#WhiskeyKittenGrafix #photography #WhiskeyKittenGrafix #samanthaevongreen #photography #oldtownsandiego #SanDiego #california #whaleyhouse #editorial
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#whaleyhouse #oldtown
oldtown - whaleyhouse -
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#WhaleyHouse spooky dining room/kitchen area #######
whaleyhouse -
lord_dameron : Nice watermark!
lord_dameron - jessmariemaid - karilou8 - the_owlchemist -
#WhaleyHouse spooky ghosts and fancy furniture and lamps!! It's not so spooky, good San Diego history.
whaleyhouse -
lord_dameron - jessmariemaid - sarahinacupcake - kellylee51 -
More #WhaleyHouse spookiness this is inside the courtroom. Look closely.
whaleyhouse -
fishguts_mccoy - sd_cel - terrysdevine - jannascalisi -
Some really spooky stuff at the #WhaleyHouse
whaleyhouse -
socalrg : I captured an eerie image from there but cant find it. @kellylee51 has it i think.
kellylee51 : Someplace on my Facebook I do. @socalrg
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#WhaleyHouse spookiness!!!!!!
whaleyhouse -
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Alyssa and I went to the #whaleyhouse and I swear I see a lady in white. She says she sees a dog, opinions? #ghost #nosleep
ghost - nosleep - whaleyhouse -
sethro716 : I see a lady at the bottom
mac_n_g : @sethro716 that's what I see too
sethro716 - sunmaureen.goodson - whaleyhouse -
Having a drink waiting to go on our tour at the Whaley House!! #SanDiego #WhaleyHouse #ghosts #spirits #hauntedhouse #infamous
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ernesto7100 : Awsome!! Tell me how it is
belleisleshine : πŸ‘
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We went to the Whaley house last night to try to experience some paranormal activity. Supposedly one of the most haunted places in the country. Jordan's phone completely died when he still had a lot of battery left. And I felt a cold spot and thought it was the air conditioning when realizing the house doesn't have A/C haha and saw a couple of orbs. Pretty cool. THEN we had an experience in our hotel where the radio just turned on in the middle of the night. I couldn't sleep at all. It was truly a thrilling experience. πŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸ‘» #whaleyhouse #paranormal #ghosts #sandiego #nevergoingbacktothathotel #ghostadventures #zachbaggypants
zachbaggypants - nevergoingbacktothathotel - sandiego - ghostadventures - ghosts - whaleyhouse - paranormal -
creatures_from_starlight : Are you in San Diego???? So am i
alexia_hudson : Yes!!! Haha why are you in SD? @creatures_from_starlight
creatures_from_starlight : Visiting my friend. She lives out here :)
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Didn't see anything. How about you guys?
whaleyhouse -
mouth_haus : Well the shadows moved. πŸ˜•
jbarragan03 : Wtf!!
itwasyoufredo : #whaleyhouse
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haunted pocket watch anyone? #pocketwatch #oldschool #whaleyhouse #hauntedhouse #sandiego #sandiegoliving #watchcommunity #watchesofinstagram
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#whaleyhouse #ghosttour #ghost #hauntedhouse #sandiego #sandiegoliving #oldtownsandiego #creepyassdoll #whoyouganacall
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Let's do this! #whaleyhouse #oldtown #sandiego
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ww_a0 : @zoz.888 Ψ±Ω‚Ψ―Ψͺي
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"ghost aren't real. just like vampires elves and eskimos"- Homer Simpson #whaleyhouse #ghosttour #sandiego #sandiegoliving
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Just went inside the Whaley House. If you don't know what it is google it..... I want my mommy. Never again. #oldtownsandiego #whaleyhouse #nope #ghosttour #sandiego
oldtownsandiego - whaleyhouse - nope - sandiego - ghosttour -
lelyblu : @missmarleen you didn't call me??? 😱
missmarleen : @ana_1luv thank you Ana! It was a pretty planned trip we came for the show at Chula Vista tonight, but I'll definitely have to come back. I didn't visit my cousin either she lives out here @lelyblu Iol I'll let you know when I'm back. I love San Diego!
missmarleen : *both
ana_1luv : Yes for sure!! I'm glad you had a great time. πŸ˜„
ladywolf13 : I'm so jelly. My older sister used to go there and always wanted to go.
missmarleen : @ladywolf13 we took a ghost tour so it made it super eerie for me cause I'm a chicken lol but it was good didn't see bot ghost! πŸ™Œ
ladywolf13 : πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜‰
whaleyhouse : @missmarleen Never say never... we Whaleys will see you again... soon. :)
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I love this show so much #ghostadventures
ghostadventures - whaleyhouse -
argentina_sosa : #whaleyhouse
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The Whaley House. Upstairs, in the theater room, one of my friends and I witnessed an orb fly right by us and into a girl's chest! Of course, we screamed! Lol! Lizzyslatest.com #livetravelchannel #ghostadventures #ghostadventurescrew #oldtownsandiego #whaleyhouse #sandiego #ghosttour #california #travelblogger #fashionblogger #explore #summer #haunted #fashionblogger #blogger #fun #friends #adventure
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theshoemaven : Wow! I would have screamed too! Lol.
churchkey : Stunning one
lizzyslatest : @churchkey Thank you! 😊
lukbeautifood : πŸ’›
hustlerhippy : πŸ˜‡
lizzyslatest : @lukbeautifood @hustlerhippy ... Sweet! Thank you so much!!! 😊
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another view from where we also stayed. best western hacienda old town san diego. right behind the most haunted house in california "the whaley house" #whaleyhouse
whaleyhouse -
kassiegirly - tunnelrat83 - doreenieweenie76 - 9oh9sentra -
Good morning and #tgif! Old Town San Diego is considered the birthplace of California. It is where Father Junipero Serra established the first Spanish settlement and it is the location of the Whaley House. The Whaley House, according to Travel Channel's, "America's Most Haunted," is the most haunted house in US. If you've been reading my blogs, I love watching ghost shows and visiting haunted places. So, it should be no surprise we took a ghost tour of Old Town San Diego my first night in SD. 😱 My best friend, Tammy, is posing in this pic with me. 😊 Lizzyslatest.com #oldtownsandiego #whaleyhouse #bestfriends #bestfriendsforever #sandiego #ghosttour #ghostlytoursinhistory #california #fashionblogger #blogger travelblogger #whatiwore #blogger #shoeandtell #instafashion #style #ootd #summer #mystyle #currentlywearing #loveloft
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lizzyslatest : #travelblogger
theshoemaven : I love taking ghost tours too! 😊 The last one I went on was in Savannah, GA. One day I'll have to tell you about my "experiences" in Savannah and St. Augustine. πŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸ‘» love seeing pictures of you with the bestie! Hope you ladies had fun! @lizzyslatest
luxventurer : πŸ‘
lizzyslatest : @theshoemaven that's so awesome that you love ghost tours too! Another thing we have in common! 😊 I would love to hear about your Savannah experience! I vacationed there last summer and experienced a few paranormal things as well! Yay for the bestie! We've been friends since elementary school! 😊 Hope you're having a great weekend. Mass time for me!
lizzyslatest : @luxventurer Thank you! 😊
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EVENING HAUNTS #WhaleyHouse #hauntedhouse #ghoststories #sunset #lookingup #skyporn #brickhouse #frame #colors #sandiego #oldtown #bluesky #orange Photo Credit @stevenanthonyroe
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poopcicle : Sick
filmmagic : Sweet!!
screen_time_ : Awwsome...well if you ever need an actor...check out my acting monologs on my page 😁😁
stevenanthonyroe : Thx will do @houstons_songs_and_monologs
screen_time_ : @stevenanthonyroe cool cool. Theres 3 up on my instagram πŸ˜ƒ
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Just a tad bit creepy #whaleyhouse
whaleyhouse -
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Evening Haunts at the #whaleyhouse πŸ“·: @stevenanthonyroe #ghoststories #hauntings #sandiego #whaleyhousemuseum #supernatural #ghosttour
ghoststories - ghosttour - sandiego - supernatural - hauntings - whaleyhouse - whaleyhousemuseum -
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Heard this place is haunted πŸ‘» #whaleyhouse #oldtown #sandiego
oldtown - whaleyhouse - sandiego -
bella_b0o : That place is creeeeepy! I saw it on ghost adventures lol
chxrmxndr : Watch the Ghost Adventures episode hehe
djronix : @bella_b0o @chxrmxndr i will πŸ‘
dj_rayted_r : What you down here?
djronix : @dj_rayted_r conducting a paranormal experiment
djronix : @dj_rayted_r lol nah had a meeting at rancho penasquitos with a client
lopez_fambam : Hala! There is a lot of moo moo there @djronix
djronix : @lopez_fambam yup i felt chills walking from across the street
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#whaleyhouse #Sandiego #California
whaleyhouse - california - sandiego -
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#whaleyhouse #Sandiego #California
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megannicole_022 - 9031olivia - m.lamothe - ryanbth1 -
πŸ’€πŸŒΉπŸŒžπŸŒΉπŸ’€ #oldtownsandiego #whaleyhouse #sistertrip #bestfriendsbutbetter #trevormomwantsyou
bestfriendsbutbetter - oldtownsandiego - whaleyhouse - trevormomwantsyou - sistertrip -
leighaxnicole : Trevor moms wants you. #psimyourmomnow
queenxbri : Hi boys, I'll be filling in for Trevor, so sports right? @leighaxnicole
_ashycakess : OMG YOU LOOK SO GORG. Show this to leigha πŸ˜‚
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Looking for ghosts at The Whaley House. #sandiego #whaleyhouse #minivacay #letsgoback #nick
nick - minivacay - whaleyhouse - sandiego - letsgoback -
_mrsaguilar : Have u been to the queen Mary?? That place is creepy lol
_abby______ - emma_roberts_videos - vero_de_rosas - emma_roberts_fans -
HAUNTED HOUSE #WhaleyHouse #ghosthunting #ghoststories ##hauntedhouse #oldtown #sandiego #skyporn #spooky
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Just trying to find Casper #huntedhouse #oldtown #whaleyhouse #sdliving #touristaction #california #adventuretime
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love_fitness_f00d : Nice!!
urbanflavors : Good shot..
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#whaleyhouse #gaslamp #sandiego #haunted #pinupgirlclothing
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marylinmunster : THAT dress tho!!!! Amaze-balls!!πŸ’š
xxisirionxx : @iahays @marylinmunster thank you so much!!!
bbressqb3._ : Very very beautiful πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ’―
nikkiestars : You look gorgeous and that dress is so pretty! Love it
xxisirionxx : thanks @nikkiestars ! Are u at the zoo today?
nikkiestars : @xxisirionxx welcome! No, that pic is from the last time I was here and we went to say hi to u...ha
xxisirionxx : @nikkiestars aaaaa hahaha I thought u were here lol
nikkiestars : @xxisirionxx haha! I'd definitely go say hi! We r planning on going again soon tho
dressduckwho - girlwiththemost_cake - helenm_cx - whaleyhouse -
Love this placeπŸ™ŒπŸ‘»πŸ’™ #whaleyhouse #whaleyhousemuseum #creepy #spirits #sdsu #murica #sandiego
murica - spirits - sandiego - whaleyhouse - whaleyhousemuseum - creepy - sdsu -
loloshechka : Рядом Π±ΠΎΠΉΡ„Ρ€Π΅Π½Π΄?
th_holyghst : @loloshechka Π½Π΅Ρ‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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The Whaley House, Olde Towne, San Diego, California. #whaleyhouse
whaleyhouse -
cheryl_carney_ : Olde town San Diego looks like an old western town to me
seankitchin : It does, Cheryl, which is precisely why I like it so much! Additionally, the Whaley House is one of the most haunted houses in America @cheryl_carney_
cheryl_carney_ : @seankitchin Omg thank goodness I didn't go in 😱 haha
seankitchin : :-) @cheryl_carney_
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