Doing This Vid For Erica 2 Years Ago I Was Sweatin Her 😂 We Was Fake Drunk #ICouldHaveBeenYourBowWow #WatchOnMyYoutube #LinkInBio
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mndofamdmn_ : Lol you could have been her Bowwow lol
fame.truelegacy : @mndofamdmn_ yea she wanted to marry me first before him 😴
mndofamdmn_ : @fame.truelegacy lol shit steal his girl
rebellious_hooligan : Titties @fame.truelegacy @mndofamdmn_
mndofamdmn_ : @rebellious_hooligan lol random ass nigga
fame.truelegacy : @rebellious_hooligan booobs for dayyyss
rebellious_hooligan : For daysss nigga @fame.truelegacy silly how @mndofamdmn_
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