Living rooms need to be LIVED in. Love this casual slip cover on a cold day #janwaredesigns #verellen @shop_patina
verellen - janwaredesigns -
lboriginals : Miss you😘
eleanor_roper : Love!
kchutch : Amen!
marylouisemenendez : Yay!! So glad it came in!!
scott_pyburn - elliepolk - jordan_erwin81 - kendallbalby -
And on the other side of the room...still not finished with the room but SO excited because the client loves it! #jlinteriordesign #osborneandlittle #ilovemyclients
jlinteriordesign - osborneandlittle - ilovemyclients -
lindseyarmeen : Can you tell me where the couch is from @jolenelindner?
jolenelindner : @lindseyarmeen it's semi-custom from Verellen
cuwells : ❤️❤️❤️
careydevreker : Nice work!!
toamyh - sharonlehm - cuwells - jrb_sf -
All bass tones are being recorded through this beast. #bass #bassamp #preamp #verellen #verellenamps #meatsmoke #recordingstudio #recording #music #postrock #posteverything #pedal #pedals #pedalporn #pedalboard
verellen - verellenamps - meatsmoke - pedals - preamp - pedalboard - recording - postrock - music - bassamp - pedal - recordingstudio - posteverything - pedalporn - bass -
stringjoystaff : Rock on! Check us out if you ever want to try out some custom gauge strings!
nadarecording - jacob__waddell - oddknowledge - sarah.villarreal -
My altar #verellen #emperorcabinets #EV
emperorcabinets - verellen - ev - rigsofdoom -
sethedelic : @brooks_blackhawk my little slice of jam heaven
sethedelic : @rigsofdoom
sethedelic : #rigsofdoom
smagmastalagtite - heshrailz666 - satansurroundme - ivorynoelle -
#runningwithtarantulas #H888 #Verellen #Verellenamps @rigsofdoom @benverellen @eyemote69
verellen - h888 - runningwithtarantulas - verellenamps -
thesoundofwood : Photo credit. @notimeforpoopin
notimeforpoopin - mrscopperpot - lizpostin - katmykals -
#runningwithtarantulas #H888 #Verellen #Verellenamps @rigsofdoom @benverellen @eyemote69
verellen - h888 - runningwithtarantulas - verellenamps - rigsofdoom -
thesoundofwood : #rigsofdoom
thesoundofwood : Photo credit. @notimeforpoopin
nickthegripz : My back!
mgsalvatore : Que asqueroso y aquí alguno comiendonos los mocos <3
thesoundofwood - mrscopperpot - lizpostin - emami26 -
Sonic beastmode. #verellen #levelstheband #heavymetal #alternative #beastmode #gohawks
verellen - heavymetal - levelstheband - beastmode - alternative - gohawks -
between0graphics : How does one Direct Message you? :) ⭐
levelstheband : @between0graphics follow us!
levelstheband : :)
levelstheband : Then u can.
familiarsmusic - nickthegripz - swaggin.satan - james.zikk -
Last day of the show! #MaisonandObjet #Paris #Verellen #VerellenFurniture
paris - verellen - maisonandobjet - verellenfurniture -
courtneytilinski - mellie444 - lmooredesigns - 30ahome -
We're playing this Friday at the silver dollar! https://m.facebook.com/#!/events/1538903789690620 #loud #Verellen #goodtimes
verellen - loud - goodtimes -
mmmmashie : see ya'll real soon, boys!
championloveryyz : WHAT
pigeon_puffs - ayo_cheon - _stouterik_ - codestudio -
I wonder what band is in this month making heavy noise. All I know is they brought a #verellen #meatsmoke
verellen - meatsmoke -
kyles4miles : It's clearly Hanson
an_albatross : @kyles4miles fine. It's the gin blossoms.
davidmarvuglio : Mmmmm meatsmoke
meadfox - ishd - cittykatmeowmeow - davidmarvuglio -
Celine is sitting pretty at our booth in Paris! #leatherlove #Verellen #VerellenFurniture #MaisonandObjet
leatherlove - verellen - maisonandobjet - verellenfurniture -
nikiebarfield - jessica_alicelane - mcferguson115 - topstitchupholsterydesign -
Reamping some metal bass tracks. R.I.P. 3rd floor of the music building. You were no match for the power of the #Verellen and #Ampeg 8x10. No one made it out alive. #AudioEngineering #reamping #bass #meatsmoke #metal #mosh
verellen - ampeg - meatsmoke - audioengineering - metal - mosh - reamping - bass -
tfedele : You blow a fuse?
sindrummusic : Not yet but its not out of the realm of possibilities. We have this thing cranked.
brndnwilliams : @zachafrasasaurus
sindrummusic : @brndnwilliams i now understand why you want this thing so much lmaoo
zachafrasasaurus : Ugh we both want this so bad. Best head....sell it to me!
sindrummusic : @zachafrasasaurus unfortunately it isnt mine! My buddy let me use it for reamping. The overdrive channel sounds boss.
zachafrasasaurus : So ask him how much he wants? Dream head right there
elkroad - jack_o_all_tradez - ethan_levy_ - wearestrains -
This may be the coolest thing I've done in a while. Let's get LOUD! #ampeg #V4B #acoustic #320 #408 #road #peavey #laney #marshall #verellen
verellen - ampeg - marshall - laney - 320 - v4b - acoustic - peavey - road - 408 -
twhitedc : @rigsofdoom
truthcult : #fuck
mrblacksocks : Hnnnggggg
vomitlady - 35007_o - below_beyond - monumentcityrecordings -
@benverellen has been killing it the past few years. His amplifiers are top of the line and they sound even better than they look. Here's a custom Anguish 400 watter on the bench ready to roll out to a very happy customer. @helmsaleemusic #verellen #rigsofdoom
verellen - rigsofdoom -
zanweber : @askfdeej
dovschlomowitz : Anguish.
tvointhesands : @eby_in_the_hills
hardlyhip : @pizzaarensdorf best amp name.
potheskio : 400 Watts??? Holy bejesus
dayn_vigs : @aurevoirit dude.
leechristenson : @shitmebritch
badboiibrian : @leechristenson jfc
frankenbierstein - chanazure - that_seventies_lo - bradclifford -
Jammin with the #bud @brianowenwilliams last night. #mohicans #marshall #sunn #verellen #telecaster #empanadas #vidalsassoon
verellen - telecaster - empanadas - vidalsassoon - marshall - sunn - mohicans - bud -
brianowenwilliams : #Chew5
eerinbee - sigourneybeaver_ - byrd.sharon2014 - keeezee -
We are in awe of this beautiful set up, designed by Ruard Veltman, at Maison&Objet in Paris! What an honor to represent @verellenfurniture here in the U.S, in Mississippi. Wish we were there with you guys! #maisonobjet #verellen #verellenfurniture #paris #upholstery #furniture #ruardveltman
verellen - upholstery - ruardveltman - paris - verellenfurniture - maisonobjet - furniture -
cebing : @ruardveltmanarchitecture
ruardveltmanarchitecture : @nancypriceinteriors thanks - having a great time with the Verellen team @verellenfurniture in Paris
verellenfurniture : ❤️
verellenfurniture - betseymosby - murvetcolak - katherinemmcrae -
Our #MaisonandObjet booth is coming together! We're so excited to open tomorrow & show Paris what #Verellen is all about. #VerellenFurniture #Paris
paris - verellen - maisonandobjet - verellenfurniture -
abcovington : Looks great!
milieumag : Chic! Have fun!
lmooredesigns : Love!
marylindsey.severs : @ruardveltmanarchitecture
riveroakscharleston : Splendid @verellenfurniture! Paris needs you! Hello @ruardveltmanarchitecture I know you will lounge a tad here!
ruardveltmanarchitecture : @riveroakscharleston of course- they are the reason we get to enjoy the M&O. - looking forward to it.
riveroakscharleston : What an A team with @ruardveltmanarchitecture on design and Verellen creations to show the world.
verellensabine : 👍👌proud of you!! Lots of succes 💐😘
drabtofabdesign - twineandtwigstyle - miaja12 - halturindm -
Rig complete. #darkglasselectronics #darkglass #Verellen #Verellenamps #Runningwithtarantulas #H888 @eyemote69 @mattymcg77 @benverellen
verellen - verellenamps - darkglasselectronics - darkglass - h888 - runningwithtarantulas -
mattymcg77 : That all makes perfect sense @thesoundofwood . I need a bigger kick drum now
thechriswaiau : It's beautiful 😪
thecgfloz : That is like swatting flies with a shotgun! Incredibly impressive.
mattymcg77 : ^^^^^^and hitting every fly with each shot in the shell @thecgfloz 😉
metalbass777 : Sooooooo badass!!!!
daveceja - thommysinn - barryonbass247 - darkglasselectronics -
Only upside to losing our room, is having everything back in 1 place. Love my personal Wall of Sound. #thump #bass #doom #ampeg #acousticcontrolcorp #acoustic #peavey #verellen #ruins @rigsofdoom @whatyoudoomthrough ......looks like I need a bassman.......
verellen - ampeg - bass - acousticcontrolcorp - ruins - thump - acoustic - doom - peavey -
shawn_zappo : Series riggage. We should get the ol' band back together. 😉
jvukie : That's funny... I spent my day doing something very similar @twhitedc
tomkale : Hell yeah
dethbydoom - maxgrudz - 24ourmusic - wjstyles22 -
Guitar overdubs with a little feedback. #trhsstudio #deadweightaus #deadweight #guitars #feedback #akg420perception #verellen
verellen - feedback - guitars - deadweight - akg420perception - trhsstudio - deadweightaus -
danenwalker : Beast
foxandmintblog - nickolunardi - ald_modeling - danenwalker -
Tidied up the wall. Featuring @bvttsk1 sunn which I'll be trying to get back into shape. Emperor will be going back home next month. @rigsofdoom #rigsofdoom #peaveykvlt #amp #amps #amplifier #gear #emperorcabs #orangeamps #orangetinyterror #harmonyamps #bcustomcabs #dirgeelectronics #sunn #verellen #verellenamps
harmonyamps - bcustomcabs - gear - rigsofdoom - peaveykvlt - amplifier - orangetinyterror - dirgeelectronics - emperorcabs - verellenamps - orangeamps - verellen - amps - amp - sunn -
bvttsk1 : Now that doesn't look safe😉
valuedlandscape : otw
turdofhurdles : Sick! Just got a sunn concert lead today. We also got a sunn concert monitor that hoping can be turned into a cab
merican_canjo : @skullservant fuck yeah!!!
sethandrewphotography : Nice!
samzadgan : That Dirge amp looks sick, even surrounded by all the others, it still stands out!
tonebutcher : Shit yes
evanwelborn : #nasa
kevbythetrains - sharpweaver18set_zomis - sorenandersen_ - harlan_plays_bass -
this hide top table has us feeling giddy on this beautiful Friday #moo #verellen #brugessidetable
brugessidetable - verellen - moo -
inkgility : Very nice!
sumnerbdesigns : 👏
shop_patina - aelockert - breakawaybackpacker - inkgility -
New pedal day #verellen
verellen -
terrifiedofeverything : How do you like it?
mikeyessss : Sick!
matthewtdunn : @terrifiedofeverything it's pretty sick dude. Not bad as a stand alone fuzz, but I ran it after my ram head muff and had that slamming it as a pre- and the vol on the spider down as a post- and it sounded amazing. Getting that layered octave fuzz done with a lot of crackly and rich sustain.
bigjoeguitar - sinofmalice - magnuslervik - overthesunband -
Well sir, I believe Nate is now set. Once again putting all of our gear to shame. #rigsofdoom #verellen #NATE! #waingro #coors #banquetbeer
verellen - waingro - rigsofdoom - coors - banquetbeer - nate -
redrum213 : Sweet Jesus..
stefanalexander : Fucking Ripper!!!
stefanalexander : I think I just peed myself... single drop
kyle_tavares : 🔥🔥🔥
thelamestdude : Uhhhhhhhhhhhh
taco_beach : Dang!
evanwelborn : #Gibson #ripper
backstabbath : @js_____
skullservant - challengebychoice - evanwelborn - keeper_of_the_riff -
Dope bass tones. Stuck a 414 in front... the results were crushing. #Northermost #Soundboxrecording #verellen #orangeamps #akg414 #recording #bass #rockmusic #Vacation #art
verellen - art - bass - soundboxrecording - akg414 - vacation - recording - orangeamps - rockmusic - northermost -
jazzyfeels : Lol #northermost
keevhren - turtlelephant - yamilv88 - ianlegge -
So this came in the mail today!!! #Verellen #Verellenamps #FTW #Runningwithtarantulas #H888 @benverellen @eyemote69 @mattymcg77
verellen - verellenamps - runningwithtarantulas - h888 - ftw -
chimichawnga : What is that!?
metalbass777 : Soooooo awesome!!!!!
marcusgould13 : Pretty badass dude!
mattymcg77 : Stoked to hear this beast!!!!
mattymcg77 : #ifuckinH888thistimeofyear
thesoundofwood : It's a 2 channel foot switchable tube power amp @chimichawnga
chimichawnga : Damn son @thesoundofwood
thyjeremiah : I'm Satan damn jealous.
skullservant - massajj_ventress - dreadfulbow156 - colinholtz -
"Paris is always a good idea." - A. Hepburn #Verellen #VerellenFurniture #MaisonandObjet #Paris
paris - verellen - maisonandobjet - verellenfurniture -
milieumag : Awesome.
lyhnidaz : We will see you there!!!
dudleymoore : I'll be there!
juxtapositionhome : ❤️
lmooredesigns - mellie444 - kvieregg - ctdecesare -
I bet my neighbors are gonna come bring me goodies and hugs today! The master on this beast is on a whole invisible "2" and it's still shaking my house.. #verellen #verellenamplifiers #pigsnoutband #daysanddaysofrecordingthenewalbum
pigsnoutband - verellen - daysanddaysofrecordingthenewalbum - verellenamplifiers -
malu2311 - tufftara - wink_n_a_smile - hilltopnoise -
come in & take a spin right round with us on our maxim swivel ottomans! #maximswivel #verellen
verellen - maximswivel -
mcpritchett : You are the cutest @melaniepounds
callydixon : You all are having too much fun!!! @shop_patina
bobbinsdesign : Fun!
mnpounds - ncarendall - marg.boyd - tutwilson -
This beautiful custom (see I said it again) creation came in yesterday. Made for one of our good friends by Verellen Amplification. This 50 watt combo is housed in an old Honeywell ozone generator AKA The Ionizer. It sounds as cool as it looks and it's packed with player friendly features. The onboard reverb is actually a separate circuit like having a Fender Reverb Unit built into your cab. Mix Dwell and Tone controls provide endless tonal varients. There's also an expression pedal for said reverb to control the dwell on the fly. Not one but two convenience jacks allow you to power all manner of effects and gadgets. And, if the single Jensen 12 doesn't cut it, plug your favorite cab in via the extension speaker jack. From glassy to crunchy with the twist of the gain control, this amp does it all! #Verellen #Custom #handmade #amplifier #mmguitarbar
verellen - handmade - amplifier - mmguitarbar - custom -
el_prof - eleventhdivision - bradclifford - tinamariepee -
New bass amp day! Ampeg SVT3PRO! Wanna get a Meatsmoke Preamp to pair it with! #ampeg #verellen #svt3pro #meatsmoke
verellen - ampeg - meatsmoke - svt3pro -
potheskio : How are you pairing them up? Running the SVT for a clean channel?
henningsb : @potheskio I was running only the Meatsmoke until today. Looking to sell it and buy the preamp version instead. As the Ampeg has power-amp/pre-amp inputs I can run that straight into the amp and still get that nice Meatsmoke tone. The amp itself is just too heavy for me! It's more convenient for the gigs/recordings I'm doing at the moment
quimbymeat : Get a rusty box
henningsb : Thinking about it @quimbymeat ! Can one run it a a pre-amp? That's what I want with the Meatsmoke anyways
quimbymeat : Yeah it's a preamp so you can put in the power amp/pre in
quimbymeat : @henningsb it's got lots of gain on tap and if you keep the gain low then it does clean real nice. I max out the bass knob and have the mid knob all the way off. It's got a hi and low gain switch too. I actually like it in the front end of amps but as before it will do the same as the meat pre. Maybe be nice to have two different tones
quimbymeat : I thought about getting a tiny terror and use the fx loop for the rusty box and put it into one of my 410's and HaHe my gt200 on the other
quimbymeat : Rusty box is also nice on guitar
d_major_music - eaon_forgash - knutandreas - crodough -
Repost from @garrrth the man that brought the world the mighty #meatsmoke Ben #verellen !!!!!
verellen - meatsmoke -
ss711 : Hail!
patrickjfinn : We were totally rapping about you @ss711 ! Lots of props!
joehammmer - luisiferi - sebastiantzannes - 1939drummer -
@patrickjfinn meets #meatsmoke #verellen
verellen - meatsmoke -
patrickjfinn - matthewtdunn - marcobenevento22 - annalisatornfelt -
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