Second session in the Africa Talks Series at the Wheeler Centre #AfricaTalks #wheelercentre #africais notacountry
africatalks - wheelercentre - africais -
kapital_fuji : I thought Africa was a country?
margokate8 : It turns out it's more of an island @kapital_fuji
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Met my favourite author David Mitchell last night, and got two books (rather elaborately) signed, including my favourite novel Cloud Atlas. 😍 Thanks @wheelercentre! #fangirl #davidmitchell #cloudatlas #theboneclocks #wheelercentre
wheelercentre - cloudatlas - theboneclocks - fangirl - davidmitchell -
sunken_waltz : Wowee!!
sunken_waltz - _fionalouise - crizzles - tamsienwest -
So excited to see David Mitchell tonight! Fingers crossed he signs my books #cloudatlas #theboneclocks #thethousandautumnsofjacobdezoet #author #davidmitchell #wheelercentre #books
wheelercentre - davidmitchell - books - author - thethousandautumnsofjacobdezoet - cloudatlas - theboneclocks -
maxturci : πŸ‘‹
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Novelist and poet, Ben Okri, talked about observing people's book shelves for what they are reading - do you have any African or Indian authors or poets in your bookshelf? It's just opened up a new world to me. (I tend to check out people's music collection) #poetry #postlove #love #letters #malthousetheatre #wheelercentre #benokri #thefamishedroad #subtexts
wheelercentre - letters - malthousetheatre - poetry - subtexts - benokri - love - thefamishedroad - postlove -
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Margaret Merrilees reading from her "Fables - Queer and Familiar" at the @wheelercentre. Quote: "The whole thing about virginity sucks." #reading #book #literature #fables #novels #Melbourne #wheelercentre #funny #southaustralia #writing #authors
wheelercentre - funny - fables - novels - writing - melbourne - literature - authors - southaustralia - reading - book -
zeethreads - readlocalnc - jl.s.writing - 9matron3836goog -
so serious
seriousstuff - goughwhitlam - violence - government - malcolmturnbull - sex - society - humanrights - politics - nerdalert - film - antidepressants - wheelercentre - democracy - artandculture - acmi - culturevulture - aiweiwei - independentfilm - melbourne - currentaffairs - hraff - hraff2015 - lecture - documentary -
sallyekong : #wheelercentre #lecture #hraff2015 #hraff #melbourne #acmi #politics #goughwhitlam #malcolmturnbull #aiweiwei #documentary #film #independentfilm #democracy #antidepressants #government #currentaffairs #society #humanrights #violence #sex #artandculture #culturevulture #seriousstuff #nerdalert
chrisocchietti : Oooh what you seeing? When?
sallyekong : @chrisocchietti a lecture tomorrow eve (booked out) on Gough Whitlam and Malcolm Turnbull and whether we'll ever see visionary leaders like that again in the current political landscape. Pervert Park (20/5) is a doco that examines sex offenders and their motivations/urges. Ai Weiwei (17/5) is a doco that follows the artist around and his struggle under house arrest and human rights in China. I think you guys are in Bali πŸ˜”
chrisocchietti : Yes in Bali. Bummer. Can't wait for MIFF
sallyekong : @chrisocchietti yes! I will be MIFFing hard this year!!!!
chrisocchietti : @sallyekong Me too - I can't wait!
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Culture club. #wheelercentre
wheelercentre -
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#mattmullican #muma #wheelercentre "What do I think in?" #outthere #thatperson
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A full house for living legend Barry Jones #asitshouldbe @wheelercentre #barryjones #melbourne
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Puppet antics at the #ChildrensBookFestival in #Melbourne yesterday. Held at the #StateLibraryVictoria and #WheelerCentre .. #StreetPhotography #StreetsofMelbourne #MadewithFaded
wheelercentre - melbourne - streetphotography - streetsofmelbourne - madewithfaded - statelibraryvictoria - childrensbookfestival -
moda_kyo : #snuffpuppets
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#Melbourne #StreetPhotography #StreetsofMelbourne #puppets #ChildrensBookFestival #StateLibrary #WheelerCentre #StateLibraryVictoria
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had lots of fun, good starting point @ publishing house #kidsbookfest #wheelercentre #statelibraryvic βœ‚οΈβœοΈπŸ“š
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Monster walking with a Rubik's Cube (it started as a bunny) - Shaun Tan (author of The Lost Thing) Monster Drawing workshop, in the #WheelerCentre - #ChildrensBookFestival #Melbourne #LifewithKids #shauntan #StateLibraryVictoria #StateLibrary
wheelercentre - shauntan - statelibraryvictoria - statelibrary - melbourne - childrensbookfestival - lifewithkids -
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Shaun Tan (author of The Lost Thing) Monster Drawing workshop, in the #WheelerCentre - #ChildrensBookFestival #Melbourne #LifewithKids #shauntan #StateLibrary #StateLibraryVictoria
wheelercentre - shauntan - statelibraryvictoria - statelibrary - melbourne - childrensbookfestival - lifewithkids -
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what a beautiful day for #kidsbookfest #wheelercentre β˜€οΈπŸ“šπŸŽΆ happy day #TheresAHippopotamusOnOurRoofEatingCake #hazeledwards 😍
wheelercentre - kidsbookfest - hazeledwards - theresahippopotamusonourroofeatingcake -
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Kids in the #StateLibrary - story telling in the Red Rotunda - #ChildrensBookFestival #StateLibraryVictoria #WheelerCentre #LifewithKids #Melbourne
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Kids (and monsters) in the #StateLibrary πŸ˜„ #WheelerCentre #StateLibraryVictoria #ChildrensBookFestival #LifewithKids #Library #books #reading #architecture #Melbourne
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skigin : cool!
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Oh Melbourne, how I love thee. #wheelercentre #licksforthelucky?
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Feetloose #melbourne #wheelercentre #snuffpuppet #childrensbookfestival #statelibrary
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Book adventures start here! Bring your little ones to the free #kidsbookfest today @library_vic and @wheelercentre πŸ‘Ύ The day is packed with free storytelling, games, craft, authors, singing, dancing, jumping, reading...SO MUCH BOOK FUN! #StateLibraryVic #WheelerCentre #kidfriendlymelbourne #melbournewithkids
wheelercentre - kidsbookfest - statelibraryvic - kidfriendlymelbourne - melbournewithkids -
johnna.lafaith - ashamae_r - taraaoldfield - jannetec02 -
Children's book festival tomorrow! We'll be flippin' quesadillas for kidlets and parents so if you have a little book reading monster, come into the city and meet your favourite children's authors & fill your bellies.
wheelercentre - treatyoselfcart - bookfestival - childrensbooks - kidlets -
treat_yoself_cart : #kidlets #childrensbooks #bookfestival #wheelercentre #treatyoselfcart
emsexton : See ya there @treat_yoself_cart!
shesaidso : Yay! I'm working there so I'll pop by to say hello.
treat_yoself_cart : @emsexton @shesaidso I won't be there personally sorry, my lovely crew will be running the cart today.
littlepicot : Amazing photo!
bexjam13 - rozzymcg - topfoodmelbourne - bonoboheme -
An 'out of box' glorious Autumn evening to kick off our @Wheelercentre conversation series for the year last night. It was great hearing Hannie Rayson in conversation with Lorin Clarke. #montalto#montaltovineyard#morningtonpeninsula#seeaustralia#restaurantaustralia@australia#wine#food#vineyard#2015#visitvictoria#wheelercentre
wheelercentre - food - montaltovineyard - vineyard - visitvictoria - montalto - morningtonpeninsula - 2015 - seeaustralia - restaurantaustralia - wine -
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Today I wrote a thing about changing #gaming after a talk by Anita Sarkeesian hosted by @wheelercentre. Got thoughts? Pic by @platinumdepot.
gaming -
jamie_walf0rd : *Interesting
stevielovesphotography : But what did I say about gta @jamie_walf0rd? I used it as an example in two ways. How did I use it as an example, because your statements don't follow.
stevielovesphotography : I actually used it as an example of a successful game despite criticism, no? And I talked about the criticism itself being criticised, no? Where does Zoe Quinn come into my discussion? And do you know how all consumer journalism works? Everyone's on everyone's pocket. Gaming is not unique, as my article says @jamie_walf0rd.
stevielovesphotography : What I've actually done is take points Sarkeesian raised and considered them separate to her own commentary. If you want to know what research I did to be able to analise those points, I have three tertiary qualifications in relevant areas.
stevielovesphotography : Also *misogamy, while you're at it. I assume you meant mysogyny.
ambyfelix : You realize I just proved her a fraud and it's been all over Twitter and Tumblr... Trust me I've done my research. I don't suddenly formulate an opinion without extensive research so I ask that you not insult my intelligence. You insulting me and my "apparent critical thinking skills", wanting my elaborate opinion yet refusing to share yours says a lot. Take a look at my Instagram and you'll see some screen caps. Go ahead and search #GamerGate on Twitter and you'll see me there too. Then again, do whatever you please, but at least conduct yourself in a civil manner without getting bent out of shape. Anita is a fraud. Do your research, not just on the side what you want to hear. When you research both sides of an argument THATS when you exercise critical thinking. @stevielovesphotography @jamie_walf0rd
ambyfelix : Btw, how much gaming do you do?! How big of a part does it play in your life?! I'm only asking because it seems like a ton of ANITA supporters go above and beyond as you've done, writing articles in her defense about changing the face of video games yet nobody seems to know anything more jab a Google search about specific games. You realize Anita used Lets Play content on YouTube without the permission of content creators right?! Didn't know you needed 160k in that. And since yiu find it so necessary to correct a 16 year old's grammar, try studying the grammar patterns of Anita and her "co-writer" on Twitter. There is too much evidence dismissing Anita and she's so insecure she will block any civil refute or in my case, a civil disagreement. You need to do your research and know what you're talking about; in terms of gaming and with people like Anita. I'm not going to sit here and not pick an impossible argument with you. All I did was agree with @jamie_walf0rd and you immediately found it necessary to respond in a defensive manner.
stevielovesphotography : @ambyfelix, if anyone's on the defensive here it's you. I've given you 1500 words in an article that you've clearly not read. As I said, I'm not going to repeat it here, it's publicly available. And, as I also said kn my comment to Jamie, it could easily be viewed from both the pro and neg positions. Critical thinking is taking ideas and analysing them through a wealth of information, knowledge and experience, which is what I've done. I've seen your instagram, would you like to see my degrees? That's where my ability to think critically comes from. I also don't need to list my gaming credentials, suffice to say in 30+ years I've experienced plenty. If you'd like to give me your argument for or against the detail in my article, please do, but don't throw random points at me, like did I know this, that or the other. What's YOUR point, and why do YOU think it. I corrected Jamie on wording, not grammar, because he himself corrected another. You chose to comment on my thread, I invited your opinion, this is on you.
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Waiting for Richard Flanagan. #wheelercentre
wheelercentre - richardflanagan - tasmania - literature - bookerprize -
theboroughs3057 : #wheelercentre #richardflanagan
theboroughs3057 : #Tasmania #literature #bookerprize
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We kick off our 2015 series of the much loved Wheeler Centre conversation evenings next Friday 20 March with Hannie Rayson. We have only a handful of tickets left, bookings via The Wheeler Centre The third Friday of each month will be a time to discover new Australian writing at Montalto. #montalto#montaltovineyard#morningtonpeninsula#seeaustralia#restaurantaustralia@australia#wine#food#vineyard#2015#visitvictoria#wheelercentre
wheelercentre - food - montaltovineyard - vineyard - visitvictoria - montalto - morningtonpeninsula - 2015 - seeaustralia - restaurantaustralia - wine -
lavidawines : Nice!
electric_sea_ : great
wonder_never_land : πŸ‘Œ - poppiesredhillflowers - bonjotting - michaelabini_artwork -
Catching up πŸŒπŸ‘πŸ™Š @voiceworksmag cover by #connortomasobrien and inside awesome illustrations by @teganiversen @ashleyronning and many more! #poetry #comics #visualart #illustration #newfiction #nonfiction #magazine #melbourne #writers #artsvictoria #wheelercentre
wheelercentre - artsvictoria - newfiction - comics - poetry - illustration - melbourne - visualart - writers - nonfiction - magazine - connortomasobrien -
teganiversen : yayayay @rosiedidit! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–πŸ‘Œ
the_appiworld : Cool!πŸ‘
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Full house at #storeyhall for this tonight #theFWord #feministfrequency #anitasarkeesian #wheelercentre
wheelercentre - thefword - feministfrequency - storeyhall - anitasarkeesian -
moststrange - dodonoir - neatznotso - horny__hannah -
Tuesday night dose of incredible, inspirational feminism and Anita Sarkeesian. #femfeq #thefword #feminism #feminist #feministfrequency #rmit #storeyhall #wheelercentre #melbourne #2015 #autumn #inspiration
wheelercentre - thefword - feministfrequency - feminist - femfeq - melbourne - 2015 - autumn - rmit - storeyhall - feminism - inspiration -
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Checking out Anita Sarkeesian tonight, getting my F Word on #wheelercentre #fword
wheelercentre - fword -
nictelf -
Last night, feminist author Roxane Gay spoke at the @wheelercentre with writer and slam poetry champion Maxine Beneba Clarke for the first in their F Word series. Our founders were thrilled to meet Roxane and have her sign both of her books for YV after the event. πŸ“–πŸ™ŒπŸ’ƒ
wheelercentre - ultimatevagabond - roxanegay - anuntamedstate - feminist - badfeminist - beavagabond - youngvagabond - yvloves - vagabond - originalvagabond - feminism -
young_vagabond : #youngvagabond #yvloves #beavagabond #ultimatevagabond #originalvagabond #roxanegay #badfeminist #anuntamedstate #wheelercentre #vagabond #feminist #feminism
carmen.hawker : Amazing event! I wish it went all night!
young_vagabond : Roxane is the bff we all desperately need! @carmen.hawker πŸ‘―
bdigggity : Amen to that @young_vagabond !
vivi_grace_ - miss_danizzle - ooh.nelly - creativity_and_roses -
#roxanegay tonight: full house, great convo, signed book. πŸ™Œ#badfeminist #wheelercentre
wheelercentre - badfeminist - roxanegay -
sunken_waltz - opheliawaterhouse - crizzles - ralexa19 -
#badfeminist #omg she. was. amazing.
wheelercentre - badfeminist - omg - thefword - thefwordseries - melbourne -
mi_sje_em : @lauraellen12 !!!!
mi_sje_em : #thefwordseries #thefword #wheelercentre #melbourne @wheelercentre
littlehumanofcph - brendanepomuceno - opheliawaterhouse - lauraellen12 -
We are bouncing with excitement to see Roxane Gay speak at @wheelercentre tonight! Her first book #BadFeminist was one of our favourite reads of 2014 & her first fiction book An Untamed State is topping the list so far for 2015. πŸ‘―πŸ’—πŸ“š
wheelercentre - ultimatevagabond - vagabonding - roxanegay - anuntamedstate - feminist - badfeminist - thefword - youngvagabond - yvloves - originalvagabond - feminism -
young_vagabond : #youngvagabond #ultimatevagabond #originalvagabond #vagabonding #yvloves #roxanegay #anuntamedstate #wheelercentre #feminist #feminism #theFword
bdigggity : ... and she was even better in real life! I'm on a Roxane Gay high right now πŸŽ‰
young_vagabond : @bdigggity wasn't she fantastic!? So insanely intelligent and witty. What a queen. πŸ‘‘
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