Oh how I #love this #hardworking #handsomeMan he's #myRock #myKing #myCalm #mySenseOfReason we've come a long way in a short time and I wouldn't take back any moment. I can't wait to see you in 8 hours and find out which miracle we created.... #ILoveYou #myhawaiianboy #babyDaddy #onePlusOneMakesThree #wereExpecting #SundayFunday #Miami #beautiful #tvHeadClothing
beautiful - myking - hardworking - love - sundayfunday - mycalm - wereexpecting - mysenseofreason - tvheadclothing - handsomeman - miami - iloveyou - babydaddy - oneplusonemakesthree - myhawaiianboy - myrock -
prtty_grl_roc - joefriggenblow - jasmatt143 - kingsteveh -
It's dawning on me that I have just 8 days left of pregnancy, maximum! I'm going to miss the kicks & punches, and the way she sticks her feet out the side of my belly!! Sweet little girl, we'll be seeing you so soon! X (P.S, head to @nailsby_amydavis for close up of nails!)
parentstobe - comingsoon - nails - babygirl - davisbaby - chevron - chevronnails - marchbaby - mamatobe - mumtobe - babybelly - baby - babydavis - pregnant - countdown - wereexpecting - bliss - mama - march2015 - itsagirl - pregnancy - happy -
amyformaggio : Hope it all goes well for you lovely! Being a mum is the best!
mrsdavisxo : @limitsplayed4 aw thanks!!
mrsdavisxo : can't wait!! @amyformaggio πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
amyformaggio : Your going to make the best mum! Can't wait to hear your good news
healthymomlife_kellikunz : Love this!
emmaleighsteadman : Looooovee your nails!!
janeonthemove : 14 days left here!πŸ™ˆ fingers crossed that everything goes well for you, girls!βœŠβœŠπŸ’•
addimarn : Awww congrats girl! Almost there!
homegrownloving - tinajoy1990 - lauraloveswes - kylieanderson_x -
We are so blessed & so happy. Our little angel will be here in August πŸ‘Ό #anneandlarry #thefranks #babyfrank #wereexpecting #august2015
babyfrank - august2015 - thefranks - anneandlarry - wereexpecting -
bybritowne : πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ I can't wait to see that belly soon!
madisonprecht13 : Yaaaaa!!!
mrsmorganlansing : Congrats you two!
keshevents : Omg!!! Im so excited for you both. Congrats @mrsannefrank
lulucryst - nikkimcintire524 - gussiesmith12 - curseee10 -
BABY ALERT: 🚨 Congratulations To Ludacris And His Wife @eudoxiee They're Expecting Their First Child Together. || @ludacris #ludacris #ludaversal #wereexpecting #nowthatsludacria
wereexpecting - nowthatsludacria - ludaversal - ludacris -
tamttamme : @misses_young
90roc : @shawntobia @aspync @dts._
quanali17 : Awww
cole_0131 : @msnisha30
portuguese_chick : That was fast, @prettymorgan__
prettymorgan__ : Right @portuguese_chick
flyest_boy_ever_ - ambitiousdisha - zaqhawe_zqbm - nikkidoo3 -
#catsofinstagram #TokiWartooth #baby #wereexpecting
baby - wereexpecting - tokiwartooth - catsofinstagram -
wereexpecting -
biamerisa_ - _irmandrew_torres2002 - joshimself - melodylgomez -
PREGO!!!!! #Preggers #baby #life #pasta #sause #walmart #besties #amazingness #wereexpecting #delivery #alive #happy
life - besties - preggers - amazingness - sause - alive - delivery - wereexpecting - walmart - baby - pasta - happy -
peterstyler : Ur in the prego section right? @zebra629 @briniki238
briniki238 : YUSSSS
briniki238 : @peterstyler
peterstyler : So the y @itsspidermaan bring up the other prego sect
itsspidermaan : Google the word "joke" @peterstyler
zebra629 : @peterstyler Tyler...he was kidding..duh
peterstyler : Liol I no @zebra629
billy_lawson_55 : Lol @itsspidermaan "the holy Jesus"
zebra629 - ___dalen_hilll__ - killcliff - foodear -
Its so true. I didnt realize it until i saw him talking to my belly. Youre not even here yet, and he loves you so much. #daddysgirl #helovesyou #ourbabygirl #oliviarose #cantwaittoholdyou #canjunepleasehurryup #wereexpecting
oliviarose - helovesyou - wereexpecting - daddysgirl - ourbabygirl - canjunepleasehurryup - cantwaittoholdyou -
kayedeejordyn : #shaqwanda
pollymgage : I love your instagram profile!
kjc907 - mariahs_storm - looking_for_leann - mallory.gardner24 -
@cmoore2488 @mama5mel2 @gigi_e #bebecici #cicicat #carmelinamichelle #parentstobe #mommytobe #daddytobe #excited #whattoexpect #wereexpecting #25weeks #babyduck #babymoore #preggo
parentstobe - daddytobe - mommytobe - babyduck - carmelinamichelle - cicicat - bebecici - preggo - babymoore - wereexpecting - 25weeks - whattoexpect - excited -
gmsxofficialx : gorgeous!! you should send some picture to our page!
time4adventuredaycare : Great!
lauraamrhein - davinna_jamie - is.morse - vee.escalante -
Hey there cuteness!! 😍 @_featherstone this is headed your way for Gigi! (Hope you like. hehe) Oh and there is a matching one for Baby Davis too. Coolest kids on the block! πŸ˜‰
sew - cute - comingsoon - checkered - babyromper - sewing - babygirl - mummyblogger - baby - instadaily - babyfashion - marchbaby - mamatobe - mumtobe - instagood - wereexpecting - bliss - perthblogger - mama - march2015 - romper - fashionblogger - itsagirl - happy -
inspiringwit : Aw!
juliegodsey : πŸ˜πŸ‘
susiescustom : Cute
lovethemeangirl : omg
alittlelifewithevie : You are so clever!! πŸ‘πŸ˜
angieocumarez : Superb!
domfenison : Good shot!
emiliemarielle : Gah! Xx πŸ‘­
nmkintz - evgeniya_babkina - freshvisiontohealthandfitness - kayleemariee -
#bigbelly #wereexpecting #16weeks #getmeanotherbeer #betterinthanout @a_katie47
wereexpecting - bigbelly - 16weeks - getmeanotherbeer - betterinthanout -
ridin22highhd - babyyc09 - carrotboy96 - laurenyelcho -
Were expecting!! Looks like im going to be a mommy!! I took 3 tests on the 25th that said they were all positive. I went to PMC to make sure, and im exactly 6 weeks and one day. My due date is 10-22 and the heartbeat was 121. Michael and I are so happy that we were given this chance to be parents. After being told i couldnt have kids this was a big surprise. were both so happy and cant wait gor our preciois baby to be here!! πŸ’œπŸ’™ #wereexpecting #babycole #myworld
wereexpecting - babycole - myworld -
__ashleycole : @btackett32 thank you so much sis!! I'm so happy!! @taylor.sampson no way!! Lol that's awesome. There is something about the number 22 with me. My birthday is 12-22 and when I got engaged. Then I got married on 6-22 and now the baby is due on 10-22. Its crazy! Lol
audriannaray : Congrats!!
__ashleycole : Thank you!! :) @audriannaray
snunemaker2 : OMG YAY πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜
andreaakers1 : Congratulations sis, I'm so happy for you! You will be a great mommy 😩
keyaaajo : Oh my god, I'm so happy for you! Congratulations, sis!
andreaakers1 : ☺️ * definitely the wrong emoji in my first comment, lol
angelgaleestep : Omg yayyyyyyyy!❀️
brookelawson_ - angelgaleestep - emilynicole_2 - kayla_112312 -
Baby Momma Bobs #wereexpecting #waithowdidthathappen No she's not actually pregnant dumbasses.
wereexpecting - waithowdidthathappen -
lil_popeee : You're gonna be the best baby mama ever! Hahah
alexd1039 - phdofmetal - theonly_mrswoll - mynameiskhris82 -
I've been dying to share the news, especially with my TTC sisters. We wanted to wait until we were a little further along to announce and we finally feel comfortable sharing our wonderful news! I got my BFP back in December and now I can finally tell the world! God is good and has blessed us with a 2nd baby! 13 weeks 3 days, due August 31st. We can't wait! #bfp #ttcsisters #wereexpecting #bigsister #August #August31st #blessed #ultrsound #13weeks #pregnant #godisgood
godisgood - bfp - ttcsisters - august - pregnant - blessed - wereexpecting - bigsister - august31st - 13weeks - ultrsound -
mrsvela20_bfp : @mscautiouslyoptimistic thank you! ❀
mrsvela20_bfp : @karencita_007 muchas gracias friend!
bigbrotherben_littlesisteremma : Congrats!!!
mrsvela20_bfp : @bigbrotherben_littlesisteremma thank you!
_cesiah_17 : Te amo sister muchas felizidades !! Voy acer tia otra vez!!! @mrsvela20_bfp
mrsvela20_bfp : I love you too sister!! Yes con el favor de dios in August you'll be a tia again. 😍😍 @_cesiah_17
karenhireland_ttc : Congrats πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
mrsvela20_bfp : @karenhireland_ttc thank you!!
_cesiah_17 - smiley_1987_ - littlemissmamaxo - karenhireland_ttc -
Very happy and excited to announce that @gabe18_ and I are EXPECTING!!!! We can't wait to meet our little angel!! I'm going to be a mom!! πŸ‘ͺπŸ˜πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘Ό #TooExcited #WereExpecting #OurLittleFamily #CantWait #AugustBaby #BabyGuardDog
wereexpecting - tooexcited - babyguarddog - cantwait - ourlittlefamily - augustbaby -
surr3alist : Awe look at my boy Rocky πŸ˜‚ came out just like you said lmao! Congrats, Love you both @i_grid @gabe18_ and I'm honored to have been the first to know. You know I got ya'll always!
__jess1224__ : Ahhhh congrats !!!!
jennifer_victoria : I am beyond happy for you guys. And I cannot wait ! @gabe18_ im still in shock 😭 our babies will be friends ❀️
yoooclo : 😍 Congratulations my love! So happy for you guys, cannot wait to meet the littO love bun! @i_grid @gabe18_ πŸ‘ΆπŸ’žπŸŒˆ
i_grid : Thank you very much everyone!!! We are so happy!! 😊❀️❀️❀️
__xo_kristy : Crazy how we were taking about this stuff! Your gonna be a great mommy!!! Congrats to the both if you 😽😽
i_grid : @__xo_kristy I know super crazy!! Thank you boo I love you!! 😘😘😘
tiffany_mari3 : Congratz!!!
jen_hendrix - yoooclo - kristinne_alexis - jgmagic -
Excited to announce that we are expecting!! We are so happy!! Due in late October and can't wait. #prego #mommyof2 #happy #wereexpecting
prego - wereexpecting - mommyof2 - happy -
suchadear : Thank you so much!!! @sammich915 @karadaniellexo @supermom_02 πŸ’—πŸ’—
suchadear : @erinwbyers I had to confirm and tell the 'rents lol
erinwbyers : Well, a big congratulations! To you guys! Kel gets to be a big brother now. Awe!!
suchadear : Thank you! Yeah he's super excited he started screaming when did you eat the seed and didn't tell me (the baby seed lol) he actually dreamed it the day before I found out. I'm glad that he's excited that makes everything perfect @erinwbyers
erinwbyers : Omg! That's hilarious and awesome! Very glad he is excited.
trsandreb_forever : So excited for yall! Congrats!
sherinbaitar : Congratulations... 😊😊
my.fabulous.fitlife : Love it!
ocasios_lelania_kenny - jordanwhited - biggrgordon - sherinbaitar -
Don't be afraid to stand out! Whether it's a workout, being a better you, or even starting a nutrition plan.. Whatever it is.. Know that each and everyone of us are born to stand out!! Whenever you are ready to work on any of your health goals and you need me, don't fret my pets just call or Text me (714)794-9176 Or email me if you want
haveyouhadyourshaketoday - pregnantandfit - mother - blessit - firsttimemom - herbamom - grateful - baby - 24weekspregnant - pregnant - 24weeks - imhavingababy - wereexpecting - wereprego - herbalove - mama - herbalife - thankful -
candaacebernice : #herbalife #herbalove #pregnantandfit #wereprego #pregnant #24weeks #grateful #thankful #baby #wereexpecting #24weekspregnant #imhavingababy #mother #mama #firsttimemom #herbamom #blessit #haveyouhadyourshaketoday
pytbonet7 : Get yo butt upright with my baby! #crazyworkoutPreggoWoman lol #Mybaby #tooEcxited #cantWait2meetHim @candaacebernice
_alexandria_p : With the baby? Nice!! You a boss!
prenataldance : nice
amberbreahn : Them hips tho 😍
candaacebernice : @_alexandria_p why thank you ! ☺️
candaacebernice : @amberbreahn you always know how to make me blush! 😍
sweetlunanunoo - sgcollywobbles - beautybeyondsight - mommasociety -
29 weeks today! 11 to go 😊 our Newborn photoshoot has been booked for May 24th! Super excited for that and our doctors appoitment is tomorrow 😍 #29weeks #may2015 #wtemay2015 #wereexpecting
29weeks - wtemay2015 - may2015 - wereexpecting -
xoxoaygul - beautiful_starz1 - nmarsi - aut_nh_ -
#wereexpecting 😜 #bijna #nextweekdelivery #cantwait #awesome #couch #interior #booster πŸ’#geduldiseenschonezaak
nextweekdelivery - cantwait - awesome - couch - wereexpecting - bijna - interior - geduldiseenschonezaak - booster -
pierrotjo : Nice!
ninagiglio - naomismit - malupesulima - rjrhntknm -
Getting ready for my morning workout at the office!!! Whenever you are in the Huntington Beach area call me and come stop by the office we start promptly at 9am!!! After watching #empire last night just remember life is beautiful!! And let's work on these results!! If you want to get started on a program, have your own personal wellness evaluation, or come join me for a workout; feel free to call now!! (714)794-9176
haveyouhadyourshaketoday - pregnantandfit - mother - blessit - firsttimemom - herbamom - grateful - baby - empire - 24weekspregnant - pregnant - 24weeks - imhavingababy - wereexpecting - wereprego - herbalove - mama - herbalife - thankful -
candaacebernice : #herbalife #herbalove #pregnantandfit #wereprego #pregnant #24weeks #grateful #thankful #baby #wereexpecting #24weekspregnant #imhavingababy #mother #mama #firsttimemom #herbamom #blessit #haveyouhadyourshaketoday
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Carmelina Michelle @cmoore2488 #bebecici #cicicat #carmelinamichelle #wereexpecting #parentstobe #mommytobe #daddytobe #babyduck #babymoore #24weeks #almost25 #excited #iloveyoumorethanyouknow
parentstobe - daddytobe - mommytobe - babyduck - carmelinamichelle - cicicat - bebecici - 24weeks - excited - wereexpecting - almost25 - babymoore - iloveyoumorethanyouknow -
kasslabellavita : She may have your cute lil nose
abic14 - jimp09 - amydeebaby - baby_estilo -
@cmoore2488 @mama5mel2 @gigi_e #bebecici #cicicat #carmelinamichelle #mommytobe #daddytobe #parentstobe #24weeks #almost25 #preggo #wereexpecting #excited #babymoore #babyduck
parentstobe - daddytobe - mommytobe - babyduck - carmelinamichelle - cicicat - bebecici - preggo - babymoore - wereexpecting - 24weeks - excited - almost25 -
gigi_e : My baby is so big and healthy!
seandisney013 : @cici.moore Still looking gorgeous! ξ€’ 
tammerz29 : Omg look at that bellyβ™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘ even your hips are like "I'm ready for this" I'm soooo excited for you!!!
chelsealeighhoney : Love it!
jessica.mommaof3 : @cici.moore your too darn cute!
kasslabellavita : Dayummm she is growing
abic14 - morgankriegelstein - jennhaury - leakei -
38 weeks today!! With any luck, this could be my last weekly bump photo!! Eeek! Thank you @lovethread for my pretty cape from @cottonon - I love!! X
mrsdavisxo : @sarah_malick me too!!!
mrsdavisxo : @notatallsarcastic aw!! that is so great to hear!!
sarah_malick : 😊😊 best ov ur dlvry😊
elki_babywrap : I will miss your bump photos! Such a gorgeous pregnancy ❀️
kilwinningborn : You've always looked so well and happy in your bump photos!
mrsdavisxo : @elki_babywrap @kilwinningborn aw thank you!! that is so sweet!! 😘😘 : I don't know how I got here but I enjoyed looking through the journey of your ever growing bump, good luck with it all :)
cozychicmommy : Almost done!
ohdamn_liz - louloubellexo - spotted_rose - -
My fam do stuff your fam wish they could πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ’š #wcw #wereexpecting #threedaysuntilreveal #lovethem
wereexpecting - threedaysuntilreveal - lovethem - wcw -
erincobain : I'm with child πŸ‘Ά
babyytyy : Lol @erincobain
b.c0 - miss_risssss - danielleee967 - zoezeno -
@cmoore2488 #bebecici #cicicat #wereexpecting #parentstobe #mommytobe #daddytobe #carmelinamichelle #rakkasan #rakkasans #love #usarmy #angelsfromhell
parentstobe - daddytobe - love - mommytobe - rakkasans - usarmy - carmelinamichelle - cicicat - bebecici - wereexpecting - rakkasan - angelsfromhell -
vanreimer - savannahhendrix - craddock2014 - vee.escalante -
#wereexpecting #babynumber2 #09112015 #partyof4
wereexpecting - partyof4 - babynumber2 - 09112015 -
msprettyandsadity : 😍😍😍
mtnpirate09 : Congrats!!!!
cbutler024 : Same birthday as me?! That's luckyy ❀️ congrats
tiffany_santora : Congratulations!!!!
rachel_071411 : Congrats hun
leahhasquirks : Congrats! πŸ‘ΆπŸ’“
taymidd : Congratulations brie!!!!
daniellewelz - gotdatpma - jackiethemom_ - 6erika6 -
Two pregnant women doing puzzles and watching OBEM all day. Kind of the best day!! (Just like when we were kids, minus the OBEM! πŸ˜‚)
parentstobe - comingsoon - oneborneveryminute - twopregnantwomen - babygirl - puzzles - obem - kids - baby - marchbaby - mamatobe - bestday - mumtobe - babybelly - kidsatheart - childhood - wereexpecting - bliss - mama - march2015 - itsagirl - happy -
mrsdavisxo : #mumtobe #wereexpecting #mama #mamatobe #comingsoon #baby #babybelly #itsagirl #babygirl #parentstobe #happy #bliss #marchbaby #march2015 #puzzles #childhood #kids #kidsatheart #obem #oneborneveryminute #twopregnantwomen #bestday
_featherstone : Arghhhh I want to be there!
meganneclare : Ahh you should both be at my place!
happy_fit_mom_ : Totally awesome!
emilywerner97 - kateford - goodgriefmeals - yvettesaint -
EXPECTED TO POP! OCTOBER 2015! πŸ‘ͺ @dkbottlepop16 #wereexpecting #october #2015 #family #love
2015 - wereexpecting - october - love - family -
bradymacd : Congrats! Excited for you two @roudy_goudy @dkbottlepop16
dkbottlepop16 : β€οΈπŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’š
dkbottlepop16 : Thanks bro!!! @bradymacd
mirpaige : Congrats to both of you!
tijadonovan : NO WAY!! Congrats!!
roudy_goudy : Thanks 😊 @bradymacd @mirpaige @tijadonovan
jayceytosh : Congrats krista and @dkbottlepop16! A baby is the most amazing gift anyone could ever get! If you have any questions make sure to let me know! I'm sure Stacia will have it all covered though 😊 love you guys can't wait to meet the little Angel! 😊❀️
roudy_goudy : Thanks means a lot! 😊 @jayceytosh
desiree_barnard - jayceytosh - brittanyreddick - jayrichard905 -
Looks like I'm going to have a baby :) #expecting #newmom #wereexpecting #tinypeanut #ultrasound #10weeks
ultrasound - expecting - wereexpecting - newmom - 10weeks - tinypeanut -
betterofftthisway : congrats! πŸ’•
alduse19 : I hope it's a girl!
alive_sometimes : O_O COOLS!!!! Thats awesomes!!!! I love u!!! XD
napree123 : Thanks guys! Lol were all hoping for a girl except will @alduse19 And i love you too@alive_sometimes
mnhpierson : It better be a boy or I will be BROKE
napree123 : Lol well its heartbeat was 176 and i hear girls have higher heart rates so break out the wallet @mnhpierson lol
heather8910 : Good shot! : Lovely!
bigjoeblack - theblueberryhill - karminnn - dblev513 -
No-this was not intended to be a color coordinated family photo with the lovely @tiffanithiessen. Yes-it will be next year's Christmas card. #dinnerattiffanis @cookingchannel #PEOPLENow @peoplemag
wereexpecting - dinnerattiffanis - peoplenow -
jen_gl : Love it!
schraffytaffy : With that hashtag, you just accomplished so many 90s kids dreams lol
tell_your_friends : 😍
rachellie_love : Omg soooo great!!!! β™‘
amywaters : No coincidence! Marsala is the @Pantone color of 2015!
thejeremyparsons : @amywaters Always on point
thetimtims : This is too good! My junior high self is so jealous!
_ll_cool_dave_ : Man... You're just making babies everywhere.
lissy1856 - visualsbymike - alejandrodiezgarcia - angie_kay_ -
introducing Baby C to the world! @teeno3 and I couldn't be any happier! β€οΈπŸ‘ΆπŸ‘ͺ #babyc #wereexpecting #cantkeepcalmimpregnant
wereexpecting - babyc - cantkeepcalmimpregnant -
annamarielacs : So happy for you guys!!!! 😘
leslierudkin : πŸ™πŸ‘Άβ€οΈπŸ‘
fancybetty29 : really excited for u guys !!! πŸ’• @teeno3 @adriana1985
chiquitabanana10 : MUCHAS FELICIDADES! πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“
dredre_1985 : Ahhhh!!!! Excited!!!!!
adriana1985 : thank you!!! @annamarielacs @leslierudkin @fancybetty29 @chiquitabanana10 @dredre_1985
jg7703 - iamcinthia - rendonb82 - ceci9lia -
At 26 weeks, our sweet Harper Mae is about the size of a head of lettuce!!!! Time flies... This is our last week in the 2nd trimester!!! #wereexpecting #pregnancy #harpermae #blessed #timeisgoingsoquickly
pregnancy - wereexpecting - timeisgoingsoquickly - harpermae - blessed -
sarayahbeauty : Congratulations, looking good. Follow us for beauty hints and tips in pregnancy and post pregnancy.
dylaneysmith - squrly488 - that_gingee_kaitlyn - kerbyhatter21 -
WCM since 12/7/14 #likeusorhateuswedontcare #wereexpecting #allweneediseachother
likeusorhateuswedontcare - wereexpecting - allweneediseachother -
biggboottyy_ -
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