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What even is this #recordstoreday haul. #cds #broadsword #whitebloodcells #lungs #moulinrouge #oracularspectacular #music #fatm #mgmt #whitestripes #jethrotull
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whoisdidier : Mgmt is life πŸ™Œ
seventhhousemoon : @whoisdidier Clearly the only record missing from my convertible CD deck. :D
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Welcome to the limited edition 180g family, Satan. #TheWhiteStripes #DeStijl #WhiteBloodCells #Elephant #GetBehindMeSatan #IckyThump #vinyl #RecordStoreDay #RSD #RecordStoreDay2015 #RSD2015
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lilieds : Wow! πŸ™ŒπŸ»
rainsonmysoul : πŸ˜±πŸ‘πŸ»
littlehurricano : Vixi πŸ’’πŸ‘ŠπŸ’’
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waruchacha : OmgπŸ™€πŸ™€πŸ™€πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯
guzchelovek : Did you see already Under Amazonian Lights?!
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Found a #WhiteBloodCells by #TheWhiteStripes going for AU$250 at Utopia Records. Owner said it was an original red pressing. #JackWhite #MegWhite #vinyl didn't get my copy of #GetBehindMeSatan here as they were understocked but the owner was head over heels when he found a Stripes fan!
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The White Stripes make working late on friday more bearable. #whitebloodcells #workingclass
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Being handed free coffee samples is always a good thing #photo #selfie #me #sorryforthehashtagsentences #sorryformyface #filter #filtersmakemelooklessfugly #checkeredshirt #poppunktrash #beavisandbutthead #cult #cartoon #thewhitestripes #jackwhite #megwhite #lyrics #wearegonnabefriends #album #whitebloodcells #dontkillaliens #feedthebears #eatallhumans #blamethatdarnsquirrel
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88royal : Thank's following!
autumnthorson : OMG nice beavis and butthead shirt!!!!
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And now #whitebloodcells #whitestripes
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#selfless#whitebloodcells#protectyoursadass#behappytheyreherebitch #25billion #loveyourcells
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janiececchi : Cool πŸ‘Œ I enjoy it πŸ‘πŸŽΆ
enamoredbyjackwhite : LOVE!❀️❀️❀️
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jack white ain't messing around. its stupid that i never took the time to learn chords. what the fuck is a D5 again ? #whitestripes #deadleavesandthedirtyground #guitarcover #fenderguitar #telecaster #guitar #whitebloodcells #ifyoucanhearapianofall #youcanhearmecomingdownthehall
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fellowplectrums : Nice!
thinkilostmyheadache : thanks ! remind me to check out your picks by the way :D @fellowplectrums
young_turnip : AWEW
faulknermusic : how did you do this?
adamprabata : Great tone dude!! Keep it up! Check my guitar cover too!
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My humble little White Stripes LP collection, all sealed. ...Yes, I'm an asshole and I'm going to do the same thing with Get Behind Me Satan; stare at the cover and nothing more 😜. The White Stripes - Elephant LPs are all the US V2/TMR issues, Icky Thump and Under Great White Northern Lights are TMR/Warner. I do have an open UGWNR that I think I'll sell so someone can enjoy it, I've only played the 7" from it maybe 3 times at most. #thewhitestripes #whitestripes #v2music #v2 #jackwhite #megwhite #elephant #whitebloodcells #destijl #ickythump #undergreatwhitenorthernlights #vinyl #vinylporn #vinyligclub #vinyljunkie #vinylcollector #vinylcommunity #vinylcollection #record #boxset #vinylnerd #recordnerd #thirdmanrecords #tmr
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juno_bliss : wait, we are suppose to open up our sealed records? wtf, no one told me! i play the songs on my phone whilst i dance the sealed record around...its like theyre performing live right there in front of me.
prelude_to_sound : So jealousπŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜“
mrkevinchristopher : @juno_bliss What? I've been doing it wrong this whole time! I thought you were supposed to put the sealed record on the turntable's dust cover and play the music that projects it self into the slipmat. 🎢⚑️I mean, I thought this was the future and all...πŸ˜’
alease_newyork : Stunning ! Check my profile 🎢! : Do you at least buy two of everything?
mrkevinchristopher : sadly not for these, the V2 pressings were bought 11-12 years ago when I was in school. I'm surprised I didn't sell them for rent like I did other LPs. : Man I used to collect useless garbage like baseball cards when i was little. Wish I was more like you. Way to go.
mrkevinchristopher : Haha, I had those as well as well as comics. Most of the ones I had aren't even worth the cover price, even today. Those price guides were a lie!
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I fell in love with a song... #IFellInLoveWithAGirl #TheWhiteStripes #WhiteBloodCells
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This is #neupogen. This is my #friend. This is the last #shot of the season. Yes!!! No more poking until next month! Go #whitebloodcells!!! #fucksarcomas #fuckcancer #cancersucks #breastcancer #breastsarcomaawareness #sarcomassuck
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breast_cancer_sucks14 : Congrats!
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Productive little Wednesday by friday it'll be world domination. #justsayin #anybodywantickyplasma #mgisme #mg #PLEX #plasmapheresis #plasmaexchange #spoonie #myastheniagravis #myasthenia #apheresis #plasma #calcium #electrolytes #magnesium #fibrinogen #anemia #redbloodcells #RBCs #WBCs #whitebloodcells #chronicillness
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bekmobley : Hang in there!!!
katljah : Feel better!!
rachel_engler : @bekmobley @katljah thanks ladies!! πŸ’ƒ
keepinitrealkk : Just got my weekly #plex yesterday. Go @rachel_engler Go!!
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Replenishing my #whitebloodcells #iron #lentilsoup #yummy #healthy
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#JackWhite #blunderbuss #lazaretto #thewhitestripes #getbehindmesatan #whitebloodcells #ickythump #elephant #destijl
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#whitebloodcells #vscocam #vsco #quote
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Your mouth said this never But your fingers have shown me That your head is so clever You claim that you own me Forever... Obsessed with this song! #TheWhiteStripes #Expecting #WhiteBloodCells
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“Soft hair and a velvet tongue, I want to give you what you give to me. And every breath that is in your lungs is a tiny little gift to me..." #thewhitestripes #whitebloodcells #deadleavesandthedirtyground #hotelyorba #fellinlovewithagirl #weregoingtobefriends #jackwhite #megwhite #vinyl #vinyladdict #vinyljunkie #vinylcollection #nowspinning #thirdmanrecords
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alease_newyork : What a beautiful pic ! You can visit my link πŸ”₯
aj_martin_ : πŸ‘
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Let the body do what its meant to do!!! ✊
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befreedee9508 : #fevers #whitebloodcells #bodiessoldiers #itsagoodthing #dontstopit #appreciateit #bodysinnateintel #bodiesareamazing #trustit
befreedee9508 : #americanacademyofpediatrics
feebee211 : Riley has had a fever since yesterday. This morning it was 103.1 and she was shivering. That doesn't sound normal to me.
befreedee9508 : Her body is getting hot to kill what ever invader is in her body she's making more white blood cells because of it which are the cells that help kill harmful invaders no one said its pretty but as long as she's staying hydrated and well rested and eating n drinking whatever nutrition she can she will be okay ✊ @feebee211
befreedee9508 : @feebee211 if you're afraid its becoming too high u can rub a washcloth with rubbing alcohol over her forehead back of neck n armpits or the natural way would be a peppermint oil/water spray
feebee211 : If prefer the peppermint oil. It's toxic putting rubbing alcohol on their skin.
befreedee9508 : @feebee211 I agree but figured I'd give you the option lol a bottle of 250drops (15ml) is I believe about $20 put a few drops in a water bottle with water n spray her down it makes the skin feel really cold though lol good for headaches allergies bugs respiratory a bunch of stuff ✊ but believe it or not alcohol and other toxins are in all skin products and other things we use daily so if fever does spike n u don't have pep oil a little alc on the neck n pits won't hurt her.. Hope u all recover quickly!! Xox
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Part I: Update on Klara, here she is eating a few minutes ago. πŸ’— • • Sorry for the late update, we've been keeping an eye on Klara since Friday happened, with the fainting spell, or whatever that was, because we don't know. She's been recovering slowly, but she's better than she was on Friday. She went outside a couple of minutes ago because she wanted to πŸ’—, she's eaten, she came onto her bed on the sofa and licked herself, and now she's laid down to sleep. • • When the fainting spell happened she needed to sleep more but she still went to the bathroom and ate. She's needed more rest now since her energy is not where it was before Friday but she is at least acting better 🐾. Her ear is the thing that is REALLY bothering and the discharge coming from the ear makes her ear shake most of the time. Even if she tries to play a little her ear prevents her 😣. Most of the time her eyes are half open, but she is able to open them fully if she's interested or if her ear is not bothering her much, which is rare. • • We couldn't take Klara to the vet on Saturday because no one had openings in appointments... We plan on taking her tomorrow, Monday, hopefully, to get an ultrasound, which is about $300, to see if her uterus is infected since the X-rays that we did this week didn't show anything as everything looked good. And this is possible only because of everyone who has shared and donated πŸ˜½πŸ’—β€. • • What we want to do is have the surgery for her ear to get her ear mass removed. But we won't know what needs to be done and what steps need to taken until the ultrasound. We also hope that her white blood cells have gone down but we'll see. Hopefully we can get answers... It's very frustrating and we feel so bad for Klara, she's our little fighter πŸ’—β€. • Thank you to everyone who has shared, donated, and given well wishes. Thank you all so very much πŸ’—πŸΎ!!! We really really need to save our baby. • • We have a PayPal and we just set up a GOFUNDME, the link is in the bio ( We are thinking of setting up a youcaring account since that website does not take any money away but you can check the amount donated. Part II continues in comment section.
klarakikiriki : @lily_and_scout and thank you for thinking about the light of our lives.
lovelynana417 : Good luck sweetie! I did donate again to your PayPal account through my brothers. Hope I can do more to help your babyπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ
klarakikiriki : @lovelynana417 thank you so very much 😿, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We hope that the test comes back negative, we pray.
lovelynana417 : You're very welcome dear, I really hope she gets better very soon! Sending prayers and loveπŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
mojossm : She has an appetite is great! 😺❀ :)
gordon_fiv_cat : We are thinking of you KlaraπŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’›
klarakikiriki : @gordon_fiv_cat thank you πŸ˜½β€πŸ’—.
jreiley92 : So happy she is eating!!!' πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
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Dead Leaves and The Dirty Ground - The White Stripes #awesome #alternative #jackwhite #megwhite #whitestripes #whitebloodcells #deadleaves #dirtyground #fender #jazzmaster #2001 #2002 #thirdmanrecords
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Gramofon juΕΌ czeka na to cudeΕ„ko πŸ’ŽπŸ’– #thewhitestripes #whitebloodcells #birthday #gift #vinyl 😍🎼🎁
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hotplatters : πŸ‘Œ
stevekouta : Killer album πŸ‘
alease_newyork : Wonderful shotπŸ‘Œ You definitely should check my profile 😍
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🚩🐾GUYS PLEASE HELP, ASAP.🐾🚩(earlier tonight)• • Klara just had what seemed to have been a seizure maybe fainting, but she was just limp and then she came to be after 30 seconds, we gave her CPR also 😿. So Klara was just laying down, sitting, and all of a sudden she started to lean sideways and kind of going into herself and then she went limp. When we tried picking her up she was limp. • • We cannot go to an emergecy vet since we do not have the money. We do not have any more saving and we do not have jobs since I am a full time college student and my sister has health issues of her own. We have collected $245 through PayPal and I transfered it two days ago to my bank, thank goodness I did this since our last vet appointment, which was on Tuesday (April 7), was $406... That ate all of out savings up. • • The vets think she might have elevated white blood cells due to the mass in her ear or because she is not spayed (because of our parents) they think it might be Pyometra which is an infection of the uterus and is life thretaning if surgery is not performed as soon as possible. We had another vet say that doing those surgeries with her white blood cell levels is very dangerous. We don't know what to do. • • We are planning on taking Klara to the vet in the morning at a different vet hospital to get a second opinion and to see what we can do. We would really appreciate it if you could donate to help us with being able to continue her vet care and see what's possible for her. • • Once we have any information we will update you guys. We'll provide the information for the vet(s) place or places, depending on what we decide to do in case you would want to donate there. • • Thank you to everyone who has shared, donated, and given well wishes πŸ’—πŸΎ! We really really need to save our baby. • We have a PayPal and we just set up a GOFUNDME, the link is in the bio ( To donate go to and click on SEND at the top of the page. Our e-mail is 🌟 🌟. • • { #Klara #radiocat #radioactiveiodine #i131 #radioactiveiodinetreatment #radioactivecat #hyperthyroid #hyperthyroidism #bloodresults #bloodwork #wbc }
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maggisenbaggis : @klarakikiriki how are are you feeling today? Klaraβ™‘ we keep our pawz X for youz and sending lotz of β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘.Spike & Skarven. Our non furry mumz donated for da vet bill.
mork_moskin : High levels of neutrophils are a sure indication of acute infection and maybe stress. Have they checked for leukemia? Leaky mass in her ear sounds like it might be infected. If it is pyrometra it needs to be dealt with asap!! Surgery may have a risk associated with it but not treating her could be alot worse. Appeal to the new vet that you have limited financial resources and ask if they will work out a payment plan for you.
mork_moskin : Please keep us posted. Me and my humans will hope and pray for the best.
thegreatcharlesby : We just donated, I wish you luck!
klarakikiriki : @mork_moskin will do and hopefully we can get some answers. πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
klarakikiriki : @thegreatcharlesby oh my goodness, thank you from the bottom of our hearts πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—.
nylahx : Wishing you good luck with klara and I'm always here for you! I'll donate if I can!
klarakikiriki : @nylahx thank you so much πŸ’—β€.
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And if there's anything good about me, I'm the only one who knows...
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frixfrixfrix : #thewhitestripes #whitestripes #whitebloodcells #jackwhite #thirdmanrecords #vinyl #recordclub
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Ugh not the greatest, but I'm doing my best with this stupid phone. Fuck Samsung god dammit. #jackwhite #megwhite #thewhitestripes #whitebloodcells #icantwait
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° Sometimes when you love an album so much, mainly because of who gave it to you.πŸ’œ _____________________ #WhiteStripes #JackWhite #vinyljunkie #vinyl #vinylrecords #instavinyl #NowSpinning #WhiteBloodCells
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recordbuff : Sick album Paige
tylermaine : "when you're in your little room & you're working on something good, but if it's really good, you're going to need a bigger room. & when you're in your bigger room, you might not know what to do. you might have to think of how you got started sitting in your little room"
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Cookie lab #whitebloodcells #vtihouston
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Paper dot art album cover. #Ericatiptondesigns #Pixelart #thewhitestripes #whitebloodcells
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Akhirnyaaa ~ #biology #microtechnique #redbloodcells #whitebloodcells #protozoa #animal #cytology
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Every body needs a hero.
leukoman - superhero - immunesystem - stickers - leukocytes - whitebloodcells -
bhavika_aggarwal : #superhero #leukoman #leukocytes #whitebloodcells #immunesystem #stickers
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Is there antibody out there? πŸ˜‚ #biology #biologyislife #immunity #whitebloodcells #lymphocytes #proteins #antigen #tcell #thymus #science #humour #helper #stimulates #bcell #chemically
science - proteins - biology - tcell - humour - antigen - thymus - whitebloodcells - biologyislife - helper - lymphocytes - bcell - chemically - immunity - stimulates -
kyogemarauder : @blindbankerstwin
hanah____ : @littlemacktruck063
carito328i : I love it! Lol
asmashakir : @farrrrrahhh
nursenicole911 : II Gg
snareliveshere : @anjalijayy @serenaluke_ @unicornninja__ @alexiejoyyy
emmashmashshmash : @katlovejoy πŸ’˜
ghazaalehkarimi : @mehdi_mivehchi
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