That's my boy!! #charactereducation awards #respect #adamselementary #wcpss
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Hey Students!! #Tonight #ApexNC #ApexHigh #919 #RDU #Raleigh #DowntownApex #Party #HollySprings #Fuquay #WCPSS
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Another Day! βœοΈπŸ“šπŸ“– #iteach #WCPSS #readytogo
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coachandteach247 : Like it!
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Good Morning from the classroom! πŸ“šπŸ“–βœοΈ #iteach #ieducate #WCPSS
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cavae_ : Fren find me a job so I can move back to NC. And we can all be a big happy family again ... Lol .. No but Fareal ...
iamcharlesclark : @cavae_ okay I'll look at something's and send you some links and emails to send your resume for.
peaksie_1509 : Yesss WCPSS is the best...I love working for Wake County!
justjb_ondrums : Them kids gon get the Holy Ghost.!
holidayseason49 - mister_frazier24 - iamcarlak - esab3 -
HI GIESS WHO? I am here for my last bit of that rant of mine on the wake county public school system from a few weeks ago (refer to duck face picture please). Again, let me start out with this: I love school, I'm beyond grateful for my education and I love to learn. However; there are a few things I disagree with. Overloading: How do you suppose someone should learn when they don't have enough time to sleep? The struggle is to get information from a website onto a presentation, not your mind. You comb through information, tedious work. Yes, I understand that ribosomes make proteins, and that DNA codes for proteins, now let me write that ten times over, then let me do a power point on it, now let me do four pages of notes on it all tonight. Finally I can get to my other classes work. When you focus on putting words on paper you don't worry as much about it being locked into your brain, which then bites you because of tests. I agree with studying, I think it's crucial. I have mixed feelings on homework however I understand it's necessity. I admire those who take pride in their work. HOWEVER: When homework is the main method of acquiring knowledge rather than the classroom, when you are graded on how much time and resources you have outside of the classroom, I believe that the wrong routes are taken, the wrong measures. Sometimes I do not have time. Sometimes there are personal issues. We ALL have that, no excuses. But do you not think some stress would be relieved of the "out of school" workload were reduced? It's something to think on, let it roll around in your mind, really. Thank you for your time everyone who has chosen to read. Good luck and good grades. #wcpss
wcpss -
susandollparts : Love Ur hair and eyemakeup
semihumantendencies : Thank you! @susandollparts
parkerwv08 : True so true I have to write a 2 page paper in Spanish so I know how you feel and I have to finish research for my personal project in English
wyll.gomes : . Hair <3
sempiternalanal : you are making such serious points like I understand exactly
semihumantendencies : Thank you :) @sempiternalanal
engenhariarosa : Loved your hair so much! @semihumantendencies
semihumantendencies : Thanks! @engenhariarosa
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Time to Proctor #wcpss #psat #broughton #volunteering
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justanicie : Inspiring!
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So great to see the #wcpss community coming together after such tragedies not only here at Heritage but all across the county.
wcpss -
greco_of_the_del : You go to Heritage now??? I took the ACT there last month!
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Closest I had to light blue. #panthercreek #wcpss Athens cares.
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Staff shirts for Apex High School #lovethemonograms #apexcougars #wcpss #stitchandink
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#decomposers #snails #gross #awesome #wcpss @wcpss @northwoodselem1 #5thgrade #science #nc
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carsyn.6 : AWWW
mangumja : Awww I hear jaylyn :-) hope all is well! Love to hang sometime when things slow down!
heylizziecooke : @mangumja Hahaha, yup. Would love to get together and hear about your life and new school! 😊
vedika_tiwari : I miss you and your classes Ms. Casey πŸ’•
heylizziecooke : @vedika_tiwari @cg_soccer6 Love and miss both of you ladies! 😘
stephanieeeegggg - vedika_tiwari - kimbra_tovisi - carsyn.6 -
Math homework with Charlie= my head might explode. #done #seriously #WCPSS #nocluewhattheyaredoing #ugh #frustratedparent
seriously - ugh - done - wcpss - frustratedparent - nocluewhattheyaredoing -
noahjbell : What's the math equations?
mrsphoebus : @noahjbell It's basic subtraction word problems
linzcreswell : Praying for you! Missed you guys tonight!
lindseybdillon_thatbeme : OMGSH @mrsphoebus this was me tonight too! I even wrote a note to his teacher! My child was in tears!
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My son is #AUTISTIC and #3yearsold I just don't know what else to do!!! READ PLEASE @ABC11 #wakecounty #WCPSS #AA&D
aa - wcpss - wakecounty - autistic - 3yearsold -
ibvee : Two and half hours for any three year old is ridiculous..... what does the sped department say.. is transportation apart of his iep... can he somehow be dropped off first due to his age and disability. ... urggggg
tasia_wilnic : Yes to all of what you said. He is not supposed to be riding that long. I'm hoping this gets resolved completely tmrw. I will update then. Thanks for caring!!!
ibvee : Hopefully things will be resolved soon... if not you should take your complaint to the state level. .
tasia_wilnic : I have some ppl helping me. I'm just mad that this could happen to other parents whom don't have connections and feel like u did when I posted that FB status.
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Go Spartans! #wcpss #salemmiddleschool #schoolpride #stitchandink
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Students of Music is scheduled to recommence the String Orchestra Program at Farmington Woods International Baccalaureate/Primary Years Programme Magnet Elementary School on Thursday, October 2nd, 2014. Farmington Woods Elementary School is a member of the Wake County Public School System (WCPSS), and recipient of the 2014 Magnet School of Excellence Award. #StudentsofMusic #FarmingtonWoodsElementarySchool #StringOrchestraProgram 🎻#WakeCountyPublicSchoolSystem #WCPSS #RegisterToday @StudentsofMusic
farmingtonwoodselementaryschool - wakecountypublicschoolsystem - studentsofmusic - wcpss - registertoday - stringorchestraprogram -
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So, my name is Alex. I am in tenth grade and am experiencing a conundrum. I've always loved school, leaning new things makes me happy, and I'm very grateful for the opportunities I've been given to do so. However, recently my view on the public education system has changed. This is because "The Time You Have (in JellyBeans)". A video we were required to watch in school. It was likely shown to motivate us, but it had the opposite effect on me. They call us adults in school, they say we aren't children anymore. I am a child, what most adults want children to say, admit adults are superior. But it's true, I AM a child, I have responsibilities and I take responsibility for my own actions. I am 15 years of age, I may still have childish qualities. Most of the things that are said in school are to push and scare slackers into making something of themselves, but they fail to realize that they're also pushing people who are already motivated. I go to school, ready to learn. I have excellent grades and not a thing on my record. There I was, front row of the lecture, "YOU ARE NOT CHILDREN ANY MORE, GROW UP. MY CHILDHOOD WAS WORSE THAN YOURS SO YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE TO HAVE ANY DIFFICULTY IN SCHOOL." Not only are guilt tactics used, but fear. "You won't make anything of yourself if you don't know what your going to do for the rest of your life now". I am misjudged. I do have problems. I'm absent a lot but make A's. I shouldn't be failed for in-attendance, not understanding one topic, and failing one class shouldn't follow me forever. Because WE ARE CHILDREN. Other countries have it worse, but we are the land of the free and home of the brave. The fact that I come home in tears so stressed and worried shows there is a problem. Why is it that my best isn't good enough, why is an A only a start, why is an honors class nothing special, why is it that I wake up at five am every morning to spend an allotted eight hours for information that generally won't benefit me? Please dot get me wrong, I'm beyond grateful for my education, but the knowledge I acquired in my previous years was much more relevant to the world than what I'm learning now. I ran out of space, to be continued...
_willow_woods_ : Very welcome! :)
egilda_makeup : @semihumantendencies your hair is so beautiful πŸ‘πŸ‘
semihumantendencies : Thank you! All of you is 😭😭😭 I'm jealous @egilda_makeup
jenbryan2 : Stunning
sh33gon : You may be the one to save the human race wowπŸ˜‚ and your beautiful😍
sh33gon : You're*
semihumantendencies : Why thank you c: in response to both XD @sh33gon
sh33gon : You're very welcome :333
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zebdecatur : I can drive that
zebdecatur : but I wouldn't stop at rr crossings 😈😈
raymondgoodman : #schoolfuel #wcpss @zebdecatur
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Students of Music will introduce the String Orchestra Program at J.W. York Elementary School, a member of the Wake County Public School System (WCPSS) Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Schools Collaborative Network, on Friday, September 26th, 2014. Register Today! #StudentsofMusic #JWYorkElementarySchool #StringOrchestraProgram #WakeCountyPublicSchoolSystem #WCPSS #STEM @StudentsofMusic
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To new beginnings. #wcpss #kindergarten
kindergarten - wcpss -
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To the tune of "Fancy" by Iggy Azalea. #cover #science #5thgrade #nc #wcpss @wcpss #stem #elementary #share #teacher #education #artsintegration @northwoodselem1
artsintegration - science - nc - share - cover - stem - wcpss - elementary - 5thgrade - education - teacher -
kelliegerardi : :-)
joelleflyy__ : I miss ur classrs
heylizziecooke : @joelleflyy__ Miss you in them, girlie.
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Man how time flies. No matter how many times we will do the first day of school, my boys were so excited as they never did this before. As we walked through the school at there new location all the teacher's were so happy to see some children, my boys were it. Tre said ma im famous they missed me! πŸ˜†πŸ˜† smh.. God bless all the children as they are in the care of others and you Lord. Watch over them and keep them safe in your name Jesus. AMEN #1stdayofschool #wcpss #keepthechildrensafe
wcpss - keepthechildrensafe - 1stdayofschool -
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Students of Music is scheduled to launch the String Orchestra Program at A.B. Combs Leadership Magnet Elementary School, a member of the Wake County Public School System (WCPSS) and recipient of the 2014 Dr. Ronald P. Simpson Distinguished Merit Award, on Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014. #StudentsofMusic #ABCombsElementarySchool #StringOrchestraProgram #WakeCountyPublicSchoolSystem #WCPSS #RegisterToday @StudentsofMusic
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Pleased to say our school supply drive was a success- thank you to everyone that has come by to donate! Next step, taking it over to the schools! #liveatbradford #schoolsupplydrive #wcpss
wcpss - liveatbradford - schoolsupplydrive -
lardie09 : @northwoodravin #NWRliving
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Just a little excited when he saw his teacher for this year! #buggmagnet #jocopahls #wcpss
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We love @eatmansinteriors and even more for doing this!! #backtoschool #wcpss #teachersrule
wcpss - backtoschool - teachersrule -
eatmansinteriors : And we love Fleur!
happynesh : @lfillman @kymc223 @cwags85 @kamcgold
lfillman : @happynesh thank you!!
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Your challenge is to spread the word and help get your family and friends signed up today! Please remember: there will be NO registration the day of the event, so you must pre register! Kids 4 and under are free and 5-13 are half price! Go to for more information and to get signed up today! #5k #lfl #run #walk #gym #workout #inspire #challenge #kindness #l4l #happy #cute #lifequote #superheroes #superman #batman #ironman #wakefield #wakeforest #raleigh #heritage #joynerpark #wcpss #wakecounty #community
cute - run - inspire - lfl - gym - wakecounty - community - walk - lifequote - batman - ironman - kindness - superheroes - superman - joynerpark - wakeforest - challenge - wakefield - wcpss - raleigh - 5k - heritage - l4l - workout - happy -
diamantjolie : L4l?
endlessincome : nice!
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Are your kids in year round school? Learn coordination, build strength, and gain confidence in our Parkour Track Out Camps
duke - wolfpack - north - parkour - wcpss - gym - tricking - wakecounty - flips - durham - tarheel - triangle - chapelhill - strength - freerunning - ncsu - nc - unc - yearround - raleigh - cary - fitness - wake - freerun - trackout - wakeforest - raleighmom - carolina -
ensomovement : #parkour#freerun#freerunning#tricking#gym#raleigh#durham#chapelhill#ncsu#unc#duke#nc#north#carolina#tarheel#wolfpack#triangle#fitness#strength#flips#cary#wakeforest#wcpss#wakecounty#wake#trackout#raleighmom#yearround
vaidas5 : Good stuff
michaelsoteroypr : look at my website on my page
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What are you doing to encourage those around you? We are encouraging you to get signed up for the Superheroes Run today to help the children at the Masonic Home for Children at Oxford. We are encouraging you to do something to help others. We are encouraging you to do something that feels good. Help us spread the word and encourage others to join us at Joyner Park on September 20th, where we will make a difference in the lives of deserving children. #charity #mhco #superhero #hero #quote #encouragement #l4l #happiness #run #walk #wcpss #wakefield #lfl #wakeforest #raleigh #heritage #wakecounty #joynerpark #love #children #teamwork #journey #motivation #friends #family
motivation - love - family - lfl - wakecounty - encouragement - walk - journey - wcpss - hero - joynerpark - friends - children - happiness - charity - mhco - superhero - quote - wakeforest - wakefield - run - teamwork - raleigh - heritage - l4l -
owncharacterfans : @superheroesrun So cool
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Day 1 of our school supply drive and we are off to a great start! Stop by from August 1st-15th during office hours to donate! #liveatbradford #Cary #schoolsupplydrive #wcpss #getinvolved
wcpss - liveatbradford - getinvolved - schoolsupplydrive - cary -
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Your challenge is to spread the word and help get your family and friends signed up today! Please remember: there will be NO registration the day of the event, so you must pre register! Kids 4 and under are free and 5-13 are half price! Go to for more information and to get signed up today! #5k #lfl #run #walk #gym #workout #inspire #challenge #kindness #l4l #happy #cute #lifequote #superheroes #superman #batman #ironman #wakefield #wakeforest #raleigh #heritage #joynerpark #wcpss #wakecounty #community
cute - run - inspire - lfl - gym - wakecounty - community - walk - lifequote - batman - ironman - kindness - superheroes - superman - joynerpark - wakeforest - challenge - wakefield - wcpss - raleigh - 5k - heritage - l4l - workout - happy -
owncharacterfans : @superheroesrun So cool
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My #tbt is this #wcpss logo. It terrorized me for the first 18 years of my life. It always meant I was in trouble, gonna be in trouble, or stay in more trouble lol
wcpss - tbt -
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Be sure to share our event with all of your friends and family! We can't wait to see you on September 20th! #wcpss #joynerpark #superheroes #superheroesrun #5k #run #walk
run - 5k - superheroesrun - wcpss - joynerpark - superheroes - walk -
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"Don't take these moments for granted" You have the opportunity to give back and help the children at the Masonic Home for Children at Oxford, don't miss your chance to do something good for someone who needs it. All you have to do is participate! Email to get registered for a fun and fulfilling 5k at Joyner Park on September 20th! We need YOU to be a hero! Be there at 9am! #superheroesrun #joynerpark #costumes #fun #family #wakeforest #wakefield #wcpss #5k
superheroesrun - family - wakeforest - wakefield - costumes - 5k - wcpss - fun - joynerpark -
annapaolag_9 - tyty_blessed - joelgriffinn - kaaeeeli -
We hope all you superheroes are as ready as these two! It's time to start getting costumes together and organizing your groups! Who are you going to run with? Have you registered yet? Email to get signed up! #superheroesrun #5k #wakeforest #wakefield #raleigh #joynerpark #heritage #wcpss #family #familyfun #costumes
superheroesrun - family - wakeforest - costumes - wakefield - familyfun - wcpss - raleigh - 5k - heritage - joynerpark -
estelapacheco - weightlosswithlove - kalj__ - trusuccessrey -
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