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A few months ago, about 25 Western Pond turtles were found in the Gorge and brought to the Oregon Zoo to be treated for lesions stemming from a mysterious disease. Nine of those turtles, though, came to Larch Corrections Center, where inmates Joseph Goff and Terrell Hill were chosen to participate in a training program and serve as turtle technicians. With guidance from experts, they’ve spent about 6 hours a day feeding and nursing the turtles back to health. A week ago, the turtles were returned to their habitat. Read a story and watch video about the program at Larch and the turtles on Photos by Amanda Cowan (@amandacowanphoto)/The Columbian #turtles #larchcorrections #westernpondturtles #prisonrehab
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communityhealthplanwashington : 🐒🐒🐒
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Turtles Survival — The first proto-turtles, complete with shells remarkably similar to today's turtles, first made an appearance on Earth about 220 million years ago. USGS researchers are doing the science needed to help conserve many species in this ancient lineage: desert and gopher tortoises turtles, map turtles, sea turtles, river turtles, wood turtles, and so many more. They're turtletly worth it! Despite their evolutionary success, turtles are threatened worldwide by habitat destruction, climate change and over-collection for use as food or pets. Most turtles have temperature-dependent sex determination, with the sex of hatchlings determined by incubation temperatures. Turtles are among the most endangered groups of vertebrates with a higher percentage of threatened species than mammals, birds and even amphibians. There are about 335 species of turtles worldwide, and more than 50 percent are threatened. About a dozen turtle species became extinct in modern times. The U.S. has more species of turtles than any other country, with about 60 species, and many of those are listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act or are on the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources Red List. This week, USGS researcher Jeff Lovich and his technicians are looking for western pond turtles in the Mojave River in California. Western pond turtles are found in rivers and streams on the west coast from northern Baja California, Mexico to Washington state. More numerous in the northern portion of their narrow distribution, pond turtle populations have declined substantially in southern California and Mexico. A relict population near the end of the Mojave River was last studied by Jeff in 1998 and 1999. The researcher’s goal is to see if the remnant turtle population still survives. Here's one turtle study of many we'd like to highlight: #USGS #science #turtles #westernpondturtles #Mojave #climate #endangered #biology #threatened
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When it's wet outside and your kids are climbing all over each other- bring them to the Museum! #museumrainyday #redding #turtlebaypark #thisisredding #wonderfull #westernpondturtles
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turtlebaypark : #nativespecies #conservation #sonomastate
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itsadayreally : Nice! Love how they look like they're smiling 🐒 πŸ˜„ 🐒
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Releasing the endangered #westernpondturtles back into their natural habitat! #oregonzoo
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A little nature walk with @benbenscott. #deltaponds #westernpondturtles #wetlands
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_katiechurch_ : What a handsome guy! πŸ’œπŸ˜˜
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I have the best job ever. #westernpondturtles
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Yesterday, the zoo joined WDFW and other conservation partners to return 12 rare turtles to wild. Photo: Philip Fensterer #iliketurtles #savingspecies #conservation #westernpondturtles #oregonzoo
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Did you know... #WesternPondTurtles like our #Fowler, who live in colder regions spend the winter #hibernating at the very bottom of the pond? Stay tuned to learn more about Fowler The #Turtle.. [Link to product in profile]
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This is a male western pond turtle 🐒 and I think he has the most amazing eyes. #turtles #nature #westernpondturtles
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I released this little male western pond turtle I found last week on the side of the road far away from any healthy ponds. He was dehydrated and hungry but now he is a happy turtle living in a beautiful healthy local pond with other western pond turtles. πŸ’πŸ˜€πŸ‘thanks again @lisalutge777 for making this all happen😘#westernpondturtles #nature #sweetsoul #happyday
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THESE LITTLE DUDES #westernpondturtles #turtles #hellyes
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Visit native turtle habitat during our next Firsthand Oregon Tour! Join Wildlife Ecologist Jim Holley on Sat., (5/16), at 1 pm in Lake Oswego's George Rogers Park to learn about Oregon's native turtle population. Click the link in our bio to register. Photo Credit: Shawn McCreedy #OregonWildlife #Wildlife #Turtles #OregonTurtles #PNW #Nature #Habitat #Conservation #Reptiles #WesternPaintedTurtles #WesternPondTurtles
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#Westernpondturtles #turtle #ceramics #sculpture #pond
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Alright, last animal post for the week! Spent some time with the #westernpondturtles today at the #oregonzoo. Theirs is another favorite conservation story of mine! There were only around 100 left in the wild 25 years ago, but thanks to organizations like the OZ and their head starting programs over 1,500 have been re-released into the #columbiarivergorge! These little guys are getting big! #pnw #portland #pdxquilters #portlandoregon #pdx #oregon
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#releasing the #westernpondturtles that were #headstarted at the #oregonzoo good luck #littleones #washington #conservation #reptile #endangered #threatened #species
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#TBT Turtles Be Trippin
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luketree : #WesternPondTurtles #PondTurtles #turtles #ActinemysMarmorata #reptiles #herps #herping #fieldherping #tbt #coldblooded @californiaherps
littlefawn63 : I am a turtle freak!! Lurv!!
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-Perfect Day For Kayaking- πŸ‘ #Clearlake #WesternPondTurtles #WoodDucks #Sun #Spring
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Our Western Pond Turtle conservation project is going swimmingly! These little guys are almost the size of a quarter now! #redding #westernpondturtles #conservation #turtlebaypark #turtlebay
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My research project. #westernpondturtles #turtles #oregonzoo #conservation
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squidneyysutterr : TURTLES!
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Today at #work. Releasing #WesternPondTurtles :) good day at work #OregonZoo
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