Happy #tbt to SWAG-bag-of-wonder stuffing for #vvc2013! Every conference, we think we have an easier way of doing this, and the even more great vegan items show up! And, then we remember we have 300+ bags and need to rent a last minute Zipvan. πŸ’•πŸ’• Heads up, vegan-loving companies: there's plenty of room to grab a spot in the #vvciii bag! #vidavegancon #memories #vegan #vegancompany #vvc2015 #vegansofig #naturalbrands #veganbusiness #thanks
vvc2015 - vvcthreepickme - vvc2013 - vegansofig - veganbusiness - memories - vidavegancon - tbt - vegan - vvciii - vegancompany - thanks - naturalbrands -
vidavegancon : **and then even more!
vidavegancon : Oh, feel free to check out #vvcthreepickme to see in 2013's bag!
lonestarplate : It always takes sooo much longer to stuff swag bags than you would ever expect!
ameyfm : The VVC swag bags are so over the top awesome!!!
anotherhungryvegan : When is the latest day we can register? I really want to go but I have to be sure it will work with my schedule! - fruithugger - cocodrilosindientes - bevegan__ -
Finally opened up my #vvc2013 swag bag, nearly a week later. I'd like to say this is all of it but that would be a lie. #vvcthreepickme #vegan #veganswag #amazeballs #vegantreats
amazeballs - vvcthreepickme - vvc2013 - veganswag - vegantreats - vegan -
adoseofdaphne : ❀😍
elizabet__ : Goodness.
wiaco : Still haven't dumped mine.
diannewenz : That's some serious self control.
veganmoxie : @wiaco It took up too much room!
veganmoxie : @diannewenz I wanted to make sure I could take a pic before diving into everything. :)
heidirettig : Enjoy your #antibadmoodsprays samples!
becauseyoureyoung - alexasixx - laceyjbrown17 -
Ms. Hippo, Momma Veg and I are about to get Swag Bag wasted. Food coma here I come. #vvc2013 #vvcthreepickme
vvcthreepickme - vvc2013 -
insufferablevegan : The Thumbs Up bar might have been my favorite thing in the swag bag!
veganmoxie - melisseragogo - runcrissierun - vegucated -
Yogi likes all the swag I got us at the amazing #vvc2013! #vvcthreepickme
vvcthreepickme - vvc2013 -
veggiesdoitbetter : @vidaveganhq
stacibrit : So much goodness!
melisseragogo : I like Yogi!!
seachelseashore : This is epic!
veggiesdoitbetter : I still have stuff for you @seachelseashore!
seachelseashore : Oooooh yeah! :D yaayayay
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Vida Vegan conference 2013 SWAG bag was awesome #VVCTHREEPICKME @VidaVeganHQ Seriously, @allisonsgourmet almond #chocolate brittle was off the charts. & who doesn't need a year's supply of vegan condoms!? #vvc2013 #vegan #treats #eats #crueltyfree #lifestyle
vvcthreepickme - lifestyle - treats - vvc2013 - eats - vegan - chocolate - crueltyfree -
char_nolan : Fritos?
bigcityvegan : @charnola yes wild card in there they came with the @chiveganfoods Teeze vegan cheese
heidirettig : Enjoy your#antibadmoodsprays sample! :)
insufferablevegan - vidavegancon -
Reporting back to @vidaveganhq with some of my favorite things from the swag bag: Everyone get a @cuppow lid to turn your jar into a travel mug cause that is the neatest! I also highly recommend the complimentary meal I had at @veggiegrill the Crispy Chickin' Plate. The Pacific Northwest Kale Chips are the best you will ever eat, promise and cross my heart! Finally, last but not least three cheers for including a Sheer Glyde Dam and lubricated condoms for vegan sexy times. SO MUCH GOODNESS! #VVCTHREEPICKME
vvcthreepickme -
jdfunks : @diannewenz it was in the @vegancuts package!
diannewenz : @jdfunks Oh - my bag didn't have one. That's okay though. There was so much free stuff given out I can't complain about missing one thing.
jamiejhagen : @diannewenz I know! I'm bummed I couldn't take Teese and Peanut Butter Co on the plane but whoever gets to eat it at the Portland International Hostel is in for a magical surprise...
jdfunks : @diannewenz shucks! There was a card to pick up the vegancuts bags at their table. Sorry you missed it,I hope you had a lovely time!!
diannewenz : @jdfunks I did pick up the bag but I didn't get the Cuppow. I had two bags of Hail Merry macaroons though so maybe the ran out while assembling. No worries though - I loved all of the giveaways and VVC was tons of fun!
diannewenz : Jamie, I saw that you left some stuff behind. So sad! I'm sure someone will appreciate it though.
jamiejhagen : @diannewenz I had Teese for the first time at the @nycvegfest last year and it blew my mind. And the Peanut Butter Co store in NYC is across the street from Sacred Chow but I have yet to allow myself to go in.
jdfunks : @diannewenz aw, yay! : )
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My non-edible #vvc2013 swag! Thank you, organizers! #vvcthreepickme
vvcthreepickme - vvc2013 -
vampira_bitely : Totally didn't pick up the shirt I had pre-ordered!! #airhead
stacibrit : I like the t-shirt
coeurtropnoir - dmangon1 - catzia -
@VidaVeganHQ, Best swag ever or best swag ever?! #VVCTHREEPICKME
vvcthreepickme -
bigcityvegan - vidavegancon -
Vida vegan valley girl... @vidaveganhq #vvcthreepickme
vvcthreepickme -
jeanettezeis : Ok, so (besides the keychain 😊) what was new/awesome in the swag bag? Any favorites?
cadryskitchen : The keychain obviously is my favorite! :-) After that I also have enjoyed the chocolate peanut butter, hempseeds, VVC mug, & kale chips!
bigcityvegan - insufferablevegan - jenofur - ashleepiper -
Stanley the Stegosaurus is drowning in #vvc2013 swag. #vvcthreepickme @vidaveganhq
vvcthreepickme - vvc2013 -
sattipippin : These things were free?
brontosaurkelly : @sattipippin I bought Stanley and the green water bottle in the back. The rest came in various swag bags
vegansofig - ashleepiper - vossval2005 - funkinutt -
I can see the @vidaveganhq planning meeting now: "Let's give 'em somethin' to SWAG(ger) about!" Meanwhile, I had a hard time even fitting all the #freebies (can you believe that?!) into the picture...though it was really easy to get my cat Ruby into the swag bag. #VVCTHREEPICKME
vvcthreepickme - freebies -
heidirettig : I wanted to go to the con so badly but it was the sane weekend as my wedding :(
kitteekake : Man, that's an awesome choc peanut butter haul.
writerinthenite : @vidaveganhq Was there a winner for this comp?
vidavegancon : Yup. We wanted to have a date/location for the conference before announcing the winner.
writerinthenite : @vidaveganhq I see, I see
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Doing arm curls with my swag bag from #vvc2013 #vvcthreepickme
vvcthreepickme - vvc2013 -
jdfunks : I love this!
tofumom : This is AWESOME, though the puppeh looks a little concerned...
thegayvegans : Monty always is looking at me as if I am crazy!
brontosaurkelly : I love this picture!
diannewenz - brontosaurkelly - renecouscous - j3sslina -
My #vvc2013 swag. I'm spoiled. #vvcthreepickme
vvcthreepickme - vvc2013 -
heidirettig : Enjoy your #antibadmoodsprays sample! I wanted to go to the con but it was the same weekend I got married!
keepinitkind : @heidirettig well, congratulations! I haven't had a chance to check them out yet, but I'm sure they'll be awesome! 😊
jdfunks : Yay!!
insufferablevegan : I think my favorite thing in the bag was the Thumbs Up bar!
heidirettig - theveganchickpea - carlaflower610 - veganbeautyreview -
Living the products in the #vvc2013 bag of swag! #vvcthreepickme
vvcthreepickme - vvc2013 -
anotherhungryvegan - veganyackattack - theladymagenta -
Back in SF & sipping some tea while staring out into my pile of goodies from the Vida Vegan Con swag bag. A heartfelt thanks to the conference organizers @vidaveganhq. It was an amazing gathering of so many wonderfully talented people! #vvc2013 #vvcthreepickme #vegan
vvcthreepickme - vegan - vvc2013 -
whollyvegan : @cashmer_e Aw, I'm sending virtual Lara bars your way! πŸ’šπŸ’š
whollyvegan : @kitchen_witchcraft I haven't opened it yet, but it's just a travel size pack of whole chia seeds. For taking to the movies or something. πŸ˜‰
sweetsimplevegan - goldentreasury - charkikan_vegano - accidentallyvegan -
@vidaveganhq Help, I'm trapped beneath the pile o' #vvc2013 swag and I can't escape!!! #vvcthreepickme
vvcthreepickme - vvc2013 -
sunzillaaaa : I love shwag!
tideandhoney : Jealous!
hawleywould : SCORE.
carrieonliving : @olyja I gave a lot of it away. 😊
carrieonliving : @hawleywould oh yeah! πŸ˜€
sandibdesign : Drooooool! I hope they do this next year!!
olyja : Great idea, Carrie! Much processed, right?
simplysocaldeb : Buy an extra suitcase!
sharipell - fully_vegan - ladyganjalot - graayala -
#vvcthreepickme @vidaveganhq
vvcthreepickme - vvc2013 -
_kate_lewis : You've got S.W.A.G.
janessapk : This is a great one!
capcitybakery : Wait, I didnt get a doggy in my bag...
kitteekake : #vvc2013
ludicrousmama : @inmypies She got a doggy bag...
vidavegancon - janessapk - veganpropamanda - theveganronin -
YOU GUYS. #Swag, auction items, and prizes from #vvc2013, otherwise know as vegan Christmas! This photo is my new reference to "What do you eeeeaaaaatttt?" #vegan #idontknowwheretostart #ieatnachocheeseandchocolatebitches
swag - ieatnachocheeseandchocolatebitches - vvc2013 - idontknowwheretostart - vvcthreepickme - vegan -
vampira_bitely : Mine will be a bit less impressive b/c I was eating snacks all weekend! :)
janessapk : That's my favorite hashtag ever.
ashleepiper : I'm relieved to see that you got t all home ;)
veganwtsn : Nice! It felt like Christmas to me too. What's in the lower left- five bags of coconut cocoa macaroons? Wish I could zoom in!
mrssolorzano : Holy shit!
justjoy7 : Holy crap! You hit the vegan mother load!
hotpieceofclass : @veganwtsn Yup, all macaroons!
hotpieceofclass : #VVCTHREEPICKME @vidaveganhq
mills_brisia - blissfulfitchristy - 2katemo2 - alessandra.savoia -
Swag. So much swag from VVC that I can't get it all in the frame. #vvc2013
vvcthreepickme - vvc2013 -
tofumom : Seriously, this year is going to be hard to top!! VVC15 = everyone bring a wheelbarrow.
bookie85 : I know! In 2015 I will have to fly in so I will be shedding items to make the weight limits.
bookie85 : #vvcthreepickme
bookie85 : @vidaveganhq
tofumom - janessapk - jdfunks - vegancuts -
Um. #vvc2013
vvcthreepickme - vvc2013 -
notionsick : Glyde on, Kittee. Glyde on.
broccolishitake : Score!
kitteekake : #vvcthreepickme @vidaveganhq
jesseanneo : I am pretty excited for the Cuppow! CUPPOW!
kitteekake : @jesseanneo me toooOo. I had to wrangle a bit to get this one. Favorite!
veganinbrighton - nicolesopko - violettfem - mmeeggggss -
Kittee documenting #VVC2013 #swagfordays
swagfordays - vvcthreepickme - vvc2013 -
kitteekake : I think I broke my swagger.
peppeplarson : #VVCTHREEPICKME @vidaveganhq. (Subtle, right ladies?)
jdfunks - carrieonliving - joannavaught - jordanpattern -
Swag from #VVC2013! Big giveaway w/ all this on soon!
vvcthreepickme - vvc2013 -
brybrooks2 : Yum!
signsofmadness : Yay!
sjfitlifeliving : I ❀those kale chips!!!
theflyingvegan : Oh my !!
michellecehn : #VVCTHREEPICKME @VidaVeganHQ
blissfulfitchristy - graayala - therealikes -
Totally forgot to take a pic of my swag bag Friday! This thing was heavier than my suitcase! Full-size products from @so_delicious, @bobsredmill, @chicagoveganfoods, @attunefoods, @foodshouldtastegood, @peanutbutterco, and more! (Not shown: vanilla flavored dental dam. (O.o)
swagbagofwonder - vvcthreepickme - swagbag - vvc2013 -
ludicrousmama : #vvc2013 #swagbag #swagbagofwonder
ludicrousmama : #vvcthreepickme
ludicrousmama : @vidaveganhq
sugarcoatedvegan - mamabelly - homesweetgrace - minannn -
Really not sure how I'm gonna squeeze all this into my suitcase. Um yeah #vvc2013 #swagbag #veganproblems
vvcthreepickme - swagbag - veganproblems - vvc2013 -
ashleepiper : Take the teff and run
beauootifulsoup : Get a really big suitcase!
larayaz : @ashleepiper Teff! Lol
larayaz : @vidaveganHQ #vvcthreepickme
vegancuts - mouky_cat - i_get_so_excited - krystlewaivio -
There was a trivia contest I never would have entered had I known in advance what I was putting my name into the bucket for, but I got picked to be on one of the two teams up on stage. I'm glad I didn't bow out! Everyone on both teams got prize bags! My team "lost," but we were all kind of clueless. Haha! My teammates and I each got a bag of Vega smoothie mix, Vega One bar, "The 4 Ingredient Vegan" and "Crazy Sexy Kitchen" cookbooks, Surf Sweets gummies, Field Roast Grain Meat Co t-shirt and freebie coupon, @chicagoveganfoods Dandees marshmallows, coupons for THREE cans of Amy's soup beans or chili and one for anything they make, free Earth Balance product coupon, and a coupon for a free @daiyafoods bag of "cheese" shreds! Plus some Leahey macaroni and "cheese" and Newman's Own pretzels that have gluten. #vvc2013 #vegan #glutenfree #majoraward
majoraward - vvcthreepickme - vegan - vvc2013 - glutenfree -
invisimom : I think you're coming home with enough loot you can skip grocery shopping for a few weeks. πŸ˜‰
moony_1 : That's a pretty decent "losing" prize!
becky_r : You guys were great!
ludicrousmama : @becky_r Haha! I almost cried once I realized what that whole putting your names in the boxes thing meant. I really hate that kind of stuff. Luckily they were so silly and fun and who cares and the rules kept changing, and my whole team was as shy and unknowledgable as me! So it was actually kind of fun. I didn't realize those bags meant prizes for everyone until almost the end.
ludicrousmama : @invisimom No sh!t! My husband is gonna be so pissed! We have soooo many snacks and samples and subscription boxes stuff right now! Haha!
ludicrousmama : #vvcthreepickme
ludicrousmama : @vidaveganhq
insufferablevegan - bentoforkidlet - creativefunfood - stuewer -
I'm probably the last person to post this, but here's what was included in the Vida Vegan Con swag bag of wonder. Holy smokes. So many goodies! #vvc2013 #amazeballs #vegan #veganfoodshare #vegansofig
vvcthreepickme - veganfoodshare - vvc2013 - vegansofig - amazeballs - vegan -
ozzzzzzzzzzz : So jelly, should have went all the way across the country to be there
veganjimbo : Mmmm lucky!
whollyvegan : @laurajcl ☺✌
whollyvegan : @ozzzzzzzzzzz This conference would totally be worth the trip! Good people, good food, good times. ☺✌
whollyvegan : @veganfitbitch Totally lucky...and stuffed w/ vegan snacks! ☺✌
whollyvegan : #vvcthreepickme
writerinthenite : Congrats! You won!!
whollyvegan : @writerinthenite Thank you! I'm so excited & super grateful. VVCIII will be awesome! πŸ’šπŸ’š
hxnds - one_nutritious_life - lungesandlattes -
Swag bag from #vvc2913! Yes!
vvcthreepickme - vvc2913 - vegan - vvc2013 - vidavegancon -
caroline5alive : That's a ridiculous amount of swag!!!
divaeatslife : So lucky!!
rose_petalz : @missoldsoul haha typo #vvc2013
rose_petalz : @befree2see I know, glad I came with a half empty suitcase! :)
rose_petalz : @divaeatslife i feel like I'm in vegan heaven :)
rose_petalz : #vegan #vidavegancon
divaeatslife : I'm soooo envious!!
rose_petalz : #vvcthreepickme @vidaveganhq
heidirettig - whoretonpapa - dropkicknomercy -
Our hotel had these rockin' schwag bags waiting for us! #BeautyWithoutCruelty #SusanNichole #VVC2013 #GoodCleanLove #Hurraw
beautywithoutcruelty - hurraw - vvcthreepickme - vvc2013 - susannichole - goodcleanlove -
crazyvegancupcakelady : So freaking awesome!
signsofmadness : Hurraw is the greatest thing ever!
shannmark : I love Susan Nichole!!! Have TONS of her bags!!
ecovegangal : Can't wait to see you - en route to PDX!
goveggiefoods : Aren't these great? Look forward to meeting you here in #PDX #vvc2013
michellecehn : @ecovegangal @goveggiefoods same!! See u guys tomorrow! Stoked. :)
michellecehn : #VVCTHREEPICKME @vidaveganhq
graayala - dreamer_bird - magicalexpress - lillipvn -
So excited to be at #vegan blogger conference #vvc2013 #vidavegancon tk u 4 gift bag @susannichole #eco vegan shampoo conditioner lip balm toothpaste & snacks Oh and cute bag! Xo. #compassionate #living #love #crueltyfree #lifestyle #instacollage #vegansofig #vegansonig #bath #body #products #beauty #events
body - vvcthreepickme - love - beauty - vidavegancon - eco - vegan - bath - living - lifestyle - vvc2013 - vegansofig - compassionate - crueltyfree - instacollage - products - events - vegansonig -
char_nolan : Next year, for sure, I am going!!!!!
bigcityvegan : That will be terrific!!
bigcityvegan : #vvcthreepickme
livvvyfit -
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