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jonyraizetattoo : Nice!!
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#Democracy #VoterFraud #VoterSuppression #WeThePeople #Elections2016
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Uh oh. #voterfraud
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eringengo : This happens to me EVERY TIME I vote.
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What me worry? #MindBlown #pictureoftheday #picture #lmfao #jokeoftheday #funny #instagood #instagram #voterfraud #sheep #DemocratPrivilege #republican #2016 #hillaryclinton
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#voterfraud #humanfraud #southernfraud
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yridea : #rolltide
hannahdelacruzabrams : #petfraud
benbrownmedia : I'm gonna have to look into this, could be a story
secretagentpusssypants : Godzirra is still saved as a word in my phone
kfkirschner : Lord have mercy, you are a funny guy.
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Rahm's volunteers also stood outside polls and encouraged voting twice. Judges in Chinatown told Chinese who don't speak English to vote for Rahm. The chairman of the board of elections received lobbying contracts from Rahm's administration. The machine is alive. Take the red pill. #chuy2015
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chgosynes : I believe every bit! he won every African American ward. I wonder how?
jedjab : #rahm #mexican #mexicans
jedjab : #latino #latinos #latinas #latina
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jedjab : Instagay #gay #gays
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jedjab : #asian #asians
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And ya say Chi city!
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gloeone : #chuy #crookcounty #voterfraud #rahm #chicagopolitics #checkyourballots #thisischicago #chicago #chihood #igerschicago #peopleofchicago
dynamicfocus : U better have voted early!!!
gloeone : I sure did booooiii @dynamicfocus
gloeone : #dumprahm
dynamicfocus : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
msrod80 : Chuy signs were within 100ft illegally worries I called that in too!
gloeone : Oh you mad? @msrod80
ktal_ : Apples to oranges ^ πŸ˜’
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Yeah - it's like that. Go vote for the @denverwestword music awards! #VoterFraud #VoteEarlyVoteOften #ThanksObama #WestwordShow
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#democrat_schemes Can you say #voterfraud #voter_i_d In Baltimore John Wilkes Booth #stillvoting ! #voterrolls #greenmountcemetary #headstone_voters If Your from Baltimore You Know What I'm saying! Even Democratic National Convention I.D. was #required to enter!
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bullshark6 : Not to be that idiot but I don't get it
moose_83 : Scan ur fingerprints and put an end to voter fraud!
moose_83 : @bullshark6 people vote all the time in someone else's name or drive to another district outta state to vote twice. Hence the term vote early and vote often
moose_83 : Push for the scanning !!!
bullshark6 : @moose_83 WOW that's a dirty freaking dick move in every way shape and form cheating bastards
future_police_officer_shane : Not like we decide who is president anyway. It's up to the electoral college. Voting for president is just to make us seem more important than we truly are.
sharpeningstone : How about respect the President regardless of who they are. They are the president. This worthless generation has no respect.
a_werner5 : We have respect for good presedents but not this one.
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Has anyone ever seen this? It showed up in Rene's wallet - I can vouch - she paid for #fabric only! #electionfraud #voterfraud
electionfraud - voterfraud - fabric -
buttoncounter : Defacing government property to send a political message makes me want to buy fabric...however, national potato week makes me want to buy fabric too, so there's that.
mommeosis : Haha! @buttoncounter πŸ‘
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#twopartyfoolery #republican #democrats #voterfraud
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Can you say unconstitutional? #republican #democrat #conservative #liberal #libertarian #teaparty #politics #Obama #nobama #GOP #voterID
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centralvalleypatriot : Great. We're on the same page for that. Now, if we want to stop illegals from voting, how do we go about that?
politicianmagician : Considering the very little amount of voter fraud that happens it isn't a major issue. Now if people could come up with a way to do it without suppressing anybody else's right to vote that'd be great. Don't believe me that voter fraud isn't a major epidemic? I have multiple sources if you'd like to see them. @centralvalleypatriot
centralvalleypatriot : I've seen and heard of plenty of voter fraud. Remember ACORN in the 2008 elections? We had dead people and fictional people (Tom sawyer, Micky mouse, and dead folks) voting! That was such a mess. We need to enforce the constitution.
politicianmagician :
politicianmagician :
politicianmagician : I'll provide more if you'd like. @centralvalleypatriot
centralvalleypatriot : Didn't ask for sources but ok... I'll check it out. I just want to avoid the issues we had in the 2008 elections. (Like with ACORN like I mentioned above) Let's agree to disagree. I respect your opinion, I just disagree. I'll leave it at that. Thanks for the good discussion Have a great new year!
politicianmagician : Okay you too! @centralvalleypatriot
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#democrats #love #voterfraud #iseedeadpeople #voting #whatsgoingon #liberallogic #liberals #liberal #leftist #democrat #politics #rightwing #conservative #republican #voterid #vote Its not racist to require picture ID to vote. STOP VOTER FRAUD!
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shotgunctg : Republicans are bad but democrats are worse. There should be NO parties. They only weaken us as a nation
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Follow @conservative_politics #voterfraud #racist #racism #liberallogic #liberal #leftist #democrat #politics #rights #rightwing #republican #gop #id #vote Honestly, saying it's racist to require valid ID to vote is calling minorities stupid. Its saying minorities are too dumb to figure out how to apply for ID.. Its ridiculous. It only descriminates against those who intend to commit voter fraud.
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cryoheat : Nice, check us out ;)
nae_baeee : Hmmm, ive never heard anyone in disagreement with having an ID to vote. Interesting
exposing.liberals : @nae_baeee Then you must be lucky enough to have very little contact with liberals. They claim republicans are racist to say it should require a photo ID because "republicans know minorities will have trouble getting one"...its ridiculous. Seems like saying THAT is racist but what do I know, I'm not but a humble conservative.
nae_baeee : it just seems like common sense to me lol
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Thank you #JamesOkeefe & #ProjectVeritas for your undercover work in routing #VoterFraud in the #MidtermElections
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christina2_8 : @bobby_g13
d_sharpless1980 - sweattshopcincinnati - frankagar - weston_donaldson -
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laaang : She's so cute!!
lesgena : She's getting daddy's hair!
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Since it appears that right wing extremists are now choosing to wage moronic schoolyard bully attacks against the type of university that I attended and the one my friends are currently attending, I find it only fair to start calling these people out on their typical, outright lying, butt-hurt, and stupidly irrelevant commentary. The pendulum swings, dipshits! ;)
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hemdog83 : You got a cool page I like it! πŸ˜„
markwestberg : Hey, thank you very much! :) @hemdog83
markwestberg : I was semi-attacked for this meme I created on Facebook this morning (the one above), so here was/is my initial response, and my response for anybody here in case my motives were not clear: First and foremost, I am very much open-minded and not necessarily politically-affiliated. The reasons that I called this person out on their comment, which I felt was a bit ignorant, wasn't specifically because they don't like MSNBC (I'm actually fine if you don't like a news source), but more for the reason that I didn't feel it was appropriate to use anger and dislike towards one thing (a source of news) and then go out of their way to create some type of "justified" correlation between that personal dislike and what appeared to be a bit of animosity towards a type of school that I attended, and one with certain values and aspects like that of a liberal arts college. That's how this person's comment came off to me. Actually, I don't think it is necessarily right to attack any type of higher learning environment or institution with your anger or disagreement against something else, but that's just my opinion. The other reasons I called this person out on their comment was because I felt that the insinuation of interns or people who are a part of an internship not having any credentials, intelligence, or reasonable qualifications to practice or perform the job was a bit ridiculous and somewhat irrelevant; and because this person's comment was under a meme on a rather conservative-based page, I really didn't get the sense that this person really understood what they were talking about when their choice of words specially were "liberal arts school". I realize that not everybody is taking offense to what this person said, but I and other people did, and I don't believe that we were really unjustified or wrong for doing so. Just how the comment and the tone/connotation of the comment came off.
markwestberg : #followforfollow
markwestberg : #politicaldebate #politics
markwestberg : Hell yeah, wow!!!!!! ;) @fitnessguru0677
findspark : :)
markwestberg : @findspark :)
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Check out this cute American exercising her rights. #voterfraud #timehop
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I don't understand how I didn't win our costume contest at work when I had all the spare ballots #voterfraud #100evenmoremehdays #dayfiftytwo
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Get out the #Frenchie vote! No #voterfraud, just extra stickers for the #bulldog!!
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charlie_good_boy : woof woof woof!
penniethepoodle : Cool!
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happy election day! #vote #voteutah #electionday #ivoted
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chrisotting : @provocity2nd
karrenhunsaker : Did you vote 11 times?
chrisotting : @karrenhunsaker #voterfraud
sotting : Creepy
sarahallenauthor : Best ivoted selfie, I think :D
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I #voted today.. Twice as a matter of fact! Once as myself and another time as my alter ego, Dr. Cornelius Ramses III. #VoterFraud is real, wake up sheeple!
voterfraud - voted -
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#voterfraud #ivoted #vscocam
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Pretty sure this is a case of #voterfraud
voterfraud -
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I'm absolutely disgusted with the state of tennessee right now! Just got robbed. I didn't even vote. Voter suppression is real folks. I just stood in line at the same voting poll I've been going to, FOR THE PAST SEVEN YEARS! First they tried voter suppression by requiring picture ID in the state to vote. That didn't work. Folks just simply went and got a picture ID. Now they are revering back to Jim Crow practices. I got to the front of the line and the lady said, "You're in the wrong place. Your poll is down the street." They want to suppress the vote of minorities, the elderly, the disenfranchised, and anyone who is really knowledgeable about what's going in in our society. I asked her did they send out any notices? She said they just found out about it TODAY! Of course when I got to the other poll it was too late. I didn't receive a notice in the mail or anything. I wouldn't of had a problem with it. Shit happens right? I became livid when I saw everyone they were telling this to was BLACK! That's some BULLSHIT! People need to wake up out here. The system is broken! Everyone knows I'm Mr. Positive and always trying to uplift my community and spreading good vibes, but suppressing my vote is where I draw the land in the sand. My Constitutional rights have been violated, and I don't appreciate it. If they thought I would be discouraged and never vote again, they were wrong! I'm a writer, and exposing bullshit is my profession. If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything. The devil is a lie... #ididntvote #votersuppression #CNN #MSNBC #voterfraud #tennesseeiswrong #righttovote #justice #hiddenracism #OneTeam #writer #author #poet #filmmaker #activist #standup #writerslife #writersblock #bullshit #vote #voting #evil #thedevilisalie #Godisgreat #faith #focus #dedication #JimCrow
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writereac357 : I actually enjoyed getting out on Election Day and voting. They ruined that for me today @msilya
intheairwaves : Ridiculous! At least you have a voice that can be heard and maybe someday this absurdity will be behind us.
writeshoprobert : They moved mine too, luckily I was able to cast a provisional ballot. I've heard some very informative radio programs about this type of voter suppression. I'm sorry to hear that you've been a victim of this crap.
justisunji : @writereac357 Soooooo much shade this election.... so much. Now I'm holding my breath waiting to see what'll happen next... smh #defectingtocanada
msilya : Thank heavens it wasn't the presidential election.
alexisivonne710 : Sorry to hear that but you're on the right track...the system is broken and it doesn't matter who you elect. Our votes don't's just so people think we have a choice of who we put in doesn't matter if it's a republican or a's just a puppet.
darrionjwrites : Gotta love our Demokkkracy
tombibiyan : Nice.
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Hunkered down to watch election returns!
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lufone : Kinda sad Ma's not there...
cef91055 : #frenchbulldog #frenchie #election #voterfraud #noidrequired
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VOTER FRAUD IN OHIO! #govote #voterfraud #3yearsold
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cherryral - shelbypbrads - lashawn_90 - danielxemmons -
I actually got asked for my ID to #vote. I appreciate this to help fight #VoterFraud
vote - voterfraud -
writeshoprobert : Yay...systematic voter suppression is way better than occasional or accidental fraud
california_libertarian : It would not suppress people who are legally allowed to vote @writeshoprobert
masculinemonsterr - american.jedi_ - libertarian_mn - loganfcrooks -
#unregisteredvoter #voterfraud
voterfraud - unregisteredvoter -
meghanfulmer - derek_dutton - taisara - annatr4 -
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