No more "long ass days"... #WonderWaist
wonderwaist - whatsawaist -
wonderwaist : @lovingscarlett thanks! Hold please :)
missmayrah : How does that work?
neegra07 : Jst do squats to get a butt like that lol... :)
_arkansas_princess : What is the inch range in size small?@wonderwaist
328l : Hi I am a mom of 4 and I really want to buy this but I need to know the truth does the waist training really work o need to lose the last 20 pounds of my twin pregnancy and I would love to use the wasit training
wonderwaist : @328l thanks for reaching out and sharing! It definitely works, we have countless of clients who can say the same. If you need personal consultation, we can offer that at info@wonderwaist.com once you email us - we'll help you find what's right for you
empressladyt : Yes plz lets know what exercise I need a that to happen. I need it tighten up- I'm doin squats like crazy.
wonderwaist : @empressladyt this is just a Butt Enhancer
carcamor94 - xosimple93 - animal_addict.3.3.3 - empressladyt -
Trains at work and trains at home, we love how consistent @ladielynn008 is with her 2Hook Latex Cincher! Can't wait to see her results - love it! #HardBody #whatsawaist #waisted #hourglass #WonderWaist
wonderwaist - hourglass - waisted - whatsawaist - hardbody -
nancyleehollis : So I just started wearing my large 3 hook workout cincher while I'm at work, because my latex vest isn't as easy to move around in, and every morning I start out on my first hook.. Is it normal that by the end of the day I can move it all the way to the third hooks??
arrowoa - missme2_ - poojababyy - raniel92 -
New Body Under Construction! #WonderWaist #whatsawaist
wonderwaist - whatsawaist -
marygray91 : @wonderwaist where can I order??
mar__lene : @j3ssycakezz I need to order mine!!!!!
wonderwaist : @j3ssycakezz Yaaaay, progress!
wonderwaist : @marygray91 online at www.wonderwaist.com, or click the link in our bio!
j3ssycakezz : Yes you do @mar__lene ASAP do by summer you be πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹ @wonderwaist is a great company to order from I've had no problems nothing but ❀️ on this page
linda_tiff : Lmao I need to start @thedr_b
thedr_b : Lol
thedr_b : Both of us @linda_tiff
arrowoa - plumhearts - gracelynnryan - lowkeybootygrab -
Bra rolls? Back fat? Love handles? Target it all using a WonderWaist Vest #WonderWaist
whatwaist - wonderwaist - whatsawaist -
iamjguirand : @classymzfrederique
brittanycobham.photography : I need one for all , what's a good one ? @wonderwaist
faithfocused : Which vest?? @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @faithfocused this Vest is the Semi-Strap Vest
judymimo : Can I order from Kenya?
wonderwaist : @judymimo yes, we ship to Kenya. You can order online at www.wonderwaist.com, or click the link in our bio!
wonderwaist : @amour_perdu DM right now
amour_perdu : Ok
sjs_mom_of_the_year - ginaf819 - anastasiaf06 - yousephine -
Stop by the SHOP SALE tab for FAB FINDS all under $35 - www.wonderwaist.com #WonderWaist #whatsawaist
wonderwaist - whatsawaist -
c_valadez_619 : Yes I just wrote them to see if we get discounts if we order 3 @notnatalya
wonderwaist : @c_valadez_619 we responded :)
ambitious_t3acher : What size is the small?
wonderwaist : @ambitious_t3acher smallest size is XS
thicke_yellow_bunny : @first_femaleking
inventivenesslala : This one?? @nightstar26
blondiekl : Hi, i want to know wich one is the best for love handles and lower tummy? Thks you
_arkansas_princess : What is the inch range in size a small?@wonderwaist
tracy_vee - shola087 - evelyn_albogast - _richie_rozay -
Once you latch the final hook of your WonderWaist, you won't be able to stay out of the mirror... #curves #curvy #getwaisted #whatwaist #whatsawaist #waisted #hourglass #WonderWaist
waisted - wonderwaist - curves - curvy - whatwaist - whatsawaist - getwaisted - hourglass -
wonderwaist : @mgcastr0 photo'd is the 2Hook Latex Cincher, you can find it under the SHOP SHAPEWEAR tab
c_valadez_619 : @wonderwaist wanted to see if i order 3 Will I get a discount?
wonderwaist : @c_valadez_619 everyday we have a discount code that will discount your purchase!
sunita01 : Can I order from the uk?
wonderwaist : @sunita01 yes, we ship international
joshstew24 : @shaanj
timaa321 : Which one is the most effective one that I can order? Im lost
wonderwaist : @timaa321 Visit the Help Me Choose tab on our website for more information about the best WonderWaist for you
couponermaya - rosegoldv - true_libra_nuff_said - sisi_nene -
Find your height and weight combination on the WonderWaist Size Chart before placing an order - send a message through the Contact Us tab if you have any questions :) #WonderWaist #whatsawaist
wonderwaist - whatsawaist -
anniecashen : Correction** says I should be x-small. That's even more surprising !! Should I go with a medium, small or even x-small?
dr3a1o02 : @sophitaaaa this is the name
rsmith_fiance : How do u wash the non latex waist cincher @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @rsmith_fiance with a soap soaked towel, hand blot the Shaper until it's completely wet. Wipe of any soap residue and let air dry
wonderwaist : @wonderwaist you can fold a dryer sheet inside and let it sit over night
biancalizeth : @egreynaga look
fernandamfrota : Exporta pro Brasil?
queenkaren16 : How much is it?
_amanduhxoxo - alexaholland4 - bmoregoddess - ariannatoodopee -
Don't ever over pay for Shapewear again! WonderWaist has the Cincher that Kim Kardashian just posted in stock and ready to ship for $35! #WonderWaist #whatsawaist #waisted #hourglass #waistshaper #waistcincher
whatsawaist - waisted - waistcincher - wonderwaist - waistshaper - hourglass -
wonderwaist : @bevzmo this is a NonLatex Workout Cincher, shorter in length so you can squat, run, do lunges, etc
bevzmo : Thanks @wonderwaist I did a purchase already online I wasn't sure if my payment went threw since I did it over my cell do I receive a confirmation number to my email
lamellabella : @blondeandbubbly
melissa362 : @wonderwaist do you have any photos of people's waists without the shaper? The before and after?
scdenim : Love it
ranu84 : @ansamatto
_arkansas_princess : What is the inch range in size small?
_arkansas_princess : @wonderwaist
comingdawn - cindycristina01 - ariannatoodopee - dragonflytash -
Your hourglass silhouette is waiting! Use discount code WAISTED during checkout to knock off 20% today! #WonderWaist #Shapewear #hourglass
shapewear - wonderwaist - whatsawaist - hourglass -
wonderwaist : #whatsawaist
mymothafuckinoutlook - oyoque_m - comingdawn - ariannatoodopee -
Yes, We ship international! #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
tiannah_solomon : Papua New Guinea?
wonderwaist : @beauty_withit @tiannah_solomon Yes and yes!
tinalarsen79 : Norway?
wonderwaist : @tinalarsen79 yes!
tnomin : Mongolia???? @wonderwaist
patricia1322 : Yo la compre el 23 de octubre vivo aka en usa que tiempo se demora en llegar porfis @wonderwaist
ioiarock : Price to México pls!
annestaswart : South africa??
treasuredisland3x - butterfly_effect18 - nico0731 - zayvi_rosa -
Click the 'Help Me Choose' tab at www.wonderwaist.com to order the best WonderWaist for your slimming needs - she chose the 2Hook Latex Cincher because she is on her feet all day at work, which is best for you? #WonderWaist #workflow
wonderwaist - whatsawaist - workflow -
wonderwaist : @brookandme be sure to moisturize if you have sensitive skin. Also wear a cami underneath if you sweat easily - this may be ways to help
lass600 : @wonderwaist Do you ship to the UK?
wonderwaist : @lass600 yes, we ship international :)
msladylexxx : Thanks @wonderwaist I was wondering what was going on!
__destiiiny__ : I want one!!! Where can I purchase it?
wonderwaist : @__destiiiny__ online at www.wonderwaist.com, or click the link in our bio!
wonderwaist : #whatsawaist
diamondjean : Wish i had a full size mirror jus to take pics like this lol
britneypineda - bettyeq45 - lunar.babydoll - anaaa_floress -
Wearing your @WonderWaist 6-10 hours each day on a routine basis will give you the PERMANENT curvy silhouette you're looking for! Add clean eating and a light workout to enhance results even more! Enter discount code WAISTED to knock 20% Off today! #WonderWaist @WonderWaist @WonderWaist @WonderWaist @WonderWaist @WonderWaist @WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
wonderwaist : @bubbles007alert I think we've answered, please check :)
wonderwaist : @ashleytkaczyk you'll love the new confidence you will have when wearing it!
hala.sbat : @aya_zahaby bnt l gym
fog_31 : @wonderwaist need it asap send me 20% off code
wonderwaist : @fog_31 code is WAISTED in all caps
yosoynadz : @misstoasty81 true or nah
bella_envy46 : @alicez06 what bout this one !? looks pretty cool lol ! need 1 asap gna order one tomaro but dntk wat one yet lol
aya_zahaby : Hl2 ana mtl haydii?:p @hala.sbat
seipati101 - slindsey2005 - hallahusseiny - socialtj -
Want to speed up your slimming results?? Follow 5 easy steps! (Discount Code WAISTED in all caps during checkout today) #WonderWaist
waisted - wonderwaist - whatsawaist -
jtellez18 : @iriszeravla @jayyyabee
mzbreemakeupartist : What is the website I can go to and order mines @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @mzbreemakeupartist visit www.wonderwaist.com, or click the link in our bio!
wonderwaist : #waisted #whatsawaist
louiejevon - m__teeee - parismorrissy_ - ashweebaby6 -
Have you been waisttraining for a while and ready for next level? The NonLatex Sleeper Vest is best for training at night while sleeping - available under the SHOP SHAPEWEAR tab, discount code WAISTED #WonderWaist
wonderwaist - whatsawaist -
adri0427 : @pris0707
mellyg_fit5 : @cynthiiaacee
wonderwaist : #whatsawaist
adreamariesimmons : @je_suis_lolla what's next?!
je_suis_lolla : @adreamariesimmons where do we buy one is the real question??
diamondjean : Just wondering, what would be the next step after a xs?😧
wonderwaist : @diamondjean we could special order a 2XS
mrbigshot80 : Damn
glowjoya25 - comingdawn - zulynaydaly - alejandra_chm -
Waisted Wednesday is live - discount code is WAISTED in all caps during checkout #WonderWaist
whatwaist - wonderwaist - whatsawaist -
wonderwaist : #whatwaist #whatsawaist
ncevashnie : I nid one also but I live in South Africa where can I get it Pls help.
imfabulous_lala : @_marie_1226
wonderwaist : @ncevashnie you can purchase online at www.wonderwaist.com, or click the link in our bio!
sophitaaaa : @wonderwaist the company is verox slim size 36 but the other company I ordered it from said that was a medium. should I just order a 34 with you guys even tho it says it's a medium?
wonderwaist : @sophitaaaa yes, follow our chart and order according to your height and weight. The last style you had was actually a Large because that brand runs big. Order a 34 with us
sophitaaaa : @wonderwaist thank you placed my order last night!
ncevashnie : Tank u.
__barbieprincess__ - sarahilovez - sharper_thenher - jstsofansy -
A NEW Nonlatex style will be added to our line! Have you been waisttraining for a while and ready for next level? The NonLatex Sleeper Vest is best for training at night while sleeping or while lounging at home on the couch - available under the SHOP SHAPEWEAR tab #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
_g0rguscandi : Is the sizing the same as the latex shapers?
wonderwaist : @_g0rguscandi yes, same size chart
alghala444 : @gezelijg
monica_booboo : Which wonder waist is best to use for working out?? @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @monica_booboo any Workout Cincher is best for exercise
msrochellesevents19 : I just want something that works & gives results quick. Everybody is selling something but I need results. How quick does this work?
wonderwaist : @msrochellesevents19 customers have seen immediate results, permanent results in as little as 2 weeks
_mellou_ : @inst_mel abusé !!
callme_lovely - britalovez - jose.62 - meowlipstick -
Your favorite sale is tomorrow! Tag a friend and let her know that WaistedWednesday starts at midnight! #WonderWaist #Shapewear #annchery #faja #fajas #cincher #waistcincher #3hooks #3Hook #waisttrimmer #waistshaper #flashsale #sale #WaistTraining #hourglass #waisted #whatsawaist #whatwaist
waisttraining - waisted - waistcincher - waisttrimmer - shapewear - 3hooks - waistshaper - hourglass - cincher - annchery - faja - wonderwaist - sale - whatwaist - whatsawaist - flashsale - fajas - 3hook -
jjayala87 : @colombia11m cuz good deals
jese_o : @lizauribe86 @anilu7911
smiil3z : @wonderwaist are all sizes on sale of just certain ones .. Cause all I'm seeing is xs / xl
wonderwaist : @smiil3z remember the entire site is on sale - so at any point you can use the discount code to purchase and get 20% Off the top
sharonrine : @pure_t_beautiful don't forget
reed_kaykay : @bananaedlin81
fog_31 : @melissanuni
wonderwaist : #whatsawaist
strawberrii_ - teresasumrall79 - matanai.jewelry - jstsofansy -
$35 and Under styles are still available - Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large! #WonderWaist
waisted - wonderwaist - whatsawaist -
vida_lopez_217_ : Size chart ?
wonderwaist : @vida_lopez_217_ online at www.wonderwaist.com, or we have it posted recently on this page
vida_lopez_217_ : Ok Ty
gelaaaaaaaaa : @parisdavoodi
wonderwaist : @xo_lydia91 it was already sent today - please check your Junk mail as well
wonderwaist : @pinkklipstick resend right now, thanks
pinkklipstick : @wonderwaist Ok so you sent it out yesterday? Can you send me a tracking #? Thanks
wonderwaist : #waisted #whatsawaist
laurandsergio - jemi.priivat - charynn_ - comingdawn -
It's almost that time again! Waisted Wednesday sale will be EPIC! New products, fresh inventory, and new WonderCombo packages ALL discounted! #WonderWaist #Shapewear #waisttraining #hourglass #waistshaper #waistcincher #corset #plus #curves #curvy #getwaisted #whatwaist #whatsawaist #waisted #3Hook #3hooks #waisttrimmer #waistshaper #waistcincher
waisttraining - waisted - waistcincher - waisttrimmer - curves - shapewear - 3hooks - waistshaper - hourglass - corset - wonderwaist - curvy - whatwaist - plus - whatsawaist - getwaisted - 3hook -
divabyforce : Size M?
wonderwaist : @divabyforce the Nude Thong Wondersuit is available in Size Medium
wonderwaist : @divabyforce size Medium restocked in the light Blue
lizauribe86 : Will you hace any black long torso on sale?
lizauribe86 : @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @lizauribe86 the entire site will be on sale!
wonderwaist : #whatwaist
wonderwaist : #whatsawaist
kallivalverde - aligon5 - womanofpeace_ - teresasumrall79 -
This style and many more STILL AVAILABLE for $35 and Under inside the shop sale tab! #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
jas_minez_ : When I go on your site to look for this shaper isn't there in the shop shaper tab for $35
wonderwaist : @jas_minez_ yes ma'am, you'll see it across the top
mabeldaaboss : Hey i have a questions are these the workout ones and are they streachy im give abit heavy and scared they wont fit @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @mabeldaaboss this one is Nonlatex. NonLatex is much softer, and easier to wear. They give to your body over time though
laurandsergio - bettyeq45 - marceline_tedeschi - sym_lovelyy_2 -
Make sure to order the WonderWaist that's best for you! Not sure which style? Click the HELP ME CHOOSE tab at www.wonderwaist.com for a detailed style by style overview! #WonderWaist
wonderwaist - whatsawaist -
the_virtiuousgirl : @wonderwaist how can I get one in Norway? Pls let me know
wonderwaist : @the_virtiuousgirl we ship international :)
melanietalerico : How are we supposed to track our package or can we? @wonderwaist
feestylez : Can't decide which one I want to order?.
amanda_jewett : Hi so I ordered another waist trainer and for some reason it gave me the same tracking number as my last purchase? And I've tried emailing you guys but I never would get a response.
thehairbyalex : @daphnee78
wonderwaist : @amanda_jewett we respond to all open emails - you'll receive a result shortly
wonderwaist : #whatsawaist
roll_it_or_tube_it - jstsofansy - cristydee_pinkhorses - doondamaster -
Wearing your WonderWaist 6-10 hours each day on a routine basis will give you the PERMANENT results you're looking for! Clean eating and a light workout will enhance it even more! #WonderWaist
wonderwaist - whatsawaist -
carynsmom : How can I get an update on my order?
wonderwaist : @carynsmom email info@wonderwaist.com
mama_blue7 : I'm 5'5 173lbs I got 2xl @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @mama_blue7 XL should've been the size for you
wonderwaist : #whatsawaist
mama_blue7 : :( going to have to buy a new one aren't I lol ty x @wonderwaist
md_lara : Which on is this one???
wonderwaist : @mama_blue7 you can exchange, send us an email
lilgiant7luis - bettyeq45 - lowkeybootygrab - comingdawn -
Ready to purchase the next size down? Every purchase after your 1st is discounted! Email info@wonderwaist.com to get your special discount code :) #WonderWaist #shapewear #discount
discount - shapewear - wonderwaist -
jammieannie_x : Do you ship to the UK?
wonderwaist : @jammieannie_x yes, we ship international :)
rockymarie_ : I just got mine!!! It's perfect!!! 😘
wonderwaist : @fatima_rios because Instagram is not customer service :)
lyssajanne - m__teeee - 69cancerbaby69 - tochi_mua -
Sweat. It. Out. #WonderWaist
wonderwaist - whatsawaist -
wonderwaist : @jjayala87 Yes, all returning customers receive a discount - especially when it's time to go down a size
meaganjenne : I ordered mine last week how long does it take to ship? @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @meaganjenne shipping info will be in your confirmation email from info@wonderwaist.com
awesomedawn1 : I can't wait to receive my wonder waist!! I'm so excited to work out with it on!!! πŸ‘™
xo_lydia91 : When do u get a confirmation email? I ordered mine last Friday haven't gotten a email.
wonderwaist : @xo_lydia91 they go out the next business day, so today for sure
gelaaaaaaaaa : @parisdavoodi
wonderwaist : #whatsawaist
xo_lydia91 - gabrielaortiz299 - true_libra_nuff_said - 69cancerbaby69 -
We serve curves! In a nice dress or on a treadmill, if you want curves - we got it! Tag a friend who wants curves! #WonderWaist #curves #curvy #getwaisted #whatwaist #whatsawaist #waisted #hourglass #waistshaper #waistcincher #corset #plus #fashion
fashion - corset - wonderwaist - waistcincher - waisted - curves - curvy - whatwaist - plus - whatsawaist - waistshaper - getwaisted - hourglass -
oliviamuniz3 : @cinderpca
vermyahsmommy : I'm going to wait for the one I order.. @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @vermyahsmommy not sure why you're not replying to the email thread
wonderwaist : #whatsawaist
helenkhaazy - gabrielaortiz299 - _lydiarose_ - buttbutt2323 -
#fitness #progress #smallwaist #wonderwaist #healthy #happy πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ˜Š
fitness - healthy - progress - wonderwaist - smallwaist - happy -
ufitness : Great pic! #fitness #fitfam #getfit #fitnessjourney
basurtoraul : Seriously.. Lol
frsberto71 : Go buddy!
renee89camacho : @frsberto71 thanks buddy!
natedog0351 - brianna08_alyssa14 - sasha_anne_fit - 4yanez_love -
Today, choose to be Happy! #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
holly_shhh : @snowbunnylauren
bettyeq45 - jahip28 - lapunn - tochi_mua -
A special discount for you, happy Friday! #WonderWaist
wonderwaist - whatsawaist -
wonderwaist : If you need a confirmation email resent, email info@wonderwaist.com @voiika
amour_perdu : I sent an email for an update and was told my shipping info was sent to me but I don't have it even in my junk box
wonderwaist : @amour_perdu email that to the same address, reply to your existing email thread
amour_perdu : I did, I'll reply again :)
damnshawtyy : @alexbonilla28
patty_gotcakes_ : @_pinkvmor
_negraachulaaa : @bushua0822
wonderwaist : #whatsawaist
tochi_mua - looka999 - parismorrissy_ - wootcampfitness -
Happy Friday, ladies! #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
looka999 : @wonderwaist hi i want ups priority international shipping so what should i do , i order online first then email u that i want fast shipping thank u
wonderwaist : @looka999 yes, place your order then submit the priority shipping fee through the FAQ tab, and send us an email
wonderwaist : @looka999 keep in mind it would be USPS
jenvii0214 : @wonderwaist the code is still valid?
wonderwaist : @jenvii0214 yes Friday in all Caps
jenvii0214 : @wonderwaist thank you
bettyeq45 - m__teeee - kgrinage - s.h.e.w.o.n -
Same WonderWaists, Same size, 3 different clients. When it's time to move down a size, DO IT! Your WonderWaist will stretch to your body although it could be much smaller... after you are comfy in the 2nd or 3rd hooks, it's time for the next size. #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
wonderwaist : @kayla_v_hall you'll need a smaller size or its time to move over hooks
kayla_v_hall : I started with the last hooks. So if I got a XXL should I go down one size or two.
wonderwaist : @kayla_v_hall what's your height and weight?
fabchicaswag : @nelia1g
josie_rodriguezss : @wonderwaist how do i. Know what size would be good for.me?? Im 5'6 215lbs pant size 15??
josie_rodriguezss : I just seen the chart thank you!
shelly9799 : Hi! I'm i between small and medium. Which is size is best to chose? I'm 5'2 138 pounds
wonderwaist : @shelly9799 I would suggest a Medium!
classyve_ - ms_eggart - kyree_kylee - charynn_ -
Waist train your love handles away for good! Tummy pouch? No problem! Order your WonderWaist online at www.wonderwaist.com, check the HELP ME CHOOSE tab if you're a beginner! #WonderWaist #Shapewear #fitness #Squats #weightloss #workout #gym #health #gymselfie #cleaneating #waistshaper #waistcincher #corset #plus #fashion #curves #curvy #getwaisted #whatwaist #whatsawaist #waisted #3Hook #3hooks #waisttrimmer
fashion - squats - waisted - gym - waisttrimmer - cleaneating - shapewear - curves - 3hooks - waistshaper - waistcincher - corset - gymselfie - wonderwaist - weightloss - curvy - whatwaist - health - whatsawaist - fitness - plus - getwaisted - workout - 3hook -
uhmjade : How long did it take to get these results?
ayye_erikaa : @emilyy_loveeee
khalinamiaraena : @aliciakellogg this is insane!!
m1tal_s : @wonderwaist how long did it take to achieve this?
wonderwaist : #whatsawaist
mdavisskerbetz : @letkaitb I want to do that
tylertuttle_911 - khalinamiaraena - barbiebrogz - zeezeewednesday -
Consistency is key - Summer bodies are made in winter. Keep your WonderWaist on! #WonderWaist
wonderwaist - whatsawaist -
wonderwaist : 6-10 hours a day or longer if possible @mandagalloway
boosyelgallal : @sarabenismail
drismith86 : What is a good regimen for waist training for a plus size girl??? I currently weigh 277 but I want to get down to 150 lbs. That's a good weight for my height(5.5 1/2) any suggestions @wonderwaist ????
mandagalloway : Okay thanks!!!
misshollidk : @wallaballa4
_itsraeday_ : Are you having a scandal sale tonight!?!?!?!?
duaashahini : @naddo_shahini
wonderwaist : #whatsawaist
zeezeewednesday - gabrielaortiz299 - angie_loves_ivancito - khalinamiaraena -
Are you NEW to waist training and don't even know where to start???? We have a tab at www.wonderwaist.com called "HELP ME CHOOSE!!" It will help you select step by step the perfect WonderWaist for you! #WonderWaist
wonderwaist -
janadowns : I wanna get started @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @janadowns visit the HELP ME CHOOSE tab on our website to get started! www.wonderwaist.com :)
roxypty : Do you guys ship to po boxes?? @wonderwaist
wonderwaist : @roxypty yes ma'am
kace.crawf : @lyshluhrs I'm seriously thinking after this baby I'm getting one of these
lyshluhrs : πŸ˜‘ @kace.crawf
lamellabella : @blondeandbubbly
orgullosa_bonita - cpcrnr_my_3_loves_ - itssimply_jengy - ariannatoodopee -
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