IMPORTANT HOLIDAY INFO... (Side note: I'm so excited that both of these will included in the holiday event this weekend!) S h i p p i n g • U p d a t e All orders placed Nov. 25-Dec. 6 will be shipped out the week of Dec. 7-11. Our current inventory varies in sizes and we are restocking over the week to fulfill the holiday event orders with our Christmas packaging! Dec. 11 is the last day to order RR and receive it in time for Christmas, we will not be fulfilling orders placed after the 11th until after Christmas. BUT...we have some fun surprises going in all of the holiday orders that are placed during this weekends event! πŸ“·: @kaitlin_m_anderson #riverraisedapparelco #weartheWORD #beplanted
riverraisedapparelco - beplanted - weartheword -
_maddisonann_ : @mrsdustyl
jen17bloom : Oh that's the shirt I'm loving!!!
megan.stahl - jessimwallace - deckeratedot - madd.perk03 -
these people are a blessing. #weartheword
weartheword -
babyydollxoxo : Y'all are all so pretty!
greciasmall : So if one were to want a shirt, where would one purchase it?
doolaaay : @greciasmall shopscriptshirts.com :)
greciasmall : Cool
doolaaay : @babyydollxoxo thank you!!😌
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I wear the world as i change the world and so can you. Use SSaunders15 for a 15% discount #kanyeselephantcrew #weartheword #fotw32
fotw32 - weartheword - kanyeselephantcrew -
lawyered18 : You should FOTW this
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I #weartheword this Saturday with a cranberry sweater and fabric from Italy that fights human trafficking πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ @serengetee @southerngetee #Southerngettinit
southerngettinit - weartheword -
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Get yours shopscriptshirts.com // #WearTheWord
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All day... everday. #weartheword #wednesday #christianentrepreneur #motivatedmomma #blessed #rejoiceatrecess #recessandresults #thankyoujesus
recessandresults - blessed - motivatedmomma - wednesday - rejoiceatrecess - weartheword - christianentrepreneur - thankyoujesus -
bethvazquez00 : @michaelscopa I will get you one of ours :)
acremers : I need one of yours also πŸ˜‰
bethvazquez00 : @acremers yes you do! ;)
acremers : Tell me how
melaniemedlock : ❀️
summer_lindsay723 : Ahhhh!!! I NEED YOUR SHIRT! Where can I get one? @bethvazquez00
bethvazquez00 : @summer_lindsay723 this one is from @thelightblonde :)
patty_o_armendariz : 😚
jschwentfit - cristyaf7 - andreaturnerhw - mascara_sarah_ -
Currently in my basement packaging your orders and just had to stop and say THANK YOU. I am absolutely blown away as I see where each order is headed, just this week alone RR is headed to 6 different states. Praise the Lord! Not for our glory but for His alone! To me that number just means that His Word is scattered across our country. Amazing. FRIENDS! Please please tag us or DM us your pictures, I love seeing where you #weartheword and how the Lord uses RR apparel to plant seeds in other. #riverraisedapparelco #beplanted
riverraisedapparelco - beplanted - weartheword -
beckykiser : Congrats girl! Super exciting!!!!
autumnrolfert : Let's walk to the post office together today! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜€
dori_vg : Yay!!! Can't wait to wear my tee and can't wait till you restock!!! I'll continue to stalk! 😜
jen17bloom : So exciting!!! That is so awesome to see!!!
rushing_princess : πŸ™πŸ»πŸ‘πŸΌ HIS LIGHT SHINING✨✨✨
themintdesignco : I adore your packaging! #weartheword #spreadtheword
mrsmuriedas : @muriedas_5013 the boys
river_raised : @themintdesignco thank you!!
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Check out our awesome sweatshirt/baseball tee! One of our amazing best friends from @river_raised sells them in her shop, and we can't get over how much we love them! She also has men's and children's wear. The coolest clothing!!! A big shout out to everyone that stopped by our booth. We have the sweetest followers! Thanks for all your support! #ignorethepregobelly #humbleinheart #bestfollowersever #weartheword
bestfollowersever - ignorethepregobelly - humbleinheart - weartheword -
river_raised : Love you girls!! Such a fun weekend! 😘
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These shirts are selling quick, did you get yours yet? #WearTheWord
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OUR NEW SHIRTS ARE HERE!-- He must become greater, I must become less. John 3:30 - Make sure you head over to -> shopscriptshirts.com <-and get yours today! #weartheword
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carson_case : Love these
aliyatopekk : SLAY
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The John 3:30 ScriptShirts are here & we couldn't be more excited! You can purchase yours today at shopscriptshirts.com (link in bio)! Also, congrats to @sadiesylv for winning this shirt FREE! #WearTheWord
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tia_gibson : @kaitlyn.jane we need
kaitlyn.jane : yes! @tia_gibson
operation_amido : Do they run true to size? I'm about to order πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
egillette : @operation_amido I usually get a medium.
egillette : @operation_amido but they are unisex. So the fit will always be a little loose.
operation_amido : @egillette thanks! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
sadiesylv : YAY!! How do I contact you with my information?!
mckenzie_richter : @madddddds__ the green one
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//what makes my faith stronger? Do I welcome tribulation and acknowledge he is the one who leads me through trials? Will I walk upon the waters with trust and faith in him or doubt him and begin to sink like Peter did? God I know you call me to the battlefield to grow stronger in my faith and more like you Jesus for your glory and your kingdom. My life is about you not my happiness. Through my trials take me deeper than I could ever wander. I will call upon your name like Peter did. I have no doubt how big my God is. He has allowed me to suffer greatly but I have never ever sank. Yes I doubted but he was always there. He is present and my faith will grow stronger. Lord I surrender my life to you. You are mine and I am yours and trust without borders. i have shared many times how music truly sings to my soul and it is a direct way I can worship from the heart. When this song plays I am truly in awe of him and I can just let go of this world and surrender it all. I love to wear the word and @ttandtwins trust without borders shirt is the perfect reminder of my faith and to share his word. I just seriously love her and her trust without borders is evident of her faith and love for the Lord// #trustwithoutborders #weartheword #faith
trustwithoutborders - faith - weartheword -
ttandtwins : I love you!!! Thank you for this amazing dose of truth and encouragement through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ πŸ™ŒπŸ»β€οΈ
jocelyn.marie : Love this! And love your shirt!
gracefullygiddy : @jocelyn.marie thank you! Check it out at @ttandtwins love her designs and her heart!
jocelyn.marie : @gracefullygiddy I definitely will!
jocelyn.marie - ttandtwins - lovelyday1992 - leslie_weesner -
Primer lugar... Con esfuerzo y humildad Gracias Dios.. #festivaldeingles #weartheword
festivaldeingles - weartheword -
kenia_sdc11 : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ felicidades πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
jonathan_alvarenga98 : Muchas gracias...:-)
jonaa.neycan.11 - karencastellanos621 - thuw_chaparrithaw_503 - luccy_orellana -
Sunshine & Serengetee. πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’› @serengetee #weartheword #westcoastbestcoast #westisbest #kuskoserengetee #cranberrytee
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chief_kloster - tina_schwartz09 - emmwong - thecoffeenomad -
I absolutely LOVE my brand new #CTL t-shirt from @crossthe_line! #weartheword #gospel #ctl #crosstheline #faith #football #jesus #neymar #tshirt
faith - neymar - football - weartheword - crosstheline - tshirt - ctl - gospel - jesus -
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I'm so excited about the new scriptshirts! Have y'all seen them? Check out the other colors at @scriptshirts! #weartheword
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ohheykells : LOVE
thedav1djr_ : I want one πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸΎ
jordan_matranga : YAS
worththefight1 : Need!!!! Pls
katygmail4 - rocgerold - rocnrobdool - texanfan123 -
@serengetee @eastbeastelephantcrew my rep package finally came today use my code ESHIN15 to get 15% off on your purchase @serengetee.com #weartheword
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megannf14 : I got that same pattern on a black long sleeve! I love it! πŸ’›πŸ˜πŸŒ
eshin278 : @megannfoster14 same i cant wait to order my next shirts
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❀️ So much cuteness in this picture from a new favorite shop @river_raised (rocking their hat right now) thank you so much for the support sister!! Our Trust without Borders tee, designed by the gorgeous @therusticorange is being retired and will not be printed and restocked. Grab one before their gone. Same with our Bold As A Lion (designed by the ever so fabulous @aimeebradleigh) in red. Many many many changes over here. Gods moving so fast I can't keep up. But I am excited to get inventory moved to make room for all the new 😍😍 launching December 1st. #ttandtwins #printshopministry #planthemseeds #forhisnamessake #boldasalion #trustwithoutborders #Repost @river_raised ・・・ Making connections with other shops & mamas since launching @river_raised has been a blessing! @ttandtwins reached out to me right away and I am so thankful. As you know I am a big fan of #weartheword and placing these verses on my kids and praying them over their life is so awesome. Go to @ttandtwins feed now to see all her apparel! And it looks so good with our youth hat ✌🏼️#riverraisedapparelco
trustwithoutborders - printshopministry - riverraisedapparelco - weartheword - ttandtwins - boldasalion - forhisnamessake - planthemseeds - repost -
river_raised : So glad I grabbed these before they're gone!! Love them! Thanks for the love!! 😘
littleheadtotoe - threebluebirdsbakery - savys_sweets - mymothers_daughter_ -
Making connections with other shops & mamas since launching @river_raised has been a blessing! @ttandtwins reached out to me right away and I am so thankful. As you know I am a big fan of #weartheword and placing these verses on my kids and praying them over their life is so awesome. Go to @ttandtwins feed now to see all her apparel! And it looks so good with our youth hat ✌🏼️#riverraisedapparelco #tribeofgrace
riverraisedapparelco - weartheword - tribeofgrace -
ttandtwins : I love you and I stinking love my hat like whoa. I need to post a pic when I'm feeling pretty lol. Thank you for sharing. Make I repost?
river_raised : Yes of course @ttandtwins and I'm glad you love your hat!!
imarriedmrrogers : Ahhhhh, love.
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O w to the gospel fest #iamtheplugduvaledition shout out to my sister @Browning213 for my wear the word shirt fight the good fight of faith #gra8ful!
iamtheplugduvaledition - gra8full - gra8ful - weartheword -
mz_attitudesowat : #gra8full!
mz_attitudesowat : #weartheword
keepsake_custom_accessories : Thank you
mz_attitudesowat : @keepsake_custom_accessories love you
keepsake_custom_accessories : πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™
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Yes because true love waits :) #WearTheWord Please contact : 09177729165 for globe 09258278722 for sun cellular
weartheword -
#WearTheWord Please Contact : 09177729165 for globe 09258278722
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luke_conde -
**WearTheWord** "Humble yourselves before the Lord, & He will lift you up" -- James 4:10 #word #WearTHEWord #WorkTheWord #Lifestyle #SavedSelflessServants #LoveGod #EppsGang
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Latest (and greatest) addition to my growing t-shirt selection. It is true you must work hard for the things you want in life, but all work and no play makes **insert your name here** a dull (unhappy) girl. Wouldnt it be amazing if you could get PAID to PLAY?! Now you can!! Check out the link in my bio. For those of you that have asked, you can order this tshirt via the link in my bio also! Saving the world... one recess at a time! #getpaidtoplay #divinepurpose #fitmomma #fitfamily #familiesthatplaytogetherstaytogether #weartheword #rejoiceatrecess #playprayprosper #savetheworld #recess #kidsfitness #speaklife #play #rejoice #jesus #godskids #christianentrepreneur #tshirtgame #christianclothing #kidatheart #iloverecess
play - recess - divinepurpose - weartheword - familiesthatplaytogetherstaytogether - speaklife - fitfamily - rejoiceatrecess - kidsfitness - iloverecess - tshirtgame - rejoice - jesus - fitmomma - playprayprosper - getpaidtoplay - savetheworld - christianentrepreneur - godskids - kidatheart - christianclothing -
bethvazquez00 : @kmfitton you def need one! :)
kmfitton : Yeah I do.
katherinereuter : Pretty nice!
peterbanirclothing : Nice...
janetbromagen.chloeandisabel : Love love loveπŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
bethvazquez00 : Thank you @janetbromagen.chloeandisabel
mamacares : @lillatvian 😘
agapeattire : πŸ‘
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My gorgeous sis @shae_wesley wearing the Word in SoCal... Want 10% off your next order?? Click the link in our profile and scroll to the bottom to give us your email! We'll send out the code tonight! I've been getting messages that some of you missed out on shirts so we decided to leave pre-orders open this week for those that still want to grab some! If you pre-ordered last week your orders will go out as scheduled. Last chance to order these shirts for now as we prep for some big local events! #riverraisedapparelco #beplanted #weartheword #tribeofgrace
riverraisedapparelco - beplanted - weartheword - tribeofgrace -
gracefullygiddy : I need this πŸ’› love your stuff!
paigecalvin - jessimwallace - shawnarae_photography - starmanstrong -
Excited to be a Serengetee Rep! #weartheword #eliteeast #serengetee #serengeteeusa #serengeteenation Photo Credits: ryot.org
weartheword - eliteeast - serengetee - serengeteenation - serengeteeusa -
amber1573 : Welcome to serengetee and instagram!
raimi_noodle - linds.wag - amber1573 - jeremyuni -
Day 1 in the books. Thank you all for the comments, orders and support, today has been such a joyful blessing and I cannot wait to watch the Lord work as you #weartheWord. Tag #riverraisedapparelco so we can see you in your RR apparel ✌🏼️ Love this of @alison.hines and sweet Bowden! Those of you who like this Camo option but want a more feminine style, just slightly curve the bill! I love this look 😍
riverraisedapparelco - weartheword -
alison.hines : ❀️! Love my hat and you! Excuse the boys obsession with his tongue currently πŸ™ˆ haha.
river_raised : @alison.hines his tongue is my favorite part! 😜
paigecalvin - humbleinheart - noinsta_josephramos - love_casey7 -
More Serengetee to come!! Super excited to be a rep. Follow for more info. SUPER AMAZING CLOTHES THAT HELP THE WORLD!!!! #amazing #beautiful #city #kanyeselephantcrew #weartheworld #weartheword @serengetee #ukrainianlove
beautiful - city - weartheworld - kanyeselephantcrew - ukrainianlove - weartheword - amazing -
calebhman75 - taiylerrrr - stellamanoli89 - sela.mafi -
So excited to be a rep for a great company with a great cause behind every product #bestofthewest Check them out! @serengetee #WearTheWord
weartheword - bestofthewest -
victorciardelli : Serengetee is tight
wranglerado - emilyclare23 - marleymarano - l_erker -
#eliteeast #weartheword #serengeteesunday
serengeteesunday - eliteeast - weartheword -
samhi_d - eastbeastelephantcrew - ninnaflow - sungjindaniel -
This is how I do "Pumpkin Spice" πŸ‚ The drier this valley gets the more it resonates with me the importance of being planted along a bank that will NEVER dry up. // The Lord says, "He who believes in Me, as the Scripture said, 'From his innermost being will flow rivers of living water." John 7:38 3 days until the WEBSITE IS LIVE!! This shirt is unisex and really comfy! #riverraisedapparelco #beplanted #weartheword
riverraisedapparelco - beplanted - weartheword -
bryana426 : Love it!
autumnrolfert : Love it! Did you buy that succulent from ribbon and leaf? So pretty! And sorry we missed you last night 😟
nina_baker_ : Is there any way I can grab a hat while I'm in Kingsburg later today?😁
tarin.brown : @nina_baker_ what time will you be in town?
nina_baker_ : Headed there now till about 6:30?
kristinntorres : Got this last night! Love it.
river_raised : @nina_baker_ so sorry! I was running errands when you wrote back and just now saw this! I'll DM you to figure something out! 😊
nina_baker_ : No worries! It was wishful thinking, I wouldn't have had time to pick one up. I'll be in town tomorrow afternoon! Could that work? And I won't be rushing around!
paigecalvin - lightandreckless - _krod_13 - chelsey.elizabeth -
I'm excited to announce I have been chosen to be a campus representative for Serengetee! Thank you so much for the amazing opportunity! @serengetee #kanyeselephantcrew #WearTheWord
kanyeselephantcrew - weartheword -
jalaynne - anake_uilani - alika_cz - heuaolu_ -
AHH I'm a Serengetee Campus Rep this semester! Couldn't be happier right now!! #eastcentric #WearTheWord #WearTheWorld @serengetee @serengeteee
eastcentric - weartheworld - weartheword -
a_davyy - hay_palsy - uravgazn - vixi_i -
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