#TEAMLIGON #FutureCity Nevala at NC State regional competition in Raleigh.
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therab : #futurecitycompetition #stem #students #wcpss #ligonmiddleschool #Ligon #NC #school #city #smartercities #ncsu
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"Nevala" by Ligon GT Magnet Middle School @WCPSS - NC State "Future City" Competition is today!!
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therab : #stem #WCPSS #Ligon #futurecitycompetition #futurecity #students #ligonmiddleschool #ncedu #ncsu #science #math #competition #NC #smartercities #school
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Why I love my son's teachers. #wcpss
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WRAL Freedom Balloon Fest Pilot Brian Hoyle holds a day long series of STEM-based talks using hot air balloons to demonstrate core principals from the classroom. Many thanks to the science teachers and sixth graders for having us! #WRALFreedomBalloonFest #wral #STEM #wcpss
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We are paving the way of new technology integration here in Wake County! #djicreator #f450 #publicschools #3DPrinting #FutureEngineers #fightforcreativeflight #wcpss #jrdrones #dji #drones #quadcopter #lettherebeflight #UAV #UAS #multirotors @djiglobal @djinorthamerica @jrdrones
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Proud of my girl being nominated as the frog of the week! #PBIS #proudmommy #wcpss
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Good morning North Carolina! Halfway to Cary for my orientation with Wake County! #wcpss #beenupsince430
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I don't know who runs Wake County's Twitter account but I love them, they're hilarious! #wcpss
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You hear #WCPSS in on a 2 hour delay...πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ You realize it doesn't matter; You don't have exams‼️ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #Fake πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @tiffanyfinley32 voice
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Look at what my artistic scientists finished! #stem #artsintegration #wcpss @northwoodselem1 I love these young humans.
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_bella_60103_ : Oh i remember that :D
vedika_tiwari : @_bella_60103_ same here! I miss this so much 😿
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#WCPSS is at it again
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cyriusee -
So excited for our studio to be on the Monday folders for Harris Creek & Sanford Creek Elementary! #wcpss #danceclass #coredynamicsdancecenter
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danceuout_official : 😁 I like ur instaa
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New Friendship High School apparel is out #wcpss #friendshiphighschool #stitchandink
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kelleyrothsimpson : Love it!!!! Well sort of ....#bittersweet
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the walk of championsπŸ‘£what a GREAT week for both of these kiddos and their middle schools🐾🐝they earned themselves their first conference titles in football and soccer🏈⚽️sooo PROUD of y'all!!!πŸ†πŸ‘πŸ’― #daughter #bestfriend #8thgraders #champions #hrms #soccer #hgms #football #proudmama #wcpss #nc
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juicemax9 : Thank ya. My cake is poppin
caitlynmorton : What cake? @juicemax9
factorsox : Great photo! Amazing how much love and support can literally carry you! :)
carterjburgess : what a punπŸ˜€ ^
shelbybbrown : this is so cute I love it
emma_hukill : we work even when we arent trying
garrettphillips : πŸ˜‚ @carterxburgess
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That's right! #bingo #HHS #WAKEFOREST #WCPSS
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variantofallison : Even tho we lost
jenniferouse71 : @variantofallison still so much fun! @_walkerskyluke_ was so red in the face too!!!
variantofallison : Next time no one will be ready for our winning spree😈😈
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The best part of my day πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ when the classroom is empty!! πŸ“šπŸ“– #ieducate #iteach #WCPSS
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badgirlinpearls : I know the feeling. Lord. And that looks like an elementary classroom too. Bless you lol.
ladijdb : Humph #MrClark!!!! @iamcharlesclark
iamcharlesclark : @ladijdb hey there!!!!😁😁😁😁 Mrs. Smith
ladijdb : @iamcharlesclark Ayyyyyeee!!! Lol!! Just had to mess with ya!!
yo_its_antonio : What school?
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In our 6-8 social studies/science SPED class, students are watching a #flipped video on #YouTube the teacher created on cells. Some students were absent this week or can only come to part of the class period, so they can watch the first video at their own pace while the other students move on to the next video/instruction on cells. Students are responsible for taking notes on the video as they watch. This allows time for the teacher to help each student individually, decreases behavior problems/distractions, and allows for them to work on their own pace. Posted by @jsinarski @eastcarymiddle #wcpss #flippedclassroom #teachersfollowteachers @lindseyrackley
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My 6th grade students in my reading intervention class are using (under the pro trial) to work on annotation and comprehension. Today they are reading about a 13 yr old who invented a Braille printer out of Legos. They are reading the same article but it is differentiated based on their Lexile level. Using the program, they are annotating/highlighting the main idea and important details and then taking a quick 4 question quiz to assess comprehension. All of this information gets sent to my account for me to determine next steps for each student. Posted by @jsinarski #newsela #wcpss @eastcarymiddle #teachersfollowteachers
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teachin_3rd : I love Newsela. πŸ˜„
edtechbaton : Me too! 😊 Students also like the interesting current event articles that they can put to their own level.
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My name is Julie Stern and I am the Instructional Resource Teacher and 6-8 Reading Intervention Teacher @eastcarymiddle. This morning 7th grade students are working on updating their blog on the class #Weebly (free!) where they tell classmates how they are doing on their projects. Students use this blog to get peer feedback and share ideas or suggestions with each other. Posted by @jsinarski #wcpss #edtech #teachersfollowteachers @siggamitchell
wcpss - teachersfollowteachers - geniushour - weebly - edtech -
edtechbaton : Forgot to mention they are doing #geniushour projects!
weebly : So glad Weebly can help with peer feedback in your classroom!
wongsangworldwide : Beautiful!
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Love and respect in the room as Muriel Summers received the #FridayMedal #welldeserved #wcpss
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Someone at North Ridge Elementary is going to be very excited to win this basket at their Fall Festival this weekend! #nansdance #raleigh #wcpss
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I know this won't happen and it's the only reason I'm putting this up but 200 likes and I'll come to school dressed as a baked potato tomorrow #Halloween #2014 #baked #potato #bakedpotato #idaho #dressup #ohlala #costume #school #wcpss
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We are lucky to have great partners at our #schools that help #recycle tons of paper each year through the #feedthebin program. Thanks @ddedolphins and @mrsbremtweets for sending us a photo! #wcpss #wakeisgreat
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Hey Students!! #Tonight #ApexNC #ApexHigh #919 #RDU #Raleigh #DowntownApex #Party #HollySprings #Fuquay #WCPSS
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Good Morning from the classroom! πŸ“šπŸ“–βœοΈ #iteach #ieducate #WCPSS
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iamcharlesclark : @verwine yes sir I am
verwine : @iamcharlesclark im interested in joining the team for next fall
iamcharlesclark : @verwine you're planning to transfer?
verwine : @iamcharlesclark Yes
iamcharlesclark : @verwine are we the only school you're interested in?
verwine : @iamcharlesclark naa , why you ask that ?
iamcharlesclark : @verwine general question. Just wondering.
verwine : @iamcharlesclark is the campus real small ?
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HI GIESS WHO? I am here for my last bit of that rant of mine on the wake county public school system from a few weeks ago (refer to duck face picture please). Again, let me start out with this: I love school, I'm beyond grateful for my education and I love to learn. However; there are a few things I disagree with. Overloading: How do you suppose someone should learn when they don't have enough time to sleep? The struggle is to get information from a website onto a presentation, not your mind. You comb through information, tedious work. Yes, I understand that ribosomes make proteins, and that DNA codes for proteins, now let me write that ten times over, then let me do a power point on it, now let me do four pages of notes on it all tonight. Finally I can get to my other classes work. When you focus on putting words on paper you don't worry as much about it being locked into your brain, which then bites you because of tests. I agree with studying, I think it's crucial. I have mixed feelings on homework however I understand it's necessity. I admire those who take pride in their work. HOWEVER: When homework is the main method of acquiring knowledge rather than the classroom, when you are graded on how much time and resources you have outside of the classroom, I believe that the wrong routes are taken, the wrong measures. Sometimes I do not have time. Sometimes there are personal issues. We ALL have that, no excuses. But do you not think some stress would be relieved of the "out of school" workload were reduced? It's something to think on, let it roll around in your mind, really. Thank you for your time everyone who has chosen to read. Good luck and good grades. #wcpss
wcpss -
semihumantendencies : Welcome XD and thank you! @tom._.23
frenchblood.xx : Rhs?
drippinpaint666 : 😍😍😍
zinkxmorin : Makeup on point.
semihumantendencies : Thank you! @zinkxy
kindofaweirdo : U look amazing! :)
semihumantendencies : Thank you!! @kindofaweirdo
mhmhmh1111 : πŸ˜„πŸ’•πŸŒΉ
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Time to Proctor #wcpss #psat #broughton #volunteering
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justanicie : Inspiring!
atcain2 - ericacampion - dawnacrawford - mamachris_ -
So great to see the #wcpss community coming together after such tragedies not only here at Heritage but all across the county.
wcpss -
greco_of_the_del : You go to Heritage now??? I took the ACT there last month!
leah_391 - mtz_jocelyn - sparkmynaturee - _.jrs._ -
Closest I had to light blue. #panthercreek #wcpss Athens cares.
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Staff shirts for Apex High School #lovethemonograms #apexcougars #wcpss #stitchandink
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#decomposers #snails #gross #awesome #wcpss @wcpss @northwoodselem1 #5thgrade #science #nc
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carxgil : AWWW
mangumja : Awww I hear jaylyn :-) hope all is well! Love to hang sometime when things slow down!
heylizziecooke : @mangumja Hahaha, yup. Would love to get together and hear about your life and new school! 😊
vedika_tiwari : I miss you and your classes Ms. Casey πŸ’•
heylizziecooke : @vedika_tiwari @cg_soccer6 Love and miss both of you ladies! 😘
carxgil - maryam18khan - kittenuggets - vedika_tiwari -
Math homework with Charlie= my head might explode. #done #seriously #WCPSS #nocluewhattheyaredoing #ugh #frustratedparent
seriously - ugh - done - wcpss - frustratedparent - nocluewhattheyaredoing -
noahjbell : What's the math equations?
mrsphoebus : @noahjbell It's basic subtraction word problems
linzcreswell : Praying for you! Missed you guys tonight!
lindseybdillon_thatbeme : OMGSH @mrsphoebus this was me tonight too! I even wrote a note to his teacher! My child was in tears!
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My son is #AUTISTIC and #3yearsold I just don't know what else to do!!! READ PLEASE @ABC11 #wakecounty #WCPSS #AA&D
aa - wcpss - wakecounty - autistic - 3yearsold -
ibvee : Two and half hours for any three year old is ridiculous..... what does the sped department say.. is transportation apart of his iep... can he somehow be dropped off first due to his age and disability. ... urggggg
tasia_wilnic : Yes to all of what you said. He is not supposed to be riding that long. I'm hoping this gets resolved completely tmrw. I will update then. Thanks for caring!!!
ibvee : Hopefully things will be resolved soon... if not you should take your complaint to the state level. .
tasia_wilnic : I have some ppl helping me. I'm just mad that this could happen to other parents whom don't have connections and feel like u did when I posted that FB status.
ibvee - sha.nae.nae - humblymadebrand -
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