Ant eater? #54_weekly_insect #bugslife #bug #fingerprintofgod #whateyecee
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After a grueling, partially all-fours hike, wearing a 25 lbs pack, I thought of art as I dug into the reserves to make this jump in this precarious spot. Broken ankles weren't on my mind. Just a post-worthy photo. I thought of you all as I did this slightly insane leap on this tiny surface, after art directing and micro-managing the button presser (who was relieved I hadn't asked him to jump). You guys raise my bar with every shot.
butterfly109 : @rasarno actually, i think it's the illusion of my legs being back the way they are ... but let's keep that between us, okay? 
butterfly109 : @alyfromuk2us I think you know my jumping enthusiasm as much as my former taekwondo instructor! I jumped more with you than in the last 5 years!  ... Slave driver perfectionist that you are! ... and heck ... i even stood in oncoming NYC traffic for you! ... worth it!
butterfly109 : @joanne_elizabeth thanks girlie! But this is a reality show. And in reality, this girl remains intact!  ... and i miss you! keep writing your ass off and squeeze me in for a Fivebucks meetup.
butterfly109 : @ease_back I so love that! Thank you! And so good to see your name pop up! You been okay??
butterfly109 : @jpcaruso hey my friend! thank you!! and hey, i'd have posted it at half the height of the jump! the other half is just a bonus!
butterfly109 : @kburke00 I was, too, until the 5 people 75+ came practically skipping down the mountain on our way up!   ... I told Billy that's gonna be us if it kills me ... which is a definite possibility  ... Thanks Kelly!
kburke00 : I've hiked with a group like that!! They kick a$$!!! You crack me up😆
alyfromuk2us : I like to think of my shooting more as 'perfectly imperfect' 👊😆 but thank you for the half dozen jumps and putting your life on the line for me 😘
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Literal sun worshiping. (Or does that mean the opposite @kenneth.lloyd ?)
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butterfly109 : #we_pbest #chiquesnourtemo #weekly_feature #whateyecee #spot_lightz #shootermag_usa #picture_to_keep #dream_spots #phototag_it #tgif_ig #arteemfoco #stunning_shots #jj_mextures #mextures #jj_vscomextures #editallstarz #jj_emotional #naturewhisperers #jj_naturelovers #_nature_features #momentsinthesun
b_kidwell : Phenomenal!!
jpcaruso : 👏👏👏
hewitt_ohio : Wow!👍
belhoughton : Soooo aweosme!!!
kenneth.lloyd : We need to start a word preserve for the endangered ones. It may be literally too late for this word but if we can save even one...
rasarno : Nice one.
alyfromuk2us : Too cool. Literally. 🔥🔥🔥
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I have a penchant for quoting Siddartha when it comes to rivers, but I'll spare you that this time. I read that book when I was 16 and, not only has it remained my favorite book of all time, but its teachings have stayed a flowing source of peace and wisdom in the years since then. It's a quickie. Have a read. And a learning.
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lartigue5 : takes me back /hesse at 17 for me
croberts02 : I'll have to give it a read.
katieteix : 💚 beautiful
___u.n.i___ : Moss green rocks😍😍😍
belhoughton : Love 💚💚💚
rasarno : Beautiful shot.
soulwriter : I want to come back and get to know you better. Just woke up --so have to dash - the trilogy that mike and Brandon made with you will endear me to you forever. You are def my kind of friend. I read some of your posts and they are filled with a beautiful heart of light and giving. Made me reach for the knowing of you even more.... pleasures can be small-- yet so resounding. 🙏❤💐💨and you made me think about Siddhartha too ! Xo
alyfromuk2us : 💚💚💚
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Loon's eye view. There is nothing quite like falling asleep to the tranquil, lapping waters of a remote lake with the eerie calls of loons every once in a while. I'll be downloading this sound into my "fall asleep" mode on my iPhone alarm. Is my imagination powerful enough to "fall" for it??
jj_forum_0932 -
butterfly109 : #jj_forum_0932
mizlandry : Nice
carrielou77 : This is stunningly beautiful, Meredith💜👏👏👏
butterfly109 : @from_hell_i_came thanks Joseph! I requested to follow! Can't wait to see! And I didn't know you had a woman! lol sooo happy for you!  
butterfly109 : @yeoldehouse thank you!! nothing like clean, fresh mountain lake water!
butterfly109 : @mizlandry thanks!!
butterfly109 : @carrielou77 thank you, sweets!! so grateful!   
lartigue5 : Marvellous !!!
xenophaedja - natalie.correa - lartigue5 - jase6 -
Ah, youth. After climbing Ampersand Mountain, (3,353' and 1022 m) they still had the energy for this! But it made me pause when an 80+ year old man on the way down the mountain was consoling my exhausted younger brother, who was on his way up and hadn't hit the top half where we used all fours to get up some of the hike. I decided long ago that I'm gonna do whatever it takes to be like that old guy when I'm 80+. . As I always tell my clients who say I'm crazy, "When I get to be in my golden years, I'd rather be hiking and biking than knitting and sitting!" . Ah, age!
captureanadkmoment -
dwazi_2 : Sounds like a plan! ;)
butterfly109 : #CaptureAnADKMoment
malium : Love the back story.
carrielou77 : ❤
butterfly109 : @lartigue5 Thanks so much, Alan! I love hearing people's stories, too. It brings so much more value to a photo for me. -- or poetry like you do and I don't do enough! 
butterfly109 : @callmikep thank you, Mikey! You are alll caught up. That makes one of us!  ... about to change that, though! the stress of the early summer is gone and i'm back from vacation!
___u.n.i___ : Awesome!!!
kburke00 : What a fabulous attitude you have 💪👊👍
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The way, but not The Way.
jj_forum_0930 - silhouette_creative - tv_silhouettes - captureanadkmoment -
namaylpmis_ : 👍👍
missesthe90s : 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
callmikep : What lovely scenery
butterfly109 : #CaptureAnADKMoment
___u.n.i___ : Incredible - love this and live this
eaglesfront : @feralucy
feralucy : #ig_liguria ♥ thanks
kburke00 : Have you seen the movie "The Way"? I think you would love it!! @butterfly109
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He is a Looker! 👀 #parkbenchthursday #benchlove #benchesbysuce #whateyecee #insta_fun #thislifetoday #theresalwaysabench #sitdown_please #elevatetheeveryday #justgoshoot
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makeitsnappy3 : 💙👀
lansnap : Ha! 👀
camillasphotos : Fun! 😄💙👍
keepingupblog : 😊👍
jade101167 : 💙
saurand : @nomadicpatty Ha! This was one if those stop the car and turn around photos! A fun find, for sure!
lyahle : 👀
debbielenz : 😀
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Morning has broken ... At precisely 5:29 am ... I'm so giddy after my 5am canoe photo/excursion that I can't fall back asleep!
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this_cool_chick_ : What beauty 💙
missesthe90s : Beauty! I love the fog off the water! 👏👏👏
callmikep : So atmospheric, Meredith - at one with nature
astrokidz : Oh my .... Love the mysty water ahead ❤️❤️❤️
butterfly109 : #CaptureAnADKMoment
butterfly109 : #jj_forum_0932
___u.n.i___ : Omg!!! 😍😍😍
kburke00 : Simply stunning!!
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This week, we are in the Adirondacks with my parents and brothers their families for an annual trip that goes back to our childhood, but which has been on hiatus for a few years and we which my older brother to restart this year. Everyone has their role at "The Lake" as we refer to it and mine has always been camp counselor, organizing some fun art project for the kids. But this year, I was challenged, as we now have 1 tween and 4 teens (3 of which are 16), who, although game, would make a comedy of anything I presented that was not perfection. (The 4 teens will make anyone the focus of their comedy show ... And they are hilarious, honestly!). . So, knowing they all have iPhones or cameras, I created a daily photo contest, complete with themes and became the @joshjohnson of camp, with winners and honorable mentions and reviews by the jury of adults each night, not to mention photo tips. I am beyond thrilled to see each one of them, including the 2 16 y-o boys, be enthusiastically part of this daily fun. And they are all so good! It is so incredibly special to me that I am passing on my passion for photography to them. This is my older daughter, Cassidy, who had just recently claimed to me that it was wrong and she wasn't creative. It is the highlight of my year that she has rediscovered this (not to mention is using her iPhone for more than the usual teen uses). I caught her taking this photo not because it was part of the theme, but because it was a beautiful photo to take. I caught her gramming! This is my entry for @passionpassport 's #ppcaughtgramming contest.
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katieteix : I love everything about this. Wonderful Meredith ✨❤️🙌✨ I hope your having an amazing time!!!
rasarno : What a great family thing to do. Hope you are all creating precious memories.
shontellemoiselle : Wonderful and I loved reading your caption
holaka181 : Sensational story and image
dwazi_2 : Love your story and photo!
butterfly109 : #CaptureAnADKMoment
butterfly109 : #jj_forum_0932
___u.n.i___ : So wonderful to see blooming art 😊👍
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The swimming warrior heads to battle with his noodle weapon. . ____. . I should really explain ... After a tough workout with Shaun T and T25, our bodies were so rubbery, that we didn't want to drown in our post workout mountain lake swim!
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hewitt_ohio : 👍
belhoughton : 😂😂 I meant to ask how Billy did with that?!?
yomap : Haha. Such a great caption.
lartigue5 : Terrific!!!!!
michelle_crd : 😅😂 I love your wit woman!! You're too much!! Glad to see you're at a lake too!! Though, I'm not working as hard as you!! Love this heroic shot!
callmikep : You sure that's not a didgeridoo? 😳🌊🏊🎶🎶🌊😂
callmikep : They say every picture tells a story...so many possible captions here! Really like it
alyfromuk2us : You guys really used your noodle...smart thinking. 💙
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The view from Heaven, in case you were wondering. Now you don't have to take any drastic measures to find out.
jj_forum_0932 -
rasarno : So very pretty.
michelle_crd : Omg. You are right on. This is awe inspiring. I could just stand there until It all goes dark.
callmikep : Beautiful!
missesthe90s : 😍😍😍
alyfromuk2us : 😍👌 That view is spectacular. Heavenly...💗
astrokidz : Love
mmfxrofe : @butterfly109 what a lovely shit I'd be reaching for the paints here...
butterfly109 : #jj_forum_0932
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My mom always told me I was a dreamer with my head in the clouds. Glad I never put the clouds in my lungs.
jj_forum_0926 -
butterfly109 : @kugiman Thanks Dennis! You're damn cool, too!
butterfly109 : @_brooklyndragonfli_ thanks!! If he's gonna smoke, I might as well get a cool pic of it, no? 😉
_brooklyndragonfli_ : Absolutely lol
belhoughton : Lol! Love it!
butterfly109 : #jj_forum_0926
hooitze : Nice
michelle_crd : Are you serious? This is a bad habit put to good use!! Breathing out clouds...
callmikep : Great visual twist on a classic phrase ☁️😤☁️
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Spotted her across the tracks between a blur of subway cars, so calmly reading her paper during the literal rush hour in NYC.
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katieteix : Wonderful capture M 👏👏
rasarno : Very cool shot and framing.
delajun : So beautiful
holaka181 : Sensational
holaka181 : You are special
callmikep : Very pro-like capture, Meredith
butterfly109 : #icapture_nyc
daniellundqvist : Amazing shot! 👏
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wishes aren't meant to be secrets ... say them out loud so they can scatter into the universe and come true.
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zatokaze : Yes! Beaut
consideredlight : Oh love you !!!
jpcaruso : I wish that was true! 😊😅 maybe it is now that I said it outloud!
namaylpmis_ : Nice thought!!
katieteix : ❤️❤️
michelle_crd : So true!! I just love this!! Words are all kinds of yesness!!! ❤
callmikep : Ooh that's like tempting fate - but I like it! 💜
ttsattsa : Wow! ♥
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Invasion of the head snatchers ...
royal_shots -
namaylpmis_ : That one scared me...🙈
shontellemoiselle : Awesome edit!!!!! This is fantastic!!!! Nice work!👏👏👏👏
consideredlight : Great!!xx
katieteix : Awesome edit ✨👏🌹✨
malium : Xfiles!
lartigue5 : Great!!!
michelle_crd : You had tricks up your sleeves I didn't know about...creepy greatness here!!
callmikep : Yikes! Really cool shot and concept! 👽🙈🙉🙊
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My baby's first time on the links. She's a natural ☺️⛳️
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butterfly109 : #we_pbest #chiquesnourtemo #weekly_feature #whateyecee #spot_lightz #shootermag_usa #picture_to_keep #dream_spots #phototag_it #jj_mextures #mextures #jj_vscomextures #naturewhisperers #jj_naturelovers #_nature_features #momentsinthesun
o_livephotography : @jeani7 I've found you a challenger 😂😂👍
cristian.bnw : So good
jeani7 : @o_livephotography 😄👍
jpcaruso : Lucky her! 👏👏👏
boston1961 : Nice!
boston1961 - callmikep - michaells - jpcaruso -
Lay down and rest. This could be a while.
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___u.n.i___ : Mmmm yes!!!
jpcaruso : Take your time!
katieteix : Ooh.... Soak it all in.... Gorgeous ❤️
this_cool_chick_ : Love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
dissonantyouth : Fantastic mood here!
astrokidz : Oh so preeetttyy 😘
michelle_crd : Sounds like a plan. Applying sunscreen...
callmikep : Love the colour tones and textures
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5 of 5 (Last one!!! And so dumb it's just from the other day 😕😝) . So, I've just been incredibly annoying and reposted 5 photos in a row. You don’t have to like or comment … Scroll on by. :) . But it’s for the @fiatusa sponsored #jj forum today and it’s to win a car. I don’t live near water and it has to have been posted or reposted today, so I’m flooding you with my water shots. . Please forgive me. If you could see the duct tape on my front bumper, you’d understand …
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lmo0413 : blame it on me being tired and ready to fall asleep.. I still don't see it. Lol either way, good luck. 😊
dwazi_2 : Have you not seen all my reposts? ( except, I did get out and shoot the beach at dinner ;)
davide__75 : FANTASTIC
___fireandrain___ : Beautiful mood
peace.matisse : Damn girl! 😍
___u.n.i___ : I love this!!!
butterfly109 : #reflection_shotz
butterfly109 : #we_pbest #chiquesnourtemo #weekly_feature #whateyecee #spot_lightz #shootermag_usa #picture_to_keep #dream_spots #phototag_it #tgif_ig #jjmextures #mextures #jj_sombre #jj_mystery #jj_dark #rsa_dark #ma_dark #masters_of_darkness
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"Baby, you're a firework!" Today is the birthday of one of my favorite IG talents, not to mention a special friend, @moon_swinger Maja, you are a creative inspiration, an intellect of the highest level and a true friend, who has made me laugh over and over. Baby, you really are a firework! 😉😘 Happy happier happiest of birthdays to you! 🎉🎂🎈
whateyecee - mextures - reflection_shotz - shootermag_usa - chiquesnourtemo - dream_spots - spot_lightz - weekly_feature - jj_mextures - jj_vscomextures - jj_forum_0916 - we_pbest - picture_to_keep -
o_livephotography : Nice capture dear😉👍
moon_swinger : You made me cry. I am so happy and honoured to have you in my life and being able to call you my friend. Thank you. I hope this year will be the one when we finally meet in person ❤️
jpcaruso : Awesome! 🙌
holaka181 : Beautiful
katieteix : Fireworks and mountains .... I had the same view on the 4th! ❤️👏
bradwchambers : Stunning capture!
michelle_crd : I love this!! Fantastic shot!!
callmikep : Lovely shot! Hope you had a great Bday, @moon_swinger 💗
ig_riodejaneiro - samp60 - bradwchambers -
It was crazy ... The human called my name ... And there was this stick in the air that I had to have ... And then a splash ... And then, you should have seen it! ... It totally blew my mind! ... There was this explosion of water and the stick disappeared! ... It was intense! ... After that I needed a nap again.
jj_forum_0914 -
holaka181 : Love how you look at life
kburke00 : Smiling!!!!!!!!
katieteix : Schroon Lake?? Isn't that near Lake George NY?? I was just in Lake George last weekend 😁👌✨ wonderful shot!!
butterfly109 : @katieteix how funny, Katie! Yes! We were there last weekend, too! ☺️☺️☺️☺️
katieteix : Small world!!! Wish I knew. We could've met for a drink!! 😁🌹
katieteix : I love it up there. We try to go once a year. Possibly twice this year. We want to go back and bring the kids 😁✨
astrokidz : Oh too funny 😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️
callmikep : Fabulous 🐶
malium - jorgebarreda - bangkom - jpcaruso -
My country 'tis of thee. What I love about this country is that it's her country 'tis of thee, too. @alyfromuk2us (pictured) is literally from the UK and now lives here and loves it here, just like her US husband and US child does. Just like my immigrant ancestors, some my grandparents, some my great-grandparents, and some pre-Civil War ancestors. We all get to come here, live here, love it here ... and call it "My country". Happy Independence Day everyone! Let's count our blessings for living in such an amazing place with freedoms that aren't known to everyone in this world. ✨🇺🇸🎈❤️🇺🇸🎈❤️🇺🇸🎈❤️✨
jj_forum_0916 -
butterfly109 : @alison_in_autismland hahaha you are so funny! love that comment! 🇺🇸🎆🇺🇸🎆🇺🇸
butterfly109 : @rasarno Hey lookie there. Something you and I have in common that isn't completely whacky and questionable in sanity! ✨🇺🇸✨
butterfly109 : @warrivera Hey you. Haven't seen much of you around these parts! Have a 🍺, take a ❄️, stay a while and 💬! Oh, and thanks Willieff! I'll be by your place soon ... I'm catching up on our car ride. Got my keyboard and my soy chai latte. I'm ready to go!
butterfly109 : @tonick ✨🙏✨🇺🇸✨
rasarno : Yeah, I can play the sanity card every now and then... though not many left in my depleted deck. Happy 4th, good to see the hurricane missed you guys.
dwazi_2 : Very sweet and so true...thanks for reminding us! Happy 4th @alyfromuk2us 🇺🇸
___u.n.i___ : I can relate ... Wonderful M 👍❤
butterfly109 : #jj_forum_0916
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|| Fierce || #colorsplash #whateyecee #androidpicture #iphonepics #androidartists #angles #picsart #photoart #iphonemania #filtermania #tv_colorsplash #filters #colorsplash_mx #filter #line #sunset_madness #sunsethunter #rights#colors_hub #vanishingpoint #naturewhisperers #skieshunter #mobileart #sunsetsniper #king #uniqe #Slay #igscout #yass
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tgif_colorsplash : Nice
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HAPPY 13th BIRTHDAY to my baby, Mckenna! You glow the most radiant light lit from within, you celebrate life with a joyous ebullience that is infectious, you are a gift to everyone you meet and especially to this family, where your role has always been love-giver and peace-maker and living-sound-track-maker, too, with your constant singing. I love you @kenril01 ... Hope this is as fun to see as all the collages your awesome friends are making for you on IG! 😘❤️😍💝🎂🎉🎈
butterfly109 : @jmiller139 Hey Jules! Thanks! ❤️
jpcaruso : Thank you! You're good luck 🙌💛💚
kburke00 : Hi thx about my new profile pic... Taken the other day on my girl's road trip to the mountains~ lots to smile about!!
rasarno : Beautiful girl. Sorry I missed this. Hope she had a lovely birthday.
astrokidz : What an absolutely stunning photo ♥️👏👏👏👏♥️♥️
___u.n.i___ : Awww - sweet girl and proud mama
katieteix : Beautiful girl ✨🎁🎈✨
michaells : I love your gallery. Great work !
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Where Aly's UK is. @alyfromuk2us , wearing and pointing her UK with pride.
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alyfromuk2us : I love this. And the caption. And that light. And spending the day with you. That world became a little smaller...🇬🇧👆👱
kburke00 : Hi to you both from the west coast!! 😎
belhoughton : Love it!
butterfly109 : #icapture_nyc #nycprimeshot
butterfly109 : @wanderlust222 Thank you! I'll take them! 💛🌎💛
butterfly109 : @alyfromuk2us Thanks Aly! Ditto! Hope you'll be posting your version of this one. I love that pic of us! 💙🌎💚
butterfly109 : @kburke00 Next for a visit: Kells! ...?? 😁
kburke00 : Hi Meredith YES!!! Hoping to put a visit together for Sept. to NYC. My niece lives there and my brother and sister-in-law live in Charlottesville,VA and we usually all meet in New York, then head south. Hoping to meet you then! 😎
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These happy toes are my baby's. These happy toes turn 13 tomorrow. These happy toes haven't stopped moving since their moment of conception. These happy toes run me ragged of body. These happy toes fill me with joy of soul daily, watching them prance about. These happy toes are so easy to love. These happy toes are about to be a teenager.
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astrokidz : ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
holaka181 : Beautiful !
holaka181 : Love your mind
butterfly109 : #jj_texttypographical
yeoldehouse : So very cute
___u.n.i___ : So very moving and a memorable shot ❤❤❤👍
butterfly109 : #reflection_shotz
butterfly109 : #jj_forum_0933
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How nice of this guy with the blue bike and blue sneakers to stride/ride by this blue trimmed building right then.
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royal_shots : Awesome!👌We invite you to follow us
butterfly109 : @royal_shots thank you! #royal_shots
katieteix : 💙
butterfly109 : #icapture_nyc #nycprimeshot
___u.n.i___ : Perfect timing
butterfly109 : #shootermag_usa
randhyrodriguez : Beautiful shot, and very thoughtful!
butterfly109 : #icapture_nyc
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I'm not a fan of pigeons, but there's no way I'm walking by this guy without snapping a dozen or so pics ... And then wanting to shower. He wears pigeons like people wear clothes, which is why this is my entry for @instagram's #whpstreetstyle
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consideredlight : Great capture dear ... Good luck
alyfromuk2us : Rats with wings. Totally perfect for today's #jj_forum_0908 ✊🐭
butterfly109 : #jj_forum_0908 glad I have you looking out for me, @alyfromuk2us ! I'm at a water park with the kids and 3 of their friends for the day! Me and 5 teen girls 😁☺️😘
malium : Amazing.
butterfly109 : #icapture_nyc #nycprimeshot
___u.n.i___ : Omg!!! 😳😳😳 ewwwww!!!
iamzachrogers : This guy rocks
butterfly109 : #jj_forum_0931
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Dreams of a $10 million Nike endorsement. Thanks to these 2 sweet little boys who happily posed for @alyfromuk2us and I in NYC at Chelsea Piers on Friday.
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astrokidz : 👏👏👏👏👏👏
butterfly109 : #tv_silhouettes
kburke00 : How fun you got together with @alyfromuk2us!!! Cool shot 💥
royal_shots : Superb!👌We invite you to follow us
alyfromuk2us : Love. These kids were adorable...❤️💙❤️
alyfromuk2us : @kburke00 We had the BEST day, Kelly...😘👌✨
___u.n.i___ : What incredible shot!
butterfly109 : #shootermag_usa
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I had a little fun with this edit ... I was thinking of a client I've been coaching lately. She's a fitness and nutrition client but has been coming to me more for life coaching lately. She lives in fear of so many things ... Never finding someone and being alone forever is a big one. What I tell her is that there's no such thing as fear. We fear the unknown and the unknown is something that hasn't had a chance to happen yet. We never fear this moment we are in because we know it. We are in it and see it for what it is. I ask her, "Do you know for a fact what the future holds?" She answers, "No." Then I ask her how many possible outcomes there are for her future? When she answers, "Countless," I ask her why she's clinging to the worst ones? . If you don't know for certain what your future is, believe in the best possibility. And know. KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that fear is our imagination. Fear does not exist.
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deathvalleyman : Love it!
kburke00 : Truth spoken!!
butterfly109 : #jj_texttypographical
ali.jennison : nice caption
butterfly109 : #shootermag_usa
butterfly109 : #cf_graphics
butterfly109 : #jj_forum_0933
hooitze : Good one
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Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting one of my favorite Igers, @alyfromuk2us, and her family. They are in NYC for her big birthday and they let me tag along for a day! This photo was taken at a very sheshe Marc Jacobs boutique in SoHo where there was a free photo booth. (Can I help you ladies? // No thank you. We're here for the photo booth! // -- I wasn't going to lie ... no way I was going to pretend to buy their $198 men's shorts! 😂😜) . I would have easily called Aly a friend before yesterday, but, after spending all day laughing with her (she literally looked like this all day 👉😂😂😂😂) and taking, or making her take, adolescent pics, and some pretty ones here and there, she'll never be rid of me now! 😁 I thoroughly enjoyed myself yesterday with my friend and her delightful family. We logged 12 miles and 29,000 steps (I burned 3000 calories!) according to my fitbit and, yet, it was an easy day. ☺️ . Happy birthweek, Aly! You're a keeper! 💛😘
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rasarno : Look like you girls had fun. Nice!
___fireandrain___ : ✨😂😂✨❤️
shontellemoiselle : Fun!
astrokidz : Cool ♥️
deathvalleyman : Fun!
kburke00 : This makes me smile 😎😊❕
alyfromuk2us : @belhoughton Thank you 👋☺️
jpcaruso : Missing your shots and all the fun! 😘
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Cirque de Colonial Shipyard. Still have a few shots from my "epic fail" day 😜 in Mystic, Connecticut.
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butterfly109 : @yomap ?? Not sure about that? 😜 lol thanks, Michael! ✨🙏✨
butterfly109 : @warrivera thank you Wilf! 😘
butterfly109 : @kburke00 it is now! Haha I love using that non-word! And I love it more now 😘😁 thank you!
butterfly109 : @lobaj89 hey thanks!! 👋👋🙏🙏
butterfly109 : @manciniv thanks so much, Vin! 💛
butterfly109 : @belhoughton hey girlie!! Thank you! ❤️😘
butterfly109 : @___uni___ ditto, my friend! I already know I'll love everything! ❤️
butterfly109 : #jj_forum_0934
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I like wild things ... And I am wildly romantic.
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___fireandrain___ : Me too! 🌼🌼🌼✨👏👏👏
justkellycraig : I am in the same predicament. Only I have 3 more days of summer grad school semester. It's been soooo crazy busy!!!!!
astrokidz : Beautiful 🌻😍🌻
butterfly109 : #retroluxaholics
deathvalleyman : 😊
butterfly109 : #jj_texttypographical
___u.n.i___ : There is something about daisies - always make me smile
butterfly109 : #jj_forum_0935
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