#homesweethome after a #longday #cheers #mommydrink #woosah #moscato #productofItaly #delicious
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mariposa323 : #Risata #MoscatodAsti
mariposa323 : In my favorite glass 😘 @jessicaperez07
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#meditation #keepitclassy #beyonce #cool #calm #rolemodel #Instamood #woosah
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At work tryin not to get annoyed with these students... #WoosahπŸ˜‘πŸ˜’πŸ˜... Hope ur Tuesday is better😘
woosah -
likkle_loc_ladi : Hai girl 😍
joeybadass767 : Ayyyyyyyee:)))))))
joeybadass767 : That's too cute :)))
slingshot__ : Me love You
mrsilkysensations : Om nom yo reng gay quoooo!
chulo_mimm : 😏 too cute
supertriniwoman : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©!! @mrsilkysensations
mrsilkysensations : Lmao! Good.. So we see βœŒπŸ‘€βœŒπŸ‘€βœŒ eye to eye.. Bahahaha at least I got u laffin. So u can shake the stress.. Lol
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Good to know! #woosah #badboys CHRONIC high stress = cortisol increase = blood sugar increase = blockage of Glut-4 receptors. This is normal for the short term. The problem is that when these Glut-4 receptors become blocked, the excess blood sugar acts like a pinball in your body damaging every tissue it hits. #health #stress #cortisol #bloodsugar #nutrition #robertyang #manageyourstress
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πŸ‘ΈπŸ’­πŸŒ΄ taking a mental vacation! Feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and just need a minute to breathe and reboot!!! #woosah
woosah -
janehayes_ : If it helps I am at the beach but feeling much the same. Levels are all over the place. Sky high then low. Feeling sick then scared because I have been hospitalised twice in 14 weeks. It is exhausting. I'm trying to hide my stress from my family and wake up every morning with a grateful heart. I don't know how you do what you do. The responsibility being a parent of a child with a chronic illness must be totally overwhelming at times. You are a wonderful mum and an amazing parent. Maybe you need a good cry. That sometimes helps. Wish I could help you or even just give you a well deserved break. Look after yourself and remember you always do the very best you can.
lorianneh2 : You got this! Just're the best momma ever!!! :)
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Even The Hulk does yoga lol. #Marvel #hulk #TheHulk #comic #yoga #yogahumor #namaste #woosah #innerpeace
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Fiiinnaaally was about to get a #mani πŸ’…#pedi today!! It felt amazzzing and once again @cindynailsantiochca did such a great job!! Couldn't be happier 😊 #cindynails #naturalnails #gelmani #pedi #allwhite #mint #leopard #relaxingmorning #woosah #neededthis #goodforthesoul #goodtimes
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Rule #1
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tanya_f_ : #oust #anisiropi anoikseeee tou trellou pou den exei alou na paei🎢 Ma Ti na kaneis expect me tous anisiropous!? #vazo #ilithia #hashtags ✌️
tanya_f_ : Kane Kai ena aftolike gia tin aliteia! πŸ‘
chrysok : @tanya_f_ #itsfine NamasteπŸ™ kai ola Kala tha pane! #woosah #wooooosahhhh #einaitotrend #tahlithia #hashtags
tanya_f_ : #zowdes πŸ‚πŸƒπŸ–
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This place though... #nature #fall #nofilter #woosah
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Sometimes we rush, become impatient, lack trust, or can't see the end results. Trust the process. Stay at peace. Rest in your center. #Houston #houstontx #oneofthemdays #woosah #alotoymind #justbreathe #stayinfaith
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hightechazteca : #alotonmymind
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Commitment means staying loyal to what you said you were going to do, long after the mood you said it in has left you. #woosah #roughday
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#myfitjourney is a never ending learning experience. I received some bad news before lunch so I immediately went into old habits and went to the fast food drive thru. Then after eating a horrible lunch I realized that didn't help anything. I went the gym ran my three miles and decided that I wasn't going to sabotage my progress. Thankful for my #fitfam @lihnque and @marybgood2013 for helping me put things into perspective. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ’ͺπŸ™Œ #fitnatives #weightloss #learningsomethingnew #threemiles #jogging #woosah #healthie
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dianas0118 : Follow me for motivation!! @mrsjackson_16
_caesura : way to recover πŸ™Œ go cousin go!!! #inspiring
ultimatebeachbodies : F4F?
callistetics - pifarka - agnes66sz - nakednergy -
woosah -
liviloulou : Wilson's?
nika_bird : @liviloulou you know it! The patient requested "watermelon chunks, two ears of corn, and ONE heirloom tomato only if it is perfectly ripe." πŸ˜‘#woosah
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#breathein #breatheout #WOOSAH #pplaretryingmetodayπŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
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gotthatfireboy : Omdsss, watching bad boys one right now πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @mixed_beauty_29
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I should have started taking my lunch breaks here sooner. #woosah
woosah -
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#Woosah #Chant #TalkToTheSky
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#finals #woosah #smile
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Take it easy meng... it's never that serious. Anxiety is the cousin of fear 😱 Adds unnecessary age. #anxiety #woosah #breathe #relax #justchill
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jromero_11 : Love this! Thank you. Gotta keep reminding myself that god didn't give us the spirit of fear
oye_slim09 : @jromero_11 no he sure didn't! 😜
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I just got to work and already I want to go home. #needavacation #imtiredman #woosah
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So glad my mom found my grant writing book I didn't know I lost. Lol I think she lowkey trying to throw me a hint. => Get to writing... **Sigh** Oh Ma.. That's soooo 5 yrs ago. But since she found it...I guess. #PenToPad #Woosah #GrantWriting #D&B #Nonprofit #ForProfit
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brandtiffany : Hey now! How much u charge??? Lol for real
nubian_qt : Lol. I would be modest at this point, because I'm a little rusty. The only experience I have so far is working with an NBA referee's nonprofit organization a few years ago. He paid me modestly while I worked for him and I learned a good bit, but I made the decision to part ways. When I get back into the swing of things, I'll hit ya up. @brandtiffany
t2g_training : I need to get with you on that! @nubian_qt
nubian_qt : Yeah? DM me @t2g_training
t2g_training : Ok @nubian_qt
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Woosah is all about spreading the love, the passion and the presence. For me printmaking is my passion, it helps me present and I love to spread the Woosah through the imagery that I carve and draw. Here's a little video my buddy Sawyer filmed of me drawing, carving and inking up a block. Happy Tuesday! I challenge you (and myself) to be present all day long, and find some time to do something you are passionate about ✌️❀️ #spreadingthewoosah #woosah #woosahoutfitters #gooutside #printmaking #printmaker #carving #brayer #ink #woodcut #woodblock #etchingpress #print #grandrapidsmi #woosahprintshop #printshop #passion
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elliehinck : 😍
snikel_fritz : Love itπŸ’š
jahpce : @woosahoutfitters Sawyer Thurston?
ericalangwoosah : @jahpce yep! Dah man
jahpce : @soysawce nice man.
wanderfullife : Unreal!
50calsal : @secondhandgiants the craft makes me feel good
soysawce : Thanks! @jahpce
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Good morning! #onedayatatime #noneedtorush #noteverythingneedstogetdoneallatonce #breathe #babysteps #paceyourself #dontstress #relax #itwillbeokay #woosah #wordstoliveby #positiveattitude #positivethinking #staypositive #motivation #wisdom #inspiration #inspirational
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Finally some post climb recovery. #massageenvy #treatment #woosah
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amandamaldonado_gram : @chadhodges4321 😍😍😍
mzkmateo : That's what I need to do soon
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...that is all!! #geesh #imdone #woosah
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carrieyvb : Church.
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When I'm stressing out. I cook. Weird way to forget about the world for a second. #woosah #homecook #dinner #mexasian
homecook - dinner - woosah - mexasian -
evelynsabine : Me too, changes your focus
koeyshin : Mmmmmmmmmm
koeyshin : I never cook when I am stressed! Lol! True lover of cooking u are
lenossh : I wonder why you dont make cooking videos of the things you eat
tessagalenti : Cool for us on wed😏
denggono : Ayame bok apakno itu kok menarik?
jenkiminstant : That looks gourmet!
joisrad : Ahh you and me both - hope your day got better!!
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Over like kids,hmwrk,my hmwrk,dinner,huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh#THANKUJESUS#WOOSAH#WOMANHOOD
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My #MCM #Ty$ his music and those eyes see right through my soul....#woosah
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How Im spending My Day Off….#Glassofwine #relaxation #whilecookingdinner #woosah 😁🍷
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Meditating is soothing and relieves the stress of a heavy work load.This may also be a way to promote self awareness and to place your #heartπŸ’™ #soul😏 &#mindπŸ’‘ in a #Zen #free #zoneπŸ˜‰#stress #reliever #Woosah (in my #BadBoy voice)πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’―
heart - stress - zone - badboy - zen - soul - free - woosah - reliever -
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#woosah #goodvibes #chill
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bonniebang : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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The face of someone beyond irritated. Made a police report for the stolen wallet (which took damn near an hour)....only to find out it was pointless at the DMV....which also deleted my file and had to start over...after I'd waited next to a crying ass baby for an hour 27 mins....and now I'm late for work cuz of these idiots. Plus a cop calls himself doing his job - pulls up next to me as I'm GPSing talmbout "that wouldn't be a phone in your hand, now would it?"....I wanted to slap fire from his ass. If only all his colleagues were as informed about replacing stolen property as he was about hands free law. Jesus be a stiff drink after this workday. #monday #testingpatience #woosah #beendrivingforhours #efftheopps #whatchallon #besidesticketing #donutchamps #pissed #EffRahm #lovechicago #hatepolitics #angry
monday - beendrivingforhours - donutchamps - testingpatience - lovechicago - effrahm - woosah - besidesticketing - whatchallon - efftheopps - angry - pissed - hatepolitics -
lexneffect : I didn't! Where? What? I'm confrused 😩 @shecango
shecango : Someone who isn't from here reached out to me about finding a venue to throw an after party for an event she's hosting here in Chicago next month. Of course I thought of The Shrine and you. I @'ed you in her DM to me, but I guess IG doesn't work like that. When you get a minute, can you please reach out to her?
shecango : Ps. So sorry to hear about your troubles today, but I'm sure you're in better spirits by now!!!
shecango : Let's try this again..... @lexneffect meet @iamelizah!!!!
lexneffect : Absolutely! Thank you for the encouragement too, and I def am! I'll reach out and see what we can conjure up :) @shecango
lexneffect : Hi, @iamelizah! :)
iamelizah : @lexneffect hey! What's a good email to catch you at?
lexneffect : is perfect! Speak to you soon :) @iamelizah
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One of those days #stressed #woosah
woosah - stressed -
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