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I reviewed, almost selected "next" when something caught my eye. So, I slowed down, reviewed carefully, and found the electronic voting machine had changed 5 or 6 of my votes! All to the opposing Party! The Judge pulled that machine, but I wonder how many votes went down inaccurately!?
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prince1294 : @jnholmes I wasn't required to show my ID. They asked me if I'd l ok e to show it and I asked if I was legally required and they told me no. I did make sure to check the printed tape tho as I voted.
nitabrown63 : We didn't have to show our ID but we did show our voter registration card. I think @lindapomeroy that we definitely should have to though. We did recheck our vote and I agree everybody should recheck bf submitting. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‘
the_jerome : What voting system vendor does your county use? More than likely it was a screen calibration issue and not a programming "fix".
lindapomeroy : @the_jerome We live in hope. No matter how it happened, the outcome is the same. No telling how many went unnoticed.
lindapomeroy : @the_jerome I don't know the answer to your question, but we have the candidates and top election officials looking into it.
debbyfielden : I believe it! @granna_cypert
the_jerome : @lindapomeroy It was probably a calibration issue. I've seen that problem with those machines.
ctmb374 : I've not heard of this being caught in Tennessee yet, but I'll be listening very close.
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEQpHfnJz-c is the video. So there was footage taken in a voting center in Maripoca County where a guy walks in with a box of ballots and AJ LaFaro witnessed this first hand as chairman of the republican party in that county and there's video evidence of it. The guy tried making a "deposit." It had hundreds of ballots and he walked away. In the exchange LaFaro is asked to stop watching the guy and LaFaro says one of the ballots isn't sealed. So later, the guy says it's none of your business and to "f*ck yourself gringo(white person). I don't have to tell you who I am." Voter fraud does happen and voter id laws are necessary. #republican #conservative #gop #teaparty #america #usa #unitedstates #patriot #voterfraud
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spooky_demigod_faller : He supports Gaza, but he's against ISIS
conservative_newjersey : @spooky_demigod_faller oh I hate debating Gaza with them.
spooky_demigod_faller : They're stubborn
conservative_newjersey : @spooky_demigod_faller definifely
bencarson2016 : @timschnell It must be hard watching your party splintering and vulnerable incumbents distancing themselves from the best campaigner America has ever seen at a time when they need him more than ever. Bc that's all he ever really was-a great campaigner (promoter). It's the follow through he has never mastered. He actually does get a lot of things accomplished, however. They're just never part of his public agenda.
timschnell : @bencarson2016 I think he's been more than a campaigner. He's passed a lot of good laws, but quite a lot of them get lost in the translation matrix known as the conservative media. I do read up on more moderate sources like Huffpost, TIME, and the WSJ.
timschnell : @bencarson2016 Of course, the liberal media might paint conservatives the same way, but the liberal media usually comes pretty close to the actual proposals made by conservative politicians; Their proposals really are just that counterproductive.
conservative_hawaii : @conservative_newjersey S4S
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Being against voter ID is being for Voter Fraud. Period. #voterid #voterfraud #vote
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truth_today : Oh something that makes sense on your page.
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Why vote when there's always voter fraud? The left right paradigm is a myth like a flying unicorn.
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_dansasa_ : #voterfraud
Any party that tries to restrict voting has a problematic platform. #republican #voterfraud #voterid #vote #fraud #deceptive #criminals #perry #christie #congress #rickscott #koch #nokeystonexl #senate #house #midterms #uniteblue #democrat #liberal #blue
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johnathankaaua : @hausofdarby Not sure if you are actually serious or trolling.
hausofdarby : @johnathankaaua tbh voter fraud isn't a problem in the U.S. The reason I think they should just use finger prints is because I really think that would make everything simple . I think the idea that you have to register to vote is kind of stupid. Voting should just be something you do with the click of a finger to make democracy more simple and easy. I think its stupid that you have to affiliate yourself with a party to vote for primary elections in some states . Voting should be something that takes a couple of seconds not a wait in line . Lastly even if my idea may seem for fetched its still an idea . We should make voting easier that might make elections more accurate .
ruiz_707 : Wow u actually posted about republicans... Like your username states πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚
republicanlies : Yep. I do that a lot actually. @ruiz_707
ruiz_707 : I've been seeing a lot of opinion stuff and celebrity things πŸΈβ˜•οΈ
rogue_mustang : Blasphemy! Away with these republicans and their logic and reasoning!
carlthefreakinllama37 : Both parties lie.
northeast_conservatives_ : Obama=trash Ted Cruz=savior of the USA @rogue_mustang
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Senior Legal Fellow at the Heritage Foundation, Mr. Hans von Spakosvky speaking on the importance of cracking down on voter fraud at our Columbia Voting Week event on 10/10. #columbiagop #votingweek #voterfraud #heritagefoundation
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The Other One Is On The Mexican Border. #Conservatives #TeaPartiers #AmericanPatriots #VoterID #VoterFraud #Corruption
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deathwobblemagnet : BUSTED!
jmparks777 : @sgtrocksscowl LOL Priceless ! They vote for you when your not destroying their country and you open the borders and practically stop deportation ! Flood the country with illegals and disease ! Sometimes one in the same !
sgtrocksscowl : If doesn't scream Voter ID than nothing does @jmparks777 @deathwobblemagnet
jmparks777 : @sgtrocksscowl Its gonna take something HUGE to stop the machine ! Otherwise it will keep mowing down citizens for private gains & wealth. It's all fun till their held accountable !
sgtrocksscowl : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ @jmparks777
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#VoterFraud #VoterID
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#LOL, yup...looking forward to my eternity as a #democrat... #conservative #republican #voterfraud
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#voters #deadvoters #voterfraud #voterid #democrats
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itsbenmeyer : That's funny because it's actually true
2xcombatvet : Really?
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Vote early, vote often was their motto and they meant it. Let's see what happens in November to keep the Senate. #nobama #fraud #Senate #voterfraud
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liberal_killer : @byronwinkelman
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Big decisions await babies at the polls this November. #voterfraud #typicalpandering #gso #ncpol #vscocam
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We hit #LA & #DC tmrw! Every night join leading #getmoneyout activists for solution sessions. Go to play2ay.tv for schedule! #democracy4all
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pay2playtv : #vote #voterfraud #election #kochbros #kochbrothers #democracy #moneyandpolitics #movie #premiere #noho #mariannewilliamson #lessig #robertreich
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How do we compete with this ?? #democrats #voterfraud. #voterid #drugsforvotes #breitbart #texas
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wirenut7 : The only way to get people to vote Democrat Communist Party
hogbandit84 : @master_debater3791 give away guns an ammo!!!!
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Ha ha ha! #voterfraud #republican #conservative #america
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#Vote #Voters #VoterID #VoterFraud #VoteTampering #VotePandering #lowinformationvoters #ResponsibilityOfCitizenship
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chrisnise : Oh man is that that Irish pub type place on walnut?
corkgrips : ugh that place
grayhood : I demand a recount.
dustysummers : @chrisnise it's some tourist spot at 4th and marketish
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#Mississippi #VoterFraud #VotePandering #GOP #RINOs
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#VoterID #VoterFraud #Voting
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Eric & Barry have been caught in yet another lie... #VoterID #VoterFraud #VotePandering #ElectionFraud #VoteTampering
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mrkent82 : I find the hypocrisy in their argument most amusing. They are basically saying that minorities are incapable of obtaining ID. Is that not racist?
mrroboteaux : @mrkent82 exactly.
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#VoterID #VoterFraud #BuyingVotes #VotePandering #Liberals #Fraud
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#Congress #Corruption #VoterFraud #VoterID
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lc_jamccullough_ghif_djif : I knew he was corrupt. I knew I shouldn't support him
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#VoterID #VoterFraud #Lawless #DOJ #AbuseOfPower #Holder
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politician Thaddeus MacBane in black and white
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patrick.l.ramsey : #politician #corrupt_politician #adversary #political_races #president #comic #cartoon #satire#poke_fun
patrick.l.ramsey : #politician #landslide #politicalparty #runofff #votes #voterfraud #fraud #charleton #salespitch #salesman #mouthpei
patrick.l.ramsey : #mouthpiece #personalitycult #ruthless #conniving #cunning #comedy #musician #m
patrick.l.ramsey : #musicaltheater
minsardi : hows it going
incomecreator : Nice!
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#VoterFraud #GOP #RINOs #Democrats #Dems #Corruption
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the_patriot_nation : freedom!
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#VoterID #VoterFraud
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Not sure if these numbers are true, but there was a ton of voter fraud. From @american_constitutionalist #constitution #voterfraud #civilrights #conservative #liberal #libertarian #liberalslogic #democrat #barackhusseinobama #obama #romney
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markie_wickard_jr : DM when you get the chance!!!
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I voted sticker #voterfraud
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Evidence of #VoterFraud in #RanchoCucamonga LOL my polling place was the #VictoriaGardens cultural center
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1stavenuemedia : nice
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Took care of his civic duty #notlegal #voterfraud
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#voting #idmatters #elections #proof #id #voterid should be #nationallaw #crooked #democrats get #illegal votes #fraud #voterfraud #aliens
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maggott_aj : That's how the democrats got over on the American people in the past elections
sikotic3 : @maggott_aj hell yeah I'd agree with that.your right.
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