Like diamonds, diatoms are forever. These mesmerizing algae are among the most common types of phytoplankton in our oceans. They are producers within the oceanic food web and feed all of the above organisms. Give thanks to #diatoms for feeding the fish you like to eat... #phytoplankton #plankton #saveourseas #foodchain #ocean #marinebiology #oceanography #staywild #mandala #bigblue #worldoceansdayhawaii #worldoceansday
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Beautiful illustration by Charlie Harper. The marine food chain... #worldoceansdayhawaii #worldoceansday #ocean #greatoceanquarterly
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Simple food chain by Charlie Harper. #worldoceansdayhawaii #worldoceansday #hawaii #saveourseas #saveourselves #foodchain #plankton #ocean
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groundskreeperandy : This is so great. I was just teaching this to my kids. Can't wait to show them. Thank you!
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Octopus Fun Fact #4: Camouflage Master! An octopus can change the color of its entire body in just three-tenths of a second. But the creature doesn't simply take on the general pattern of its surroundings. Instead, it often mimics specific undersea objects, like plants or rocks, to disappear into the underwater scenery. Follow us @worldoceansday to stay updated on World Oceans Day celebration events for June 8th and for cool ocean and marine life photos, news, and more Fun Facts! Photo by Didier Brandelet #octopusfunfact #marinelife #nature #worldoceansday #beauty #colorful #science
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“True” baby eels, such as the Moray eel, are transparent, ribbon-like larvae called leptocephali, meaning “slim head”. Pictured here is an unusually large Moray eel larva of about 300-400 mm long (over 1 foot) in the upper photo and a full grown Moray eel in the lower photo. #marinelife #science #funfact #worldoceansday #conservation #celebrateourocean #morayeel #eel #sealife #ocean
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Tackling this Sunday morning with full force like this majestic orca. 📷 by Unknown #worldoceansdayhawaii #worldoceansday #hawaii #ocean #saveourseas #staywild #orca #killerwhale #captivitysucks #wilderness #powerofnature #letthembefree #crueltyfree
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Follow @worldoceansday @worldoceansday @worldoceansday you know who else celebrates in June 8? ME!! World Ocean Day, the Surf Team End-of-Season Party, and my birthday! Did I mention that 'Marion' is 'Maliona' in Hawaiian which translates to: Star of the Sea. Good job Mom and Dad. Your hippie days worked in my favor! #surfacademy #Surfbus #getonit #StarOfTheSea #worldoceansday #june #oceanlife
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The Purple Striped Sea Nettle The beautiful Chrysaora Colorata can be found off California and packs a strong sting. Luckily, instances of stings on humans are rare. Please see hashtag #CubicJellyfish for details on how to win an #Orbit20 Jellyfish aquarium. . #aquarium #cubicaquarium #coral #allmymoneygoestocoral #petjellyfish #pets #instafish #jellyfish #ocean #jellies #win #competition #reefpack #reef2reef #marinelife #seanettle #worldoceansday #marineaquarium #aquariumporn
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Sneak peek of WIP by @laurenrothart for our #worldoceansdayhawaii 2015 flagship poster! Can't wait to see the finished piece and start spreading the word about this year's week-long festival at @honolulumuseum ~ Mahalo, Lauren! #worldoceansday #hawaii #humpy #humpback #whale #humpbackwhale #saveourseas #filmfestival #art #watercolor #ocean #nature #environment #sustainability
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Octopus Fun Fact #3: Octopus are among the smartest non-primates on the planet; they take the cake for invertebrates. Experiments in maze and problem-solving have shown that they have both short-term and long-term memory. Octopuses can open jars, squeeze through tiny openings, and hop from cage to cage for a snack. They can also be trained to distinguish between different shapes and patterns. In a kind of play-like activity one of the hallmarks of higher intelligence species octopuses have been observed repeatedly releasing bottles or toys into a circular current in their aquariums and then catching them. The octopus is the only invertebrate which has been shown to use tools. At least four specimens have been witnessed retrieving discarded coconut shells, manipulating them, and then reassembling them to use as shelter. Follow us @worldoceansday to follow our series on 4 Octopus Fun Facts and stay updated on World Oceans Day celebration events for June 8th and cool ocean and marine life photos and news! Photo by Ellen Muller # #marinelife #nature #worldoceansday #beauty #colorful #science
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Good night, ocean lovers! 📷 by Mimmo Roscigno #jellyfish #worldoceansdayhawaii #worldoceansday #saveourseas #nature #amazing #almostlikejello #staywild
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Price of #Development. Or #EducationFail. #SampahSarap #SampahMasyarakat #Rubbish #LuxuryCondos #Jesselton #Waterfront #WorldOceansDay
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Prehistoric sea creature recreated with modern technology! This spiky, well-armored mollusk that lived in the ocean 390 million years ago has been brought back to life with the help of 3D printers! Photo by Jakob Vinter To read more check out this article from national geographic #natgeo #article #3Dprinting #science #marinelife #worldoceansday
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#Repost and shout out to @bethsbeachfinds! Follow her for more cool tidepool beach find photos with informative captions!
Bat stars are just so beautifully simple. Fun fact- they actually move their stomachs outside of their body and wrap it around food to digest, then put their guts back inside. Sounds disgusting- but kind of cool! #beachfinds #funfact #starfish #worldoceansday
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The shark species as we know them have been around for 100 million years. This means that they were here when dinosaurs were around. A record breaking evolutionary creature cannot be anything but amazing, with an anatomy which has been improved over those million years of evolution. #marinelife #funfact #sharks #worldoceansday
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A fire anemonefish has been added to our Surviving Through Adaptation exhibit! #AnimalUpdate #marinelife #nature #worldoceansday #conservation #sea #animals
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Happy #PolarBearDay! Photo by @paulnicklen - from his new book, "Bear: Spirit of the Wild" (published by @natgeo). Thank you for tagging so many wonderful photos with #NatureIsSpeaking, Paul! Amazing. #conservation #worldoceansday
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Octopus Fun Fact #2: Did you know octopuses have venom? All octopuses are thought to have some venom that comes from bacteria living inside the animals. Most don't have enough poison to harm people. But a bite from certain octopus, such as a small blue-ringed octopus, can paralyze a human adult in minutes. Follow us @worldoceansday to follow our series on 3 Octopus Fun Facts and stay updated on World Oceans Day celebration events for June 8th and cool ocean and marine life photos and news! Photo by Andrey Nekrasov #octopusfunfact #marinelife #nature #worldoceansday #beauty #colorful #science
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Is @rosiejaffurs pondering at sea about the future of our oceans? Maybe. Either way, this is a wonderful photograph by @photokeoki #worldoceansday #hawaii #worldoceansdayhawaii #saveourseas #ocean #bigblue #staywild
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Plan ahead! Spread the word! World Oceans Day June 8th. #healthyoceans #healthyplanet #worldoceansday #saveourseas #beachcleanup #banthebag #beach #summer
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A sneak peak at my latest work in progress. I was asked by @pangeaseed to create a poster for #worldoceansday - I have worked with #pangeaseed before, it is always such a pleasure, they do incredible things for our marine life and art world. It was an honor to be asked to create this. Stay tuned for the final #watercolor - coming next week!
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Octopus Fun Fact #1: Everyone knows that octopuses have eight sucker-covered arms, but did you know that man-made suction cups pale in comparison to natural ones that cover the undersides of octopus arms? A common octopus has about 240 suckers on each limb, and a particularly large sucker can hold up to 35 lbs. The suckers are also extremely sensitive; they can pick up subtle chemical signals and move individually, even folding in half in a pinching gesture. Follow us @worldoceansday to follow our series on 4 Octopus Fun Facts and stay updated on World Oceans Day celebration events for June 8th and cool ocean and marine life photos and news! Photo by Thomas Ozanne #octopusfunfact #marinelife #nature #worldoceansday #beauty #colorful #science
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@pangeaseed is pleased to announce the inaugural Sea Change Student Art Contest and Exhibition. For the second annual @worldoceansdayhawaii film and arts festival, we are hosting a nation-wide student art contest to help save our seas. In collaboration with festival partners @fromthebowseat and @sustainablecoastlineshawaii we invite students aged 17-25 who are currently enrolled in college, university or art institutes in the United States to submit artworks in one of the following four categories: painting & drawing, photography, sculpture and mixed media. Submissions must be related to an ocean environmental issue such as overfishing, pollution or a threat specific to your community and marine ecosystem. Contest finalists will have the opportunity to win cash prizes and have their work showcased in a month-long exhibition at the prestigious @honolulumuseum of Art during World Oceans Day Hawaii 2015 throughout the month of June. Click the link at the top of our profile page to submit your work today - or visit for more contest information. Submissions deadline May 1, 2015, so get on it and help save our seas! #saveourseas #oceanart #worldoceansday #pangeaseed #sustianablecoastlineshi #fromthebowseat #ARTivism #bethechange #art #artcontest #seachange
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senelpia : @rocknrollin this looks like a cool show in Honolulu .
rocknrollin : @senelpia this would be cool to go to thnx!
senelpia : @rocknrollin yes you should submit photos of the ocean to showcase the beauty of the ecosystem to bring awareness
isabellehsu24 : @aimee___z Thanks Ms.Z :) this sounds great! Are Canadian students allowed to join??
aimee___z : @isabellehsu24 shoots, it seems like just US students. Can you send this along to Tina..maybe she'd be interested?
isabellehsu24 : @aimee___z Lol Sure!
fromthebowseat : We are thrilled to be apart of this! Yahooo!!! 😊🐠💕
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Did you know walruses change COLOR?! Walruses are generally grayish-brown in color, but their coloration changes when thermoregulating (controlling their body temperature). When in cold water, walruses have the ability to contract their outer blood vessels, reducing the blood flow to the skin and blubber, saving heat in the process. This is when the walrus appears almost white. Conversely, when they are basking in the sun and warming up, the blood vessels dilate. Blood is pumped to its blubber and skin where it gets warmed by the sun. This increase in blood circulation gives them a more reddish color. Photo by Hal Brindley. Info from Travel for Wildlife #walrus #colorchange #science #ocean #marine life #worldoceansday #funfact #nature
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Now is the PERFECT time to start planning your World Oceans Day celebration! There are so many ways to celebrate World Oceans Day this June. You can organize your own event, make an important announcement, or just change something in your life to protect the ocean! We're sharing brand new resources to help you plan as we get closer to June 8th - check out the timeline for 2015: How are you going to celebrate the ocean? #ocean #marineconservation #lovetheocean #celebrateourocean #June8 #WorldOceansDay #startplanningnow
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Repost @ocean Photo by Kerry Wilk A breathtaking size comparison between man and the great sperm whale, the largest of all the toothed whales and with a head that comprises up to one third of its length. #MadeOfOcean #spermwhale #worldoceansday #majestic #nature #marinelife
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Did you know? Unlike most fish that have gas-filled “swim bladders” to help control their buoyancy, sharks have large livers, that can account for up to 30% of their body mass, which produce oil to keep them buoyant, instead. Photo by Alex Mustard #shark #bladder #fish #ocean #funfact #nature #marinelife #worldoceansday
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journeyappstore : Hello! We are doing something very great that is going to help change the world. Please read my last post.
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Legendary artist, Charley Harper's rendition of an orca feasting on some sea lions. Charley Harper illustrated countless posters for the US National Park System back in the day, showcasing the country's amazing diversity of flora & fauna... #charleyharper #worldoceansdayhawaii #worldoceansday #orca #killerwhale #captivitysucks
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More #monkseal action at Kaena Point this past weekend! The determination and perseverance of these animals is incredible. We sat on the ledge observing this particular seal come out of the water into the beach, and make its way all the way up onto the sand. Respect! #worldoceansdayhawaii #worldoceansday #hawaii #oahu #kaenapoint #saveourseas #staywild #aloha #luckywelivehawaii
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malamamonkseal : 😂funny! Probably RL54. Shows how comfortable she was bc you guys were low-pro. Always pays off to sit back and observe fm a distance👍
bonkaroo : Look at that cute belly! @colordame @britgurli
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According to the Monterey Bay Whale Watch, there have been 21 Humpback Whale sightings in the Monterey Bay between February 19th-22nd. #whales #humpbacks #moneterybay #whalewatch #sightings #sunset #beauty #marinelife #nature #worldoceansday
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So many Laysan Albatrosses are nesting and brooding at Kaena Point! Breathtaking views, monk seal and albatross sightings and extensive whale watching made for an epic Saturday weekend hike. #worldoceansday #hawaii #worldoceansdayhawaii #albatross #seabird #saveourseas #malamaaina #aloha #luckywelivehawaii #protectwhatyoulove #staywild
saveourseas - albatross - staywild - worldoceansdayhawaii - protectwhatyoulove - worldoceansday - hawaii - malamaaina - aloha - seabird - luckywelivehawaii -
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Incredible perspective of a giant Manta Ray feeding on plankton in the Maldives. Thanks to the talented @rorzmoore for composing the shot. 💙 Tag a friend who would dive with these majestic creatures! Image ©Rory Moore. Tag your images #MadeOfOcean. #ocean #beauty #marinelife #nature #water #sea #mantaray #worldoceansday
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Marine monday. Last week many of you were right. It was indeed the tiny Pacific Spiny Lumpsucker (Eumicrotremus orbs). There are nearly 7000 marine species along the coast of British Columbia yet only 1% of our coastal waters is currently protected. Any thoughts on this image? photo:@iantmcallister #greatbearsea #marineconservation #marinemonday #worldoceansday
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