#waterfront #residence #interiordesign #cadrys #verellen #classic #relaxed #homedecor #oliverdavisdesign
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Officially re-joined the KVLT. Stoked. Now to sell most of my other gear.. #electricalguitarcompany #guitar #gear #aluminumguitar #verellen #amp #amplifier #egc
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skullservant : @dustinwilbourn haha DERP. Yeah, the addition of the pickguard throws me off cause you don't see many with them
skullservant : @dustinwilbourn I dig it though, it's got the thicker neck which I wasn't expecting but quite enjoy. It's also a decent amount lighter than the obstructures
disarmdarcy : @skullservant the pickguard is defo responsible for the the sexyness. I usually don't drool for ECGs as much as I do for this one. :D
noctambulance : Welcome to the club. I have 2 and another on the way, plus one of the new Travis Beans. I love these guitars.
mathyouwiseman : I was trying not to buy that, I'm glad you did... My wife would kill me if I bought one, before getting the one I've been waiting about 2 years for. That think neck is my fav, but was worried that the 1 pickup wouldn't be "perfect". How's it sound?
skullservant : @mathyouwiseman haha well @chrystielynn almost did kill me, luckily I escaped unscathed! The neck is super comfy. Haven't had much time through an amp with it yet (tonight I will) but the pickup is nice and full and clear. Wound pretty hot, but articulate. When I had EGC single coils I loved them but they seemed a little scooped compared to this
chrystielynn : Unscathed is what you think πŸ˜‰
chrystielynn : Hahahha
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Thanks Ben!! #verellen #verellenamps #hollyhunt #shitstorm
verellen - hollyhunt - verellenamps - shitstorm -
eye_awake : 😍
waynejustwayne : You get a Meatsmoke???
skullservant : 😁😁😁😁😁
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Obsessed with this custom Bailey sectional that just finished up & shipped out for PayenArch in Mexico! #verellen #verellenfurniture
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RG @bungalowclassic: Two Thibaut Armless Dining Chairs with an Antique Trestle Table, a Gallivani Bird Print, and a few pieces from our Peruvian Pottery Collection. #antique #pottery #beautiful #furniture #birds #interiors #interiordesign #homedecor #home #regramapp
antique - pottery - regramapp - homedecor - verellen - interiors - interiordesign - thibautchairs - beautiful - sosimpleyetsoperfect - home - birds - furniture -
verellenincali : Think these might be one of my favorite Verellen pieces! #verellen #thibautchairs #sosimpleyetsoperfect
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RG @pizitzhomeandcottage: Introducing the Hannah Swivel #comingsoon #Pizitz #verellen #seasidefl #regramapp
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verellenincali : This will be your new best seller @pizitzhomeandcottage! It's so comfy yet so stylish!!
pizitzhomeandcottage : @verellenincali We're so excited!! They were delivered to our warehouse today!
pizitzhomeandcottage : @verellenincali Do y'all have pictures of anything in the new sturdy girl fabric?!?
verellenincali : Yes @pizitzhomeandcottage will send you a few- send me your email address
pizitzhomeandcottage : Thank you!!! Kendall@theseasidestyle.com
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Introducing the Hannah Swivel #comingsoon #Pizitz #verellen #seasidefl
verellen - comingsoon - seasidefl - pizitz -
margaretofyork : @lulubell336 swivels for your fire place?
laldendesigns : Loveeee!
v_town : @eslavik
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#cigar #gold #original #verellen #best #smokes #ever
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This was one of our secret weapons in the studio.... Introducing the Verellen Meat Smoke!! It's a bass pedal with some serious balls!! #deligma #deligmaofficial #verellen #verellenmeatsmoke #meatsmoke #phat
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octopusarmstkbf : @robinsonb89
xtremely_blessed_ : Nice pic!
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#verellen #fuckyes I don't know if I want to purchase any other amp ever based on this statement.
verellen - fuckyes -
ben_who : My buddy has a Verellen, and it sounds so damn good
delongpredannon : @ben_who I am excited and have already begun saving up
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01000100_01101001_01100101 : Is that a meat smoke to the left?
davidtgill : @01000100_01101001_01100101 yeah the dude in @gatesmusic has one.
01000100_01101001_01100101 : I'm jelly
davidtgill : #splawn #verellen #badcat
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So serene! #palmtree #white #Verellen #ciscobrothers #palecek
palmtree - verellen - white - palecek - ciscobrothers -
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New artwork! Green, grey and white make this #Verellen Aimee bed look so relaxing!
verellen -
Admiring our Blanche pieces among the beautiful interior design work of Amy of @clarityhome featured in #greenwichlook - seriously gorgeous! #verellen #verellenfurniture
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On location in Antwerp, Belgium... Be on the lookout for more great shots coming from #VerellenforStory ! So excited to see new product arriving in Europe. #verellen #verellenfurniture
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susanhorneantiques : Fabulous Shot!!
verellenincali : I really want those Kate Chaises!
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Two heads are better than one. #mesa #verellen #marshall #shure #oktava #soviet #lomo #studio
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mjmjr_ : Yeah, dood
bluestartorn : So many things to love in this...
jessemarchant - mjmjr_ - bluestartorn - dvdjr_01 -
Super comfortable #Verellen Remy sofa, paired with blue and beige to create a beautiful coastal look! #blue #coastal #cozy
blue - verellen - cozy - coastal -
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Great new #Verellen Aimee bed on our floor, paired with beautiful #pineconehill bedding. This blue and green scheme will surely relax you!
verellen - pineconehill -
verellenfurniture - tsgjacksonvilleandthebeaches - pinseypoo - nelliejhow -
Emma chair + coverall looking fab at @theirongate 😍 Thanks for sharing! #verellen #verellenfurniture
verellen - verellenfurniture -
dianekarmen - milieumag - carmellarayone - hotchildstudio -
Our pals @sinasoid just took in a huge amount of cool stuff from a now-defunct Seattle club. Among the haul are two Verellen amps, custom-made for the venue. The stack is a JCM800 clone with a Verellen twist, and the combo is a ripping good AC30. Hit them up if you're looking for quality gear! #guitar #amp #custom #verellen #seattle #yes
guitar - verellen - amp - yes - seattle - custom -
inforeven : Daayummm
larsbarz : Holy balls
rocknrollfletch : Oh man, a Verellen AC30. Goodbye money!
kingofallkosmos : I personally think the 335 is the best of the bunch @puisheen
alexevansohio : Ooooh AC30 clone.
puisheen : @kingofallkosmos Yeah, I definitely missed this one. I'd rather a Trini Lopez sometimes, but my old 355 and I go back a long time.
lowendless : What's the twist?
puisheen : @lowendless That it sounds like a Verellen
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Walle of sound, hoy hay show y va a tronar durisimo! #Orangeamps #Hovercraft #Ampeg #Mesaboogie #Tamadrums #Peavey #Fender #Verellen
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dittomusic : nice.
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RG @gg_interiors: New Verellen ottoman in that is a must have for any home!! 😍 @verellenfurniture @verellenincali #verellen #regramapp
verellen - regramapp -
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Today was a very good day! New amp day x2! Custom Loucks with a couple of mods and a mini 8w amp in a pre-amp pedal-shell! Thanks! #verellen #verellenamps #loucks #minismoke #verellenamplifiers @helmsaleemusic
minismoke - loucks - verellenamps - verellen - verellenamplifiers -
skullservant : Damn dude, awesome!
henningsb : @skullservant Up to 4 Verellens now;) The mini one crapped out on me, played for 10 minutes then crackle, hissing, the power tube started sparkling and smoked. I think the tube got damaged in the shipping..!
skullservant : @henningsb yeah dude I would definitely check tubes first
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Elly ottoman looking good at @gg_interiors πŸ‘πŸ‘ #regram #verellen #verellenfurniture
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New Verellen ottoman in that is a must have for any home!! 😍 @verellenfurniture @verellenincali #verellen
verellen -
halwallen : @hdavisphotography that looks like you
hdavisphotography : @halwallen oh my gosh yes!
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There goes the neighborhood. #50000UnstoppableWatts #AdventuresOfFoxAndHound #marshall #verellen #fender #traynor #peaveykult #emperorcabs #HomeIsWhereTheToneIs #ForgetTheShittyDrumset
verellen - traynor - adventuresoffoxandhound - marshall - homeiswherethetoneis - emperorcabs - 50000unstoppablewatts - forgettheshittydrumset - peaveykult - fender -
antfmendo : Digging that Fender!
markstewarttattooer : Were you selling that other Emperor 2x12?
dmergens - lilpendragon - dr.mcinnis - slugmuff -
Love suede? Check out our suede lamps! #Verellen
verellen -
verellenfurniture - nelliejhow -
Come lounge in our #Verellen Remy sofa! Custom options available.
verellen -
verellenfurniture -
Massive board is massive. #pedal #pedals #pedalboard #gear #guitar #nelsonguitars #nelson #montrealassembly #dod #verellen #wayhuge #dunlop #digitech #drscientist #mxr #tcelectronic
verellen - dunlop - nelsonguitars - mxr - pedalboard - guitar - montrealassembly - pedal - gear - pedals - drscientist - tcelectronic - wayhuge - dod - nelson - digitech -
valuedlandscape : i want one of those spiders soooo bad. i think that and an ss are in my near future πŸ˜ŠπŸ™Š
dirty_sanchdom : @thepedalmeister this guy has git some shit.
onlycollective : @skullservant no g24? I'm itching to get my hands on one/a Count To Five but haven't heard anything about new ones yet :(
skullservant : @onlycollective gb24 is glued to my gig board!
daniel_ettorre : @skullservant that bitquest! I missed the ilf preorder. I can't wait til it's available again. How is it?
skullservant : @daniel_ettorre it's like ILF's MΓΆbius. Completely amazing and so many sounds
daniel_ettorre : @skullservant that's the perfect way to describe it! They should use that as their tag line. Plus thr fact that it's updatable with new chips down the road? Fuckin a right
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The love affair continues. #verellen #guitar #bass #gearporn #seattle #studioflow
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concept // complete #katemarkerinteriors #diningroom #interiors #hollyhunt #verellen #oly
verellen - diningroom - katemarkerinteriors - oly - interiors - hollyhunt -
liisagent : Spectacular!
erinmcvondra : Is that patterned grass cloth? Obsessed with it
gmfasolo3 : Love!
katemarkerinteriors : Thanks!! @jaclynmoser @liisagent @gmfasolo3 Erin-- yes, grass cloth with fabric ribbons! @erinmcvondra
erinmcvondra : It's gorg!
maryannemarker3 : awesome.
kymacooper : You have beautiful style!
katemarkerinteriors : Thanks so much Kim @kymacooper
hollyhuntdesign - bellacasadesign - frombobbi - elvirochka14 -
Install today! Wait until you see the rest of the room.. #katemarkerinteriors #interiordesign #interiors #verellen #kravet #kellywearstler #aerin #visualcomfort
verellen - interiors - interiordesign - kravet - aerin - katemarkerinteriors - kellywearstler - visualcomfort -
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Thanks Evan for the sweet post! @skullservant @dirgeelectronics #verellen #emperorcabs #dirgeelectronics #bcustomcabs #telecaster #rigsofdoom -Andrew
verellen - emperorcabs - telecaster - bcustomcabs - rigsofdoom - dirgeelectronics -
skip_jones : @ed_sweetly β€’ someday.
cameronharrison : I need this @bloodbatsandbeyond
bloodbatsandbeyond : @cameronharrison Me too
duanegamc : @fredholly
fredhollygamc : @duanegamc pretty
jessecaggiano : When you're set up looks like furniture you know it will sound good. @troginfinity
blugator7 : @almightykeenan
jimmy_goat : Evan Rules!
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