This kid!! How about learning to ride before you fly, Ry!! Geee, my little daredevil!! Riding lessons for my Ryder! #TravisPastrana #wannabe #daredevil #mommyheartattack #crazykid #myryry #whatsinaname #dirtbike #dreamer #motorcross #passion #feedit #nofear
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tronaldd58 : Ry is ready for pod racing!!
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Ok...fun time! What's your Valentines Name? #love #couple #cute #adorable #TagsForLikes #kiss #kisses #hugs #romance #forever #girlfriend #boyfriend #gf #bf #bff #together #photooftheday #happy #me #girl #vday #beautiful #instagood #valentinesday #loveher #lovehim #pretty #fun #smile #whatsinaname
beautiful - cute - bf - love - couple - kisses - forever - gf - kiss - lovehim - girlfriend - whatsinaname - girl - boyfriend - me - tagsforlikes - loveher - vday - bff - valentinesday - together - instagood - romance - pretty - hugs - fun - smile - photooftheday - adorable - happy -
yo.its.jp : @princess_z_2010 same
islandbtrfly39 : Naughty Sugar
miracle011481 : Classy heartbreaker
princess_z_2010 : Lol @yo.its.jp were awesome!!!! J AND OCT BABIES?!?! Can't get better than that lol
so_cali3lyfe : Sassy sugar 😍
mansiekumar : Classy lover ☺
mansiekumar : @vipraa @ishaa1234 @prerna718
sk_legit : Love it!
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Let me tell you how I wasn't ready for Selma. Even as I encouraged others to see it, I couldn't. I wasn't ready for the anger, frustration, pain, and tears I just knew it would bring...didn't want to invite that into my space. Didn't want discomfort as I felt I experience it plenty & regularly. But even as I laid on the beaches of my home, the responsibility to see it sat heavy on me. Not because as a black woman that was my duty, but because of what I hold dear...what I believe. What I speak on and about and oppose... So there I sat today, watching the opening credits...already tense and prepping for the onslaught. And it came...from the beginning. The anger, the frustration, the pain...and oh the tears! How I shed tears in that theatre! To the point my head still throbs. Discomfort came and sat next to me and refused to leave. And in discomfort's presence, my eyes opened... She showed me beyond the hurt and the sour taste of anger... She showed me, to quote..."We are descendants of a mighty people... their blood is pumping through our veins". I saw beauty and love and strength and unity...I saw beyond filmmaking into the heart of humanity. Well let me tell you, I left that theatre my back a little straighter, head titled to the sky, and so much pride in my steps! So I say thank you @directher Thank you for making my heart sang! Yes I said, sang! For showing me/us a beautiful way to continue to tell our past stories that still resonate so much in our present. For showing me/us the laughter & joy in the belly of Dr. King. For not shying away from truths. For giving voice to those I didn't know exist/existed. For unifying all of us in a fight, an achievement that is about ALL OF US. I thank you and the most stellar cast I ever had the pleasure of witnessing. I know Dr. King was a MIGHTY spirit on that set...him & everyone last one of those warriors regardless of their earthly bearings, and they're proud! March on Ms. DuVernay. March on Selma! #Selma #AmericanHistoryAndPresent #fearless #strength #unity #IComeFromStrongStock #forwardmovement #WhatsInAName #King #powerful #artistry #storyteller
king - artistry - strength - whatsinaname - fearless - americanhistoryandpresent - powerful - forwardmovement - unity - selma - storyteller - icomefromstrongstock -
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I've never had it, but this just became my #FavoriteBeer. Because awesome. #WhatsInAName? #Everything
everything - whatsinaname - favoritebeer -
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As long as it's not, "Mud"! Whoo hoo! #fortune #fortunecookies #inspiration #whatsinaname #reachforthestars
whatsinaname - reachforthestars - fortune - fortunecookies - inspiration -
whoagmh : very cool!!! follow our page please:)
pmazzenga : Accurate!!! You'll see!!!
ebfrn : In bed..... (90210). Had to do it lol
lrosie33 : Hope you're right, @pmazzenga . Haha! πŸ˜‹ @ebfrn !!
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So excited the #DianaMichelle labels and tags came in! #whatsinaname #livingthedream
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wandadesigns : Proud of youπŸ˜‰
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#reflections at #RAW complex #Berlin :). #graffiti #art #awesome #citytrip #instatravel #wanderlust #whatsinaname #emma
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thebrighterstory : Emma Pea is zo leuk!! Heel chill en cheap eten.
emmacbakels : @thebrighterstory hebben nog maar 1 avond en gaan lekker naar White Trash zo β™‘β™‘β™‘
thebrighterstory : @emmacbakels moet jij weten
thebrighterstory : Grapjeβ™‘
emmacbakels : @thebrighterstory ok is goed dankje doei
emmacbakels : @thebrighterstory β™‘β˜†
thebrighterstory : Dag hoor daaag
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Shameless selfies #sorrynotsorry #selfie #myface #bored #insomnia #whatsinaname #cheers #beauty #ididnotwakeuplikethis #hashtagsgonewild
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"You Can't Cheat God" fishing supply and dry goods. The names of Ghanaian businesses are quite inspirational, such as "God Is Here" motor parts, "Let's Clap For Jesus" barbering salon and "Please. I Remind You That God Is God" carpentry shop. #whatsinaname #business #ghana #inspiration #westafrica
ghana - whatsinaname - westafrica - business - inspiration -
cathycarolinabeach : There Is a book of them!
cathycarolinabeach : And answer your phone....
karinstclair1 : Hi Catherine! This is so interesting. I love all the names! Thanks for sharing!
cathycarolinabeach - visitghana - melissansiah - zippkooks123 -
It can happen to you... #WhatsInaName
whatsinaname -
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"She just called me Carol-lie-nuh"... Those who know me will understand my distaste haha #snapchat #starbucks #getitright #hairflick #petpeeve #whatsinaname
whatsinaname - starbucks - petpeeve - hairflick - getitright - snapchat -
junebuggw : #hairflick hahahaha!
paigeashleygriffin : "Carolina pronounced like Caro - line -a" -sbux girl
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Really Starbucks? You never disappoint. Thats not even a real word I don't think! #whatsinaname #emaelee #emily #justem! #starbucks #thatsnotmyname
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shanibarnie : oh wow! That's a real game changer πŸ˜‚
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Nailed it on the product naming. #nailedit #maketeadevice #whatsinaname
nailedit - butcomeswithafilter - nofilter - whatsinaname - maketeadevice -
nikkisp : #nofilter #butcomeswithafilter
susiebax : I love the smell at A - Grocery Warehouse Supermarket
nikkisp : @susiebax i love the selection! It's like whole foods without all the white people branding that makes it so expensive! 😍
benvsthem : Best market ever!
gearloose : Plunger makes 600ml, 2x cups hold 200ml each... This is a recipe for an awkward tea party.
chauingdown - ifernow - sriracha_vs_tapatio - msjordanamanda -
whatsinaname -
#whatsinaname #dingdong #funny #mail
funny - whatsinaname - dingdong - mail -
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#whatsinaname @k_tran_ @edwina_robinson @felix_forest 🌹🌹🌹
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#iAmStrong. #forte #strong #fierce #whatsInaName
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bijou531 -
#whatsinaname? My username has been @jenny_would almost as long as I've had Instagram - it's a play on my maiden name and an old nickname from someone who isn't in my life anymore. I held on to it because I thought it was clever and I use to like that it reminded me of that person. But looking at it today really annoyed me. I have been identifying myself by someone who no longer means anything to me!!! I was happy to give up my maiden name, so clinging to a play on it and a memory of what was just doesn't make sense. I'm finally looking forward and moving on; and I am really fucking proud to be able to say that!! I haven't gone anywhere but I finally know I am exactly where I belong - in my head and in my heart. I'm taking back ME, putting myself first and loving myself sick for once. πŸ’— I want to thank @kayla_itsines for putting me on the right path πŸ™Œ I started the #BBG after seeing so many amazing body transformations and I thought I can do that, I can look like that. Little did I know it was never about looks and that the biggest transformation would be in my head. Jenny used to 'would' now she 'does'! Here's to moving on; here's to all you other beautiful #BBGgirls who are taking your lives back, and here's to @jenny_does because she's got this! #thekaylamovement #selfworth #putyourselffirst #2015imcomingforyou
thekaylamovement - whatsinaname - 2015imcomingforyou - bbg - bbggirls - putyourselffirst - selfworth -
jenny_does : @miss_brooklync thanks girlfriend πŸ’• xo
iilovellucyy : I wish I could like this more than once! 😘
mrs_jessup : Good on u jenny!
bec_weaver : Dude. This is amazing. I just noticed the "Jenny does" and went to text you to say I loved it and it was amazing, then I saw this. Go you! Killing it. So proud 😘
alewis04 : I loved reading that. It made me tear up. I love how women know they have the right to be whoever they want. You are inspiring me! Thank you πŸ˜˜πŸ’›πŸ’œ
jenny_does : Thank you girls so much πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’— @iilovellucyy @mrs_jessup @bec_weaver @alewis04 XO This has been a long time coming and I feel so much better now that it's done. Onwards and upwards! And Ali - you're doing amazingly! What baby 3 months ago?πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜˜
krystlesquirrel : Onwards and upwards lovely, we're behind you 100% xx
alewis04 : Yes just gone 3 months! I'm trying! I wish I was more consistent. Actually that's what I will focus on. Well done sweety....you look fab and your dedication has paid off. And how much self esteem and happiness do u get from just being fit and healthy. πŸ’ͺπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜„
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Love being able to a bookstore and search through Shakespeare to find my namesake. #WhatsInAName
whatsinaname -
damiens_mommy8608 -
I have prayed the word 'light' over her since the beginning. Since I knew of her existence. First we were told that she was a he. But something felt off. I kept praying 'light'. His Light. That it would move in and through the life of the child I carried. A few weeks later and another sonogram, we were told that he was actually a she. All felt right and I had peace in that moment. A name flew out of my mouth the minute the tech left the room. One we hadn't discussed before but I knew it was her name. Everly Eileen. Eileen after my husband's grandma. My husband wasn't keen on Everly though and wanted to know the meaning. When I looked 'Everly' up, it came up as a boys name. No good meaning to be found. So then I started dissecting the whole name and investigating. My findings produced the meaning: forever-healing-light. Somewhere along the way I guess I've forgotten all about the meaning and that story. Bogged down by daily routines and care. But she truly is a light. She gets people smiling wherever she goes. Always has. Even as an infant in the Moby. Her laugh is infectious. Her and I get into some hilarious laughing fits. She is observant and nurturing. She is intense and stubborn. She knows what she wants. We are the same in a lot of ways. And in those moments of her will against mine, the last thing I think about is her 'light' or to hold her close. But last night I instinctively did. In the midst of her raging fit I held her close till I felt her little body relax and drift off to sleep. And I felt it. That light. As she slept, nuzzled into my arm. His light. Through her He's showing me how to love and be loved. In all of my inadequacies and stubborn will and brokenness the last thing I want or think I need is a warm embrace but He's calling me into His loving arms. And my daughter into mine. // I tried this tactic again tonight and she was peacefully asleep before 8. And as I rocked her, the song 'Make You Feel My Love' played on the lullaby station. I've never really listened to the lyrics before but these caught my attention - "I could offer you a warm embrace. To make you feel my love." Message received...
stephbrown : @karaholloway you are so welcome. 😊😊
stephbrown : @jessnromy I think you sent me a pic once
stephbrown : @monijas81 😊 you're welcome!
stephbrown : @alison_winter thank you, friend πŸ’›
stephbrown : @rockin_blond_e thank you so much!
stephbrown : @modernpeanut πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ’›
stephbrown : @ashleyldante πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›
whithanson : This is beautiful🌟
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Harper is the new Jennifer. Gheez I'm basic. #harper #harperisthenewjennifer #jennifer #whatsinaname #thanksparents
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sarayasmin : Hahhaha!
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They got it!!!!! #starbucks#coffee#whatsinaname#marc#withac#
coffee - whatsinaname - name - marc - coffeelove - myname - machiatto - late - starbucks - thatsmyname - withac - espeesso -
stefaniered1 : This never happens to either of us!! Keep the cup lol I miss you!
marcwinski : #starbucks #coffee #espeesso #coffeelove #late #machiatto #thatsmyname #myname #name
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I got my F'n shine box. #shinebox #FunnyLikeAClown #WhatsInAName
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"Generation Congregation" generation- the relevant | Congregation - the people, the church. Making hardcore followers of Jesus Christ by all means, all generation. #whatsInAName #gencon #generationCongregation
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Local ninja not playing ball? Told ya they wouldn't! This machine promises to deliver Total Crushing πŸ€„οΈπŸŽ―πŸ˜± #whatsinaname #ProblemSolved
problemsolved - whatsinaname -
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How can it be wrong when it feels so right! Or weird. #whatsinaname #emily #urbandictionary
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corndish : I'm an angry bear.
ekonspecial : Hahaha @corndish! Unforgettable!!
wahplah : @ekonspecial I love this game. I'm gonna look at mine everytime I have a shitty day.
amtag157 : You're so fancy.
ekonspecial : You know me @amtag157πŸ’ and @wahplah Urban dictionary is the best for making a shitty day hilarious.πŸ‘Œ
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The meaning of names app is fun. This is my past life view. I chuckle at temple dancer and sane! Oh my! Who are we kidding! Sane??? Well, it was 1100s, so there could be a possibility. #liveinyourpresentmoment #livethelifeyoulovetolive #lovetheunloveable #funstuff #whatsinaname #loveartdanceandexpression #vets4vets #ptsdreachout #ptsdvets #vetsareaprizedresource
funstuff - whatsinaname - vets4vets - ptsdvets - liveinyourpresentmoment - vetsareaprizedresource - ptsdreachout - loveartdanceandexpression - lovetheunloveable - livethelifeyoulovetolive -
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#whatsinaname #dana #photoalbum
photoalbum - whatsinaname - dana -
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www.meaning of names.org, it was a neat place to look up names! βœŒπŸ‘πŸ’Ÿ
liveitloveitshareit - whatsinaname - lovefoundme - fromlove2love -
kayio.austin : #whatsinaname #liveitloveitshareit #fromlove2love #lovefoundme
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Poelepetaat #parelhoen #numididae #guineafowl #vogel #bird #birdstagram #boerderij #farm #finca #pajaro #hoen #tractor #rural_love #Vorden #whatsinaname
boerderij - whatsinaname - rural_love - vogel - numididae - farm - hoen - birdstagram - pajaro - parelhoen - guineafowl - vorden - tractor - bird - finca -
trryc : cooool @VinesBeLike
vanywo : πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
matveolgani : What bird said this time? "I'm tired of life and decided to end this meaningless existence!"?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚(sorry for my English, I use translator)😊
diannemarsman : Zooo, das gin minne patrieze!!
johanoltvoort : @matveolgani She said something indeed, but in this case i couldn't understand the words, it sounded like 'U menya yest' golod'
johanoltvoort : @diannemarsman joa da kûj wel zegn! :-)
matveolgani : @johanoltvoort "U menya yest golod" -haha! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ In Russian correct to say "Π― Ρ…ΠΎΡ‡Ρƒ Π΅ΡΡ‚ΡŒ"πŸ˜€
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Haha, that's beautiful. #WhatsInAName #Rachel
rachel - whatsinaname -
jojkane27 : What's mine?'b
mmmham - sommerfeldt126 - jojkane27 - rrosedah -
My grandfather Maurice and my father in law Jonathan. Two very special men in our lives. #whatsinaname #MauriceJonathan
mauricejonathan - whatsinaname -
nobiggdeal : Great pic
laray4 : Did u just tell us the new boy in town name?
margauxsmomma : @laray4 yes! And I STILL need to get by there. I've been going to bed so early.
krystal_lyte727 : Great pic and name!
laray4 : Oh I understand, get all the sleep u can get now. Lol
cam.st.claire : Perfect reveal
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Repost from @einna_831, #projectwednesday #AshRald #WhatsinaName
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