"Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear". -Ambrose Redmoon #WearTheWord #hcambassadors #HCXO #kanyeselephantcrew #l #k #p #pikespeak #colorado
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k3vinpa5ion : You're flying
noellebrittfox : like a little🐥We're about the same height. @k3vinpa5ion
k3vinpa5ion : Ur Zack's height now
noellebrittfox : 14,000 feet above Zack.*** He could never reach my level @k3vinpa5ion
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My gorgeous sis @shae_wesley wearing the Word in SoCal... Want 10% off your next order?? Click the link in our profile and scroll to the bottom to give us your email! We'll send out the code tonight! I've been getting messages that some of you missed out on shirts so we decided to leave pre-orders open this week for those that still want to grab some! If you pre-ordered last week your orders will go out as scheduled. Last chance to order these shirts for now as we prep for some big local events! #riverraisedapparelco #beplanted #weartheword
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Excited to be a Serengetee Rep! #weartheword #eliteeast #serengetee #serengeteeusa #serengeteenation Photo Credits:
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amber1573 : Welcome to serengetee and instagram!
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Day 1 in the books. Thank you all for the comments, orders and support, today has been such a joyful blessing and I cannot wait to watch the Lord work as you #weartheWord. Tag #riverraisedapparelco so we can see you in your RR apparel ✌🏼️ Love this of @alison.hines and sweet Bowden! Those of you who like this Camo option but want a more feminine style, just slightly curve the bill! I love this look 😍
riverraisedapparelco - weartheword -
alison.hines : ❤️! Love my hat and you! Excuse the boys obsession with his tongue currently 🙈 haha.
river_raised : @alison.hines his tongue is my favorite part! 😜
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More Serengetee to come!! Super excited to be a rep. Follow for more info. SUPER AMAZING CLOTHES THAT HELP THE WORLD!!!! #amazing #beautiful #city #kanyeselephantcrew #weartheworld #weartheword @serengetee #ukrainianlove
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So excited to be a rep for a great company with a great cause behind every product #bestofthewest Check them out! @serengetee #WearTheWord
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victorciardelli : Serengetee is tight
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#eliteeast #weartheword #serengeteesunday
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So today i found out that i was excepted to be a @serengetee campus rep! For everyone who doesnt know the company it is a clothing company where there fabric comes from all of the world and some of them are handmade! When you buy a shirt some of the profits go to charity. I am sooo honored to have been chosen to be a rep! Please everyone check out there page and see there wonderful clothing😊 #weartheword #kanyeselephantcrew
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nmdesert : Congrats!
_safari_ari_ : @serengetee
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This is how I do "Pumpkin Spice" 🍂 The drier this valley gets the more it resonates with me the importance of being planted along a bank that will NEVER dry up. // The Lord says, "He who believes in Me, as the Scripture said, 'From his innermost being will flow rivers of living water." John 7:38 3 days until the WEBSITE IS LIVE!! This shirt is unisex and really comfy! #riverraisedapparelco #beplanted #weartheword
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bryana426 : Love it!
autumnrolfert : Love it! Did you buy that succulent from ribbon and leaf? So pretty! And sorry we missed you last night 😟
nina_baker_ : Is there any way I can grab a hat while I'm in Kingsburg later today?😁
tarin.brown : @nina_baker_ what time will you be in town?
nina_baker_ : Headed there now till about 6:30?
kristinntorres : Got this last night! Love it.
river_raised : @nina_baker_ so sorry! I was running errands when you wrote back and just now saw this! I'll DM you to figure something out! 😊
nina_baker_ : No worries! It was wishful thinking, I wouldn't have had time to pick one up. I'll be in town tomorrow afternoon! Could that work? And I won't be rushing around!
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I'm excited to announce I have been chosen to be a campus representative for Serengetee! Thank you so much for the amazing opportunity! @serengetee #kanyeselephantcrew #WearTheWord
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Serengetee Rep 🐯🌎 #kanyeselephantcrew #WearTheWord @serengetee @serengeteewest
kanyeselephantcrew - weartheword -
bri_cali_15 : I was gonna apply for this this year but I was too late
bri_cali_15 : And I miss you so much
noellebrittfox : You should do it next year! I miss you too girl! @bri_cali_15
bri_cali_15 : I will! We so need to catch up!!
noellebrittfox : We do!! We will soon! @bri_cali_15
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AHH I'm a Serengetee Campus Rep this semester! Couldn't be happier right now!! #eastcentric #WearTheWord #WearTheWorld @serengetee @serengeteee
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Super excited that I just became a @serengetee rep! #southerngettinit #WearTheWord
southerngettinit - weartheword -
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So proud to be a part of the @serengetee team!!!! #weartheword #eastbeastshs
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eshin278 : #eliteeast
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Say hello to a new Serengetee rep!!🐘 #weartheword #eastbeasths #weartheworld #EliteEast
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isabellehoddinott : yes Meghan !!!
kate.hines : ^
jennyp1030 : You are so cute ❤️ I miss you a lot! I hope to see you very soon babe ❤️❤️
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➕Just announced➕ RIVER RAISED APPAREL CO. website launch date! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• I don't post a lot of business on my personal pages so if you want to stay updated, go join our party @river_raised we'd love to have you! ✌🏼️ 📷: @shawnarae_photography #Riverraisedapparelco #beplanted #weartheword
riverraisedapparelco - beplanted - weartheword -
bryantcrazy : 😂 LOVE the pictures on the @river_raised page
autumnrolfert : Pretty ladies! 😍
kyockey4 : Woo hoo!! 🎉congrats!!
abigail_lunde8 - paigecalvin - biggiebear_8 - mabel.anne -
Are you ready to be a part of this cool crew?? Website launches on... MONDAY // SEPTEMBER 28TH Keep watch for more details as we countdown the days!! 📷: @kaitlin_m_anderson #Riverraisedapparelco #beplanted #weartheword
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4reeders : Can't wait to order!!!
alison.hines : How fun for all these boys to grow up together!
h.brett02 : @ashbergman13 yay!!!
bree_bergman : Yay can't wait
imarriedmrrogers : Yeah! Love, love, love it!
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Enjoying my day off my babes 💛 #mialynnmoore #weartheword #ttandtwins
ttandtwins - weartheword - mialynnmoore -
ttandtwins : She's so stinking sweet!!! May I share?
moorefuninfirst : Thank you! @ttandtwins sure!
mrspitocco : Oh sweet baby😍
nuls_tortentraume - ttandtwins - holley.luddeke - carriersclassroom -
Our giveaway winner @h.brett02 looking so cute in our Camo Curve Bill! #riverraised #riverraisedapparelco #beplanted #weartheword
riverraised - riverraisedapparelco - beplanted - weartheword -
kbear1312 : @river_raised can't wait to get one of your hats!
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One of the amazing photos from @a_lion_heart's photoshoot with @ScriptShirts. So blown away by her talent! #WearTheWord #ScriptShirtSunday
scriptshirtsunday - weartheword -
maylanbell : This is such a beautiful picture with an even more beautiful message!!!
sarahsy05 : This is amazing!!!!!!! So beautiful!!
a_lion_heart : 😘❤️ So much fun!
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"When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you." Isaiah 43:2 h a p p y ➕ w e e k e n d #Riverraised #riverraisedapparelco #beplanted #weartheword #faith #believe #momlife #dailybread #mom_hub #instafashion #ootd
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ashleyworkman20 : ❤️
bmux : ❤️❤️
ellie_movsesian - mmxmanagement - pallet_momma -
Cute Jeremiah in our kids Camo hat. I love that it fits infants, toddlers & youth! #Riverraised #riverraisedapparelco #beplanted #weartheword #faith #believe #ministylekids #momlife #ig_kids #love #tinytrends #instagram_kids #ootd #instastyle #instafashion #igkiddies #mom_hub
riverraised - love - riverraisedapparelco - weartheword - instagram_kids - ootd - believe - igkiddies - momlife - faith - mom_hub - beplanted - instastyle - tinytrends - ig_kids - ministylekids - instafashion -
autumnrolfert : Ok that would totally fit Ryder! He needs that hat! 👍
the_brotographer : @river_raised he's about to move next to the river so he really will be #riverraised
river_raised : @the_brotographer perfect! 👍🏼
river_raised : @autumnrolfert I think it definitely would!
alison.hines : Can't wait till Bo can fit in one!
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We are unashamed! get your Romans 1:16 tee at :) amazing photo by @a_lion_heart #WearTheWord
weartheword -
josh_the_poet : WOW. This photo is absolutely breathtaking. I love the coloring and the composite of it so so much.
katygmail4 - texanfan123 - haney.rachel - anavramosfanpage -
weartheword -
sjazmine_ - fullyfree_alwayschanging - jonkamerman - fearless__spirit -
@a_lion_heart wearing the Word! She is so beautiful and we love her work!! please go check out her photography! Repost // "Did a collaboration with @scriptshirts ❤️ Wearing the Romans 1:16 tee. Go check them out! #WearTheWord"
weartheword -
egillette : Wow!!!!!
katygmail4 - amandadiane - matiasgzunino - haney.rachel -
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susannaoswell - anna__raquel_ - chloev.d - abinator_15 -
Did a collaboration with @scriptshirts ❤️ Wearing the Romans 1:16 tee. Go check them out! #WearTheWord
weartheword -
sjazmine_ : I love this! Beautiful, Ingrid😍
makantner : When can we shoot!
jokelcie : Exquisite
fullyfree_alwayschanging : I love your expression in this 💕💖
skyscrpper : 😍😍
the.colour.yellow : Oh my goodness your skirt ❤️ you should def wear it for the next shoot we do 😊 - yamina1265 - franz.sebastian - krampaige -
I was about to drop my shirt in the machine when I saw the washing instructions. That explains why I'm always so clean.😎#weartheword #rebornkings #takeupthecrown #tutc
tutc - weartheword - takeupthecrown - rebornkings -
grace_istha_word : “and you have made them a kingdom and priests to our God, and they shall reign on the earth.”” ‭‭Revelation‬ ‭5:10‬ ‭ESV‬‬
cartersmommee - daddybuilders - srjordan - sahfyhr.henna -
Loving my new shirts from @walkinlove!! #weartheword #forgive #7times70
weartheword - 7times70 - forgive -
instasamwham : That's a cool shirt. You look just like Georgia
lillysdale : Ha, thanks @instasamwham I'll take that as a compliment and so will she since there's about a 7" height difference lol.
beccabozarth : Hahaha!!!! 7 inch height diff... 😂😂😂
sonshinebecky - meredithico - instasamwham - hannahd197 -
Sweet sweet T&T Happy Independence. What a photo from @wearthewordtt #ratedrpm #happyindependenceday #thelifewelive #trinidad #tandt #weartheword
thelifewelive - ratedrpm - happyindependenceday - tandt - weartheword - trinidad -
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Getting closer people! All orders are packaged in these amazing bags! Hope they make you as happy as they make me + #Riverraised #riverraisedapparelco #beplanted #weartheword #faith #believe #dailybread #christianapparel #fromthecuttingroomfloor
christianapparel - riverraised - beplanted - faith - riverraisedapparelco - weartheword - fromthecuttingroomfloor - dailybread - believe -
autumnrolfert : They turned out so great! ❤️
imarriedmrrogers : Perfect.
martini_gurl : Love!
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Thinking about what to have stamped inside my new extra large brass locket? Here's some ideas... ❤️ #custombrasslocket #newinshop #weartheWord #eagerhands #etsy #eagerhandsjewelry
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laurena_fb : Choose joy!
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Thinking about what to have stamped inside my new extra large brass locket? Here's some ideas... ❤️ #custombrasslocket #newinshop #weartheWord #eagerhands #etsy #eagerhandsjewelry
eagerhandsjewelry - eagerhands - newinshop - custombrasslocket - etsy - weartheword -
lisaducky : "Surrender" @eagerhands
roo_johnson : I love "Never Alone" or "I Will Not Fear"
pray.move.create : His
elizabethgracekr : Life. That's what I'm going to get...once the Lord blessed my husband with a job again. Bc no matter what happens, there will be life after!
letmedrawyourpicture - hooversnextgen - thepartridgefamilyz - jamietiffany.wells -
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