#TheCaseAgainstBHO via .@andyoaklee #voterfraud #norefugees #unfit2command #CENSUREobamaNow
voterfraud - censureobamanow - unfit2command - thecaseagainstbho - norefugees -
koko_xx_ : I think not!
21usarmy21 : Obama=worthless sack of dog shit and that is an understatement
namastebookshopbk : πŸ™ namaste
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I suck at my new signature. Oops. The #Whatcom county auditor is on it! #marriedlifeproblems #itriedtovote #bellinghome
voterfraud - itriedtovote - marriedlifeproblems - whatcom - bellinghome -
_jentonic : #voterfraud
diana_saas -
Texas voting requires photo ID. They accept Texas driver license, passports, concealed weapon license? College ID, nope. #passport #driverslicense #vote #Texas #ID #voterfraud #Coters #People#Civilrights #civil #march
driverslicense - people - civil - coters - voterfraud - passport - vote - march - civilrights - id - texas -
rynogolfstyle : Keep it up!
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My first election day. #voterfraud #obamasamerica
voterfraud - obamasamerica -
angieomara - jonathanellman - jarrod52 - amanda_lcohen -
Took the kids voting today. Take your kids. It shows them that it's important to you. We also met our (hopefully) new ward commissioner who lives just a few doors down. State and local elections are more important on your day to day lives than national elections. #govote #vote
govote - vote - voterfraud -
rickyjxxx : Reporting this
chazxcore : @rickyjxxx we did vote 3 times. #voterfraud
bxmurray - silentshore - ajjb4 - fallon_maggio -
My dad used to take me to the polls with him almost every year, and so I vowed to do the same thing as a parent. This morning, Eli and I fulfilled our civic right and responsibility. But not without a lot of questions on what voting means, why it's important, and why Eli couldn't push the ballot buttons. #voterfraud
voterfraud -
ohionista : Civic engagement and perfect eyebrows. You're superwoman.
achicknameddan : @ohionista Man, Benefit Brow bar is my savior. Google them. It's a chain of cosmetics that also does facial waxing. They train their aestheticians to shape the brows using the exact same technique everywhere. So no matter where you go you get the same shape. And it's true. I've been in San Fran, Cleveland, Dayton, and Columbus. Always the same shape.
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Let's catch a ballot thief! #justice #voterfraud
justice - voterfraud -
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We need these in 2016. #democrat #voterFraud #voterID #STEALelections
stealelections - voterfraud - democrat - voterid -
254fan : 😭
vpelect.calderone.tpon - the_writer_of_gallifrey9000 - mrbongoguy - _kilo666 -
This is what can happen in your state if you don't #vote on off year elections. This happen in Ohio Thanks @brewstudno.1 #votersuppressionlaws #votersuppression #voterfraud #electionday #vote #fact it's real.
voterfraud - votersuppressionlaws - vote - electionday - fact - votersuppression -
walk010307 : My brother K! BowTies=Truth! Keep fighting for it.
tinaturnertinaturner : This is why it is important to vote every time there is an election.
lanupespr88 : @tinaturnertinaturner Preach πŸ™ŒπŸΎ
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Imma just leave this here #vote #votes #voter #voters #voterfraud #Mexico #Id #voterid #Democrats Partners!!!πŸ‘‡ @republicans.slay @guns_are_fun_ @political_insta @rightwing_christian @republican_patriot @young.conservative_ @bigremy @win_ben_win @ohioconservative56 @southern.boy02 @the.teenage.conservative
votes - voter - voters - mexico - voterfraud - voterid - democrats - vote - id -
simpuhl : Make it easier to vote. Then Republicans will always loose.
joshaunathanael : In my country an ID is required too
senordabo : @eribarrios
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Double standards. #Repost @theanti_liberal ・・・ #liberals #liberal #election #election2016 #voterfraud #voting #democrats #conservatives #republicans #vote #rockthevote #voterregistration #voterregistrationdrive #gimmedat #america #american #freedom #texas #igtexas #igtravel #merica #immigration #igmilitiatx #igmilitia
liberal - igmilitia - republicans - immigration - igtravel - voterregistration - voterfraud - election - conservatives - vote - igtexas - gimmedat - america - repost - voting - freedom - american - liberals - merica - texas - igmilitiatx - rockthevote - voterregistrationdrive - election2016 - democrats -
antoniocruz0874 : Because then all the illegals couldn't vote here and get liberals elected.
trailblazertravels - the.whatever.account.v1 - unelectable - the_kilted_photographer -
Interesting. . #liberals #liberal #election #election2016 #voterfraud #voting #democrats #conservatives #republicans
liberal - republicans - liberals - voterfraud - election - conservatives - voting - election2016 - democrats -
claireesse_ : How is it not racist when right after Missouri implemented voter id they closed 28 licensing places in predominately black counties
claireesse_ : And we have those laws because as o said we have NO VOTER FRAUD
claireesse_ : @theanti_liberal
theanti_liberal : @eustice_ First we do have voter fraud. It has been proven numerous times. There is a story out right now about several counties in Texas that have more people registered to vote than residents. As for the Missouri license claim, I can find no evidence that 28 were closed in black counties, but what I did find is that 170 are still open, so logic dictates they probably closed some to cut spending.
theanti_liberal : @eustice_ Furthermore, Missouri also accepts college, university or trade/technical school ID cards, a copy of a utility bill, a paycheck stub, a bank statement, a goverment check stub, or any other government document that shows a name and address. So much for it being racist. You can literally use just about anything with your name and address on it.
claireesse_ : @theanti_liberal look harder just because you can't find it doesn't mean it's not true. And if it's that easy to prove your identity why has the laws seems like they're real easy to get around so what do they do but waste money trying (and failing) to be enforced and obviously not effectively stopping fraud since they're so easy to circumvent
mslclc : @theanti_liberal all illegal immigrants are not Mexican! They are Hondurian, Brazilian, Chinese, Canadian, Russian! Most come here legally on a travelers visa and extend their stay. 🐸
theanti_liberal : @mslclc I agree. That is not the point tho. We need a voter ID law to ensure the integrity of our election system regardless of the nationality of the person.
juanrincon39 - cmbakhos - westtexmexican - sheldon_estes -
When you forget the 2nd "i" in politician, but they run it anyway πŸ™ˆ #collegian #illustration #cartoon #voterfraud #kansasstate #create #likeforlike
kansasstate - voterfraud - collegian - likeforlike - create - cartoon - illustration -
color.of.rain - hieoverlandpark - sa.sergey - _disneys.dreams_ -
#vote #voterid #50states #doyouagree #voterfraud #election #presidentialelection #votingday
presidentialelection - voterid - votingday - voterfraud - 50states - vote - doyouagree - election -
8gauge : Agreed
lastbornnormal : 100% Agree
lastbornnormal : People are protected by the Constitution to vote. No where does it state that proof of identity is not required. But many will use the argument that our FF's never intended ID requirements. Well that's comparing apples n oranges. There wasn't voter fraud like we have today. Or Black Panther voter intimidation. Or dead people voting. Etc.
conservative_texas - leman_calhoun066 - adamchelle - cameron_waddell14 -
Just made an important appointment. #voterfraud #Dothan #StickTogether #localwire #NotInMyTown
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We seem to have taken a wrong turn #Dallas #texas #bushcountry #voterfraud πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
voterfraud - bushcountry - texas - dallas -
bigmike1835 : Make a U Turn quick
go4sid : @bigmike1835 Lol I tried to shift over to the left πŸ˜‰
bigmike1835 : Lol
cutiekatelynmichele : Lol. U have been to hell n back too! πŸ˜…
go4sid : @cutiekatelynmichele Texas is another Country lol
zekeanders : πŸ˜‚
zekeanders - hijodeltoro - mattnovack - metalpostcard -
Saw this thing floating around Pinterest and couldn't stop laughing. Funny, but at the same time very sad and it kinda makes me angry. The only way these republicans can win is by cheating. ~Butler • Jim Crow laws apparently still exists in some forms in Alabama. State officials are finding ways to suppress the Black vote by implementing voter ID laws and closing driver’s license facilities that cater to majority Black residents. • According to, the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency recently decided to close 32 driver’s licensing centers in 15 counties. Twelve of the 15 counties are majority Black and were strongholds for President Obama in the 2012 election. • The closing of the ID centers comes after Alabama lawmakers implemented a law that required citizens to have a government ID to vote. However, Alabama officials claim the closings occurred to save the state money after it endured a budget crisis. But if that was truly the case, there would have been an equal amount of closings in counties that are majority White. β˜•οΈπŸΈ • At this point, the U.S. Justice Department must take a strong look at Alabama and investigate overt attempts to suppress the Black vote. In a state that recently welcomed President Obama who helped to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Selma march to Montgomery, it proves that not much has not changed since 1965. #voterfraud #votingrights #votingrightsact #racism #literacytest #jimcrow #republican #conservative #votersuppression
jimcrow - republican - literacytest - votingrights - racism - votersuppression - voterfraud - votingrightsact - conservative -
dougfunniesupreme : Why you taking shots at my state man? We doin fine
issasmom : Alabama sucks
mikesof_ : Mccorey is a NC senator
conservativelogic : @michaelsofio And he also supports Voter ID laws.
mikesof_ : Yea
mikesof_ : But its a little misleading so I just added that
thenameiscolin : Providing ID to prove that you are who you say you are at the booth? How dare they!
dearxthomas - dagelan.promosi03 - laurenslobeek - larvojs7 -
The inherent and absolute hypocrisy of the government desires for the public to give up all its information for "security" while acting far more dangerous and careless with no accountability or transparency. By the way, although the TPP is called a "trade deal", its real purpose is corporate immunity and Internet regulation. This is tyranny, this is "big brother".
revolution - pope - government - tpp - impeach - trade - corporatocracy - stockmarket - voterfraud - china - bilderberg - nwo - endthefed - obama - tyranny - environment - constitution - democracynow - bigbrother - wethepeople - proxywars - regulation - science - wakeup - security - corruption - pollution -
keepseeking101 : #tpp #obama #government #tyranny #nwo #trade #corporatocracy #democracynow #wakeup #pollution #regulation #revolution #bigbrother #wethepeople #constitution #impeach #stockmarket #china #corruption #environment #science #pope #security #voterfraud #endthefed #proxywars #Bilderberg
mcdonaldization : And Bernie Sanders is the only politician who I've seen speak out and condemn this agreement.
keepseeking101 : @mcdonaldization There are other politicians condemning the deal but he is the only presidential candidate that recognizes the importance, impact and priority of the deal.
mcdonaldization : Haha I knew there might of been others that's why I said "who I've seen"
keepseeking101 : @mcdonaldization ✌️
epicvoyagesradio - soybean333 - cnatanagara - k_illumminnattii -
Went to a Haunted House & everyone was dressed like Dick Cheney πŸ˜±πŸ‘»πŸ’€ #Dallas #texas #spooky #hauntedhouse #georgewbushpresidentiallibrary #algorewon #voterfraud
georgewbushpresidentiallibrary - voterfraud - dallas - spooky - algorewon - texas - hauntedhouse -
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We can't let dirty #Dems steal any more #Votes! #VoterID to prevent #VoterFraud
voterid - voterfraud - votes - dems -
jlm3_patriot : Those bastards vowed to make Texas a blue state - makes me sick
ben_farrell__ : every one of them has to just give up at some point, seriously how do ppl not think thats unjust?
matthew_the_patriot : Doesn't matter, there's an electoral college.
matthew_the_patriot : @american_exceptionalism
anarcho_capitalist_ - discjockeybj - texaspatriot1776 -
#vote #stopharper #voterfraud #elxn42 #elxn2015
vote - elxn2015 - voterfraud - stopharper - elxn42 -
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Who's watching the debates? #debates #republican #reptiles #shapeshifting #economy #voterfraud #immigration #peepee #swingstate #neberu #neberuofficial #taxcuts
swingstate - debates - neberu - immigration - voterfraud - reptiles - shapeshifting - neberuofficial - republican - taxcuts - peepee - economy -
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Dougie takes his civic duty very seriously. #dogthevote #voterfraud #voterdog #someoneIDthatdog #theyaintmessinwithmydougie #votecharlotte #localgovernment #primaryvoting
theyaintmessinwithmydougie - voterdog - votecharlotte - primaryvoting - localgovernment - voterfraud - someoneidthatdog - dogthevote -
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^ We all know that next year's election is gonna be bs, especially with Donald Trump running. Gn, Instagram ✌😴 |#gravityfalls #mabelpines #dipperpines #grunklestan #disney #disneyxd #alexhirsh #election #votes #voters #voterfraud #cheating #presidentialelection #2016 #donaldtrump #bs #republicans #textpost #meme #cartoon|
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#voterfraud #women4bernie #feelthebern #berniesanders #winberniewin #theberniecoalition
feelthebern - voterfraud - women4bernie - berniesanders - winberniewin - theberniecoalition -
alisuee99 : @reviveophelia - smokinghotmeme - runningongay - marylandforberniesanders -
#InstaSize #conservative #vote #voterfraud
vote - voterfraud - conservative - instasize -
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@Regrann from @hotartwetcity: #vote #stopharper #elxn42 #elxn2015 #voterfraud - via #Regrann
voterfraud - regrann - vote - elxn2015 - stopharper - elxn42 -
dawnwhitwell - grewals22 - candicegregoris - nikodoughski -
#vote #stopharper #elxn42 #elxn2015 #voterfraud
vote - elxn2015 - voterfraud - stopharper - elxn42 -
naramama : I've always said that he's the antichrist!
mandasilvey : @alanweird and yet more
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Sure #Barry, there's not a shred of evidence that #VoterFraud exists... #MotorVoter #VoterID #PILF #NVRA
motorvoter - voterfraud - pilf - barry - nvra - voterid -
donnaprima126 : Wait, lemme put on my 'shocked' face
ericeagles24 : What? You mean counties that Obama carried unanimously are rigged?! Nah that's conservative hogwash
254fan : Rus??😱 that's how obozo won
debleach : I go to the polls in California and they don't even ask for I.D. 😠!!!!! All I need to tell them is a name and address! I always bring my drivers license and make them look at it ..... Just to prove a point! It's ridiculous!!
texaspatriot1776 - idratherbeinthewoods357 - outlaw.michigan - tpon_cannon -
Well... #gunvoilence #gunviolencehastostop #guncontrol #gaymarriage #voterfraud #voteridlaws #birthcontrol #lolgop #gop
gunviolencehastostop - voteridlaws - gaymarriage - birthcontrol - voterfraud - gunvoilence - lolgop - gop - guncontrol -
mumm_g : Guns don't kill people. People kill people. And what if I vote 3k times for my guy or girl because I don't have to present an ID. That is not fair. Gays, well they are people like all of us are. I'll give you that one! Only that one lovey:-) enjoy your Sunday bby.
dontjustdream - btmsquare - getfollowers612 - jbfast -
How has Angus Young not been People Magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive" every year since 1974? AC⚑️DC #latergram #ACDC #voterfraud
voterfraud - acdc - latergram -
chris0neal : #eggfooyoung
guesselse - maryelizabethexplainsitall - massgothic - washingtonsoffun -
Good luck to @crazor216 on his first day of law school. I can't wait to be his number one client and best customer. He better know what the charges are for spitting out of a bus window. #OSU #VoterFraud
voterfraud - osu -
tgibbbz : The Razor 216 #raw
pbuzz : Joe Kennz in that bottom right picture πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
flynnstragram : @crazor216 just makes sure McGee brings a toilet brush
crazor216 : Thanks for the shoutout @maxmcgee11 and I would only say: "let's win this one for the small schools out there that never had a chance to get here"
patrickvincentcarroll101 : Awesome stuff
patrickvincentcarroll101 - phawkhodge - evanstefanski - patpatpatpatpatpat -
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