Rep your curves! What size are you??? #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
wonderwaist : I used to weigh 188, I'm now163! I've trained my waist from an XL down to a MEDIUM
love_my_jujus : Waiting anxiously for mine to come :)
indigomoons1 : How long did it take you to train it @wonderwaist ?
wonderwaist : @indigomoons1 Initially, I had no change to diet and I did no physical activity - I went down a size in a little over 1 month. I wanted faster results, so I stopped drinking soda and began doing a little cardio. I lost a lot of weight fast, 3 weeks I was down another size
i_am_mi_mi_ - cecilia.cardenas.3386 - msjone - kushpaulino -
What's a waist??? Waist Train with @WonderWaist and get the curvy silhouette you've always wanted! Keep your WonderWaist on day in and day out to get permanent results! Visit us online at www.wonderwaist.com to order! #WonderWaist @WonderWaist @WonderWaist @WonderWaist @WonderWaist @WonderWaist @WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
barbiiebiitchx : @lori_ann_marie
prime_27 : @premadonna87
_disney.princess._ : @kt_rumbley this is what I want to look like........
kt_rumbley : @_disney.princess._ um okay
_disney.princess._ : But these things are expensive soπŸ˜‚ @kt_rumbley
wonderwaist : @kt_rumbley @_disney.princess._ we're not expensive at all, cheapest on the market!
anji_r - yulissa_roor - mizposhy - a_delsxo -
Would you wear - yes or no? #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
illegal_eyes : Yes
imm_different_typeofrudegirl : YES
ladyenergy : Of course
meandean51 : Do they make it for man
wonderwaist : @meandean51 yes we have wonderwaists for men
yarethita69 : Love the pants!
afsa_williams : Im from Mozambique in Africa, and I need this, what can I do??
wonderwaist : @afsa_williams we ship international, you can order online at anytime at www.wonderwaist.com
prettymuchmaria - born_confused92 - summersaenz - breyon3.0 -
WonderCustomer @monaeehonayy is so happy with her weight loss after 3 weeks, she dropped 3 pant sizes! "3 weeks of CONSISTANT training when i decided not to slack off lol" #WonderWaist #Shapewear #annchery #faja #fajas #cincher #waistcincher #3hooks #3Hook #waisttrimmer #denim #instagramfitness #instafit
cincher - instagramfitness - annchery - waisttrimmer - waistcincher - wonderwaist - shapewear - instafit - 3hooks - faja - denim - fajas - 3hook -
yulivane13 : Donde puedo encontrarla? @wonderwaist están en venta en Venezuela?
nikkialexis_ : @lauri_and_ray
wonderwaist : @yulivane13 yes we ship to Venezuela
cuban_country72 : My wonderwaist vest bothers me in the front by my armpits any suggestions very uncomfortable @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : Have you tried wearing a cami underneath? @cuban_country72
cuban_country72 : No, not really. Ill try that. Its almost like a pulling back feeling. Other than that i love it. Ill give this a shot and let you know. Thanks! @wonderwaist
kushpaulino - a_barbie26 - rockymarie_ - reneemonika -
Your tummy immediately disappears after putting on your WonderWaist - check out how many inches @69cancerbaby69 lost! What tummy? #WonderWaist #Shapewear #fitness #Squats #weightloss #workout #waistshaper #waistcincher #waistsnatcher #waistclincher #clincher #cincher #3Hook #3hooks #waisttrimmer #payday #corset #plus #curves #curvy #getwaisted #whatwaist #whatsawaist #waisted
squats - waisted - workout - waisttrimmer - curves - shapewear - waistclincher - 3hooks - waistshaper - cincher - waistsnatcher - corset - wonderwaist - weightloss - curvy - payday - whatwaist - plus - whatsawaist - fitness - getwaisted - clincher - waistcincher - 3hook -
69cancerbaby69 : Look at me @__mysteryeyez__ @ikymia @cindi28
someeonespecial : Where are you located at in houston?
wonderwaist : @someeonespecial our office is on the Westside
someeonespecial : Is it a store? If so can i have the address?
wonderwaist : @someeonespecial no store at this time, we ship all packages directly to your doorstep
fre_ckles8 : When will you have your biggest sale?
kissmemarv - _santanae_ - itssimply_jengy - kar318 -
Tag her right now! #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
the.cinnamon.apple : @gor_jess85 Squeem
t_amor12 : @gor_jess85 thas good!😊 @the.cinnamon.apple keep it going boo
the.cinnamon.apple : Waiting for that indoor date ladies @gor_jess85 @t_amor12
chumypearly : @jojolove1988
_xoosamantha : @_beee619
ash_world21 : @dayy_214
dayy_214 : Lets get it @ash_world21
jarellano326 : @20tani
msjayj23 - beautiful_desire3732 - cheyanne_lee - snrannez -
Still have plenty of these styles left under the SHOP SALE tab! Discount code WAISTED will save you even more! #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
_joceline1 : @koraimeeze @iheartmj @i_am_ur_sunshine @yaritzayepez
hishartbeat : @monamonarchy
iam_shatavia : @evolve23
alliemac32 : @ms_danette
carcamor94 : @moniqgonzalez this is the ig. Click their bio for their website!!
melissavard : @jeeeeeennnny
wa1aa : @w___shop
cjjrmz : @wonderwaist I have a question how do I wash or clean my waist trainer?
fariiicmoi - stacey_.heart - m__teeee - tochi_mua -
Summer bodies are made in Winter! Check out these super easy exercises you can do in your WonderWaist! #WonderWaist #Shapewear #fitness #Squats #weightloss #workout #gym #exercise #waisted
squats - wonderwaist - workout - waisted - weightloss - shapewear - fitness - gym - exercise -
mindy185 : @beau_monstre us...
xox_elviraa : @adairruiz
gucci_biitch : @zzzzz_me
adairruiz : @xox_elviraa 😝😝
glowjoya25 - kclark211 - celinasouza_ar - brookandme -
Don't forget to enter discount code WAISTED during checkout for BIG $avings! #WonderWaist #Shapewear #fitness #health #waisttraining #corsettraining #faja #fajas #cincher #waistcincher #waistsnatcher #waistclincher #clincher #3hooks #3Hook #waisttrimmer #payday #waistshaper #flashsale #sale #annchery #waisted #whatsawaist #whatwaist
corsettraining - waisttraining - waisted - waistcincher - waisttrimmer - shapewear - waistclincher - 3hooks - waistshaper - cincher - waistsnatcher - annchery - faja - wonderwaist - sale - payday - whatwaist - health - whatsawaist - fitness - flashsale - clincher - fajas - 3hook -
larakittykat : @laylee_bug
s0me0neactuallyy : Hiii I had a question! I emailed you!! @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @s0me0neactuallyy you can DM us as well
allthatjass : Are long torso cinchers for taller women?
wonderwaist : @allthatjass Longer Cinchers are for targeting your lower tummy pouch
pringles_juice_ : 😢
allthatjass : I see your processing and shipping takes up to 12 days .. Is there any way to expedite that process? That's a really long time
wonderwaist : @allthatjass generally it's about 7, but we give ourselves cushion just in case. If you want it faster than 7 days, there is a priority shipping fee that you can submit
sym_lovelyy_2 - mrs_nuckles - vlasirenita - laniece33 -
The 3Hook Ombre Leopard print is soooooo cute right??? #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
just_mil_88 : I bought a waist trainer and it's too small. I need to return it for a larger size @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @just_mil_88 we'll need to discuss your height and weight, if you bought according to the WonderWaist size chart - it fits!
sym_lovelyy_2 - itsjustsia - destineehart - adreannanicoledollar -
Spice it up and wear your WonderWaist Workout Cincher exposed during exercise! #WonderWaist #Shapewear #fitnessmotivation #instafit #instagramfitness #gymselfie #cleaneating #mealprep #Squats #weightloss #workout #gym #exercise #waisted
exercise - instagramfitness - squats - gymselfie - fitnessmotivation - workout - wonderwaist - cleaneating - weightloss - shapewear - waisted - mealprep - gym - instafit -
wonderwaist : @stayrelevant info@wonderwaist.com is the primary email address :)
rdking06 : Cool!
vaintrain : So nice!
_wild.nd.free_ : @angibabbyy
loon00544 - ncruz_85 - jjayala87 - mrs_nuckles -
Benefits of Waist Training with WonderWaist: 1⃣ Accelerates weight loss 2⃣ Reduces inches from the waist 3⃣ Improves posture 4⃣ Provides back support 5⃣ Eliminates back fat, muffin top and belly 6⃣ Helps recover shape after giving birth 7⃣ Tightens muscles in abdomen #WonderWaist #WaistTraining #CorsetTraining #Corsets #Fajas #Fitness #Workout #Hourglass #Motivation #AnnChery #AnnMichell #Cinchers #WeightLoss #Curves #Waisted #Colombian #WaistShaper #Abs
motivation - corsettraining - annmichell - waisttraining - cinchers - workout - curves - corsets - waisted - waistshaper - hourglass - annchery - wonderwaist - weightloss - abs - fitness - colombian - fajas -
wonderwaist : @boochicky I think a Large should work fine, and wearing this when at work is a great idea. A longer length Shaper would be best
missadorable_1 : 165 @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @missadorable_1 a Large would be best for you
mellyjuanna : what's best for postpartum I'm 5'5 and right now 180 I havnt had the baby yet, but as soon as he's out I want to have this to wear while working out to help lose the weight with diet and excersize! let me know what you think @wonderwaist
missadorable_1 : Would the sports work if you have a pouch? @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @missadorable_1 If you purchase a workout cincher and you want to target your lower belly, get a Long Workout Cincher
missadorable_1 : OK thank you @wonderwaist
carcamor94 : @moniqgonzalez
beautyael - helenkhaazy - blessedby_dabest7 - classycharisma -
Are you and your girlfriend WAISTED? Get #Waisted with a friend for LESS! Tag her right now to let her know about the 20% Off today! #WonderWaist
wonderwaist - waisted -
damiahhuston : @niquee1128
aquessy : @maamekramah
likklec21 : @wonderwaist this is the one i tried to order but i was waiting for the sale today and when i checked the whole total was still the same $69 including tax at the checkout so where is the 20% discount
wonderwaist : @likklec21 did you apply the WAISTED code? That creates the discount
likklec21 : Guess i cant checkout cause i dont have a paypal account n i cant cash out as a guest either @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @likklec21 you don't need Paypal to check out. All you need is a credit or debit card
likklec21 : But it wont let me it keep saying my zip and address is not required @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @likklec21 I'm not understanding what you are experiencing - can you send a screen shot that to info@wonderwaist.com?
xosimple93 - m__teeee - semplicemente_bella_xo - _sexxymama_ -
It's time to get WAISTED! Discount code WAISTED will slash the price by 20% today! Tag a friend! #WonderWaist #WaistedWednesday
waistedwednesday - wonderwaist -
wonderwaist : @tinamarie2720 depends on the style ordered, some style/sizes are really popular and in and out the door on a daily basis
wonderwaist : @likklec21 are you under the SHOP SALE tab? If you don't see your size then it is out of stock - we are FULLY STOCKED under the SHOP Shapewear tab where you can use a WAISTED discount
wonderwaist : @marieeee_dior you can order online at anytime - there are Houston perks you'll find under the FAQ tab
wonderwaist : @iirodriiguez what size/style combination are you looking for?
wonderwaist : @missnycutie if that were true, I'm sure we'd know by now! :) DM us, thanks!
reantesingh_29 : @wonderwaist is it possible to ship to South Africa??🚒 I'm in need of waist training😊
fioneasspna1 : wonderwaist.com 3 hooks @chucknreen
la_garcia__ : Ok thank you :) @wonderwaist
diamondjean - icecream71302 - bunnywannabe - charynn_ -
WaistedWednesday is in full effect! Enter discount code WAISTED for 20% Off today! Tag a friend! #WonderWaist @WonderWaist @WonderWaist @WonderWaist @WonderWaist @WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
nikkinacai : @chantsboomboom
_braat : G
lethal.dose : @empressz4lyfe
dangerouslyelektra : @unlistd lol forcing
jas_minez_ : @kimantha24 this is what you need to get rid of that baby belly!!!
theskinnywrapqueen : What happens after you take it off?? Baby belly still there!!! @jas_minez_ You need to try the wraps!!!
paigr5345 - 1d_ptv_fangurll4lyfe_orgtfo_ - cristinecaroline - lexi_monay16 -
WaistedWednesday is in full effect! Enter discount code WAISTED for 20% Off today! #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
i_wiish : I want it 😩❀️ how I can get it
wonderwaist : @i_wiish online at www.wonderwaist.com, or click the link in our bio!
i_wiish : Ok but what abut the cast and Ian in UAE
wonderwaist : @i_wiish we ship international :)
wonderwaist : @keepinupwithsammie The entire site is on sale honey - anything you put in the cart the discount will apply!
charynn_ - angelinacuevas - _mumlovesdesy - caveda_ -
WaistedWednesday is live! Orders coming in already - I think you ladies figured out there's still more $35 and Under styles left... #WonderWaist #Shapewear
shapewear - wonderwaist -
annie_drew : @lelekisses
valmattmommy : The sizes are only xxxl . Which is not that much of a sale for some . :/
wonderwaist : @valmattmommy we have sizes through 6XL actually
kay_118 : Ist time user, what should I start with? Latex or non Latex? @wonderwaist
kay_118 : ???@wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @kay_118 Latex is the most popular
jubileeahhoni : @_pauleenlorian I want one 😫
ogrissa : @laelanismommy @kneexv
_85krystle - rommelbaldeon - jessejones11 - itssimply_jengy -
The WAISTED discount code begins shortly. What waist is she talking about? #WonderWaist #Shapewear #wonderwaistalert #waisted #whatsawaist #whatwaist #cincher #waistcincher #3hooks #3Hook #waisttrimmer #fitness #KimKardashian #curves #curvy #getwaisted #diet #faja #fajas
wonderwaistalert - curves - wonderwaist - waistcincher - waisttrimmer - kimkardashian - shapewear - diet - 3hooks - faja - cincher - waisted - curvy - whatwaist - whatsawaist - fitness - getwaisted - fajas - 3hook -
wonderwaist : @thugwifey we've shipped that date, if you email customer service - they can tell you your tracking information, at info@wonderwaist.com
wonderwaist : @dawnshamaine uh oh, don't tell me you've been wearing the latex on the inside lol
thugwifey : Thank u
dawnshamaine : πŸ™ˆ@wonderwaist I'm afraid so.. 😩😩😩 I just put it on the correct way and let me tell you it's so much more comfortable! & it slims me out so much better. I feel so dumb!! Im currently on the second hook though & it's so easy for me to put on...so last question is it time for me to go smaller or should I wait a little while?
1stladymoy : @dawnshamaine hun dnt feel dumb funny enough wen I jus got mine I put mine on inside out also lol, @wonderwaist I also have a dilemma I have been training nd loving it I train wen am at work nd at home even wen I work out now my waist is shaping good but my stomach getting bigger instead of
wonderwaist : @1stladymoy can you email this to info@wonderwaist.com?
1stladymoy : Ok
ohmboutiqueandspa : @wonderwaist Please check us out πŸ‘œπŸ‘—πŸ‘™
mrs_smith_32214 - burrithop_69 - delores_rodriguez - zayvi_rosa -
Tomorrow is WaistedWednesday! Get #Waisted with a friend for LESS! Tag her right now to let her know about the 20% Off starting tomorrow! #WonderWaist
wonderwaist - waisted -
lizauribe86 : @jese_o @anilu7911
amanda_jewett : Does it start at 12am PST?
roxymancha : @aleeloveeflo
anilu7911 : @lizauribe86 @jese_o we need it lol
joannam2 : @lizzy1229 on sale we need to buy these!
lizzy1229 : @joannam2 how much??
seattlema - lizzy1229 - aay31 - _keige_lea -
Tomorrow is WaistedWednesday! Discount code WAISTED will get you 20% Off - Tag a friend! #WonderWaist #Shapewear #fitnessmotivation #instafit #instagramfitness #annchery #corset #waisttraining #corsettraining #faja #fajas #cincher #waistcincher #3hooks #3Hook #waisttrimmer #whatsawaist #whatwaist #waisted
instagramfitness - waisttraining - fitnessmotivation - waistcincher - waisttrimmer - shapewear - waisted - corsettraining - 3hooks - faja - fajas - cincher - annchery - corset - wonderwaist - whatwaist - whatsawaist - instafit - 3hook -
i_love_lucy_01 : @tb_miriamx3 IMA do it IMA do it!!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸ’―
tb_miriamx3 : Don't lieeeeee 😭 @i_love_lucy_01
i_love_lucy_01 : I'm serious this is it I wanna look bomb.com too πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @tb_miriamx3
myaadore : Please have your vest on sale :)
littlemoonii : Komo la konsigoo???? @wonderwaist
msrubi30 : @anelcastro
miekochic : Where do you add the discount code on the website? @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @miekochic there is a small coupon box inside the cart when you're ready to check out
xosimple93 - agda21 - esmeralda6_10 - _serafin_es -
Do you want more fashion print options? #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
beautee_monster : How do you know what size to get @beautikaful
wonderwaist : @beautee_monster we have a size chart online, you'll need to know your height and weight
azuaviles : Hi I would like to sell your product info please
tochi_mua - luvandrea_ - 69cancerbaby69 - ihasorangejuice -
Train your waistline, train your posture, and get the curves you've always wanted with WonderWaist! #WonderWaist #Shapewear #annchery #faja #fajas #cincher #waistcincher #3hooks #3Hook #waisttrimmer #fitness #KimKardashian #curves #curvy #getwaisted #whatwaist #whatsawaist #waisted #hourglass #waistshaper
wonderwaist - waistcincher - waisttrimmer - kimkardashian - shapewear - curves - 3hooks - faja - hourglass - cincher - annchery - waistshaper - waisted - curvy - whatwaist - whatsawaist - fitness - getwaisted - fajas - 3hook -
_snicole21 : I'm 4"11" and have a short torso, I wear size small in shirts and have a gut, which one would be best for me? And how much ? @wonderwaist
sylviavirginhair - profile_gee - wootcampfitness - el_chapin1217 -
The 3Hook Ombre Leopard print looks great on @molly715! Fashionable and fit at the same time! Visit www.wonderwaist.com for more color options #WonderWaist #Shapewear #fitness #Squats #weightloss #workout #waistshaper #waistcincher #corset #plus #curves #curvy #getwaisted #whatwaist #whatsawaist #waisted #3Hook #3hooks #waisttrimmer
squats - waisted - waistcincher - waisttrimmer - curves - shapewear - 3hooks - waistshaper - corset - wonderwaist - weightloss - curvy - whatwaist - plus - whatsawaist - fitness - getwaisted - workout - 3hook -
melmar99 : Yes u are right, everyone's body is different
melmar99 : Yes I've seen them all ( the pix)
melmar99 : Okay
melmar99 : Cool
melmar99 : This one is non latex I'm assuming
wonderwaist : @melmar99 this item has latex down the middle and it's infused in the fabric
inas_star : Hi ordered mines today when will I expect it the mail didn't say in the wed site??? @wonderwaist
demona_loncarevic : Amazing!
glowjoya25 - m__teeee - zayvi_rosa - tochi_mua -
Good morning! Try healthy drinking options this week! #WonderWaist #Shapewear #fitness #health #instafit #instagramfitness #gymselfie #cleaneating #mealprep #Squats #weightloss #workout #gym #exercise
instagramfitness - squats - gymselfie - workout - wonderwaist - cleaneating - weightloss - shapewear - health - exercise - fitness - mealprep - gym - instafit -
gopro.fit : good post
valeriemarie___ : Looks good. @felicity_k3u
felicity_k3u : remember when i used to do this? @valeriemarie___
_chaneychan_4 - nickiecha - delores_rodriguez - comingdawn -
Our lovely customer @kk_mari makes our WonderWaists Workout Cincher look like a Million Buck$! Very nice! #WonderWaist #Shapewear #fitness #health #waisttraining #corsettraining #faja #fajas #cincher #waistcincher #3hooks #3Hook #waisttrimmer #gym #squats #lunges #plus #curves #curvy #getwaisted #whatwaist #whatsawaist #waisted
corsettraining - squats - waisted - lunges - waisttrimmer - curves - shapewear - 3hooks - faja - waistcincher - cincher - waisttraining - wonderwaist - getwaisted - curvy - whatwaist - health - whatsawaist - fitness - plus - gym - fajas - 3hook -
jenfitmccoy : I want one but when I go to site I don't see one for $35. Can you help me out?
wonderwaist : @jenfitmccoy that sale was 1 day only, they have now moved to the $40 price just $5 more, you can also add the daily discount code
kelle_decroog : @wonderwaist if you want more fol lowers go check out @the_social_business
jenfitmccoy : Ok great! Thank you!
littlemeeeech : How can I order this ?
wonderwaist : @littlemeeeech online at www.wonderwaist.com, or click the link in our bio!
anamaria1435 - adreannanicoledollar - teresasumrall79 - charynn_ -
Thank you ladies for submitting photos of your WonderWaist! @janetvee_ received her Nonlatex Workout Cincher for $35 and it looks like $$ well spent! Her waistline looks great, can't wait to see her permanent results!!! #WonderWaist #Shapewear #fitness #Squats #weightloss #workout #gym #exercise #waisted #3Hook #3hooks #3Hook #waisttrimmer #whatsawaist #whatwaist #cincher #waistcincher #corset #plus #fashion #curves #curvy #getwaisted #diet
fashion - squats - waisted - gym - waisttrimmer - curves - shapewear - diet - 3hooks - waistcincher - cincher - corset - wonderwaist - weightloss - curvy - whatwaist - plus - whatsawaist - fitness - getwaisted - workout - exercise - 3hook -
janetvee_ : πŸ™Œ fit great thank you
thisisbananaaas : Is it better if u wear it directly on your skin, or can u wear it over a shirt? @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @thisisbananaaas you can wear it either way with no difference in results. However if you wear with no under shirt, be sure to moisturize your tummy with the Slimming Caffeine Cream
wonderwaist : @pris0707 Please read the WonderWaist FAQ page about sizing. If you ordered any Nonlatex style, the sizing point system is different than our chart. As mentioned online, all Nonlatex items are numerically sized 2 points higher - therefore, a size 32 would be fit as a Small but in Nonlatex, the number size would be 34
wonderwaist : @tabatha_ann_ can you direct that question to customer service? They are better suited to help you
esmeralda6_10 : J
vanucha_mondlane : From South Africa, how do I go abt to hv one? @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @vanucha_mondlane we ship international. You can order online at www.wonderwaist.com
sheenajmiller - ashweebaby6 - traviiesa_loks - tochi_mua -
It's almost that time again! Waisted Wednesday sale will be EPIC! New products, fresh inventory, and new WonderCombo packages ALL discounted! #WonderWaist #Shapewear #waisttraining #hourglass #waistshaper #waistcincher #corset #plus #curves #curvy #getwaisted #whatwaist #whatsawaist #waisted #3Hook #3hooks #waisttrimmer #waistshaper #waistcincher
waisttraining - waisted - waistcincher - waisttrimmer - curves - shapewear - 3hooks - waistshaper - hourglass - corset - wonderwaist - curvy - whatwaist - plus - whatsawaist - getwaisted - 3hook -
zulynaydaly : I have no recieved mine :(
la_garcia__ : Just placed an order a few minutes ago! Can't wait to get mine! SUPER EXCITED!! :D
69cancerbaby69 : @cindi28
_joceline1 : @i_am_ur_sunshine
faithfocused : @jadore_me imma order my shit Wednesday lol
emmily___b : @vanessa_janell1
syida_rusdi : @wonderwaist Can we order this too?im from malaysia
damnshawtyy : @sweetest_thinggmeli
strawberrii_ - cathy_douangchanh - ariannatoodopee - kristrizzi14 -
Are you doing home workouts in your WonderWaist? #WonderWaist #Shapewear #fitness #Squats #weightloss #workout #gym #exercise #waisted #3Hook #waisttrimmer #waistshaper #waistcincher #corset #plus #curves #curvy #getwaisted #whatwaist #whatsawaist
workout - squats - waisted - waistcincher - waisttrimmer - curves - shapewear - waistshaper - corset - wonderwaist - weightloss - curvy - whatwaist - plus - whatsawaist - fitness - getwaisted - gym - exercise - 3hook -
applewatts : Yea thats what ima do start working out next week im om weight gain right now wanna fain 5more pound then fix it my body right by working out so ima dm u
wonderwaist : @christianmommy2012 this one is $50
amanda_jayde_ : I just got mine in!!...does it still work without the slimming creme? @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @amanda_jayde_ yes ma'am, the slimming creams enhance results but not mandatory that you have it
xime_soe : @maygranda mira estas son las q te digo
destiny.mendoza : @frankacuna527 get me a waist trimmer!
2pretty_2giveafu_k : @wonderwaist how do i get one
wonderwaist : @2pretty_2giveafu_k online at www.wonderwaist.com, or click the link in our bio!
melmar99 - jedigypsy - edyd_garcia - cynthia2327 -
Today, we are thankful! #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
looka999 : @katyameera
kumkarma : πŸ’―πŸ’‹
ebuckk - kesly_evy - angellipsstl - sinceresamari -
Be safe ladies! #WonderWaist
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limitless_mo : Yup @kurlylockks
datchigirl : @thekingkoke1234 thats me
thekingkoke1234 : @datchigirl lol yas u r :-)
datchigirl : @thekingkoke1234 no
thekingkoke1234 : @datchigirl haha
la_femme_rose : @jeffreyrobleto Friday night!
la_femme_rose : @flipsabird @_junejulyaugust
like_love_adore88 : Lol @adore_me_89
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They happy feeling you get when you see your new curvy silhouette! #WonderWaist
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Do you need to tame your muffin top? Let us help you! #WonderWaist
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zzzzz_me : @gucci_biitch
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Good morning - wake up and waist train! #WonderWaist
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wonderwaist : @theycallmediiva 6-10 hours each day.
wonderwaist : @thehairbyalex that should be directed to customer service via email at info@wonderwaist.com :)
parisjanai : I about to get me one
krystalina805 : @rosa.pinedo this is the websit!
curls__for__days : How much does it cost for that type of waist trainer ?
curls__for__days : @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @curls__for__days Our trainers are $60 and below
curls__for__days : Okay thank you
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