I have a major ocd problem... #ocd #housewifeproblems #wifeproblems #cleaningschedule #dontjudge #majorproblem #cleaning #housework
cleaningschedule - wifeproblems - dontjudge - ocd - housework - cleaning - majorproblem - housewifeproblems -
dt_hb_914 - kate_azzean - k_dianna - elena.ilina.s -
I've had an hour sleep at most. An hour's ok, right? 😳😴 #pleasehelpme #wifeproblems #icouldcry
icouldcry - pleasehelpme - wifeproblems -
beardofthunder : Me too, Wednesday night. The perils of having a child at a Nursery full if everyone elses dirty, stinking kids and their runny noses 'n hand-over-mouth free coughing and such. Bleurgh! Grab a Vics Inhaler thing, like a nasal tampon miracle.
marcellakicks : @beardofthunder I will pick one up in Boots along with that green miracle liquid, Night Nurse.
beardofthunder : Night Nurse, eh?! Don't think ive ever put it to the test. I'm a Lemsip kinda fella on a rare occasion but thats about it. Awww well Be well, lil' monkey!
marcellakicks : @beardofthunder it tastes like death but knocks you out! Hope you also feel better soon 😷
andreamcl30 : Story of my Feckin life 😠
marcellakicks : @andreamcl30 because he has a cold it was 10 times worse than normal....
andreamcl30 : hubby snores then blows and his cheeks and lips make this God awful blubbery smacking sound. Does my head in
marcellakicks : @andreamcl30 that sounds pretty horrendous
kristianmingle - monsterzero13 - beardofthunder - onecountofmutiny -
I try to tell the man we have plenty of jams, jellys and hot sauce, but he doesn't believe me! #jamlover #irresistiblestrawberry #strawberrykisses #puckerupberry #cheekyjalepenokiwi #mintjelly #figjam #wildblueberry #apricotjam @shawntdesigns #wifeproblems #wifeycrafts #foodlover #foodporn #welcomeheartresidence #hotsauce #mangohabenerohotsauce #tapatio #cholula #sriracha
figjam - foodporn - jamlover - wifeproblems - puckerupberry - cheekyjalepenokiwi - irresistiblestrawberry - mangohabenerohotsauce - tapatio - apricotjam - wildblueberry - wifeycrafts - cholula - welcomeheartresidence - hotsauce - foodlover - strawberrykisses - mintjelly - sriracha -
yvonna__ : NO!πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ you need to come over soon ! I miss youπŸ’›πŸ’›
penelope_page : I miss you too my sweet sugar plum β™‘ @yvonna__
yvonna__ : come over I bet OUR mother does too!πŸ˜ŒπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚
dee_ma : Omg have you heard the
dee_ma : @dancook jelly skit?!
penelope_page : Oh my gosh no I havent! I must ! @dee_ma
samuel_nascar : There is a reason you call him "the man". Get it straight. πŸ’ͺ
thehigherempire : Nice!
jordynbeezy - elz_ - saucyqueen - lsouki -
Having a friend you can vent with. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #MomProblems #WifeProblems
momproblems - wifeproblems -
ahita08 : Hahaha omg yes dude πŸ˜‚πŸ‘­πŸ‘Œ
_ally_m20 - daniiel_19 - gracielaivette94 - ahita08 -
Her ass never turnts down!! #wifeproblems #thirstythursday #shegetsthirstyerrday @flakababyii
thirstythursday - shegetsthirstyerrday - wifeproblems -
itsmariitta : @x_bella_ragazza_x turn down for what? I'm so fancy lol
x_bella_ragazza_x : And another one!!! Lmaooo yooo!! Our anthem!! @itsmariitta
vanessajudith : @x_bella_ragazza_x I told her to come out tonight !!!! Lmao
x_bella_ragazza_x : Ohhh...and she was like solo una cervesita...esaa enbusteraa!! Lmaoo @vanessajudith
vanessajudith : @x_bella_ragazza_x lmfaoooo πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜© diqueeeee she thirstayyy
x_bella_ragazza_x : She stay thirstayyy!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @vanessajudith
flakababyii : OLLE carajo ya vi que estan hablando de mi πŸ‘€ @x_bella_ragazza_x @vanessajudith
flakababyii : Blame it on Vanessa!!!!! @vanessajudith @x_bella_ragazza_x
_chiiiiiiino_ - mely_mercedes18 - _yane1723 - alicia_o2 -
Been in this hotel all of 6 minutes. #wifeproblems. @armssoreal
wifeproblems -
armssoreal : Haha thank you! @jacindahurd
a_cunningham : That looks like a good time to me :) not to much!
armssoreal : I knew you'd understand ;) @a_cunningham
ezriej2000 : A tad @armssoreal
thechelss : I just said today to a friend, "packing for a weeks vacation is no problem, packing for convention is next level" @armssoreal
thechelss : Also, I have the same "kinky moves" stuff, but I hate the smell.
rpeacan : Love the "Forgot Something?" sign in the corner. Obviously not.
jdpk4 : @armssoreal Oh my word! I'm not sure if I'm more shocked at how many products you have & use or the mess that you made. Haha :)
chyannearaya - asthomaslandscaping - jvenom - datt_migangi -
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I hope this doesn't become my story after I get married #marriedlife #wife #marrige #wifeproblems
marriedlife - wifeproblems - marrige - wife -
xo_lizeth - ramos369 - alexisjjed - stroker1997 -
Aaaaaannnddd not much has changed lol #marriedlife #wifeproblems
marriedlife - wifeproblems -
ashleymohler - smluna21 - destineeduncan - macydoan -
Well the good news is that Dave will never borrow my travel mug, bad news is I'm a public embarrassment #wifeproblems #igotthis
igotthis - wifeproblems -
physiquecanada : Haha where can I buy one of these lol
theresaritchie - thegirlwiththepinklipstick - jennhogg - zaldia1 -
So this happened today #dhpvw #wifeproblems #1966 #deluxe #busporn #vwporn
dhpvw - wifeproblems - vwporn - 1966 - deluxe - busporn -
dhp56oval : I need a bus too
sewpeachy : You're the best <3 Ly!
soothxsayer - david_larson_ - ca_rai - dhp65 -
Babe dang!!!... Can I get a minute to myself? Lol He's such a #goofball #hewontletmebegreat #naturalhairproblems #wifeproblems
hewontletmebegreat - naturalhairproblems - goofball - wifeproblems -
aminckk : omg I miss u so much😫 come back to wherever we areπŸ˜‹... pleaseπŸ˜₯
naturallyyem : @aminckk my Amy I miss you too!!!! Aaaahhhhhhhhh I want to cry now. Was thinking of you all day. Ok most of the
aminckk : πŸ˜„πŸ˜„I'm thinking about you every day.. Well not every but a lot.. u, Ethan and Maurice should have a little holiday and come to NYC. What a great plan I just gave youπŸ˜„πŸ™ˆπŸ™Š
naturallyyem : @aminckk great plan indeed!!!!!!!!
fresh_prince___ : Too sweet. . .
valeriechigunde : Sooooo cute!!!!❀️❀️❀️❀️
dspbooks - aminckk - ebonyangeloflove - msindependentjs -
Thank you Denver for the rain. I would say I thought I was in Seattle but they're a little touchy about that city for some reason! Huh, I wonder why?? #12thman #wifeproblems #funtimes
funtimes - 12thman - wifeproblems -
hstonas - riggan22 - natalieannt - higtree123 -
This is what I get when I ask to take a picture of my husband #wifeproblems
wifeproblems -
noahgreysdad : Smh
valle_xbmc_ - _beauty8 - doll6789 - noahgreysdad -
#mywifewillkillme #wcw @scarlettingridjohansson #wifeproblems my WCW is better than yours lmao
mywifewillkillme - wcw - wifeproblems -
jayjluv09 : She's mine!!
guillermog1989 : @jayjluv09 I had a crush on her on home alone so technically she is mine lmao
jayjluv09 : Nah u just look dehydrated if the thirst been for sooo long lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ jk @guillermog1989
chabely1994 : You do not wanna see my MCM πŸ˜šπŸ™ˆπŸ™Š
mayra1192 - cynryes - akuamakana - geni_garcia -
Story of my life πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜¦πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ lol #wifeproblems #wife #husband #family #ilovemyhusband @w0nderdad #luckygirl #soontobemrscruz
family - soontobemrscruz - wifeproblems - wife - husband - ilovemyhusband - luckygirl -
w0nderdad : See that's why I love you... you understand me
supermommy_alex : Mannn be quiet. Get out of here @w0nderdad
jahcelynn - vanesarod_ - itsbrittneyyy_ - elizabeth_balsinde -
πŸ™‹ thank you! #imnotyourslave #pickyourshitup #annoyed #didnticleanthishouseyesterday #wifeproblems #lazypeople
didnticleanthishouseyesterday - lazypeople - wifeproblems - pickyourshitup - imnotyourslave - annoyed -
_makingithappen - _verrooniicaa - chrissye459 - lady_smith22 -
They 6's on my profile were driving me nuts... So I thought I'd share this... A dear friend of mine just sent this to me (explains a lot)... Lol! She said she totally thought of me! I sent it to my husband and he sent the following: πŸ™ˆπŸ˜œ#wifeproblems ... Me: πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜ #mua #hair #muha #dressingservices #dressyourface #dyfcertified #anastasiabrows #anastasiabeverlyhills #mac #maccostmetics #vegasnay #gotglam #gotglammed #glamsquad604 #contour #contourlikeapro #wakeupandmakeup #bride #nonbridal #bridal #indianbride #asianbride #pakistanibride #beauty #yvr #vancity #vancouver
gotglammed - beauty - wifeproblems - wakeupandmakeup - glamsquad604 - pakistanibride - asianbride - hair - marthastewartwho - mac - dyfcertified - contour - dressyourface - muha - vancity - yvr - gotglam - maccostmetics - indianbride - anastasiabrows - bride - contourlikeapro - mua - anastasiabeverlyhills - nonbridal - vancouver - bridal - vegasnay - dressingservices -
surina88 : Loll I've seen this before and totally felt like I could relate too! πŸ™ˆπŸ™Š
glamsquad604 : @surina88 ... Totally! #MarthaStewartWho
msekhon89 - ehbola - sharwedel - stazyzuniga -
Β―\_(ツ)_/Β― "That's a great question honey! I have no idea." #shoppingproblems #makeupjunkie #girlproblems #wifeproblems #itjustappeared
shoppingproblems - makeupjunkie - itjustappeared - girlproblems - wifeproblems -
tsalazar559 : Ain't that the truth!
xoxo_olga : @tsalazar559 the struggle is real!
nikkiphillips_ : @rnellz
valentina.v.m.c.g : @1000seguidoresya
iloveamiyah - 89newton - tc_makeup - silverwoman_lauren -
You have chocolate milkshakes for supper when your husband eats Chinese in Ohio πŸ˜” #wifeproblems
wifeproblems -
calebscarbrough : I love you sweetheart! #imdoingthishashtagwhilesettingonthetoiletinthemotel
lauraontheloop : #lovetgehashtag
lauraontheloop - jbruce24 - lreece3784 - rachelb1318 -
"Hussein, I need new perfume, this one is nearly finished" Yes, this just happened! #WifeProblems
wifeproblems -
mumtazfdz : Still waiting @hhudda...
zainab_ramraj - nadia_x_o - jammyjen - maariabutt -
My husband loves too much bacon πŸ˜’ @MauriceTyrell #Wifeproblems #Tocookwithbaconeverywhere #Americanfood #Noteuropean #Lmao
noteuropean - lmao - americanfood - wifeproblems - tocookwithbaconeverywhere - americanhusband -
marianna_mai : Surely not italian ahaha #IWouldHaveSaid #AmericanProblems lol
lori_tyrell : Hahah @marianna_mai πŸ˜‚ #Americanhusband
rayanoz - lalola0716 - adriana_drte - _nicolebk -
Someone is not #livefit #toomuchalcohol #notwithinhermacros #macros #thesaguaro #palmsprings #livefitapparel #teamlvft #lvft #freshbcs #selfie #drunk #wifeproblems #vacation @live_fit_apparel @thesaguarops
lvft - teamlvft - palmsprings - drunk - selfie - toomuchalcohol - wifeproblems - vacation - livefitapparel - macros - notwithinhermacros - freshbcs - thesaguaro - livefit -
krazykatrina4 : @bmalabuyoc oh no!! Ha ha Tell her Katrina said, "SOBER FACE!!" ha ha
virgil001 : Get a room...gooooosh!
megankojder - arelygar - krazykatrina4 - yumeestar -
I cook this nice home cooked meal and Cory hardly touches it. What I get for trying to cook for him. #wifeproblems #boyswillbeboys #cooking #neveragain
boyswillbeboys - cooking - neveragain - wifeproblems -
agamb_rowe : Looks good. Jarred does the same thing. His excuse is " I'll take it lunch with me tomorrow"
autumnbe08 : @agamb_rowe Cory rather just run to McDonald's every time he gets hungry
agamb_rowe : @autumnbe08 When I leave outta town, he lives off pizza hut and McDonalds. Jarred does the same. He will not cook for himself at all.
amberwasher - pikaroth - beautifulbooyou - ladyelizabeth94 -
Selfies, When Waiting On My Wife @missymiss318 new Ray Bans SunGlasses... Just Another Wedding Gift.. LoveYou.. #weddinglife #wifeproblems #RaybansSunglasses #honeymooners. #amazingLife
weddinglife - amazinglife - raybanssunglasses - honeymooners - wifeproblems -
polish_claud8 - vinniedarps5 - jenn_spanz - f350stroker -
Day 26: the everyday ... Household chores #thehorror #wifeproblems πŸ˜“
thehorror - wifeproblems -
kristenahlenius - b_anka92 - vi_eve_ - melanie1843 -
He didn't take the hint... But he loves the shave by @harrys ! #wifeproblems #mustacheproblems
mustacheproblems - wifeproblems -
harrys : This is hilarious
rachelupshaw : Spiros had a mustache for 10 minutes and I nearly shaved it off him myself. You must be a saint!
cammgramm - laurenserafy - erinstylespies - ashkmccarty -
Definitely worth a #repost #TooTrue! I know this feeling. #WifeProblems | #StillLoveHer
stillloveher - wifeproblems - tootrue - repost -
silver_mamba - bmadspeed - slammed_my_lexus - ali_obaidi -
Yup. This is legit. Hahahahaha! #wifeproblems #girlproblems #ifyoulovemeletmesleep #canijustwashthedisheswithoutgettingslappedintheass #butdontlookatanyoneelse #girlsarecrazy #dontjudgeme #justhashtagging #poormen #letsdoit
butdontlookatanyoneelse - canijustwashthedisheswithoutgettingslappedintheass - letsdoit - wifeproblems - justhashtagging - dontjudgeme - ifyoulovemeletmesleep - girlsarecrazy - poormen - girlproblems -
22dri : Lmfao!!! So true. I can't even open the fridge without being molested.
sandrini44 : @22dri Hahahha! And how about when you drop something and have to bend over to get it in front of them??? Lol
1cookieeee : @silverlining35 men! Those hashtags hahahaha
22dri : Lol. Soo true. The funniest is when I'm reaching for something and he'll grab me and say "oh let me help you".
da_h_is_silent : Fuck yeah! I'm stealing this for sure and reposting!
_lov3th3mboys_ : @sandrini44 Good One!!!!!!
juliarael : @jakelorow I love you babe 😘😁
anablzrgza - ravns06 - mcluvjv3 - queen.gabriella -
So far I think I've only gotten one thing on my list! LOL!!!! BUT I haveE 5 things in my cart.... #momproblems #wifeproblems #groceries #planneraddict #katespadeplanner #saturday #healthymom
planneraddict - groceries - wifeproblems - healthymom - katespadeplanner - saturday - momproblems -
lovefilosophy : That's why I go shopping by myself. I don't even have kids but when I take my husband it comes out double the price lol
online_coaching : check my page for food tips
teddy1312002 - dvinespeaks - lilyojedi - ovcal -
#MommyProblems #WifeProblems #NoDaysOff
mommyproblems - nodaysoff - wifeproblems -
likereally12 - banksy_no_art - shesalifesaver - speciallk -
Haha. #wifeproblems #marriage @clay10good
neverchanges - marriage - wifeproblems -
ashleydashton : Sadly this isn't just in a marriage hahah 😜 #boyfriendissues
mrslgoodall : Hahaha, he was a boyfriend before he was a husband, I get it #neverchanges
viktk : @ak4oh3 lol
marihadalamb - alexdavis29 - kdubbeattie - onovia -
it's been a tough week. #nojoke #nofilter #nursingproblems #wifeproblems
nursingproblems - nojoke - nofilter - wifeproblems -
mbeezy0203 - creatinglovewithwords - stankweasel - imanni_2sticks -
Lol! #wifeproblems #wifeybelike
wifeybelike - wifeproblems -
dnu_arges - mzjackie70 - cordovasoulja - mr_allyouneed -
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