One of our favorites! The Nonlatex Cincher submitted by @bobbiejon 😍😍 soooo comfy, still great silhouette results #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
catiedip216 : What's the return policy
wonderwaist : @catiedip216 good question. We offer exchanges, but we also offer size consultations to avoid exchanges 😊
catiedip216 : So no returning at all? I just ordered mine
catiedip216 : I was wondering if it's not what I expected if it was possible to return
wonderwaist : @catiedip216 you can return it for an exchange. For example, Small too big, we send an extra small one the small is returned
bay4683 - beyondblessed318 - snrannez - doondamaster -
Chillin on a day off training and trying to detox with no lemons :( πŸ‹πŸ‹πŸ‹i got strawberries tho :)πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“ #wonderwaist #waisttraining #strawberrywater
strawberrywater - wonderwaist - waisttraining -
skinnybylo : Enhance your waist training results with my defining gel! You will love it!
wonderwaist : 😍😍
cindagram777 - leticiamilagros - eriik_l - xoxoamandak_ -
Discount code FRIDAY πŸ˜† www.wonderwaist.com #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
peachmodelchic : HELLO @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @peachmodelchic HI
jenn_ellie : @_mariel_88
xoxo_nicki - flyingwithonewing_099 - kat_mustafa - pamuhloooove -
2Hook Latex Cinchers are shipping today! Have you ordered yours yet? Discount code FRIDAY πŸ˜† #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
wonderwaist : @msdixie89 going out this weekend
marnie_hector22 : @wonderwaist if i order how long till i recieve it at home and which one do u recommend im a big tall girll which is the longest in length wise u have so i can order
niria03 : Just tried using this code and it doesn't work😩😩
wonderwaist : @niria03 did you use all caps?
niria03 : Yes I did
wonderwaist : @niria03 it just worked for me on a test run. Make sure it's FRIDAY in all caps
sisi_nene - weedez101 - kat_mustafa - feliciao2 -
3Hook Latex Cincher is now available in Nude! Discount code FRIDAY at www.wonderwaist.com β³πŸ‘™β³ #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
deleon_519 : What is the DMS?
deleon_519 : I can sent you my bank statement and tracking number.
deleon_519 : What email can i send to?
wonderwaist : @deleon_519 actually looking at your first and last name via Instagram, we're shipping you today. You'll receive Monday
wonderwaist : @caseyleigh_ today is 15% off. Latex is best for post-baby
wonderwaist : @monykgallher allow us to research
wonderwaist : @deleon_519 we don't need that info
deleon_519 : Ok thanks, i sent it before i saw ur last message.
bettyeq45 - claaudiaag - evelyn_albogast - sharthestar72 -
Zip-closure Cinchers ship tomorrow! πŸ™Œ Have you ordered yours yet? #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
xonadiacasperxo : Which one would you recommend for workout/daily use?
rosemaher27 : @_kristianmaher
catiedip216 : Are there any discounts today?
tammydavs : @maostation
msnakiasafira - haventoluv - luciaaaramos7 - elena_kenneth -
Want to waist train while relaxing at home? Or sleeping? The NonLatex Cincher is a great option! Firm compression - Soft, comfy spandex/cotton blend #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
lynetteinming : @wonderwaist πŸ‘
wonderwaist : @jthaooo that policy also walks thru the automatic email sent by Stamps.com once your package ships. It will be sent to the email you purchased your WonderWaist with. That tracking number will tell you the exact delivery date
wonderwaist : @sharidanielleee did you send a DM?
sharidanielleee : @wonderwaist yes ma'am I did! Should I send another one?
wonderwaist : @sharidanielleee no I'm answering them 1 by 1 right now. I think I have about 25 more to go, sit tight
ctonelle : @f0rever_k0ng
wonderwaist : @yayflorz we're working with you via DM
yayflorz : I stopped getting your reply
crystalbravo4 - blessed_4lifee - milixa_k_farrera - kat_mustafa -
You don't need an exchange, you need your friend! Did you ask her to help you latch the hooks? πŸ’ͺ πŸ‘­ #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
xxchassityxx : Yes ma'am and got email saying this ( Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:  infro@wonderwaist.com Technical details of permanent failure: Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for the recipient domainwonderwaist.com by aspmx.l.google.com. [2a00:1450:4010:c07::1b].
wonderwaist : @xxchassityxx it's INFO@wonderwaist.com, take out the letter R in info
lyly_a : @wonderwaist thank you my email is ylarreaga@yahoo.com
xxchassityxx : @wonderwaist
xxchassityxx : Lmao hahaha I didn't even catch that lol thanks @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @xxchassityxx πŸ˜† someone is ready for Friday lol
xxchassityxx : Lol you so right lol trying get this body together girl lol @wonderwaist
melissa_rizo : @yes_i_did_bitch us!!πŸ˜‚πŸ‘
xo_eri - lovestacey21 - normalicious713 - rodriguezdelores -
Your favorite 3Hook Latex Cincher is now available in Nude! Visit www.wonderwaist.com to order today β³πŸ‘™β³ #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
sylviiabunnyy : I only see it in 2hook ? The 3 hook doesn't come out on your website
wonderwaist : @sylviiabunnyy this is actually a 3Hook Latex Cincher, we're updating the site now
wonderwaist : @tishis2000 yes you can
hannieberrie : @wonderwaist did you get ma DM?any update about my shipment?
monykgallher : Hi, do you hace muy tracking number? @wonderwaist
trishia_taggart - charynn_ - eelissa_baybee - swigginsxo -
#skinnybunnytea #wonderwaist @skinnybunnytea @wonderwaist
skinnybunnytea - wonderwaist -
alive_in_face : πŸ’―πŸπŸ†
skinnyzija - showgirlslimteatox - alive_in_face - chiddybangz -
Get excited! We received in more than we can handle! πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
map_75 : Can we pick up at your location?? @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @xokananaxo ok, please send a DM
lynetteinming : @wonderwaist I sent you a DM. Can you please get back to me.
wonderwaist : @lynetteinming yes we will. Have about 30 DMs still unread, we're going in order
lynetteinming : πŸ‘
patricianuncio : @wonderwaist was wondering what @map_75 asked can we pick up at your location?
wonderwaist : @patricianuncio everything is shipped only, no pickups at this time
patricianuncio : @wonderwaist okay thank you!
misszladycrazy - cha_girl_marta - ashlimarshall - withluvsteph -
It's #WaistedWednesday! πŸ™Œ πŸ™Œ Enter discount code WAISTED in all caps during checkout and get your curvy silhouette back! 20% Off $avings! #WonderWaist
waistedwednesday - wonderwaist -
taylor_dugann : I have a reallllyyyy short torso so idk which one would be best 😫
wonderwaist : @taylor_dugann your torso length shouldn't matter, but what you plan to do with the Cincher matters
wonderwaist : @taylor_dugann sitting at a desk? Short length Cincher. Standing often? Long length Cincher. Target bottom tummy? Long length Cincher. All of this info is under the HELP ME CHOOSE tab at www.wonderwaist.com
taylor_dugann : I work in a retirement home! So I'm ALWAYS standing or bending over a bed.
wonderwaist : @taylor_dugann 3Hook Workout Cincher would be best for you
powderpuff_gordon : Where can I order this
wonderwaist : @powderpuff_gordon online at www.wonderwaist.com, the link is in our bio
powderpuff_gordon : OK
xo_eri - coachluv - makiz_75 - charynn_ -
Nude Latex will be launching tomorrow for Waisted Wednesday! πŸ™Œ #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
pristinefleur : Thank you :)
tricia_lovesher : @sayitlikeumeanit
time_changes_things : R there any that u could sit with for a while
wonderwaist : @time_changes_things 2Hook Workout Cinchers are shorter in length and best for squats, lunges, sitting, etc
dayday0334 : Hey does it take longer for certain styles? The one I ordered has shoulder straps.
wonderwaist : @dayday0334 yes vests take longer to make due to the amount of fabric it takes to make them
dayday0334 : Ok thank you!
summersaenz : @v.r25
_mskristina - inmy_skinlol - cristydee_pinkhorses - chinitajdo -
Wonderwaists are seamless under clothing, train your waistline in secret - Flaunt your curves in public! #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
map_75 : Look @momma_nessa_ they carry the same kind. Look the pics to see which one to buy. I already picked out mine to buy mañana
cookie_so_classic : I placed my order on the 11th & im yet to receive a tracking # @wonderwaist
kristina_victoria_ : @julie29xoxo
danne43 : @ang3licamh mira moni😘
wonderwaist : @tumamii_ please send a DM
tumamii_ : I DID
msmomof4 : Ok mine keeps rolling up 😞 how do I get that to stop.
dangerouslyelektra : @alexell
crystalbravo4 - shaimasugar - pebbles_g - dancingisliferave -
Don't just wear it workout in it ladies. Eat right and watch your results. #Osokitty #wonderwaist #waisttraining #workout #don'tbelievejustwatch #Kittylogs
kittylogs - don - waisttraining - workout - wonderwaist - osokitty -
wes718 : Take that thing off
osokitty : Don't be like that @wes718 us women say nothing when yall men wear that waist band around yall waist to work out in. Support yall back my ass 😹😹😹. Love you long time 😽😽😽
wes718 : What!?? What men be wearing that...smh.. You don't need that Tho, your sexiness is on point
osokitty : Awww thanks honey 😽😽😽I just doing a little bit of toning up that's all. No worries everything will still be in tack 😹😹😹😽😽
wes718 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.. Ohh can't wait to..nevermind 😬😬
unforgettablefaces - djphysics - sirdjcorey - ishamar_authentic -
3Hook Latex Cincher on @gabby_moralesss - waist so tiny! #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
__my_fam_is_num_1__ : @your_sweetdream__ this one
cassie_rae_v : @thelastofchels this is the one I have
your_sweetdream__ : Yea @__my_fam_is_num_1__
gabby_moralesss : 😍😍 love it
loretta_mekgwe - the_victorious_woman - mez__teee - _itstiute_ -
www.wonderwaist.com #WonderWaist ⭐8-10 hours each day for maximum results ⭐Seamless under clothing ⭐Lose 2-4 inches 😱 in 2 weeks
wonderwaist -
wonderwaist : @__meiciiiii ok, we have those coming on Thursday. Snow delayed the boxes
tassi_urhairstylist : @sweetsexymocha_
wonderwaist : @_3_chainz_ I'll need to know who you Are
wonderwaist : @_3_chainz_ please DM
alwways_me : @wonderwaist I can't find this one online
wonderwaist : @alwways_me it's under the workout cincher tab
alwways_me : Do u have any leopard that's not latex? @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @bittenbybooks69
loretta_mekgwe - onyidocdiva - haventoluv - brown_grey_eyes -
Thank you for inquiring about your WonderWaist! Please allow 48 hours for your email to be answered as we filter through hundreds of daily emails. We take your fitness journey very seriously and answer each question in detail which takes time. We appreciate your patience and understanding ☺ #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
nati_villegas : @elainebritney our lives πŸ“„πŸ“„πŸ“„
tumamii_ : Email ?
wonderwaist : @tumamii_ Yes please ☺
reallymrsleslie : @falaneakeepsit100
teyalove101 - nvyv__ - mo_jo_3 - doondamaster -
Discount code FRIDAY πŸ˜† #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
heartless_janelle : I emailed u bc I see the address I gave was incomplete without an apt please contact me so I have no problem receiving my order thanks @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : What email address? @heartless_janelle
haventoluv : Hi. I haven't received any confirmation if mine was sent or not. I bought it sat afternoon. @wonderwaist
heartless_janelle : Gabransom@live.com @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @haventoluv 7 business day turn around, business days are Monday through Friday
msmomof4 : Do we get a tracking number emailed when product is shipped?? I'm excited and can't wait to get mine :)
wonderwaist : @msmomof4 yes there's an automatic email sent
wonderwaist : @monykgallher we are filling open orders tomorrow and Monday
xalyssaoviasogiex - xoxo_nicki - kat_mustafa - lizz0929 -
Discount code FRIDAY πŸ˜† #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
msjayj23 : Thank you
ctonelle : Mail shipping done. @wonderwaist
niniepunawan : Do u shipped to overseas??
wonderwaist : @niniepunawan yes ma'am πŸ‘
ebony_my2angels : @wonderwaist im on the website noe tryn to figure out whats the best one for me im not sure i wont be workimg out ill be at work all day lol n i need something for my fat belly with the lil butt at the bottom what do u suggest
pursuit_tohappiness : How can I get discount coupons
pursuit_tohappiness : @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @pursuit_tohappiness you enter code FRIDAY
dmaloney77 - edyd_garcia - brown6suga0 - ladyfa19 -
Good morning new waistline! The 2Hook Latex Cincher is THE best for permanent results. It's more aggressive and if you consistently wear it you will see your silhouette reshape in less than 2 weeks πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ www.wonderwaist.com #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
chetarra2pretty : It bruised my back 😭😭 @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @soo_addictive Info@wonderwaist.com is your source for customer service
l0ve_bug29 : I finally got mine. But, is it supposed to be so tight that it makes it a little hard to breathe? Maybe cuz is my first day?
wonderwaist : @l0ve_bug29 your body is not used to the compression just yet. Your body will adjust within a few days
l0ve_bug29 : Thank you!! I love it so far
wonderwaist : @l0ve_bug29 be sure to send over a pic!
l0ve_bug29 : Where do I send it?
wonderwaist : @l0ve_bug29 DM us!
regimeuse971 - rodriguezdelores - missjasb92 - saralilovez -
20% Off using discount code WAISTED in all caps during checkout! 😎 #WonderWaist #WaistedWednesday
waistedwednesday - empire - wonderwaist -
nyfashionplate : Ok, thanks!! And if im on the fence between sizes do you recommend I go up or down?
wonderwaist : @nyfashionplate I would say it depends on your height
zabethjade : Absolutely worth every penny. One week and I'm already down to the second hook!
wonderwaist : @ctonelle gotcha.
wonderwaist : @zabethjade Perfect! πŸ™ŒπŸ˜πŸ˜
mrsbush1029 : Can you actually sit down comfortably with these? Other brands are great but not practical if you aren't standing for hours at a time. Thanks for the input
wonderwaist : @mrsbush1029 sure, we have short length Cinchers that are best for squats, lunges, sitting, etc
wonderwaist : #empire
msmomof4 - cookielov13 - nvyv__ - silv__86 -
Find this 2Hook Latex Cincher and more at www.wonderwaist.com - use discount code WAISTED to save 20% Off today only!
summer - fashion - corsettraining - squats - lunges - waisttrimmer - cleaneating - shapewear - plus - waistclincher - 3hooks - mealprep - waistcincher - latex - cincher - waistsnatcher - annchery - gymselfie - waisttraining - wonderwaist - sale - health - fitness - corset - flashsale - clincher - gym - 3hook -
seattlema : Which one is the best for a long torso @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @seattlema this Cincher above as well as many others are all long torso Cinchers, covering the entire abdomen
seattlema : Thanks @wonderwaist I have the baby pooch that needs work.
wonderwaist : @seattlema this would definitely be the cincher for you
seattlema : @wonderwaist just ordered! 😊
mlyrizzo : @chickachowpazow lol
nspire1 : Nice
losharicka : Can you work out in this
xo_eri - xalyssaoviasogiex - alyssaxoann - iamperfection1 -
Your favorite sale is tomorrow! Enjoy 20% Off using discount code WAISTED in all caps during checkout πŸ™Œ #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
2bbygrl : Thank you!!!! @wonderwaist
missjasb92 : Thanx @wonderwaist
beingsweetbren : @wonderwaist just ordered thx
blessed_4lifee : I ordered last Wednesday do I get my tracking number today or tomorrow @wonderwaist
missredb0712 : I ordered mine thanks @wonderwaist for getting back to me!
ebbrooke11 : Looks like my comment got deleted I ordered mine on Feb 6, still yet to receive email about Shipping @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @myfatstruggle send a DM
myfatstruggle : I did
josiie30 - anacarolinafrazo - mo_jo_3 - lexaapaigee -
Zip-closure Cinchers shipped today! πŸ™Œ Have you ordered yours yet? #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
yolanda_b87 : Awesome! Is it ok to work out in those as well? @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @yolanda_b87 yes, there are specific Cinchers for exercise - you'll see them named "sport cincher" or "workout cincher" at www.wonderwaist.com
yolanda_b87 : Thank you I was just looking at your website, I'll be ordering mine, great prices also @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @yolanda_b87 πŸ˜†
thugwifey : @goldenretrieverjones
iamjguirand : @classymzfrederique
rastabarbiie : How much is this one?
tassi_urhairstylist : @sweetsexymocha_
brown6suga0 - mez__teee - kasadesoto - marty_pedduzza -
Are you post-baby? Get rid of that tummy pooch and train your Mommy curves back into an hourglass silhouette! www.wonderwaist.com #WonderWaist #Shapewear #fitness #postpartum #postbaby #maternity #newbaby #Newborn #newmom
newmom - wonderwaist - newborn - shapewear - maternity - fitness - newbaby - postbaby - postpartum -
wonderwaist : @msdixie89 sport vests have a Latex center where the hooks are located similar to the photo above
_notoriousali_ : Ok. So how else can I find out ???
wonderwaist : @_notoriousali_ email info@wonderwaist.com with your contact information ☺
wonderwaist : @lexiibaby_94 what's your email address?
lexiibaby_94 : I am stationed overseas so I kinda am waiting for it to get to my house in the states so my mother can ship it to me ..
kingdom_woman : Oh yes tummy pooch need to go! Ima go buy one now lol πŸ‘
flattermenaya : I gave birth 2 weeks ago , and I just ordered the 2 hook latex cincher did I make the right choice? @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @flattermenaya yes, the compression will be aggressive so start slowly. But you can do it!
nickiecha - saralilovez - fayynum - bettyeq45 -
Not seeing the specific bundle deal you like? Is there a WonderWaist Combo you would like us to add to www.wonderwaist.com? Name the styles below πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ and we'll add it to the site! #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
heelgasmshoetique : 3Hook Workout Cincher and 3Hook Latex Cincher!
taassshaaaa : @kamikojones
christina1280 : @heavenlyangel3
ch3rrimonae : @treyfan85
kamikojones : @taassshaaaa we buying bundles??
its_fairbear : @neicy94
neicy94 : I can't find the booty lifter
wonderwaist : @neicy94 online under the NonLatex tab
coco21480 - cheyanne_lee - cristydee_pinkhorses - crystalbravo4 -
Have you seen the "Any Color" option online at www.wonderwaist.com? Allow WonderWaist to select and ship any color of a style for a discounted price and faster shipping! πŸ‘ #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
wonderwaist : @ari_lovee we don't know who you are via Instagram
ari_lovee : Can I give you my confirmation number?
wonderwaist : @ari_lovee you'll need to email info@wonderwaist.com or send a DM with that info for your privacy
rxqueen813 : @neiry.com_
his_first_lady4eva : @troinette_puttingfamilyfirst
bocachula07 : @_igambar
bocachula07 : @justme1013
jennyorozco : @ellipanda_
monroeantwanette - msaquarius30 - brown6suga0 - ashweebaby6 -
This company likes to steal your money! Do not buy from them! It has been MONTHS since I purchased and all I get is the run around about how they will "send it tomorrow" and that is IF they respond to an email. #wonderwaist #waisttrainer #notworthit #triedtobepatient #justwantmymoneyback #givememymoneyback!!! 😀
justwantmymoneyback - givememymoneyback - notworthit - waisttrainer - wonderwaist - triedtobepatient -
aimeec873 : Yes gf I did and they said " we will ship tomorrow!" And never did!!!!! So I'm going to have file another. πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
thencameaimeee : I'm so glad you posted this. I was literally going to buy one from them last night!!!
aimeec873 : So frustrating. They stop answering your emails. If they would of sent me what I bought them I would of been happy! @thencameaimeee
thencameaimeee : That's so crappy!! I just read a bunch of comments from people dealing with the same issue!
aimeec873 : Something needs to get done.
jay0014 : @aimeec873 It took a month for our waist trainers to come in :/
aimeec873 : I ordered in December. @jay0014
jay0014 : @aimeec873 Yeah they do suck.
Ready for the next level of waist training? The NonLatex Sleeper Vest is BACK! Best for training while sleeping - available under the SHOP SHAPEWEAR tab #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
beautyful_storm : @jaimahogany
wonderwaist : @missyd406 resend it
theycallmediiva : @ctcq
chasing_juno : Is there any coupon codes? I'm ready to order
marshmallow_92 : Had a question ordered mine on the 5th feb and was wondering when I will receive it
wonderwaist : @chasing_juno coupon code today is FAB10
wonderwaist : @marshmallow_92 you're on the 6th business day, so you'll be do for tracking info tomorrow or Thursday, our 2 ship days
wonderwaist : @lynetteinming can you DM your first and last name so we can research?
gorgeouslycute - mez__teee - nitajackson1982 - wootcampfitness -
Day 3 with my #wonderwaist . #killingme
killingme - wonderwaist -
kayla_xo__ : Is it working?
2014sugarrush : Omg. Yes. I see the difference already. And today is only my 4thday. Plus I been drinking the @skinnybunnytea
wonderwaist : 😍
kayla_xo__ - callahan_sv408 - evergreen408 - skinny_amy -
Plenty zipper closure styles left! #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
wonderwaist : @lovealways_monica email info@wonderwaist.com for all order inquiries
wonderwaist : @lovealways_monica ok, you'll be emailed back during business hours
wonderwaist : @lovealways_monica what was your order date and full name?
lovealways_monica : Haven't
missgiants : Hi I'm trying to order mine right now using my visa debit card and it's saying my card can't be used for this type of payment? @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : I've never seen that error. Are you entering everything correctly? @missgiants
missgiants : I am! I'll give it another try... @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @map_75 this one ships right away
_tila86_ - reesie_514 - xdanemoorex - gorgeouslycute -
Every woman deserves #Curves! πŸ˜‰πŸ‘™ Wear your WonderWaist 8-10 hours daily to ️lose 2-4 inches 😱 in just 2 weeks! Start your waist training⏳today at www.wonderwaist.com Worldwide Shipping is Available 🌍 #WonderWaist
wonderwaist - curves -
butterflynurse28 : @wonderwaist I'd like to order, but I'm between sizes. Do I get the bigger size or the nearest size corresponding to my actual weight?
wonderwaist : @butterflynurse28 depends. Would you mind providing your current height and weight? you can DM or email if needed
shelly9799 : How can I DM @wonderwaist
belalicious76 : @wonderwaist can't wait to receive mine!!!! So excited to start :-)
wonderwaist : @map_75 here's a good one too
xonvii_ - flakka_86 - kat_mustafa - mrswinnerforever -
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