Take me back to limbo contests and being the last one left other than miatas. #wolfsgart #BagRiders #STREETCRED #WIZARDS #Gengstout #NightDemons work hard so you can reap the rewards. #passionsnotdeadyouare
bagriders - wizards - wolfsgart - passionsnotdeadyouare - streetcred - gengstout - nightdemons -
eddiebtho : Cant see me crammed in the hatch πŸ˜’
s_andrade_ : @meeshchely this summer
drrtymk2 : Haha round two this summer @eddiebtho ?
eddiebtho : Hell yeaaa buddy
meeshchely : @s_andrade_ lol you know 😏
selinaajadee - anthonyorton89 - reefurman - andyhinds21 -
Slant lip RS's😍 @___borat___ #FuckYourThrowbackThursday #ThrowBackWhenIWant #Murica #dvpper #Wolfsgart #mkiv #mkivkids #gli #bbs #rs #stance #cambergang #StayTilted #CAMBUR #SammRobinsonPhotgraphy #MyHashtagsPreventMeFromGetinfFeatured #OhWell #bagged #HardParked @mkivkids #projectgolf @illesteuros @wolfsgart @vt.stance
bagged - wolfsgart - dvpper - stance - cambergang - mkivkids - sammrobinsonphotgraphy - gli - murica - rs - projectgolf - ohwell - hardparked - cambur - staytilted - mkiv - fuckyourthrowbackthursday - throwbackwheniwant - bbs - myhashtagspreventmefromgetinffeatured -
___borat___ : πŸ™‹ thanks @greenmountainyeti
greenmountainyeti : @___borat___ NP homie!
bagged_c : Clean
wolfsgart - ig.show.off - robeatsfood - kurczmartin -
Waiting for @wolfsgart
wolfsgart -
xxred_k24xx : #wolfsgart
paige_wampole - tatuaba_sonpei - meyer888 - mcmaxwell_ -
#summer where are you? #minitruck #minitruckin #chevy #s10 #solofilms #stanceworks #wolfsgart #lobros #lowest #loweredlifestyle #royalstance #airsociety #limbo
lowest - summer - wolfsgart - minitruck - airsociety - s10 - minitruckin - royalstance - lobros - chevy - solofilms - stanceworks - loweredlifestyle - limbo -
boosiemchugh : clean
hibbardtyler - ohshititsjer - dj_theriault - kaz_yana -
Another snap of @will_br amazing #shego shot back while I was at #wolfsgart at the @bagriders compound in Vermont. Cannot wait to go back! #BagRiders #bagged #rotiform #accuair #NightDemons #passionsnotdeadyouare
bagriders - bagged - wolfsgart - shego - passionsnotdeadyouare - nikon - d300s - rotiform - accuair - nightdemons -
drrtymk2 : Taken with my #Nikon #d300s
ninatsunami : Aye chee mama
w_r_x_ : So much want.
pedromarinnn - matt_st_pierre - sir_dvdee - nicholascoolen -
I love finding out about rad pictures from a show 8 months later. Seriously, this one of my favorite pictures ever taken of this thing. #savedinmyphoneunderbigbooty #bellyscraper #realfriendshelpyouruinyourcar #wolfsgart πŸ“·: @shaunnabois
wolfsgart - realfriendshelpyouruinyourcar - savedinmyphoneunderbigbooty - bellyscraper -
thebrianbuckley : Lower it.
baker_inc : So hot inside that thing
the_nick_farrington : πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹
shaunnabois : Those scrapes in the road though πŸ˜‚
plastikavenger : @shaunnabois the best part.
aay182chile - mrgracie - cailahope22 - thedanplasse -
#tossbacksaturday hanging with my dad at @wolfsgart he absolutely loved the show (even though it rained as much as it did in the morning) this is my favorite show of the year and I can't wait to be attending it again! #w201 #w201owner #190e #wolfsgart #mercedes #oem #StanceFriends
wolfsgart - oem - w201 - 190e - tossbacksaturday - stancefriends - mercedes - w201owner -
kyle_bartecchi : Yea you have you went to clubloose north haha and ok man I will let you know πŸ‘
kyle_bartecchi : @chetflix
ministryofmayhem : What wheels are those they are on point with the car and color. @kyle_bartecchi
kyle_bartecchi : They are arc alurads @ministryofmayhem pretty rare
chetflix : oh shit i,forgot i went there lol. i slept the whole ride i guess i forgot i ended up in nh πŸ˜‚
staystillphotography : Nice (:
rellim_nivek_ : Kinda wish I saw this while I was at wolfsgart πŸ˜” What day was this Saturday or Sunday? @kyle_bartecchi
_kvbb : Nissan repin🍷 fuck Ya dad
lowlife_nick - antthhony - lars63amg - spaghettigarage -
#Tbt to WOLFSGART 5.0 ALPHACLASS @wolfsgart #Wolfsgart πŸ‘‘πŸ’Ž--- #Mk6 #gti #vw #royalstance #bagriders #stance #stancenation #airlift #bagged #dvpper #cambergang
bagriders - bagged - wolfsgart - stancenation - stance - cambergang - gti - airlift - tbt - royalstance - mk6 - vw - dvpper -
thedavidgraybill : I need your splitter 😟
anthony_recino : @j_tadeeoo
brendon_ly : Poor Mario, All aired out on him n shit @royal_mk6
royal_mk6 : Haha you know it @brendon_ly 😷
bobbgnarly : @markv34
tht_rolla - mk6_shivan - bebhysepzxy - bossofspeed -
It's Wolfsgart throwback week, it seems. #tbt #mk2 #3spokin #wolfsgart @watercooledsociety
wolfsgart - tbt - 3spokin - mk2 -
plastikavenger : #vrparty
derwreck89 : Nasty pic
albert_albala : @dani9013
chyne_2015 : @djcheffery
verytom_ - eggowafflecone - mojodo73 - djcheffery -
Hopping on the #wolfsgart #tbt posts today haha. Photo by: @sadiefortin of my #static #mk2 #STREETCRED #WIZARDS #GENGSTOUT #NightDemons
wolfsgart - streetcred - tbt - nightdemons - wizards - static - mk2 - gengstout -
paulwiley_ : This is all I really look forward to all year.
thebrianbuckley : Bacon fender for life.
hknayvli : @southfatih
hotwiresx : Such a cool car reh @drrtymk2
drrtymk2 : @thebrianbuckley way worse that bacon. That's like smashed potatoes
t_jo : @sucram_mk2
rizvw - officialtumu - nj_alcala - vanyapuf -
#tbt The Corvair laying out with the W111 apart of our @thegovernorsclub showcase at @wolfsgart in Burlington, Vermont last summer. Always excited for this show my friend Anthony & his wife work so hard to put on every year. Photo by @niggitynate. #wolfsgart #Corvair #roofchop #thegovernorsclub #unsafeatanyspeed
unsafeatanyspeed - wolfsgart - corvair - thegovernorsclub - tbt - roofchop -
jonhansen316 : So jealous of it
john.ludwick : @jawnsense Worth the trip for sure man. @tylersaywhat Yep! He's right on the other side of the Corvair.
tylersaywhat : I wish I could've made it last year to SoWo, seemed like an amazing time. I miss hanging with Nic almost every day up here in the North East; but being Mr. Sailor, my best friend had to up and move to Florida on me! Hahah. Are you taking the COE down this year, John?
iamnicpro : You gotta make it this year man!! He better be ;) @tylersaywhat
rellim_nivek_ : Such a sweet show, pretty pissed I'll probably miss it this season 😒
tylersaywhat : I got faith in the old girl to make it down to Helen, you know how she is @iamnicpro
niggitynate : Thanks for the photo cred man! Things beautiful I had to take shots of it
mr.roseycheeks : @slinkyslot
scott_obyrne - who_shot_ya - crusineagle - slamdvr6 -
Throwback to #wolfsgart I can't wait to go back this year. #tbt #wolfsgart2014 #reallowusa #camberglerz
reallowusa - wolfsgart - wolfsgart2014 - tbt - camberglerz -
micket.nec : So excited
deergod666 : ✌️gunna be sick
_kvbb : I have proof of you drinking before you actually started drinking. When drinking wasn't cool enough for you 😁
slightly_jenna - lowmancam - bowknowz - dean_faatz -
Some #alphaclass #wagons at #Wolfsgart. #mk4 #mk4wagon #jetta #jettawagon #vw #estate #variant #generic #noteveryonelikeswhatyoulikesteve
wolfsgart - estate - generic - noteveryonelikeswhatyoulikesteve - variant - alphaclass - mk4 - jetta - vw - wagons - mk4wagon - jettawagon -
mashed_pederder : πŸ˜₯ these were the days, haha fun times buddy
abydiel - tom2mk4 - tc_mmtsahin - steezyjeezy -
Second year in a row making a calendar; second year in a row I didn't order anything in time to even consider ordering some extras to sell πŸ˜… some day I'll remember come October. #melissarivasphoto #audi #b8 #s4 #eastcoast #wolfsgart
wolfsgart - eastcoast - melissarivasphoto - audi - b8 - s4 -
christinalish_ : I want one and hang it up at work.
earl_s4 : I definitely would have bought one!
_riku32 - vwmuttalip - dburg123 - _thealpha -
Viva para ser feliz e nao viva em vão. #vw #vwvortex #vwquadrados #vwfan #vwclub #vwthing #vwvento #vwvoyage #volkswagen #wolfsburg #wolfsgart #worthersee #bgt #BBS #estilorasante #eurocars #german_refined #dooper #static #stance #low #porncar #blessed
wolfsgart - stance - vwthing - worthersee - vwvoyage - blessed - volkswagen - static - vwfan - vw - wolfsburg - estilorasante - german_refined - porncar - vwquadrados - vwvortex - dooper - vwvento - vwclub - bgt - low - bbs - eurocars -
missnaseem - jaykohens - camber_world - pops_tire_shop -
Miss doing car things and miss @osancheski... And @paul_lasell11 since I'm the only stupid german car lover left in the great white north πŸ“·:-> @ztfoss #UCDAICE #buttstuff #fourthcoastfitment #lowscenefam #justmiatathings #twerkteam #mazda #miata #mx5 #rota #rubberwrap #joemurkedhisdip #notlowandslow #wolfsgart #trackdaybro #itsstockbro
lowscenefam - wolfsgart - itsstockbro - mx5 - justmiatathings - mazda - joemurkedhisdip - twerkteam - trackdaybro - ucdaice - rubberwrap - notlowandslow - rota - buttstuff - miata - fourthcoastfitment -
ztfoss : I'll be in another miata come wolfsgart xD
betyourassitsbluegrass : @ztfoss bomb.com
evoben8 : Hopefully there will be an e36 in the great white north this semester
lolitsjaystupid - nofuxgvn_b5_ - osancheski - thehugmanofficial -
Can't wait till it's nice out and I can put these babies back on. #golfr #rotiform #accuair #openroadtuning #wolfsgart PhotoπŸ“·| @kap0ne
accuair - openroadtuning - wolfsgart - rotiform - golfr -
gintyfab : Those aren't winter wheels?
dutchmastr9 : @gintyfab lol. They would be completely ruined if they were with all this salt and the craters in the road
kiddierimzo : Look like shitty winter wheels to me
dutchmastr9 : @kiddierimzo u know what, you can suck mah dick son
bagged_c : 😎
xssive - toobie83 - conor_fergus - ivan_mustapic_pirelli -
#tbt 😫 #bmw #e36 #dead #rip #lastsummer #vermont #wolfsgart
e36 - vermont - wolfsgart - lastsummer - rip - tbt - dead - bmw -
ceenodiz : Such a shame
bmxer300zx : Isn't this on c list with a messed up front end ? If not one like it.
scrapindubs : Yeah. The chode i sold it to crashed it or something. @superson24 @bmxer300zx
bmxer300zx : That sucks, always blows to see something you worked hard on destroyed after you get rid of it.
pun_wu_tang : @scrapindubs lol the funny thing was I saw you old 323 in Westbrook too.
scrapindubs : Yeah. It was fucked up. I think the guy that bought that lived north of orono. @bmxer300zx @pun_wu_tang
tim.packard : #tokyodrift #2fastbicurious ⬅️in reference to the dude who wrecked it
tim.packard : I can't believe that hashtag only has 4 posts πŸ‘΄
bmxer300zx - patrick_0117 - pun_wu_tang - ver.nessv -
Piss stop on way up to #wolfsgart in VT last summer..
wolfsgart -
fourdoorphill : We need to make this a thing this year.
gonebearding : I would like to attend this event with you good sir
jibbinforalivin : oooou
hp300 - robshredz17 - not_dannyschme - nomstocka -
Nominated by @kylefckingcrish and @richiemk4rich_ for this whole #20beautifulcars thing. Lost count of the tags so just sent it until IG said no more. Photo by: @audiworld1 #VW #volkswagen #vwvortex #dasher #vwdasher #dasherwagon #b1passat #wagonation @wagonation #wagonsteez @wagonsteez @passat_antigo @passat_dubbing #wolfsgart #dasautollc
20beautifulcars - dasautollc - wolfsgart - vwdasher - b1passat - vwvortex - volkswagen - dasherwagon - wagonsteez - vw - wagonation - dasher -
wagonation : no worries fam!
wagonsteez : Ohh yes! @7vchvry
passat_antigo : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
der_rufus : 😍
dasautollc : @wagonsteez @passat_antigo @der_rufus 🍻🍻
j0nburgundy : πŸ™Œ πŸ’― love this car!
dasautollc : @j0nburgundy Love you! 😘
j0nburgundy : 😍 that's what I really meant! Miss all you fools!
fuelpics - royalrevolution_subies - 71camaro - aryodhiaa -
I guess I'll play #20beautifulcars what was and never will be again πŸ’” #mk4 #jetta #gli #r32 #vr6 #24v #6speed #ccw #lm20 #static #staticlow #staticcrew #slamburglars #vw #wolfsgart #glowfarts
20beautifulcars - wolfsgart - vr6 - 6speed - slamburglars - glowfarts - 24v - static - vw - staticlow - r32 - gli - ccw - lm20 - mk4 - jetta - staticcrew -
hidemyplate : Blur your plate with HideMyPlate iPhone app
phantom_r32 : Lmao^
thatbaggedmk4 : Wut hahaha @phantom_r32
tyler.talas : Wow you must have used that hide your plate app! It looks like it's not even there! πŸ™ˆπŸ™Š
feola86 : Just saw your S4 up for sale on VW Vortex Facebook haha
thatbaggedmk4 : Yup, my buddy who bought it is sellin it now @feola86
seantejani : Dopee
diiiiiibs : Never again??
davis4200 - agoodyyy - seantejani - red.rabid.rabbit -
vermont - winooski - wolfsgart - vw - squareback - wolfsgart2014 - wolfsgartairout -
jizo73 : I can't wait for what you have in store for this year's season!
a_lepageee : That time when @daviderland is in the background
thedshields : @samseuroshop
daviderland : @a_lepageee hahaha. How did u see that. Crazy
dino_eggxo : Do you have the dates for this year yet???
wolfsgart : @dino_eggxo coming very soon πŸ‘
samseuroshop : My hero's car @fr2design
garryhastings : @masonhastings1
cobblehillmusic - natet0rious - asshole64 - coon77 -
I was nominated for this #20beautifulcars thing. So here is a flashback to #wolfsgart during the limbo competition with my favorite Massholes πŸ’™
20beautifulcars - wolfsgart -
thatcapekid : πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹ soo like is this a nomination or nawh also why do @kyn_duh and @ayo_cpavao get to see you tomorrow, I wanna see you tomorrow
kyn_duh : @thatcapekid come to FoxwoodsπŸ’°πŸ’
ayo_cpavao : chugging beers limboing πŸ’™
the_nick_farrington : @ayo_cpavao chugging like a bunch of betches
the_nick_farrington : @thatcapekid yes you can use it as a nomination lol
dussault_gli : Oh i missed that sorry... Anyways i was there. πŸ‘ @the_nick_farrington
the_nick_farrington : @z.race I was drinking Miller lite bb
z.race : @the_nick_farrington 🌚
4444loks - ambush_boy - alexharrison.95 - illest_a4 -
I was called out yesterday by @thatrhd240 for some #20beautifulcars challenge. No idea where it camefrom but im calling out @irideaforum @magicbuss @drrtymk2 and @a_hutch1022 #anothermk4 #jetta #balticgreen #wolfsgart #vermont #bagriders #ccwsmoothies #perfectstance #nobrakedust
bagriders - 20beautifulcars - vermont - wolfsgart - balticgreen - anothermk4 - nobrakedust - jetta - ccwsmoothies - perfectstance -
a_hutch1022 : Paul did you see your in the gngstout car of the year thing
paulwiley_ : @a_hutch1022 yeah I did, but the pictures are just pictures. Doesn't have anything to do with the coty.
a_hutch1022 : Oh gotcha!
magicbuss : I don't have any hot pics πŸ˜•
paulwiley_ : Just park the new rig half on a snowbank. @magicbuss
hsham3 - hoodrichvr6 - magicbuss - skajdjekso -
Need some inspiration. All this snow is killing mine to finish them. Almost done 😩 just need to strip one more lip and polish 80 more bolts and wet sand 2 more faces before the barrels get clear coated and faces get painted. 😷 #speedlinealessio #rare #3piece
staggered - rare - cultclassic - wolfsgart - 3piece - dustoff - h2oi - speedlinealessio -
daddyswag2010 : Get your butt moving. h2oi is around the corner. Are you going to be making the drive to cult classic?
rygamble : @daddyswag2010 I won't be able to make #h2oi this year, getting married that weekend up in the north county. And prolly won't make it out to #cultclassic long ass drive haha bill be hitting up #dustoff possibly #staggered and def going to #wolfsgart
daddyswag2010 : Boo on not making H2oi but congrats on the wedding. I will look into the other shows to see if I can venture up your way.
col10ham - derekmaplesyrup - omg_patato - zachmcgill4l -
Day dreaming. Sick of winter. #wolfsgart
wolfsgart -
abdel.oblongata : @nickszkod
stanceeast_chad : πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯. Dates on this? I'd swing over
thewhitsnpt : Good times in VT. Definitely going again this year. Wagons dragging subframe so maybe low limbo this year lol?
plastikavenger : @stanceeast_chad usually the last weekend of July.
stanceeast_chad : @plastikavenger Ten4. πŸ†
jeffrey_neumeier : @s10steve219
scruffynerfherder138 : What size rims are on that??
jakecuzzupe : This needs go happen again! You still going to have the wagon for next year??
infinityandbiondi - capitanochris27 - pjoc_20 - jtstoudt -
Rims for trade 17 inch 5x114 come with full size spare tires on or off depends on offer
wolfsgart -
steven_0423 : Are you finally going to stance your car, now that your bagged
jonez_2.8 : Only if you come see it at #wolfsgart
jonez_2.8 : @royalstance
tmacvw - typical_nonaa16 - princ230 - dr.robertson -
Mr. Mike Sanita's #winterbeast #baja #vw #wolfsgart #snowbug
baja - snowbug - winterbeast - wolfsgart - vw -
abagoo6 : @agentcolson12 I need one
vinny_theboss : @nevrhigh
osancheski - jennielegs77 - turtlesofaraway - stevenkrol -
Ain't no shame, ladies do your thang; just make sure you ahead of the game πŸ‘‘ β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €β €Photo: @curtis_gengstoutβ €β €β €β €β €β € #fifteen52 #mullets #tdi #mkv #jetta #vwgirls #wolfsgart #mk5 #vw #volkwagen #airlift #gengstout #dapperfam #bagged #malone
bagged - dapperfam - tdi - mullets - wolfsgart - vwgirls - vw - airlift - gengstout - malone - mkv - mk5 - jetta - fifteen52 - volkwagen -
thewalkingcactus : dem mullets
denzelwashingmachine : Dangg
apizzaparty : πŸ™Œ
vwcurtis : πŸ˜‰
_thebesso : Sophia is so pretty 😍
drivingpretty : <3 <3
bonnieclydecartel : Can you shout us out please?
jessiehymaphoto : @jenny_wiggins
q_createwealth - vwmuttalip - oktanjunkie - eurolowsociety -
letsmake2015somethingtoremeber - wolfsgart - goodweekend -
bchansky13 - dexterdoucet - davexbro - cjr08 -
Can winter be done and this happen again? #Wolfsgart #mkv #volkswagen #bagriders #limbo #klutchrepublik
bagriders - mkv - wolfsgart - klutchrepublik - limbo - volkswagen -
powers9editors : this picture is so great! β˜€
bwoods1980 : That car may end up in flames soon. Its a recurring issue with all VWs
kyle_poirier21 : I hope not lol
msfrahm.mkv - azahel656 - andre_pepin - chirpchirpp -
#regram saw this at #Wolfsgart last year. The commercial made me want to repost. #BMW #i3
regram - i3 - wolfsgart - bmw -
the_bmw_nation - bavarianrejects - schompbmw - cam_parra -
#boost #gt35 #turbo #audi #audi200 #audi20020v #3b #quattro #type44 #og #5cyl #audizine #fourtitude #vwvortex #wolfsgart #bigturbo #gt35r
turbo - fourtitude - wolfsgart - quattro - lookatthestruttowersvsthemotor - 5cyl - audi20020v - gt35r - audi - gt35 - type44 - og - audi200 - vwvortex - lol - audizine - bigturbo - 3b - boost -
jpainter757 : Same Audi from high school by chance? Or long gone?
case1220 : @jpainter757 high school Audi is long gone - picked this one up in 2006 and have been slowly building it since. Hope you're doing well JP! Haven't caught up with you in too long!
case1220 : #lookatthestruttowersvsthemotor #lol
artiniac : GT35R FTMFW! Check out my rb25 with a gt35r! Oh, and follow for follow :)
boosiemchugh : clean
case1220 : @boosiemchugh thank you!
indadetails - pj.larue - tqwarrior - freddang84 -
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