As we rolled down the street during the farmers market in SLO a guy who was singing for a crowded restaurant turned around and sang just for me right through the open window. How Ruffin' cool is that? #wheresbixby #bixby #yubabikes #adventurecycling #dogsonbikes @dogsonbikes @jimmykimmelhq @theellenshow @dogsofinstagram @dog_pictures @dogscorner #luckydog #rescuedog #SLO
dogsonbikes - bixby - wheresbixby - slo - rescuedog - yubabikes - luckydog - adventurecycling -
yubabicycles - vintagerouge - klaus_komenda - tall_pants -
Dog Bless Bill Murray. #wheresbixby #bixby #BillMurray @theellenshow @dogsofficial @dogsofinstagram @dog_pictures @dogscorner #luckydog #rescuedog #whorescuedwho #SLO @bellomundocafe
whorescuedwho - slo - rescuedog - billmurray - bixby - wheresbixby - luckydog -
andiball : Love this!
polotov : @sparkleegrl @pinch_weezel
honeycd64 - yubabicycles - elambert512 - vintagerouge -
We Love Bixby check out Bixby's adventure at wheresbixby.com #resueanimals #wheresbixby #bichon #bichonfrise
bichonfrise - resueanimals - bichon - wheresbixby -
boxs3fall - cotonmaisa - position2fashion - totally1wonderful -
Its always fun to sit and watch ourselves on TV. Im becoming a pretty popular pup. To think that once upon a time I was in a shelter wondering if I was going to find my human. Adopt a shelter dog, we can change your life. #wheresbixby #bixby @theellenshow @jimmykimmelhq @dogsofficial @dogsofinstagram @dog_pictures @dogscorner #luckydog #rescuedog @TheView #SLO #shelterdog
shelterdog - slo - rescuedog - bixby - wheresbixby - luckydog -
thislittlebirdshop : Awesome!
kitty_mcfriskies : Love farmers! And then I end up spending the rest of the evening at creeky lol
kitty_mcfriskies : Have fun!
nbeephoto : @theellenshow this guy and pup are amazing and traveled far and wide such an amazing trip and his feed is entertaining! check them out! :)
life_is_forliving - m_chio5 - just_laurita - marlow.hubbard -
If you haven't already, go follow @wheresbixby, her incredible 16 month bicycle journey around the US, and help her get on the @ellenshow to support pet adoption and rescue! #ecoxgear #waterproofspeakers #bluetooth #wheresbixby #outdoors #sup #surf #skate #ellenshow #rescuedog
surf - theellenshow - sup - wheresbixby - bluetooth - skate - rescuedog - outdoors - ellenshow - ecoxgear - waterproofspeakers -
ecoxgear : #theellenshow
m_terkait : @a7madoalabduljader swag
mattgoochey : @tarse_ @notlikemegt
nniiss111 - spreelee - 3bdullah78 - ipunk_bromocorah -
My human thinks this is going to happen. Hes got another thing coming. #wheresbixby #bixby @theellenshow @jimmykimmelhq @dogsofficial @dogsofinstagram @dog_pictures @dogscorner #luckydog @dogsmonthly #SLO
slo - bixby - wheresbixby - luckydog -
kiradolly : @surf_sommelier @katiengler @fancyfocker if you guys see them in town, stop to say hi and learn about their mission for animals!!!
janak033 - chadkrantz - drdinoz - sailor819 -
So great to meet Jonathon this morning. He owns Bello Mundo Cafe in SLO. I mean if theres a cafe named after our sweet ride, the Yuba Mundox we have to stop. Thanks for the great coffee and the fetch human. #wheresbixby #bixby @bellomundocafe #SLO
bixby - slo - wheresbixby -
fernable : #booboorecords still there!
thehippiemovement - jade_leigh4 - epic_tour - juliakstarkey -
Ruffin'coolest family in all of SLO. We handnt been in town for 10 minutes when Tim, Lisa, Kiki, and Frida plus some fish invited us to stay with them. Thanks so much y'all for the warmest welcome to town. #wheresbixby #bixby #yubabikes #adventurecycling #dogsonbikes #rescuedog @dogsofficial @dogsofinstagram @dog_pictures @dogscorner #luckydog #SLO
dogsonbikes - bixby - wheresbixby - slo - rescuedog - yubabikes - luckydog - adventurecycling -
palutmurat - jade_leigh4 - epic_tour - juliakstarkey -
❤️❤️ wheresbixby.com ❤️❤️ #wheresbixby
wheresbixby -
skylaronyx - itsmeremi - and82 - madinstinct -
They say dont judge a book by its cover. This is Christopher and as we were pedaling towards San Luis Obispo this afternoon we saw him walking down the street with a cart and a trash bag picking up random things from the side of the road. We stopped to talk to him. He decided to leave LA and walk towards Oregon just because, to see if he could do it. As he walked he noticed all the tradh that people throw out of their cars. He decided to start picking it up and creating awarness for being a good steward to the environment. If you pass this young man between here and north, stop and say Hi. Tell him thank you. Buy him lunch. You may at 1st glance think he's just a homeless guy, but like us, if you take the time to stop and talk to him, you'll realize that in his own way, hes just trying to make a difference. Good for you Christopher. It was really nice to meet you. #wheresbixby #inspiration #yubabicycles #adventurecycling #makingadifference
yubabicycles - inspiration - makingadifference - wheresbixby - adventurecycling -
heather_wildfleur : Awesome!
life_is_forliving : Nice 👍
life_is_forliving : We need more people like him in the world. Greetings from Germany
elliothickle : @love_sarah_rose
kitty_mcfriskies : saw you at Peets yesterday (Wednesday) and i looked up bixbys website and fell in love with the story! Absolutely amazing! ❤️ can't wait to follow the rest of what comes next!
pkruse : Very cool. If we see him on P-town, we will say hello.
j_jouet - awesomefriendjen - happyveggiegirl - chrisbolesky -
#wheresbixby #travlingamerica #dog #fromeasttowestcoast #buffalopub #buffalopubandgrill #beer #ksby @ksbydaybreak @wheresbixby
ksby - fromeasttowestcoast - wheresbixby - dog - beer - buffalopubandgrill - buffalopub - travlingamerica -
wheresbixby : Dang I'm a cute dog. Nice to meet you human.
medge93 - aduub24 - kaitieleis - lizzygassmann -
Heading from Morro Bay State Park into San Luis Obiscbo today. We have any friends in the area. We'd love to hang out a couple days and see the city and go to the Farmers Market. #wheresbixby #bixby #yubabikes #yubamundo #yubabicycles #adventurecycling #morrowbay
morrowbay - yubabicycles - yubamundo - bixby - yubabikes - wheresbixby - adventurecycling -
momento_mori_radler : Enjoy the slo life! @wheresbixby
metaburrito : @retrojon
retrojon : Hey! That's my neck of the woods! Enjoy and welcome! @metaburrito
fernable : I love SLO. Thursday farmers market! Used to take my dog to classes at cal poly 💚💛
kemnik : If you have a chance go to Firestone grill downtown. Best tritip sandwiches ever.
sierrajo3 - juliakstarkey - thehippiemovement - srice062 -
Hahaha! He told me to sit still for a picture in front of the Bixby Bridge in Big Sur, but I was ready to play fetch so I turned around and stuck my tongue out. #wheresbixby #bixby @theellenshow @jimmykimmelhq @dogsofficial @dogsofinstagram @dog_pictures @dogscorner #luckydog #rescuedog #bixbybridge
bixbybridge - bixby - wheresbixby - rescuedog - luckydog -
laclaudiafernanda : 😍😍😍😍
pmarsh19 - rmcm777 - fiberfixspoke - _mevonne_ -
@insta_dogs @theellenshow @jimmykimmelhq @dogsofficial @dog_pictures @dogscorner #morrobay #wheresbixby #bixby
morrobay - bixby - wheresbixby -
becasayshello - nellybentley - mackrazie - epic_tour -
If I had wings...and those wings were made of giant clam shells, I'd pretty much look like this. #wheresbixby #bixby #insta_dogs @jimmykimmelhq @theellenshow @dogsofficial @dogsofinstagram @dog_pictures @dogscorner #luckydog #rescuedog @TheView #morrobay
rescuedog - insta_dogs - morrobay - bixby - wheresbixby - luckydog -
nbeephoto - kshipe - chrisbolesky - rmcm777 -
Even took a try at Paddle Boarding today. This is really ruffin fun. #wheresbixby #bixby #ecoxgear #ecoxbt #graceaudio #rescuedog @TheView @humanesociety @theellenshow @jimmykimmelhq @dogsofficial @dogsofinstagram @dog_pictures @dogscorner #luckydog
ecoxgear - rescuedog - ecoxbt - bixby - graceaudio - wheresbixby - luckydog -
charlotte__alice : ❤️⚓️
life_is_forliving - shelleycopewilliams - gracecosborne - jwsnyder -
How much fun can I show my human on his birthday. Like kayaking Morro Bay. #wheresbixby #bixby @theellenshow @jimmykimmelhq @dogsofficial @dogsofinstagram @TheView @humanesociety #rescuedog @dogsofficial #morrobay
morrobay - bixby - wheresbixby - rescuedog -
orangecrushinator : Awesome!
kierstenlovesmutts : @rightonrobin invite them to Woods!!!
rightonrobin : @kierstenlovesmutts YES!!!!!
jwsnyder - pamleewilson - techgeist - epic_tour -
Decided t o take my human kayaking for his birthday. He said he was sorta worried, but reassured him im a great doggie paddler and if we spilled I could get us back to shore. We had so much fun. #wheresbixby #bixby #ecoxgear @dogsofinstagram @DogsMonthly @theellenshow @jimmykimmelhq @dogsofficial #insta_dog #insta_dogs #cycledog #rescuedog
insta_dog - rescuedog - insta_dogs - ecoxgear - bixby - cycledog - wheresbixby -
greenpedalmonterey : Where ya be!?
labbitdog : Happy Birthday!!
jillian_maeve : @anewlamp this could be us!
anewlamp : @jillian_maeve which one am I?
jillian_maeve : @anewlamp Bixby, duh!
andiball : Happy Birthday Mike! Love and doggie kisses from the Kennas!!
heyandyhey : Love this account. Coolist dog ever!
amynadas - gracecosborne - dokahona - djtoddking -
Being that its my human's Birthday, I d3cided to bring him breakfast in bed. Waffles and Fruit Loops. #wheresbixby #bixby @theellenshow @jimmykimmelhq @dogsofficial @dogsofinstagram @dog_pictures @dogscorner #breakfastinbed #rescuedog
bixby - wheresbixby - rescuedog - breakfastinbed -
sunshinefactory427 : Happy Birthday!!!!
officialcheezit : Happy birthday to your human! It was great to meet you at cat town cafe! 😽💨🎂
mariahwagner : Happy birthday!
staarvellocet : happy birthday Mike!!
charlotte__alice : Happy Birthday Mike!!!!! 🎁🎉
mikechiofalo : Happy birthday mike !!!!
nartleexr : @thepicturestory so cute!!!
colton34 : Happy birthday! Safe travels
radiantdipsea - haybruc - sbosch83 - sailor819 -
Big or tall, short or small we will all have a ball... #wheresbixby #bixby #tomandjerry @theellenshow @jimmykimmelhq @dogsofficial @dogsofinstagram @TheView #rescuedog #morrobay
morrobay - bixby - rescuedog - wheresbixby - tomandjerry -
fkapoo : @jonathanleesturgis Hahaha! Made morning :D
pedal_power_ : @jayleemichelle_ @jodipode
caponemichelle : @wheresbixby LOVE this! You guys are awesome! #funtravelingdog
usareke : Haha @cotner11
caponemichelle : @wheresbixby HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mike!!!! Hope you have a great day!!! :)
caseyfrazier : @kinseyrose15
momento_mori_radler : Bixby is the chillest dog on the planet!
jwsnyder : That cat looks evil!
vagabond_cycling - jbolesky3 - chrisbolesky - kshipe -
Its so lush and green here overlooking Morro Bay. I just wanted to do somersaults all the way to the ocean. #wheresbixby #bixby @theellenshow @jimmykimmelhq @dogsofficial @dogsofinstagram @dog_pictures @dogscorner #luckydog #rescuedog @TheView #morrobay
morrobay - bixby - wheresbixby - rescuedog - luckydog -
michelelem8 : 💚💚💚
kemnik : What an amazing picture.
mmargatron : 👍
soco_vino : Such a great photo!!! @wheresbixby
jwsnyder : Simba!
sylvanafd : Whoa what a #view !!! Looks like #paradise
cindyleder : This pic rocks ( no pun intended)
chadkrantz - the_stoned_mason - returnofthemakh - ca.terry -
Well you dont see this everyday. My human wanted to hug one, but I yold him that probably wasnt a good idea #wheresbixby #bixby @theellenshow @jimmykimmelhq @dogsofficial @dogsofinstagram @TheView #rescuedog #Bigsur
bigsur - bixby - wheresbixby - rescuedog -
theweekendertravel : Nice shot
eagerweaver : @wheresbixby Cool!
pmarsh19 : @daveyman27
greenpedalmonterey - pedal_power_ - drdinoz - pkruse -
In case you were wondering, no...there is nothing that I can't do. We met the guy who makes Bruno Boards as a hobby and he let me try one out. Im a natural. #wheresbixby #bixby @theellenshow @jimmykimmelhq @dogsofficial @dogsofinstagram @dog_pictures @dogscorner #luckydog @ecoxgear @TheView #skatedog #dogsonskates #rescuedog #brunoboards
brunoboards - dogsonskates - rescuedog - skatedog - bixby - wheresbixby - luckydog -
technical_knowledge : @djtransfat
sabonetagem - longhaultrekkers - dogeared108 - pmarsh19 -
Stopped in Cayucus and they had swings on the beach. Nobody thought a pup would like swinging, but they were wrong. This is fun. #wheresbixby #bixby #cayucus @theellenshow @jimmykimmelhq @dogsofficial @dogsofinstagram @dog_pictures @dogscorner #luckydog #rescuedog @TheView #swing
rescuedog - cayucus - swing - bixby - wheresbixby - luckydog -
princesstule : She needs a beer and a sombrero!
mommahoz - marlow.hubbard - cctexsmaks - drdinoz -
Hug Your Dog! #wheresbixby #bixby @theellenshow @jimmykimmelhq @dogsofficial @dogsofinstagram @TheView @humanesociety #rescuedog
bixby - wheresbixby - rescuedog -
asltiffm : What a spot!
liquidmoceans710 : Julia pfeiffer burns state park
michelelem8 : Awwwwwwwwe
mrmeowy : Aren't there a ton of no dog signs on that trail?
wheresbixby : We're not on a trail. We're above the trail. Nobody comes up where we were cause you can't park there. Unless your on a bike @mrmeowy
momento_mori_radler : This is the best...
radiantdipsea : Love this! 😊
mahgeeta_h : @alison_gb
roscoebuttthemutt - _mevonne_ - sunnshyneone -
Not sure what my human is thinking, but I dont like it. Either way, I think Cayucus or Morrow Bay is where well end up tonight if anyone wants to meet us. #wheresbixby #bixby #yubabikes #yubamundo #chickencharlie #biketour #cargobike #funcycle #hugyourdog #adveturecycling @theellenshow @jimmykimmelhq @dogsofficial @dogsofinstagram @dog_pictures @dogscorner #luckydog
hugyourdog - yubamundo - cargobike - chickencharlie - wheresbixby - bixby - luckydog - biketour - yubabikes - adveturecycling - funcycle -
sunshinefactory427 - honeycd64 - littlehiccups - momento_mori_radler -
#wheresBixby and her human Mike had a #duckanddive sticker on their bike. Turns out when they peddled through Wilmington they stopped there and A.C. literally gave Mike the shirt off his back, and Mike still had it with him at the #bixbybridge on the other side of the country. #smallworld #smalltownlove #pacificcoasthighwayroadtrip #jonathanandsadiesvacation @randomheroics @wheresbixby
bixbybridge - duckanddive - smalltownlove - jonathanandsadiesvacation - wheresbixby - pacificcoasthighwayroadtrip - smallworld -
allisonteachesamerica : Haha. I met that guy at the Duck!
wheresbixby : Howdy Wilmington. "Freakin" great city.
rjrick : @allisonteachesamerica we totes met that dog! I don't remember the guy.
shelby_trike - omglmatt - allisonteachesamerica - mrsbdouglas -
If you build a bridge for me...I will cross it. #wheresbixby #bixby #yubabikes #yubamundo #biketour #insta_dog @theellenshow @jimmykimmelhq @dogsofficial @dogsofinstagram @dog_pictures @dogscorner #luckydog #rescuedog #whorescuedwho #rescuedog #dogsonbikes #petadoption #bixbybridge
whorescuedwho - insta_dog - yubamundo - petadoption - bixby - wheresbixby - dogsonbikes - rescuedog - biketour - bixbybridge - yubabikes - luckydog -
juliannap82 : That's awesome!!! Be safe you two!!!
jenncooks : I've been there! Beautiful!
flyingpigeonla : Yay!
nbeephoto : Go bixby !!!!!! :) 🚲
brianedwardtucker : You guys made it!!!
_osogram_ : @wheresbixby you made it! Stay safe! 🐶
cszutu : @gtangsterr lol same name as the bridge!
marcaleptic - samuel_121393 - chrisbolesky - jcerros24 -
'Cause I got friends in low places where the whiskey drowns and the beer chases my blues awaaaay and I'll be okaaaay // making friends with @wheresbixby!! Follow her and her travels! // #dogsofcarmel #dogstagram #petfriendly #dogfriendly #localsonly #rufflife #woof #rescue #wheresbixby #spca #spcaofmontereycounty #savealife #thanksgarth #garthbrooks #sierranevada #beerofchoice @sierranevada
savealife - localsonly - rescue - rufflife - dogfriendly - wheresbixby - petfriendly - spcaofmontereycounty - thanksgarth - sierranevada - dogstagram - spca - woof - dogsofcarmel - garthbrooks - beerofchoice -
playstationsorteos : ¡Esta cuenta esta sorteando varios Playstation4! Si eres español, entra ya en el perfil y enterate de que hacer para conseguir uno!
kelly_da_giovanni - keithmitten - amilli17 - english_in_ct -
Look out Big Sur. There's an ridiculously adorable pup heading your way. #wheresbixby #bixby #yubabikes #yubamundo #yubabicycles #adventurecycling #insta_dog #insta_dogs #cycledog #carmelbythesea @theellenshow @jimmykimmelhq @dogsofficial @dogsofinstagram @dog_pictures @dogscorner #luckydog #rescuedog
insta_dog - cycledog - carmelbythesea - insta_dogs - yubamundo - yubabicycles - wheresbixby - bixby - rescuedog - yubabikes - luckydog - adventurecycling -
camrinew : Amazing man
leeperryscrach1979 : Oh my dog 🐶❕❗
luizotavio.ico - drockserio - machadocharles - hypton -
Thanks to the Wooftastic Humans at Carmel Office Supply we're getting some Barktacular business cards and some other great things in the works. This is the start of a great relationship. These humans can do anything. Thanks so much y'all. #wheresbixby #bixby #carmelofficesupply #carmelbythesea
bixby - wheresbixby - carmelofficesupply - carmelbythesea -
charlotte__alice : Say HI to Natalie for me. Carmel Office Supply is one of my accounts!!! I sell art supplies to her. ❤️So happy you got to meet Natalie and her hubby!!
wheresbixby : They are great.
greenpedalmonterey : Glad I got to meet us guys and glad you met some of the awesome people that live here!
cindyleder - ladyheather_ - btjaxfrisbee - welcomequeenalice -
Bixby dined at Bistro Beaujolais today! She is traveling across country raising awareness for animal shelters. WheresBixby.com #bistrobeaujolaiscarmel #wheresbixby #animalshelterawareness #carmel
bistrobeaujolaiscarmel - animalshelterawareness - wheresbixby - carmel -
_maaaaaaddy - beccabear272 -
Mike and Bixby traveling across the U.S. stopped in today to say hi. They have already hit 31 states and are on their way to Bixby Bridge. #wheresbixby @wheresbixby @baybikes
wheresbixby -
wheresbixby : Thank you guys so much for keeping us safe. It was so nice to meet you.
evanrossow : It was great meeting you two as well! Stop by whenever your in the area @wheresbixby
wheresbixby - ianbrigham - brianedwardtucker - burnhamcoaching -
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