Welcome home @gursimratc 😁! Got her too! πŸ’‹ #boo #welcomehome #smiles #laughloud #thisishowido #rainydays #nyc #vancitygirl #roomies #igetakickoutofthis #theyloveme 😘
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La viuda calacuda welcomes you to our home #Halloween #calaca #welcomehome
welcomehome - calaca - halloween -
butterfly_riss : So creepy!
butterfly_riss -
Spending some time with this goofball...my baby brother. So happy to finally have you near by πŸ’œβ€πŸ’œ #familyphoto #family #siblings #brotherlylove #selfies #photooftheday #picoftheday #myphotos #welcomehome
family - familyphoto - welcomehome - selfies - myphotos - siblings - picoftheday - brotherlylove - photooftheday -
_a._.r._.w._.a_ - eleanamoore -
#homeboundfromafghanistan #welcomehome
welcomehome - homeboundfromafghanistan -
maddison.wallace -
Day 22 #magicaldisneypicschallenge: vehicle! One of our favorite can rides was in a #DVC tour vehicle! It took us on a tour that convinced us to become members! We love hearing #welcomehome at checkin! #disney #blt #baylaketower #ssr #saratogasprings #waltdisneyworld #waltdisneyworldresort #vacation #disneyfan #disneygram #disneylife #disneylove #disneyside #disneyparks #disneylovers #instadisney #disneyvacationclub #latergram
magicaldisneypicschallenge - disneyfan - welcomehome - disneyside - ssr - disneygram - waltdisneyworld - baylaketower - latergram - disneylovers - disneyparks - blt - vacation - dvc - disneyvacationclub - saratogasprings - disneylove - disneylife - instadisney - waltdisneyworldresort - disney -
jacquelinepsarianos - lomographylilly - tatyanastaid - disneyeverday -
Pup-pup tired of waiting for us to get going on our first neighborhood walk. Waiting so patiently. #ruger #lovehim #vizsla #welcomehome
lovehim - ruger - welcomehome - vizsla -
joenapoli0311 - hollywood__23 - ikickhipsters - awolf_12 -
Just another day in paradise! #shangrila #harmonypark #welcomehome #medicine #wookiefoot
shangrila - harmonypark - welcomehome - medicine - wookiefoot -
dopaminds -
homedecor - closet - imneverleaving - thanksbabe - xoxo - ladyboner - reno - chandelier - wowzers - yourethebest - myown - home - girlie - dressingroom - welcomehome -
dana_dee_xo : I came over to drop off some boxes at my babe's house and he showed me to the room where I could put them until I move in in a few weeks. I was beyond surprised and so touched at how far out of his way he had gone to make me feel welcome. :) New floors, paint, decor. What a guy. Xoxo #welcomehome #myown #dressingroom #ladyboner #imneverleaving #closet #home #reno #homedecor #girlie #chandelier #wowzers #thanksbabe #yourethebest #xoxo
krystalkitana : Now that's a manπŸ™Œ
samanthafordd : Stop it πŸ˜πŸ˜©πŸ‘πŸ‘
aquaeliteevents : Nice profile :) We do all kinds of exciting events on Yachts in Miami! Check us out!
dee_kay17 : πŸŽ‰πŸ˜πŸ™€amazing!!
instagramwithisaac : Wow. Just, wow. Good job @marty
instagramwithisaac : #bestBF
ashlynxthompson : 😍 girllll, you're one lucky lady!!
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#kingdiamond #grandma #welcomehome metal
welcomehome - kingdiamond - grandma -
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#Akron #Ohio #KingJames #Love #WelcomeHome
akron - ohio - kingjames - love - welcomehome -
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There is no other name. #ThankYouJesus #CalvaryKendall #WelcomeHome #Worship
welcomehome - thankyoujesus - calvarykendall - worship -
jsravenwood : @sober_bear Oh yes, a darkness indeed. But only because I chose to distance myself from him. But like with all loves, the magic remains, and I was instantly in love with him all over again tonight. So foolish of me to believe I could do it alone! Thank you for your kind words, he is in my heart and all I do, so I thank him for my words.
sober_bear : I know what you mean. Been there. Strange how life gets darker and more difficult without him. I hope this was the start of getting close to Him again for you. It's daily commitment. It will go away again if you let it. He will never leave you however it's takes two. It's a relationship - the ultimate relationship. Full of ups and downs, silence and laughter and tears, one that causes you to ask "why?" And "how much longer?" Keep your bible close. Church and speakers can only do so much. The high feeling wanes because life is like that. Find him in the darkness every day and you'll walk out in Light. @jsravenwood
kaleybrianna : So refreshing to come across yet another poet (whose work I very much admire) who shares in the same wonderful Grace that I do. Praise the Lord. Keep up the good work always.
nickthegood_ : I thought you were a witch hah
jsravenwood : @kaleybrianna Thank you, Kaley! So honored. Thank you infinitely <3
nickthegood_ : In a good way...
jsravenwood : @nickthegood_ I've struggled a lot with that since a very young age.... I was raised in a very religiously strict home and, as a curious person, I have dabbled into that of the Occult and the Craft. Unfortunately, or fortunately for me, it did not work out. And though I may have fascination for the Darkness, my faith lays in the hand of our God. I do respect every one and their religions. And love to get into conversations with people and respect how they feel. It's one of my favorite things to talk about, and people find comfort in me on that matter as well because I do not judge or "recruit". I'm sorry it was unclear >.< or in your case, I am glad you are in tune with me, it's wonderful.
nickthegood_ : Its all good in the hood
zachrykdouglas - tearsofsaturn - ohmystephh - georginavogue -
#iworkout #backintown #staystraped #welcomehome
reklaim - welcomehome - backintown - iworkout - staystraped -
tjbuttacakes : #reklaim
ohmstede - heady_pix -
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luzmaria.romero1 - uggh.lindsey - sandycastroofficial - andrea01410 -
November is all about taking care of you! Announcing the November Yoga Challenge with @bexmaddy , @yogawithkarel , @namastechante , and @cattylj You in? It'll be super fun and ultra reflective. #welcomehome starts November 1st and is open to everyone. Here's what you do: 1⃣. Repost this & tag a friend to join. 2⃣. Follow all of us @bexmaddy @yogawithkarel @namastechante and @cattylj . 3⃣. Post a picture or video everyday with you interpretation of the daily tag. 4⃣. Be sure to tag your post with #welcomehome! And you can tag us too. 5⃣. Optional: for more #welcomehome awesomeness, look for us on Tumblr. Time to relax, restore, renew. It's time for you!
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bexmaddy : #yoga #yogachallenge #fitness #yogapartypeople #freeyogis #posebypose #wellness #wellbeing #health #healthy
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can't wait!! we definitely have our ups & downs but in the end we will ALWAYS be familiaπŸ˜˜πŸ’‹πŸ‘­β€οΈ #CastroGirls #WelcomeHome #MySissyIsBackInTown
castrogirls - welcomehome - mysissyisbackintown -
sexycrz : Why are you there soo early??
linsanity_k : This is just too cute!!!
mrsliz_77 : AWWW sissy love you just like the good ol'days πŸ’‹πŸ˜˜πŸ‘­πŸ»πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ˜†
josie_1501 - sharkbabeoohlala - minatano - yeseniacastro1979 -
The sentiment of silence can often provoke our minds to go just a little deeper. Sometimes we see the darkness, blocking the light in whatever shape it's decided to take this time around. If you just take a moment, see beyond the current shadow in front of you, the light is still there. Constantly surrounded by far more beauty than you thought to see before. "For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light...‭But everything exposed by the light becomes visible—and everything that is illuminated becomes a light." Ephesians‬ ‭5‬:.8‬, 13 #HillsongLA #LoveSoDeep #California #YouBelongHere #Light #AllForTheGlory #WhilstOneRemains #NoOtherName #WelcomeHome
light - welcomehome - youbelonghere - whilstoneremains - california - hillsongla - lovesodeep - noothername - allfortheglory -
_.nicole.marie._ : Just beautiful.
thiagomadrugaprado - ciemones - _arthur_2 - francom26 -
Everybody meet Dilbert! I wasn't looking for another rabbit but a couple weeks after I euthanized Barker, this guy was posted in the vet school looking for a home (and I finally broke down to go see him). He's a 1 year old English lop! Same color as Barker, almost just as big-- just with floppy ears! #englishlop #rabbit #bunny #welcomehome
welcomehome - englishlop - bunny - rabbit -
_grey_the_bun_ : So adorable! Welcome to the bunny family
gregorytherabbit : Ur so big and cute awh!!!
_gracehowe_ - justin88ymailcom - maddy_paige12 - wklashim -
Then the moment came after 9 long months ❀️ I don't ever cry at homecomings but at this time I burst into tears, something about this reunion touched me so deeply. @croutons4dinner #hayleystellphotography #clarksvillephotographer #nashvillephotographer #ftcampbellphotographer #fortcampbell #welcomehome
clarksvillephotographer - ftcampbellphotographer - fortcampbell - welcomehome - hayleystellphotography - nashvillephotographer -
meg_tini : Beautiful! I love homecomings! I cry every time
aries_mom08 : Awe! YAAAYYY! :) love this!
buffalogal62 - vinsmine - lalalou29 - deannacw -
This cute little guy was waiting at my front door.
cute - reptile - bugeater - nature - welcomehome - lizard -
judyessjay : #reptile #lizard #nature #cute #bugeater #welcomehome
kazuyapapa - sakeshop - navafarm - tu.nguyen.brown -
This little one found her way home after being missing for over a week. Hasn't left our sides since returning. Almost gave up too, glad we didn't though #wasamissingkitty #zoey #foundher #welcomehome
foundher - welcomehome - wasamissingkitty - zoey -
Raptor teeth. Dromaeosaurus, first found in Alberta, 1914. #welcomehome #extremeantiquing #raptor #dinosaur #fossil #raptorteeth #dinosaurteeth #oddity #fossilteeth #oddities #dinosaurbones
raptorteeth - extremeantiquing - dinosaurbones - fossilteeth - welcomehome - oddity - dinosaur - fossil - oddities - dinosaurteeth - raptor -
voidtoform - u_mc4s - tttylerwalker - kelseycleverdon -
No fluffy white clouds on this trip #getmeoutofnj #welcomehome #turbulence #canigobacktodenver #unitedsucks #northeast #lastfllptrip #workperk #wheretonext
wheretonext - lastfllptrip - welcomehome - canigobacktodenver - workperk - northeast - unitedsucks - turbulence - getmeoutofnj -
missjunebug15 - michelle_rae - davida440 - ktina192 -
Mcdavid front row #welcomehome
welcomehome -
alysamargaret - jess_cole14 - jenerincole - stephhkk -
She makes my nights showing how much she misses mi, cant believe she got her period she getting old 😩 #miamor #miReina #Reina πŸΆπŸ‘‘β€οΈπŸ’› #puppy #welcomehome #shesagirl #rednose #pitbull #ItsaPitsLife #mine
mireina - mine - shesagirl - itsapitslife - miamor - pitbull - puppy - welcomehome - reina - rednose -
nayeli.bsr : A mans best friend
pr_princess32 - megabuiltbullies - nayeli.bsr - kaeo_clothing -
When Mom finally came home, I had every intention of snubbing her and making her feel bad for leaving me, but all of a sudden there I was, falling asleep in her lap. I just couldn't help myself. I missed you, Mom. ❀
petstagram - cute - love - meowitswednesday - catstagram - welcomehome - instacat - wednesdaythecat - jj_justcats - catoftheday - cutecat - calico - bestmeow - instakotik - instawednesday - rescuepets - instagramcats - ilovemycat - wednesdaygram - heartwarming - imissedyou - catsofinstagram - petsofinstagram - nolababies1lagniappe - cat - cats - cat_features - adorable - picoftheday -
meowitswednesday : @themaxsociety I tried!!!
meowitswednesday : @cutevanille Awwww, thanks! πŸ˜½πŸ’‹
meowitswednesday : @sebastians_shenanigans Don't tell anyone though!! 😊
meowitswednesday : @emma_and_cherie Awww thanks friend!
cats_kiki_n_miki : πŸ’›
venning7 : Love it😘
anna_j_mc : ❀️❀️❀️
k_c_cuttie1996 : Awe how sweetπŸ˜»πŸ’žπŸ’ž
walshes51 - deschillien - k_c_cuttie1996 - arelyvill -
The moment she saw his face, her eyes never left him. The look on her face says it all. #hayleystellphotography #clarksvillephotographer #nashvillephotographer #ftcampbellphotographer #fortcampbell #welcomehome @croutons4dinner
clarksvillephotographer - ftcampbellphotographer - fortcampbell - welcomehome - hayleystellphotography - nashvillephotographer -
abbimarx : I love these so much!
megefeith - amberpinhero - janamp5262 - chris_x_nan -
@adamrbeach #djrahdil #welcomehome #winnipeg #204 #latepost #follow my brotha peoples
winnipeg - 204 - djrahdil - follow - latepost - welcomehome -
mizz_derickson : This picture looks familiar πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
joeystylezworld : The brothers
djlashiz : 😍
thelastclubemperornyc : Ayyyyyyyye sup Beach!
rahdil : <3 @djlashiz back atcha :-)
summerestrella_ - jaydmiller - dylanjamesdoerksen - mariahstamantxo -
The moment when she saw her husbands face for the first time in 9 months @croutons4dinner #hayleystellphotography #clarksvillephotographer #nashvillephotographer #ftcampbellphotographer #fortcampbell #welcomehome
clarksvillephotographer - ftcampbellphotographer - fortcampbell - welcomehome - hayleystellphotography - nashvillephotographer -
ftcampbellmilsos : May I share?!
stellmeastory : @ftcampbellmilsos sure! Xox
jraekoczy : So much emotion.... this is amazing, so happy for her
rachellechase : Beautiful
amberpinhero - mrslauriea - megefeith - mariemphotography -
It's finally here ❀️ @croutons4dinner #hayleystellphotography #clarksvillephotographer #nashvillephotographer #ftcampbellphotographer #fortcampbell #welcomehome
clarksvillephotographer - ftcampbellphotographer - fortcampbell - welcomehome - hayleystellphotography - nashvillephotographer -
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What a beautiful sunset tonight.. #nofilter #sunset #cloudporn #vegas #welcomehome
vegas - nofilter - sunset - cloudporn - welcomehome -
celticboston : NiceπŸ€
jessican32 : Thank you @celticboston πŸ’Ÿ
rob_rabaro - xslasvegasvipentry - jsoloski86 - cuqui1994 -
Sunset from the clouds! Back in Colorado with a beautiful welcoming home sunset!! #sunsets #airplane #clouds #welcomehome #colorado
sunsets - clouds - colorado - airplane - welcomehome -
pcmoseley : niiiice! β›Ί
bellers1029 - jpsirron - rileddup - leonardolana -
Already PrankinπŸ™ˆπŸ’—πŸ˜˜πŸ‘Œ#poorbub #welcomehome #howlongtilyounotice #bublove
poorbub - bublove - welcomehome - howlongtilyounotice -
nicholas_cant - eltecero - zalmondjoy -
My favorite πŸ’ #lilies #flowers #bouquet #beautiful #smellamazing #welcomehome #happy #blessed #love #mademyday
beautiful - lilies - love - bouquet - welcomehome - blessed - smellamazing - flowers - mademyday - happy -
jennyleeneill : Those are gorgeous!
summerccean - flowerninjas - jennyleeneill - normieanne -
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