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Bitch u guessed it #lafamilia #french #ZDG #mafia #whitecross
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axelromanillos : Sisi
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#Homemadebread #charcuterie #partytime #christmasparty #christmasmenu #johndoekitchen #jdk #oldstreet #whitecross #shoreditch
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Happy Thursday - may a burrito be the fix to banish this hangover #buritto #whitecross #Christmas #sorehead
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Сочные краски от канадского бренда #whitecross уже в магазине #uniteduniforms #юнайтедюниформс
юнайтедюниформс - whitecross - uniteduniforms -
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Любимые покупатели!В предверии Нового Года представляем вам наш новый канадский бренд! Бренд со столетней историей!#whitecross удивительное разнообразие моделей и принтов вас приятно удивят! Будь идеальной в Новом Году!!#юнайтедюниформс #uniteduniforms
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#valleyoffire #whitecross #grave
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#partytime #christmasmenu #christmasparty #johndoekitchen #jdk #oldstreet #whitecross #shoreditch
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tallcrooks : Amazing :)
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Day 31 (hospital)- I am awaken by someone banging on the door. Dawn:Wake up!! Her and the doctor walk in. He walks over to me and takes out my iv. Dawn then throws a pair of scrubs at me. Dawn:put them on and head down the hall. I will tell you what to do. They both walk out and shut the door. I take off the hospital gown then put on the scrubs. I walk out the door. Down the hall as i walk down the hall I see Scarlett in a room i quickly walk in the room to check on her. Me:Scarlett? She is badly wounded i hear someone coming so i quickly hide. DoctorE:I dont know if she is gonna make it dawn. Dawn:Uhh what about the other girl?!! DoctorE:She is in the same condition as her. Very critical. Just then a guy walks in to check on her. Dawn:What are you doing in here Carter? Carter:I just wanted to check on her. I brought her some food. Dawn:fine then feed her then get out. Dawn and the Doctor leave. Carter goes over to Scarlett and wakes her up. Carter:Um Hi im carter do you want some food? Scarlett:Where am i?! Carter: A hospital. Scarlett:How did i get here!!? Scarlett begins to panic. Carter: It okay settle down. He holds her hand. Carter: its fine i will take care of you. He then begins to feed her. Scarlett:Thanks? ! Carter:Your welcome. Im glad i could help. Um i guess i will see you later. He then leaves and Scarlett lays back down. I hesitate whether or not i should tell her im also here. I walk out from behind the curtain. I slowly and quietly walk out the door. I see dawn and i head to her. Dawn:Where have you been? We looked everywhere for you! Your dumbass even missed lunch! Me: I was in my room. She then slaps me. Dawn: Dont you dare lie to me! JACKIE! come over here and get this girl to work. A girl with boots on comes over and grabs my arm and pulls me towards her. Jackie:First things first dont lie to her okay! You gotta be smart.
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fanfic_writer_thewalkingdead : Me:She didnt have to hit me! She better watch her back imma.... Jackie:Shh she is gonna hear you. Come on follow me. We walk down a dark hallway and through some double doors. As we walk through there is tons of bodies. Jackie:We gotta throw all these down that elevator shaft. I walk over to the shaft and look down it. Me:Oh my!! Jackie:I know its terrible... we gotta get to work. We walk over to the pile of bodies then she grabs the head and i grab the feet. We throw the bodies down the shaft. A girl with bruises on her face walks in. Jackie:Um hey Evelynn. You okay? Evelynn:Uhhh... ya... do yall n.eed... help? Jackie:Ya sure we could use the help. Me:Hi im Alexis. Evelynn:uh hhh.hi im.. Evelynn. We continue to throw the bodies down the shaft.
fanfic_writer_thewalkingdead : The doctor and beth bring in another body. They throw it in the pile for us to dump. Beth: uhh im gonna help them okay? DoctorE:Okay? The doctor walks out. We continue to move the bodies and talk. Beth: Hey. Its almost time for dinner. Jackie:uh im Starving! Me:ya me too we then notice Evelynn getting nauseous. Me:Evelynn? Are you okay? Evelynn:ya i just need to sit down. We walk her over to a chair and sit her down. We fan her with air. Me:Better? Evelynn:ya thanks. Just then dawn walks in Dawn:What is this?! Dawn pushes us all away from Evelynn. Dawn:You listen here little girl your gonna work until the work is done. Got it!! She slaps Evelynn. I walk over to dawn to pull her away from Evelynn. Me:Leave her alone! Dawn back hands me and pushes me away. Jackie helps me up. Dawn pushes me back down. Dawn:Let her get up herself. She then pushes jacke away from me. Matt walks in and says its time for Dinner. Dawn walks out. I wipe the tears off of my face. Jackie:Thanks Matt. She goes over and kisses him. Then they help me up. Me:Evelynn? Come on lets go eat. Evelynn:Okay. We all walk to the cafeteria. Dawn stops us. Dawn:Evelynn, Jackie, and Alexis. Go to yalls room no food for yall. We all look at eachother and walk back to our rooms. I open the door to my room. Then i shut it. I look in the mirror at my scars from abusive dawn. I then begin to cry. Im starving and my face hurts. I go and lay down on the bed and cry my self to sleep.
fanfic_writer_thewalkingdead : #thewalkingdead #fanfiction #taken #hospital #whitecross #iseverybodygone #abusivedawn #elevatorshaft
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fanfic_writer_thewalkingdead : @pinkk_sunshine thanks glad you like it is the name Carter okay? Lol
pinkk_sunshine : I like it a lot actually
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Nanny: Mr. 10 hasn't been feeling to well since yesterday was home early from school today and now we are waiting to see the Dr. #Nanny #NannyLife #NannyVentures #SickChild #DrVisit #WhiteCross
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wrapitupglobal : Oh no hope he'll be ok!
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theshiftisbeauty : Amazing! :) would you be open to try our new "try before you buy" model...It's completely risk free, we need reviews on the process and i know your input would be very helpful :)
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/IFHY - Tyler The Creator/ #weird #webpunk #bazaart #nofilter #whitecross #sfs
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itsjustahphase : Cool
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Day 30 (Church) Toddd pov-Everything happend so fast before they took them they hit me and i knocked out.once i woke up i took off running back to the church. On the way back to the church i didnt see Daryl anymore. Where could he be? I cant believe those people took My friends! What am i suppose to do now. I finnaly approach the church door and i push it open as hard as i could. Peter:Dang man where have you been? Its late! Amanda:umm what happened to your face? Todd:They took them! Rick:What? Who is they? Todd: I dont know these men just came by us with their car and took all the girls.
whitecross - church - taken - hospital - fanfiction - thewalkingdead - iseverybodygone -
fanfic_writer_thewalkingdead : Abraham:Dammit! RICK THIS IS WHY I WANTED TO LEAVE YESTERDAY! ! Things keep getting worse! ! Desree:What about Daryl? Todd:I dont know he is gone too! Adrian:what kind of car was it? Todd:uhh i dont know it was umm black and had a uhh white uhh i dont remember. I sit down and cover my face. Jojo:wait! Amanda remember that car that took Beth! ? Amanda:oh ya it was black too. Jojo:It had a CROSS on the back! Todd:ya... thats it! It had a cross on the back of it! Tom:who would just take people like that? Abraham:i dont know but we are leaving to Washington now!! Peter:We cant leave now especially when our people are getting Abraham walks towards the door. Todd:We gotta find them! We need your help! Abraham: No im leaving now. Before my people get hurt! Abraham grabs Eugene and Rosita and they head out the door. Maggie and Glenn follows. Jojo:wait i will go too! Adrian:no! Dont go please! Jojo:imma go too okay! Adrian:fine then im coming too! Tara also agrees to go with Abraham. We all walk out side. Saying our goodbyes. They all load up on the bus. Then we watch the bus drive off until we can no longer see it. All of us who is left head back inside. I go and sit on the pews. Todd:What now? What are we gonna do. Just then a guy comes in. Guy:Who took my bus!? Peter:some of our people.  They are gonna go to Washington.  Guy:uhh where am i suppose to sleep now?  Gabriel:Im sorry Dillon i didnt know thats where you slept.
fanfic_writer_thewalkingdead : Dillon:ya right?! First you lock everyone out. Now you are pulling me in? Im gonna go sleep in a tree or something.  Dillon walks to the door. Todd:wait i need your help. I need everyones help. Dillon:For what?  Todd:A bunch of our friends were taken. Dillon:Taken? By what?  Todd:i dont know these people in a black car. The car has a cross on the back of it. Dillon:Hmm how many of your friends were taken?  Todd:uhhh Alyssa, Alexis, Kyliegrace, Scarlett Then i have no idea where Daryl or Carol went. It all happened so fast. Dillon:its too dark to go look now. We see what we will do tommorow.  Todd:Thanks Dillon.
fanfic_writer_thewalkingdead : I sit down on the floor and Peter walks over to me. Peter:Dont worry we will get them back. Todd:I hope so. Peter:We will find them. Todd:But now there is even less of us. Everyone either left or got taken. Amanda:Oh Todd you still got us. Then Rick, Michonne, Sasha, Tyreese, Carl, cherry,Sarah Jane and Felix. Todd:ya  i know but i want everyone here. Everybody is gone!  There were so many of us now we only have so many. Amanda:dont worry we will all get back together again. Peter:ya as one big group. I smile a little. Todd:Im tired i have a headache. Before i go to sleep Sarah jane and felix stitch up my wound on my head. Todd:Thanks guys. Felix:No problem man. Sarah Jane:Thats what we are here for. I tell everyone night then i lay down. Hoping everyone is okay.
fanfic_writer_thewalkingdead : #thewalkingdead #fanfiction #taken #hospital #whitecross #iseverybodygone #church
fanfic_writer_thewalkingdead : @pewdiepie_is_the_bae_fnaf @dixonbrothers_ @obey.cherry @twdlukentine @pinkk_sunshine @michonnebby @thebig_dixon @twd_brighton_gymnast @twdg_is_life @walkingdeadfan_xo
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This photo makes me happy 🎄🎅🎁🎉 @naomibentley @georgeridgway #friends #christmas #drinks #mulledwine #happy #cute #loveyou #santa #whitecross
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Baby it's cold outside ❄️🎄🌟🌙🌀⛄️ #christmas #drinks #babyitscoldoutside #frosty #whitecross #richmond
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I hate wx so much 😂😂 fifth and final school, ending my education on a low👌👌 #iwish #school #schoolsucks #hate #padsbrat #army #child #wx #whitecross #lfl #doubletap
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Ahhh crap... Beth, no!!! >-< Was out and this is what I see... #walkingdead #twd #bethgreene #maggiegreene #glenn #rickgrimes #carlgrimes #whitecross #daryldixon #daryl #amc #amctwd #atlanta #walkers #rotters #donttrustthem #keeptheminyourperrifs
daryldixon - rickgrimes - glenn - walkingdead - rotters - amc - bethgreene - amctwd - walkers - keeptheminyourperrifs - donttrustthem - atlanta - whitecross - maggiegreene - twd - carlgrimes - daryl -
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Simple Saturday: How difficult it is to be simple. -Vincent Van Gogh To be simple is no small matter. -Gustave Flaubert It is not a daily increase, but a daily decrease. Hack away at the inessentials. -Bruce Lee Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains. -Steve Jobs ... the grandeur of God reveals itself through simple things -Paulo Coelho
simplicity - squarecross - rosary - minimalist - simple - whitewoods - redcross - jesus - simplify - woodrosary - prayer - whitewood - meditation - whitecross - inspiration - faith - beads - yoga - pray - god - praytherosary - cross - christian - pure - minimalism - woodbeads - wallrosary - purewhite -
acrossaday : #simple #simplicity #simplify #pure #purewhite #rosary #wallrosary #whitewood #whitewoods #cross #pray #prayer #praytherosary #whitecross #redcross #squarecross #faith #god #inspiration #meditation #yoga #woodbeads #beads #woodrosary #god #jesus #christian #minimalism #minimalist
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Visit our Gallery , beautiful selection of Cross and mala beads #cross#malabeads#bali #cafe#baliblogger #interiordesign #whitewall#whitecross #bungalowgallery
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Paul 'Don' Smith Street Art #streetart #graffiti #art #stallone #rikmayall #royallmayall #marilynmonroe #mizztwisted #whitecross #london
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#aranha #spider #whitecross #orbweaver #gardenspider #araneusdiadematus #female #web #teia #prey #sun #natureza #nature #animal #alentejo #praiadagale #portugal
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_a_pat_ : Nice! 😊
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#aranha #spider #whitecross #orbweaver #gardenspider #araneusdiadematus #female #web #teia #sun #flare #nature #natureza #animal #alentejo #praiadagale #portugal
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#whitecross #grimupnorth
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About to #food up @ #whitecross St market.
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#РУССКИЙДОКТОР с гордостью представляет самый популярный бренд медицинской одежды из Канады - WHITE CROSS!!! 👏👏👏 Вам непременно понравится качество НОВОГО бренда,стильные топы с принтами и комфортные однотонные модели!!! 👍👍👍 Эластичные, практически невесомые ткани со спандексом,мягкий 100% хлопок, удобные модели со вставками из хлопкового трикотажа, безупречные строчки, большое количество моделей в размере XXS(38).💎⭐️😃 Больше информации на нашем сайте: www.russiandoc.ru #russiandoctor #первый#мультибрендовыйбутик #доктор #врач #ветеринар #медсестра #медицинскаяодежда #whitecross#scrubs
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aibolit26 : Где можно купить в Краснодаре
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zarubina158 : Средняя цена костюма, классического. Размер 50-52. Муж.???
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Today was a good day. :-) cross your fingers! #IHSV #ΣΧ #SigmaChi #Selfie #WhiteCross #OOTD #Me #GQ #Fashion #SantaMonica
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thatboyshaver : I like that badge, brother. In hoc from houston
real_cw : @thatboyshaver wore it today during the interview and I felt the brotherhood with me. In hoc, Brother!
getdeclan : Very nice
real_cw : Thanks @getdeclan
midnightxxrider : @real_cw That's that SEXY CHOCOLATE!!!!
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midnightxxrider : @real_cw I miss you sexy @$$!!
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Pink Infinity Scarf with White Crosses $8.99 #Pink #InfinityScarf #WhiteCross #White #Cross #infinity #scarf #Pink #PinkScarf #ExpressionsByBerryCo #ExpressionsBBC
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Feel so naked without them #nailsonfleek #nailsbyada #black #matte #fresh #whitecross
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marli203 : Did u make my appointment 😡😡
princess___jojo : Yes woman @marli203
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princess___jojo : Welcomes ....#Pll tonight tho
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princess___jojo : No clocks change so it now start
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Volleyball christmas dinner 🎄❤️ #lancaster #volleyball #christmas #dinner #whitecross #exec #team #love
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drelondonent : Great Pic!🙌
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First step=done! Woo! #whitecross #rubikscube #icandoit
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Christmas wall art reindeer & cross , all handmade in Bali #bungalowcafe #bungalowgallery christmasdecorations#whitecross#thebaliguideline#cangguchronicles#shoppinginbali #loveteal
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Look at that face!! #tessa #mommasgirl #babygirl #whitecross
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andreans11 -
Day 30 (Hospital)- I wake up with a terrible headache. I sit up and look around me. I then look down and see im connected to an iv. Where am i? What is this place? Just then i hear the door i quickly lay back down and pretend im asleep. I hear the voice of a man and a woman. Woman:Hello? She shakes me. I slowly rub my eyes and open them. Woman:My name is Dawn. This is Doctor Edwards. The doctor comes over and flashes the light in my eyes. Doctor:emm She still looks like she is in shock. Me:in shock? Dawn:yes we found you in a tunnel under a bridge. Me:A bridge.... in a tunnel? Dawn:Yes you were pretty shaken up when we found you.
whitecross - taken - hospital - fanfiction - thewalkingdead - iseverybodygone -
fanfic_writer_thewalkingdead : Beth quickly shuts the door. She runs over to me and we hug. Me:i cant believe it your alive! Beth:ya.. but you have to pretend you dont know me okay? Me:Okay. Beth:who else is here? Me:umm well when we got here they pulled Alyssa and i out of the car. Then i dont know what happened to Carol. Then two girls that we met along the way Kylie grace and Scarlett. Beth:I havent seen them but... me:But what? Beth:Kyliegrace and Scarlett are in critical condition. They were beaten pretty bad when they got here. Me:what! Those... Assholes!! They beat them! They dont think i remember but i do!! Beth:i know but here you gotta fake it to make it. I better go okay? I dont wanna get hit again. Me:they hit you? Beth looks down at the ground. Beth:They hit everybody. She quickly leaves out of the door. Oh man how am i gonna get out of here?! I lay back down on the bed and think of a plan to escape.
fanfic_writer_thewalkingdead : #thewalkingdead #fanfiction #taken #hospital #whitecross #iseverybodygone
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#graffiti #polymer #whitecross
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