This is what happens at the office when you don't pay your bill. 🔫💳💰. #onewayoranotheryoupay #firingsquad #werenotasniceasweseem #wellshootyoureyeout
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kmcarol : @heidia1125 depends on the target🎯
aprilbrimhall : Looking fly!
ashleybunker : Hahahaha 😂
chelseahall05 : Ummmm good thing all my clients pay up front. I don't want to resort to this! #sayhellotomylittlefriend
c_hamberlin : Thanks for taking care of things there...any way you can! 😉
kmcarol : @c_hamberlin gotta keep the boss happy @chelseahall05 I'm, yeah would hate to have to find a new hairdresser, or undertaker
kmcarol : *um
jrocaa123 : Lol really that's funny so u riddle them with bullets then eh? Lol #shotup
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