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alois recliner. the chicest recliner around #verellen #patina
verellen - patina -
verellenfurniture - betsieboggs - marylouisemenendez -
Here's Ben shredding! Using Gavin's custom #Verellen amp/ speaker cab, #eqd #bitcommander, and #recovery #badcomrade.
verellen - badcomrade - eqd - recovery - bitcommander -
nickthegripz : Grooooooove box
corymurchy - mvhorgan - lupemflores - fittzkrieg -
So light and airy with just a hint of color! Loving the new vignette at the store! #Light #airy #andreacosta #hickorychair #Verellen #design #interiordesign
verellen - design - andreacosta - hickorychair - light - interiordesign - airy -
zoharrhe - elahench - orla1909 - payfeshordehamanda -
Rearranged the store a little.. new serene bedroom vignette! #naturalcuriosities #Verellen #libeco #design #natural #interiordesign
verellen - natural - naturalcuriosities - design - interiordesign - libeco -
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RG @verellenfurniture: Check out the fabulous article by @mooreandgilesleather on their blog - we love working with great companies like this to bring you the most beautiful & luxurious textiles as a part of our line! #Verellen #VerellenFurniture https://www.mooreandgiles.com/leather/2014/12/born-in-belgium-perfected-in-america-verellen/
verellen - verellenfurniture -
mooreandgilesleather - shelbyhillpayne - eliseyardley - jeffhill_ -
Check out the fabulous article by @mooreandgilesleather on their blog - we love working with great companies like this to bring you the most beautiful & luxurious textiles as a part of our line! #Verellen #VerellenFurniture
verellen - verellenfurniture -
hudsonstore - juxtapositionhome - trebornevets - adelejamesinteriors -
My Verellen amps poltergeist homage t finally arrived! #verellen #amps #poltergiest #homage #spiltmilk
verellen - homage - poltergiest - spiltmilk - amps -
steveshapes : That's awesome!
quiet_kaye - typie - thehornbearer - halfapigeon -
Have your purchased your @colossalcable yet? Can't wait to get these on the board. #colossalcable #tone #gear #quality #legendaryskies #bass #verellen #meatsmoke #pedalboards
verellen - tone - gear - legendaryskies - colossalcable - meatsmoke - pedalboards - quality - bass -
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PATINA. A new Verellen boutique by designer Melanie Pounds, exclusively featuring Verellen upholstery, case goods, lighting + accessories. Aesthetically pleasing, delightfully comfortable, timelessly chic. In the Birmingham area? Join us in celebrating the opening this Thursday, December 18th from 4-8 pm. #Verellen #VerellenFurniture #Patina
verellen - verellenfurniture - patina -
melaniepounds : Can't wait
whitneysjohnson : Merry Christmas
charlotte_allison_jewelry : Planning on it!!
cicibankston : So excited!!!
megallison1 : I love your furniture and always buy at my long time favorite Birmingham shop, circa! Hope I can still buy from them too!!
darylcalfee - bekerrylee - lmcardillo - cicibankston -
A feature article on the inspiring @verellenfurniture Showroom on the blog today! View more photos of their High Point Showroom - link in profile. #leather #interiordesign #verellen #hpmkt14 #highpoint
leather - verellen - interiordesign - hpmkt14 - highpoint -
johnnyiuzzini - grahamburnsstudio - adbradshaw423 - darylcalfee -
Here's the bass side of @russiancircband setup #verellen #ampeg #emperorcabs #firstact photo by: @heymeink #rigsofdoom -Andrew
verellen - emperorcabs - ampeg - firstact - rigsofdoom -
alexbt4 : Ayoye !!
alexbt4 : @ironmindraph
imbutawaveto : @evanschultz you need to step your game up.
nickolicious51 : Favorite bass rig
destroyerxdayne : So many watts.
rsinn : Love that bass!
dnlwhlr : @ojkjones
trainwr3ck : @domingo796
matknievilwebber - bill_ricci - jeremybirdman - orufat -
#haircut #cleaningup
verellen - you - haircut - cleaningup -
nmb440 : @mikemarvuglio of course! Yeah prescription holbrooks! Love em! I also collect frogskins as well. #you use the #verellen last night?
rexapium : 😎
nmb440 : @rexapium :)
mikemarvuglio : Nice!!!! I'm an Oakley guy myself....I did not.....I need to get a dolly....stuff can be heavy to carry and I didn't feel like doing it yesterday it's been a long week
nmb440 : Understandable I mean your tonehammer is sick! I like your rig
misskimmiemarin : You look good ^^
nmb440 : @misskimmiemarin thanks!
kaylaucci : I dig it
toshtwopointoh - misskimmiemarin - 427666_ - jillypags -
I have a problem tonight.....which awesome rig should I use #aguilar #tonehammer with two #sl112 or #verellen #meatsmoke with #orange #sp410 decisions both sound great one weighs a ton one weighs nothing #alltubes or #solidstate #digital.....what do you guys think
verellen - alltubes - meatsmoke - sl112 - sp410 - aguilar - tonehammer - solidstate - digital - orange -
mikemarvuglio : Do u know how much they go for usually? @abobass
abobass : 1900-2800 new depending on what model you get @mikemarvuglio
mikemarvuglio : Yea that's what I figured. I recently bought these two because my orange bass terror 1000 crapped out on me during a gig. So I got these two. I really like the tone hamer but I need 1000 watts for my gigs and that verellen is only 200watt tubed. Sounds great but it's heavy and I have no head room on the clean. @abobass so you left aguilar for gk? I used to have a low level gk endorsement back prob in 07/08. I have the 2001rb and rbh cabs. I also have the mb212 but that's finicky so I can't take it out on gigs.
abobass : @mikemarvuglio yea I left them for GK ... TH has no headroom or power for me and breaks up too fast
mikemarvuglio : @abobass yea I can see that....500 isn't enough def need 1000. That's why I went with the terror in the first place. The verellen is and made and lifetime warranty. I'll have to save up and find myself a walter woods now. Thanks for giving me the heads up!!!! How's the noble di's? I recently found them on here as well. Any good?
mikemarvuglio : Have you checked out the monique stuff? @abobass
abobass : Can't go wrong with @nobleamps
abobass : @mikemarvuglio
canyonnnnnn - jhollkin - mikaelingegard - nobleamps -
Going all drony and loopy and stuff. #komabd101 #komaelektronik #boomerangmusic #eventide #eventidespace #strymontimeline #strymon #fender #fendertelecaster #telecaster #verellen #verellenamps
verellen - strymontimeline - telecaster - fender - komabd101 - boomerangmusic - fendertelecaster - komaelektronik - eventide - verellenamps - strymon - eventidespace -
mikemarvuglio - zombierine - d_cotts - strymonengineering -
Feature story on #VerellenFurniture in @ellebelgique this month! #Verellen #backtoourroots
verellen - verellenfurniture - backtoourroots -
nancypriceinteriors : Awesome!!
ctdecesare : Gorgeous!!
juxtapositionhome : Amazing please post more photos
ctdecesare - juxtapositionhome - rubylivingdesign - elizabethswhite -
changed up the vignette in the window! #verellen #taraceausa #white #natural
verellen - white - natural - taraceausa -
sophielily89 - tsgjacksonvilleandthebeaches - m_ilyka22 - cottonwoodinteriors -
Put 4 new #tungsol #6550 in my #verellen #meatsmoke #custom200watt because one went out already now it's ready to #rock #tubesday #alltubes #allday
custom200watt - verellen - alltubes - allday - pedalporn - moneynotes - basstheworld - geartalk - bassist - tubesday - bassporn - notreble - gearporn - bassplayerproblems - 6550 - meatsmoke - 5string - guitarporn - tungsol - lowend - rock - 4string - allaboutthatbass - bassplayer - notesthatmoveyourfeet -
mikemarvuglio : #allaboutthatbass #notreble #basstheworld #bassporn #gearporn #pedalporn #guitarporn #geartalk #bassplayerproblems #bassplayer #bassist #4string #5string #lowend #moneynotes #notesthatmoveyourfeet
jadeey1 - arielmd - goantitone - knuckleberryfinn -
READY TO GRIND. #verellen #meatsmoke #sunn #fullstacks
verellen - sunn - meatsmoke - fullstacks -
gram_ov_salt : Is that Hogan? HA
drfstr : Yep, creepin'.
ramonramos12 : Very cool!
dan_o_war : @laform_asaurus
mikemarvuglio - optimusprime505 - lugnetrock - ivy.em -
New fabric samples being prepared for our customers! We know you are all anxiously awaiting them & we promise to get them out to you as soon as they are all complete! 😊 #verellen #verellenfurniture #adeleneforverellen
verellen - adeleneforverellen - verellenfurniture -
verellenincali : Hooray!
juxtapositionhome : We can't wait
verellenincali - tom_seaend - darylcalfee - jamesduncaninc -
If you have one of these you know this feeling. Back to the fucking shop we go. #Ampeg #linden #v4 #verellen #tubeamp #tonezone #gearporn #fail
linden - verellen - ampeg - tonezone - tubeamp - v4 - gearporn - fail -
galacticdad : my '75 been out of commission for the better part of a year. i know this feel.
jasatron : Bummer
ridethelightming : Love 'em, will never buy one.
godhunter : One of those tried to kill me once.
igottagetthebeesoutofmyteeth : Mine loves me, only had tube trouble once. 68'
pixelsaurus79 : I loved/hated my V4. A wonderous money pit was she.
solpdx : Bummer! Even with problems, they're still the best.
samvbatt : Sold mine and bought an SVT II with 6550's. I liked my v4b but wanted more power.
theloneliestmountain - igottagetthebeesoutofmyteeth - fender_azzmaster - mr_alonsy_6669 -
Realized that I never posted a straight on shot comparing these two dudes. They are pretty different beasts surprisingly. The yellow is wood/aluminum hybrid, and the white is all aluminum. Both feature the thicker Denison profile, which is super comfortable to me and somewhere around a full-bodied MIM Strat neck profile. Both of them are loaded with EGC Humbuckers. They sound and feel different too. The white one feels like a machine. Lighter and more mechanic, where the yellow is more sophisticated and a little warmer. I currently have the white one set up for B Standard tuning and the yellow for E Standard. #electricalguitarcompany #egc #guitar #gear #verellen #bcustomcabs #peaveykvlt
guitar - bcustomcabs - gear - verellen - egc - peaveykvlt - electricalguitarcompany -
wearyheadsatl : 🎸
perfecttommy73 : Love the white one
fhaawks : Rad.
peterbroberg : All that stuff. So freaking cool.
whoresband : Veddy noice
badrvdm : Dibs for when you ever sell the TB model!! πŸ˜‹
totheneck : What strings do you like for the down-tuned one? Thinking of doing something similar with my Standard (to stave off the EGC baritone lust for a time).
skullservant : @totheneck I like .12's and .13's usually, but I have .11's on this one right now haha. The tension of the heavier gauges prevents flop a little bit more without being super tight
drscientistsounds - antiherosforever - uroturaman - customguitars_tardis_art -
#egc #verellen #weezer
egc - verellen - weezer -
rieseberger : #rollersound
bass_guitar_stuff : @ss711 I need this in my life
wearyheadsatl : I bet that's really fucking heavy
wearyheadsatl : Pun intended
heisdefinitelyyourmate : @acknack42 yeah boizzzz
kieransnotcool : So cool that he hangs out with you and even cooler he uses one of your axes on stage! Very nice work guys! Looks beautiful
fighttheblight : Proud of you.
kronsty69 : @tlplusrx that's what we need
mikemarvuglio - c.manuel - ma__ck - masterybridge -
First time I've looped in ages. #guitar #gear #electricalguitarcompany #egc #tinyterror #orangeamps #looping #ambient #verellen #bcustomcabs
verellen - tinyterror - gear - bcustomcabs - guitar - looping - orangeamps - ambient - egc - electricalguitarcompany -
habilis : πŸ‘
special_horses : Damn I really like that
clarence_claclou : @l_menissier Tiny Terror
noctambulance : My new EGC and travis bean are about to be delivered.
skullservant : @noctambulance your EGC turned out awesomely. Which TB is yours? Was it posted yet? Curious to hear how they compare
edgewardxmawsh - peyt0n1o1 - ironbird666 - wild.ju -
#guitar #gear #electricalguitarcompany #aluminumguitar #amp #amps #amplifier #orangeamps #tinyterror #verellen #bcustomcabs #dirgeelectronics #peavey #peaveykvlt
verellen - tinyterror - gear - bcustomcabs - peaveykvlt - amplifier - dirgeelectronics - guitar - aluminumguitar - orangeamps - amps - amp - peavey - electricalguitarcompany -
disarmdarcy : And the new stash is alive!
davegc1001 : Oh that's a nice setup. Tell me about the Verellen please?
skullservant : @davegc1001 thanks dude. It's a 50w custom head that Ben put together a while ago and I bought second hand. Essentially a Fender Champ preamp going into half of a Model T output section (2x6550) with preamp and power amp boosts, recording line out, and FX loop
_tto_ : Geez Man, lookin' fly!
curbstomppedals - compartiya - bearstormrva - dkmusic07 -
#tbt to the prettiest install ever! #Bahamas #Nassau #whiteonwhiteonwhite #verellen #ironware #jerrypair #vaughan #interiordesign #design #designerslife #ceilinglove #detailsdetails #readyforround2 #residentialdesign #thecastle #driftwood #allintheconcept #instachic #instastyle
verellen - ceilinglove - instachic - detailsdetails - tbt - designerslife - design - nassau - vaughan - allintheconcept - thecastle - instastyle - driftwood - interiordesign - bahamas - ironware - whiteonwhiteonwhite - residentialdesign - jerrypair - readyforround2 -
newyorkxoxoxo : 905 hoodies are out! @teedotapparel
lis410 : I like that
mikemarvuglio - lis410 - lil_mama_vasquez - bee_outerwear -
Loving the new Winter issue of @milieumag and seeing #Verellen in several places!! 😍 #VerellenFurniture
verellen - verellenfurniture -
foundhouston : πŸ’™
juxtapositionhome : Love all
cosafinaforgiftandhome - circabirmingham - circainteriors - irisandco -
All my kids got some tv time.. My Dahlia, my Lucien and my #verellen
verellen -
bedardio : Rad!
ninjamoniq - flying_gopher_14 - moderndaydads - lorrainepaints -
Dear lord this thing rips hard. // #meatsmoke #verellen #preamp #guitar #pedal #music #effects #fx #fuzz #distortion #rock #metal #loud
verellen - meatsmoke - fx - preamp - metal - distortion - guitar - fuzz - music - effects - rock - pedal - loud -
pigsnoutband : Now you can get that unearthly tearing distortion!!
dimensionofsound - hive_cph - mercedes_a7 - musicinphotographs -
Græjuperra hittingur, fallegt! #rhodes #fendertwinamp57 #hiwattpa1971 #verellen
rhodes - hiwattpa1971 - verellen - fendertwinamp57 -
springflowersfairy - mynameismirtilla - xpeople_are_strangex - kmakarova -
Ready, set, SAVE! 20% off all upholstery... Including special orders placed until Sunday!!! #blackfriday #upholstery #leeindustries #verellen #ciscobrothers #seasidefl
verellen - upholstery - seasidefl - leeindustries - ciscobrothers - blackfriday -
verellenincali - beckyroll - sarah_jg97 - flmegs -
Fuzz pedal through the clean channel on the #verellen #davespedals #rigsofdoom
verellen - swarmofspheres - davespedals - rigsofdoom -
wishmaster_jay : #swarmofspheres
edgewardxmawsh - matspag - uncledavvve - xwintersgloomx -
OCD SHOOTOUT Fuzzrocious Oh See Demon Vs. Fulltone OCD version 3 Vs. Fulltone OCD version 4 #fuzzrocious #ocd #fulltone #egan #overdrive #egancustomguitars #verellen #verellenamps #skyhammer #guitar #electricguitar #pedals #music #pedalporn #stompbox #pedalboard #ehx #empresseffects #walrusaudio #blackouteffectors #livelifeinthevalley
egan - verellen - livelifeinthevalley - pedalboard - guitar - overdrive - verellenamps - electricguitar - pedalporn - blackouteffectors - skyhammer - pedals - walrusaudio - egancustomguitars - fuzzrocious - ocd - ehx - fulltone - music - stompbox - empresseffects -
lillinator : Heyyyyyyy, those are miiiinnneeee. @sludgepanda
sludgepanda : Not any more. I sold them. @lillinator
sludgepanda : Nah! No need for lamps around here! @lana_lost
charisetshalom : Did The Demon truly destroy all contenders?
sludgepanda : I definitely like it the most of the three. The V3 has a stronger low end than the V4 and the V4 is a bit brighter and crisp than the V3. The Demon is pretty much right in between them. Strong low end but still crisp and clear. A little more open sounding overall. I like the drive control more on the Demon as well. I typically wouldn't put the drive on the OCDs past about 1 o'clock because it starts getting really squashed, where the Demon I find more useable at higher gain settings. @charisetshalom
lana_lost : Dislike, bro)
charisetshalom : Thanks for the feedback....been trying to figure out what my first @fuzzrocious pedal will be. If it works well on bass too then double win since my wife/bassist and I swap gear quite often. \m/
sludgepanda : No problem! The Demon is actually my bassist's and it definitely works well on bass. Double win for you! @charisetshalom
itsmeannie_ - aden_marshall - blastard_ - toyroomeffects -
Louisville friends!!! Z-Bar! Tonight! New cabs? Maybe.... #Verellen
verellen -
willdeshazer : Wish I'd known. Sorry! Rock out!
jdk83 : Can't wait! Hope to get there in time!
baronvonaaron : Can't wait to hear those cans in Florida...hint hint please
dun_dun_duun : ^^^^ for reAlz come down south
sarahlefou : those cabs are dope.
misterjustinbrown - worshipcult - d_u_n_k_e_r_l_u_n_d________ - underseaband -
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