Thanks to @theirongate for a fab e-blast promotion of our product! We have the best design + retail partners! #verellen #verellenfurniture
verellen - verellenfurniture -
riveroakscharleston : And you have the best most beautiful products!
milieumag : Wonderfully creative team.
emilygmaynard - darcymoulin - herstoryrepeated - sunniglidewell -
Beautiful Verellen Hannah swivel chairs on the floor! Mulitple colors in stock! Love this vignette. #Verellen #design #interiordesign #industries #ryanstudio
industries - verellen - interiordesign - design - ryanstudio -
ao_auctiongallery - house.interior - nelliejhow - midcenturymobler -
#verellen #meatsmoke #bass #guitar
guitar - verellen - meatsmoke - bass -
nicbieber12 : So purdy
avalanchejoanna : Grassy haha
valligatore : nice :)
disarmdarcy - avalanchejoanna - kali_jae - jimmy_goat -
This will replaced today with tolex I asked for. Excited. Woo. #bass #verellen #meatsmoke
verellen - bass - meatsmoke -
nicbieber12 - cameltone_electronics - fceeztheday - disarmdarcy -
"Is this thing on?" Photo by @jakehurdt
verellen - ampeg - verellenamps - fuzzrocious - darkglassb3k - fender - verellenamplifiers -
alxmiracle : #verellen #verellenamps #verellenamplifiers #ampeg #fender #darkglassb3k #fuzzrocious
mikemarvuglio - rheannanana - jerryxcc - bastianislost -
Current amps for Great Falls/blsphm. #Marshall #verellen
verellen - marshall -
m_stolen : The tossing of much trash behind it.
demianjohnston : @m_stolen you have no idea.
m_stolen : @shanemehling "Where is the trash can?" - "Anywhere"
shanemehling : @m_stolen A night of so much fun.
alxmiracle - _stevenhess - luciaxmacip - rvparks -
Sidewalkin'…staging for gig no. 1 of 2 tonight. #sidewalkin #notasale #popcycle #gigging #drums #drumming #rawk
verellen - marshall - marshallamps - verellenamps - drums - rawk - sidewalkin - snare - dream - popcycle - drumming - sabian - gigging - wfl - vintage - sherwood - notasale - zildjian - fifties - cymbals - ludwig - paiste - dwhardware -
kidbanty : #wfl #ludwig #vintage #fifties #sherwood #snare #paiste #dream #sabian #zildjian #cymbals #dwhardware #verellen #verellenamps #marshall #marshallamps
cameron_escovedo : 🎢
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Thanks to @mpinteriors for showing off our Lucas chairs! #verellen #verellenfurniture
verellen - verellenfurniture -
marylouisemenendez - milieumag - cottonwoodinteriors - mellie444 -
Such a fun fabric on our Mathilda ottoman! Thanks @hudsonstore for sharing 😊 I bet it looks fab in your store! #verellen #verellenfurniture
verellen - verellenfurniture -
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Today's office: MIDI School of Music, Beijing. #InstaFrame #chinesestudents #haoming #haidian #beijing #china #uia #university #music #musiclovers #wuhancymbals #canopusdrums #cacophony #fenderjazzbass #vintagefenderbass #verellen #verellenmeatsmoke #meatsmoke #adidas @onypan @jensnyland #keepingitreal #snappy
uia - beijing - keepingitreal - adidas - verellen - cacophony - haoming - vintagefenderbass - china - fenderjazzbass - chinesestudents - meatsmoke - wuhancymbals - canopusdrums - university - haidian - musiclovers - snappy - music - instaframe - verellenmeatsmoke -
dagfolkestad : Way to go, man! Nihao
jodimmen - halnstrand - jornerikdotcom - kptknutsen -
RG @verellenfurniture: Can you believe market is only a month away?! Hope you're making plans to come see us! #hpmkt #verellen #verellenfurniture #regramapp
verellen - regramapp - verellenfurniture - hpmkt -
verellenincali : Who's comin! I'm always so excited to see the new @verellenfurniture showroom! It's going to be so cozy and sophisticated this fall!
mandrewmiller - jenferrando - nikiangel9 - cking2121 -
Can you believe market is only a month away?! Hope you're making plans to come see us! #hpmkt #verellen #verellenfurniture
verellen - verellenfurniture - hpmkt -
tawnaallred : I will be dropping in!
verellenfurniture : Looking forward to it @tawnaallred !
eycook - lmooredesigns - trimqueen - jdouglas13 -
#colmawolves #recording #verellen #fender #gibson #mountain #tone #guitar
verellen - tone - mountain - fender - guitar - colmawolves - recording - gibson -
hiphopheadzzzz : dope
odotallen - tanyajhaynesrvn - _hightone - losriosrockschool -
EP recording was fun... Mega guitar tones... #verellen #bigsoundsmallsound #chun #mountain #colmawolves #recording #vht #warwich #gibson #fender #rigsofdoom #guitar
verellen - mountain - chun - vht - fender - bigsoundsmallsound - rigsofdoom - guitar - colmawolves - warwich - recording - gibson -
odotallen - guitar_fx_on_ur_phone - _hightone - losriosrockschool -
#arpeggiated #sunday #gibson #verellen #mesa
gibson - sunday - arpeggiated - mesa - verellen -
__samantha315 : Random question... Can I borrow a music stand? I need it just for Friday.
transfixedguitar : Come to the store.
__samantha315 : When are you there next and what time?
transfixedguitar : I'll be there tomorrow through Friday. Just text me a time. You need like a sheet music stand?
__samantha315 : Yes... Ok I'm gonna text you in the morning!
edgewardxmawsh - gkrikes - katiefranciscountry - sammybragg -
From now on we are super slow sludge monsters #pinkshinyultrablast #verellen #travisbean
verellen - pinkshinyultrablast - travisbean -
dima_den : Π’ΠΎΡ‚ это Π΄Π°
skullservant : 😍😍😍😍
mikemarvuglio - davegc1001 - fendibober - joe_erased -
#russiancircles with all of the tone. #verellen
verellen - russiancircles -
shirtless_mitch : Mmmmm verellen
blindhole : Meatsmoke
_philandrews - murderdad69 - mitchelltroy - blindhole -
#verellenamplifiers sends us the coolest #spaltedmaple to engrave for them. Every single piece is different and absolutely beautiful. This batch brings our total to 65 pieces completed for #verellenamps to date. They've mainly been face plates for amps, but there have been some #speaker #cabinet #badges and #custom pieces in the mix too. I'd like to thank Ben and Mike for being overall awesome people and for letting us be part of the #Verellen process. @helmsaleemusic @sargenthouse @motorfang #lasercut #laserengraved #tactilelight #Spokane
verellen - lasercut - spokane - tactilelight - cabinet - speaker - spaltedmaple - verellenamps - custom - laserengraved - badges - verellenamplifiers -
motorfang : Yay!
druidwoodmagic : Man, I wish I had some spalted maple to send you haha.
tytohoney1984 - motorfang - thekrakeneffect - edgewardxmawsh -
What to do for tomorrow? #orangeamps #sp410 or two #aguilar #sl112? This #verellen #meatsmoke is a monster. #bassplayerproblems @aguilaramp @orangeamplifiers #verellenamps
bassplayerproblems - sp410 - alltubes - geartalk - 6550 - meatsmoke - sl112 - verellen - aguilar - knowyourtone - allabouttone - 12ax7 - basstheworld - verellenamps - orangeamps - bassporn - notreble - allaboutthatbass - bassplayer -
mikemarvuglio : @jhansbassp this is def true aguilar is awesome.....both cabs sound great just different size speakers and the aggy has tweeters so the question comes to be 410s or 212s?
jhansbassp : Typically I would choose 4x10s over a 2 1x12 set up but because 1x12 cabinets can tend to sound really boxy IMO...but Aguilar somehow made it practically impossible to get a boxy sound out of the SL112 which is amazing! I think you just have to think about what you're playing that day and who is looking at you. Like I wouldn't bring an orange amp to a jazz combo gig because typically orange is used for like hard rock/metal you know? What's the gig for today/tonight?
mikemarvuglio : @jhansbassp I totally hear you on all of that. I'm playing a wedding tomorrow. I'm leaning towards the aguilar. Based purely on the fact that I like the way the little stack looks 😁
jhansbassp : That's a perfectly good reason to choose an amp! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
mike_bass1000 : I personally go 4 10s depends on the style of music I'm playing but 410s is ideal for that slap/groove on funk or playing RnB haha but that's me @mikemarvuglio
mikemarvuglio : @mike_bass1000 I hear you on the 410s but there's something about these 12s
mike_bass1000 : Damn that's right.....I think it's just because their so damn sexy man honestly haha @mikemarvuglio you can never go wrong with more low end haha
nottylerhendley : Really thinking of selling my Aggie 412 to fund a set of those 112's
alxmiracle - henningsb - davidtgill - beatriz_gomes7 -
#regram from @mbinteriors - love the details! Thanks for sharing! #verellen #verellenfurniture
regram - verellen - verellenfurniture -
juxtapositionhome - darcymoulin - christopherarchitects - mizzwelch -
Gorgeous new rug at the store with a peekaboo shot of the Knoll Womb chair! #Verellen #palecek #knoll #silvergrey #mauve #design #interiordesign
palecek - verellen - design - knoll - mauve - interiordesign - silvergrey -
jdlighting : Lovely!
kate_1123 - mary22carello - lostnfoundcollection - greycork -
This weekend we record a new 6 track record. #vht #deliverance #bogner #blackstar #special6 #marshall #matamp #1224mk1 #GT2 #verellen #mountain #mountaincabs #peavey #5150 #ashdown #warwick #guitar #bass #tone #rigsofdoom
verellen - tone - bass - 5150 - marshall - ashdown - guitar - colmawolves - deliverance - eminence - native - mountain - celestion - rigsofdoom - fryette - vht - matamp - botch - blackstar - thechariot - gt2 - roadkillcabs - mountaincabs - bogner - warwick - peavey - special6 - roadkill - 1224mk1 -
sparks18190 : #colmawolves #thechariot #botch #native
sparks18190 : #roadkill #roadkillcabs #celestion #eminence #fryette
pedsectioned : Nice! Who's mixing it?
sparks18190 : As far as I'm aware, Stew is still lined up to do it :)
pedsectioned : @sparks18190 nice one. Sooooo much tone
totally_rad_music : Awesome
skinny_fist - tone_co - nutellaurent - arcadium1 -
I guess i don't have to worry about my #amp crapping out just gotta remember to bring a back up #bassplayerproblems @orangeamplifiers @aguilaramp #verellenamps
aguilaramp - geartalk - verellen - bassamps - knowyourtone - basstheworld - verellenamps - bassporn - notreble - amp - bassplayerproblems - aguilar - 5string - allabouttone - bassterror - 4string - bassist - allaboutthatbass - bassguitar -
rileyvendetta : How do you like that Verellen?
mikemarvuglio : @rileyvendetta the clean sounds amazing then you put on the od and it blows your pants off
rileyvendetta : How much did you pay for the smaller version of the meatsmoke? If you don't mind me asking.
mikemarvuglio : @rileyvendetta well I had him put in a di and had him make me a road case for it and with those extras it came out to be just as much as the meatsmoke itself......keep in mind this is 150watts I'm using it for a cover/bar/wedding gets load but doesn't have to much head room like the 300......depending on your band you might want the 300watt version
mikemarvuglio : The od channel though is plenty loud.....and the lighter load makes a world of difference
rileyvendetta : @mikemarvuglio hmm, ya we do anywhere from clubs to mid sized theaters. I'll do more research on it. I hear the meatsmoke praised very highly all the time so I am interested in one. I got an STV classic rights before I found out about them unfortunately.
mikemarvuglio : @rileyvendetta yes they are amazing bro has the 300 watt version and I was blown away by it....problem is it's a good size head and I didn't feel like lugging that thing around every weekend by myself so I asked Ben if he could make me a smaller version of it and this is what I will not be let down in the slightest and it's def worth the investment....LIFETIME WARRANTY!!!! Well as long as he's alive. But def do it if you have the funds
rileyvendetta : @mikemarvuglio thanks for the help man! I'll definitely keep it in mind !
scobbybott - dickson_hth - tumbledsea - rileyvendetta -
Gregoire looking gorgeous at @pearlhomeatthebeach ! #regram #verellen #verellenfurniture
regram - verellen - verellenfurniture -
lyhnidaz - milieumag - cottonwoodinteriors - mellie444 -
Beautiful green and brown vignette.. #naturalcuriosities #dransfieldandross #wood #Verellen #design
wood - design - dransfieldandross - naturalcuriosities - verellen -
kellystuartphoto : Beautiful
verellenfurniture - xtremeetchingart - kate_1123 - knotjewelrydesign -
Gear Porn Deluxe #verellen #meatsmoke #bassmancab #egc #electricalguitarcompany
egc - verellen - meatsmoke - electricalguitarcompany - bassmancab -
sch_visual : Einfach wunderschön.....irre
petergrauss : Und gut?
herr_gedermann : Brachial.
herr_gedermann : @rigsofdoom
petergrauss : Und wohl brachial teuer.. lotto gewinn?
herr_gedermann : Nö, so schlimm wars nicht.
chrississimo : schoarf!
chrississimo - martinkonvicka - skullservant - yourefvckedfrombirth -
The feedback. #sybassion #verellen
verellen - sybassion -
chipmanzee - theblackflashband - robbie114 - khwieder -
Check out this article on Feeling Wonen (Belgian publication) about Verellen for Story! #verellen #verellenfurniture #verellenforstory
verellen - verellenfurniture - verellenforstory -
annechristiaensen : πŸ‘πŸ‘
milieumag - peakrain - seizethedecorum - emilyarbegust -
#MakeNoise #DoWork #Play let the games begin #recording at my parent's house on the coast - using some room #microphones to capture natural reverb and reflections. Key tone tools are #PorterLoaded Jaguar, Deep Six comp, @diamondpedals delay, Boss PS-3 and Vox AC style amp. #notpedalbored #gottone #fender #geartalk #guitar #music #verellen
microphones - verellen - play - geartalk - gottone - bandsarebetterthansoloacts - dowork - guitar - music - makenoise - notpedalbored - recording - porterloaded - fender -
thejordankc : Nice!!
jeremyrmckee : Sometimes I wish Oregon was closer
betteristheenemy : thassa good rig!
patrickmwilkins : Nice dude!
glenyoder : Sounds fun. I wanna come.
charisetshalom : @jeremyrmckee @glenyoder always more fun with friends. It was just me making a little lonely but brought out a different vibe. #bandsarebetterthansoloacts
couch_guitar_straps : Sweet gear dude! @charisetshalom
charisetshalom : @patrickmwilkins @couch_guitar_straps @thejordankc Thanks! It was fun, I need to "retreat" to the coast more often. Next time the wife and friends are coming.
hotblueberry - valuedlandscape - thomassolvang_95 - avtcindy -
Look at this nerd. #verellen #axefx #fearless #orange
orange - verellen - axefx - fearless -
rsf1977 : Tone huntin'
skullservant - patty_mazza21 - pandazmeow - tarkuswilliams -
Loving the winterized sun room of Lillian August Senior Designer @dianekarmen #verellen #lovehowyoulive #whiteafterlaborday
verellen - whiteafterlaborday - lovehowyoulive -
themodernminx : Love that sexy lamp!!!
sgarrett18 : @nancyjeang what sectional is this!? Love.
dianekarmen : It's the Millie @verellenfurniture
rhondaeleish : Love!!!
shaliniganguli - joyce_weisfelner - muchlove23 - amylifedesign -
In the house of Self Loath #drooooonnnneeeeee #verellen
verellen - drooooonnnneeeeee -
hoegazer : Beauuuutifil.
joesithx1a : I see eight strings and i am intrigueddddd
voiidgaze : Not your forte of 8 string @joesithx1a
joesithx1a : I dig anything done on guitars. I've reconstituted my interest in it since I bought a 7 string. Haha I play more and write more on my 7 string than I ever have on a bass or 6 string.Totally opened up my skills to a whole new level of sounds and possibilities that I've never experienced before. I wanna get my 7 string stuff down before I get an 8 string though. That's an intimidating amount of strings...@voiidgaze
voiidgaze : I'm happy you're not closed-minded. He uses it for drone metal
voiidgaze : @joesithx1a
dadpunchers - ihatemyself - xsephix - kyle_tavares -
Looked what showed up yesterday! So excited for the fall @milieumag & honored to see our pieces featured in so many of our awesome retail partners' ads! #milieumag #verellen #verellenfurniture
verellen - verellenfurniture - milieumag -
milieumag : Great partners! @verellenfurniture @bungalowclassic @30ahome @theirongate
verellenfurniture : We think so too @milieumag !
kimbrma - vanderkristi - kvieregg - -
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