#green #greenagain #lego #legomovie #choya #yoshi #toystory #teenageturtles #tortuesninjas #starwars #yoda #trex #pez #navigo #breakingbad #starbucks #mcdo #happymeal #weirdgift #gary #spongebob #toystorysoldier #greensoldier #mondialisation #stillgrowingup
starwars - weirdgift - spongebob - toystorysoldier - happymeal - toystory - yoshi - starbucks - gary - teenageturtles - stillgrowingup - tortuesninjas - yoda - navigo - brooklynlager - pez - lego - greensoldier - breakingbad - legomovie - trex - choya - mcdo - green - mondialisation - greenagain -
padpadou : #brooklynlager #toystory
vendonah : Damned tu hashtag la dôze toi
padpadou : Il s'agit d'une critique très poitntue de la société de consommation dont je me sens très étranger (haha)
kuhhatie - primitive_subspecies - joycetirado_ - rinaymforgach -
#Work, #WeirdGift, #Bored
bored - work - weirdgift -
leaseguier : Very odd !
leaseguier : Tu t'ennuies ?
leaseguier : Tu t'ennuies ?!
fabrice.lecuyer : Au boulot à cette heure si a regarder un blob sur mon téléphone... C'est pas l'éclate @leaseguier !
leaseguier : nous ne sommes que lundi ! pleut des cordes au moins tu es au chaud 👌
leaseguier - emmy_you -
Hahaha love it. 😂 Brother is so random. Gets me a little owl for my #glasses cos I'm always leaving them lying around. #glassesholder #owl #pylones #bdaypresent #foureyes #weirdgift
owl - foureyes - weirdgift - bdaypresent - pylones - glasses - glassesholder -
legaunt25 : @youngyy14 #kent
asnaptoremember : Lol this is awesome!
wyeow1 : @asnaptoremember haha i know isn't it!
toschivignola - cavallicarter - pylonesuk - stephenlkc -
Nada es imposible en esta vida !!!! #weirdgift #happyaza
happyaza - weirdgift -
diagogiron : @azabilsup hahaha he visto pinchis milagros en esas latas y te juro no encuentro algo tan fácil como mi nombre!
diagogiron - fitomdza - brianromanm - sdjellal -
Good Morning Sunday....check out my working helmet....hahahaha weird things mum gives u as gift #sunday #weirdgift
sunday - weirdgift -
parisweichen - kalvinkhoo - shaamenigunaselan_31 - tashageorginalim -
I'm pretty sure this is how perfume tastes. #thisiscandy #weirdgift #Italianoddities
weirdgift - thisiscandy - italianoddities -
dorianwallace : The candy is a lie!!
athenastamos : I...remember these! My great grandmother had them at her place all the time. And ya... Tasted like perfume!
televixen1701 : My friend also got me orange blossom ones too. I'll give a report back on those too. @athenastamos
dorianwallace - peppefjell - nerdlush - oversizedhobbit -
Good Morning everyone ... #Rose #Flower #Morning #WeirdGift
rose - flower - weirdgift - morning -
yulia_eja : Wes Isuk ta....???
erieqswm : Woooy ... mbak @yulia_eja !! Wake up wake up !!
yulia_eja : *tarikslimut agaggaga....
riddickazhu : Yg pink kok semok haha
erieqswm : Situh gak salah ngoment bang @riddickazhu ??
riddickazhu : Kaga, lebih cermat aja haha
erieqswm : Alibi tok kamu braaay 😔😅
khoryyanng_ - yulia_eja - nengietha - ana_arrazq -
Sad #monkey. #weirdgift for @dangerpaige. #nightmares
nightmares - weirdgift - monkey -
pamelakossowan : Eek!!!!
thatcriticguy : That is super freakin creepy
wanderwoman10 : I loved how I found him just sitting there in the twilight
peterneal1 - maven_yyc - pamelakossowan - wiseguyrob -
My Dad just gave me this trophy/statue thingy he got for giving a lecture in India. Mom at one glance thinks it looks like Romeo and Juliet. I'm not too sure, but the love seems to be there. Maybe it's too artistic for me. Or is it that I've never been in love before? what is with the gems on the woman's chest? oh I shouldn't be rude, it's a gift!
trophy - love - gift - manwithmandolin - madeinchina - lovestory - plastic - truelove - statue - weirdgift - romeoandjuliet - womanwithgems - present -
melon_chin : #trophy #statue #romeoandjuliet? #lovestory #love #truelove? #plastic #madeinchina? #gift #present #weirdgift #manwithmandolin #womanwithgems
kandymountain - zhuerlee - hatu_t - jgbrasier -
Old custom pillow for my love @swixy1 ... Sorry about that 😂 #custompillow #tintin #weirdgift
weirdgift - tintin - custompillow -
swixy1 - farligspill - alexooou_c - leblogdevaneta -
"Flower in Summer" #flower #weirdgift #pink
pink - flower - weirdgift -
gabbycrista : Gils gils pasti dari sih om 👏
queen__vc : Bls dendam lo gaenak bgt :) @gabbycrista
stellagracee : @queen__vc kayanya gue tau nih dr siapa.... Sebut merk ye?
queen__vc : Udah kali cuyy ngegas mulu @stellagracee
febrinaamelia - stefanismyname - asheila - iruni.jpg -
Kẹo này ăn sao, khó xử quá...!!!!! :))))))) #candy #condom #weirdgift #gift
gift - weirdgift - condom - candy -
ducmy1995 : 👅
trieukhacthiep : Thổi cho to
doubled2707 : @trieukhacthiep phải là mút cho hết nhaaa :)))
trieukhacthiep : Ờm :)))
thanhquangho - halaalmadhy - sumskiplodovi - ruanchengzhong -
Look who's coming to dinner. #ginpoodle #cucumber #weirdgift
cucumber - ginpoodle - weirdgift -
triciawoodsy : Not sure about that
ginpoodle : That was a gift from Colin! Gave me a bit of a fright when I found that on my desk this morning
juliacannon_ - belindalec -
Gift from my very old neighbour. At least I have a suitor... #suiter #weirdgift #help
suiter - weirdgift - help -
damechilde : @anoushagram you like it?! Would u like me to bring it to you in September? 😁
anoushagram : Hahaha. Um I think I'm good for creepy man presents for now x
damechilde : @anoushagram damn... At least I tried -_^
anoushagram : And that is why you're an art director and not a copywriter... :P
damechilde : You mean I would have had more success giving my horrible gufts away if I was a copy writter?
damechilde : @anoushagram you don't imagine what I am capable of... muhahaha
anoushagram : Hahaha I can't wait for you to get your ass back to ldn! xx
damechilde : @anoushagram coming in less than a month... and will bring a beautiful surpriiiiiise muhahahahahahahargh
anoushagram - bowielectric -
#chuky #weirdo #weirdgift
weirdgift - weirdo - chuky -
argudomelba - staileycayla - brombergtheresa - laredomyrle -
My coworker just gave me a gigantic sweet potato because she didn't want it anymore. 😳 Happy Friday! #sweetpotato #weirdgift #tgif
tgif - weirdgift - sweetpotato -
mzladybug62 : Yumm!
starria : Haha @ she didn't want it anymore. I'm gonna start giving potatoes as gifts.
bientien : @starria 😂 best gift ever
korrybrown - mei_the_corgi - churchilly - emo_seal -
Just received this beautiful ashtray from my grandmother thanks granny😂 #cigarettes#ashtray#küllük#asbak#smoker#weirdgift#granma#loveit#bestgiftever#hediye
weirdgift - ashtray - loveit - hediye - asbak - küllük - smoker - cigarettes - granma - bestgiftever -
kursunzadem : Smoke beautyy @hilaldylanunall
hilaldylanunall : @kursunzadem 🚬🚬💋
krsnzlyh - hensley0130 - chief_nief - hiizeel95 -
#40dayswhatloveis - I love weird gifts from my sister! I haven't slept in our old room in years. Found this as I was unpacking the few things I threw into my suitcase - Mum or Dad must have found it. There's no year on it, but I'm guessing I was watching a lot of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air at the time()). Although it's an amazing gift, nothing will ever beat the box of drawing pins she painted with Tipp-Ex for me one Christmas. #yogisaretrending #stretchcity #bepureapparel #ohsosom @khalsomsom @stretchcitycom @marysia_do @hardkkhor @be_pureapparel @ohsosom #sisters #WillSmith #weirdgift
40dayswhatloveisday31 - 40dayswhatloveis - weirdgift - stretchcity - willsmith - bepureapparel - ohsosom - yogisaretrending - sisters -
juria8 : 💗
piratecavegirl : @juria8 😊❤️
piratecavegirl : #40dayswhatloveisday31
cool_swagboy - demunchkino - jodienjones - oneknee -
Wow...random mail today! My friend who is stationed in japan sent me a package...with a folded fully functional katana in it! She says that its hand made...I pulled the handle off and its signed...good God how much was this? #weirdgift #walkingdead #katana #sword
walkingdead - katana - weirdgift - sword -
ciaomanhattan : This is bad ass!! Burglars beware! @ham_salad
ham_salad : @ciaomanhattan kinda scared of it...its really sharp!
ciaomanhattan : OMG keep baby girl away from it! @ham_salad
ham_salad : @ciaomanhattan im going to be samurai chef and try it on a melon....haha
art_crazy_cat - robl5913 - x_alone_but_not_alone_x - babesnblades -
got this guy in the mail.. of course its from @setonuhlhorn #weirdgift
weirdgift -
gingerhardwick - sofiasinsta - jjrocker_8 - p.cxn -
Best present she's ever received #weirdgift #aubergine #lols
lols - aubergine - weirdgift -
n.traynor : Mr Gine 👍
n.traynor - t33gs_ - sadiet92 -
🌚why would u get me this? #weirdgift
weirdgift -
ally_1414 -
So I was helping a customer and this was their gift for helping them? #yoga #weirdgift #akward
akward - weirdgift - yoga -
a_swift88 - ceara_cc - brandizzle16 - yaboi_e -
That moment when you walk into your hotel room and see a life size cut out of your boyfriend standing there....😂 #scaredme #weirdgift
weirdgift - scaredme -
chaconashleyy : That's brilliant lol
kennalee.j : It scared the freakin crap out of me! @chaconashleyy
_daniel_teran - krista_lynn_block - madisafa - quietlifechey -
This is Esmeralda, a gift from @mscalamityjane I don't know why Esmeralda popped into my head for this shark, but that's her name. #shark #weirdgift #itscooltho
shark - weirdgift - itscooltho -
little_lotte625 : Is it alive?
robtheeverliving : @little_lotte625 It's not.
little_lotte625 : :(
andrewwilliams___ - rostovchanka_s - wonderbrenna - kittykameha -
A wee gift my mum bought me, no sure what it is #usingitasacoaster #livingtheowldream #weirdgift
usingitasacoaster - weirdgift - livingtheowldream -
beccamariee_182 : Love it
jen_kelly91 - meghanstratigis_x - gillianm93 - beccamariee_182 -
Happy Bday Guero...u have the whole world in your hands lol #HecantsayIdidntgivehimtheworld lol #weirdgift,hesalwayswantedone
weirdgift - hecantsayididntgivehimtheworld -
eleco_iv : Happy birthday guero Lokon. Tell him to Hmu.
thumpdogg13 : The world is yours ese happy b day loco.
viva_la_juicey13 : Thanks
sueno_iv_milpas - officialpresh_ - cjimenez08 - mz_lucedesole -
Cleaning fest since it's raining today; found this little guy! #weirdgift ☺️
weirdgift -
morgansydney_ - blazesommer - ash10adair - prestonmurschel -
Petit cadeau de l'amoureux trouvé au bord du lit, un petit buddha... du Danemark 😜 #buddha #weirdgift #mysweethusband #danishmemories
danishmemories - buddha - weirdgift - mysweethusband -
awake_spiritual - loveandenlightenment - divinesoul93 - molaxchopa -
Some times sellers send cute gifts to us buyers.. But this is just weird.. Even if it's meant for not ripping my new stockings.. It's bizarre. Questions? #weirdgift #bizarre #plasticgloves
bizarre - weirdgift - plasticgloves -
milanofhawaii : Wow. Cloth gloves, sure, okay. Plastic gloves? Well...rectal exam, anyone?
amanda_rocket : @milanofhawaii so weird! Yes plastic., it's like.. Let's play naughty.. ? "Sigh"
stefpez68 - milanofhawaii - chronicallyvintage - desperatebeatnik -
"It's for the look .. I don't light it .. na na na na getting jiggy wit it" ♫ ♫ #weirdgift #allthewayfromcuba #willsmith #gettingjiggywitit
gettingjiggywitit - willsmith - weirdgift - allthewayfromcuba -
abdullajabir : @sarroura81 Beautiful You 😍❤️
vlado074vlado : Cohiba!!! 👍👌
luxoryshophotodiary - m.r.29 - alizx66 - saaggo -
Da fuck?! My grandmother always sends me the strangest stuff lol #gift #hat #weirdgift #japanesehat #gottoloveher #grandmother
grandmother - japanesehat - weirdgift - gift - hat - gottoloveher -
casslaroo : 😂😂😂
lilmrsoster : @casslaroo how do I even write a thank you card for this?!
casslaroo -
Who says you can't buy boys flowers, too? #WeirdGift #ITried #Lilies
itried - lilies - weirdgift -
k_lew94 - wilson566 - mandapandaa33 - denelizalex -
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