocean
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I'm taking the Better Bag Challenge for World Oceans Day! Will you join me? The Challenge: try not to take a single plastic bag for a whole year... bring a better bag instead & Challenge yourself - and someone you love! #worldoceansday #betterbagchallenge #oceanconservation #cutdownonplastics #saveourocean
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We are one month away from the submission deadline of the nationwide SEA CHANGE student art contest to help save our seas!! If you are aged 17-25 and currently an enrolled student, you are eligible to enter the contest. Submissions are being accepted for the following categories: painting & drawing, sculpture, photography, and mixed media. Visit πŸ‘†and enter today for a chance to win cash prizes or gift certificates for art supplies. Mahalo to @fromthebowseat @honolulumuseum @sustainablecoastlineshawaii πŸ“· of Laysan Albatross by Tre' Packard #worldoceansdayhawaii #worldoceansday #hawaii #saveourseas #staywild #art #contest #artcontest #oceanart
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theartofhilton : I wish I could enter
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kidbury : So.student as in Uni? Is there no way I can enter if I'm 15?
kidbury : Dont want to sound like a drag but this sounds like a great opportunity,
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4 weeks til the submission deadline of our #seachange #student #art #contest at the Honolulu Museum of Art - drawing / painting, photography, mixed media and sculpting. If you're 17-25 and an enrolled student, you could be winning $1,000 or art supply gift certificates worth $500 and $250. All this whilst being an ambassador for the #ocean and raising awareness for critical marine issues. Head over to and submit your artwork today! Mahalo to Sea Change partners @fromthebowseat and @sustainablecoastlineshawaii Photo by Tre' Packard - #worldoceansdayhawaii #worldoceansday #hawaii #studentart #makeadifference #saveourseas #staywild #pangeaseed #sustainablecoastlines #fromthebowseat #artcontest #art #artforoceans
art - worldoceansdayhawaii - worldoceansday - makeadifference - seachange - pangeaseed - student - sustainablecoastlines - artcontest - saveourseas - contest - staywild - hawaii - ocean - artforoceans - studentart - fromthebowseat -
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There are 31 billion tons of fish total below the ocean’s surface! Recently, scientists realized that the expression “there are plenty more fish in the sea” is more true than ever. New biomass sonar technology revealed that there is 30 times more life in the ocean than previously thought. Phot by Audrey-Narchuk #worldoceansday #science #fish #funfact #oceanconservation
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This is a shocking and real photo of a surfer taking on a wave of trash. Could you image surfing in a sea of marine debris? Learn how the decisions you make as a surfer can minimize your own impacts on the ocean: Photo by Zak Noyle #marinedebris #surf #surfer #wave #oceanconservation #green #pollution #worldoceansday
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Would you think “potholes” could be so beautiful? These “coastal potholes” form as ocean waves erode the bedrock. If there is a loose pebble sitting on top of the rock, the waves will cause it to spin around and dig a circular hole, making each pothole! These beautiful little pools also create an important habitat for tide pool creatures such as crabs and small fish. Photo by D Breezy #nature #beauty #potholes #ocean #oceanconservation #worldoceansday #funfact #science #earth #marinelife
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jivanwells : Like the ice did as it melted over Scandinavia all those years ago. It created what we call Troll Cauldrons, many meters deep into the granite.
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Be an Ocean-Friendly Pet Owner! You love your salty dog, but is Rover ocean-friendly? Remember, furry-family members have an environmental impact too! Check out our most recent blog post on the World Oceans Day website for 4 sustainable pet practices to ensure you’re making ocean-friendlier choices when it comes to your critters. Photo by E Haug #oceanfriendly #oceanconservation #pets #petowners #green #worldoceansday #sustainablepractices
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The ocean in the Pacific Northwest is very different from what we are used to but just as magical and breathtaking as our year-round bathtub conditions. #worldoceansdayhawaii #worldoceansday #washington #deceptionpass #pacific #ocean #beach #coldwater #saveourseas
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Sorry for the posting delay; I was on spring break! Here's a beautiful animal to get back in the swing. πŸ˜€ The Blue Dragon Sea Slug deserves this fierce and fanciful name! Though it is only 2 inches long, it can sting its predators because it collects a stinging chemical from the jellyfish it feeds on and stores the chemical in the finger-like tubes along its side. Also, this amazing creature floats on the top of the water and camouflages by “counter shading”, with blue topsides and silver undersides to resemble the water’s surface. #worldoceansday #funfact #science #marinelife #nature #nudibranch #ocean #oceanconservation
oceanconservation - nature - science - worldoceansday - marinelife - ocean - nudibranch - funfact -
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Molokai's first monk seal pup of the year! Please be considerate when you encounter one of these magnificent endangered creatures. They need their space just as we do. πŸ“· via @malamamonkseal #worldoceansdayhawaii #worldoceansday #hawaii #monkseal #molokai #saveourseas #nature #staywild
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By @pangeaseed "Did you know that Ahi is classified as "Near Threatened" by the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature)? When consuming any seafood, be responsible and ask where and how the fish was caught to determine if it's a sustainable source. PC: by the one and only @brianskerry - #staywild #saveourseas #worldoceansday #hawaii #ahi #seafoodissealife #tuna #overfishing #conservation #poleline #choosesustainable" via @PhotoRepost_app
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Did you know that Ahi is classified as "Near Threatened" by the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature)? When consuming any seafood, be responsible and ask where and how the fish was caught to determine if it's a sustainable source. PC: by the one and only @brianskerry - #staywild #saveourseas #worldoceansday #hawaii #ahi #seafoodissealife #tuna #overfishing #conservation #poleline #choosesustainable
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venetianparadise : No such thing as a sustainable fishery. We need an all out ban on commercial fishing for a decade. Jobs will be lost. Too bad. It's a shit job anyway.
tonyvtrujillo : @we_be_illin
elisaestrada : We have lived without caring for anything else than ourselves -humans- . The "animal kingdom"was already here on this earth and we have been terrible neighbours to them. We are depleting the oceans, taking the land of certain species because of our way of reproducing like no other living creature from this earth, killing every species for different needs (selfish needs) . All for money and power as always. The animal kingdom has a purpose on this earth. But we cannot even see that yet. I'm part of this problem too but there needs to be a change. Here in Ecuador the #artisanalfishing is common. They take everything from the ocean floor with mile long fishing nets dragged by these boats....sad but someday it will be too late to regret this very big issue that is occuring now in front of our noses.
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Did you know that Ahi is classified as "Near Threatened" by the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature)? When consuming any seafood, be responsible and ask where and how the fish was caught to determine if it's a sustainable source. πŸ“· by the one and only Brian Skerry #worldoceansdayhawaii #worldoceansday #hawaii #ahi #seafoodissealife #tuna #overfishing #conservation #poleline #choosesustainable
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And the rest of the story: I’m a bag but remember this tag: You can find me in stores or at the mall, but to see me in the sand or sea is the worst place of all! I’m a bag so now be a good lad or las, If you choose to bring me home full of food and tins Recycle & Repurpose me by placing me correctly in your trash bins #earthday #earthmonth #recycle #reuse #reduce #poetanddidntknowit #pickituppeople #dontlitter #mosquitoawareness #saynotoplasticbags #betterbagchallenge #worldoceansday
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πŸ‘€ Nature keeps blowing my mind! Amazing shot by Jett Britnell of some sort of anemone-like creature. Any marine biologists out there who could tell me what exactly I'm looking at here? #worldoceansdayhawaii #worldoceansday #anemone #saveourseas #marinebio #nature #mindblown
saveourseas - marinebio - mindblown - worldoceansdayhawaii - nature - worldoceansday - anemone -
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Yesterday with @trinity_feltner for the #paddleandpotluck but today is #worldwaterday ~ so many ways to clean it up for upcoming #earthdays and #worldoceansday and #everyday
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That's a beautiful whale sketch by @ericakrueger ~ #worldoceansdayhawaii #worldoceansday #whale #sketchbook #saveourseas #saveourselves #ocean #staywild
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There are four species of #puffins around the world (Atlantic, Horned, Tufted, and Rhinoceros) which can fly up to 55 mph! Puffins have also been called "clown of the ocean" and "sea parrot" because of their clown-like facial markings and colorful beaks. #puffin #seabird #animals #clown #birdlife #saveourseas #worldoceansdayhawaii #worldoceansday #staywild
saveourseas - worldoceansday - animals - worldoceansdayhawaii - puffins - staywild - clown - puffin - birdlife - seabird -
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