"And the best advice I got was keep writing and keep living and keep loving..." | #BlackSunday #WeAllBlack #BlackSundayTour | photo by @raygo.tvp
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jac_q : πŸŒ‘
esha_ig : πŸ‘Œ
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RESTOCKED: Vintage Vinyl has #BlackSunday CDs available once again. Sorry for those that tried to purchase while they were sold out #STL #WeAllBlack
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Getting in touch with my roots aka make your own mask from avocado, charcoal, and honey πŸ˜˜πŸ’πŸΏπŸ― #gmofree #ididitbymyself #organic #yummy #weallblack #ididitbymyself #spaday #facemask #alien #intergalactic
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angrycuban : Where have you been, did you move to the moon??
plexx__ : Charcoal!
mrosell18 : #cutie
ittybitty_8a : I didn't think I would die... I was concerned with it being near/around my pretty eyeballs. Once again you proved me wrong. #genius @ze_florist
ittybitty_8a : What do you mean?!?! I tried hanging out with you for your Birthday but you were on another planet... Ha. I have no choice but to move no later than the end of July (building has been sold) so we better hang before I turn Mexican @angrycuban
ittybitty_8a : Detox/Tighten/Exfoliant 😁😘 @plexx__
ze_florist : Eye still love you the same β€οΈπŸ‘½πŸŒΊ
ittybitty_8a : πŸ’“ @ze_florist
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#GoodMorning #GoodAfternoon I often heard this as #child and even now find myself saying to my #nieces and #nephews but had to catch myself. Had to realize I was equalling #black to being #bad . #blackisbeautiful #melanin #bronze #skin #lovethyself #knowthyself #negus #blackpeople #sunkissed #blackpride #blackandproud #lightskinsbelike #darkskinsbelike #weallblack
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barebrushtan : Nice!
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Stand Tall. 20 Feet Tall. Word to Ms. Badu #BlackSunday #WeAllBlack | photo by @roach_god
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"Sometimes I sit and let me mind wander... Been finding myself the last 9 summers" #BlackSunday #WeAllBlack @eyekonklothingco "Bayside High" Coaches Jacket available at #RAW 6.5.15. Advanced tickets ONLY @ @DNASTL | photo by @roach_god
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blankavelli_foe82 : #fOe
baddiedawn : A R T🎨
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"The fallen on angel dust. Dangerous. Labels saying I'm 'Cole' but not 'Drake' enough... But f**k em" #BlackSunday #WeAllBlack @eyekonklothingco "Motown" L/S Tee available at #RAW 6.5.15 Advanced tickets ONLY at @dnastl | photo by @roach_god
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clearlifresh : Hair 😍
williamhrkc : #fOe
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@eyekonklothingco "Motown" windbreaker available 6.5.15 at #RAW. Tickets on sale now #BlackSunday #WeAllBlack #EyeKon | photo by @roach_god
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smnthv : Your ponytail. Let me pull it 😏 lol
brian.javon : Dope.
_msmolly : Pony!
gettnkayke : #hairgoals πŸ™ŒπŸ½ ☺️ lol
thelatoya : I see you!
billysuk_ogfg : where is RAW?
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Lmao I'm sayn Bruh... #WeAllBlack
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Sixteenth Century La Española is An amazing exhibition of artifacts that depict the slave trade in the Americas at its early stages. From proof of purchase to letters of decree sent from high ranking political officials the exhibit basically shows the manipulation of blacks as they entered the new world. Available at the Dominican Studies Institute at City College until September the exhibition could be used as a starting point for those who wish to make a connection between the standpoint of blacks then and now as it is no coincidence that the descendants of people who were once being auctioned off are now the people who are the least likely to have affordable housing, health insurance, and adequate education which are some of the major components that constitute a civilized society or a first world country. The exhibit is free of charge and is open to the public if anyone would like a viewing of it simply contact me. #blacksintheamericas #afrolatino #africanamerican #weallblack #dsi
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Daire's 18th😍 #whysoblack#weallblack#party#mygirls#robertscove#ciara#tinyan#bestfriends#summer#classnight#baes
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Betta stop playing lightskin winning #bedtime #chillen #weallblack Lmaoo πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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Sometimes I wanna quit rapping But I put years in this Nigga my blood, sweat, and tears in this... IM SERIOUS #BlackSunday #BlackSundayTour #WeAllBlack | photo by @raygo.tvp
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rizzo11386 : Wore my Black Sunday hoodie today. #irep
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By @arshad_goods via @RepostWhiz app: Changed my life #BlackSunday #BlackSundayTour #WeAllBlack (#RepostWhiz app)
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arshad_goods : Salute!
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They calling me handsome... #BlackSundayTour #BlackSunday #WeAllBlack | photo by @roach_god
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lareisa : hootiehoooo
soulfulacademic : Get it cuzzo! So proud of you! @photogyrl728 @kanddmama @87babygirl Check out my cousin Lutalo, he's doing the daggone thing!
ladyagt5 : I call you a talented child of the most high GOD.
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"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today" When no education is present opportunities become very limited and when opportunities go by the wayside people turn to drastic measures as a mean to meet their needs. Living in a borough where almost 30 percent of the population doesn't finish high school reflects heavily on the neighborhoods everyday. Instead of aiming at the roots of the problem the objective is to fight the more obvious problem. My neighborhood (soundview) is a place where many new police programs are implemented and new recruits are deployed rather than trying new tactics to fix the deeply rooted problem. Today is the birthday of Malcom X and most of the black community wouldn't even bother to take notice largely in part of the faux education that is provided as well as the systematic oppression of blacks that still goes on today. #malcomx #afrolatino #africanamerican #weallblack
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bmt409ep : I have done research on my family history and found out that my ancestors were slaves in Haiti the Dominican Republic & Cuba. Even though my family has been in America for some generations does the fact that my ancestors were slaves there make me Afro-Latino
_endi : @bmt409ep we are all Afro descendants some of us are Spanish speaking while others speak English. That's just an added element that's designed to build differences amongst blacks. The one constant that both sides share is being on the short end of the stick in society whether it be in America, Dominican Republic or anywhere else.
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Changed my life #BlackSunday #BlackSundayTour #WeAllBlack
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trackstarthedj : The EP is dope sir
arshad_goods : @trackstarthedj that's love! Huge fan of what yall been doing. Hope we can build
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Mama I made it. Check me out on the cover of the May 2015 issue of @mpiremagazine. Also look out for my feature in there. Hit the link in the mag's bio and you can see the interactive digital version of the issue for FREE #BlackSunday #BlackSundayTour #WeAllBlack
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dnatr3y300 : #fOe
queen_mocha_latte : Congratulations
soulfulacademic : Congrats cuzzo!
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Let @hot1041stl know #STLisHot. Post a video with the hashtag and say why you're hot. Check out my interview with @a_plus NOW at and let me know what you think in the comments below! #BlackSunday #BlackSundayTour #WeAllBlack
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#BlackSunday T-Shirts available NOW for purchase at or drop a comment below and I'll get you one #BlackSundayTour #WeAllBlack
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dream424 : I want one!!! #DayZeroFan
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Lmao!!!!! She Korean today bahaha. I can't πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @mama_chicken_wing #lightskin #darkskin Naw she #korean #colormeansnothing #weallblack
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aceboogie91091 : hey love how u been
_joeejoee : Good @aceboogie91091
aceboogie91091 : that's what's up
aceboogie91091 : !
aceboogie91091 : I haven't heard from u n a while
aceboogie91091 : How is work going
_joeejoee : Everything is good. @aceboogie91091
aceboogie91091 : Well that's good n happy memorial day love
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Give love. Can't judge other's path. Only try to understand them #Love #WeAllBlack #BlackSunday
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theresapayne : πŸ™ŒπŸΎ
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Just wrapped up an interview with @hot1041stl! Shoutout to @a_plus and @djkrisstyle. Interview dropping soon #BlackSunday #BlackSundayTour #WeAllBlack #BackTrap
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realtalkraps : Congrats!
aoctaviusw : ✌🏿️πŸ’₯
esha_ig : πŸ‘πŸ˜Š
arshad_goods : @realtalkraps Preciate that my g!
arshad_goods : @aoctaviusw in the words of @sminobrown #GrindGonePay
joeymcf1y_ : Solute
blankavelli_foe82 : #fOe #UCityUSA
mvstermind : Huge
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I laughed when I saw this.. And then said .. Well about effing time.. Some ppl actually understand... ITS ABOUT US... WE DO MATTER.. #BlacklivesMatter don't say all lives matter.. Don't add yourself now... We are going to keep multiplying. People say "it's always about yall black ppl" yall made it about us when u brought us here... Don't be mad now.. At the end of the day #WEALLBLACK πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ #recessivegene AHH
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dayejah_vu : πŸ’―πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½
bg_smm : #original man πŸ’―
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#BlackSunday TShirts on sale this Friday at #BlackSundayTour #WeAllBlack | photo by @raygo.tvp
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ono3373 : Heard your show was a blast this past weekend.. Definitely gotta come check you out next time ! ✊🏾
arshad_goods : @ono3373 Preciate that g! Won't be another one til next year tho lol. Make that trip to the Chi with us!
mamasieta_ : Ponytaaaiiiiillll ☺️
thelatoya : Literally my heart just fell out of my chest and into my pants 😳 #rapperswhocangetit
shadjanee : 😍😍
dnatr3y300 : Arshad got the juice
raygo.tvp : @dnatr3y300 nah he got the water lol
didiasq : When yo ex still look good tho πŸ˜– lmao jkjk but yeah nice pic
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Front of the #BackTrapMap. Repost with the hashtag #BackTrapMap and get a chance to get the first one. Winner announced next Sunday #BlackSunday #BlackSundayTour #WeAllBlack
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#FROalert!! The Bateq are an indigenous people (currently numbering about 1,516) who live in the rainforest of peninsular Malaysia. #happymothersday #naturalhair #WeAllBlack
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"Heard niggas #UpSet at who up next?'s still love tho." My Negus @arshad_goods brought the city a concert like none other! πŸ“·: @roach_god #BlackSunday #BlackSundayTour #WeAllBlack #GasBand #StLouis
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@arshad_goods x @boyimwavy = #BackTrap #GasBand x #BackTrap = #BlackSundayTour If you missed us STL stayed tuned for upcoming dates ! #TheMOOvement #WeAllBlack
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St. Louis. I love my city. I do t have fans, I got ppl that believe in me. That's priceless. Shoutout @boyimwavy and the GasBand #BlackSunday #BlackSundayTour #WeAllBlack #BackTrap
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πŸ“·@arshad_goods x @boyimwavy x #GasBand made some history #BlackSunday #BlackSundayTour #BackTrap #WeAllBlack
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Back Trap at its finest #BlackSundayTour #backtrap #blacksunday #weallblack πŸ“· by @roach_god
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mamasieta_ -
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