$20 off promo styles still available under the SHOP SALE tab! #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
wonderwaist : As mentioned in your confirmation email
wonderwaist : @baiibeeboo23 please check for a response during business hours
sammkrystantos : @wonderwaist can you workout with the latex (the black one that's now on sale for 40$) or just with the specific "workout" ones?
wonderwaist : @valhbl how can we help you here?
wonderwaist : @valhbl email info@wonderwaist.com with your contact information
wonderwaist : @sammkrystantos you can work out with that Cincher as well
valhbl : @wonderwaist i would like to know when my order will be shipped.. I ordered on the 9th
wonderwaist : @valhbl we've shipped that date already. Email info@wonderwaist.com for customer service, thanks!
queen_ofhis_throne - dalolalola - true_libra_nuff_said - snowbunnie_brittbrat -
This Latex Cincher is still available at promo price under the SHOP SALE tab! Combo the promo price with the daily discount code and save BIG! #WonderWaist #waisttraining #hourglass #waistshaper #sale #annchery #corset #cincher #waistcincher #3hooks #3Hook #waisttrimmer #latex #realresults
cincher - annchery - corset - latex - waisttrimmer - waistcincher - waisttraining - wonderwaist - sale - realresults - 3hook - 3hooks - waistshaper - hourglass -
marisolalecio : @wonderwaist I sent you a message regarding my order, do you guys respond soon?
wonderwaist : @marisolalecio thank you! We'll get back to you shortly
marisolalecio : @wonderwaist Thank you!
missyrani1987 : @wonderwaist Iv received mine 3hook latex full torso shaper I'm on my 2nd day of wearing it a 4/5hours a day sooo excited the result to walk about with no corset confidence 😍
christinasekelsky : @mrsrobinson_est2014 damn girl I wish
wonderwaist : @missyrani1987 Yaaaay! Can't wait to see your results!
badyellajayy : I just emailed through the website @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @badyellajayy perfect!
ms_mara21 - sym_lovelyy_2 - _jenna_sanchez_ - abi_elenes -
So it's been a long journey, but I plan on continuing my journey to get fit & eat healthy. Of course I don't eat healthy everyday, there are times when I have those cravings, I'm still not done with my journey, I've lost over 20 pounds, & looking at old pictures makes me not want to stop, because I look great & feel great. I should feel great about myself whether or not, but I can actually wear a tank top without feeling so insecure about my stomach, this comes to show hard work pays off. I was a bit shy to upload this picture, but I feel this picture is motivation & it will be the reason why I'm still continuing my journey. Also, if you have not purchased a #wonderwaist do so now, you are missing out & for me using a wonderwaist for 2 weeks straight these are my results, INCLUDING DIETING/CUTTING BACK. #wonderwaist #shaper #love #fat #skinny #toastick #lol #jk #followwonderwaist #buyawonderwaist #bestmoneyspent #weightloss #shamu #lol @wonderwaist
shamu - love - followwonderwaist - wonderwaist - fat - buyawonderwaist - toastick - shaper - bestmoneyspent - lol - jk - waistedwenesday - skinny - weightloss -
breybreey : You look great girl!😍
marry2895 : Omgg goodd jobb girlyyy!!
lanyylovee : You look great marissa !!!!!!! πŸ˜šπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
mancha_____ : Thanks girlies ;) @breybreey @marry2895 @lanyylovee @samanthaa_romero
__delacruz23 : πŸ’ͺπŸ‘ŠπŸ’’πŸ‘
loveelypri : Wow, good job! :)
maritzamedrano_ : Sessy girl πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ‘
maiyaaaaa : Your look bomb girl πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ™Œβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ’―
littlemiss_jennifer - gaudixo - nicoleeva_ - dalefrye8 -
Waist Training and Workouts go hand in hand! #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
melissa_ashleeey : Will I get an email when my product gets shipped?
wonderwaist : @melissa_ashleeey yes, the day before
mrs.hildaq26 : Can I change my size ? I emailed you yesterday (: @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @mrs.hildaq26 email address?
mrs.hildaq26 : Hildaq65@gmail.com
fleon98 - tpoole24 - mollkate04 - anreyes31 -
Find your height and weight on the Wonder Size Chart BEFORE you choose a WonderWaist! #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
_xoevah : Im 4'11 & I weigh in between 130lbs to 135lbs what size should I use?
wonderwaist : @_xoevah Small
_xoevah : Thank you
wonderwaist : @puttygirl email your contact information to info@wonderwaist.com
paolasantos801 : And look it has so we know our size @miss_issabell
cotynicole_xo : I measured my waist from my belly button around its a 38, but my height and weight qualify for the medium. Which one should a get? @wonderwaist
cotynicole_xo : Im sorry large
wonderwaist : @cotynicole_xo Medium! We strictly go on height and weight
strawberrii_ - sonmar51 - mely_mel726 - _nita_kel_ -
Don't wear your WonderWaist without a moisturizer - make sure your moisturizer is a Slimming Caffeine Cream and Cooling Gel to enhance your results! Purse-sized Mini creams available for $6 #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
kajah_nicole : I want one so. Bad !!!!!
heidiolivares_ : @b.olivares_
erica_nichole59 : @missy_rose10 lets order these!! Lol
missy_rose10 : @erica_nichole59 yes
ashley_dann : Is it vegan?
azizacorreia : Hi i am slim i am making gym exercises but still dificult to take out the belt. I want to start the waisttraining. My size is 30 xs how can i do to order? I want the cream and the waist. I am from Mozambique
wonderwaist : @azizacorreia you can order online at www.wonderwaist.com, or click the link in our bio!
azizacorreia : I want one that does not fold when you sit. How many hours i have to train per day?
tinkerbunny01 - naastarran - ladyj357 - toya1229 -
Did you know this style is on promotion right now for $20 Off + the WAISTED discount code? #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
wonderwaist : @monica_booboo she also bought our Butt Enhancer - so her waist is slimmer, her butt is lifted, and her thighs slimmed
neishashivers_1andonly : The discount cooks is not working
neishashivers_1andonly : Cide
neishashivers_1andonly : Code
neishashivers_1andonly : @wonderwaist πŸ‘†πŸ‘†πŸ‘†
wonderwaist : @neishashivers_1andonly that was yesterday's code. Today's code is displayed in the banner on the website
neishashivers_1andonly : Ok what is the shipping time for the latex supervest -full strap and the long hook workout -gold animal? Both 2x @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @neishashivers_1andonly 5-7 business days
classyve_ - missme2_ - saramercedesarguelles - cpazz_ -
There is a WonderWaist for ALL sizes, even the shorties! 😍😍😍 #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
damary_sans : @ashleekim this is it!
solnails : Price
wonderwaist : @solnails we're always on sale. We offer daily discount codes and have sales every weekend. The price of this item is regularly priced $60, but about $49 after all the discounts
gprincess18 : @juddi_gilli
xixiovee - rosemary8120 - josieburciaga - oluwadeee -
Did you know this style is on promotion right now for $20 Off + the WAISTED discount code? #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
libbie68 : @wonderwaist how soon after an order if placed does it get shipped
wonderwaist : @libbie68 fairly quickly, about 5-7 business days
larubiadenj : Having problems with the discount code
wonderwaist : @larubiadenj WAISTED in all caps?
larubiadenj : This is the semi strap
wonderwaist : @larubiadenj yes, Full Strap on $20 off promo, Semi-Strap on WAISTED promo. Still saving either way
ch3rrimonae : Coupon didn't work for me either
wonderwaist : @ch3rrimonae this code was for Wednesday. The new code is in the banner of the website - FAB10 in all caps
joedaughter01 - naastarran - cherryisallsmiles - chaiseikin -
Did you know this style is on promotion right now for $15 Off + the WAISTED discount code? #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
guera0911 : Ok and How long do I keep it on when I first start?
mrsrobinson_est2014 : @_beautiful_ladii this is the one I got and it's on sale now boo
wonderwaist : @guera0911 only a couple hours the first few days to let your body get used to the compression. Then work your way up in 2 hour increments
_beautiful_ladii : @mrsrobinson_est2014 omg Jess I just brought one for ma mom I'm so excited I wanan get one for myself too lol
mrsrobinson_est2014 : Lol good see and u was gonna buy another one arnt u happy u got it from @wonderwaist πŸ˜˜πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ
syddz : how safe is this...??
wonderwaist : @syddz we guarantee the quality, high standard, and results of our products. No worries :)
wonderwaist : @mrsrobinson_est2014 DM your friend's info
mrsrobinson_est2014 - _gorjuz_bish_ - true_libra_nuff_said - jjayala87 -
Have you seen the NEW WonderCombos? Mix and match all your favorite WonderWaist styles for less! #WonderWaist #waisttraining #hourglass #waistshaper #waistcincher #waistsnatcher #waistclincher #clincher #cincher #3Hook #3hooks #waisttrimmer #latex #realresults #plus #curves #curvy #getwaisted #fitness
latex - waistcincher - waisttrimmer - curves - waistclincher - 3hooks - waistshaper - hourglass - cincher - waistsnatcher - waisttraining - wonderwaist - realresults - curvy - plus - fitness - clincher - getwaisted - 3hook -
malaun_rules : How much for the first vest ??
wonderwaist : @malaun_rules regular price $60, but we're on promo today - so much cheaper!
_beautiful_ladii : Is there a difference between the latex n the regular workout cincher
wonderwaist : @_beautiful_ladii same results, Workout Cincher is for physical activity, the Latex Cincher is for everyday use
mscorvette : @wonderwaist do u have in a pink design in black ?
wonderwaist : @mscorvette yes ma'am, but special order
_vjenkins1506 - mscorvette - a_menefee1234 - sym_lovelyy_2 -
I just had to try these waist trainers. ❀️ so far I love it :) I got the black sports one as I work out a lot so it's easier to move in. But Def going to order the all latex one too as it's even tougher n bigger results . So far I do feel a difference :) so much fun. mine was from awesome @wonderwaist #wonderwaist #wasited #waisttraining #training #sportscorset #corset #flex
flex - training - wasited - corset - waisttraining - wonderwaist - sportscorset -
senecaricecake : U have to workout to support ur body though? If u stop working out in the future do u know if will it ho back to the way it was
senecaricecake : Go*
dangerouslyelektra : @senecaricecake πŸ”Όread last comment honestly just feels like u r wearing a corset day to day. But u get used to it. N forget about it :)
dangerouslyelektra : If u stop wearing it. It will go back to it's normal shape @senecaricecake It's normal. It's like if u stop working out ur muscles they will sink haga. Same theory. @senecaricecake U gotta keep it up. It's discipline. :). Not worried for that tho. Just trying it for fun.
dangerouslyelektra : But I'll always go to the gym @senecaricecake till I die haha ! Waist training I dunno if I'll do it forever but for now it's new n fun. I'll see were it takes me
dangerouslyelektra : N ur sexy n intriguing @senecaricecake ❀️❀️πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’•
senecaricecake : πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‡
lylylydiachinita : did u ordered it online ?
rowanjaane - laurenvonfrankenstein - sabrinaaab_xo - senecaricecake -
Makes you want to go grab your WonderWaist huh? #Motivation #WonderWaist
motivation - wonderwaist -
christynolivares : Thankyou @wonderwaist are they the ann chery brand?
wonderwaist : @christynolivares yes ma'am
christynolivares : Thankyou!!! Just one more question. .. how long for the shipping? @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @christynolivares 5-7 business days
christynolivares : Thankyou!! @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @rosamaud email now please.
ladielynn008 : Yess pleasee !! I have a question ' what would be best for me ' Im 5'8 and weight 178 ??? @wonderwaist
sha_1_of_a_kind : DM you interested in purchase @wonderwaist
sym_lovelyy_2 - tpoole24 - ogalez - _.a.u.d.r.e.y._ -
Salute! 😍 😍 😍 #WonderWaist
wonderwaist - salute -
____karii : Size
wonderwaist : @____karii we have a Size chart online at www.wonderwaist.com
evelyn_marie2 : So do these help get the curves eventually or would I have to wear it all the time ?
wonderwaist : @evelyn_marie2 where it as often as possible for maximum results. You'll see results in about 2 weeks
evelyn_marie2 : Cool thank you (:
kclark211 : Does it work better when u work out @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @kclark211 it works on its own, but healthy diet, workouts, etc enhance the results
kclark211 : Thanks I ordered mine yesterday how long does it take to get here
butterfly_effect18 - ashlimarshall - mayrabencomo - gerylos_7official -
At your request, the items featured above are on SPECIAL PROMOTION under the SHOP SALE tab! Today only, get these items $20 off! All other items, discount code WAISTED will slash the price too! #WonderWaist #waisttraining #hourglass #waistshaper #waistcincher #sale #annchery #corsettraining #faja #fajas #cincher #flashsale #3Hooks #3Hook #waisttrimmer #latex #realresults #plus #curves #curvy #getwaisted
corsettraining - latex - waistcincher - waisttrimmer - curves - realresults - 3hooks - faja - hourglass - cincher - annchery - waistshaper - waisttraining - wonderwaist - sale - curvy - plus - flashsale - getwaisted - fajas - 3hook -
1chocolatedlyte : What is the name of the one in the middle @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @1chocolatedlyte Latex Vest Full Strap, it's under the SHOP SALE tab
scylamarieee : Just ordered it! I got a size small, but I wasn't sure if I should've ordered XS? @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @scylamarieee height and weight?
carcamor94 : What's the difference/advantages between latex and non latex??
wonderwaist : Latex is the most aggressive compression Shaper due to the rubber like exterior - NonLatex is softer to the touch and much easier to wear. Both give slimming results, it's all about your comfort level with compression
c_valadez_619 : Are these the ones that have that metal wire around? @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @c_valadez_619 No metal, very strong flexible rods
vida_lopez_217_ - bettyeq45 - weil_tanzen_einfach_alles_ist - queenliviii -
At your request, the items featured above are on SPECIAL PROMOTION under the SHOP SALE tab! Today only, get these items $20 off! All other items, discount code WAISTED will slash the price too! #WonderWaist #waisttraining #hourglass #waistshaper #waistcincher #sale #annchery #corsettraining #faja #fajas #cincher #flashsale #3Hooks #3Hook #waisttrimmer #latex #realresults #plus #curves #curvy #getwaisted
corsettraining - latex - waistcincher - waisttrimmer - curves - realresults - 3hooks - faja - hourglass - cincher - annchery - waistshaper - waisttraining - wonderwaist - sale - curvy - plus - flashsale - getwaisted - fajas - 3hook -
sweetgirl3181 : @wonderwaist can someone email me back
wonderwaist : @sweetgirl3181 we've returned all emails. What's your address hun? Thanks!
sweetgirl3181 : @wonderwaist getwrappedbyivy@yahoo.com I want to change my order if possible
wonderwaist : @sweetgirl3181 we responded about 3 hours ago
sweetgirl3181 : @wonderwaist I can't find it
wonderwaist : @sweetgirl3181 just email info@wonderwaist.com with the update to your order.
sweetgirl3181 : @wonderwaist I just did
surbhi1104 : Price
cosmomerry7 - m__teeee - washington650 - srangel90 -
...Let your waist do the talking. #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
sasha8808 : @wonderwaist is the promotional code still WAISTED ? I just tried but didn't work or is it based on business day hours for it to be considered "Wednesday "?
wonderwaist : @sasha8808 we're in Texas, it's CST!
lynn_love__ : Are your waist trainers latex?
wonderwaist : @lynn_love__ yes, we have Latex and NonLatex as options. Ann Chery brand
uluvlo5 : Please do, thanks @wonderwaist
_dirtyyydan : @dreeaaaa this is what we need
amandaxo267 : About to sleep mines :)
chinita0103 : I will buy it tmrw.. Hope u r connected it if I have some problems
blacker_da_berry1 - cfreemanpromotion - juicypjama - womanofpeace_ -
In addition to our normal WAISTED Discount, we'll be FLASHSELLING 3 special items tomorrow...Hmmm, which ones? Make sure you stop by the SHOP SALE tab at midnight to be the 1st to $ave Big... $15-20 off! #WonderWaist #Shapewear #waisttraining #hourglass #waistshaper #waistcincher #waistsnatcher #waistclincher #clincher #cincher #flashsale #gym #3Hooks #3Hook #waisttrimmer #latex #realresults #plus #curves
latex - gym - waisttrimmer - curves - shapewear - waistclincher - 3hooks - waistshaper - hourglass - cincher - waistsnatcher - waisttraining - wonderwaist - realresults - plus - flashsale - clincher - waistcincher - 3hook -
vvsweety : @deevasco22
map_75 : I've been wanting to order one, maybe tomorrow will be the day. @wonderwaist #flashsale
carcamor94 : @moniqgonzalez
rawan_0220 : @hanonaalh
ebonywalker_monique : Which is betta latex or other? For best results @wonderwaist
sivanarlo : @odeliapenso ΧžΧ” Χ–Χ” Χ”Χ“Χ‘Χ¨ Χ”ΧžΧ˜Χ•Χ¨Χ£ Χ”Χ–Χ”??
odeliapenso : Χ–Χ” ΧžΧ” Χ©Χ§ΧœΧ•ΧΧ™ מ׀רבמΧͺ @sivanarlo
biancabee64 - womanofpeace_ - nerea__6 - inmo_shape -
🚨🚨ATTENTION LADIES 🚨🚨You can purchase your waist trainer from @wonderwaist! Pictured is my friend Mesi (@twelveshadesofbae) #repost LOVE the pop color Sport top that @twelveshadesofbae paired with her 2Hook Workout Cincher! Fit and fashionable! #WonderWaist #Shapewear #fitnessmotivation #instafit #instagramfitness #abs #waisttraining #hourglass #waistshaper #waistcincher #waistsnatcher #waistclincher #clincher #cincher
cincher - instagramfitness - waistsnatcher - waisttraining - fitnessmotivation - waistcincher - wonderwaist - abs - waistclincher - shapewear - hourglass - clincher - waistshaper - instafit - repost -
twelveshadesofbae : πŸ™Š
itstierranicole : You look so good in your waist trainer! @twelveshadesofbae I am going to order one soon 😘
wonderwaist : Thanks doll!
getshredlikemike : πŸ‘Œ
byalarna : Beautiful!
krissydii : I want oneeee!!!
tamalabailey - cutiebeauty11 - ledetbrianna - twelveshadesofbae -
... tomorrow's WaistedWednesday will be epic! Your favorite Mini Slimming Caffeine Cream and Cooling Gels are back - plus NEW PRODUCT! πŸ™ˆπŸ™Œ #WonderWaist #Shapewear #waisttraining #hourglass #waistshaper #waistcincher #sale #annchery #corsettraining #faja #fajas #cincher #waistclincher #clincher #3hooks #3Hook
corsettraining - waisttraining - waistcincher - shapewear - waistclincher - 3hooks - faja - hourglass - cincher - annchery - waistshaper - wonderwaist - sale - clincher - fajas - 3hook -
wonderwaist : @sweetasianmix when you first receive? Start off slowly maybe 4-6 hours each day. Once your body gets used to the compression, move up to longer periods of time.
palesa_letsoge : Do you guys deliver to South Africa?
wonderwaist : Yes ma'am @palesa_letsoge
tima_saleh : Details please how we can order to saudi arabia?
tima_saleh : @wonderwaist
sexy_rosie : @wonderwaist 44 is a size small?
wonderwaist : @sexy_rosie 32 is a Small, 44 is a 4XL. Our size chart is online at www.wonderwaist.com, or scroll thru this page it was posted recently
missyrani1987 : @zena_dutch check out all if these 😍😍😍
naastarran - lovely_nora23 - beautyfullisa - comingdawn -
Love the pop color Sport top that @twelveshadesofbae paired with her 2Hook Workout Cincher! Fit and fashionable! #WonderWaist #Shapewear #fitnessmotivation #instafit #instagramfitness #abs #waisttraining #hourglass #waistshaper #waistcincher #waistsnatcher #waistclincher #clincher #cincher
cincher - instagramfitness - waistsnatcher - waisttraining - fitnessmotivation - waistcincher - wonderwaist - abs - waistclincher - shapewear - clincher - waistshaper - instafit - hourglass -
twelveshadesofbae : 😁 @itstierranicole this is where I got then from.
itstierranicole : Aww check you out! @twelveshadesofbae boo! πŸ’•
uluvlo5 : Hi, I sent an email..i am looking to purchase tonight but had some questions, how long does an email consultation take? @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @uluvlo5 not long, when was your email sent?
uluvlo5 : About 10 minutes ago :) @wonderwaist
dangerouslyelektra : Question. How do you know when you should go a row down on the 2row corset and also how do u no when u r ready to get a smaller corset in size. Thank :)
okorolily - m__teeee - zairaleks - srd_zava -
Wonderwaist is sized XS through 6XL! No matter how tall, short, long, or little - we have a Shaper for you! #WonderWaist #Shapewear #waisttraining #hourglass #waistshaper #waistcincher
shapewear - waisttraining - waistshaper - waistcincher - wonderwaist - hourglass -
wonderwaist : @_iamvirtuous_ when you latch the WonderWaist, are you hooking it to the left or right? For example are the curved latch hooks on the right and the closure on the left?
_iamvirtuous_ : Yes the latch hooks are on my right and closure on left.
_iamvirtuous_ : I had it wrong lol, sorry!
wonderwaist : Your upper abdomen may be smaller than you think, this is a true hourglass shape. When I wear trainers now, the first 2 hooks often come undone on accident because of my new shape lol @_iamvirtuous_
wonderwaist : @_iamvirtuous_ oooohhh, ok!
_iamvirtuous_ : Yes that's exactly what its doing. I thought i had it turned upside down, but yes the first few latches comes undone. Thanks!
shbeeh__alree7 : @qtr1984
shbeeh__alree7 : @qtr1984 نفس Ψ°ΩˆΩ„ Ψ¨Ψ³ Ω…Ψ¨ نفس Ψ§Ω„Ω…ΩˆΩ‚ΨΉ Ω„Ψ§Ω†ΩŠ ماعرفهم Ψ§Ω†Ψ§ ΩƒΨͺΨ¨ΨͺΩ‡ في Ω…ΩˆΩ‚ΨΉ Ω…ΨΉΨͺΩ…Ψ―ΨͺΩ‡ Ω…Ω† Ψ§Ω…Ψ±ΩŠΩƒΨ§ ΩˆΨ·Ω„ΨΉ Ω„ΩŠ
comingdawn - _iamvirtuous_ - t_positive - lory_ruiz -
Wake up, Weigh yourself, Measure your progress! Keep yourself motivated, your WonderWaist is working! #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
lailarafferty : @yogi_ftfreak
missjduran_28 : How do I know what size to order ? @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @missbabyj_28 there is a size chart online
wonderwaist : @valhbl shipping is 7 business days
wonderwaist : @lena_garcia_ we reply to all emails, hun.
lena_garcia_ : And no I sent emails to website itself @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @lena_garcia_ email now, and the team will assist Asap
amairanirc - a_menefee1234 - srd_zava - lovely_nora23 -
The BEST waist slimming results come with consistency! Day in, day out, at work, at home - wear your WonderWaist! (And no burgers) #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
wonderwaist : @dangerouslyelektra hand wash with detergent soaked towel, rinse with water soaked towel, air dry
dangerouslyelektra : Thank u :)
rodriguez_jjjgdyda : I have a question..im not huge,but i had a baby 2 months ago...i have 3 kids n cant go to the gym at all...if i purchase this,what can i do, to get these results from home ? Idc even if i wear it 24/7...
wonderwaist : @rodriguez_jjjgdyda change your eating habits! And we can send you workouts you can do at home using a couch, we'll get you the results you need!
rodriguez_jjjgdyda : Does the butt lifter also work with those at home workouts?
madame_chan3l : @wonderwaist could u send me a few workouts I can do @ home as well? Thank u
wonderwaist : @madame_chan3l email info@wonderwaist.com with ATTN: Home Workout
amandaxo267 : @torimatrone its suppose to hurt and leave marks :)
shaprettygirl_g - a_menefee1234 - ebonywalker_monique - comingdawn -
Wonderwaist wants to see your fitness journey progress! Email or DM us! #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
naastarran - chinitajdo - marloesrelax - pennythepit -
Fall Shapewear is a must have! Slim down for an elegant dinner or night out with the ladies - shop www.wonderwaist.com for size chart and pricing! #WonderWaist #Shapewear #fashion #ladiesnight #slim #curves #datenight
fashion - datenight - shapewear - slim - wonderwaist - ladiesnight - curves -
cuban_country72 : I use 38c and want to use it for my back to cover some rolls. My shirts are all L mainly because of boobs. Also i like the ones with thighs. Which size and one should i get @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @cuban_country72 sizing is based on your height and weight - if you want to target your bra rolls, any vest would work
cuban_country72 : Thank you. But which one is best for targeting back and thighs?
mirimart11 : Any discount??
wonderwaist : @mirimart11 we have a daily discount, it's always available on the site
playfreeway : Nice! Win a pair of Christian #Louboutin shoes with playfreeway.com today!
me1993me2013 : @5looz Ω‡Ψ°Ψ§ Ω‡Ωˆ
noura___alqahtani : @fatmaalqahtany
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It's PayDay! Enter discount code PAYDAY in all caps to save big on your purchase today, our gift to you! #WonderWaist #Shapewear #waisttraining #hourglass #payday #waistshaper #flashsale #sale #annchery #corset #cincher #waistcincher #3hooks #3Hook
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__xvixoxo : The website won't let me choose one it keeps freezing on me ):
wonderwaist : @__xvixoxo are you on a phone or desktop?
mahabahrain : does the latex vest will give permenant result as the other shapers
libbie68 : @wonderwaist hi there one more question which cincher is better 2 or 3 clips?!
wonderwaist : @libbie68 both give the same results, but 3Hook will last you longer
__xvixoxo : Phone
sasha8808 : @wonderwaist I wish u had a deal for vest and regular shaper!
wonderwaist : @sasha8808 we're creating that combo - it will be available Wednesday for our WaistedWednesday Sale
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Salute! 😍😍😍 #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
katt_tx : There are so many how do I know which is the right one for me?
wonderwaist : @katt_tx we offer personal consultations if you need any assistance. Email info@wonderwaist.com
summer_baby09 : @lucyloueeee
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Good Morning - It's PayDay! Enter discount code PAYDAY in all caps to save big on your purchase today, our gift to you! #WonderWaist #Shapewear #waisttraining #hourglass #payday #waistshaper #flashsale #sale #annchery #corset #cincher #waistcincher #3hooks #3Hook
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wonderwaist : @charnaelovesyou refresh your browser and try again
libbie68 : @wonderwaist is latex better than non latex?!
wonderwaist : @libbie68 this depends on how your level of comfort! Latex is the most aggressive compression Shaper we have - nonlatex is not aggressive on your waistline, but gives the same results
libbie68 : @wonderwaist ok thank u very muchπŸ‘πŸ‘
_alwaysblessingme_ : How do I order one
wonderwaist : @_alwaysblessingme_ online at www.wonderwaist.com, or click the link in our bio!
sasha8808 : @wonderwaist I have a question I tried my friends on and it's a medium even though I was able to fit in it, it was somewhat tight but I've been told that's what it's supposed to feel like... I weigh 153 should I get the medium since I know I can fit it or go with the sizing chart and get the large? I don't want to purchase it until I'm 100% sure since it does take time to ship and I don't want to go through the hassle of returning it if in fact the large doesn't feel as tight as it should.
wonderwaist : 150lbs ends the Medium weight range, the Medium may fit you because your current weight is on the cusp of a Medium and Large. I would purchase a Medium @sasha8808
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Wear your WonderWaist Workout Cincher exposed while at the gym! #WonderWaist #Shapewear #fitness #health #instafit #instagramfitness #gymselfie #squats #lunges #gym #health
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makeupbyrobby : @natalephotography @rosemary_ramadan @nw__xo
nw__xo : Aslong as it doesn't hurt @makeupbyrobby
makeupbyrobby : Wouldn't wear it for longer then 1 hour per day @nw__xo
wonderwaist : @bcolyar 3Hook has one extra row of cinch for your waistline
wonderwaist : @we2sikxladyvenom we can add this option for you
baharyg : @wonderwaist why don't you answer me!! How can I order it? Can I buy it in Dubai ??
wonderwaist : @baharyg ???? You can order online at www.wonderwaist.com, we ship international. All of that info is on our bio.
nikkialexis_ : @lauri_and_ray
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Workout Cinchers are best for physical activity! #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
be__gee : @rosiiebryant
sexy_rosie : @wonderwaist hey doll, How can I order it to go to the gym
wonderwaist : @sexy_rosie order online at www.wonderwaist.com, the item will be labeled 'Workout Cincher'
sexy_rosie : @wonderwaist thank you honey! My size is 4, do you have those sizes by numbers or should I order it small or medium? How much it's?
wonderwaist : Order from your height and weight, no matter what. Please look at the size chart first - I wear Smalls in clothing, but Medium in trainers...the compression is an entirely different beast!
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Each Shaper has a specific purpose! Don't overwork one Cincher and use it for everything - purchase a WonderCombo that features two Shapers at a discounted price! #WonderWaist #Shapewear #waisttraining #hourglass #waistshaper #waistcincher #corset #plus #fashion #fitness #3Hooks #3Hook #waisttrimmer
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wonderwaist : @7clau21 about 7 business days
pmnxo : What's the prices? @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @pmnxo pricing online at www.wonderwaist.com, or click the link in our bio!
sabrina_pandabaer : delivers her even after Germany ? @wonderwaist
khayre88 : @nilufer_k this one 😊
nilufer_k : Thanks 😘 @khayre88
karicgudina : @ebonikks πŸ‘
ebonikks : @karicgudina πŸ‘πŸ‘
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Kim Kardashian waist trains to achieve her super curvy silhouette! What are you waiting for? #WonderWaist #Shapewear #waisttraining #hourglass #waistshaper #waistcincher #waistsnatcher #waistclincher #clincher #cincher #3Hook #3hooks #waisttrimmer #fitness #KimKardashian
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theycallmediiva : @ctcq im telling you we need this
ctcq : @theycallmediiva and I'm telling you that you can be on the latex hype with your cousin @genmo94 i love being able to breathe
theycallmediiva : @genmo94 me and you...we will be sexy alone. @ctcq will be the non sexy one
ctcq : @theycallmediiva pshhhh yeah bloody right, that will never happen LOOOL
genmo94 : @theycallmediiva I am ordering sooon am on this lol ...never mind @ctcq
ctcq : @genmo94 @theycallmediiva I'm going to wear mine waist trainer from tomorrow. My body has to look GOOD on the beach next year.
adriacarolina : @jprockjr i need a colombian faja lol
jprockjr : @adriacarolina Waist training, it's an art
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