Just a little bit of an ending statement from Governor Jordan Moore in the after school debate. He did really well as did the opposing side. #voterepublican #republicans2k14
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Erin Houchin for state senate #indgop #voterepublican
indgop - voterepublican -
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#ncgop #voterepublican #republican #ecurepublicans #conservative
voterepublican - ncgop - thomtillis - republican - ecurepublicans - walterbjones - conservative -
courtneyleigh011 : #thomtillis #walterbjones
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Republican women are the life of the party! 🐘 #republican #gregabbott #voterepublican #keeptexasred #imwithabbott
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fsgtgonzo : #TeamAbbottπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜„
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I would like to officially apologize to @elizaparnell & @parnelljames . Your "Save the Date" card for our wedding was returned today...as undeliverable. No joke. It was mailed in 2005. Government run businesses - Just another reason to #VoteRepublican
voterepublican -
mary_ried : Wow. Unbelievable!!
elizaparnell : Ha!! That's crazy!! Where on earth has it been sitting for so long?!?!
mdetwiler : Wow @jennystites - that is crazy!!
lizkwill : I can't believe it was sent to you after all of your moves since then!
crystalwatson : #Reagan stamp.πŸ“¬
meggielauren : Hahahahahaha!!!!
johnmelder : Unbelievable, this is crazy
parnelljames : Oh wow.
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I desperately need to know the story behind this truck. #voterepublican #punx
voterepublican - punx -
archibaldwashingsmith : This reminds me of a Top Gear I saw recently where they drove through the (deep) South with "Nascar sucks" "Country music sucks" and "vote for Hilary" painted on the side of their vehicles.
made.up.dreams : I saw thin Shiloh the other day, so weird
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Scruffs night #tannerscampaignphoto #voterepublican
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Lovers. These people are my favs #live #tannerfranklin #voterepublican
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Typical Friday #tannerscampaign #voterepublican
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kkgillman : Tanner's face is perfect here. Just perfect.
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Primary Day in NH! A great day to #VoteRepublican #nhpolitics #gop
voterepublican - nhpolitics - gop -
powalenya : GET IT!!!
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#GOTV #maine #voterepublican #tcot
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Polling for Todd Young. #SaturdayNightDate #TurnUp #VoteRepublican #ShesBetterAtThisThanMe
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Silly liberal #conservative #liberal #election #elizabethwarren #shutup #voterepublican Lol the liberals are probably going to accuse me of being sexist now...
patriarchy - elizabethwarren - voterepublican - liberal - election - shutup - yesallwomen - feminazi - rapeculture - conservative -
rightwingconservative : @feminazi_fail yeah u got tumblr in there too
feminazi_fail : @rightwingconservative Would u mind pulling that out I gotta go online?
rightwingconservative : @feminazi_fail and you wonder why youre fat...
feminazi_fail : @rightwingconservative Enough body shaming and pull it out! (Is anybody reading these comments?)
rightwingconservative : @feminazi_fail I hope some feminazi is reading it and getting rlllyyyy offended
feminazi_fail : @rightwingconservative (You didn't # it 😜)
rightwingconservative : @feminazi_fail omg I hope some #feminazi gets really offended because #rapeculture and #patriarchy
feminazi_fail : @rightwingconservative #feminism #feminist #yesallwomen #girlpower #misandry #maletears #womenrule #slutshaming #niggasbelike #bitchesbelike let the games begin 😈
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With my boy Bruce. #Rauner2014 #DumpPatQuinn #VoteRepublican
dumppatquinn - voterepublican - rauner2014 -
dirtyyy_d : Lmfao
danielsobski7 : #gay
radd43 : Queer likes his own photos
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This is why you should not vote for #KayHagan for Senate in November. Her record is abysmal. She has voted 95% of the time with Obama for 6 years. We can do better NC! Vote #ThomTillis for senate in November to get NC natives working again. #SayNoToKayHagan #NCSenate #NC #VoteRepublican #VoteRepublicanInNovember #WinBackTheSenate #NCJobs #ThisMatters #ElectionDay #VoteNC #KayHaganSupportsObama #JobsForNativeNorthCarolineans #StandUpToObama #FightForJobs #SaveOurEconomy #NoMoreKayHagan #VoteForThomTillis #VoteThomTillisForSenate #DoTheRightThingNC #NCJobs #NCEconomy #NCGrowth
fightforjobs - jobsfornativenorthcarolineans - voterepublicaninnovember - votethomtillisforsenate - voteforthomtillis - nomorekayhagan - dotherightthingnc - ncjobs - standuptoobama - electionday - ncgrowth - winbackthesenate - saveoureconomy - thismatters - voterepublican - kayhagansupportsobama - votenc - nc - thomtillis - saynotokayhagan - kayhagan - ncsenate - nceconomy -
conservative_california : It was actually the City Manager, he was charged with 66 counts including conspiracy, misappropriation of public funds and falsification of public records. He was taking a salary and benefits package worth $1.5 million. He was sentenced to 12 years (due to a plea bargain where he helped get his assistant convicted (she was sentenced to 11.5 years)) he was also sentenced to 33 months by the federal government for tax evasion. The mayor got a year in prison, all the councilman except one was sentenced to a year, the police chief was sentenced to a year or so. @bencarson2016
bencarson2016 : @conservative_california How did I not know abt this???
conservative_california : @bencarson2016 www.latimes.com/local/bell/
bencarson2016 : @conservative_california Thanks!
mattmanr87 : @bencarson2016 so I see on your profile you have three kids, how did you like Tillis voting in the state house to get rid of tax free weekend and gutting education in the state by $500 million?
bencarson2016 : @mattmanr87 You've made the mistake of believing the ad the Hagan campaign has been running bc they know how dangerously close they are to losing this election. First of all, that’s a two-year number, as North Carolina operates with a biennial budget. A two-year plan is passed, but the second year is adjusted as circumstances warrant. Right now, the North Carolina House and Senate are wrangling over the 2014-2015 budget, even though the ad acts as if the numbers were set in stone last year. Moreover, if you look at the actual budget numbers, in raw dollars the money spent on K-12 education went up each year, such as from $7.74 billion in 2012-2013 to $7.81 billion in 2013-2014. The $500 million figure is comparing the figures over two years against a “continuation budget”—what would be needed to maintain the same level of spending based on inflation, population growth and other factors.
bencarson2016 : In other words, this is another debate over the “baseline.” Both parties play this game—emphasizing the raw numbers when it is to their advantage and the baseline numbers when it is to their opponent’s disadvantage. (Just yesterday, we examined a GOP ad that knocked Obama for cutting Medicare by $700 billion; that was also off a baseline budget.) @mattmanr87 Added to this is the usual complexity involving state school budgets. North Carolina funnels money through Local Education Agencies (LEAs), and there is some strange accounting involving something called a LEA Adjustment, which in theory required school districts to cut their share of state funding every year. But last year’s budget eliminated it. So notice that Emily’s List claimed that Tillis cut the education budget by $500 million, forcing bigger classrooms and teachers to buy more supplies. But only $117 million of these baseline reductions occurred in K-12 education in 2013-2014 (the other cuts were in community colleges and university education). That amounts to a decrease of just 1.5 percent of the K-12 education budget. Budget documents do show, that while eliminating the LEA adjustment, there was a modest increase in class size, because 5,200 teacher positions were eliminated, and a reduction of $6 million throughout the state for school supplies. (This followed an earlier, bigger cut in school supplies in 2012.) The biggest hit in the budget was for teacher assistants—some $110 million. While the ad cites a Winston-Salem Journal editorial for its assertion on classroom sizes and school supplies, this editorial actually congratulates the GOP governor and legislature for proposing an increase in teacher wages in this legislative year. “Since the 2009 General Assembly, under Democratic control, failed to provide a raise, teachers have been under assault, first financially with salaries that didn’t keep up with inflation and then with attacks on their benefits and security,” the editorial said. “Teachers have not only gone without raises, they’ve seen their health insurance premiums rise, their classroom supply funds cut, their class sizes increased while their teaching aides have been fired.”
bencarson2016 : The House, under Tillis, passed a bill this month with a 5 percent increase in teacher salaries, though the budget still requires negotiations with the Senate, which has rejected the House budget. But in theory the new bill essentially wipes out a lot of the 2014-2015 cuts (at least in terms of dollar value) claimed in the ad. Election-year politics? Perhaps. But Tillis’ success in boosting teacher pay might also suggest a reason for why Emily’s List is running an ad saying he is against teachers. “North Carolinians deserve to know the truth about Thom Tillis’ devastating record,” said Marcy Stech, national press secretary of Emily’s List. “Throughout his career, Thom Tillis has taken aim at classrooms and left North Carolina children behind – all while protecting himself and his own special interests." Emily’s List is exaggerating the extent and impact of reductions in state funding for education last year—while ignoring the fact that the education budget is being bolstered this year. From: The Washington Post, June 18, 2014. Don't believe everything you hear. Everybody knows that @mattmanr87 So yes, I have three kids, and I can't wait to vote for him in November, and get Kay Hagan out of the senate.
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Off to go inform some parents about Common Core at Goodwin Elementary in Storrs! #9weeksuntilelections #voteRepublican #CT
9weeksuntilelections - voterepublican - ct -
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Impeachable offense. #staybehindtheglass #BRObama #keepthechange #voterepublican #chipotle πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ’©πŸ‘ˆ
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To true #Obama #isis #MURICA #newpresident #republican #voterepublican
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darth.sola : Lmao
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Your vote matter if consider yourself a conservative register to vote for we can take back our country. It is the voters that make a difference. #MIGOP #GOP2014 #VoteRepublican
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thaddeusshegos -
#democrats #killunbornkids #letsourenemieslive #voterepublican
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dane_tush : Brave enough to lie through their teeth to the American people.
owen_reid_perkins : Don't kill ANYONE
its_just_jordannn - s_provance7445 - southernprincess_013 - insta_graham97 -
Apple Festival Parade #Selfie! Had a great time with the #Victory14 crew! #VoteRepublican #TARS #NCTARS #DEFEATHAGAN #MeadowsForCongress #TeamTillis
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Ain't that the truth #voterepublican #repanthony2014 #rauner2014
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#ImpeachObama #ForABetterAmerica #VoteRepublican
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finessedawolf : Nobody is worst than bush. He was whites and blacks. Obama is mostly hated by whites
finessedawolf : He was hated*
dabeast283 : Yes he does not help us that's for sure
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Biba!! #calten2014 #voterepublican
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Taotao Hagat! #calten2014 #voterepublican
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#MIGOP #voterepublican #comebackstate
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#VoteRepublican #BuffaloBills ;)
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jlking0713 - phill_leroy - rubemcdoob - bagger29 -
These people are a disgrace to our government. #VoteRepublican #BeConservative #DestroyAllLiberals
destroyallliberals - voterepublican - beconservative -
thereal3st : @bulldog1004 ima democracy but I am against abortions.
bulldog1004 : As long you support Life, i can accept you. @thereal3st
sara_peanut : Whoa some of us are pretty cool! Lol
bulldog1004 : Your an exception, its the ones that destroy the country i hate. @sara_peanut
oogelyboogely : There's so many different things that go into it @bulldog1004
marthawhitlock : @oogelyboogely truth
suziesweets : I just think the government should spend more money on protecting our rights n making America a better place not getting involved in other countries problems @bulldog1004
bulldog1004 : Finally, someone who makes sense @suziesweets
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#hometown #reptar #fayettenam
reptar - hometown - voterepublican - fayettenam -
juicy_jron : #voterepublican @brolumni
brolumni : #tricklingdown
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MFW I explore the internet on my day off.
fool - liberal - wfla - dayoff - fsm - mugshot - libertarian - politics - republican - rickperry - nonbeliever - indicted - voterepublican - atheist - democrat - conservative - atheism - atheists - 2016 -
erinmont : @maxtothow well they are going to let him post bail
uncookedspaghetti92 : I asked this question on another atheist page, but correct me if I'm wrong, but yph can't rimun for president when you have a criminal record, right? (inorder to get your mugshot taken, you've been arrested on a criminal offence?) @that_athiest
erinmont : @uncookedspaghetti92 id have to look, but he's not been convicted yet
uncookedspaghetti92 : @erinmont so this isn't his actual mugshot?
danibabyyy89 : @uncookedspaghetti92 It is an actual mug shot but all that means is he's been indicted, not convicted. He would have to go to trial first and be found guilty.
uncookedspaghetti92 : Aaaah thank you @danibabyyy89
trent762 : Guys, he didnt abuse his power. It was an executive veto that he only excercised bc the woman heading the Accountability and Anti-corruption Committee was convicted of DUI AGAIN, and is currently in jail (described by guards as "hostile") but she refused to resign.
trent762 : @erinmont @maxtothow
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Four generations of Edwards men and Congressman Steve Southerland. What a great bunch of folks ammirite? #SoutherlandforCongress #voteRepublican #legendary
southerlandforcongress - voterepublican - legendary -
angschlosser : 'Merica!
dawsonk9008 - tke93 - sarawede94 - kglynn0516 -
Nothing symbolic here #voterepublican
voterepublican -
Happy 18th Birthday to my Sweet boy Noah Christopher. You are beautiful son, inside and out. #littleman #allgrownup #allstar #voterepublican #legal #loveyounoey #8/13/14
littleman - allstar - voterepublican - 8 - loveyounoey - legal - allgrownup -
samm_crew : 😍😍😍😍
cyndiandreu - felicianopastrano - chrissycantellajones - _alex_fowler1 -
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