Ready for your 7 Day Challenge final submissions! Remember to follow the rules posted last week and we'll announce the winner with the most pounds lost! #WonderWaist #Shapewear #fitness
shapewear - wonderwaist - fitness -
judicious_jerrlyn : @mizzbadazz_88
dixy_14 : @nely86. @its_bee921
its_bee921 : Do it @dixy_14
dixy_14 : I can but.ima.die lol.screen shoot it and dammm me @its_bee921
jad0rejuicy : I did that & only lost 3 lbs πŸ˜’
jad0rejuicy : In 2 weeks
caropazvo : @ramirezmusica amor pongamosle bueno ! πŸ‘ŠπŸ’«
monika_aiden : @ednava05 I'm going to start doing this
brwneyez75 - diyamond_marie88 - natalyacamacho - freshestsl -
All business will resume Tuesday! Email info@wonderwaist.com for any URGENT matters. #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
clubchacemg : Every business needs a Vacation Time😁 #Rejuvenation
toya916 : If I order how long do it take for me to get it
wonderwaist : @lena_garcia_ please email info@wonderwaist.com with your contact information
hihinancyyy : πŸ˜ƒ @suwi.li
cassandradream - anagrosset - brwneyez75 - mz_luvnmyskin -
Staying fit in your WonderWaist will speed up your results! #WonderWaist #WaistTraining #hourglass #cincher #waistcincher #waistsnatcher #waistclincher #clincher #3hooks #3Hook #waisttrimmer #fitness #Squats #weightloss #workout
cincher - waistsnatcher - squats - waisttrimmer - waistcincher - waisttraining - wonderwaist - weightloss - 3hook - fitness - waistclincher - 3hooks - clincher - workout - hourglass -
lis_me468 : @doll562 I want one like this
mrs_staff0rd : Thanks @wonderwaist I ordered it a few hrs ago!!!
wonderwaist : @mrs_staff0rd aaaaahhhh can't wait to see your results!
mschristiiee : @wonderwaist I just received mine, and I already love it!
iamsjceo1 : @adore_me24
sasocuben : @wonderwaist I want to place an order but do u ship to the UK and how long does it take
roulaabi : Hi do u have store en Houston ?
wonderwaist : @dangerouslyelektra business resumes on Tuesday
glowjoya25 - pandabeertjuuh - the_ill_nana - floribethm -
Your favorite WonderWaist Sale! Discount code WAISTED in all caps! #WonderWaist #WaistedWednesday
waistedwednesday - wonderwaist -
wonderwaist : @jess_225 combos are 2hook
wonderwaist : @ittybittyana yes, that order date has shipped, email info@wonderwaist.com to get your tracking information emailed again
mancha_____ : Ok so what happens now? Is it getting mailed or do I call? @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @mancha_____ we can't ship your label until you provide the right address. Email us to discuss
mancha_____ : Isn't that why they have my phone number so they can call me for any inconvenience @wonderwaist
mancha_____ : I've been waiting 😞😞😞 @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @mancha_____ We emailed you. That's why we have your email.
plummy2 : @wonderwaist I need info on my shipment
heart_of_a_poet - cancerqt12 - missme2_ - esmeraldahdz21 -
Its your favorite sale! Head over to WonderWaist for 20% Off your entire order by using discount code WAISTED in all caps :) @WonderWaist @WonderWaist @WonderWaist @WonderWaist @WonderWaist @WonderWaist @WonderWaist @WonderWaist @WonderWaist @WonderWaist #WonderWaist #shapewear #fitness #Squats #weightloss #workout #waistshaper #waistcincher #waistsnatcher #waistclincher #clincher #cincher #flashsale #gym #3Hooks #3Hook #waisttraining #hourglass
waisttraining - waistcincher - gym - shapewear - waistclincher - 3hooks - waistshaper - hourglass - cincher - waistsnatcher - squats - wonderwaist - weightloss - fitness - flashsale - clincher - workout - 3hook -
eviekristine : @2.heartbeats
tesshandbags : Good shot!
berlineb : @8sammo24
8sammo24 : @berlineb I just ordered one on Amazon hopefully it's good
ritayara : O want one :( how can i do ?
wonderwaist : @ritayara go to our page, click link in the bio!
sanchezrh02 : @nobodyscare_
just_milli_j : @heartbreakcay
queenhilado - brilliant_101 - noraghonem - reeliya_robert -
Discount code WAISTED in all caps! #WonderWaist #WaistedWednesday
waistedwednesday - wonderwaist -
sheinna_pahl : @wonderwaist thank you so much for this amazing product, I am so in love with it. I even have tons of my friends wanting to purchase the "latex shaper" πŸ˜‰
wonderwaist : @sheinna_pahl The latex is one of my favorites! Glad you love it!
melissa_ashleeey : @yudystar
iammspee : Where do I make an oder now now
wonderwaist : @iammspee click the link in our bio, or visit www.wonderwaist.com
iammspee : But my price goes to 139$ no discount again?
wonderwaist : @dangerouslyelektra email again please
dangerouslyelektra : Just sent one.
bettyeq45 - __mezzo__ - feliciao2 - floribethm -
Keep up your enthusiasm, Ladies! Very happy to see so many submissions for the 7 Day Challenge! You're shedding pounds by the day, keep it up! #WonderWaist #WaistedWednesday
waistedwednesday - wonderwaist -
_iamvirtuous_ : I just bought one. I heard u get the size of ur shirt, and thats an xl for me but when i looked at the size and weight chart its telling me i should get the 5x..i got it though. Im hoping it wont be to big.
jennilivelife : @renatamoen lol are u saying that yet???
renatamoen : @jennilivelife already looked at the mirror to see my toned abs and arms... Lol
jennilivelife : Lol... @renatamoen even when you get to where u wanna be now, you will still say that.. it becomes a vicious cycle
renatamoen : @jennilivelife lol... I had protein shake for breakfast, am I skinny yet??? :-)
jennjaboo : @wonderwaist was I sapposed to post my first weigh in for the challenge?? I did it I have it waiting for the last day.. ither way thanks for the push its day three and I'm.doing great
kades_24 : @tdani_xo
1stladymoy - pauliiiiina_ - bettyeq45 - kiwikymm -
Tomorrow! Discount code WAISTED in all caps. #WonderWaist
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rosiobby : I'm 5'6 and weigh 213.. I want to buy the 3hook latex full torso shaper... What size do u recommend?
wonderwaist : @rosiobby 3XL :) if you push yoursel just a little bit, you could be a 2XL
lolacalderonlc : @wonderwaist I'm 5'2 and weigh 215
wonderwaist : @lolacalderonlc same advice as above!
ireneewenee19 : @wonderwaist I am 5'5 155lbs wear size med to LG tees what size would you recommend
wonderwaist : @ireneewenee19 I'd recommend large, but you can push yourself as well and be a Medium. You're only a few pounds away
msdezigner : Yayyyy!! I will be ordering mine first thing in the morning 😁
deenbeanbag_23 : I am 5'1 and weigh 188 should I get the L or XL and which one should I get for working out and just wearing
kikiromundo - karla_ivettee - christiangirlxoxo - over_joyed336 -
Your favorite sale starts tomorrow! Enter discount code WAISTED to slash low prices by 20%! Tag a friend :) #WonderWaist #shapewear #discount #cincher #waistcincher #waistsnatcher #waistclincher #clincher #cincher #flashsale #3Hooks #3Hook #waisttraining #hourglass
cincher - waistsnatcher - waisttraining - waistcincher - wonderwaist - discount - shapewear - hourglass - waistclincher - flashsale - 3hooks - clincher - 3hook -
miry__c8 : @adileneniebla
doddyfreeman23 : @dmfree28
bosschick757 : Can you wash them?
wonderwaist : @bosschick757 hand wash, air dry!
jazie_03 : @unpredictable_esmi this is the one I was talking about
favouredj : Like what type shld I get
milli916 : Can you wear them all the time ? Or what's recommend
wonderwaist : @milli916 you can definitely wear Shapewear daily. This speeds up your results
butterflybethy - bettyeq45 - faith_077 - lulu_zohmbee -
Ready to purchase the next size down? Need to add an everyday Latex Cincher with your Workout Cincher? Every purchase after your 1st is discounted! Email info@thevixenvault.com to get your special discount code :) #WonderWaist #shapewear #discount
discount - shapewear - wonderwaist -
mancha_____ : I ordered 2 items a while back so can I get discounted because I want to order more :) @wonderwaist
mancha_____ : My email is rissamancha25@gmail.com @wonderwaist
mancha_____ : @wonderwaist did u see my comments?
wonderwaist : Email us and we'll provide the code for you @mancha_____
mancha_____ : Email address? @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @mancha_____ info@wonderwaist.com they'll get back to you during business hours
nolagul : I emailed the address above, info@thevixenvault.com. I have not received a response. @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @nolagul sorry, that's the wrong email. It should be info@wonderwaist.com!
finebrwnframe - lila_dee - adelightful_soul - jamie_bay_lee -
The best Shaper for physical activity is the Workout Cincher! Available in 2Hook and 3Hook, many colors, patterns, and prints! πŸ™Œ #WonderWaist #Shapewear #waisttraining #hourglass #cincher #waistcincher #waistsnatcher #waistclincher #clincher #3hooks #3Hook #waisttrimmer #fitness #health #instafit #instagramfitness #gymselfie
instagramfitness - waisttraining - waistcincher - waisttrimmer - shapewear - waistclincher - 3hooks - hourglass - cincher - waistsnatcher - gymselfie - wonderwaist - health - fitness - clincher - instafit - 3hook -
daisydaisy_21 : @wonderwaist what's the name of this one ??
wonderwaist : @daisydaisy_21 Workout Cincher
ac_xoxox : @gianna_zamorano this is where I got mines
guera0911 : @mrs.hildaq26
mztdadiva : Can I get same size in cincher as my latex shaper?
wonderwaist : If you have one already, it may be time to go a size down @mztdadiva
karenlizzeth : @wonderwaist what is the difference with the latex shaper and this one ?
wonderwaist : @karenlizzeth latex is best for everyday use, the Workout Cincher is best for physical activity
lizzierawkz - cheyanne_lee - artisticcutie - brit_dot_com -
Morning! Did you weigh yourself yesterday and capture it with photo, date, and screen name? Day 2: Stay strong! WE can do it! #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
1stladymoy : Ugggh I didn't weigh in yesterday dang smh
wonderwaist : @iamcurdlefish about 7 days after your order date.
melindahh_89 : I'm 150 lbs I don't know what size to get I need your help @wonderwaist
melindahh_89 : I forgot to mention my height I'm 5"6"
wonderwaist : @melindahh_89 size Medium!
jennjaboo : I didn't forget day 2 and I got this :)
wonderwaist : @sheinna_pahl that date has shipped, email your contact info to info@wonderwaist.com and we'll provide your status!
sheinna_pahl : @wonderwaist it has been sent. Thank you 😊
maggieobie__ruiz2026 - tobiolayemi - dangabedes3 - nico0731 -
How's the Challenge going ladies? #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
sophee_sweet_kisses : @cmourebutts
katycakes2012 : @shortee6
sheinna_pahl : @wonderwaist can't wait to receive mine I ordered it 6 days ago
miss_righteously : Very motivated.
tobiolayemi : Its going great....but there are temptations all around. When I feel tempted, I just shove an apple in my mouth @wonderwaist. I really want to win this challenge!
__louann___ : I received mine today:) I wore it for about 4 hours. Very good quality!!!! I also started the challenge!
wonderwaist : @__louann___ Yaaaay! Can't wait to see your results!
fleon98 : @gio_nata
diamondsarforever - bettyeq45 - artisticcutie - cynan5 -
Wonderwaist ships Worldwide! @rehtseidebak is waist training in Belgium :) #WonderWaist #shapewear #fitness #Squats #lunges #instagramfitness #instafit #annchery #corset #waisttraining #hourglass #3Hook #3hooks #waisttrimmer #latex
latex - instagramfitness - annchery - corset - squats - waisttrimmer - lunges - waisttraining - wonderwaist - shapewear - 3hook - fitness - 3hooks - instafit - hourglass -
lala_2522 : @crystal782
liesjdeluxe : πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
floribethm - classycori - mzlovelyone323 - nanakwakye -
Thanks for sending in your progress and results! As submitted by @___ladyy: "I'm on my 2nd hook! Thank you again for your speedy & amazing service. I'm more than amazed with my results" These curves don't lie, what a waist! #WonderWaist #Shapewear #waisttraining #hourglass #cincher #waistcincher #waistsnatcher #waistclincher #clincher #3hooks #3Hook #waisttrimmer
cincher - waistsnatcher - waisttraining - wonderwaist - waistcincher - waisttrimmer - shapewear - 3hook - waistclincher - 3hooks - clincher - hourglass -
maine_jd846 : What's the name of this clincher? @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @maine_jd846 @maddyva Nonlatex Full Torso Shaper
___ladyy : That's the non latex full torso shaper @maddyva @maine_jd846
hei_08 : How can i ordered?
maddyva : Thank you @wonderwaist @___ladyy
wonderwaist : @hei_08 online at www.wonderwaist.com, or click the link in our bio
mrspearson89 : Hi I was wondering is dere a hold on my order
wonderwaist : @mrspearson89 you'll need to email info@wonderwaist.com for customer service - you'll receive a response with 24 hours
shirleymartin1610092 - ashweebaby6 - love_sni - feliciao2 -
Two week results from @mancha_____ and she's STILL progressing - Brought to you by the Full Torso Shaper! #WonderWaist #Shapewear #waisttraining #hourglass #3Hook #3hooks #waisttrimmer #latex #realresults #plus #curves #curvy #getwaisted
latex - waisttraining - wonderwaist - waisttrimmer - realresults - curves - curvy - shapewear - plus - hourglass - 3hooks - getwaisted - 3hook -
mancha_____ : Just drink plenty of water and excercise as much as u can & always keep the shaper on
mancha_____ : @diamond_gurla
shallarogers : @mancha_____ how many hrs a day did you wear your shaper?
tjc51808 : Is this the laytex full body shaper?
wonderwaist : @tjc51808 not Full Body, but yes the Latex Full Torso Shaper
mancha_____ : 8 hours or more @shallarogers
bronx_paradise : Are you going to restock this in the xxxl? @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @bronx_paradise Latex Shaper? Should have that in stock online
seabreezzze - kiwikymm - tatyy_mariahh - cristuhl -
The best figures are STILL accentuated with something SPECIAL. NonLatex Shaper guarantees no lines, seamless! #WonderWaist #HoustonTx #YesMaam #beyonce
beyonce - yesmaam - houstontx - wonderwaist -
dchavez817 : I tried ordering one but couldn't. Need help
wonderwaist : @dchavez817 you couldn't? Webpage is working, receiving orders right now
wonderwaist : @mz_akua_golden your email address doesn't work!
_eissaa : @__nasserbinm
mz_akua_golden : Who told u, my email work all day everyday vickyanimwaa@yahoo.com @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @mz_akua_golden that's not the email address you purchased your items with
wonderwaist : Nonetheless, I'll contact you @mz_akua_golden
blackbarbiedoll_jiesa - yessii_59 - mcmontoya37 - babyroxy04 -
Taylor Swift was jamming!!! Go girl! #TaylorSwift #WonderWaist #VMAs
vmas - wonderwaist - taylorswift -
iamluv1 : She looks like she tryna get away from a bee @sweetashonei75 @bigsisgorgeous1 @dianarossweave lmao
lunascars_77 : @nati.ariel
love_iisha : Someone said it looks like she's tryna get away from a bee...lmao! @rissa2x
rissa2x : She tries so hard @love_iisha
dianarossweave : She looked a mess @iamluv1
iamluv1 : Lololol @dianarossweave you can't tell her she wasn't getting work in!!!
tarrinaceleste : @cepeda_ja ewwww
nasus_w : @kind_budz LOLZ
__mezzo__ - mstaralelle - shelly_t - kaylissabrooke -
How CUTE is this!? #BluIvy is Flawless too! #VMAs #WonderWaist
vmas - wonderwaist - bluivy -
xlaurensmith92x : Awww jay's reaction ... 😍
1chocolatedlyte : Tyliah do it better @onlyonemsboss
cinnabunz5 : @nooneybeygood
melgonzalez28 : @mindy185 super cute
beyondessence : @raphanee ~
nasus_w : @kind_budz hahhahah J's seems surprised. kkk
ghrbly : @shuuushu ΩŠΨ­Ω„ΩŠΩ„ Ψ§Ω„ΩΩ„ΩΩˆΩ„
brownskin_ladie : @jessmaria88
bellaandon - he_moan_meekz - __queenqi - tarrinaceleste -
Follow these few simple steps and the winner will be chosen at the end of the challenge! 1.Day One, Monday: Weigh Yourself! While standing on the scale, take a photo of your weight. Photo must include: Instagram Name and Date on a sheet of paper near the scale. 2. Don't Cheat! Try Your absolute hardest to stick to the diet and workout regimen. 3. Day 8, Monday: Repeat step 1! Create a collage of the two photos and repost it to your time line with the following: 'I took the @WonderWaist 7 Day Challenge and I did great! #WonderWaist' Your page must be public at this time! (You can also DM collage if needed)
wonderwaist -
miss_righteously : Im doing it.....so excited.....
bionik_297 : @missperez87
jennjaboo : Your on :)
missjulz627 : I'm in!
luvyurkinksceo : I'm In !!!
luvyurkinksceo : Y'all should have two winners
classyve_ - miss_neesha_b - jennjaboo - tybriaduh -
Last call! Who wants to participate in the 7 Day Challenge? Ending the month on a healthy note! We'll begin Monday and offer a FREE Waist Cincher to the most pounds lost! Details coming later this evening! #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
msjackson176 : @wonderwaist im in
lightskinbeauty22_91 : I'M in!!!
miss_righteously : Im doing it!!!
gabriela_isunza : @telleztina
gangsta_diva : I'm in
_alwaysblessingme_ : πŸ™Œ
luvyurkinksceo : I'm In !!!
mancha_____ : I'm so in ^_^ @wonderwaist
nluvwitbritt - mrs_morales_walton - gangsta_diva - barbielynnz -
Happy Sunday! Who wants to participate in the 7 Day Challenge? Ending the month on a healthy note! We'll begin Monday and offer a FREE Waist Cincher to the most pounds lost! Details coming later today! #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
bella_biz_ : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
mzlivi30 : I'm down!
missz03 : Done and Done son!!!! @zboutiqu3_ash
nomiblonde32 : Go Vegan for 6 months! That's how I lost 49 pounds :-) You can eat fruit & veg for snacks and hire a personal trainer like I did for the last 14 pounds.
__louann___ : Me! βœ‹
mzvivibabyy : Raising my hand slowlyβ˜οΈπŸ™ˆ lol Nah I think I can do this!
_alwaysblessingme_ : πŸ™Œ
bionik_297 : @missperez87;
cheekzzs - taylor_dollymay - aadiaz1103 - jamminwithmegan -
The Latex Shaper 😍😍😍 #WonderWaist #Shapewear #waisttraining #hourglass
shapewear - wonderwaist - hourglass - waisttraining -
cancerqt12 : @nurzemendoza we should try this πŸ˜€πŸ‘
nurzemendoza : πŸ‘Š
franciscos_wifey : What's the difference between the latex and nonlatex shaper?
cullo220 : I'm trying to order the bundle workout and latex but the website is not bringing anything up for me.
wonderwaist : @cullo220 are you using a cell phone or a desktop computer?
cullo220 : @wonderwaist plz help me
verogjr : @wonderwaist How do I choose a waist trainer for me??
bettyeq45 - yulie_huicochea - 20marimar - barbiejuicee -
Remember each Cincher has a specific purpose. Don't overwork one Cincher and use it for everything - purchase a WonderCombo! You can get 2 or more Cinchers for one great discounted price! #WonderWaist #Shapewear #annchery #corset #waisttraining #corsettraining #faja #fajas #cincher #waistcincher #waistsnatcher #waistclincher #clincher #3hooks #3Hook #waisttrimmer #latex #hourglass
corsettraining - latex - waistcincher - waisttrimmer - shapewear - waistclincher - 3hooks - faja - waistsnatcher - cincher - corset - annchery - waisttraining - wonderwaist - hourglass - clincher - fajas - 3hook -
lizzierawkz : Ordered mine last night(:
wonderwaist : @lizzierawkz πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
lizzierawkz : @wonderwaist could i wear the 3 hook one to work?
wonderwaist : @lizzierawkz yes, absolutely
hawtefyre : I would like to order the 3hook latex shaper
wonderwaist : @hawtefyre you can order online at www.wonderwaist.com, or click the link in our bio
jai_simplyahdiva : @tijann
tijann : Thanks @jai_simplyahdiva
stephybbg - classyve_ - lovelydiadia - hawtefyre -
So glad she revealed her secret! #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
ellchago : Y yo para mi esposa k dio aluz hace 4 meses ??
caprice_wailani : @kennyd_511
j0s3i_____ : @dederod_
wonderwaist : @gisell1205 www.wonderwaist.com!
wonderwaist : @ellchago ?
lourdesmaravilla : @sallysanch323 @v_eronica_ @smalljenny24 @makeup_wendy
naji_mj : do you ship in saudi arabia, and how much the shipping cost?
wonderwaist : @naji_mj yes we ship international
leeunicorn18 - queen_zara_trends - anamaria1435 - classyve_ -
Have to stay upbeat this Friday night as we pack up your orders! This song has us all WIRED! #WonderWaist
summer - wonderwaist - calvinharris -
wonderwaist : #CalvinHarris #Summer
leaworldmusic : Next time look at me if you are about #music!!! Cheers!
kennethgmusic - heatheritalia - sharnellmahogany - russian_baby -
Rocking my new shapewear by @wonderwaist !!! My waist got smaller from the other one so i had to downsize to a small. Heyyyy now! #wonderwaist #corset #shapewear #smallwaist #waistshaper #waisttraining #abs #tgif #personaltrainer #getfit #nutrition #strengthening #core #workouts #exercise #muscle #diet #lifecoach #doyoulift #weighttraining #weightloss #fitnesschallenge #fitnesschick #strongwomen #fitchicks #blog
fitnesschick - nutrition - strengthening - core - strongwomen - diet - fitchicks - shapewear - dmvnetwork - doyoulift - waistshaper - fitnesschallenge - weighttraining - corset - personaltrainer - workouts - tgif - waisttraining - wonderwaist - weightloss - blog - abs - lifecoach - getfit - smallwaist - muscle - dmvnaturals - exercise -
bigscho77 : Great!
juankeep_ajob : That's cheating sun
realdavidart : πŸ˜„
naturalfitnessjunkie : I have abs i just want a smaller waist man LOL @juankeep_ajob
naturalfitnessjunkie : #dmvnaturals #dmvnetwork
fittonesu_ - skinnyswaglove - skinnymochaplease - stann__the_man -
So many FUN patterns and prints! πŸ™Œ πŸ™Œ πŸ™Œ #WonderWaist #Shapewear #waisttraining #hourglass #3Hook #3hooks #waisttrimmer #latex #realresults #plus #curves #curvy #getwaisted #faja #fajas
latex - waisttraining - wonderwaist - waisttrimmer - realresults - curves - curvy - shapewear - plus - hourglass - 3hooks - faja - getwaisted - fajas - 3hook -
tha_chocolate_goddess : @t__baby__j
favouredj : Presently am a large size and what size of wonder waist shld I get
wonderwaist : @favouredj if you shop online, you'll find our size chart
la_mayra93 : is this the full torso one?
daddysbrat84 - kclark211 - __mezzo__ - maritzamarreroroman -
Up close and personal with the NonLatex Full Torso Shaper! This Shaper has a satin-like exterior and smoothes your silhouette without the aggressive compression of Latex. It's longer in length and targets your lower tummy pouch and love handles! #WonderWaist #Shapewear #waisttraining #hourglass #nonlatex #cincher #waistcincher #waistsnatcher #waistclincher #clincher #curves #curvy #getwaisted
cincher - waistsnatcher - waisttraining - waistcincher - wonderwaist - curves - nonlatex - curvy - shapewear - waistclincher - clincher - getwaisted - hourglass -
wonderwaist : I'd recommend a Medium, Latex or Nonlatex is your best bet! @dopelybeautifull
ms.tipico : Where do you order?
wonderwaist : @ms.tipico online at www.wonderwaist.com, or click the link in our bio
macgyver3000 : This the one I need asap email me macgyver3k@gmail.com
favouredj : @wonderwaist am currently a large size.what size ahld I get.a medium or large? Thanks
finebrwnframe : I just ordered this!!! Question: being that it's non latex, will I still get the same results as the latex?
wonderwaist : @finebrwnframe yes! I wear this one often myself!
bionik_297 : @kosmik_29 I want babe!
nenas86 - kissmemarv - jgvazquez23 - cali_211 -
Good Morning and Happy Friday! Enjoy 15% off the entire site today using discount code WKND15 in all caps! #WonderWaist #Shapewear #waisttraining #hourglass #3Hook #3hooks #waisttrimmer #latex #realresults #plus #curves #curvy #getwaisted #fitness #annchery #corset #cincher #waistcincher #waistsnatcher #waistclincher #clincher
cincher - waistcincher - waisttrimmer - curves - shapewear - waistclincher - 3hooks - hourglass - latex - waistsnatcher - annchery - waisttraining - wonderwaist - realresults - curvy - plus - fitness - corset - clincher - getwaisted - 3hook -
wonderwaist : @karlaalvarez_81 yes, we ship to Mexico.
karlaalvarez_81 : Have they telephone to do an order?
wonderwaist : @karlaalvarez_81 online at www.wonderwaist.com
adriana_ferny : How long does it take to receive it @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @adriana_ferny 5-7 business days
1stladymoy : O thank u guys I LOVE MY SHAPER, despite the lil misunderstanding it's all ok jus a lil hiccup nd got pass it.... #happycustomer #willbpostingpixsoon
wonderwaist : @1stladymoy that's great! Happy you love it!
1stladymoy : Thanks darling
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It's bedtime! #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
mancha_____ : Nice!! @wonderwaist
heatheritalia : Can't wait to hear back from @wonderwaist to find out what size I am to buy one! I just got paid today hope you reply back soon! I can't wait
wonderwaist : @heatheritalia did you email info@wonderwaist.com?
heatheritalia : @wonderwaist yes I did last night and again this morning
wonderwaist : @heatheritalia we don't have any unread emails, what's your email address? I'll delete after you post
heatheritalia : @wonderwaist just got an email from you! Im placing my order now and I'll post pics of my results as soon as I can! Thank you
heatheritalia : Just placed my order WHOOO! So excited thanks again!
wonderwaist : @heatheritalia can't wait to see your results!
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Find your height and weight combination - we'll take care of the rest... (extended sizes through 6XL) #WonderWaist
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_rach_pagliuco : @dahlfaceeee
dopebisha : I am 5.2 inch and 115lbs but i think my tshirt size is 32 so what you think i should buy S or XS?
wonderwaist : @dopebisha an XS would be best.
taylaivoryxpearl : How can I order and what about pricing @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @taylaivoryxpearl you can place an order and view pricing online at www.wonderwaist.com, or click the link in our bio!
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#TBT Remember the inspiring story from @queensmith0830? She shed over 100lbs just in time to greet her returning soldier - I wonder how her and her husband are doing now?? :) #WonderWaist #Shapewear #fitness #health #waisttraining #corsettraining #plus #summer #sale #annchery #corset #cincher #waistcincher #waistsnatcher #waistclincher #clincher #cincher #flashsale #hourglass #3Hook #3hooks #waisttrimmer #latex #realresults #plus #curves #curvy #getwaisted
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lulu_zohmbee : Man I really need to get on it and order one of these!
wonderwaist : @lulu_zohmbee Your new Waist is waiting!
just_mil_88 : How much is the waist trainer? @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @just_mil_88 hers is about $55. Discount codes are available as well
bh991 : Do u ship to the uk? I'd love to try this out! X
wonderwaist : @bh991 yes, we ship international
jennnhillier : Can someone link me to the 55.00 waist trainer xx
wonderwaist : @jennnhillier are you online at our website?
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