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Last one. This is my favorite. #WhaleyHouse #weirdStuff #minolta #film #filmsNotDead #hauntedHouse #haunted #scary #ghost #favorite
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Some creepy dolls from the Whaley House. #creepy #film #filmsNotDead #WhaleyHouse #weirdStuff #haunted #hauntedHouse #dolls #minolta
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I'm going to post a few pictures that I took at the Whaley House a while ago. For those of you who don't know, it's supposedly one of the most haunted houses in America... So let me know if you spot any ghosts haha. Shot in film. #film #filmsNotDead #WhaleyHouse #haunted #hauntedHouse #theater #minolta
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Survived the whaley house 😨 #americasmosthauntedhouse #whaleyhouse #iwasprettynervous
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History will be kind to me for I intend to write it. -Winston Churchill #history #haunted #whaleyhouse #california #isanyoneelseobsessedwithhistory?
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#WhaleyHouse #Virginia #tbt
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Me and bae, she dead! #whaleyhouse #oldtown #sandiego
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superbri : I wanna see you guys where r you ?
sunny_syde_down : We were going to go see you guys earlier but my mom got some of her stuff stolen in mexicali and needed to go back, we went to old town for a little bit since we were dropping off my stepdad at the airport but we will be going back friday @superbri
superbri : Alright love you guys
sunny_syde_down : We love yall too see yall friday πŸ‘πŸ‘ @superbri
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About to do this 😞... #whaleyhouse #SD #haunted #omg #help
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alexxa06 : OMG why didn't you invite me!!
glen_52 : LuLz your face is priceless
bauer_wayne21 : @m_jude hopefully no spirits follow you back to L.A.πŸ˜±πŸ˜ˆπŸ’€πŸ‘»
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Victorian era jewels from the Whaley House 😍 #whaleyhouse #oldtownsandiego
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katgalvez : @erika_buendia remember when we used to hang out at the cemetery?
erika_buendia : @katgalvez haha yes! I still go to old town a lot.
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There's no way I could wait for tomorrow to post my #WCW after having one of the best times at old town San Diego with the love of my life. πŸ’πŸ»πŸ·πŸ‘»πŸ‘« #ItsOnlyTheBeginning #BestTimesWithHer #SheCompletesMe #AmazingNight #JustTheTwoOfUs #StripperBills #Drinks #WhaleyHouse #LoveSpells #OnThatForeverMishh #ILoveYou #Bubbas #NeverThoughtLoveWouldGrowOnMeLikeThis #Lifestyle
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joti_d : Love Old Town!!! Awesome food πŸ‘
andrew_da_boss : @joti_d yes! I had a great time there, fun little place to go to! When's the last time you went?
joti_d : I had to go for work a bunch of times a couple years ago. I love San Diego
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Just to sum up our San Diego trip. #SanDiego #OldTownSanDiego #WhaleyHouse #QualcomStadium #Patriots #PatsNation #12 #YouStayClassySanDiego #TomBrady Thank you @ms.dominguez1 #MiAmorDeMeVidaMiAlma
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drunk_athletes : Awesome!
ms.dominguez1 : Love you baby!!! You deserve the best!!! #HastaLaMuerte πŸ’‹
nfl_memes0 : Nice pic! Free NFL Jersey, link in my bio!
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#theatre #whaleyhouse #oldtown #sandiego #haunted
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funkinutt : Great shot.πŸ’₯πŸ’œ
smoothlikeswade : @funkinutt thank you πŸ˜ŠπŸ™
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Jay behind the Whaley #whaleyhouse #hauntedsesh #maryjane #devilslettuce #perfectjoint #420bro #ryansphotography @dooskat πŸ’“βœ¨
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sarahleeann11 : Creeeepy! πŸ™ˆπŸ‘€
sarahjjuana : Right?! πŸ‘» @sarahleeann11 lol πŸ™Š
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Tourist day #Coronado #Whaleyhouse #oldtownmexicancafe
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colsonfamily : Beautiful FamilyπŸ’“
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Took a self tour of a haunted house down in old SD. Sadly no ghost / paranormal activity happen #WhaleyHouse #OldSD #HauntedPlaces
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princess121latina : Omg scary place in SD πŸ˜­πŸ‘½πŸ˜±
kay_121 : 😨😱
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Finally got to visit the #whaleyHouse
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Ghost hunting, dinner, and beach hangs last night! All with my good friend @kozyykiid #whaleyhouse #sandiego #cemetery
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kozyykiid : Yr the best BritπŸ’ž
kozyykiid : Thank youuu!!!!
beatonthebrit : No YOU'RE the best! 😊
_pamdoe : Brittany! text me I miss you πŸ’•
beatonthebrit : @_pamdoe same number? I miss you too!!
_pamdoe : Yes ❀ same.
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I'm a sad ghost I guess? #whaleyhouse #nofilter
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kozyykiid : #lookforthesadgirl
veee_187 : That place is cool .
piggypogo77 : UR in sd?
kozyykiid : @piggypogo77 yeah!
piggypogo77 : Dope u go into the backyard yet it's creepy at night
kozyykiid : @piggypogo77 yeah lol we found some foo pasted out too lol everyone's all pedo out here
piggypogo77 : @kozyykiid u know u r gonna join them lol
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#TBT to when this unsuspecting soul found out the hard way that I'm an expert photo bomber. Photo went from sexy to ruined real quick. #OldTownSanDiego #WhaleyHouse Photo Credit: @never.free
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Flowers in Old Town #sandiego #whaleyhouse
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Anna Whaley's music room #whaleyhouse #haunted #ghosts #sandiego
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#sandiego #whaleyhouse #haunted #ghosts
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Last pic from the #WhaleyHouse. I took this pic upstairs. The windows are open and the window has no screen. Not sure what I got but it's interesting. I put a circle around what I see. I'll be going back soon. I'm a sucker for ghost stuff and haunted places. I've personally never seen one, but I think they can possibly exist. #SanDiego #IgersSanDiego #OldTown #Ghost #MostHauntedHouseInAmerica
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geezussd : @scotty_cycles Awesome. I wish I could go ghost hunting. I've lived here in SD my whole life and this was the 1st time I had been to the Whaley House, or anywhere that is supposedly haunted. It was very fun though.
geezussd : That is very cool. That takes some balls. I wish I could have been at this house by myself. I actually waited, in the theatre room upstairs, for everyone to leave so I could be in there by myself for a little bit. I'm gonna go back with my good camera and as late as possible. I don't think I'll enjoy it as much during the day. I wonder if you can buy out all the tickets for one of the tours and do it by yourself. @kbiphone
geezussd : Thanks for the share @cinelligirl
fonzdrew_ : If I were a ghost hunter I would need to carry plenty of underwear with me to change into. 😧😱😩😡
geezussd : @fonzdrew_ Hahahahahaha. I don't think I would be that scared, BUT, I would do the same just in case. You never know.
hopefuldana : Neat!
the_m00n_lover : Creepy Cool! πŸ‘πŸ˜
amgdabarber : Nice manπŸ‘
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Violet Whaley's room πŸ˜‹ someone take me back to the Whaley house PLZ
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disnley : #hauntedhouse #haunted #instalike #ghost #whaleyhouse
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#whaleyhouse we think we got a ghost image lurking through the windows of #viloetwhaley the daughter of #ThomasWhaley and #Anawhaley from #thewhaleys. She commited suicide in 1885 after her husband left her.
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In the upstairs of the #WhaleyHouse, Mr Thomas Whaley converted a bedroom into a theatre, which was used by The Tanner Troupe. The troupe was headed by Thomas Tanner, who died just 17 days after the opening day of the theatre. Just a few months later the troupe disbanded. The theatre is still there for visitors to see. Thomas Tanner was buried just a block away at the local cemetery.
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geezussd : #OldTown #SanDiego #IgersSanDiego #IgersUSA #WorldCaptures #Jaw_Dropping_Shots #Splendid_Shotz #AllShots_ #Ig_Captures #Ig_Masterpiece #Rebels_United #Global_Family #Love_Natura #Unsung_Masters #UnderRatedMinds #wec_ig #SoCalShooters
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So we found some ghost lurking at us. #whaleyhouse #creepy what can you see? @gstar_24
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#route101 #whaleyhouse
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williamslchristopher : Where is that
veronik_ahh : Old town San Diego @williamslchristopher when your down hear check it out.
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I need me a ghost! #whaleyhouse #sandiego one of the most haunted places in the US
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If orange is the new black and black was the original style, then an orange and black colab would be...very autumn looking??? The ins and outs unite. #OldTown #WhaleyHouse #HistoricRoute101
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geezussd : #SanDiego #IgersSanDiego #IgersUSA #WorldCaptures #Jaw_Dropping_Shots #Splendid_Shotz #AllShots_ #Ig_Captures #Ig_Captures_Landscape #Ig_Masterpiece #Rebels_United #Global_Family #Love_Natura #Unsung_Masters #UnderRatedMinds #wec_ig #SoCalShooters #AllNatureShots
geezussd : #Orange #BlackandWhite #BnW
geezussd : #iPhone
the_m00n_lover : C➰➰L!! πŸ‘Šβœ΄οΈβ–ͺ️✴️β–ͺ️✴️
senghuntha81 : Very nice
behbehani_shot : nice
cbo530 : Outstanding pic! @geezussd
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Old Town San Diego today! #sisterlylove #familyday #whaleyhouse #oldtown #sunnysocal #lastdaybeforehome #goodday #goodlife #onmyway
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sarahelwer : Did you go in the tea shop?! It's the best!
kozlolove : @sarahelwer I don't think we did. I'll have to check it out next time I go!
hunterczech : I live in san diego.."hey hunter lets go get lunch catch up" no but thanks for the offer @kozlolove XD
kozlolove : @hunterczech sorry.. I didn't know you lived there! 😜
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Dragged @my_brooke to the most haunted house in America last night. She's a trooper. #whaleyhouse #hauntedhouse #oldtownsd #33spirits
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rome_mance : You guys are crazy!!! Heard those ghost follows visitors home
dr.mermaid : I can't believe you got Myra to do that!!!!
d_wane24 : @rome_mance Haha. They also tend to gravitate to the family members of the victims too. 1st cousins in particular
rome_mance : Lmfao ass!!!!!
d_wane24 : @dr.mermaid it took a lot of persistence and some good-natured bribery
lovealimar : omg I wanna do there!
d_wane24 : @lovealimar We'll do the ghost hunting tour at midnight
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