I'm so proud of my brave little human. He put on his big boy pants today to have a wisdom tooth removed. Once he quit making that high pitched noise and trying to negotiate to remove Chicken Charlie's tooth instead, the doctor turned on the gas and yanked it out in no time. I didn't want to break the news to him that Charlie actually has no teeth. #wheresbixby #bravehuman
bravehuman - wheresbixby -
hnoelski : Ha! Great pic
charlotte_wanderlust : Hope that is laughing gas. Doesn't look like it's working yet. Hope I feel better soon!
wendylgilbert : Glad you survived!!😁
ricleasutton : Oh heck no! I am so sorry but better your human then me. You made my knees weak.
bhappyalice : So glad to hear your human got it taken care of πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œπŸ˜Hopefully he's feeling better soon πŸ˜‰
txposky : 😁😁😁
pat.mc.pics : Pray for me Bixby, I'm still stuck in dental hell πŸ˜¬β›πŸ’Έ
arawithspirit : So you are coming to Terlingua? Did you keep all that money you raised for your stolen bike since you found it? If so that should more than pay for your expenses. Right?
jessieleigh1012 - yang_m.ckee - hummer180 - penny_and_shy_dogstars -
This has not turned out the way we had hoped. 1st thing New Years morning in Arizona my human lost the top half of his molar in the back of his mouth and he's finding it impossible to smile or eat or even breath through his mouth due to the open nerves exposed. Crazy that he continued with a bum knee and shoulder for over a year, but a broken tooth is too much. We're having to pack it up and head back to Texas so that we can get him fixed. It's bound to be an expensive endeavor. We're feeling pretty devastated that our new journey has come to a halt just as it began. We're down, but we're not out. We have to regroup and get his mouth fixed then we'll be back at it. There's lots of fuzz balls out there that need our help. On the bright side I'm getting a bit of a reprieve from all my human's corny jokes. Now he's forces to listen to mine. What do you get when you cross a cocker spaniel a poodle and a rooster? ...A Cockerpoodledoo #wheresbixby #bixby
bixby - wheresbixby -
gullwalk : Owww..get healed..we got your back
quitevandy : Just a curveball. You'll be back at it in no time.
elambert512 : Would love to see you in Austin!
krissyedem : Hahahaha.. Great joke Bixby!! Be safe .. Happy new teeth.. Happy New Year!! Feel better ❀️
luly700 : Boo. Feel better
ricleasutton : Awwww dang! Feel better soon.
sarahgrace1113 : Sorry about that...hope u can get back at it soon...gotta take care of urselves tho
bhappyalice : Awww, your poor human! 😰😫😱 πŸ™ for a speedy recovery for your human and then you'll be able to get back on track 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾 🚲 πŸΆπŸ‘¨πŸ»
lexie0771 - jessieleigh1012 - hummer180 - mab_2004 -
Got a visit from the famous Bixby and her dad Mike. Bixby is on a cross country bike tour to raise awareness for local animal shelters! #wheresbixby @wheresbixby
wheresbixby -
Had to do a little last minute shopping so that I may be warm and in the Christmas Spirit for our departure tomorrow. Thanks Freddie for taking care of me. I think I look fabulous! #wheresbixby #bixby @petco @unleashed
bixby - wheresbixby -
donna_ev : I love the sweater and hat Bixby. Does your human have a cool looking Christmas sweater too? 😊
ricleasutton : Merry Christmas!
krissyedem : Merry Christmas.. Stay warm Bixby ❀️
daswagen : @blakedarkness do you guys take woof bucks?
wheresbixby : @daswagen not sure if that's meant for us, but woof bucks sound Rufftastic
radcyclebeardx - ginasue1221 - franciscaleholley - elliebellypig -
We came across this little stray pooch in Imperial Beach and we're wondering if she belongs to anybody. A homeless woman had picked her up from the beach somewhere and then had to abandoned her as the homeless shelter doesn't allow dogs so she was left in a parking lot of a hotel next to a busy road. She's a young pup, probably no more than 3 or 4 months old, as friendly as she can possibly be and and seems to be very healthy. There are no tags, she's not been fixed and we took her to a vet to check for a microchip and there isn't one. We also rode around to see if any missing posters were up and checked lost pets San Diego and craigslist. She's officially homeless. Perhaps some knows who she belongs too? We have found her a foster for a night with a super friendly human family with kids and another pooch, but ultimately if no one claims her or wants to adopt her and get her fixed and shots, we'll have to find her a shelter to go to. She's as sweet as she can possibly be. We're heading out to our going away party now, but if you have info on who she belongs to, or are interested in caring for her, let us know. #wheresbixby
wheresbixby -
amyclark81 : She's too cute! Why would anyone abandon her?
tvbrandi : Have you found someone yet? I can help. Hopefully you're keeping tabs on her!!
kiradolly : @chichelle_moi
kellenjames : @andyfuckingellis
wheresbixby : @tvbrandi she's safe tonight. The fosters are getting back with me in the morning to see what options come up. Perhaps she has an owner, but I don't think so. Check back with me in the morning if you will. My cell is 713-530-9052. Of i can avoid taking her to a shelter I would prefer to.
jessieleigh1012 : Awe she precious, bless her heart. I hope y'all find her a furever home! <3
wheresbixby : @tvbrandi hey there, this guy is now texting me that his current dog is freaking out to share attn and scratched their baby and asking to bring her back. I'm not available at all, how is it you might be able to help?
with.love.scoutt : How is the puppy?
lexie0771 - goldie_the_labby - fbt_cyclist - helorev -
Alright everybody, we're outta here. We will be pedaling down to Imperial Beach tomorrow where Ye Old Plank Inn has invited me to be the pup of honor for their Christmas party. If you'd like to come and join us, everyone is welcome. The party starts at 6pm, though we'll probably arrive closer to 4. It's a great place and they have a Rufftastical patio for all my pooch friends to hang with me. Friday morning we will be pedaling out from the Imperial Beach Pier and start our next journey. Alpine by Saturday, Yuma by Wednesday of next week or so and somewhere near Tucson around the following weekend then we're setting our sights on the Ghost Town of Terlingua sometime in the middle of January. We have been so lucky to get to spend so much time in San Diego and what lucky dogs you are to get to live here, alas this is a huge country and this pup wants to see as much of it as she can. A few people are going to ride with us from the Coronado ferry to Imperial Beach tomorrow around 1:30 or so, so if you'd like to join us feel free. You can message us if you'd like. Come and down and see us tomorrow if you can and if you'd like help wave us off Friday morning from the pier that would be awesome too. Thank you San Diego. It's been Ruffin Fun! #wheresbixby #bixby @yubabicycles @imperialbeach #imperialbeach
bixby - wheresbixby - imperialbeach -
getouttoride : Don't swim in the ocean there!
kalenacoleman : Hope you come back our way one day!
krissyedem : It's so cold in Arizona right now.. Be safe and bundle up ❀️🐾❀️🐾😍😍
lexie0771 - mab_2004 - ohscraps - litespeedliz -
Thank you Yuba Bicycles for our brand new panniers. They even had them custom embroidered. We'll we Ruff them too. If you have a long tail cargo bike, these are the bags you should be rockin'. I can carry so many balls in here. #wheresbixby #yubabicycles @yubabicycles
wheresbixby - yubabicycles -
rd4518 : My new favorite bike brand, thanks YUBA
barbsknee : Looking awesome Bixby🐾❀️
jessieleigh1012 - littleboymew - annamari19u1 - popsicledog34 -
So cute seeing all the pups dressed up for Christmas at the San Diego pet parade. Saw Bixby and his dad who we follow on fb! They travel the country on a bike helping animals. #dogsincostumes #sandiego #gaslamp #holidaypets #wheresbixby
sandiego - dogsincostumes - holidaypets - gaslamp - wheresbixby -
mmbraden - mmmaaddiissoonnn - ml_azar - brookelynn283 -
Naught or Nice, here we come! #wheresbixby #bixby @gaslamp #petparade @petco @yubabicycles #santaclaus
santaclaus - bixby - wheresbixby - petparade -
riffraffontour : When will Bixby make it to Michigan?
kindacrunchymama : I second a MI stop. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ€“
pat.mc.pics : I knew it! He swapped in those reindeer and his sleigh, for a bike and sweet Bixby. X
karatsauce : @wheresbixby still in CA?! Love it!
krissyedem : Merry Christmas you two!!!! Hohoho
lexie0771 - jessieleigh1012 - finnickandinara - hollyishappy2day -
I’m so excited to announce my personal project, FOUND: From Extraordinary Circumstances to Extraordinary Lives | Inspirational Stories of Shelter Pets. Check out the scoop and @wheresbixby's photos on my blog: westwaypets.com/blog #foundproject
silhouette - epicsunset - dogsofinstagram - adventure - bordercollie - muttsofinstagram - wheresbixby - bordercolliesofinstagram - foundstories - shelterpetsrock - mutt - rescuepetsrule - sandiegodogphotographer - dogslife - sandiegodogphotography - dogood - sandiegopetphotography - westwaypets - rescuedog - xcountry - sandiegopetphotographer - shelterdog - journey - crosscountry - foundproject -
westwaystudio : #foundstories #westwaypets #sandiegodogphotography #sandiegopetphotography #sandiegodogphotographer #sandiegopetphotographer #dogslife #dogsofinstagram #silhouette #shelterdog #rescuedog #mutt #muttsofinstagram #bordercollie #bordercolliesofinstagram #epicsunset #dogood #shelterpetsrock #rescuepetsrule #adventure #crosscountry #xcountry #journey
westwaystudio : #wheresbixby
mcgrawphotography : Those silhouette shots are amazing!!! 😍
westwaystudio : Thank you so much, @mcgrawphotography!!!
bringfido : Can't wait to see more! We love this pair! @wheresbixby
magick9s : Let me know if you want to use Hocus! Love this shot!!!
workingwithdog : So in love with this image!!
medalminder - huskiesinmyheart - prost_and_porter - agreengirlworld -
I don't think his legs are supposed to bend that way. #wheresbixby @westwaystudio @dogsofinstagram
wheresbixby -
donna_ev : I love love love this photo of you both!!!
teapots_and_polkadots : Literally woke up in the middle of the night last night wondering why you hadn't posted lately!
singfly : @wheresbixby great shot! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ I remember when u rolled through New London CT a while back! Hope u are doing well!πŸ™πŸΌ
jessieleigh1012 - hummer180 - popsicledog34 - aviewtoajill -
I #Found Bixby at the Encinitas street fair. #wheresbixby
found - wheresbixby -
oceannation_ : It's a dogs world
katerichards_ - dvranjesgvmglawcom - emiliemcmahonn - cmariebella -
So excited...local San Diego artists...fundraiser for @hwac Helen Woodward Animal Center...dog art and now Mike & Bixby from @wheresbixby too! Doggone Art Show Meet the Artist Reception. Today 3-5 at Gallery 21, #spanishvillageartcenter. #doggoneart #wheresbixby #hwac #adoptdontshop
hwac - doggoneart - spanishvillageartcenter - adoptdontshop - wheresbixby -
missclairenails - kaleidoscopesdnp - urfab2 - hwac -
Bixby is such a sweet doggie! Happy they were able to stop by Petco! #wheresbixby #yubamundo #cargobike #petsatwork #petco @wheresbixby
petsatwork - yubamundo - cargobike - petco - wheresbixby -
share_uhh_lynn : Love your hair tara!
k9sportsack : This is so cool!
hazz_eye_m - jleardini - zmanscm - cargobike_chronicles -
They made sure we didn't leave empty handed as we left petco today. Food, treats, toys and new pink jacket and I think my favorite is my new stocking knit hat. They really made us feel the Ruff today. Even my human found a toy that he was ready to fetch. Honestly, I think he thought it was candy, but we'll pretend that he was just posing for the picture. #wheresbixby #bixby @petco #petco
bixby - petco - wheresbixby -
aaryatrumbo : 😍
xmarilisx : Pink looks good on you <3
bhappyalice : That's so cool! πŸ€—πŸ’–πŸΆ
stellatheprettyfrenchie : Fellow SLO homie πŸŽ‰
tresmile : Hi Mike, this is Tres... Lisa's sister (Lisa, Tim, Kiki, Frida) we are headed for Terlingua in a few weeks and heard you were from there? Will you be around?
wheresbixby : @tresmile unfortunately I won't be in terlingua for a couple months, but your going to love it. Such a magical place. As is the national park.
yubabicycles : That's so much fun haha
aviewtoajill - chewieandrocky - hollyishappy2day - cdpcollection -
We were invite back to petco headquarters today and Holy Ruff what a great time we had. They have this big new building with all these dog parks and and the pips there can actually bring their humans to work with with them. They treated us to lunch and gave yours truly lots of treats and some new toys and clothes. What a lucky place to work. Their organization does a lot of good for local shelters all all the country and we look forward to visiting with them more as we hit the road soon. Thanks everyone for make this pup feel so welcomed. #wheresbixby #bixby @petco #petco
bixby - petco - wheresbixby -
wiredincarml : Too Cool!
chewieandrocky - jessieleigh1012 - hummer180 - hollyishappy2day -
#Repost @petco ・・・ Where's Bixby? She's at the #Petco headquarters! Bixby and Mike paid us a visit during their cross-country bike ride, which is raising awareness for local animal shelters! As you can see, the holidays came early for Bixby. #WheresBixby #Bixby
bixby - petco - wheresbixby - repost -
franco_sharon : ❀️🐾
wolfiepom : wonderful! πŸ˜›
lucy_thebulldog_lulu - fordogsfamily - protein4pets_laguna_niguel -
Where's Bixby? She's at the #Petco headquarters! Bixby and Mike paid us a visit during their cross-country bike ride, which is raising awareness for local animal shelters! As you can see, the holidays came early for Bixby. #WheresBixby #Bixby
bixby - petco - wheresbixby -
lexiedood : @sboutin what a lovely thing to do.πŸΎπŸ’•πŸΎ
areschke7 : Ahh!! Too bad I wasn't in the office today! That's awesome!!
chewieandrocky : We β™‘ Bixby and Mike
aalice_vasconcelos : @jairo_vila_nova
mythicalgizmo : @ccorbin24
coopthedude07 : Interesting
hale2006 : WHAT
maddy.bmx : @melodjl
one.escoladecaes - julianaic13 - shyanne6933 - cielob143 -
How's this for a Happy Ruffday present? Introducing our new logo. We're a cartoon!!! Thank you so much to Jake and his human Brett for making this for us. Th is is so Ruffin' cool. What's next? Kids books, Saturday morning cartoons, the Big Screen? Bixby the Motion Picture? If you want to be a cartoon or need some graphic design help, check out their website. Graphixbybrett.com #wheresbixby #bixby #chickencharlie
bixby - wheresbixby - chickencharlie -
b_dog_hamilton : That's perfect! 🐢❀🐢
pat.mc.pics : That is a great logo! That was super nice of Jake and Brett! Super talented super kind. X
krissyedem : Awesome guys!!! πŸ‘πŸŒŸπŸ‘πŸŒŸπŸ‘πŸŒŸπŸ˜
txposky : My brother's work! LOVE IT!!!
txposky : Happy Ruffday too!!! So glad I was able to hook you guys up, it looks terrific!!
lisab23 : AMAZING - love it!!! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜ƒπŸΎπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ
bhappyalice : Happy Ruffday Bixby! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚πŸŽ Hope your day has bee full of doggy fun and lots of treats πŸ’–πŸΆπŸΎ
melodyrj : Happy ruffday Bixby! β™‘
lexie0771 - mab_2004 - litespeedliz - agoodteam -
Guess who's Ruffday is tomorrow? This dog! I will 6 years young tomorrow. So far I've spent each of my Ruffdays somewhere different. 1) Austin, TX 2) Flagstaff, AZ 3) Terlingua, TX 4) Nags Head, NC 5) Eugene, OR and now I'm in San Diego. Not sure what all my human's has planned early in the day, but by 2 pm, we'll be at the Ocean Beach Dog Beach then attending the farmers market in OB. Come on down and wish me a happy Ruff Ruff and let's play some fetch. We'll be leaving town real soon so come down and say woof. Be sure to bring your humans too. #wheresbixby #bixby #happyruffruff
bixby - wheresbixby - happyruffruff -
myasia4ever : Happy happy birthday Bixby! And here's to many moreπŸ’–πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚πŸΎ
_ashley___w : β’½β’Άβ“…β“…β“Ž β’·β’Ύβ“‡β“‰β’½β’Ήβ’Άβ“Ž
krissyedem : Happy RUFFDAY BIXBY.. Hope you have the best day ever.. I absolutely love your pic .. You're adorable πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’—β€οΈ
marinski__ : @ksbailey89
niccccooo : @kemonahan12
yolanda.caraballoyance : Happy birthday, Bixby. Blessings to you and Pops. Love you!!!πŸŽ‚πŸŽπŸ°β€
that_elise_girl : Happy belated ruffday, you sweet sweet pup! We love you! πŸ’–
secretscroll : May you have many more to come! ❀️🐾🎈
cdpcollection - chewieandrocky - aaronfreas - clark_kensington -
We're about to be on the Hope Telethon benefiting the Helen Woodward Animal Center on KUSI San Diego at 12:10 this afternoon. Help us help puppies like me and call in a donation. Tell them Bixby sent you. #wheresbixby #bixby #Helenwoodwardanimacenter #hopetelethon
helenwoodwardanimacenter - bixby - wheresbixby - hopetelethon -
hwac : Thanks so much for being here! We ❀️ Bixby and Dad!
lexie0771 - jessieleigh1012 - mab_2004 - hummer180 -
Thanks so much to the Rescue Humans at the San Diego Fire Dept in Pacific Beach for hanging out with us today. They agreed that not only Dalmatians can be rescue dogs. The job requires that a fire dog wear a black and white uniform, but black and white uniforms come in many shapes and sizes. All dogs can be rescue dogs, from a seeing eye dog to a search and rescue dog to a companion pooch helping a soldier deal with PTSD. Dogs can detect cancer, seizures, heart attacks and so many other things. It's up to you humans to rescue us from a shelter, but once you do its our job to keep you safe shower you with love. Give us a chance and we may just save your life. Adopt don't shop. #wheresbixby #bixby @SandiegoFireDepartmant @SDFD #sandiegofiredepartment #adoptdontshop #rescuedog
sandiegofiredepartment - bixby - wheresbixby - rescuedog - adoptdontshop -
lafpix : Can't imagine life without my @ranchocoastal rescues, #MarleyandPiffer. DEFINITELY, #adoptdontshop. <3
magelssensykkel : Not only is @thundercleesethedestroyer the best rescue ever but he continues to save us everyday! Same for his brother and sister the rescue kitties
lexie0771 - agoodteam - mab_2004 - jessieleigh1012 -
Everywhere we go my human is always telling me to sit here, sit there, stay, etc... We'll I got my revenge yesterday as I met a trainer from Sit Means Sit and within a few minutes the roles were reversed, as they should be, and my human was sitting there, being still and waiting for my next command. He then pooped on the ground and handed me a bag. Perhaps I didn't think this through very well. #wheresbixby #bixby @sitmeanssit #whostheboss
whostheboss - bixby - wheresbixby -
sammi647 : Lol! Bixby you're funny
lee_milomela_fj : Good job Bixby. Good boy, hooman!!
deblovesdenn : Lol
agoodteam - goldie_the_labby - litespeedliz - mab_2004 -
We were so happy to meet @wheresbixby this weekend at an event in California. This amazing pooch and her human travel around the United States by bicycle to spread awareness and help rescue dogs. You have to check out their inspirational journey #DoSomeGood #dogs #dogstagram #dogsofinstagram #rescue #wheresbixby #OpenFarmPet
dogsofinstagram - dogstagram - dosomegood - openfarmpet - wheresbixby - rescue - dogs -
charlottethecattledog - baxterthebossydachshund - arctic_k9 - kane.and.harlow -
As you can see, my human was viciously mauled my a killer Pitbull at the 1st Annual Pitties in the Park in Dan Diego this afternoon. He barely survived the brutal licking he recieved from this monster. I'm this of corse is called sarcasm and I'm a master. It's not the breed y'all. There's good dogs and bad just like there good humans and bad. We had a blast today and are so glad we came. More pics on our website soon. Wheresbixby.com #wheresbixby #bixby #pittiesinthepark #rescuedog #shelterdog #pitbullrescue @humanesociety
shelterdog - rescuedog - pittiesinthepark - bixby - wheresbixby - pitbullrescue -
kalenacoleman : Precious.
louiechops1234 : Looks pretty vicious, I'm surprised Mike has a beard left. Your right these dogs get really bad press and its down to how they are trained its so sad as they a
louiechops1234 : re lovely dogs xx
tanyaensilveris : @konathepittie 🐢
hollyishappy2day - popsicledog34 - ktarrence - backwoodsbae26 -
I just met the coolest pup! This is Bixby and she travels the country by bicycle with her dad! Bixby is a #rescuedog and she helps raise awareness for other #shelterpets. @wheresbixby #wheresbixby #ntclibertystation #sandiego #pittiesinthepark
rescuedog - sandiego - ntclibertystation - pittiesinthepark - wheresbixby - shelterpets -
audrey_ricks_photography : So nice to see you today! 😎
westwaystudio : You, too, @audrey_ricks_photography! How did the spooky spider photo booth go today?
audrey_ricks_photography : @westwaystudio The spooky spider booth was a big hit -- much busier than I had expected! I had so much fun, but I never had time to walk around and see the rest of the event. 😜
libertypublicmarket - rocky_and_manders - alexi.the.sheebs - myperfectpetfood -
All you humans keep calling me a boy. Not all dogs are boys ya know. I'm a lady. I like lady things like tiaras and balls. #wheresbixby #bixby #imagirl #princess
imagirl - bixby - wheresbixby - princess -
nolasharpeilife : Haha. You're a beautiful young lady!! ☺☺
cathynbailey : @wheresbixby you are a beautiful girl. My boy dog keeps getting called a girl and is by dog owners with girls lol. Think owners with boys call other dogs boys and vice versa πŸ˜‚ x
with.love.scoutt : I get that too, but I am ok if you give me hugs and kisses, then you can pretty much call me anything. πŸ˜€
lexie0771 - littleboymew - mab_2004 - hummer180 -
wheresbixby -
louiechops1234 : Wow that's so cool :)
supercorgi_jojo : That's pawesome
hollyishappy2day - hummer180 - popsicledog34 - dale.east -
#wheresbixby version of #whereswaldo #camouflage #puppylife #puppy #puppiesofinstagram #yorkie #yorkiesofinstagram
whereswaldo - wheresbixby - camouflage - yorkie - yorkiesofinstagram - puppiesofinstagram - puppylife - puppy -
proudyorkies - thebazlife - acethehandsome - gus_thefrenchbulldog -
In 2 hours we will be boarding the Hornblower Bow Wow Brunch Cruise down at the San Diego Harbor. Who's with me? Grab your humans and head on down for some good viddles and beautiful scenery as we sail the San Diego bay. #wheresbixby #bixby #sandiego #hornblower
hornblower - bixby - wheresbixby - sandiego -
louiechops1234 : Wow that sounds amazing enjoy xx
getouttoride : You will enjoy it bixby. Hornblower is fun in SD.
doggiebeachbus : Coolβ›΅οΈπŸΆ
with.love.scoutt - mab_2004 - goldie_the_labby - lexie0771 -
We're looking for a graphic design person. We've paid a couple people to do it on Fiverr and after nearly 2 weeks we've never heard back. We need a logo and I want it to look like a cartoon version of us in the cog of a bicycle. I have a particular font and some specific colors and hoping we can get a vector format, or whatever its called so we can resize it however we want without t turning all grainy. Anyone interested in helping us out? As you can tell by my humans drawing this is something he is incapable of and seeing that I have no opposable thumbs, we really need a humans help. I'm open to other ideas as far as design this is just what we've come up with thanks to a couple very special humans in our lives. You can reach us at wheresbixby@gmail.com #wheresbixby
wheresbixby -
lizzo529 : @moneymaggzz @a_person_per_day
zackmorgans : @moneymaggzz @a_person_per_day do it
artnoppa : What are the colors, that you would like to be used on the logo, and what kind of font?
xyladee : #gothgirlgg
xyladee : #pilliarddickle
louiechops1234 : I really hope somebody can help out xx
mcornilliac : @diegoagarcia para que freelacees
sunshinefactory427 : @uncle_bribri_79 What do you think?
lexie0771 - agoodteam - jessieleigh1012 - hummer180 -
wheresbixby -
lexie0771 : So true and cute😍☺️
_ashley___w : We're are you Bixby please answer πŸ˜€
daniel_perdidoenbici : @rockoyaosko Me guatatuar eso (C)
gracecosborne : πŸ’•πŸ’•
louiechops1234 : You are just so adorable xc
hollyishappy2day - jessieleigh1012 - hummer180 - popsicledog34 -
Ruff yeah I do. #wheresbixby #bixby @dogs
bixby - wheresbixby -
stricklyboarding : Where are u guys? Still in SD?
wheresbixby : @stricklyboarding yes. This was in Coronado today. Now in balboa park. Unfortunately when my bike was stolen they got Bixby's collar too which had your wave charm. They git quite a bit of stuff
bambioffinland : You're at my favorite beach!
bevieconk : Lucky Dog!
lexie0771 - agoodteam - mab_2004 - naturgreenheart -
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