Bixby (the sweetest dog ever) and Mike came to the cafe! Super awesome treat this morning! Check their cause out! 😍 #wheresbixby
wheresbixby -
wheresbixby - andreablitz805 - britt554 - iheartmullets -
Opened my April issue of Bay Woof and was excited to see a feature on @wheresbixby! I met Bixby and Mike at the Pet Expo in January. I loved hearing about their journey across the US and mission to promote adoption awareness. I can't find the article online so just visit #kthxbi #adoptdontshop #wheresbixby #sheltersfirst #shelterpets
kthxbi - shelterpets - wheresbixby - adoptdontshop - sheltersfirst -
dogneydangerfield - kellyacurtin - o0hjeeez - priskillamania -
#wheresbixby @mercychurch #greatestlovecontest
greatestlovecontest - wheresbixby -
libertybenedict : ❤️
snavy805 : I vote for Mike and Bixby!
charliepuppito : @wheresbixby Hi Bixby! My mamz read about your story in Bay Woof. She loved it. She wants is to be buds. ✌️
stellatheprettyfrenchie - lpa_101 - sockdrawer - jim_aproberts -
Good morning world. We are good and not letting some Ruffin' Barkhole get us down. He was a homeless guy and apparently a bad one at that. My human came out and confronted him, but I told him not to throw punches as we dont want any chances that we would go to jail. Im very quick and nimble and so I was totally fine and I think publically shaming this bad human is a better than fists flying. That being said, if he does anything like this again...all bets are off. Its one thing to mess with me or Chicken Charlie, bit you mess with my human and my teeth will come out. #wheresbixby
wheresbixby -
saylorrose : Was this in Slo? 😡 I'm pissed.
jessgraaf : Someone like that deserves to be homeless.
sunshinefactory427 : So happy all of you are ok! ❤️❤️❤️
lauren_heath_bar : Thank you so much for this update! Had you guys in my thoughts all night!!! ♡♡♡
rjpetersbeard : Glad you guys are okay! I was worried about yall last night.
momento_mori_radler : If i was there i would have gone to jail! So glad Bixby is ok
tim_mccurry5 : Glad to hear things are okay. Safe travels!
pmarsh19 : So glad Bixby is okay ❤️
cindyleder - ocd64 - rachymg - pisainslo -
Introducing the biggest piece of shit in California. #wheresbixby @humanesociety @huffingtonpost @theellenshow #ruffinbarkhole
ruffinbarkhole - wheresbixby -
jenbeanyo : Some humans in SLO would love to take care of him if needed! Poor Bixby, sadly there are scumbags all over the world. Be safe and happy you two!✌️
sunshinefactory427 : OMG!!! Is everyone and everything ok?
bevieconk : Wow you got outside fast! Poor Bixby, hope she doesn't get soured by this low-life and worry about everyone that approaches the bike!
allyohmally : The biggest jerk alive.
nbeephoto : Omg what an a** hole! You find him I'll drive down and kick him Is bixby ok?
janak033 : Dude must if been drunk! Sorry that happened Mikey
pmarsh19 : OMG! This makes me sick to my stomach. Is Bixby ok?? Poor little lady
ahlvstorun : What an ass! Drunk or not, that's not right! So sorry that happened - how is our Bixby??
llllomo - sunshinefactory427 - grizzlybeardsman - stellatheprettyfrenchie -
"Sing like no one is listening..." Mark Twain. #ECOXGEAR #waterproofspeaker #bluetoothspeaker #ecorox #nationalpuppyday #adopt #wheresbixby #theellenshow
waterproofspeaker - bluetoothspeaker - adopt - wheresbixby - nationalpuppyday - theellenshow - ecoxgear - ecorox - dogsofinstagram -
ecoxgear : #dogsofinstagram
ngramm1 - lizita - stephtatton - arudsen -
Just saying, any business that doesn't have a Disco Ball is totally missing out. Trust me. Spend the $50, get a mirror ball. Put it wherever you work. Turn it on. Send thank you's to I really cant think of anywhere a disco ball would not be appropriate. Imagine it. Your mechanic, your local grocery store, dentist, police stations, Animal shelters. OMG, lets organize a doggie disco party at a shelter. All I'm saying is when im granted my wings and I fly off to the other side of the rainbow...I hope doggie heaven has a Doggie Disco Ball. ...and maybe bubbles. I really like bubbles. #wheresbixby #bixby #discodog @theellenshow @dogsofficial @dogsofinstagram @dog_pictures #rescuedog #whorescuedwho #SLO
whorescuedwho - slo - rescuedog - bixby - discodog - wheresbixby -
cattowncafe : ...yes... Great idea you two >^. .^<
asltiffm : I lost a cat to liver failure a couple days ago and that night had a bad dream that another of my cats died...and in that same dream, I was walking down the street and there was Bixby all by himself so I introduced myself and he helped cheer me up.
wheresbixby : Wow @asltiffm , thanks for the kindnwords. Sorry for your loss my friend. Puppy prayers your way.
asltiffm : Thanks. It's been a rough 6 months for me. I lost my favorite dog in September, a chicken 3 months ago and two cats within the last month. The dog I lost was one I used to go bike touring with. We were very close. : Love your posts! :)
janak033 - btjaxfrisbee - shingeaux - yukidaily -
All trimmed and purtied up I feel like a Ruffin' Queen. #wheresbixby #bixby
bixby - wheresbixby -
yukidaily : You look like me!!😍
humminglion - shingeaux - alanaforpresident - yukidaily -
Spa day for me today. I went to Jouet Studio and got myself all gussied up. #wheresbixby #bixby #spadog @dogsdoingthings
spadog - bixby - wheresbixby -
mrs.schaeffer - btjaxfrisbee - shingeaux - yukidaily -
Whos at her very 1st drive in movie? This dog, that's who. I have the perfect view f4om my sorf bed on our bicycle. #wheresbixby #bixby #yubabikes #yubamundo #chickencharlie #biketour #cargobike #funcycle #SLO @insta_dog @dogsofficial
chickencharlie - yubamundo - cargobike - bixby - wheresbixby - slo - biketour - yubabikes - funcycle -
justinjedi511 - tiki_torcher - nbeephoto - welcomequeenalice -
Decided to treat my human and my favorite rubber safety chicken to a tasty treat at Doc Burnstein's Ice Cream Lab. It was Rufftastic. #wheresbixby #bixby #chickencharlie #docbernsteins #SLO #insta_dogs @theellenshow #rescuedog
docbernsteins - bixby - rescuedog - insta_dogs - slo - chickencharlie - wheresbixby -
co2salamon : ❤️
sunshinefactory427 : I love Bixby. :)
sockdrawer : Great seeing you guys... Again! 😄
donna_ev : You and your human are awesome. @dd_417
dd_417 : I'd do this with my pups! @donna_ev That's so cute :)
jackieabeyta : @abeytatime61
distandley : Are you sticking around SLO indefinitely? I hope so!
eyemsusie - nbeephoto - 510mlc - rmcm777 -
This clip just makes me happy. Happy International Day of Happiness! @wheresbixby #ecoxgear #waterproofspeakers #bluetoothspeakers #surf #sup #wheresbixby #gooddog #theellenshow #promoteshelteradoption
surf - bluetoothspeakers - wheresbixby - gooddog - theellenshow - sup - promoteshelteradoption - ecoxgear - waterproofspeakers -
bstan1313 : @kelseachloe
ayerumps : @harogoodbye
030duncan - vangelis33 - ruben_roxburgh_ - sanderbeukhof -
Holy Ruff this is funny. I told my human that not everyone has a sense of humor. He sat inside a pub and used our bluetooth speaker to make it sound like a kitten was in the blue box on the front of our bike. As people would stop and act concerned, he would then make it sound as if I would fart or burp. Well someone apparently thought we really had a kitten in the front box and actually called the Police. At first she was sorta peeved at our joke, but by the end she was laughing and willing to take this picture with us. To the concerned person who called the Police...Thanks, it made it that much more funny. #wheresbixby #bixby #yubabikes #yubamundo #chickencharlie #biketour #cargobike #funcycle @jimmykimmelhq #rescuedog #dogsonbikes
dogsonbikes - yubamundo - cargobike - chickencharlie - wheresbixby - bixby - rescuedog - biketour - yubabikes - funcycle -
house301 - cicistack - welcomequeenalice - libertybenedict -
Quite a great read here. Gave me the idea that perhaps I should have my very own magazine. Ill call it "Ruff". #wheresbixby #bixby #bark #ruff #rescuedog
bark - bixby - wheresbixby - rescuedog - ruff -
amftrev : Would be a killer idea really, with small features on the current towns and people you meet... Maybe how dog friendly certain places are
sharpei_lovers : Hey @insta_dogs feature this profile!
honeycd64 - stayseepix - rmcm777 - gtcomps -
If you were a shelter dog, I'd rescue you. Perhaps you want to help us rescue other shelter dogs. #wheresbixby @theellenshow #shelterdog #rescuedog
shelterdog - wheresbixby - rescuedog -
cyclingthroughlife : Hahaha great pic
jwsnyder - _mevonne_ - kielij - pisainslo -
What fun it was today to visit Mrs. Stephens 3rd grade class at Pacheco Elementary in SLO. These fun little humans enjoyed hearing about our adventures across the country and sharing stories about their best fuzzy friends as well. I cant think of a better way to start the day. #wheresbixby #bixby #yubabikes #hugyourdog #adveturecycling @theellenshow @dogsonbikes @insta_dog @dogsofinstagram
hugyourdog - bixby - yubabikes - wheresbixby - adveturecycling -
delphinus39 : Go on with your bad self @wheresbixby
andiball : Please come to my school!!!
cindyleder - shingeaux - darrylcollins1 - m_chio5 -
From Morro Bay to Madonna Inn, @wheresbixby, her human Mike, and rubber safety chicken Charlie have been making their way across town! Where have you seen them in SLO? #ShareSLO #wheresbixby
shareslo - wheresbixby -
jenrae44 : @thewxwoman @bethsaxon have you guys heard of the human and his dog Bixby???
adventureswitholivia : In Apple on higuera. What a neat duo! @shareslo @wheresbixby
kierstenlovesmutts : Eww! Buddy Biscuits! Gives my pups such bad tummies :(
stellatheprettyfrenchie : @kierstenlovesmutts #local
reesegalido - txus_65 - araecali - 4misscarswell -
Totally Ruffin' Woofed my human at a game of chess this afternoon at Kreuzberg Coffee Company in SLO. When will he learn that he can only win if I let him. I suppose I'll let him win next time we play Candyland. #wheresbixby #bixby @kreuzbergcoffeecompany #SLO @theellenshow @dogsofficial @dogsofinstagram @dog_pictures #rescuedog #whorescuedwho
bixby - whorescuedwho - slo - wheresbixby - rescuedog -
coffee_prince805 : It was awesome to meet you man! Take care of yourself @wheresbixby
elliejean3 : Mmmmmm love that place
mommahoz - - shingeaux - sarahdw_123 -
You may have seen Mike Minnick around town w/ his best friend Bixby. He's riding his bike around the country for a great cause, and you can learn about it at - He's really enjoying slo, he said people have been great to him. Mike credits his care free vibe to #Burningman which changed his life. (the 2nd person I've interviewed this month to say that) @wheresbixby #WheresBixby
burningman - wheresbixby -
elliejean3 : Awesome - so glad you had him on!
dremstr : awesome
shayallday88 : #killingit
acuintuit : Ahhh!
wheresbixby - butternut_summersquash - lifelikeleah - kacesea -
Found my favorite Cloud Star treats at SLO Natural Foods today. They even havendoggie carts so I can get what "I"want. Though im not sure where my humans going tobpit his stuff cause im going in for more. #wheresbixby #bixby #yubabikes #yubamundo #biketour @cloudstarpets @slonaturalfoods @theellenshow #cloudstar #rescuedog #shoppingdog @dogsofinstagram
shoppingdog - yubamundo - bixby - wheresbixby - rescuedog - biketour - yubabikes - cloudstar -
slonaturalfoods : Thanks for visiting, Bixby, and for your work creating awareness for our homeless animal friends. Safe travels!
ladynthehounds : he's so photogenic omgggg
donna_ev : Cute as always.
apupnamedloki : Hi @wheresbixby!
_dylangary_ - shelleycopewilliams - apupnamedloki - _mevonne_ -
Just Ruffin' along down the sidewalk when we came across this written in the sidewalk. Its the little things and this one made us smile. #wheresbixby #bixby #yubabikes #yubamundo #chickencharlie #biketour #cargobike #funcycle #hugyourdog #adveturecycling @dogsofficial @dogsofinstagram
hugyourdog - yubamundo - cargobike - chickencharlie - wheresbixby - bixby - biketour - yubabikes - adveturecycling - funcycle -
amcvision : Come play Bixby! Luna wants a playmate. @emersonpark
lauravermilya - kaleilani33 - janisaas - jim_aproberts -
We did it again. This time the Bay News from Morro Bay. I look so good in print. #wheresbixby #bixby #baynews @theellenshow @dogsofficial @dogsofinstagram @dog_pictures
bixby - wheresbixby - baynews -
yukidaily : Wow we could be twins❤️
rootheoneeyeddog - stellatheprettyfrenchie - cruel_jojo - chrisbolesky -
Thank you to everyone that came out to Tap It yesterday! I know I was in puppy heaven 🐶🍻💗 #secondchanceatlove #wheresbixby #pintsforpups #tapit
secondchanceatlove - wheresbixby - tapit - pintsforpups -
doubleinfinityranch : Check out our facility!!
stephenritter - nicole.conover - rachel__simons - gallardoocconlan -
Thank you to everyone that came out to Tap It yesterday! So many cute pups 🐶 great beer 🍻 and all for a wonderful cause 💗 #secondchanceatlove #wheresbixby #pintsforpups #tapit #sanluisobispo #slo #slolife #shareslo #calpoly #dogsofinstagram
secondchanceatlove - tapit - pintsforpups - wheresbixby - slolife - slo - calpoly - shareslo - sanluisobispo - dogsofinstagram -
wheresbixby : Such a blast and so good to meet you
doubleinfinityranch : Awesome!!
nissenoble - taraenitup - visitslo - mss993 -
Hug your Dog! #wheresbixby #bixby
bixby - wheresbixby -
quitevandy : @wheresbixby Do you and your human plan on biking north to the PNW?
elliejean3 : Love Tap It beer!
ganstee80 - yubabicycles - klava_photography - _mevonne_ -
@tapitbrewing #tapitbrewing #pintsforpups #wheresbixby #dosapup #dogstagram #drinkslo
tapitbrewing - dosapup - drinkslo - dogstagram - wheresbixby - pintsforpups -
firen120 - mikemccawleyforpresident - nicolenateodorski -
We're back in SLO and ifbyoublive here you should come down to TapIt Brewery and hang out with us. They're supporting the Second Chance at Love Humane Society and they have several pups that arenlooking for their very own humans to take care of like Chip and Benny here. They are so superbsweet and you have to come meet them. #wheresbixby #bixby #yubabikes #yubamundo #chickencharlie #biketour #tapitbrewery #humanesociety #secondchanceatlovehumanesociety
bixby - secondchanceatlovehumanesociety - yubamundo - chickencharlie - wheresbixby - tapitbrewery - biketour - yubabikes - humanesociety -
stellatheprettyfrenchie : We were there @wheresbixby
food_n_stuff : Thought you'd appreciate this, @mmvandewiele. Especially with our new purchase.
pintsforpups - yubabicycles - tammie_king - shingeaux -
Tree swingin' with my best favorite human in the whole wide world as the sun sets on Santa Margarita, CA. This is a very special place. #wheresbixby #bixby @dogsofficial @dogsofinstagram @dog_pictures #rescuedog #whorescuedwho
whorescuedwho - bixby - wheresbixby - rescuedog -
sunshinefactory427 - dogbookauthor - fiberfixspoke - momento_mori_radler -
Some human play fetch really weird. They take it so seriously. #wheresbixby #bixby #fetch #cayucus
bixby - wheresbixby - cayucus - fetch -
tiki_torcher - rubendoesit - pamleewilson - ladynthehounds -
I found the greatest dog house ever. Now to mount it to our bike... #wheresbixby #bixby #morrowbay @theellenshow @dogsofficial @dogsofinstagram @dog_pictures
morrowbay - bixby - wheresbixby -
dallismonarch : It's actually spelled "Morro Bay"
tiki_torcher - caponemichelle - ladynthehounds - wastexscum -
If thats what mermaids look like around here then im staying out of rhe water. Thays slightly Ruffin' terrifying. #wheresbixby #bixby #chickencharlie #cayucus #creepymermaid
bixby - creepymermaid - wheresbixby - cayucus - chickencharlie -
orbike : Hey cutie!
m_chio5 : Whats up brother. Hope all is good, how is your journey. .
house301 - cicistack - kumquat_77 - haleyemc2 -
Sometimes just stopping on the side of the road can be so beautiful. If we were in a car we would have missed it. #wheresbixby #bixby #chickencharlie #rideyourbike
bixby - rideyourbike - wheresbixby - chickencharlie -
sunshinefactory427 : Love this pic!
jblum4377 - mrs.schaeffer - pamleewilson - paatimorais -
Ive never seen that sign before. We looked and there wasnt another dog over there. Oh, and my human is clearly loosing his mind. #wheresbixby #bixby #yubabikes #yubamundo #yubabicycles #adventurecycling #dogsonbikes @dogsonbikes
dogsonbikes - yubabicycles - yubamundo - bixby - yubabikes - wheresbixby - adventurecycling -
michelelem8 : Clearly
yubabicycles - elambert512 - welcomequeenalice - pamleewilson -
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