This dude walked in like, "Lemme get the Kamehameha-do!!!" ⚡️⚡️⚡️ 😂😂😂🙌🙌🙌 #Fail #WhoApprovedThis #YourBarberCardHasBeenRevoked #ThoseSpikesTho #DragonballFleek 😂😂😂
fail - yourbarbercardhasbeenrevoked - whoapprovedthis - thosespikestho - dragonballfleek -
dwbiv73 : @cbar94
jaredlee80 : That's fkng awesome!!! Wish he had worn the outfit too.
olynate : @jaredlee80 I hope he was going to Comicon and not to work lol
jgip07 - juicy_stephie - rjbomaye - jaredlee80 -
Nightmare fuel from the LA County Metro #metro #civiccenter #whoapprovedthis?
civiccenter - whoapprovedthis - metro -
dom.unique9 : Bj calls this "the children commuting suicide art" station
nikkiharlowxo - marningrace - effieallanpoe - mn.blog -
City #architecture. #whoapprovedthis? #malmö
whoapprovedthis - architecture - malmö -
jottkann : I'm really trying to understand this monstrosity that looks even worse in real life. Did the architect think people needed a giant arrow to find the entrance door? Was the architect off sick and this is the work of someone's kid? Or, as too often, was it a good design to start with messed up by too many egos wanting to make their mark? I'm still confused. If only it had been funny ugly at least.
sophiacallmer : Hu!
annette_parkway - cvaudequin - sydegard - micowa -
For $88, you too can sleep on a poop stained twin mattress...for that time you and your special someone want to role play heroin addicts in an abandoned warehouse. #getwhatyoupayfor #thedump #whoapprovedthis
getwhatyoupayfor - thedump - whoapprovedthis -
bjhilliard : I've never seen a black stain on a blue mattress before...
mhaskins10 : @jibbley 😂😂😂😂😂
mhaskins10 : And have do you know my role playing games?
jibbley : @klackey918 It is very real.
hmcpherson : @bjhilliard Hahahaha!!!
klackey918 : I'm so disgusted and concerned I don't even know what to say. 😳😷🙈👎💩🙊
uberdi : "I mean all you have to do is put a sheet on it and you'd never know" -Matt #stillthete
jordancatalanocantread : Hahaha
skipparry - hmcpherson - cglye - chandler_cash -
I will not slip, I will not slip, I will not slip ❄️ #whoapprovedthis? #iamfrozen
whoapprovedthis - iamfrozen -
aliwittman - lannylieupdx - vikygoncalves - mollygreco -
Everyone is going nuts for the first issue of Spider-Gwen but me, I prefer my spiders manly. Real manly. #hubbahubba #whoapprovedthis #spiderwang #webslinger
spiderwang - hubbahubba - whoapprovedthis - webslinger -
snackattackjack : Haha he packin mad heat!
cordor.qld - fattopotamus - sam_hollis15 - catalienatalan -
I question the choice in art at my store sometimes. #eyeless #creepy #whoapprovedthis #monochrome #blackwhiteandred #totallynotzombies
whoapprovedthis - totallynotzombies - monochrome - blackwhiteandred - creepy - eyeless -
forrestbern91 - shakenhallow - bautistany -
What an unfortunate name for your company. #newbranding #whoapprovedthis #santamonicablvd
whoapprovedthis - newbranding - santamonicablvd -
thecharleskim - cristinmcvic - wanroo - amesdow -
McD's is bout that action!!! #thisisreallife #unedited #whoapprovedthis
thisisreallife - unedited - whoapprovedthis -
mant81 : Mouth hanging open in disbelief! Lol!
imthekeeper - radeana_just_d - dom_roweyaboat - a1divastatus -
Look what I found in Wal-Mart. A children's game where you feed your dog and scoop up it's poop. Whoever picks up the most poop wins. #WalMartHas #nochill #WhoApprovedThis #WhatParentWouldBuyThisForTheirChild #EvenTheLittleBoyActorIsLookinLike #WhatDidIGetMyselfInto #wtf #comedy
whatparentwouldbuythisfortheirchild - whatdidigetmyselfinto - nochill - eventhelittleboyactorislookinlike - walmarthas - whoapprovedthis - wtf - comedy -
doebii : 😖
jemillio : @supermanwonderwoman my exact reaction lol
jemillio : Lol why the sad face? @doebii
miss.tiffani.jenelle : Why are you looking in the kids toy section? 😜
miss.tiffani.jenelle : Lol
jemillio : @miss.tiffani.jenelle because I was trying to lure some children back to my windowless van, duh
miss.tiffani.jenelle : Lollll
itsezzyluv : @jemillio lol wow
jemillio - s__v__r - miss_flowerss2465 - itsezzyluv -
No matter how good your day is goin she will ruin it #getofftv #yourdepressing #whoapprovedthis #hurrygettheremote #changethechannel
getofftv - whoapprovedthis - shutup - hurrygettheremote - yourdepressing - changethechannel -
giovannac85 : Angelo always says change the station
a_p921 : 😂😂😂😂
blue.eyed.bella : It's so true 😩
jennifer_mercedes : Most depressing thing ever!!! Does anyone actually sit through these commercials?! 😞😥
lilbannout : You spelled youre wrong #idiot
jerryxnutouch : And you look like my old English teacher but that's none of my business @lilbannout #shutup
djklutch - michelle2386 - bizzmiked - byfeuam -
Just opened a box with 10,000 of these! hahahaha @telstranewtown is EVERYWHERE hahahaha #TelstraNewtown #telstra #whoapprovedthis #screenclothswithmafaceonit
screenclothswithmafaceonit - whoapprovedthis - telstranewtown - telstra -
sojo1991 - shanino_ - jemma.lauren - pigdawwg -
Just some breakfast compliments of Whole Foods. Nothing suggestive about it whatsoever. #innuendo #whoapprovedthis #theresworsewaystostartaday
innuendo - whoapprovedthis - theresworsewaystostartaday -
jarguellook : Don't know if you noticed, but there are Rainbow Morning O's as well. They are fruity. #clevermarketing
tay_san33 : Ha
conorimurphy : @jarguellook equal opportunities breakfasting
cstill90 : More like #inyourendo
alex_kabalex - moellers - thomasharthull - kawaiitreats1 -
Get your fred calamari, chill friend and and prons here! #whoapprovedthis
whoapprovedthis -
rebeccamandich : How did you not know about this menu change??
shazzaboombazza : Octopus in chill friend sounds amazing!
michelleruthlee : Spacheti and spagnetti sound exotic
carladpayne - ellieteatime - shazzaboombazza - adriennetp93 -
A picture of Edmonton hangs on the side of a building. I guess someone is questioning the camera mans skills. #ohedmonton #messedupdude #whatskills #whoapprovedthis #thecitywillunderstand
ohedmonton - whatskills - thecitywillunderstand - messedupdude - whoapprovedthis -
andredaoust -
Well finally it is official! Now a licensed business! 🎉 #counseling #smallbusiness #owner #goals #whoapprovedthis
owner - counseling - whoapprovedthis - goals - smallbusiness -
ashlieanderson : 👍👏
micheles_web_pages_ : Very best!
socialwolfmedia : Great page. Let us know if you would be interested in getting more sales through Instagram. Our email is info@socialwolfmedia.com
steffonkellman - hlocke84 - ashlieanderson - n_amy_ste -
Oh yeah let's encourage alcoholic binging to your market who are mostly not 21 #VictoriasSecretPink #PinkNation #whoapprovedthis #VictoriasSecret #SpringBreak2015
victoriassecretpink - whoapprovedthis - springbreak2015 - pinknation - victoriassecret - chugmug -
xxsushilovexx : Couldn't just call it a mug 😂 #chugmug
sarahnicoleboo : I just got this email lol. I didn't even think of alcohol, my first thought was "wow! I could drink so much coffee in that!" But that's just me.😂
xxsushilovexx : Lol I mean I'd get it for water, but yeah the marketing just rubbed me the wrong way. VS didn't learn with their Perfect Body campaign so I'm not surprised haha
sarahnicoleboo : Yeah, I didn't even read the name at first I was just like ooh, big cup! But the marketing totally is for alcohol. Like it even says spring break on the mug haha. But yeah, VS isn't the smartest with their ads I guess.
radexposure : But you could chug a lot of things, not just alcoholic drinks. And It doesn't matter what you call it, people are going to put what they want in it.
malleynator - sarahnicoleboo - beccajadej - zoloenkh -
Spotted in the checkout line: the odds on favorite for the valentine that #darlingscotty will sign and seal in front of me in 5 days. He will think it's double hilarious because he bought it at the grocery store. He will then tell me that we are going out to dinner... Next week. And, then will hand me some grocery store cut flowers like they're the prize that they are not. I'm fine with it. We are not Valentine's Day people. I know where his heart is... But, he's smart enough to know that he'd better not show up empty handed. This is where my money lies... This will pass inspection. #lowexpectationsformyvalentine #itsvulgarandikindofhateit #whoapprovedthis #reallife #ifiwasabettinglady
lowexpectationsformyvalentine - darlingscotty - reallifeisbetter - itsvulgarandikindofhateit - reallife - whoapprovedthis - ifiwasabettinglady -
excelsior_interiors : @natalie_ogren smart lady!
excelsior_interiors : @twhackney glad that I can make you laugh.
excelsior_interiors : @chezviviv @shannonwillcutt I'm convinced valentines day is a premarital affair. 😉
excelsior_interiors : @sashajoubert totally tragic. I am on your list... Thanks for including me.
dstudiodeena : I'm a valentine's person - back when I was a single mother, my little one and I would play we were at a fancy restaurant together for Valentine's day (taking turns being the waitress & guest) and make cards together. Hubs and I now usually get something already prepped (crab cakes) to cook for dinner in. He's been trained to know how nice tulips, chocolate & written love are! Write your own day of lovin.
excelsior_interiors : @dstudiodeena that is so incredibly sweet!
twhackney : I'll have to send you a pic- Rhytts got her box of chocolates! LOL ;)
excelsior_interiors : Loved it @twhackney adorable. Per usual!
annaheartstristan - aliolikids - sumnerbdesigns - lakecountryhouse -
This is #honestly in my #yearbook. Nothing at all against the person who quoted it, hence the pixelation, but I nearly died laughing just now and had to share. #stryper #tohellwiththedevil #icant #whoapprovedthis 😂
tohellwiththedevil - whoapprovedthis - honestly - stryper - yearbook - icant -
venusinfurss : In God we trust. In him we must.... Believe!
soundawakeradio : @jefito @mwardlaw5150 @eighte1
nummymuffin : @venusinfurss \m/
soundawakeradio - the_speedforce - kramizz99 - jefito -
REALLY didn't think this one thru, did they??? #squirt #differentmeaning #whoapprovedthis
differentmeaning - squirt - whoapprovedthis -
analysis0refusing : beautiful picture! ☀
glorystarpiper_yoga_hair - shoeninja - lindssnider - nancyjs_12 -
Kim channeled this mermaid for her #rocnationbrunch look. You ain't gotta tell me I'm wrong, i already know. 👎👎👎👎 #kimkardashian #fashionfail #notafan #mermaids #gonewrong #whoapprovedthis #hitormiss #yeornay #punintended #pregrammybrunch #grammys
notafan - yeornay - hitormiss - gonewrong - whoapprovedthis - kimkardashian - pregrammybrunch - mermaids - byefelicia - rocnationbrunch - punintended - fashionfail - grammys -
wetindeyhappun : Nailed it
karolayneclaro_ : @kimkardashian omg lol
ashantenicolestyle : @lusciousliz_ but actually a majority of the people who have commented or liked this picture, are PROFESSIONAL CELEBRITY STYLISTS so no they are not hating, they are educated in fashion, how to dress a woman, and what does and does not work. When you have wide hips, pleats and vertical stripes make you look wider. Since you're still young i will let this go, but try expressing points without profanity. People will hear you better. #byefelicia 👋👋
ashieebrr : @sophiabravo
_cindy_pooh : @chipampemakumba
versedesign : Big 👎👎👎
tamaratarch : Lol this is funny @nanoushh
88gmg88 : 😣😣😣
imvnii_ - kaymariefig - asumonday - versedesign -
Vietnam airlines new uniform.... the blue is cute, purser yellow is like 😳 that neckline is also 😑 #whoapprovedthis #vietnamairlines #uniform #wtf #skyteam #vietnam #vn #vna #tagforlikes #newlook #aodai #saigon #saigonese #melbourne #airline
saigon - tagforlikes - saigonese - vna - skyteam - vn - uniform - newlook - whoapprovedthis - vietnam - airline - wtf - aodai - melbourne - vietnamairlines -
travip : Not so bad but I prefer the red one. R u designing ad for VNA?
flywithdinh : @travip I'm not designing ad for them. Red one is much better l!!
travip : Exactly. Do you have full set? I saw leaked ones months ago but not clear.
flywithdinh : @travip nope, that's all I have. Still don't like it 😟
dkhua : Wow the bottom right pic 😳 is that a scarf?
flywithdinh : @dkhua yes it is 😳
tqt_ahhh : Awful. Such a big corporation, yet not able to hire some designers?!
vnaflyer : Do you know if that's just for cabin crew? Anything for ground staff uniforms?
travip - alextango86 - isaacweihong - lindytwain -
@uglymelbournehouses Top this, I dare you!
heritageoverlay - cityofmaribyrnong - heritageprecinct - melbournearchitecture - architecturalnightmare - whoapprovedthis - maribyrnong - townplanningdisaster - whodesignedthis - uglyarchitecture - buttugly - footscray - whobuiltthis - ugly - architecture - uglystick -
uglymelbournehouses : Can I use this
matelkan : #Footscray #architecture #melbournearchitecture #architecturalnightmare #uglyarchitecture #whodesignedthis #whobuiltthis #whoapprovedthis #maribyrnong #cityofmaribyrnong #heritageprecinct #heritageoverlay #townplanningdisaster #ugly #buttugly #uglystick
matelkan : @uglymelbournehouses Please do!
uglymelbournehouses : @matelkan many thanks
matelkan : @uglymelbournehouses I appreciate the exposure. It's the bookend to a long row of single fronted Victorian cottages. Diabolical.
seedstudio_la : Victoria Street? These have always been horrendous.
skooliki1 : Yuk!
matelkan : Yep, Victoria Street... Such a shame!
jordi_raine - it.was.all.a.dream - thesnowyforest - dlvantinegmail -
Toronto had to take down all these Transit Signs. I don't understand why!? #Haha #WhoApprovedThis #yyc #calgary @985TylerHall
calgary - whoapprovedthis - haha - yyc -
gursharan_bhatti : @_rystal @hk_sandhu
doodledove8 : Omg @mollydollytxox!
mollydollytxox : Omg @doodledove8 I wish I could have seen this in the...flesh? ;)
obvsnotdenika : @_maha_aa_
melissamathies : @rytenhave Hahahah really?!
melissamathies : @justarozzi you'd be the good citizen that approved this.
tidlewave_daze : @quick32_kopi11
_maha_aa_ : Oml @obvsnotdenika
emilylorettasutton - gimp_lyfe - solina_2 - aqua_and_bentley -
Ummm anyone else think this is weird #seehowitruns #randompackaging #cerebos #ishegoingtoeatitalive #betterwithsalt #confuseme #whoapprovedthis
betterwithsalt - whoapprovedthis - seehowitruns - confuseme - cerebos - ishegoingtoeatitalive - randompackaging -
cerebossa : Hope our website can answer your question... www.cerebos.co.za
ericaguerre -
It's okay to say no to Madonna, my G. You're good. You don't need the look... #smh #WhoApprovedThis
whoapprovedthis - smh -
trevgetsbusy : New joint?
saintboogie : Yea @trevgetsbusy. Look for it at your own risk tho
mums_f_bomb : LMAO😂😂😂
trevgetsbusy : Sounds foreboding
mums_f_bomb - 76swagg - trevgetsbusy - justathree -
The city has approved and started working on paving our #frisbeefield to make a parking lot. Mind you further north is plenty of parking space for all willing to walk a BIT! We made a sign #politeProtesting #doingourpart #haveheart #DONTPAVEPARADISE #whoapprovedthis #sadday #whenwasthemeeting #whywasinotinvited
dontpaveparadise - whenwasthemeeting - frisbeefield - haveheart - whoapprovedthis - whywasinotinvited - politeprotesting - doingourpart - sadday -
imma._.leo._.02 : #disrespect
12meli13 : You need the house with 1.5acre #privateland #noasphalt
12meli13 : A society is defined not only by what it creates, but by what it refuses to destroy-John Sawhill
iamaswanbell : In olathe? I know a guy you can call.
jenraeblades : @iamaswanbell Really? Do you think it is too late. They are already digging?
iamaswanbell : If they're already digging it might be too late but you can at least get some answers? Or if there really are a lot of people in the area that are upset then maybe there's a chance they can stop digging? Change plans? Not super likely but you never know? I'd call/email Larry and at least ask.
iamaswanbell : It sucks you didn't know about this ahead of time. 😣
deedoe64 : #ANGELTEEN. Politics Nation Baby!
iamaswanbell - cinni_mae - callieweber - charlyjlidzy -
Ummmmmmm #values #chicken #icant #whoapprovedthis #wholefoods @benjaminhamilton
chicken - values - whoapprovedthis - icant - wholefoods -
benjaminhamilton - peterponyclement - mattnasser - barbieryan -
What. The. Fuck Nationwide. #NationwideWantsToKillYourKids #WhoApprovedThis
nationwidewantstokillyourkids - whoapprovedthis -
frenchietoast - littlelionsmane - yeanice - sedaozkurtkaya -
Jesus took a TURN in my life... He took the whole entire vehicle and just redirected. This style lobotomy that took place between now and then. #FlashBackFriday #FBF #Deliveredt #Transformation #GetYourJokesOut #WhyDidntAnyoneStopMe #WhoThoughtThisWasOk #WhoApprovedThis #TBT on #Friday #weightloss
whothoughtthiswasok - deliveredt - friday - tbt - whydidntanyonestopme - whoapprovedthis - fbf - getyourjokesout - weightloss - flashbackfriday - transformation -
heyprettytiffany : I love it
wesleylately : 😂😂😂😂😂
beautifully507 : But that lining was still fresh!!
harlemkai : 😭😭
beautybylondyn : Either one is cute
redsanatomi : Bilbo, is that you?
truegracelovelina : Giggle 😩😩
truegracelovelina : The flip phone Lololol
kuterastakwesi - brandon_akai - chocolate_cola_dime - whoa_elly -
Nobody F's with dinosaurs especially a T Rex wielding a sword on FIREEEE. #jurrasicpark4#flamingfridays#whoapprovedthis
whoapprovedthis - jurrasicpark4 - flamingfridays -
ruelastang - jevnjem0811 - july_o95 - amc5091 -
I'm not sure what that guy in the middle is holding or why he has such a demented look on his face but if I was that lady answering the door I'd call the police. #wtf #whoapprovedthis #badalbumcovers
whoapprovedthis - badalbumcovers - wtf -
sarah_virginia_ - hoodrat_666 - coalcreekboys - signsofmadness -
look, bb. it's the toms swingers club! #whoapprovedthis #hangloose #infullswing #swingbothways #swinglowsweetchariot #hangmeuptodry #canwekickit @raveonhunx
hangmeuptodry - swingbothways - infullswing - swinglowsweetchariot - canwekickit - whoapprovedthis - hangloose -
jnetk : 😂😂😂👍
anthonysoike - sml1825 - stjuliet - salpytalian -
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