Wls jokes, #wls #chickenbroth #vsg #vsgcommunity #postop
chickenbroth - postop - wls - vsgcommunity - vsg -
Participating in #sassysleever photo challenge!! I haven't done a photo challenge in forever! I'm super excited for it! #vsg #vsgcrew #vsginstacrew #wlscommunity #sassysleeverssept #septphotochallenge
wlscommunity - sassysleeverssept - sassyseptember - vsginstacrew - vsg - vsgcrew - sassysleever - septphotochallenge -
emarie_vsg : #sassyseptember
I'm watching you watching me. πŸŒΎπŸ‘€πŸŒΎ
muscles - fitspo - weight - gym - cleaneating - rny - diet - vsg - gymlife - ds - trainhard - beastmode - weighttraining - fit - healthy - wls - weightlossjourney - weightloss - health - eatclean - fitness - gastricbypass - muscle - workout - exercise -
ibusagurl1 : Isn't that the truth!
thelionesschronicles : #RNY #VSG #WLS #DS #Fitspo #Fitness #Health #Healthy #EatClean #CleanEating #GastricBypass #Diet #Exercise #weight #weightloss #weightlossjourney #muscles #workout #muscle #beastmode #fit #gym #gymlife #weighttraining #trainhard
orsonstorm : Really nice :)
youngster2574 - blizzardbodywraps - mustardseedfaith88 - _saladqueen_ -
My knee cap is on fire and just happens to look like a softball right now. This morning's workout did NOT go as planned. My knees hurt more now at 145 pounds than they ever did at 323. #wearandtear? #fitfam #fat2fit #fattofit #vsg #gastricsleeve #verticalsleeve #verticlesleevegastrectomy #workout #bariatric #bariatricsurgery
wearandtear - bariatricsurgery - fitfam - workout - verticalsleeve - fattofit - fat2fit - vsg - gastricsleeve - bariatric - verticlesleevegastrectomy -
texangrits : @betttsy thanks love! 😘 There's a lot of fluid in it right now, but I'll be back at it tomorrow morning if all is well! 😊
yomysnatch : Awww thanks. I feel better now, we had cheese puffs at our draft party and I went a little crazy with them. Have you ever tried Biofreeze? It works wonders for my knees.
echogirl52 : Compression, elevation, ice, and tylenol. Hope you feel better soon lady!
texangrits : @yomysnatch Glad ya feel better friend! And I haven't, but I'll look into it! Thanks! 😊
texangrits : @echogirl52 Getting my butt into bed with a stack of pillows and an ice pack as we speak girl! Thank you! 😊
megan.misfit : Ugh I hope you feel better!
rnyteacher : Hope you feel better! You're also probably working out WAY more than you did when you were heavy
vsglife : Sux! Rest love!
glammytx - mercyyb23 - clos_arias - echogirl52 -
These tasted like delicious chips for a second, immediately followed by a combo of sawdust and powder consistency. Not worth it. Still going to try to make some snacks with them as I've seen on the @questnutrition Instagram but as plain chips, not diggin them which blows. Love quests products. #protein #proteinchips #questchips #nothanks #vsg #vsglife #vsginstacrew #wls #teamvsg
questchips - vsglife - nothanks - wls - proteinchips - vsginstacrew - vsg - protein - teamvsg -
davefromthebay : The other two flavors are good. These not so much. At least you won't eat as many ;)
freshsleeved : @aishahummkayden love quinoa chips but the protein count in these is what lead me to trying them. I love quest products. Exactly @davefromthebay but I'd have to eat the whole bag over the course of the day to get the full 21g of protein and I couldn't even get through 2 bites!
aishahummkayden : How much protein did your doctor recommend? Mine recommended 90gm
sleeviejay : The macros in pork rinds are pretty good. Crunchy and no after taste. Way cheaper than quest
npfantasia : Same with their crave peanut butter cups! The peanut butter in the middle tastes like it was mixed with sawdust lol... But if you drink it with milk at least you get the dry feeling out of your mouth! Over rated and totally not worth it.. However for 20 grams of protein I'll finish the ones I bought with half a smile on my face..
sleevedtohealth : I am so bummed to hear this.
davefromthebay : Lol, maybe use them for nachos? I can almost taste that bad taste they leave on my tongue right now! I could handle them. I try to maintain low carb eating and the crunch/carb count of these chips is worth it. I made it through ten bags eventually. The sea salt and BBQ were way gone before I finished this flave. If you have a bunch of bags you don't want, I'll take them off your hands. :)
prettypeachy_80 : Sweet potato chips are good and I eat Justin's dark chocolate peanut butter cups every blue moon @freshsleeved
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I never felt pretty enough for lipstick before. I've been missing out on fabulosityπŸ’‹ #nsv #wls #wlscommunity #wlsstrong #vsg #vsginstacrew #gastricsleeve #verticalsleeve #verticalsleevegastrectomy #bariatric #bariatricsurgery #weightloss #fatloss #health #healthy #wlsfamily #fattofit #fitness #weightlosssurgery #fitlife #bariatricbabes #fitspo #getfit #exercise #workout #gymlife #teamfitness #onedayatatime #fitfam
weightlosssurgery - bariatricsurgery - fitfam - teamfitness - getfit - wlsstrong - onedayatatime - wlscommunity - vsginstacrew - vsg - bariatricbabes - nsv - fitspo - wlsfamily - gymlife - verticalsleeve - healthy - wls - weightloss - fitlife - fattofit - health - fitness - gastricsleeve - bariatric - verticalsleevegastrectomy - workout - exercise - fatloss -
uloveaar - brianna_nicolex3 - bigjuicep - kathyafranchi -
Need some ideas! #vsg #gastricsleeve #wls #pureedstage #help
gastricsleeve - pureedstage - wls - help - vsg -
thenewrose13 : Have you tried purred chicken? With like yogurt and protein chicken flavor ? I heard it's good but I have yet to try it
elijah_83_ : Canned chicken?
freshsleeved : One scoop of protein powder and sugar free jello pudding (my favorite was mixing chocolate protein powder with cheesecake flavored sugar free jello pudding or MAKING the pudding with a premade shake instead of water / milk.)
freshsleeved : Cottage cheese w/ taco seasoning
freshsleeved : Refried beans w salsa, cheese, hot sauce (trader joes refried were my favorite)
freshsleeved : Also just google "purΓ©ed vsg recipes" you'll find lots of ideas! Just came across this blog, pretty great: http://gastricsleevefoodie.blogspot.com/2010/07/week-2-post-op-quick-pureemushies.html?m=1
selopez1 : You should follow bariatric surgery support group. On Facebook, I think you will like it.
curvycakes14 - thenewrose13 - clos_arias - andiland22 -
Looking to jump start your health and fitness as we head into the fall? Join my FREE "Fall Into Fitness" challenge group starting on September 15th! This 30 day group will give your access to fitness and nutrition tips, recipes, workout ideas, personal development activities, and motivation, accountability, and support. Participation is FREE. I'd love to have you! Leave your email below, and I'll reach out to you to give you access to the group! #vsg #vsginstacrew #wls #wlsfam #wlsstrong #gastricsleeve #bariatric #weightloss #weightlossjourney #sweatpink #fitfluential #fitness #health #wellness #accountability #motivation #support #beachbody #fitgirl
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I lost 30kg = 66pounds #3months #weightlosssurgery #bariatricsurgery #vsg #sleevegastrectomy
sleevegastrectomy - weightlosssurgery - bariatricsurgery - 3months - vsg -
suzana_aliza : Yeahhh.. congratulation to u @neuralnetwox thumb up! Keep it up!
neuralnetwox : Thanks @suzana_aliza
leen_abdullah : post ah gamba sebelum ngan skang sebelah2..
neuralnetwox : @leen_abdullah haha kene selongkar balik gmbr lama..
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Last day of summer, going out in style with Dan! #vsg #vsgcommunity #vsginstacrew #rny #rnyinstacrew #wls #battleofthebuldge #weightlosssurgery #lapband #wlsstrong #bariatrics #wlscommunity #bariatricbabes #gastricbypass #gastricsleeve #obesityfighting #effyourbeautystandards #sleeved #summer2014 #july24 #Verticalsleevegastrectomy
sleeved - summer2014 - july24 - wlsstrong - lapband - battleofthebuldge - rny - weightlosssurgery - vsginstacrew - vsg - bariatricbabes - bariatrics - obesityfighting - rnyinstacrew - wls - vsgcommunity - wlscommunity - gastricbypass - gastricsleeve - effyourbeautystandards - verticalsleevegastrectomy -
julia_slzr - mvrsedillo - kathrynboeckel - soniaclay -
Shh lets pretend it's already Tuesday. #transformation #transformationtuesday #wls #weightloss #weightlossstory #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #beforeandafter #rny #vsg #weightlosssurgery
transformationtuesday - weightlossstory - weightlosstransformation - wls - beforeandafter - rny - weightloss - weightlossjourney - weightlosssurgery - vsg - transformation -
krystal_tequila : Tummy looking tight!
_el_tieso_ : Wow amazing
bbwxwallflower : Amazing how you do it
drewundown : Good job! πŸ‘
mrsrodriguez422 : So inspiring!
chris_schoen222 : Amazing! Great job.
intergalacticlemons : Its tuesday here in Australia so it works β™₯β™₯β™₯
_salgado12 - preshuss1 - cassalassy - a_pouch_called_june -
8 hours to go ladies and gents!!!!!!!! Surgery day😨😨😨😨😨😨😨. #vsg #vsginstacrew #vsgcommunity #bariatricsurgery #verticalsleevecommunity #verticalsleevegastrectomy #verticalsleeve #wls #weightlossjourney #weightlosssurgery #weightloss #losersbench
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plussize2fit : Thanks ladies @curvycakes14 @calis_sleeved_life I'm excited, nervous, anxious, etc etc but I'm ready to rock this sleeve.
_lindsaygetsfit : Good luck!! It'll be amazing
newcreation2014 : Good luck!
l_careyfitness : @plussize2fit good luck I'm excited for u god bless u hun
plussize2fit : Thank you all so much @_lindsaygetsfit, @newcreation2014, @l_careyfitness
vsg_mistylynn : Good luck!!
curvycakes14 : @plussize2fit those r normal feelings/emotions. I remember as I was being wheeled back up until the moment the put me under I kept reciting Lord I trust u! I had so many emotions I was relieved my babygirl @curvy__goddess had come through successfully without any complications I was excited for her and myself but also nervous being a major surgery. I quickly checked myself and said lord if it wasn't your will I wouldn't have gotten this far so I TRUSU YOU!
chris_schoen222 : @plussize2fit so excited for you! You will do great. Best decision I ever made for myself
phenomenal_k87 - miraquefancy - prissy_bena - alpha_sleeved -
Dinner for two #wls patients last night. Tilapia and sautΓ©ed zucchini. Delicious! #healthy #gastricsleeve #vsg #easycooking #yumyum
easycooking - yumyum - gastricsleeve - vsg - healthy - wls -
calis_sleeved_life - jenniferpfitness - yuugoodstyle - katiegleed -
Egg, bacon, and blue cheese on half a low carb flax seed meal wrap.... All toasted and melty. I don't think it gets much better! 🍴😊 #breakfastfordinner #brinner #yum #foodporn #lowcarb #vsg #verticalsleeve #bariatric #bariatricsurgery #bariatriceats #wls
brinner - bariatricsurgery - foodporn - breakfastfordinner - wls - verticalsleeve - yum - vsg - lowcarb - bariatric - bariatriceats -
healthycleantimes : 😍
kellybelly_rny : That looks delish πŸ˜‹πŸ˜ @npfantasia
wesleevethejoker : I miss bread!
calis_sleeved_life - chaychelrachel - jhoannarodriguez88 - pierreblake -
Which one is the best? #wls #vsg #healthy #healthier #fitness #fitbit #polarwatch #polar #jawbone #bariatricsurgery #exercise
polar - bariatricsurgery - healthy - wls - vsg - polarwatch - healthier - fitness - fitbit - exercise - jawbone -
christi_livinfit : Great!
alvarengaan : Fitbit!!
sleevedevana808 : Really? What's the features like? @alvarengaan
rachelschauer : I have a Polar FT4 and a fitbit. Polar is really great for tracking when you workout, fitbit is good for everything else. I really want to get the UP 24 I've heard really great things about it and have heard its a little more accurate than fitbit.
calis_sleeved_life - alvarengaan - bitesizebitty - mblinka -
My surgeon whom I love! #pennhospital #bariatricsurgery #wls #vsg
wls - bariatricsurgery - pennhospital - vsg -
jovialjacks : I love him he's the greatest. Takes such good care of my family
calis_sleeved_life - bitesizebitty - jovialjacks -
So please keep it professional, positive, uplifting, encouraging, and real!
newlife - bariatricsurgery - healthy - tool - wls - rny - healthier - vsg -
sleevedevana808 : #vsg #wls #rny #bariatricsurgery #newlife #healthy #healthier #tool
sleevedlizzy : That's exactly why I created one! 😊
sleevedevana808 : ☺️ and I know someone will have something to say. I just like to keep encouraging words flowing through. This is hard enough for us! @sleevedlizzy
sleevedlizzy : This community has been a great resource! I'm almost five weeks out and the information, inspiration and encouragement I've gotten from people here has been so helpful!
sleevedevana808 : Omg I know! It's amazing and inspiring. It's the extra support I believe we all need @sleevedlizzy
sleevedlizzy - calis_sleeved_life - bitesizebitty -
In a world of uncertainty, I chose to be certain that I will be the best I can be....6 more days till surgery day πŸ’– #vsg #myjourney
myjourney - vsg -
calis_sleeved_life - kaykay_127 - cara_hunt_ - amityms32 -
verticalsleeve - vsginstacrew - vsg - vsgfoodporn - postopproblems - postop -
i_chose_up_vsg : If you know me then you know that I'd rather eat chips & salsa and drink alcohol ALL DAY instead of eating real food. My friends hate it. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I try to avoid eating this at all costs. I'm addicted. #vsgfoodporn #vsg #vsginstacrew #verticalsleeve #postopproblems #postop
_lindsaygetsfit - i_chose_up_vsg - ineedtherapy - tenacious_ash -
#vsgeats #vsg #vsginstacrew #verticalsleeve #sleevegastrectomy #gastricsleeve #verticalsleevegastrectomy
verticalsleeve - vsginstacrew - vsg - gastricsleeve - sleevegastrectomy - vsgeats - verticalsleevegastrectomy -
embrace_shar : I get mine on the 17th! ! Pretty nervous but so excited. I know I will need some outside support! Maybe we can exchange emails?
catvsg : Try some soft foods that you can chew! Maybe baked fish or deli turkey shaved really really thin?
sleeviejay : I had hummus and it went down well. Also avocado has been a lifesaver
sleeviejay - haleybugs20_ - prissy_bena - jenn_o_lynch -
@zimmrc26 My all time fitness guru, ReneΓ©! Over the thirteen years she's become an older sister to me (I guess that makes sense, she's Jess' older sister after all 😊) She's provided years of wisdom but Unfortunatley I never took her up on her fitness and health advice! She was always about a healthy life, made helpful suggestions, and always tried to motivate me, but I just wasn't ready πŸ˜”. Now she's super thrilled that I'm about that no carb, veggie-protein life!!!! Now, we are even more similar than we were before! She's my soul sister....and we love to drive Jess crazy, teeheehee....so glad she never gave up on me! Now we can tackle the track together!!! We took this today after sweating our asses off! Love you nay nay!
sleeved - summer2014 - july24 - wlsstrong - lapband - battleofthebuldge - rny - weightlosssurgery - vsginstacrew - vsg - bariatricbabes - bariatrics - obesityfighting - rnyinstacrew - wls - vsgcommunity - wlscommunity - gastricbypass - gastricsleeve - effyourbeautystandards - verticalsleevegastrectomy -
weavegetssleeved : #vsg #vsgcommunity #vsginstacrew #rny #rnyinstacrew #wls #battleofthebuldge #weightlosssurgery #lapband #wlsstrong #bariatrics #wlscommunity #bariatricbabes #gastricbypass #gastricsleeve #obesityfighting #effyourbeautystandards #sleeved #summer2014 #july24 #Verticalsleevegastrectomy
kath1021 : @weavegetssleeved you look amazing!! I start back at Caz tomorrow and I'm starting to swim laps then!
weavegetssleeved : Thank you my love!!!!!! I need to do my laps boo boo I can't wait to see you I miss you πŸ’šπŸ€πŸ’š @kath1021
skinnyminipaige : Let's take a walk soon!
kath1021 : @weavegetssleeved miss you too! When you go in ask for me I'll be there tomorrow night Friday during the day and Saturday
chelseyminchen : You seriously look like a different person!! Your face is looking like it did when we first met ahh I'm so happy & excited for you! @weavegetssleeved πŸ’ͺπŸ‘
calis_sleeved_life : You look so Erin!!! So proud of you!!! Keep it up!
twiskyt - kerry170 - miraquefancy - bridgido -
Selling this retro bathing suit if anyone is interested. It's a size XL which is probably a 10 or 12. It's too big for me and I want to get a new size. $25 with shipping. . #wlsstrong #wls #vsginstacrew #vsg #bariatricbabes #vsghotties #wlsclothingexchange
bariatricbabes - vsginstacrew - vsghotties - vsg - wlsclothingexchange - wls - wlsstrong -
itsapaothing : Bella!! You look so happy and healthy πŸ˜πŸ˜„
the_makeupguru_ : how are the bottoms? i may be interested
mission_marissa : @the_makeupguru_ what do you mean? Look at my previous pic for color.
illuminari_ : Are those Oakley's your wearing ?
sweetjaneen : @mission_marissa I need it! 😊
swtnsxy7 : I just bought 3 like this online today Darnit! I wish I would have seen this first! Adordable!
twiskyt - my_new_mee - urracubanita - hilaryflint -
Brunch! Minus the potatoes and beans....it was soooo good! #wls #vsg #weightlossjourney #wlsstrong #weightlosstransformation
weightlossjourney - wls - wlsstrong - weightlosstransformation - vsg -
mrsbova - paix_amour_bonheur_10 - elygettinghealthy - wholefoodfoodie -
Stop and drop a selfie. #vsg #vsginstacrew #vsgcommunity #rny #rnyinstacrew #wls #weightlosssurgery #wlsstrong #bariatrics #wlscommunity #bariatricbabes #gastricsleeve #obesityfighting #sleeved #verticalsleeve #verticalsleevegastrecromy #wlsmexico #vsgmexico #dralmanza #stopanddropaselfie
wlsmexico - weightlosssurgery - bariatricbabes - wlsstrong - rny - sleeved - vsginstacrew - vsg - vsgmexico - bariatrics - obesityfighting - rnyinstacrew - wls - vsgcommunity - verticalsleeve - dralmanza - stopanddropaselfie - wlscommunity - verticalsleevegastrecromy - gastricsleeve -
sweetjaneen - ptygrmrz - beautiful_rny - miraquefancy -
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog! I've got special things coming out this month in honor of PCOS awareness! Stay tuned for more posts coming out this month! Have a great week! #wordpress #erikaloves2laugh #vsg #vsginstacrew #verticalsleeve #bariatricbabe #bariatric #diet #weightloss #BeeYou #BBN2793 #BossBeeNation #pcos #pcosawareness #pcossucks
pcossucks - diet - weightloss - verticalsleeve - pcosawareness - wordpress - pcos - vsginstacrew - vsg - erikaloves2laugh - bossbeenation - bariatric - beeyou - bbn2793 - bariatricbabe - premierprotein -
erikaloves2laugh : http://erikaloves2laugh.wordpress.com
erikaloves2laugh : #premierprotein
leowebdev : cool.
ynesia_marie : Loved it.. I even had a weird feeling In my rib when I read that part.. lol @erikaloves2laugh
erikaloves2laugh : @ynesia_marie lmao! Sorry!
rita1148 - ynesia_marie - jaime991533 - erikahern -
My only meal for the day... Cuban Food so good!! #cubanfood #dinner #frijolesnegros #comidacubana #pork #wls #mangagastrica #rny #vsg #bariatric
pork - cubanfood - wls - rny - comidacubana - dinner - vsg - frijolesnegros - bariatric - mangagastrica -
chris_schoen222 : Looks delish! Did u make it?
yometo : Yes I'm married to a Cuban so I had to learn how to cook his favorite foods!! πŸ˜‰ @chris_schoen222 this is the second time I put the pork in the crockpot with some mojo and salt, garlic etc! Because it's so hot I hate turning the oven on. But it tastes so good this way and it's super moist too. @chris_schoen222
yometo : I enjoyed the beans more than anything I picked them out the rice @chris_schoen222
chris_schoen222 : It looks like restaurant quality so I can only imagine how yummy it tastes.
yometo : I had it good learned a little from my father in law and some from my mother in law!! @chris_schoen222
besleeveit : Recipe please.....looks amazing!
yometo : For the pork I used pork butt and mojo criollo You just put the pork in the crockpot and add around 2 cups of the mojo/juice I also added 1 tbsp of minced garlic 1teaspoon salt. For the beans it's just cooked black beans or you can use canned ones too, put around 1/4 cup of olive oil in a pot let it heat up then add some 1/2 minced green bell pepper, one 1/4 of a small white onion minced and 1 tbsp of minced garlic and 2 dry bay leaves sautΓ© everything until soft add 1/4 cup of red cooking wine or you can add white too, add the cooked beans last and let them boil then simmer for like 15-20 minutes on low heat! Add salt to taste @besleeveit
calis_sleeved_life - beautiful_rny - clos_arias - sleevedbee -
Took a hike up the mountain to the waterfall today with my family. Happy Labor Day! #bridalveilfalls #vsg #vsginstacrew #vsgcommunity #rny #rnyinstacrew #wls #weightlosssurgery #wlsstrong #bariatrics #wlscommunity #bariatricbabes #gastricsleeve #obesityfighting #sleeved #verticalsleeve #verticalsleevegastrecromy #wlsmexico #vsgmexico #dralmanza
wlsmexico - sleeved - bariatricbabes - wlsstrong - rny - weightlosssurgery - vsginstacrew - vsg - vsgmexico - bariatrics - obesityfighting - bridalveilfalls - wls - vsgcommunity - verticalsleeve - dralmanza - wlscommunity - verticalsleevegastrecromy - rnyinstacrew - gastricsleeve -
sweetjaneen - beautiful_rny - kay_1106 - jarnumber4 -
Omelet with cheese, poco and a dallop of sour cream. I didn't even eat 1/4 of it but man was it good! #vsg #vsginstacrew #vsgcommunity #rny #rnyinstacrew #wls #weightlosssurgery #wlsstrong #bariatrics #wlscommunity #bariatricbabes #gastricsleeve #obesityfighting #sleeved #verticalsleeve #verticalsleevegastrecromy #wlsmexico #vsgmexico #dralmanza
wlsmexico - weightlosssurgery - bariatricbabes - wlsstrong - rny - sleeved - vsginstacrew - vsg - vsgmexico - bariatrics - obesityfighting - rnyinstacrew - wls - vsgcommunity - verticalsleeve - dralmanza - wlscommunity - verticalsleevegastrecromy - gastricsleeve -
1mel1978 - tracyjean07 - kiddklasiks - beautiful_rny -
It was a Meal Prep Monday for me! I made some turkey meatballs with marinara, BBQ tofu thanks to @smallerbites (it WAS easy!), my ever present eggs and smoked sausage, oatmeal with chocolate soy milk and bananas, mandarin oranges and peas. I didn't get everything I had planned done, but I'll be more than set for a few days. #mealprep #vsgeats #vsglife #vsg #wls #rny #lapband #gethealthy
vsglife - gethealthy - vsgeats - wls - lapband - rny - vsg - mealprep -
smallerbites : @simplysarah620 yay! I'm glad!
athinnercaligirl : Oh so glad u posted this what a great idea! One month away from surgery and getting as many ideas as possible of life after #VSG. Thanks!!
scarhartt - arsleeve88 - ravay32 - sammie726 -
J.S.J chronicles! we went from dinner to Voguing to questioning Joe "but do you even lift tho" to comparing bariatric boobs πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ hahaha and we were completely sober! I love that I can completely be my crazy goofy self with my friends! #wlsbehavior #bariatricboobs #wedoitforthegram #vsg #rny #vsginstacrew #wlsfam #ILOVEYOUJOEANDJULIE !!
iloveyoujoeandjulie - bariatricboobs - rny - vsginstacrew - vsg - wlsfam - wedoitforthegram - wlsbehavior -
palomavaz : That's so awesome!!!
thuggist : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
jmatamo : I'm going to Cali in a couple weeks. @lilroundthing @shaunnyjay_13 @felicia_stacks824 but I'm flying
shaunnyjay_13 : nice !!! bring me something back @jmatamo
jmatamo : Sand? Lol. I will
shaunnyjay_13 : I have sand ! @jmatamo
jmatamo : Not beach sand
shaunnyjay_13 : ok fine bring me beach sand @jmatamo
calis_sleeved_life - 1monilove1 - jazmin_73 - sour_powerss -
I'm gonna be a mommy!!!! #motherhood #imgoingtobeamom #happy #mother #vsg #vsgcrew #vsgstrong #vsghotties #vsginstacrew #verticlesleeve #verticlesleevegastrectomy #excited #iloveyou #ilovemylife #pregnant
vsghotties - pregnant - vsgcrew - imgoingtobeamom - mother - iloveyou - motherhood - verticlesleeve - verticlesleevegastrectomy - vsginstacrew - vsg - vsgstrong - excited - ilovemylife - happy -
devilwearspaula : I hope mine is as easy as yours! I know I'll have back issues cause I've had three back surgeries. I'm scared on how much weight I'm gonna gain lol! And the nausea is horrible. I haven't puked yet though! Are you having a boy or girl?
morenaprincesa86 : Awww congratulations best thing ever sending happy vibes!
devilwearspaula : @morenaprincesa86 thank youπŸ’œπŸ’™
mrsbova : @devilwearspaula how far along are you?!
sara101020 : I can't even. I literally cried at your fb status today. Didn't comment more because it's almost to, like, 150 comments and 230 something likes? Lol you're popular! I'm so insanely jealous and beyond super happy for you!!! Things just keep getting better for you ☺️ you're going to be such an awesome mommy!!! 😍😍😍
devilwearspaula : @sara101020 thank you so much boobooπŸ’œπŸ’œ
sara101020 : any time! @devilwearspaula don't forget, I baby sit and nanny πŸ˜‰
devilwearspaula : @sara101020 well you'll have to come over and meet the munchkin with my cousin when he/she is born!!!
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Got my Overnight Bag Packed... T-minus 9 Hours until my Final Pre-Op Weigh in!!! #vsg #vsgproblems #VSGBEFORE #vsgcrew #VSGINSTACREW #vsgcommunity #gastricsleevesurgery #gastricsleevecommunity #gastricsleevecrew #gastricsleeve #weightlosssurgery #wlscommunity #wlscrew
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plussize2fit : What did you include in your bag?
journey_of_mistys_sleeve : A Gown, my Sleeve Plush, my Binder, my daily meds they asked me to bring, toothbrush, toothpaste, my Kindle, chargers, and a pair of loose exercise type pants for the ride home. @plussize2fit
journey_of_mistys_sleeve : And clean underwear. .. Bahahahaha @plussize2fit
plussize2fit : Lol okay, same things I have, can't never forget the clean underwear.
tgardner911 : Good luck! β˜†β™‘β˜†β™‘β˜†
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So. Damn. Close. #wls #vsg #vsginstacrew #verticalsleeve
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