Tonight we cry for Baltimore. #repost #baltimore #whatishappening #thisisnotokay
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gregoryryanklein : Amazing graphic.
niki4589 - dough8 - niewy11892 - stizzy.staxx -
WWwwwwhhhhhHhyyyYyyy..... #facebook #emails #goattalks #personal #deletelater #losputos #whyisthisathing #whatthehellisit!? #whyamiitsleader!? #whathaveidone #whatisHAPPENING?!! #whatismylife?!
personal - whatishappening - deletelater - whyamiitsleader - whatismylife - goattalks - facebook - whatthehellisit - whathaveidone - whyisthisathing - emails - losputos -
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Let's see where blurryface takes us... ________________________________________ (#tøp #21p #twentyonepilots #skeletonclique #tylerjoseph #joshdun #blurryface #unlit #stressedout #whatishappening)
21p - blurryface - skeletonclique - tylerjoseph - unlit - stressedout - whatishappening - tøp - joshdun - twentyonepilots -
my.way.or.gerard.way : @phan_smosh so basically the new twenty one pilots album blurryface is supposed to be released on may 19, but there was some confusion when some twitter accounts were saying that we would get it Monday night (tonight) and the new single (stressed out) was supposed to be released yesterday but it was released tonight. The twitter accounts and some other rumors caused a lot of the confusion. As of right now, I'm pretty sure the album release date is still may 19. Hope this helped you out :)
phan_smosh : Okay thanks 😭👏🏼 THAT WAS VERY HELPFUL
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#larrystylinson #onedirection #whatishappening #reallove #shocker #kawaiidesu
whatishappening - shocker - larrystylinson - onedirection - reallove - kawaiidesu -
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"BERMAIN DALAM TRIO" Sebuah workshop oleh Bpk. Oele Pattiselanno​ yang akan diiringi oleh Elfa Zulham pada Drum & Kevin Yosua pada Bass. Kamis, 30 April 2015 pk. 19.00 di D'Jazz Music School​ Jl. Kencana Utama III M8 No.32 D-E Rukan Puri Kencana - Jakarta Barat RSVP: D'Jazz: (021) 58353778 Steven: 082125000805 Sheila: 085722761077 Dapetin harga spesial dengan registrasi di link ini: #DJazzWorkshop #DJazz #DJazzMusicSchool #Workshop #WorkshopGitar #WhatIsHappening #Gitar #GitarWorkshop #Jazz #Jakarta #band #JazzDay
jazz - djazzmusicschool - workshopgitar - whatishappening - gitarworkshop - jazzday - band - workshop - gitar - djazzworkshop - djazz - jakarta -
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Thank you @juliavaughn for the lovely necklace :) #ipcrew #whatishappening #coronasoncoronas
whatishappening - ipcrew - coronasoncoronas -
amanda_tnez : God dammit Kuya u pull it off better than I do. @juliavaughn i think we have found ur new model. Lol
juliavaughn : Omg stop. Lol
duhduhdang : Tfti
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You guyssssss. This girl is on cloud nine!!!! @morgankader and I are collaborating with an event planner in LA for a styled wedding shoot. Our invites, RSVP cards, place cards, and letter balloons will be included! How did we get to this point?! Thank you @missannieoh for including us. Also, do you guys know Sophia Bush?! We're friends with her! Ok, fine, not really. BUT we just made a bachelorette weekend goodie box for her! (Stay tuned for pics). Thanks @guppyfran for being a rock star in life and knowing such amazing and strong women and for thinking of us for the bachelorette weekend! #whatishappening #hustle
whatishappening - hustle -
mc_maddie_more : Wow! That's so cool!!
missannieoh : Love youuuu!
ps_plans : Loves it!!!!
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#whatatrooper #ridebikes #thumbsup #whatishappening #beachvacation 👍😢 🚲⁉️
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Oh-great-it's monday~ Here is MV's @_________mv_________ weekly [4.18.15-4.25.15] IG translation for our eng-only fans. Read on~ 1. Make myself busier so there’s no time left to think about petty matters, many things will quietly fade out, forgotten.  Plus, I have no reason to slow down because there are more views I want to see; many are walking with me~ walking~ forgot to say, see you all at Taichung tomorrow!  Good night~ 2. Pre-shooting ceremony day~ Hope the shooting goes well, please look forward to it! But I’d like to hear everyone’s well wishes, bless me~ 3. I’m in Taichung! See you there~ 4. Thank you everyone for coming out to see me in Taichung, and the great support!  Please give yourselves a round of applause!👏👏👏 Very thankful #Clarisonic for inviting me as a single-day store manager, I’m brightly white today! What about you? See you in Jiayi next weekend~ 5. I like to look good so I have a secret weapon Clarisonic 60 second daily cleansing system!  Don’t tell me you don’t like to look pretty?👋👋👋 #Clarisonicsupersoniccleansingsystem 6. Finally found a chance to visit her on set! Remember to take of yourself and drink lots of water in hot weather Yiwan dear.  Soon, I will be busy, too so let’s work hard together! #YiFeisoarintothesky @chiaochiao1988 7. First day shooting. 8. Highlight, highlight, highlight, where’s the highlight? 9. The earlier earthquake shook very badly and the timid Uni ended up peeing.  Is everyone alright?  I see the news report to be a 6.4 level quake, hope all are safe. 10. MV Event: 📝📝📝I had lots of fun in Taichung, hope the Jiayi friends will join us this Saturday!🎈🎈🎈 Date 4/25/15 (Sat.) Time: 2PM Location: Jiayi Fareast Mall Attending: Clarisonic Single-Day store manager event. @_________mv_________ #actor #fruitforthought #loveandsupport #whatishappening #MVfans #CJ喬見forever @chiaochiao1988
cj喬見forever - fruitforthought - clarisonicsupersoniccleansingsystem - whatishappening - loveandsupport - actor - mvfans - yifeisoarintothesky - clarisonic -
yeuuey_code.hua : 11. So our story begins again! 12. It shook again!  Three times in a row today, is the Hulk coming?  I’ve got my Iron Man coat ready! But Uni is so afraid that she not only pee but also went poopoo~ I want to faint➕ all over! Hope all are peaceful and safe! 13. She’s really scared~  Poor Uni baby, she’s cuddled in and doesn’t want to move; but daddy’s legs are numb with your weight.  What should I do with this timid one? 14. No need to change ourselves to accommodate others, because you can’t satisfy everyone, so why make your life to exhausting. Remember to not let go of your own happiness~ 15. The beginning of the story
yeuuey_code.hua : 16. Who’s handsomest? 17. We’re all very tiny in this big world, love yourself more and learn to love people, things and matters around you. 18. I suddenly came down with a slight cold, very uncomfortable, good thing a good friend promised to make Ginseng chicken soup; hopefully I can quickly recover after as I still need to meet you all in Jiayi tomorrow!  PS. The friend just returned from Korea and I feel bad since I get off work very late😁😁😁 19. Each project, each decision, each beginning and each process require lots of time to digest, then to be released.  At least that’s what I believe.  Remember to not dim others lights as yours shine.  We all work hard on good projects; I will be more pleased if you encourage us.  After all, I truly look forward to this~~ Be good~ I’d like to thank everyone’s concern over my health.  Good night! 20. After a short rest, Jiayi here I come! 21. Xiaochen, see what you plan to do!  Your fans gave you gift at my event, and now left me stranded now that you’re famous~ Sigh, weep! Dare you show up right this second in Jiayi~ Hahaha! 22. I’m so fortunate to have my fans showing up under this extreme heat! I’m more familiarize with you all as I see you each time, happier and very content.  Good job and hard work today everyone, remember don’t get sun stroke and remember to drink water. Give yourselves a round of applause~~ Becareful and be home safely!  PS. Remember to tag me in your photos~ @_________mv_________
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Fell a sleep after three nights of no sleep wake up to find the house empty, 65 new emails for me all labelled Los putos club, and I got a five pages in my sketchbook burned and have drawins of the most squiggly yaoi I've ever seen and apparently I'm being shipped with @lensenpai ...... What just happened..... #personal #what #imsoconfused #sleep #okaaaaaaaay #isthisthehangover #whereiseveryone #whyamialone? #whatisthislosputosclub #whyamiitsleader? #whatishappening #uuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmm#reallylostrightnow.... #goattalks #deletelater
butireallyamconfused - whereiseveryone - what - imbeingheldagainstmywill - whatisthislosputosclub - personal - whatishappening - whichone - whyamialone - deletelater - whyamiitsleader - becuaseimtheleaderofthelosputosclub - idontevenknow - reallylostrightnow - sleep - goattalks - okaaaaaaaay - isthisthehangover - uuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmm - imsoconfused -
the_loopy_goat : #idontevenknow!? @xashmarieex
the_loopy_goat : #imbeingheldagainstmywill @xashmarieex
xashmarieex : #why?
the_loopy_goat : #becuaseimtheleaderofthelosputosclub @xashmarieex
lensenpai : wa it what
the_loopy_goat : Hi @lensenpai mi amor!
lensenpai : w hat have i done
the_loopy_goat : Wonderful things, why @lensenpai
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Learning how to cut a vegetable or something like that #whatishappening #imsoconfused @owen_aurora
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zanderwinston : #domesticated
jkemp72091 : @zanderwinston always working toward my MRS #jknever
meg_webbb : Hahah
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Some kind of demonstration or protest happening on Roma Street at the moment. #protest #demonstration #ppe #highvis #brisbane #romastreet #whatishappening
highvis - protest - ppe - brisbane - whatishappening - demonstration - romastreet -
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The awkwardness of this picture makes me happy #100happydays #daythirteen #team #whatishappening (creds to the Double Jay Collective)
100happydays - daythirteen - whatishappening - team -
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Question for my doctor's office, it is neither Halloween nor Christmas.. What are you doing? They also treat young children? #whatishappening
whatishappening -
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😢😢 #MLK #historyrepeatingitself isn't anyone worried that this scene is being repeated in city after city?? #whatishappening #injusticeeverywhere #EVERY8HOURS #freddiegray
every8hours - historyrepeatingitself - freddiegray - whatishappening - injusticeeverywhere - mlk -
gifted_atiya : Yes it is I never thought we would experience this😔
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Dear Graduate... whaaaat!! Who is a college gradute. Holy happiness! #deargraduate #collegegraduate #whatishappening #soproud #holyhappiness #psychology #ihaveafreakingdegree
ihaveafreakingdegree - holyhappiness - psychology - deargraduate - collegegraduate - whatishappening - soproud -
kristenk82 : Congrats!!!!
bektas0531 : That's awesome ! Happy for yah ! 😘
sparkleshoes06 : I knew you could do it
suheye713 : @jadewimps congrats love 😊
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My heart hurts for #baltimore 😢😢 it's like no one cares anymore. On both sides. #prayforbaltimore #freddiegray #injusticeeverywhere #whatishappening
prayforbaltimore - injusticeeverywhere - freddiegray - baltimore - whatishappening -
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grumpy crescent. #tinofrench #frenchie #frenchbulldog #frogdog #frenchiesofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #whatishappening #grumpy
frogdog - dogsofinstagram - frenchiesofinstagram - whatishappening - tinofrench - frenchbulldog - grumpy - frenchie -
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First Mark Sanchez. Now Marc Mero!😝 #WhatIsHappening
whatishappening -
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The crazy audition day continues @thetaxiagency 😜 #taximodels #taxiactors #auditionday #taxiauditions #whatishappening
taximodels - taxiauditions - taxiactors - auditionday - whatishappening -
kyliebamberger : @thetaxiagency wish I could have made it up there to audition!
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School work, but can't concentrate. Someone is taking over my mind...#homework#cantconcentrate #whatishappening#loscontrole
whatishappening - cantconcentrate - homework - loscontrole -
monkibisnis -
You know it's audition day at @thetaxiagency when this is happening! @nathanaread showing off his funny side 😜 #taximodels #taxiactors #auditionday #taxiauditions #whatishappening
taximodels - taxiauditions - taxiactors - auditionday - whatishappening -
kyliebamberger - nathanaread - kevharamis - melanie7smith -
that moment when you think your car is about to get sucked into the sky #weather #storm #tornado #whatishappening #help #notmynewcar
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Literally the cutest place ever #3rdinstatoday #whatishappening #toocutenottoo #ladurée #london
3rdinstatoday - whatishappening - ladurée - london - toocutenottoo -
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This boy is just about four months old!! #whatishappening #pleaseslowdowntime #oliver #freehugs
whatishappening - oliver - pleaseslowdowntime - freehugs -
lacyevrard86 : Stop! 😍
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My hair color is doing some pretty weird stuff... #hair #hairdye #whatishappening #whatcoloristhis #isthisacolor #idontevenknow
hair - hairdye - whatcoloristhis - whatishappening - idontevenknow - isthisacolor -
fairyajojo - sladeshady99 -
I HUGGED FRANK IERO OMFG! @frankieromustdie @thisispulp #frank#iero#frankiero#thisispulp#omfgilikethis#whatishappening#ilikethis#wooooah#signing#leeds#hug
omfgilikethis - hug - thisispulp - frank - signing - iero - leeds - whatishappening - frankiero - ilikethis - wooooah -
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too late to jump on this bandwagon? #whatishappening
whatishappening -
madi0muther : How are people making these??
gracekathrynrose : It's a free app called MyIdol... Catch is it's in Chinese. Hahaha @madi0muther
__kmoney - misslizalot -
#badidea #tacobellgonewrong #4thyearlife #latenights #mexicanchadwick #whatishappening #neveragain
4thyearlife - neveragain - tacobellgonewrong - badidea - whatishappening - latenights - mexicanchadwick -
julietalasala : @msoile6 @joeosch
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Last day of my Monday/Wednesday classes. Can't believe college is almost over. #selfie #college #collegegirl #graduating #whatishappening #whatnow #itoldyouso #uncc
graduating - whatnow - collegegirl - whatishappening - selfie - itoldyouso - college - uncc -
daytimenightlife - garrydawson - foxydomino343 - amycurriecm -
Ces matins là :-))) #WonderfulMorning #TastefulMorning #DelightfulDay #AmazingPerson #YourPresence #GratefulToGod #WhatIsHappening #JustUnbelievable
wonderfulmorning - amazingperson - whatishappening - gratefultogod - yourpresence - justunbelievable - tastefulmorning - delightfulday -
manitou0574 - cindyn_anelone - esonhon - sanndeey -
This girl right here is just another girl to call one of my best friends. We have gotten into fights. But doesn't all close friends. I dont know what i would do without you. Thank you for always being there for me. I love you boo boo😀 #goodfriends #loveyoybooboo #thankyou #youramazing #forever #whatishappening #dressedup.
thankyou - forever - dressedup - goodfriends - whatishappening - loveyoybooboo - youramazing -
countrysis121 : Omfg😂😂😂😱😶😶I love you too idrk what I would do with out you lol! We need to hang out again
a_batterbee22 : Yes we do!
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Good morning and WHAT IS GOING ON?? ____________________________________ (#tøp #21p #twentyonepilots #skeletonclique #tylerjoseph #joshdun #blurryface #unlit #confused #whatishappening)
21p - blurryface - skeletonclique - tylerjoseph - unlit - confused - whatishappening - tøp - joshdun - twentyonepilots -
jonarmswood : WHAT
simrinisawesome - krystaisapotato - ohmyjoshimsodun - my_nerdy_romance -
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