So this is Francis and we're sitting at the Grind House Coffee Shop in West Hollywood and I (Bixby) could tell right away that he had something for me in his bag. I went over to let him know that I'm ready for it. Francis then looked at my human and told him that he thought I was looking for food, but that he didn't have any food in his bag. My human explained to him that I don't beg for food and that usually when I do sniff round like that it's because there's a tennis ball in there. So my human asked him if he had a tennis ball in his bag. With a sort of bewildered look on his face he said "I think I do have a tennis ball." Score!!! So now I taught him the proper way to play with that tennis ball... It's a very competitive game that us dogs take very seriously. Fetch! #wheresbixby #bixby @theellenshow #hugyourdog #fetch #rescuedog #grindhousecoffee
hugyourdog - grindhousecoffee - rescuedog - bixby - wheresbixby - fetch -
dvdeangelis : @vt2flkel
sunshinefactory427 : Haha! That is the best story. Way to use your sniffer, Bixby!
1l2ns : This is awesome. Love!
sunshinefactory427 - chewslifedogrescue - rogerunderstiller - mamajpava -
Gives some perspective as to how big our bicycle is when parked next to this little Harley Davidson. Yes, I can drive a motorcycle. #wheresbixby #bixby #yubabikes #yubamundo #yubabicycles #adventurecycling #dogsonbikes #rescuedog
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#Repost @wheresbixby (theyre sweethearts) ・・・ Sometimes a human just needs a lap dog. I do what I can to lend a paw to be that dog for people. We have had a blast here with John and the gang, but by tomorrow evening we need a new place to stay for a couple days. We'd still like to explore more of Hollywood and the hills before heading back towards the coast then south. We don't need much and are perfectly fine with a yard to camp, garage, couch or a luxury sweet in a fancy place. Whatever works. ;) We actually have dreamed of camping on a roof top of a building for over a year. Who can help make that puppy dream come true? Thank you John and everyone at Daddy Don's unique house of ill repute (in a good way) for letting us into your lives for a couple days. #wheresbixby #bixby #lapdog #rescuedog
bixby - wheresbixby - lapdog - rescuedog - repost -
three25coffee - doctorstanmd - cykelcafelemond - papermintkid -
Sometimes a human just needs a lap dog. I do what I can to lend a paw to be that dog for people. We have had a blast here with John and the gang, but by tomorrow evening we need a new place to stay for a couple days. We'd still like to explore more of Hollywood and the hills before heading back towards the coast then south. We don't need much and are perfectly fine with a yard to camp, garage, couch or a luxury sweet in a fancy place. Whatever works. ;) We actually have dreamed of camping on a roof top of a building for over a year. Who can help make that puppy dream come true? Thank you John and everyone at Daddy Don's unique house of ill repute (in a good way) for letting us into your lives for a couple days. #wheresbixby #bixby #lapdog #rescuedog
bixby - wheresbixby - rescuedog - lapdog -
jesanneg : What a beautiful moment!!
mexicakaren16 - ajmedrano - breeze.e.bear - changefordogs -
For the love of Dog somebody help them. That's so scary. What is this place and why have I never seen fuzzy elephants before? #wheresbixby #bixby #labreatarpits #fuzzyelephants
bixby - fuzzyelephants - wheresbixby - labreatarpits -
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Uhmmm, what the Ruff are we doing here? Run!!!! #wheresbixby #bixby #losangeles #bigrock
bigrock - bixby - wheresbixby - losangeles -
av_club : Love this shot!
little___dreamer : Dude I was just there yesterday!!!!
kconleyphotography : Love this! @wheresbixby
wheresbixby : @little___dreamer you in LA? Happy to say hi over coffee if so.
leadfoot_lightning - tamely_joiners - jade._leigh - 496kimberly -
Clowning around at the Camarillo Animal Shelter. It's hard to make out but I'm giving bunny ears to the snake I'm holding. #vcas #shelter #adopt #rescue #wheresbixby
shelter - vcas - adopt - rescue - wheresbixby -
chellee1 : Look out for my friends 15yr old blonde Yorkie. Chipped, but no collar. Missing since the 4th!
mr_ketterman : @chellee1 will do Chellee!!!!!
chellee1 : Thank you so much!
turtletooth : Looks like you're about to shoot a slingshot at the camera😂
soldierofhiram357 - josh_357_mm - amberpardue08914 - rudebrothers -
I've been replaced. #adorable_alert #bemyfriend #cute #dog #doggie #doggiemodel #dogsofinstagram #identitycrisis #loveme #puppy #puppiesofinstagram #Pomapoo #sadpuppy #lizard #islandlife #wheresbixby
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cletiz13 : Funny!
lizzycakes9 : Ha! No way Bix, your daddies are going through serious withdrawals
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Well ain't that a kick in the head. #wheresbixby #bixby #yubabikes #yubamundo #hollywoodwalkoffame
yubamundo - bixby - yubabikes - wheresbixby - hollywoodwalkoffame -
kerryb805 : Yeah! Bixby meets the "Deano"!
jason_kaiser - jade._leigh - juliethoren - dakota.collins138 -
So cool to meet these humans. We met their counterparts near Jack London Square as we pedaled through Oakland, CA a few months ago. They roast their own coffee in store and deliver it all across town on their bicycles. It's good too y'all. They were so nice to us in Oakland that we've been looking forward to meeting them here and as it turns out they've been keeping up with our adventures and were super happy to meet us. Have a feeling we may hang again before we leave town. If you're in LA, on a Friday -Sunday, get on yer bike and go see them. Tell 'em Bixby sent you. #wheresbixby @bicyclecoffeela @bicyclecoffee #bicyclecoffee #bicyclecoffeela #rescuedog #biketour #cargobike #funcycle #hugyourdog
bicyclecoffee - cargobike - hugyourdog - bicyclecoffeela - wheresbixby - rescuedog - biketour - funcycle -
bicyclecoffeela : ❤️❤️❤️
atniprm - vagabond_cycling - banebuttercup - jade._leigh -
Yay!!! Best day ever!! Got a visit from @wheresbixby !! Check them out and follow! Total sweethearts 💜 #HugYourDog #RescueDogs #BikeAdventures #WheresBixby
hugyourdog - rescuedogs - wheresbixby - bikeadventures -
mod_joey : Sexy bike in the background 😉👌
toxiczombie138 - beaverlokzz - yesitsmejose - unmilty -
I'm into doggie philosophy. My human is just wondering where the flowers are. I told him you can't buy the good flowers. You have to plant a seed and watch them grow. #wheresbixby #bixby @dogsofinstagram @theellenshow #adventurecycling #dogsonbikes #rescuedog #biketour #hugyourdog
hugyourdog - rescuedog - biketour - dogsonbikes - bixby - wheresbixby - adventurecycling -
jackieopup : awesome!
donna_ev : @dd_417
michelelem8 : Epic
tiki_torcher - banebuttercup - metsti_ - 496kimberly -
Signs Signs everywhere is Signs, Ruffin' up the scenery, Woofin' my mind.. You know what's cool about the farmers market on Melrose Place...Nothing if you're not allowed in. #wheresbixby #bixby #yubabikes #yubamundo #chickencharlie #biketour #melroseplace #nodogsallowed
nodogsallowed - bixby - melroseplace - yubamundo - chickencharlie - wheresbixby - biketour - yubabikes -
connifer125 : If u ride on beach bike path towards Manhattan Beach, let me know. I live on the bike path in the marina on the south side. Have a nice time in LA.
wheresbixby : @connifer125 ha, I didn't realize this was you. I'll do. I'd love to say hi. We can have a drink, I'll buy a bunch of hats and act like a prick and you can leave me sitting there as you go to the ladies room. ;)
connifer125 : Ahahahaha! Par for the course.
connifer125 : I leave to Boston tues-fri so this eve is best or next weekend.
evorgsumaf : Bixby jump down from the bike and just go ripping down the middle of the farmers market. Give all those folks something to talk about this morning. ;)
wheresbixby : @connifer125 probably be next weekend. I'm up in west hollywood and exploring the area up here. I plan on being in town for about a week before heading south.
cyclingthewestcoast - jason_kaiser - socaldeere - wanderingmyway -
Found a great place to stay the next couple days with Shultz and his human John in West Hollywood. Tonight we're heading up on a roof top to watch the fireworks from different places around the city. Super excited to be here and ready to explore Hollyweird and Beverly Hills over the next couple days. #wheresbixby #bixby #chickencharlie #shultzthegreat #westhollywood
bixby - chickencharlie - westhollywood - shultzthegreat - wheresbixby -
livewire13 : This makes me so happy. I'm glad someone helped out. If you are ever in Denver, you have a place to stay.
popsicledog34 : Glad you guy's have a spot and can enjoy your 4th of July!
dale.east : It was fun sharing the roof with you and your human!
tiki_torcher - banebuttercup - kendrawinwood - declanmlaird -
Somewhere over the rainbow...dreams really do come true. #wheresbixby #bixby #yubabikes @dogsonbikes # precious #santamonica
bixby - yubabikes - wheresbixby - santamonica -
peace_and_love101 : @nic_alodeon @_missalexoralexandria
simplyfannie : @wheresbixby that naked person on the bench 😳. That's creepy and gross there's kids around.
adrianatphotography : Bixby is very concerned lol
stayseepix : Somebody please shoot me before I get like that
kerryb805 : 😂😂😂
emkaeee : @champagnemaschio @ria_galeb @naynayway @dreaaaboo when u see it
kpinkston731 : Wth?
nbeephoto : It's hot there! But come onnnnnn lol
tallbikenv - momento_mori_radler - kumquat_77 - wanderingmyway -
Welp, we made it to the Santa Monica Pier where we heard there's going to be a fireworks display tonight, but upon arrival there are banners stating "no fireworks display." Ruff on that. Some nice human a while back offered us a place to stay here in Santa Monica, I hope that person sees this. We're looking for hosts from here to San Diego over the next week or two. I have a feeling stealth camping gets harder and harder the deeper into L.A. we get. We're great with a couch, a yard, a roof top( my human really wants to pitch a tent high on a roof top somewhere), we just want a safe place to perhaps unload some of the stuff off our bike to explore the area. Hook us up L.A. #wheresbixby #bixby #yubabikes #yubamundo #biketour #insta_dog #rescuedog #dogsonbikes
dogsonbikes - yubamundo - bixby - wheresbixby - insta_dog - rescuedog - biketour - yubabikes -
kylelavorante : Y'all's made it to my home!
skiptooth661 : Go go further down to MDR
clamiel87 : Whoa! I met you in Tampa like a year ago and now I happen to be on santa monica for work this week!
wheresbixby : @clamiel87 we're happy to say hi. Do you know a good place for fireworks/ a beer.
wheresbixby : @skiptooth661 not sure what MDR means.
skiptooth661 : Marina del Ray just a little farther south couple of miles
clamiel87 : Not yet, I'm actually on the lookout for some myself
wheresbixby : @skiptooth661 right on. Gotta work our where we're staying then we'll explore around more. Heard it's beautiful there.
momento_mori_radler - jade._leigh - jmartinitime - wanderingmyway -
Not the Hilton, but it'll do. Got up early and left Malibu. #wheresbixby #bixby #yubabikes @campingwithdogs #malibu #stealthcamping
stealthcamping - malibu - bixby - yubabikes - wheresbixby -
lcallejon85 - becasayshello - flyinghighpetresort - m_chio5 -
Today is pretty much Rufftastic! #wheresbixby #bixby
bixby - wheresbixby -
flyinghighpetresort : I'm glad you made it to the beach. Enjoy your Fourth of July tomorrow Bixby and human 🐶🎉
j_jouet : The hike/bike site at Mugu State park is really nice.
idol_love : Let's hit this place!! @cycle_devox
wanderingmyway - cycle_devox - banebuttercup - jade._leigh -
I love it when we just jam out as ride around like as we were coming down from Ojai back towards Ventura on the bike trail. Who knows who this is that my human has playing? #wheresbixby #bixby #yubabikes #ecostone @ecoxgear @gracedigital @yubabicycles #ecoxgear #feelingood
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Sweetest girl in the world on the back there. She made sure my human's face was nice and licked clean for this shot. This sweet pit has been bred repeatedly which make me so angry. She's as gentle and cool as can be and wants a break from motherhood. She's a great mom, but needs to be able to enjoy her life without a bunch of puppies to care for. She got on the bike and just kinda made herself at home and was ready to ride. Someone is going to be very lucky when they adopt this special little pup. Go see her at the Ventura County Animal Services. Do it! #wheresbixby #bixby #rescuedog @rescuepetsofinstagram #shelterdog #adoptdontshop #camarillo
shelterdog - camarillo - rescuedog - bixby - wheresbixby - adoptdontshop -
kerryb805 : What a cutie! Someday soon...
valerieszoo : Thank you for visiting our shelter today you guys! I couldn't make it over to say hi but these pictures warm my heart! After volunteering there for the past 6 years I can honestly say I am very proud of our shelter and how far we have come!
mscheeba : She's precious! ❤️🐾
snavy805 : Aaaawwww she's so beautiful!!!
libertybenedict : She is stunning ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
jessdilly : ❤️❤️❤🐶️💜💜💜
nancymauk - cyclingthewestcoast - banebuttercup - konathepittie -
So much fun today at Ventura County Animal Services. Sometimes you just gotta be a goof, but don't let it fool you. These humans do so much to help out all my fuzzy brothers and sisters find homes and spread puppy love throughout the land. ...and kitties, bunnies, roosters and a horse. These humans are the real deal. Thanks so much for showing this pooch and his human so much live today. So many best friends looking for homes. If you live anywhere around here, go visit them. Volunteer some time. Donate. Adopt a pet. @venturacountyanimalservices @shelterdog #wheresbixby #bixby #yubabikes #rescuedog #adoptdontshop
adoptdontshop - bixby - yubabikes - wheresbixby - rescuedog -
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#flyinghighpetresort @wheresbixby was so very nice to meet #wheresbixby and her human Mike this morning. They were on their way to our local Camarillo animal shelter @vcanimalservices We wish safe travels and happy adventures to our new friends. Keep up the good work. Thank you for bringing more awareness to spayed, Neutering and #adoptdontshop around the globe. This is one amazing pup and human spending sometime in #Camarillo near #villageatthepark #missionoaks #somis #westlakevillage #thousandoaks #newburrypark #oxnard #ojai #ventura #venturacounty #805 coming your way soon #malibu Thanks Gina for letting me know they were in town 😘 Thanks Pjs cafe for an amazing breakfast.
malibu - flyinghighpetresort - wheresbixby - adoptdontshop - missionoaks - thousandoaks - ojai - oxnard - westlakevillage - villageatthepark - newburrypark - venturacounty - ventura - somis - 805 - camarillo -
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I have a feeling we're about to make a bunch of new friends, fuzzy and otherwise. #wheresbixby #bixby #rescuedog @rescuepetsofinstagram #shelterdog #adoptdontshop
shelterdog - adoptdontshop - bixby - wheresbixby - rescuedog -
kerryb805 : Yay! You guys made it @wheresbixby! Hopefully you can help get some pups adopted! 😎✌🏼️
tallbikenv - petaluma_animal_shelter - dannyennadja - wanderingmyway -
Thanks Dawn for the yummy viddles this morning and for your generosity. So far, minus one out of towner with a knife, everyone in this cool little town has been so friendly. I'm glad I got my human to pedal us over here. Maybe we'll just spend a day getting to know Camarillo. #wheresbixby #bixby
bixby - wheresbixby -
simplyfannie : @wheresbixby be careful and safe travels!! And hopefully the weather is nice too!!
tallbikenv - momento_mori_radler - texxcyn - wanderingmyway -
Already making friends with the locals like Don Adolfo Camarillo here. He's the name sake of this town and decided to show us around a bit. I should say it's gotten off to an eventful start. #wheresbixby #bixby #chickencharlie #cardboardcorey @cardboardguys #rescuedog #wesleysquirrel #camarillo
bixby - wesleysquirrel - camarillo - rescuedog - chickencharlie - wheresbixby - cardboardcorey -
kerryb805 : Did you find a place to hang your hat @wheresbixby ?
wheresbixby : @kerryb805 yes mam.
kerryb805 : That's a GOUSHZZ!! @wheresbixby 👍🏼🐶🐾😗
valerieszoo : Woohoo! We can't wait to see you at the shelter tomorrow!!
metaburrito : That's my hometown! Lots of good Mexican food if you're into that sorta thing
flyinghighpetresort : @smilesfordayz
496kimberly - amandajeancompany - juliethoren - blackendwhites -
Our host fell through in Oxnard so we're just going to pedal on to Camarillo where we'll visit the Ventura County Animal Services tomorrow. Do we have any friends in the area? Never been to Camarillo and know nothing about it there. Who wants to play fetch tonight? #wheresbixby #bixby #chickencharlie #biketour #yubabikes #ecoxgear
ecoxgear - bixby - biketour - chickencharlie - yubabikes - wheresbixby -
kerryb805 : If you don't find a host tonight, the Ventura County Animal Shelter is on the grounds of the Camarillo Airport. It's like military base. I bet if you just went there, explained your mission, they'd let you "pitch your tent" someplace on the compound until the shelter opens in the morning. Good luck and #kyapuppy says hi to @wheresbixby. 😘🐾✌🏼️
wanderingmyway - jade._leigh - 2chesadors - eilifwoodworks -
Life is Ruff! @theellenshow @dogsofinstagram @rescuepetsofinstagram #wheresbixby #bixby #yubabikes #yubamundo #yubabicycles #adventurecycling #dogsonbikes #rescuedog #biketour #hugyourdog #chickencharlie #lazydog @lazydog #lifeisruff
dogsonbikes - yubabicycles - yubamundo - lazydog - wheresbixby - hugyourdog - bixby - chickencharlie - rescuedog - biketour - lifeisruff - yubabikes - adventurecycling -
kerryb805 : We miss you already @wheresbixby !
wheresbixby : @kerryb805 us too. We had such a great time with y'all.
jason_kaiser - jade._leigh - dakota.collins138 - wanderingmyway -
"Give a Hoot, don't Pollute." I think Dog said that. #wheresbixby #bixby #yubabikes #yubamundo #chickencharlie #cardboardcorey @cardboardguys #rescuedog #dogsonbikes @dogsonbikes #petadoption #wesleysquirrel
bixby - wesleysquirrel - yubamundo - petadoption - chickencharlie - wheresbixby - dogsonbikes - rescuedog - yubabikes - cardboardcorey -
greenpedalmonterey : Way cool mural!!
mexicakaren16 - 2chesadors - fosteringpuppies - momento_mori_radler -
Take that Foster Park! There's better places to play fetch anyway. #wheresbixby #bixby #fosterpark @theellenshow #hugyourdog #adveturecycling #nodogs @dogsofinstagram #dogsonbikes
bixby - nodogs - dogsonbikes - hugyourdog - fosterpark - wheresbixby - adveturecycling -
cathynbailey : 👎foster park @wheresbixby the world is your oyster you are probably meant to go somewhere better ☺ have fun bixby from Bailey the jack russell in London. Places outdoors without dogs are not much fun x
kerryb805 : Foster Park is pretty sucky and rarely open. You're not missing anything you haven't already seen a better version of in Ojai. Safe travels friends! @wheresbixby
pineshedribsbbq : Love how both of your tongues are out!!! Lol!!!!
sunshinefactory427 - cmorena_pdxlvr - pineshedribsbbq - tallbikenv -
You can learn a lot from a rock. #wheresbixby #bixby #yubabikes #yubamundo #yubabicycles #adventurecycling #lakecasitas #ojai
lakecasitas - yubabicycles - yubamundo - bixby - wheresbixby - ojai - yubabikes - adventurecycling -
sunshinefactory427 - tallbikenv - lolapie13 - momento_mori_radler -
Bixby and her human, Mike, came for dinner. Good times! #wheresbixby @miki.artisan @wheresbixby
wheresbixby -
beverlypavone : Looks like a great group!
sweetcreationsbysteph - robbyribbon - miki.artisan - lynndinn -
Huge thanks to our new friends Kya and her family for hosting us and throwing a BBQ in our honor. What a tri tip treat it was to be a guest at their home and as you can see they are goofy and fun to hang out with. What a way to wrap up our time in Ojai. #wheresbixby #bixby #yubabikes #yubamundo #chickencharlie #biketour #hugyourdog #adventurecycling #dogsonbikes #rescuedog
dogsonbikes - yubamundo - hugyourdog - wheresbixby - bixby - chickencharlie - rescuedog - biketour - yubabikes - adventurecycling -
miki.artisan : Really enjoyed meeting u both tonight ...safe and happy trails🐾✌🏼️
kerryb805 : It was our pleasure. I gotta write down your jokes! Happy trails our friends. You're welcome back any time! 😗✌🏼️
tiki_torcher - cleo.the.rescue.dog - ridetoawareness - kshipe -
#kyapuppy got to sit in @wheresbixby 's bitchen ride last night. So honored to be a part of this amazing duo's mission. Treating them to a good ol' #socal #tritip #bbq this afternoon. #wheresbixby #adogandherhuman #examples #spay #neuter #rescue #ojai #bethechangeyouwishtoseeintheworld
bethechangeyouwishtoseeintheworld - rescue - neuter - tritip - kyapuppy - wheresbixby - ojai - spay - socal - examples - adogandherhuman - bbq -
katyanna831 : So cool! I just read about them on his website :) Keep up the good work Mike & Bixby!
kerryb805 : 👍🏼 @katyanna831 😘
katyanna831 - chloeinspace - rnrgar - allisonleeteartist -
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