"I wanted to change the world. But I have found that the only thing one can be sure of changing is oneself." -Aldous Huxley
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kittybabymomma : #change #rny #vsg #bariatrics #bariatricsurgery #weightlosssurgery #weightloss #gastricsleeve #gastricbypass #wls #wlsstrong
Home sweet home!!! Hit the gym for the first time in almost a year. I may only be able to do cardio right now, but I couldn't be happier! #gymlove #mountainside #vsg #myjourney
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I have to say that I am getting pretty darn good at cooking fresh salmon. #vsg #vsginstacrew #gastricsleeve #weightloss #getfit #healthyeats #ahealthyme #droppingpounds #dinneronasaucer
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Getting wraps in stock this week!!! Order before they get her and save an additional $10 and get a single sample for $20. That's DOUBLE the saving! Call 504.292.8613 Order Online at #itworks #wedding #bridetobe #vacation #ww #results #australia #netherlands #ireland #weightlossjourney #tummy #vsg #pregnancy #mom #sahm #spa #tighten #tone #firm #fitspo #diet #bellyfat #lose #health
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2 ounces tuna, 1.9 ounces seaweed salad. We shall see how much I can eat of it lol. #vsg #vsginstacrew #sleeve #the3ouncelife
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michelle_my_belle__ : Yummy. I want tuna for dinner now.
michelle_my_belle__ : P.s. I love your nails. Gel?
attractivenuisancevsg : Yes! It's perfect match brand gel. I loveeee it. I put in so much pepper it's ridiculous. All I taste is pepper at this point lol.
_el_tieso_ : Looks good
michelle_my_belle__ : #handmodel lol
attractivenuisancevsg : Lol. Finally! Something I can model!!! Lmaooooo
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Ikke store forandringene, men det er en start ☺️☺️ 3 uker post op! #gastricsleeve #sleeve #wls #vsg #gs #weightloss #3weeks
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tonjemor83 : Ser da tydelig forandringer allerede 👸
mittlivmedsleeve : Bra😁 ikke såå lett å se det selv 😂 men ser det spesielt på ryggen da ☺️ og merker det på klær👍 @tonjemor83
tonjemor83 : Og på magen, haka osv 😊👍
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His lunch (obviously the fried food) and mine the super yummy chicken! #chilis #wls #vsg #weightlossjourney #wlsstrong
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Chicken, artichoke and sun dried tomato snack bites! High protein, low carb! This was 3 servings at 5 oz for the whole package. Yummy! #chicken #artichoke #tomatoes #parmesan #cheese #protein #weightloss #weightlossjourney #wls #vsg #bariatriceating #lowcarb #lowfat #foodie #foodporn #bariatric #gastricsleeve #gastricbypass #lapband #healthy #cleaneating #healthyalternatives
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jessgotsleeved : That looks sooo delicious!
leilanihall86 : When did u start eating solid or pureed? I've being eating soup lol n popsicles n water @alpha_sleeved
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#instacollage #vsg #vsginstacrew from Friday 9/19/14
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_el_tieso_ : Wow gorgeous
attractivenuisancevsg : @_el_tieso_ you're sweet. Thank you
wlsdailyplate : You look great! And I love that room!!!
attractivenuisancevsg : @wlsdailyplate thank you! The accents are silver. It looks nice I think with the bluegrey/purple, grey, silver, and white. I tried!
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Also, my "pig out" meal was a chopped salad with chicken!
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bonnievsg : #sleeved #sleevedcommunity #sleevedsisters #vsg #vsgsisters #vsgcommunity #instasleeved #wls #weightlosssurgery #gettingsmaller #shrinking #motivation #lazysunday
nerdyrinns_rny : I'm almost three months postop and just now getting all my energy back too!
sleevedtonya : Go girl!
xtratee : That's a great #NSV! I feel the same way. I'm noticing that I'm getting my energy back. Every small victory is a victory nontheless. 😆
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Today is sureal, the past few days I'm not meeting my liquid or protein needs. #weightlossjourney #willpower #wantedchange #worried #wordsofwisdom #wlscommunity #highanxiety #healthyliving #frustrated #feelingdown #selflove #supportivewords #vsg #defeated #strength #selflessness #strongminded #needsupport #needhelp #friendship
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bonnievsg : This was me last Sunday! The only thing that helped was I slept it off! Sorry you are feeling yucky!
theshrinkingdutchess : Just rest. You have the rest of your life to get it right. Your body is telling you something just listen. Relax , sleep, heal. We've all been there it does get better.
sugachell2 : @bonnievsg @theshrinkingdutchess I'm only 6 days out and have yet to meet 1 day of my requirements. I try, lord knows I try. Just feeling helpless.
bonnievsg : Don't stress yourself too much! Get in as much as you can and REST! It gets easier!
theshrinkingdutchess : @sugachell2 it took me almost two weeks to finally meet my requirements. Don't rush yourself.
Broke as hell....But I made green beans and tomato soup. Back in the day I would have dug up my last quarters and bought some McDoubles...I'm not using "being broke" as an excuse this time. I'll eat a can of dog food before I do that shit again. #vsg #vsgcommunity #vsginstacrew #rny #rnyinstacrew #wls #battleofthebuldge #weightlosssurgery #lapband #wlsstrong #bariatrics #wlscommunity #bariatricbabes #gastricbypass #gastricsleeve #obesityfighting #effyourbeautystandards #sleeved #summer2014 #july24 #Verticalsleevegastrectomy
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michelle_my_belle__ : Me too girl!
b0mbchelle224 : Looks good!
yaewest : I feel you honey
4thaloveof_me : That's actually looks and sounds very yummy!
mysleevedjourney : Sound yummy! Id probaly blend them up
mybaybeelove : This actually looks really good!! Yum!
xtratee : Girl, I used to do the same damn thing! Good for you for making good choices even when your pockets are flat!
rlb1213 : I think that looks pretty delish. We do what we gotta. If you haven't been quarter scratching broke you haven't really lived 😂
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Pulled pork And mustard greens with garlic #dinner #sundayfunday #crockpotmeals #vsg #weightloss
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BROKE MY MONTH LONG STALL!!! 6lbs finally gone!! Bringing me to 187lbs lost Forever!! PRAISE JESUS!! Only 13lbs til my goal weight! AND MY SURGEON SAID I WOULD FAIL!! Nothing like proving an asshole wrong while doing good for yourself! 😂😂💪💪💃👐 #winning #wls #weightlosssurgery #vsginstacrew #fitfam #protein #vsg #verticalsleevegastrectomy #rny #lapband #gastricbypass #losingweight #beforeandafter #thenandnow #transformation #duodenalswitch #motivation #effyourbeautystandards #weightloss #eatright #diet #healthy #sleevegastrectomy #gastricsleeve #obesity #transformationtuesday #premierprotein #instagood
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wonder_x_woman : @cheers_illdrinktothat i have been wayyyy more active.
cheers_illdrinktothat : Awesome. I have been too! Scale is moving again. Congrats to you 👍
vsgcleanjerf : You right there!
sleevedang : 🙌🙌🙌
getfit2000 : Lovely!
harjo11 : Yay!
ellie928 : Woohoo! Great job!
xtratee : After you lose that last 13 lbs, go and see him and tell him to kiss your (normal weight) ass! What a quack.
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Truly amazing what your body is capable of! Especially after losing 150 pounds of it! #gastricbypass #gastricbypasssurgery #WlS #vsg #lapband #teamrny #teamchange #fitness #healthylifestyle #healthyeating#newlife #weightlossjourney #workhard #workforit#trainhard#training#teamfit #eathealthy #eatclean
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jamie986 : you. are. amazing. 💙❤️
williamkeeler.herbalife : We're currently looking for people to join our team as Herbalife Independent Distributors, you have the foundations to be very successful in this line of work, email me if your interested or want to know more
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Of course it is... #vsg #sexualmeaning #wtf
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nick_g2a - musawinx -
Spent the morning with some of my bridal party trying on bridesmaid dresses, then watched my momma try on wedding dresses ☺️💗 and now we are waiting to try on my fave gowns to show my sister, my aunt and my BFF! 👑👰 #goodday #selfie #vsg #wls #vsginstacrew #bridalday #bye
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arly424 : Did you find a bridesmaid dress you like? @htownkay
bereccaleigh : Perfect day! Xx
shay4mo : 😢😢😢😢😢😢 I wish I was there w/ ya! @htownkay (btw---you look fcking #hot 😍😍😍)
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It's been a hot minute since I did one of these #fatturnfit #vsg #wls
fatturnfit - vsg - wls -
a1pizzle : 👍👍💪💪
theshrinkingdutchess - dj_method - dwelsh32 - jyacks16 -
Totally out of my normal realm of cooking, but with a new stomach comes new things. So on tonight's dinner menu it's boneless skinless chicken breast, brown rice,with stir fry veggies! Really what I wanted was fried chicken and baked Mac n chesse but when in Rome, lol #getfit #gastricsleeve #eatingclean #wls #weightlosscommunity #vgs #vsg #gastric
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theshrinkingdutchess : Jealous! My tummy hates chicken, beef, and pork. All I can eat if fish and turkey if it's lunch meat.
plussizeprincessdom : I've had no pork and very little beef. Mostly I stick to fish and chicken @theshrinkingdutchess
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So here it is. The last day of my 2 week stall. I'm being honest with myself, I haven't been 100% with my new life style. I've been to the gym twice within the past 2 weeks. I could give you all the excuses in the book, but when it comes down to it... I could have made time. I noticed that I was slowly slipping into my old habits. I've come WAY too far these past 3 months to becone stupid. It's been an interesting 2 weeks... I've learned a lot about why I am how I am, how strong I can be and who I want to transform into in the future. I went shopping trying to fit into clothes that I knew were not possible, and I totally became discouraged. I was wanting to be a healthier Paige without putting in the work. I want to be the reason that people decided to kick start their lives and become a healthier person. And i aspire to be just that. #Weightloss #weightlossjourney #transformation #transformyourself #kickstarthealth #bodylove #health #healthy #healthyliving #wls #vsg #vsgstrong #vscocam #Fitness #fitspiration #addicted #gymspiration #Justdoit #goodvibes #love #workitout #wlsstrong #curvyladies #pictureoftheday #proud #teamfitness #motivation #motivationmonday #gymtime
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linolvidable_ : keep it up... everyday is diff remember its a lifestyle 😀 keep it up
deeshrinks : @skinnyminipaige you're beautiful and such an inspiration to me.
kell.mill30 : @skinnyminipaige You inspire me all the way in MO! I'm going through the the process before surgery! Keep going! You go this!
natalie_lovs_you : You're looking magnificent😍🙌👌👏
skinnyminipaige : You are the reason why I have this account, and for that I'm grateful. Tomorrow is a new day! Thank you for the encouragement!! It really is appreciated 😻 @rny_debbie @_evanslaura @oortega25 @linolvidable_ @deeshrinks @kell.mill30 @natalie_lovs_you
lalabloom2252 : You look incredible!!!
missykellx : You look amazing! Keep going Paige!!!
isagurl29 : You know you can add to your greatness with a little help from isagenix. When I started I didn't excersise and I released ten pounds. And now losing inches slowly. But since starting I have felt better and I excersise more too.
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michelle_my_belle__ : To my #wls and #vsg followers... I don't normally do this, but this girl @attractivenuisancevsg has been with me from the beginning when I started blogging about this journey. She's new to Instagram, stop by and say hi, she's awesome, and has been an inspiration to me. #vsginstacrew #vsgfamily #weightloss @attractivenuisancevsg @attractivenuisancevsg
e.a._hancock : What's her name on here?
e.a._hancock : Never mind..I see it!!!!
michelle_my_belle__ : @e.a._hancock her name is @attractivenuisancevsg
attractivenuisancevsg : @michelle_my_belle__ you're the best! And you're doing amazing. I'm so happy for your stall break girl!!!! And you're the one breaking records at your doc's office! You go on with your bad self! So awesome! Thank you for introducing me to this! I definitely felt somewhat alone just blogging but wow look at all these awesome sleevers!
michelle_my_belle__ : @attractivenuisancevsg this is truly amazing. I love the wls Instagram people.
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This is from Friday at 228.7. Some before and now pics. #wls #vsg #sleeve #bariatric #finallyinthe220s
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_el_tieso_ : Awesome well you look amazing and I hope those people understand the ruff road you have gone threw to get to this point
michelle_my_belle__ : @_el_tieso_ she is gorgeous. Lemme just tell you that lol
_el_tieso_ : @michelle_my_belle__ yes she is from what I can see
attractivenuisancevsg : @_el_tieso_ @michelle_my_belle__ thank you. And she is super sweet. The problem is they don't understand it. Some do, but many think it is an easy fix. There's even one chick who I've heard is saying stuff like she lost weight the hard real way while I took the easy way out. I may have to give her a very personal up close explanation. Ahem. Lollll.
michelle_my_belle__ : Some people are bitches.
attractivenuisancevsg : And she didnt lose that much (like 30 maybe) and just starved herself and gained half back already. She's never struggled like I have and she has no idea. Gaining back was my biggest problem. Hopefully those days are over.
_el_tieso_ : Yeah I had people tell me that too that I took the easy way out I was like really you don't know what I have been the to tell me I took the easy way out I've been big my whole life tried every diet and pill out there so don't tell me I took the easy way out
attractivenuisancevsg : @_el_tieso_ Exactly. This is certainly not easy. It's a different kind of hard. @michelle_my_belle__ tellllll me about it.
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Some before and now pics. #wls #vsg #sleeve #bariatric #tryingsohard
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Some before and now pics. #wls #vsg #sleeve #bariatric #tryingsohard
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michelle_my_belle__ - sleevedmimi - _el_tieso_ - vsg_stephanie_jessica -
Some before and now pics. #wls #vsg #sleeve #bariatric #tryingsohard
bariatric - wls - tryingsohard - sleeve - vsg -
michelle_my_belle__ - sleevedmimi -
Some before and now pics. #wls #vsg #sleeve #bariatric #tryingsohard
bariatric - wls - tryingsohard - sleeve - vsg -
michelle_my_belle__ - sleevedmimi - vsglarry -
Some before and now pics. #wls #vsg #sleeve #bariatric #tryingsohard Thanks to awesome @michelle_my_belle__ for showing me the Instagram ropes!
bariatric - wls - tryingsohard - sleeve - vsg -
michelle_my_belle__ : Welcome to the awesome world of Instagram and joining the #vsgfamily #vsginstacrew !
michelle_my_belle__ - sleevedmimi -
Pouting in pain. I can't, for the life of me, get my fluids in!!!!! Ugh! #vsg #vsginstacrew #verticalsleeve #verticalsleevegastrectomy #bariatricsurgery #wls #postop
verticalsleeve - bariatricsurgery - vsginstacrew - vsg - postop - wls - verticalsleevegastrectomy -
maxboy08 : Aww! Ang! I'm sorry!!
myvsgjourney : I'm 3 days post op and I can only take 3-6 sips of water, Gatorade or chicken broth every 30 mins. I don't feel dehydrated, can't wait to feel much better already! Still in some pain on my right side
jens_sleeve_story : It gets soo much easier! The colder the water the better in the beginning for me anyway
taratakesoff : I'm sorry girlie.
_kristarenee - awesomesauceellebee_rny -
Some before and now pics. #wls #vsg #sleeve #bariatric #tryingsohard
bariatric - wls - tryingsohard - sleeve - vsg -
michelle_my_belle__ -
Anyone have similar looking food selection? My teeny tummy loves all these things!!! #vsgeats #vsg #weightlosssurgery #weightlossjourney @premierprotein
vsgeats - weightlosssurgery - weightlossjourney - vsg -
michelle_my_belle__ : I want that strawberry protein too. I have only seen vanilla and chocolate everywhere I go.
vsg_christine : @michelle_my_belle I went to premier proteins website and it will tell you what stores closest to you sell each flavor. I found them at Sams (all the sams around us sell all 3 flavors)
moore_love13 : No I'm so bad I eat like I use to just very small portions. I use body byvi for my protein shakes.
attractivenuisancevsg : We can have gum? Lol
vsg_christine : @attractivenuisancevsg I was told as long as it's sugar free and you are confident that you will not swallow it. Gum has saved me from my sweet tooth many times!
attractivenuisancevsg : I'll be so paranoid that I'll probably actually swallow it. Lollll
vsgdjenn : @attractivenuisancevsg Yeah I was told as long as it's #sugarfreegum, u don't swallow it or #blowbubbles then ur ok. I've only ever swallowed gum on purpose, so I'm not worried.
attractivenuisancevsg : That flavor sounds soooo good though
attractivenuisancevsg - vsgdjenn - newme_sleeved - healthychellebelle -
Back on the grind 😝 #breakfast #banger #brunch #love #food #foodpics #foodporn #yum #amazeballs #eggs #lchf #progress #goals #motivation #inspiration #weightloss #weightlossjourney #vsg #vsginstacrew #verticalsleeve #wls #journey #healthyeating #healthy
banger - motivation - love - foodporn - food - eggs - weightlossjourney - journey - goals - vsginstacrew - vsg - breakfast - foodpics - healthyeating - brunch - inspiration - amazeballs - wls - weightloss - verticalsleeve - healthy - yum - lchf - progress -
nats_sleeve_diary - journeytofitnz - samanthastewart83 - toryfrench -
My #Sunday #gym #peptalk the old saying is #gohardorgohome I got it in this morning at #lafitness seeing progress seeing results #vsg #vsginstacrew it's not as easy as it seemed, gotta #work out butts off still. Gotta #grind to get the real benefit of it all. Stay #focused and #motivated continue to #workout eat #healthy to enjoy that #lifestyle #teamme getting #fit
motivated - gym - focused - vsginstacrew - vsg - gohardorgohome - lifestyle - fit - healthy - work - grind - sunday - lafitness - peptalk - chase - workout - teamme -
lusciouslovevargas : Go girl! Get it get it!
mevette30 : @lusciouslovevargas I'm trying to get it girl! I'm on that #fit #chase right now, lol! You know how it is. 😀
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Isopure vanilla protein shake, 50 g of protein! It's good mixed with pb2. #vsg
vsg -
theshrinkingdutchess : @4jesusfit it's good! I can't have the pre mixed shakes because they make me sick so I get the powder and it's awesome! It takes about 10 minutes to drink it. Then I'm full for a few hours.
beauty_and_sleeved14 : Does isopure come in already made or only powder? @theshrinkingdutchess
theshrinkingdutchess : @beauty_and_sleeved14 I got it at gnc and it was only powder.
beauty_and_sleeved14 : Ok thanks what did you use to make it? It looks great @theshrinkingdutchess
queenofsleeve : Is this the same as a whey isolate powder?
theshrinkingdutchess : @beauty_and_sleeved14 I mix with water and pb2 peanut butter powder. I tried it with almond milk but it was so sweet and I don't really like sweet things.
theshrinkingdutchess : @queenofsleeve I'm not sure I haven't tried that yes its a whey protein powder. People who have issues with the premier protein and other pre mixed shakes usually do well with this.
queenofsleeve : Ok thanks I'll look into it....I'm still pre op but premier protein is starting to make me a little nauseous...but I ain't trying to waste all I brought lol
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