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its_just_alice : Vote David Paynes tomorrow at the senate elections, this guy kniws how to please everybody... ;D GOOD LUCK TO ALL THE OTHER CANDIDATES AS WELL, YOU ALL ROCKED TODAY IN THE SPEECHES!
its_just_alice : #senateelections #voteDP #dontpanic #indavidwetrust #goodluck
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have you voted yet for the MCC? today (by 4pm) is the last day to vote on GOLD! this is one of the only spaces on campus where students always feel safe, that puts on free amazing events for us, that truly gives back to us in every way! stop by for a calendar of all the super cool events happening this quarter! #voteMCC #voteDP #voteQueerCommission <3
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bettybettybombom : ***tomorrow is the last day
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Day 2 of voting is ALMOST over! Have you voted yet? Vote now at vote.as.ucsb.edu!! #VoteDP #obligatoryboardpicture #VoteKASH #VoteDANIELA #VoteNavi #obvi
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jaimesoncortez : "Paint me like 1 of ur French girls"
itsmissjay_duhh : Navi you're so cute❀️😭
sweettdotcom : You're so adorable Navi!! 😘
sanyasinghal : Gooooooodluuuckkkkk!!
goldennlove : This is so cute!!! It's obvi, vote NAVI!!
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For my fellow students, for my people, for progress #voteDP
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kaileyykakes : I'm going to try to, I really miss you
sabrinaguice : Let's go Chisom☺️! Totally voting now!
klsylzbth : Yaaaaaaa gurl 😍😍😍😍
chizgang : @klsylzbth 😘
chizgang : @sabrinaguice 😁
lord94tin : Lmao.
sdrfkdkdldlessnsnsnsnse : I saw you on the back of a golf cart yesterday lol
chizgang : @abstractcousin lol I was over walking
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Thank you to this one for dealing with me at my most intense. ❀️ #isntitobvi #voteforNavi #voteDP @dpparty
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bradyjforrest : πŸ˜πŸ‘‘β€οΈ
gemasphere_ : LOVE THIS
mohsinmirza1 : βœŠπŸ‘‘πŸ’›
sweettdotcom : Love!! πŸ˜πŸ‘‘πŸ’›πŸ™Œ
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My least favorite persyn in the whole world πŸ˜’ Vote for us, though.. aren't we cute? 😊 Snowy is voting DP, how about you? πŸ˜‰πŸΆ @dpparty #VoteDP #DP2014 #Navi4Prez
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sallysujinoh : πŸ˜’
sweettdotcom : 😍
sherodactyl : My favezzzz!!!
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Snow! The dog who's down with DP party! <3 #voteDP
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imsiim : So cute!
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Vote DP Party on GOLD now! #PugsForProgress #VOTEDP
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Im both absolutely shocked and HUMBLED to say THREE people running for Executive Office from the progressive Democratic Process (DP) Party were officially #ENDORSED by our school's #UCSB largest newspaper, The Daily Nexus. This unprecedented victory is just the beginning #UCSB read the article, be informed as #VOTEDP ... & yes that black woman caricature is me 😝 They slipped up by not recognizing the absolute AMAZINGNESS of our IVP candidate, but she's #WINNING anyways! Vote on Gold & #VOTEDP & Most importantly, thank you to all that SUPPORT! It's want supposed to be like this, BUT guess what?! We're taking it this year!!!!
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Article in the paper, ask me why you should #VOTEDP i just want to serve you all! Service is unyielding!
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kingaboogie : I see you
nananancie : My chicken! You always making me proud
b_simba : Thanks y'all! &I love you rice @nansterrrr !!!!!!!!
nananancie : I love you more!
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