Tony sparano will blow r team some more becauuse he sucks let's hope we can get a win maybe #lose #wesuck #sodoeshe #tonysparano
wesuck - sodoeshe - tonysparano - lose -
Acro class πŸ‘Š #acrobatics#workout#wesuck#acro#loveit
wesuck - loveit - workout - acrobatics - acro -
noa_waller : Χ—Χ—Χ— Χ”Χ™Χ” Χ›Χ™Χ£Χ£Χ£ Χ©ΧœΧ—Χ™ ΧœΧ™ ΧͺΧͺΧžΧ•Χ Χ•Χ•Χͺ ;)
shaked_314 : Χ—Χ—Χ—Χ— Χ”Χ™Χ” Χ›Χ™Χ£Χ£Χ£πŸ˜ ΧœΧžΧ” אΧͺזאΧͺΧͺΧͺ?😭 Χ©ΧœΧ—Χ™ ΧœΧ™ גםם^.^
arianna_mark - itsmounishschimmel - noa_waller - shaked_314 -
Uhh... #wedidthesamething #wow #wesuck @rileybeck_5 @phoxbrooke
wesuck - wow - wedidthesamething -
know.hope - desanielaine - toasters_inc - rileybeck_5 -
bff πŸ”₯ #spiritweek #wesuck
wesuck - spiritweek -
kenzziemac - trinaangle - sean112013 - sjostockkk13 -
#wesuck #patsnation #tb12 #jimmyg #patsneedwork
wesuck - patsnation - jimmyg - patsneedwork - tb12 -
amairani.vazquez : πŸ˜‚
asonxo : @sasha2sucio
eddi391 : @amairani.vazquez it's supposed to be funny but I'm really hurting over this
amairani.vazquez : @eddi391 I'm not a football person but i found this really funnyπŸ˜…..
eddi391 : πŸ˜”
dnielsimmons - b_hold_ - asonxo -
Hahhahahahahahahah.. this shit hilarious!!! Y'all know I'm a huge raider fan .. but you gotta laugh at this hahahah.. #smh #cold #coldblooded #NFL #raiders #Oakland #bayarea #Oaklandraiders #blackhole #commitment #wesuck #damnshame #nothingnew #alwaysexcitedbouttheraidersforthefirstweekthenIstopcaring
raiders - nothingnew - nfl - commitment - blackhole - damnshame - bayarea - oaklandraiders - smh - wesuck - cold - oakland - coldblooded - alwaysexcitedbouttheraidersforthefirstweekthenistopcaring -
stephaniadavis : @comegetyourmel :)
matt_kingma : @hotshotgypsy
________bird : @j_will06 ur fuckin raiders bro
martyxcore : Ohhh @missdar25, sooo funny. NOT! Haha
c_4_ : @cpt_ball0ut @playground0legend lmao
fuben_ : @frausteezy @jb0ner @georges_f @jul1o_
cpt_ball0ut : Lmfao @c_4_
missdar25 : 😘 @martyxcore
saritalynne - kbeh - pjbutta129 - j_will06 -
Mood for @tharealkamal @cashrules21 @ducktapedtc @flyguy_doja @kingswannie @brittnazty @dnastee @tha.misses when thinking about my raiders! 😒🚢
wegottatalkwhenyougetbacktoamerica - raiders - wesuck - callmebackallen - howyougetfiredonyourdayoff - youwastrynabuildaclubhouse -
brookfieldduece : #raiders #wesuck #howyougetfiredonyourdayoff #youwastrynabuildaclubhouse #callmebackallen #wegottatalkwhenyougetbacktoamerica
ducktapedtc : πŸ˜‚
ducktapedtc - turf_nerd - johnniechefcoat - baknsodafresh -
Say cheese! #mumsbirthday#dinner#smile#saycheese#canttakeaphoto#wesuck#wearentgoodatfamilyphotos
dinner - saycheese - wearentgoodatfamilyphotos - smile - wesuck - mumsbirthday - canttakeaphoto -
cjverney - matty1122 - _.edwina._ -
The 'dale #morg #ranga #blair #ned #wade #lockie #jarrad #lads #sinceyearone #backintheday #nof*cksgiven #orangeneverwon #wesuck @feast36 @bcutting28 @nedwilke13
sinceyearone - ned - ranga - lockie - nof - blair - jarrad - lads - backintheday - wesuck - wade - orangeneverwon - morg -
kaitlynhorrigan - laur_3n - ben_milstead - samzeitz -
" we suck " #originalgleecast #rachelberry #mercedesjones #kurthummel #tinachoenchang #artieabrams #newdirections #finnhudson #leamichele #amberriley #chriscolfer #kevinmchale #corymonteith
corymonteith - originalgleecast - amberriley - tinachoenchang - newdirections - finnhudson - rachelberry - chriscolfer - kurthummel - wesuck - mercedesjones - kevinmchale - artieabrams - leamichele -
rocks_glee : #wesuck
lucytheurer14 - patricksanjaya - cheche.ek11 - misskelesbekova -
Date night #miniputt #wesuck #selfie #couple
miniputt - wesuck - selfie - couple -
harryedwardsmith - countrygirl_94_xo - jenniesully - lindscowxo -
That one time we were production's worst nightmare and had to redo #morning promos 10 different times bc we couldn't get over jiggly wiggly. πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ #sorry!!! #wesuck #dying
wesuck - sorry - dying - morning -
ashmichy : You're such a loser. I love it.
sdange : @ashmichy all of a sudden we hear @jamiehalexo screaming "OH MY GOD" from the back πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
jamiehalexo : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
laurenlettelier - emilyburris - mista_alderman - baileymyers -
Another one bites the dust this is just getting sad... And i personally don't think Gruden wants any part of us even if we offered him a GM/COACHING JOB smh #RAIDERS #raidersnation #WESUCK #tiredoflosing #THESTRUGGLE #oaklandraiders #bad meaning bad not bad meaning good #RAIDER4LIFE
tiredoflosing - raiders - bad - raidersnation - raider4life - thestruggle - oaklandraiders - wesuck -
nagamane757 : They fire everybody. ....
wigg757va : @nagamane757 don't we tho & it makes no difference smh
brandonmoody : Beautiful!
__milt__ : Yall need a whole new owner, Vp, and GM...the coach isn't the problem
sdbean87 : πŸ˜‚ skip mean mugging him πŸ˜‚
wigg757va : @__milt__ yes we do homie
wigg757va : @sdbean87 u caught that too lol
eniddoffing - prissykendra - makempay757 - patxstan -
"Okay okay okay let's take a nice one now..." 😝 Can't wait to have my girl back!!!! Missing you like crazy! #bestfriend#love#canttakeaniceselfie#wesuck#missyou
canttakeaniceselfie - wesuck - bestfriend - missyou - love -
willwynn0321 - mikey_joseph_aguiar - th3_reeg_frostie - xxbuffyx -
⛳️ 'Hate golf with passion' - Ghetto Golfers #lmao #Thugs #WeRule #jk #WeSuck #vsco #vscocam
thugs - vscocam - lmao - jk - wesuck - swekx2 - vsco - werule -
fazrulazryy : #swek
aliffqay : Aku ingat mgk pnya gambar rupanya hang -.-
khasyfimusher : @fazrulazryy #swekX2 // @aliffqay haha thats a good thing right?!
emily_mckane : Your eyes look lovely on this Khasyfi
nurelanna - frhfrzna_ - amanda_broccolo - zulaikhalishaqi -
Smh #raiders @walter_inda_paint @trone_is_the_best
wesuck - raiders -
jeffestrada : We go 12-4 this season. Have faith. DA is gone. Buy your SB tix now.
jpizzleonyourfaces : @jeffestrada #wesuck
trone_is_the_best : Fuck
walter_inda_paint : I swear to god if this doesn't work....I will continue to watch and be heartbroken :(
wamadden4 : Doesn't matter who the coach is, Raiders will go winless this season.
raycaliber : @jpizzleonyourfaces no more Allen
jpizzleonyourfaces : @raycaliber I think the GM needed to go first... I don't think any coach could have done much better with this roster.
halesssix_ - chanabenbrook - bubblesinca - evant43 -
❀️let me tell ya bout my besssst frandddd πŸ‘­ #brusroom #karaoke #wesuck #badbitches #queenbee #twins #caterpillars
badbitches - twins - brusroom - wesuck - caterpillars - queenbee - karaoke -
krystina__marie : 😍😍😍
gigithemua : Gorgeous ❀️
snowgeisha21 - soulrebel1231 - _aamorr_ - expo24 -
The squad #7-0 #sundevils #55 #jukesquad #picksquad #sacksquad #wesuck #puntreturnsquad
sacksquad - sundevils - 7 - 55 - picksquad - wesuck - puntreturnsquad - jukesquad -
wyatt__david : Why does everyone forget #trucksquad ???
nach0cheese13 : Because there is no truck squad anymore Conor isn't there
mirandaw_ - kellieanderson17 - jaydenlorenz - keelantrapp -
@zachboogey alright yo, the silence is broken. Tell me why we made all these crazy decisions. Coaching changes, Defensive Scheme Changes etc etc... But we keep the same Bummy ass QB that can't stay healthy to save his own life. I hope he got ObamaCare. We could have just kept Munch,kept Fitzy and stayed with a 4-3 D and we would be no worse off than what we are now. C'Mon Man!!!! Hasslebeck ..... The list goes on. This dude Locker has got to go. Zach Mettenberger would handle his biz. Man I'm through. Don't even get me started on the D. We take 4 bum ass LB and we used to have 3 bums but we'll just add some more bums and take away the big dudes on the line. Take our best DL in Casey and move him to a 3-4 scheme after a 10.5 sack season and put him on the outside??!?!? Wtf man then this dude next to JMac cmon bra this dude us weaker than weak yo ........I'm vexed yo #nfl #titanup #wesuck #football
football - wesuck - titanup - nfl - madden -
epcuco : @zachboogey oh and just for the record I stood by Jock Rocker all this time you until today bro. I'm done with em
epcuco : @zachboogey oh and for the picture, we are "upside down" for real so I thought it was fitting #titanup #nfl #madden
zachboogey : It's a rebuild but I do think goin with mettenburger will be the best bet! as for that d.... You gotta have the d backs to play a 3-4 our best ones are j-Mac n pollard.... The run d is horrible we jus gotta wait a season I thought this might happen!! Most regime changes take a season or two! I'm still goin ride for them but locker n clipboard Jesus gotta go!! Hell VY need to come back!!! O n y the hell is @bishopsankey not starting!!!!! This dude is a beast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @epcuco
epcuco : @zachboogey look bra, we took kam wimberly and D Morgan and moved them to LB,our 2 ILB are weak sauce and we got 5 ,count 5 good DL in Casey,wimberly,Morgan and either hill or pitoitoua . But we runnin 3-4 zzzzzzzzz think about that. Wimberly came over from the Raiders HUnGrY ,sackin fools hard same with Morgan,both on the ends. Hands and head down bull rushing fools. None of this hybrid poop ass D with LBs weak as wet paper sack and two good edge rushers standin up?!?!?!?!? Maaaaaaan and your big $$$$$$$$$ man 99 lined up somewhere else than over center. I'm sleep
popcrnchicken10 - ademadann - thefootballtrainer - co_nate_84 -
#DennisAllen had it coming #oaklandraider needs a better #coach #wesuck but still #raidersnation #lol #nfl #stepitup
dennisallen - coach - stepitup - nfl - lol - raidersnation - oaklandraider - wesuck -
chiews89 : Dude sucks. No defense
roger_that_90 : Hell yea about time
ya.tucker2014 - ms_erikaa - ur_sweet_love - itzmeeziebaby -
PTL!!! Him and his Visor had to go. Now it's time to fire defensive coordinator! #FireJasonTarver #Raiders #raidernation
firejasontarver - raiders - raidernation -
therealdurantula : Dangggg thoo that's fire! Ahah
jonshowdown : He won't miss a game @eliluna24
jonshowdown : He ll be back after the bye week.
jjflores23 : I can't wait until the Raiders start winning again!!! I wasn't born when they won the three bowls lol
jonshowdown : The pain will end someday my friend. Cause the day we win a bowl every raider hater will be hiding there team merchandise and LAPD will be on high alert lol @jjflores23
lwdromeo : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
joeylaraa : Don't look like they'll be winning anytime soon anyways haha they got a tough schedule
day_boogie_35 : New coach every season geez yall never gonna be good again like that
bigdaddydan_ - katzam84 - irvz_ - noble_blood -
whattooksolong - thanku - bitchimfromoaklandtho - wesuck - raidernation - repost -
alec_lee : fuck!!! finally! dude went 8-28????? What does that even mean?!!
richardthamac : He got fired on his day off lmao
mona_lizzy : πŸ˜‚
dynamitedoja - favorboy_ju - moeboyburna - mona_lizzy -
Great time playing soccer with this girl today! #buds #soccer #wesuck @shanea_yarish
buds - wesuck - soccer -
kyla_jackson14 : You're so pretty!!
j_edgar12 : Aww thanks :) @kyla_jackson14 haha even tho I'm a sweaty mess
kyla_jackson14 : Trust me it's not bad when I'm in gym I get really red for the longest time and sweaty it's pretty badass
j_edgar12 : You so silly! Snapchat me anytime! My snapchat is j_edgar12 @kyla_jackson14
amber.thomps - han_tromb - kyla_jackson14 - lizzy666_ -
I think its time we give this friendly fella a call #Patriots #wesuck #necessaryevil
wesuck - necessaryevil - patriots -
lcchimski10 : Top right picture is hilarious
bennyabrams : Need some attitude on the line
bglennon : ^whats he got goin on in the top right there chimmy? @lcchimski10
lcchimski10 : Toy soldier @bglennon. Looks like @alldaydp warming up for his Norfolk little league squad
denehy55 - giardino44 - ryancrowles22 - bglennon -
I'm mad as hell right now as a Pats fan but this shot alone calmed me down. Holly #^£¥ he is HOTT!! 😍😍 #pats #seriouslypats #wesuck #welcomejimmy #tombecomedrewmoment #patriots #jimmygaroppolo
wesuck - pats - patriots - welcomejimmy - seriouslypats - tombecomedrewmoment - jimmygaroppolo -
twentysomethingplus : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
miller_fitness : If you were a Pats fan you'd have seen him play already
lindyhiphop : For real 😍 QB McDreamy
doza321 - foxylady64 - cindytn - leo_chars -
It ain't real if ya ain' hittin the lanes twice a month. #bowling #fun #Wesuck #ItsCoolTho
fun - wesuck - itscooltho - bowling -
realvisionz : @livetouch whattup bruhh
mariahmarie23 - nktek - lovely_boricua - _airchubbs -
If you're a bird... I'm a bird. βœ¨πŸ£βœ¨βœŒοΈπŸ”« why not #duckface #bffeaeaeaea @devon_klaus #wesuck
duckface - wesuck - bffeaeaeaea -
alec_mcvehil - skybabyleslie - samstirm - kknowles318 -
Leafs took on Grand Rapids and still couldn't win #WeSuck
wesuck -
kthomps160 - ngladwish - kevconroyy -
Hahaha #bloopers #firsttake #wesuck #buzzed
bloopers - wesuck - buzzed - firsttake -
brandymarie66 : This makes me you guys
jshay2 : Sang!
jdawgbrad : Jeeeezzz
michaelclarys : Shirelles lol
cayjomae : Hahahhahahahaha
jdcompman - auroraoliver - xoxokacface - lpuncochar -
Badminton tourney reppin' #Blizzard #WeSuck
wesuck - blizzard -
maryyleonard : Tippy toes... That's kinda embarrassing. 😁
benrouse21 : Tip toein in my jawdins..
anna_leonardd : Shouldn't be talkin smalls. #5foot2 @maryyleonard
_coxy___ - quinn_reamer06 - natekeeper1 - clairelemker -
This sums us up pretty well. #WeSuck
wesuck -
laaceeeey : Ew
jflyer15 - macmackinze - amybeth319 - hodges538 -
Tries to take cute fall pictures...FailsπŸ‘ #WeSuck
wesuck -
ericaarichardsonn : cutie patooties with bootiesπŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ’˜
dayna_tempelman : Ahah thanks ericuh😍❀️@ericaarichardsonn
karenboyes : Ok! This is just too cute! πŸ‘Œ
dayna_tempelman : Aww thank you Karen😘 @karenboyes
emilykamphof : awe why are you guys so adorable😚😚
dayna_tempelman : It comes naturallyπŸ’ just kidding thanks bæ❀️ @emilykamphof
gracepaches : Whata ass 😻
dayna_tempelman : That's inappropriate! @gracepaches
swift_hayley - sarahkajorinne - meaganbreukelman - gracepaches -
My bio group's screwed up skeleton we had to put together in 10 minutes ...we got a 2 out of 5....we'll take those pity points! πŸ’€πŸ™ˆ #skeleton #anatomy #wesuck #nurse
anatomy - wesuck - nurse - skeleton -
king.enrique - north.kristi2015 - mackkewley - bbuts004 -
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