Yeah my mom just said Gucci haha don't you wish your mom was as hip as mine ;). #weirdmom#lovehertodeath#itsallgucci
weirdmom - itsallgucci - lovehertodeath -
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#mom #weirdmom ❀️
weirdmom - mom -
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Get to see these two losers tomorrow! #dumbpuppy #weirdmom #dysfunctionalfamily #loveit
weirdmom - loveit - dysfunctionalfamily - dumbpuppy -
ahahner : Stupid puppy
beckydowell3 - angelamtk - maggiepottss - bryanna_horn -
On mah way to the orthodontist!! Goodbye, dads steak. I'll miss you... Also I just heard my mother say selfie. Weird day. #pain #weirdmom #redlight
weirdmom - redlight - pain - goodsteak -
mackenzie_bien3302 : Oh yeah, forgot one! #goodsteak
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Christmas has begun! I repeat Christmas has begun! #XMas14 #Weirdmom #tooearly
weirdmom - tooearly - xmas14 -
aspenevans_ : I'm moving in
matt_owens_1234 : ^^^^^^^^^^ rt.
aubrey_510 : @aspenevans_ @matt_owens_1234 just wait till next week
aspenevans_ : I'll need a weekly update
aubrey_510 : @aspenevans_ all the interior should be done by next wends
aubrey_510 : @aspenevans_ Nov 1 exterior will be done
aspenevans_ : Haha okay
kourt_v : @aubrey_510 I'm coming over.
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When we are bored we take #selfies ! #carsonbp #weirdmom @relentlessbp
selfies - carsonbp - weirdmom -
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#weirdmom #academy #selfie
weirdmom - academy - selfie -
jbernard05 : watch out! You never know who or whT is behind you (why is there no polar bear emoji?)
jbernard05 : πŸ˜³πŸ˜„
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Me and my mom just got guys rubbing all over us for an hour. Worth it #weirdmom
weirdmom -
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Ayyyy #cute #chubbygirl #weirdmom #waves #mirrorimage #tattoos #nofucksgiven
cute - mirrorimage - tattoos - weirdmom - nofucksgiven - waves - chubbygirl -
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Ahhh moms..... #weirdmom
weirdmom -
It won't be long before they lose the chunkiness, begin to be too large for me to hold, too stinky for me to sniff and bite, but for now I'll sniff and bite as much as I can. πŸ‘£πŸ‘£πŸ‘£ @crunchy305 #weirdmom #momproblems
weirdmom - momproblems -
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#Lol #weirdmom #weirdo #maps #maroon5
weirdmom - maps - maroon5 - weirdo - lol -
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Ok I am not really a selfie kind of girl but I am the last one standing after a few champers and a house full of kids and found my perfect tiara. So who's still up for it 😝
funny - style - fashion - welshchick - tipsy - instalike - inspo - friday - interiordesign - instagood - weirdmom - champersalert - trendsetter - lovemyjob - whosstillup - selfiequeen - cougarfriday - designbitch - tiara - happytimes - pizza -
von_haus : #weirdmom #selfiequeen #champersalert #happytimes #welshchick #interiordesign #tiara #style #fashion #trendsetter #friday #pizza #tipsy #lovemyjob #whosstillup
von_haus : #instalike #instagood #inspo #designbitch #funny #cougarfriday
cryingbeauty : You are too hilarious!! But still gorgeous xx
von_haus : Your lovely @cryingbeauty we had a fun day!! Look after those gorgeous locks x
natvier : 😁😁😁
jodyschouten - clrky_19 - okologi - robbosmelbourne -
#tbt to the creepy Halloween photo shoot I did for #instagramlesshannah #ghostbride #cemetery #weirdmom
weirdmom - cemetery - tbt - instagramlesshannah - ghostbride -
tina_pics : Cool and looks just like her mommaπŸ’—
desireeebrownn - jenniferbehrlelauck - kk_buchheit - chelsprev -
So my kids say they are too big for dress up.....look what I'm forced to do now...#weirdmom #Iwantmybabiestobelittleagain
weirdmom - iwantmybabiestobelittleagain -
mrslmoffatt : Lol too funny! πŸ’—πŸ™ŒπŸ˜‚
hustleteam_flip - carter2387 - silvas_for_life - myboogiewoogie -
I decided that I'm letting Boston finish his 3 days a week for the month of October at day care, especially since I want him to go to his little party at school and I'll be letting his teachers know that it's his last day. He is 2. 2 is still a baby. He needs me. I'm sure the daycare is doing a fine job taking care of him but they are not me, they are not his mom, they don't love him the way I love him. I can't watch him kick and scream as I drive off anymore and when I show up in the afternoons he's crying by the door. He is my baby. November 1st is our moving day and where we're moving it would be 20 minutes 4 times a day 3 days a week and that's just too much gas for a stay at home mom, plus Bobby's mom will be home a lot to help me with the kids. Boston will still be getting speech therapy 2 times a week, I will try my absolute hardest when we move to create a loving and structured environment for him and Sawyer. I can do it, I just know I can. I have to remember to breathe and smile. I'm also going to take Boston to story time at our local library as like a mommy and me and leave little brother with Bobby's mom. So sorry not sorry, I'm not ready to say goodbye to my baby and force him into some schedule that isn't making him happy.
weirdmom - attachmentparenting -
mammabergeron : #weirdmom #attachmentparenting
oldsoulsawyer : Good for you, momma. Gotta trust your gut, I feel the exact same way, I hate daycare days because she cries when I drop her off and pick her up, and I can tell she's crying throughout the day. If I could stay home with her, I would! Hold on to your babies as long as possible.
mammabergeron : @oldsoulsawyer thank you for commenting and understanding me. There's a few other things bothering me but I'm not going to there on here. I tried it and I don't like it bottom line
littlebirdsnest : @bergerontribe my son Noah will be turning 3 in November and is doing speech therapy as well! I stay home too and even though it can be financially and emotionally stressful at times, I'm so thankful for all the moments and milestones I get to be part of with the two of them. I knew in my heart he wasn't ready for that kind of an environment and I just couldn't force him! You know what's best for your family and best of luck to you in your move;)
mammabergeron : @littlebirdsnest yes yes and more yes
andrea_boudreaux : You're really blessed to be able to stay home with your boys. Enjoy it! I work and don't send Addy to daycare...instead I have a private sitter with just 4 other kids. She LOVES it! I couldn't imagine working and being away from her knowing she was so upset. Good for you on following your gut!
kidbizness : Wow! Like it!
kaliiigirl : yes <3 i have nothing against good day cares. but i love having my boys home with me. we do things like story time at the libary :) my boys being 3 years apart. i got 3 years of kade being an only child & 3 years of kadeo being in school & kollin staying home with me<3 kollin was 1 when kadeo started pre k people would ask me why i didn't put him in head start.. i just wanted him home with me :)
mammabergeron - kaliiigirl - ievolv3 - tonyanikole -
Selfie with mom and moosey I'm watching tv but she watches me. #weirdmom #mooseymyfriend #pitbulls&paroles #newfavoriteshow #wheredidmomputmypiggystick #aussie #aussieofig #austrailianshepherd
rufflifeindeed - aussieofig - pitbulls - austrailianshepherd - aussie - newfavoriteshow - mooseymyfriend - weirdmom - wheredidmomputmypiggystick -
kyliemarie5 : #rufflife #myauntlovesme ❀️🐢
remytheausie : It is a ruff life I already started school and they gave me homework. #rufflifeindeed @kyliemarie5
nancybhas : 😍😘❀️
popsitop : Just adorable!
sulli816 - lindamimilou - rubert_the_aussie - popsitop -
He's trying to escape for me. I can't imagine why. #motherandson #mybaby #babyboy #blueeyes #weirdmom
weirdmom - mybaby - blueeyes - motherandson - babyboy -
case5230 - kaidens_mommy_624 - dilllllinger - 2mums1son -
My mom knows I really like green apples but pls you don't have to do it this way. Hahaha. Makatuhog lang πŸ˜‚ #WeirdMom 🍏
weirdmom -
mandoocheeks - iamsweetcell - igeeman - shiela_sykes -
Picture day. πŸ“· πŸ’– & yes, I'm that mom who went to school with my child to make sure her picture turned out good.. && yes, he had to retake it twice!! 😹 lolol.. I told y'all I'm a clingy mom!! πŸ˜‚ #JaslynnLissette #pictureday #firstpicturedayever #clingymom #weirdmom #sorrynotsorry
firstpicturedayever - sorrynotsorry - jaslynnlissette - weirdmom - pictureday - clingymom -
x0liebe : Lmao ur ass!!!
x0liebe : She sure takes on after u !
grneydjewel - msciera11 - alexandria_skie - jessicaelbert0106 -
Mom missed me already and she hasn't been gone a day (weirdo) so Bai sent her this picture of me gnawing on my bone 😍 #ivythefrenchie #weirdmom #baiisacreeper #didntknowthiswasbeingtaken #didyougetusgiftsyet
weirdmom - baiisacreeper - didyougetusgiftsyet - ivythefrenchie - didntknowthiswasbeingtaken -
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Me: what do I even caption this picture??? Mom: uh.... Don't suck lemon heads? 😬 #weirdmom #loveher #mormongirl #lds #lemonheads #sourface
mormongirl - lemonheads - loveher - lds - weirdmom - sourface -
that_one_kid_leo : wooooooooooooooooow @mopeep96
that_one_kid_leo : ()_() (>.<) (u u)o
halle_davis - eliseguraa - maitrezack - babybekabee -
So I made the mistake of taking my tactical pen to my sons i.e.p. meeting at his school. When one of the teachers asked: "Oh. That's an interesting looking pen. Especially the tip of it. What is it for?" I automatically honestly answered: "It's for breaking in windows.........." In which they hesitantly replied: "......oh........" I then quickly explained my irrational fear of being trapped in my car under water and needing to break the window to escape. Which I thought would put them at ease but it just made me look extra crazy. Mind you I also carry an exposed pocket knife. #weirdmom #butchmom #protectivemom
weirdmom - butchmom - protectivemom -
katcal03 : It's only weird until you need it, then you're a genius. Where did you find it?
erinthebadgirlbarberfilth : @katcal03 My boyfriend gave it to me. He's a car mechanic. I think he ordered it from the company that supplies his shop with tool. They are called Snapon.
jaydakristhebarber : πŸ‘Œ
marzd1unv : That's pretty cool.
geishaaphrodite : I bet you made their lives 10x more thrilling that day
minicoolin - mrs_happychic - sparklyslug - teatoez_aka_mack_verb -
I have so big kids that they are both sleeping in bunkbed. #ohmy #bunkbed #Vunts #weirdmom
weirdmom - vunts - ohmy - bunkbed -
kadritomann : Kus sa sellise armsa voodipesu komplekti oled saanud? Mul on beebile selline üleni valge, tekil hallid pisikesed printsi kroonid ja sama tikand samas kohas selle hõbedase niidiga (hemtexist) :))
luisevanlamp : @kadritomann Hemtex muidugi :) Ostsingi selle komplekti, kui Suusit ootasin ja ei teadnud veel, kumb tuleb. Nii kaua pidin ootama, sest selle tekikoti suurus on suurematele lastele. Hällis oli kartus, et upub selle teki alla ära.
kadritomann : Jaa, mul ka see mõôt ilmselt 100×130 ja padi, need ka Hemtexist, aga jäävad ka ootama seda aega, kui Ta oma tuppa suuremasse vôrekasse kolib, esialgu samuti meil bedside crib'is meie toas. Aga vähemalt saab vahel niisama soosusse selle teki sisse panna ja sülle vôtta! ;)
luisevanlamp : @kadritomann tita sossusse muidugi ja veel nii ilusasse sossusse. πŸ˜‰ See on ka ju kena, kui valmis suurem voodi ootab teises toas. Naised πŸ˜ƒ
kadritomann : Ps! Kahju, et seal enam sellist pitsiga varianti pole, tôeliselt armas ikka! Meie oma on lihtsama disainiga. Aga vähemalt on lootust, et mingi hetk jälle uue kollektsiooni peale viskab, saab jälle jahile minna :P
janinemavis : @luisevanlamp is that the rabbit I see cuddling in there as well? 😊
muumimammake - merili80 - miina_tee - merje.arireelo -
WOW!!!!!! #weirdmom
weirdmom -
frodosmith2020 - jaron_15_meyer - reesejohnson2004 - rayloftis -
My mom is so weird....... So yea don't mind her weirdness cuz that's where I get it fromβœŒοΈπŸ‘ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’©πŸ™Š #awesomemom #weirdmom #awesomedaughter #lol #swag #swerve
swag - awesomemom - awesomedaughter - weirdmom - swerve - lol -
myla_ellie_da_boss_pups : Hey that's grandma!πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‚
ballerkindagal_23 : Yep! @myla_ellie_da_cool_dogs
tumblrr.kk - aarin52 - do_heather - allie.lee_ -
"... Let em say we're crazy; I don't care about that..." Yes it's Friday, and yes I just jammed this loudly through the neighborhood #weirdmom
weirdmom -
jackiepreble : Love this song!!!
jackiepreble - nicoleaimeemu -
Moving over the next week! Wanted to get all the kids something "special" for their new rooms. Aimens been begging for one of these. He's going to be giddy. #weirdmom #alligator #etsyfind
weirdmom - alligator - etsyfind -
maeberry_vintage - kellsnipe - townsendcc - thepopuppinholeco -
Wen I try to take a selfie and my mom comes in the room idk wat she is doing #weirdmom #thebest @armybandgirl_79
weirdmom - thebest -
armybandgirl_79 : Muahahaha!
adrianna.eliya : Check my ig😊😊 @amandez1999
wrestle_nigga : Im sorry if you lagged your phone hard πŸ˜‚
amandez1999 : Haha why r u liking them if there is so many @wrestle_nigga
wrestle_nigga : Bored thats why πŸ˜‚ @amandez1999
elenah102 - _grise_ - anthony_amezconde - johnny_696969 -
I...I don't even know how to caption these anymore xD #InstaSize #bluehair #piercedlip #weirdmom #ma #idekguys #cx
bluehair - cx - ma - piercedlip - idekguys - weirdmom - instasize -
harrlie : Man I've lost faith in most of humanity too. (Talking about your bio)
j.nahue14 - ayee_itscam - _that_stoner_bitch_ - ima__dino__rawr -
The kids find it gross when I put scrambled egg on my salad. I forgot to thaw my chicken, needed protein. Lol #weirdmom #diet
weirdmom - diet -
Oml, I can't even copeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ my mom saw a cute guy on POF and this was her reaction! She sounds like Curious George, she didn't even know I was filming her for about the 10th time todayπŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ‘Œ #Mom #WeirdMom #BestReactions #FunnyReactions #CuriousGeorge #POF
pof - mom - weirdmom - funnyreactions - curiousgeorge - bestreactions -
tooda1997 - taylorthecreator22 - asap.ovo - shawtyiswifey -
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