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Watched a bajillion episodes, broke a flipflop, and ate ALOT of ice cream. I go hard. #whyamisofun #oneblackfoot #jax #isaidyes 💍
oneblackfoot - isaidyes - whyamisofun - jax -
wondermags : @diemondcuther you can fix that flip flop!
carbombya : Really?!
daniellewatzek : But you can never eat too much ice cream!! 🍦🍦
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What do I think I am right now? #thebestroommateever #whyamIsofun #toughmudder @itsalljon778 @mandiikincadee
toughmudder - whyamisofun - thebestroommateever -
tinakijewski : @megwade19 @aschurr this is what you get when you cave and give Tina...sugar....
aschurr : @tinakijewski @mandiikincadee I'm coming over, can't stand the separation anymore. @megwade19 come with me.
megwade19 : @tinakijewski I love your laugh and @aschurr I'm on my way
kbabes13 - aschurr - mandiikincadee - itsalljon -
Sometimes the best moments are unexpected. #football #lifelovers #picoftheday #whyamIsofun #getonmylevel #Newport #goniners
lifelovers - newport - picoftheday - football - goniners - getonmylevel - whyamisofun -
britt.stepfordmom : #bluryphotosarecool #socute
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when you're bored, why not attempt to teach yourself how to make a sock bun? #itried #whyamisofun
itried - whyamisofun -
caitmort : i tried one of these yesterday and it failed miserably. you're really pretty! ;-) @alessiamaria_
alessiamaria_ : @thesupermorty ahaha it lasted about 5 minutes! & thanks!
caitmort : no problem. mine didnt even last a minute. @alessiamaria_
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