This never gets old. I'm going to be in the Ruffin' movies before it's all over with. Imagine how many humans I could help rescue then. So many pooches just like me waiting to take their humans on an adventure like ours. You just have to step up and give us the chance. #wheresbixby #bixby #thecoastnews #encinitas #rescuedog #dogsonbikes #petadoption #adoptdontshop
dogsonbikes - bixby - wheresbixby - adoptdontshop - encinitas - thecoastnews - rescuedog - petadoption -
kaleilani33 : North county San Diego beach towns are the best!! Have fun!
louiechops1234 : How exciting Bixby :) Glad to see you have a new orange bone xx
buzzybcnr : Glad you are having a great time in SoCal San Diego is the best😎
b_feff - ashley_backhandsprings - lifeafterscars - agoodteam -
Thanks to these humans for scooping us up and taking us to the printing press to pick up the template used to print us on the front page of the local paper. They knew how to play fetch too. I think I like Encinitas. #wheresbixby #bixby
bixby - wheresbixby -
b_feff : Your welcome🐢🐢
louiechops1234 : How cool Bixby what another load of fantastic humans you have met
nancymauk - hope_the3leggedwonderdog - jade._leigh - moonlightyogurtcafe -
How Ruffin' cool is this? We made the front page of The Coast News and we went to the printing press where they gave us the metal template they use to publish the paper. This is the aluminum sheet that they slather with ink and spins on the big wheel to print the papers. So now I can print as many of these bad boys as I want to. All I need is my own printing press and I'm good to go. No problem. #wheresbixby #bixby #coastnews #encinitas #rescuedog
encinitas - coastnews - bixby - wheresbixby - rescuedog -
louiechops1234 : Very Ruffin Cool not sure how it would fit on the bike but I'm sure you guys would work it out
sarcasticmemequeen - thenativemermaidk9 - moonlightyogurtcafe - kevl42 -
#thehisho #heidi6666 #wheresbixby #dog #sunglasses #mikeminnick coolest parking lot dog ever!
mikeminnick - sunglasses - thehisho - heidi6666 - wheresbixby - dog -
auraurify - triplegraces - awesome_h_ - kendyraaa -
While in Oceanside I got to meet Bixby, a 5 year old rescue dog, and her owner Mike. They're traveling around the country on bike to raise awareness of pet adoption and supporting animal shelters. They started in a truck but traded in for a bike, and have now rode over 8000 miles and seen 31 states. NBD! #wheresbixby #oceanside #dogsofinstagram #nationaldogday #hugyourdog
hugyourdog - nationaldogday - wheresbixby - oceanside - dogsofinstagram -
zardmonkey - gentlemantraveler - mccarthybilly - dodgemarsico -
We met this Pawesome family at the smoothie shop in Encinitas and they invited us to come stay with them a couple days. Hatch and his humans(Will, Alyssa and Patrick) were so much fun. We went swimming, had an impromptu late night jam session and learned about one of the craziest stories we'd ever heard. You know those Publishers Clearing letters that come in the mail. Well they used to come with a fake check made out to you to get you to enter. We'll what happens when a man decides to deposit that $95,000 check in his ATM and it clears? An epic tale of David vs. Goliath and Goliath is a bank and David wins big time. Check out Patrickcombs.com to learn more and google "Man 1, Bank 0". You can't help but root for the underdog in a story like this. Thanks Combs family for the hospitality and just for having fun. #wheresbixby #bixby #yubabikes #man1bank0
man1bank0 - bixby - yubabikes - wheresbixby -
louiechops1234 : What a cool family glad you had a nice place to stay xx
meredith_stephens : @melanie226
petey_margaritee - nancymauk - ninok_life - teapots_and_polkadots -
It's National dog day so hug your dog and give 'em something sweet. What? You don't have a dog? Find your local shelter and get you a new best friend. #wheresbixby #bixby #nationaldogday
bixby - nationaldogday - wheresbixby -
nancymauk - magelssensykkel - lisabrink77 - teapots_and_polkadots -
Wonder long I could sit here before anyone walking by would see me. #wheresbixby #bixby @dogisgood #peekaboo
peekaboo - bixby - wheresbixby -
kpinkston731 : Took me a minute
bashabaloo : Love it! Thanks for stopping by our booth!
nancymauk - banebuttercup - olivia_ladymaker - teapots_and_polkadots -
wheresbixby.com. Check it out as Bixby the rescue dog passes through Encinitas with her human Mike! Amazing journey!! #dogs #rescue #bike #adventure #travel #dog #wheresbixby #animal #shelter #trip #adopt #pets #friends #rescuedog #encinitas #sandiego #roadtrip #doglovers
rescue - shelter - wheresbixby - encinitas - adventure - rescuedog - doglovers - friends - trip - sandiego - travel - adopt - dog - roadtrip - bike - animal - dogs - pets -
suzqz2z : @sbkibbee
goldmoneysavings : Stunning one
beachpebblejewelry - kotoshthepiggy - theboardbuzz - cheers.prost -
This young human is Will and he's my new friend and he's really really cool. #wheresbixby #bixby #Hugyourdog @dogsofinstagram @petco @theellenshow @dogisgood
bixby - hugyourdog - wheresbixby -
txposky : @carolinehas3goldens @alexwhitxoxo
lifeafterscars : Looks like a pretty serious conversation...
dogisgood : This is just the cutest. #dogisgood
louiechops1234 : Bixby have you been teaching that young man to swim? Your talents are endless another precious picture xx
agoodteam - ttell11 - trunksthepit - lifeafterscars -
#wheresbixby #bixby @dogs @dogsofinstagram
bixby - wheresbixby -
ashley_backhandsprings : Bixby is so CUTE
amynadas : You're funny
nancymauk - velo_bunny - lisabrink77 - banebuttercup -
Some humans try and tell me that there's no way their dog would ride a bike. That their dog is too big etc... Meet Klaus. He's the 2nd great Dane that I've pedaled around to prove that all dogs love bikes. Get a dog. Get a bike. Put dog on bike. Pedal! #wheresbixby #bixby #yubabikes #yubamundo #yubabicycles #adventurecycling #dogsonbikes #rescuedog @dogsofinstagram @dog_pictures #funcycle
dogsonbikes - yubabicycles - yubamundo - bixby - wheresbixby - rescuedog - funcycle - yubabikes - adventurecycling -
louiechops1234 : Bixby love your mantra keep pedaling sweet baby xz
sam_in_love : @guacachile πŸ™ˆ
sunshinefactory427 : @debs518 I need to do this with Pieper!
nancymauk - banebuttercup - konathepittie - adrianatphotography -
What a great visit we had this afternoon with the Rancho Coastal Humane Society in Encinitas. They have some really cute furry friends there looking for their humans to care for and the humans who work there really care about those of who who walk around on four feet. #wheresbixby #bixby @humanesociety @rachocoastalhumanesociety#ranchocoastalhumanesociety #adoptdontshop @yubabicycles @theellenshow #hugyourdog #rescuedogsofinstagram
rescuedogsofinstagram - hugyourdog - ranchocoastalhumanesociety - bixby - wheresbixby - adoptdontshop -
jenihoff : Awesome!!! That's where we got Miss Maya 12 years ago!! We spent so many hours at their dog park until we moved.
sarcasticmemequeen - jade._leigh - moonlightyogurtcafe - pedigreefoundation -
You scream, I scream, we all scream for Vanilla yogurt and green smoothies. I know, it doesn't rhyme, but it tastes so good who cares. After pedaling 9,200 miles with my human I deserve a tasty treat. #wheresbixby #bixby @moonlightyogurtcafe
bixby - wheresbixby -
moonlightyogurtcafe : You and your human came to the right place! Thanks for the visit!
louiechops1234 : Yes you do Bixby I love your too busy eating your yogurt to smile, enjoy xx
petey_margaritee - hollykaitlinjones - 2_fabulous_girlz - teapots_and_polkadots -
This human is Tony from the Coast News Newspaper here in Encinitas. He came out to hear our tales from the road and to help us spread the word on how to find your new best friend. Hug your dog, ride your bike, adopt don't shop and read the Coast News. Thanks so much for the interview and now we're off to the Humane Society. #wheresbixby #bixby #coastnews @coastnews #hugyourdog @encinitas #encinitas @yubabicycles
hugyourdog - bixby - coastnews - encinitas - wheresbixby -
coastnews : It was a pleasure meeting both of you today. Thanks for sharing your story with us. Safe riding!
tallbikenv - lacey_2153 - maddogict - momento_mori_radler -
This is the most Rufftastical way to start a morning I can think of. We called our friends over at the Doggie Beach Bus and they came, scooped us up and we went for a doggie day out at the doggie beach. This is just for us dogs and when your humans go to work, they can call Tish and she with all her friends will come and take you for hikes, and swimming and just have fun like we're supposed to do while our humans are away. What a great idea and we had so much fun. Thank you so much for letting us see how west coast doggies live but up in style. If you're in the Encinitas area and you have a human, tell them to look them up and you too van ride the Doggie Beach Bus. #wheresbixby #bixby @doggiebeachbus #doggiebeachbus @ecoxgear #encinitas @theellenshow #sandiego #rescuedog #hugyourdog
bixby - doggiebeachbus - rescuedog - sandiego - encinitas - hugyourdog - wheresbixby -
scdoty : That other human Tish is my cousin!
teapots_and_polkadots : What a great business!
doggiebeachbus : Whoo hoo so much fun meeting you guys! @scdoty what up cuz:)
fernable : Tish is a girl from my hometown!
momento_mori_radler - jade._leigh - juliethoren - auntyvixen -
Check out these boat houses in Encinitas. I know where I'd want to live if we lived here. #wheresbixby #bixby #yubabikes #encinitas
encinitas - bixby - yubabikes - wheresbixby -
louiechops1234 : Looks ruffing amazing Bixby would love to see you at the helm barking ship ahoy :)
charlotte_wanderlust : I love the houses!! I want one βš“οΈβ€οΈπŸ˜Š
petey_margaritee - _dylangary_ - teapots_and_polkadots - ph2opurewater -
We just met Luna who was from outside of Antigua, Guatemala and being ditched by her owners and in pretty bad shape and then these super humans came to her rescue. They got her all fixed up, navigated the paperwork and brought her back up north and now she travels all over with them. We live hearing stories like theirs. #wheresbixby #bixby #rescuedog
bixby - wheresbixby - rescuedog -
petey_margaritee - banebuttercup - teapots_and_polkadots - ph2opurewater -
Hug your Dog! #wheresbixby #bixby #encinitas
encinitas - bixby - wheresbixby -
pinkflyingduck : Fantastic!! Godspeed, you beautiful souls!
kenleylewis : @tlewiss92
ehuuuuu : I think you need a Hodad's star sticker before you leave San Diego. #Hodads
wheresbixby : @ehuuuuu Hodads?
ehuuuuu : It's one of the best burger joints in San Diego, located in Ocean Beach. Way awesome burgers & onion rings.
petey_margaritee - mothermountainorganics - teapots_and_polkadots - ph2opurewater -
Ruffmungous thanks to Tom and his crew in Oceanside for hosting us for the days we were there. We found them on couchsurfing.com which has been such a great resource for us along with warmshowers.org for finding free places to stay from humans that just want to share in the adventures of the travelers that stay with them. Thanks a bunch y'all for allowing us to stay and fall in love with Oceanside. #wheresbixby #bixby #couchsurfing
couchsurfing - bixby - wheresbixby -
louiechops1234 : These look like a great bunch so glad you got to meet some more cool humans xx
tallbikenv - momento_mori_radler - 2chesadors - wanderingmyway -
Just pulled into Leucadia and we can already tell this is our kind of town. I think we'd like to stick around for a day and check out the farmers market tomorrow morning. Do we have any friends in the area that would like to host this traveling trio (Chicken Charlie, my human and I)? #wheresbixby #bixby #yubabicycles #leucadia
bixby - leucadia - wheresbixby - yubabicycles -
lsxstef : @snicole.xx
louiechops1234 : Bixby you crack me up!! Enjoy your time there
hope_the3leggedwonderdog - mike.marquis - jade._leigh - teapots_and_polkadots -
1 bike, 2 years, and 9,000 miles across the USA for the importance of pet adoption. Bixby and her human Mike are quite the pair. Best wishes and happy trails. Now you'll have safe water wherever the trail takes you. @wheresbixby #wheresbixby #seychellewater πŸ“· @bluwatergear
seychellewater - wheresbixby -
tygirlilli - eliseeggett - seychelle_water - ph2opurewater -
Here's to our last night in Oceanside. We've really enjoyed it here. From the Sunset Market to our Rufftastic couchsurfing hosts this place is paradise. Thanks to this beautiful community for making us feel so welcome. #wheresbixby #bixby #Oceanside #dogsonbikes #rescuedog
dogsonbikes - bixby - rescuedog - wheresbixby - oceanside -
joels_trippin : Where are you off to next Mike?
caddythepug : Aww!! ❀️
onlyinislavista : this is cool πŸ‘
louiechops1234 : Oceanside seems to have been really good to you which is great enjoy your next adventure xx
motomonty : Ride on!
charlesworldtravel : Your t shirt is awesome mike
hope_the3leggedwonderdog - ashley_backhandsprings - 2_fabulous_girlz - ph2opurewater -
Look who I found!! #wheresbixby #oceanside #Oceansidepier #bixby
oceansidepier - bixby - wheresbixby - oceanside -
hbeesen - theteamjustwatch - _taylor_ramirez_ - bridgetayers -
Jerk! #wheresbixby #bixby #ruffinbarkhole
ruffinbarkhole - bixby - wheresbixby -
teapots_and_polkadots : Somebody, step forward and identify this turkey. Then make him pay for a new toy for Bixby!.
magelssensykkel : Welcome to SoCal brah! What a cat anus.
marcreneet : 😑
redbootsmama : Bixby please come to Missouri so I can spoil you and your human.
petcareandclip : Oh that's so sad. She looks devastated. I hope you can get another?
bevieconk : Send him down there after it ! No compassion :(
louiechops1234 : Bixby no that's terrible I cannot believe how people can be so mean. I hope mike can find a replacement xx
hope_the3leggedwonderdog : Major jerk face!
gloriatbl - vagabond_cycling - jade._leigh - sarcasticmemequeen -
Never met a happier bovine in my life. 'Ol Bessie here just clompin' round town and offered to give me a lift. She a friendly old cow. #wheresbixby #bixby
bixby - wheresbixby -
lolapie13 : Cute! Where is this?
wheresbixby : @lolapie13 halfway between oceanside and Carl's on west side of Coast Hwy in front of a store.
lolapie13 : Thanks bixby! Hey, @juliebatterson is this near you guys? I need a picture of delilah on this lol
wheresbixby : @lolapie13 1709 South Coast Hwy. I looked it up. A to Z Antique s to Zebras
juliebatterson : Hey @lolapie13 its about 45 minutes from us more north.
louiechops1234 : Bixby that's a different method of transport than your bike love it
ninok_life - jade._leigh - bashabaloo - teapots_and_polkadots -
When this young human asked me if I wanted to dance, I stopped in my tracks and showed the young Fred Astaire that this pup is light on her feet. #wheresbixby #bixby @theellenshow #Oceanside #yubabicycles #dogscandance @dog_pictures @instagram
dogscandance - bixby - wheresbixby - oceanside - yubabicycles -
dakota.collins138 : Dude you guys are all over! Hope to see ya guys again soon
louiechops1234 : Bixby what a fine young fellow asking a beautiful lady to dance he will go far
magelssensykkel - bashabaloo - teapots_and_polkadots - dakota.collins138 -
I can't tell you how cool this is. At this moment in time, KUSI News San Diego is explaining how we pedaled our way into Austin, TX last year in time to see and sing Happy Birthday to the coolest living human in the whole Ruffin world. The one and only Willie Nelson! #wheresbixby #bixby #dreamsarelikesticks #willienelson @willienelson @theellenshow #rescuedog #Oceanside
willienelson - dreamsarelikesticks - rescuedog - oceanside - bixby - wheresbixby -
ktarrence : You need to sell that shit,I would totally buy one!!
louiechops1234 : Very ruffin cool
sarcasticmemequeen - pigeondiplomacy - thewaterport - tiki_torcher -
Met this Lil cutie today and he was instantly intrigued with life on the cycle. This little pooch was born to ride. #wheresbixby #bixby #borntoride #rescuedogsofinstagram @theellenshow #oceansidesunsetmarket
rescuedogsofinstagram - bixby - oceansidesunsetmarket - borntoride - wheresbixby -
violetaolague : πŸ’˜ instant crush
co2salamon : ❀️❀️
louiechops1234 : That's it Bixby teach them young
saveourshelter - jade._leigh - banebuttercup - louandphoebe1 -
I found @wheresbixby and she's glorious! #wheresbixby #coolestdog #sunsetmarket #oceanside
foundforaged - bandofun - flashesofdelight - oceanside - abmlifeiscolorful - popyacolour - wheresbixby - myunicornlife - visualsgang - visualsoflife - thehappynow - livecolorfully - rainbow_wall - sunsetmarket - dslooking - thatsdarling - darlingmovement - postitfortheaesthetic - colorventures - huntgram - coolestdog - lovelysquares - foundlost - villagesociety - creativityfound - pursuepretty - dscolor - nothingisordinary_ - darlingweekend - abmhappylife -
bashabaloo : #colorventures #myunicornlife #dslooking #dscolor #thatsdarling #darlingmovement #lovelysquares #ABMlifeiscolorful #nothingisordinary_ #popyacolour #rainbow_wall #thehappynow #flashesofdelight #livecolorfully #huntgram #villagesociety #visualsoflife #visualsgang #creativityfound #foundforaged #pursuepretty #postitfortheaesthetic #foundlost #bandofun #darlingweekend #abmhappylife
mefergason : πŸ’•
shopboxfox : 😍 😍 😍
bashabaloo : @mefergason @shopboxfox I know right?! I totally fell in love with this dog :)
2767_c : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
sunmargarite - dearwomanmovement - allupinyourladybusiness - christensen.studio -
In case you wondered, No, there is nothing I can't do. #wheresbixby #bixby #guitardog @dogsdoingthings #rescuedog
guitardog - bixby - wheresbixby - rescuedog -
manditapandita : @billy_g83
kathryn_mcc : So talented, Bixby!
hannahjo_foxy : He's so cute, I bet all the ladies love him!
wheresbixby : @hannahjo_foxy I am Ruffin cute, but I'm a lady and everyone loves me;)
hannahjo_foxy : Oops sorry, still cute though! You came through Broaddus tx. a couple of years ago and I saw you, now I regret not getting a picture with you! :(
louiechops1234 : Bixby that was never in doubt, you and mike could rule the world. I wish you would the world would be a better place
petey_margaritee - _dylangary_ - jade._leigh - teapots_and_polkadots -
This is so much Ruffin' fun hanging out with Mark and Brandi at the Sunset Market in Oceanside. #wheresbixby #bixby #yubabikes #kusi #sunsetmarket #hugyourdog @tvbrandi
kusi - bixby - hugyourdog - yubabikes - wheresbixby - sunsetmarket -
johnmillerlight : Do you feel famous?
wheresbixby : @johnmillerlight more so than my human. Nobody even remembers his name. It's all about me and Chicken Charlie
louiechops1234 : Bixby your a star your doing an amazing job highlighting what amazing fun people can have with shelter pooches. Don't worry which side the camera gets as every side is stunning
petey_margaritee - juansipe65 - kate_instastyle - teapots_and_polkadots -
Yummy! What a treat it was to meet Dena and Chester at Cold Stone Ice Creamery for my favorite Vanilla ice cream cone. Sometimes I feel like the luckiest pup alive. Thanks y'all. It was Ruffin' nice to meet you. #wheresbixby #bixby #dogsloveicecream @coldstonecreamery #luckydogs
luckydogs - bixby - dogsloveicecream - wheresbixby -
louiechops1234 : Bixby what cool humans ice cream yum yum xx
4harmony13 - hope_the3leggedwonderdog - 2chesadors - teapots_and_polkadots -
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