Breakfast #winnaz #howzdaview #meeeean
howzdaview - meeeean - winnaz -
ahhh_cmon : Makakilo all day again hawwwn. Cheee #viewfromdatop
qwaneck - staaaanleeey - jkalaau - _kealaedwards -
So you know it's real, next to the home dugout and first base. Gonna be a good one. #seattle #mariners #winnaz
winnaz - seattle - mariners -
maueeee : What! Get me a fouls ball! Lol
tino_tv : @maueeee brah I gon try!
jeremy_lagare : Seriously? πŸ˜‘ like can you win something for me πŸ˜‡ k thanks
weenychris - dextin_of_i_7 - charvieeeeberr - brahn_sun -
These killaz had a good weekend, 2nd place Marlin, 1st place Ono, 1st 2nd 3rd place Aku. Safe to say they killed it! @kurtischongkee @_fr8as_ @jsolomon808 @islandboy967 #skullbasefamily #skullbasefishing #winnaz #marlin #ono #aku #mahi
winnaz - mahi - ono - skullbasefamily - skullbasefishing - aku - marlin -
themadhueys : Mental
kurtischongkee : You guys gotta come fish with us ! @themadhueys
smithbillysmith : @jarrydodonnell
surfaricharters : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘#surfandfish
randy_dinar : πŸ’ͺ
alexisrivas1 : πŸ™Œ
loveforfishing : Super!
onahollyday : 😳
kithobart56 - mauidiaz - pwalsh8 - _hoks_ -
WE WON THE LEAGUEπŸ†βš½οΈβ€οΈ @allyladas13 #adelaidecity #zebrapower #premiereleague #winnaz #soccer
premiereleague - zebrapower - adelaidecity - soccer - winnaz -
cecihardyy : YAY SOCCER
chloedanvers : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ congrats gurl!!
georgiasumner : Good won D - hehe pun πŸ˜‚
alicianickolas : WOOOO
daphnemcleod : Thanks Chlo😘😘 @chloedanvers
daphnemcleod : Hahah pun appreciation @georgiasumner love itπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
daphnemcleod : MISSED YOU @alicianickolas πŸ’”πŸ˜˜
alicianickolas : Ahh wish I was there!!πŸ˜”
ailishjuly_connors - tizza97 - rossfuller1 - appolicious -
#dryrub on one, #bbqsauce on the other. #ribs #winnaz #brokedamouthanddajaw
dryrub - bbqsauce - brokedamouthanddajaw - ribs - winnaz -
jblack808 - ron_kanani - trav_tsuda - eddie_bulleh -
#instagood #instafun #instafood #food #foodporn #foodie #yummy #picoftheday #iphoneography #30daydryageribeye #22ounces #bonein #winnaz #dabomb
22ounces - dabomb - foodie - foodporn - food - bonein - iphoneography - winnaz - instafood - instafun - yummy - 30daydryageribeye - instagood - picoftheday -
howesbrosaesthetics : Cool!
maliaa_808 - mimigirl29 - stonah99 - ltk76 -
#instagood #instafun #instafood #food #foodporn #foodie #yummy #picoftheday #iphoneography #seafoodravioli #chocolatebomb #mintchocolatechipicecream #wagyubeef #shrimpcocktail #crabcakes #winnaz #dabomb #dksteakhouse
dabomb - foodie - shrimpcocktail - foodporn - food - iphoneography - crabcakes - wagyubeef - instagood - chocolatebomb - mintchocolatechipicecream - yummy - winnaz - instafood - instafun - dksteakhouse - seafoodravioli - picoftheday -
zaboushar : So nice!
electricpanthertattoo : Wow!
_sokamura - mimigirl29 - stonah99 - kjackson808 -
gotta start somewhere😊 it ain't organic or whole wheat BUT it's better than cereal. #breakfast #lunch #brunch #lurnch #ChickenDumplingSoup #TunaMix #RitzCrackers #WINNAZ with WATER! #Day3SODAFREEπŸ˜‰
lurnch - winnaz - day3sodafree - lunch - ritzcrackers - chickendumplingsoup - breakfast - tunamix - brunch -
ashlyn_n_jj : For dinner, I had tuna sandwich with sriracha and then we ate wheat thins with the rest of the tuna. Yum!!!!
4toas : what is sriracha? is it like hot sauce? @ashlyn_n_jj our lunch was AWESOME! orion loved itπŸ˜ƒ
ashlyn_n_jj : Yeah it's exactly hot sauce. Hotter than tobasco. Yeah I bet. Too bad we ate all our 4 cans of tuna last night. Your post making me want more. OOHHH maybe I can buy a sandwich at work? Maybe not gotta save money.
4toas : oooooh. i see. a lot of people like that stuff. i guess it's jus like tapatio. i still have some of my tuna mix left. save um for dinner. lol @ashlyn_n_jj
korina94gynx - bamba86 - myshachyboi - dis_mis_ -
Regram @christinakarapetis So proud how far our Academy has comeπŸ’ͺ Go Wildy!βš½οΈπŸ† #intercol #wildy #soccer #winnaz @jesscoombe
intercol - wildy - soccer - winnaz -
christinakarapetis : WOOHOOO πŸ‘†πŸ† so sad that you have to leave our team what will do without you😭@daphnemcleod
daphnemcleod : You'll have to take over for me gurl! @christinakarapetisπŸ˜„ last intercol ever though, so sadπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ
christinakarapetis : I'll tryπŸ˜… (( maybe you can just come back and play for us next year and pretend to be yr 12- I'm sure no one will notice )) @daphnemcleod
daphnemcleod : Hahah that might be a bit sussed!πŸ˜‹ I'll come to watch for sure though!βš½οΈπŸ‘Œ @christinakarapetis
christinakarapetis : ... And maybe run on the field when no one is lookingπŸ˜‡βš½οΈπŸ‘ @daphnemcleod 😽
daphnemcleod : You'll have to take that one up with snell hahahπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @christinakarapetis
christinakarapetis : SWITCH ON GIRLS SWITCH ON πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
denzel1500 - ck0206 - claireeconnors - emma_rogerson -
Dis mornings breakfast!!! #roastporkmoco#bamboogrille#acktion#winnaz
bamboogrille - acktion - roastporkmoco - winnaz -
charmel_tacang : Ho bro wea mines lol dat shit looks good @jus_ki_10
jus_ki_10 : Next time you guys come we go i take you guyz....faka mean @charmel_tacang
charmel_tacang : Faka look ono brah!
jus_ki_10 - _shyannie - high_life808 - s.e.r.e.n.a.67 -
#instagood #instafun #instafood #food #foodporn #foodie #yummy #picoftheday #iphoneography #cgees #roastpork #winnaz
foodie - foodporn - food - iphoneography - instagood - instafood - roastpork - cgees - instafun - yummy - winnaz - picoftheday -
illias.g92 : Nice!! You have videos on your cam roll? If so u might wanna check out the Lomotif app, and share some vids as well. XD
harryjrlolo - gsxrlover4life - kenne_d_ - lonimusprime -
Brah.... #sirloinsteaktipdinner #winnaz #postconference #hireg2014 #welcomehome!
sirloinsteaktipdinner - hireg2014 - postconference - welcomehome - winnaz -
_pfolaumahina - pinoytaua - akosita_vave - graccyxoxo -
#flipagram made with @flipagram #foodporn #foodporn #foodporn #keakagradparty #keakamoana #winnaz
keakagradparty - flipagram - keakamoana - winnaz - foodporn -
eliyah_elstonjr_ethan_mami : Mop job
one_goal_dream : Yeee da grindz Hawaiian. Look good da spread
jazzy808b : #fatKidStatus love it!
apeluhao808 : Wea uguys stay
kawai_lehua - jazzy808b - ryan_hoku - nani_808_ -
Unkolo! U Killin' me! #winnaz #struggle #extensioncord #thatbelttho #malietonga #tonganmenbelike #ainokan #lmmo #kalos #smh
ainokan - malietonga - lmmo - smh - winnaz - thatbelttho - struggle - kalos - tonganmenbelike - extensioncord -
sets11 : I think? πŸ˜•πŸ‘† haha
sets11 : @myrasui LMMO
sets11 : Unkolo! If u sit on da floor, u can find an outlet plug yourself in ma baddah! Cheeehooooo
fayfun : Hahahaha I wanna like this 50 times. Soooo funny the dongans.
sets11 : @fayfun bahahahaha too mach dese dongans haha
insanehawaiian : get to work
_qnane_ : auOia! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
shebah08 : why husk the coconut and use the fibres to braid a kafa when the palagi has ready made multi tasking kafa. gan do a many fings! πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
kawailani2 - ohafoka - oi_sole2014 - kawai_wai -
Student v Manager match #Dromantine #winnaz #champs #girlscamp #weekone πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†
weekone - girlscamp - dromantine - champs - winnaz -
amylouisedoc - dailymormonyouth - nicoleclerkin37 - ciarascullion95 -
Saimin!!! #topramen #Redondoshotdog #eggs #okuharafishcake #yeahyou #winnaz
okuharafishcake - topramen - yeahyou - eggs - redondoshotdog - winnaz -
co67ad_cintron : I just finished eating saimin too
eddie_went : @co67ad_tris10 Cheee!
honeyvega - dirtyharry96706 - kel_keiko - jordan8o8 -
Ahi Tower Wreckers.. πŸ˜‹ #HOYAWPS @KiaLondonHawaii Mahalos to everyone at Wet and Wild for an awesome time!! πŸ™Œ #CheeHuu #RedemptionSong
cheehuu - redemptionsong - hoyawps - winnaz -
j_boogie_fm : Is that mac salad on top bruh? @krystilez ?! Looks #bombay!!!
nito_boxing : Thanks for the love last night homie!
krystilez : @j_boogie_fm crab salad, straight wop ya jaw cahz #Winnaz
krystilez : @nito_boxing Automatic, brah I like come film you one of these days. I'm super stoked on what you been doing
j_boogie_fm : @krystilez man definitely have to try when the wifey and I hit hawaii. We got fam in Oahu. Maybe show us round cahz
krystilez : @j_boogie_fm I can definitely show you the party and grind spots.
j_boogie_fm : Sounds like a plan bruh @krystilez that's whatsup!
nito_boxing : Thank you bro! And yeah just lmk! 8084894091
alohahype - humblemokz - braden_h_yagin - _its_me_jessica_ -
#breakfastofchamps #pukabreadwithegg &#vienna #winnaz
pukabreadwithegg - breakfastofchamps - winnaz -
shirl_ishii59 : Looks so ONO.....πŸ’πŸ˜πŸ˜œ
lisa_ishikawa : Made breakfast for our Ohana. β˜ΊπŸ³πŸ›
_geex3_ - _kuukeiki - jcjaez2 - eldz96792 -
too much swag for one photo βœŒοΈπŸ‘ŸπŸ‘― #djdalboy #dejavu #winnaz #regionals #hiphop #swag
swag - regionals - dejavu - djdalboy - hiphop - winnaz -
kp_the_rapper : That is why I love Music!!! Have a look at my other rapper and music account @kpillest and if you like my photos on there, feel free to follow me for a follow back!
doknock : Cool
_jmackenzie - brennacropley - rachelhorn2 - georgiafinnie -
My New Favorite place to eat! Cajun King in Pearlcity Waimalu shopping center! Screw the bullet- this my new spot! #shrimp #lobster #garlicbutter #scooprice #winnaz #nokaoi #mybday me and my daddy!πŸ˜‰πŸ‘
mybday - scooprice - lobster - nokaoi - garlicbutter - shrimp - winnaz -
luika808 : Happyhappy birthday ..wishing you lots of gods blessings and good health..hoping all your wishes come true.. Looks so yummy I gotta try there!! Enjoy..have awesome one! :)
musicman_921 : Good grinds! Enjoy! ns <><
marz1433 : @musicman_921 yes! Good Ono kine grinds fo real no joke! Broke da mout kine! LolπŸ˜‰πŸ‘
marz1433 : @luika808 Thanks Aunty! Yes it's a MUST Try! It's a really cool experience not eating with plates and seafood all over the table. Thank goodness they give bibs.
a.deezee92 - diegotubon - _slo_poke - alohaleonie_ -
#AugustPhotoChallenge #Day1 #Selfie why these things ALWAYS gotta start with a selfie n shit? #ShakaBrah #HowzItHawaiians #FunkyFriday #thatMONSTAbeanie #WINNAZ😝😝😝😝😝😝😝✌️
rahjahdat - shakabrah - howzithawaiians - selfie - winnaz - thatmonstabeanie - day1 - augustphotochallenge - funkyfriday -
_rahjahdat : #RAHJAHDAT I see u sis
4toas : yesssssss sir!! @_rahjahdat #RAHJAHDAT
maijesss - _leeesa - _luciennez - napa_n_crissy -
Nou sonje sa Level te fè nan Game sa? Eben BMW got next. Baky, Mechans-T and Wendy se yon kesyon de Fast And Furious. Avanm lage Victory an, track sa pral gentan netwaye lari a banm. Atache senti nou. Like siw gentan konn son HIT. #RKM #Winnaz #Traka
rkm - traka - winnaz -
steeve733 : o ke ouiiiiii.... bout bout bout rap nomallll.. beat la anraje tooo.. respect for @dicebtz epi monsieur sa ki.pral fe anpil ti aktivite anpil punchline anpil kalanbou san bliye speed anrage a nan 16 bar li a @mechanstswagger epi lot ti neg ki sot an province lan ki t vle chavire rap la ak jeu de mo li yo @bakypopile epi monsieur ki ht couronne ni byen chè a #wendyyy
zoee_young_dup : @bakypopile sa ap frape du wi larrrrr sanmanti mechanst ap manje sa wendyyy ap proptel baky ap fini avel zo track lagel tonner
razkesi03 : Deja wi bΓ²s!
thebestt270 : Men sa m tap tan n lan
djnomadhaiti : Cant wait this track #gonnabehot #keduvibe @bakypopile
zoee_young_dup : Baky baz mwen paka tann ankor lagel please
kenny_jay1 : Popile for life m need contact ou ouiiiii
josiesyrille09 : yes baky popile toutan
nathanjr007 - futur_traka - khalifaerick11 - coeur_de_lion -
#Winnaz be on the look out #HublotMusicGroup
hublotmusicgroup - winnaz -
slickrockmob - _ahandfull - ms_independent_datsme - 5_5wihbrowneyes -
#OOTD #winnaz #alreadymortal #ILL 😘
alreadymortal - ill - ootd - winnaz -
dukaz14 : You little Jeb end
hollylouisehunter -
#instagood #instafun #instafood #food #foodporn #foodie #yummy #picoftheday #iphoneography #cajunahicrabcakesandwich #frenchfries #winnaz
foodie - foodporn - food - cajunahicrabcakesandwich - iphoneography - instagood - instafood - instafun - yummy - frenchfries - winnaz - picoftheday -
grassrootsdtlv : πŸ’―πŸ’―
livn8o8style - dearestvina - maira1114 - stonah99 -
C Larrr pouw larrrr @lylicious96 @dicebtz @crealideal @micfleva @winnazent #men #c #Knaval #WINNAZ
winnaz - c - men - knaval -
lylicious96 - bboy_nicck - dormeyvensky - cliowen -
Lunch time!!! #queenstcafe #onokinegrinds #winnaz #eatingaintcheating #grindsbugrinds
onokinegrinds - queenstcafe - grindsbugrinds - eatingaintcheating - winnaz -
mercado808 : That place is winnahz. Dynamite chicken and fried calamari with pasta salad. Eeezeh. Lol
mercado808 : Firecracker chicken** Lol dynamite at leeward.
bmentoz : Fukk! I like grine some poke mean kine
d_e_e_n_a : BBQ bro!
_dachad_ : @bmentoz like me send u some??? Lol @mercado808 yups went take one small nap after @d_e_e_n_a where?
bmentoz : Yupp express mail please. Shoots mahaloz bu.
_dachad_ : @bmentoz what u like? Spicy tilaps? Or shoyu gold fish? Oh and @aznpride45 get fresh fighting fish bro lmk
bmentoz : Yupps n sprinkle li hing mui powder on top.
marie_allan_absolutely - k_konia - lawl_dinoswaur - macenyaface -
#instagood #instafun #instafood #food #foodporn #foodie #yummy #picoftheday #iphoneography #crabcrustedopah #winnaz
foodie - foodporn - food - crabcrustedopah - iphoneography - instagood - instafood - instafun - yummy - winnaz - picoftheday -
livn8o8style - hirakawam808 - naka_bo - hey_shayyy -
Just checking the #scoop. #vacation #dessert #icecreamfix #benandbills
benandbills - dessert - vacation - winnaz - scoop - mudpie - cookiedough - icecreamfix -
r.t.d.2 : #mudpie and #cookiedough #winnaz
808shellyc - shaunpederson - axle808 - morikawatmag -
#ridaz #winnaz
ridaz - winnaz -
dachshundbmx : Wouldn't expect anything less
frankdeadbent : You owned it dude! Wish I could have shoot that bar air
gticarlos : I did!!! πŸŽ₯
scottehlert : Yewwww
spencercarnera : What a boss
shfl239 : How you liking that trophy?
almightykyran : I look dead lol
spencercarnera - _cardenasbrian - chancsosick - jordangerads23 -
#instagood #instafun #instafood #food #foodporn #foodie #yummy #picoftheday #iphoneography #panagcurry #garlicchicken #fortstreetcafe #winnaz
panagcurry - foodie - foodporn - food - iphoneography - instagood - instafood - fortstreetcafe - instafun - yummy - winnaz - picoftheday - garlicchicken -
hirakawam808 - agasamissy - razorboi808 - stonah99 -
England vs Trinidad and Tobago yezzerday #winnaz #commonwealth games #hockey #sixone #soeasy #someonemakethisgameharder #insultinglyeasy
commonwealth - sixone - hockey - insultinglyeasy - someonemakethisgameharder - soeasy - winnaz -
tasha_johnson91 - elsarabago53a5 - harrisonjread - dorci_official -
Dry Aged Beast #blackLabel#Winnaz
blacklabel - winnaz -
scott_terna : Dude you are gonna be 300 lbs when you step off the plane!
808sonn : @scott_terna And you know this!
kandimix - toneyloo - scoutzabinski - cassidyrooke -
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