Fuzz pedal through the clean channel on the #verellen #davespedals #rigsofdoom
verellen - swarmofspheres - davespedals - rigsofdoom -
wishmaster_jay : #swarmofspheres
artswideload - guiltxparade - danand - bearstormrva -
OCD SHOOTOUT Fuzzrocious Oh See Demon Vs. Fulltone OCD version 3 Vs. Fulltone OCD version 4 #fuzzrocious #ocd #fulltone #egan #overdrive #egancustomguitars #verellen #verellenamps #skyhammer #guitar #electricguitar #pedals #music #pedalporn #stompbox #pedalboard #ehx #empresseffects #walrusaudio #blackouteffectors #livelifeinthevalley
egan - verellen - livelifeinthevalley - pedalboard - guitar - overdrive - verellenamps - electricguitar - pedalporn - blackouteffectors - skyhammer - pedals - walrusaudio - egancustomguitars - fuzzrocious - ocd - ehx - fulltone - music - stompbox - empresseffects -
lana_lost : You killed me!
lillinator : Heyyyyyyy, those are miiiinnneeee. @sludgepanda
sludgepanda : Not any more. I sold them. @lillinator
sludgepanda : Nah! No need for lamps around here! @lana_lost
charisetshalom : Did The Demon truly destroy all contenders?
sludgepanda : I definitely like it the most of the three. The V3 has a stronger low end than the V4 and the V4 is a bit brighter and crisp than the V3. The Demon is pretty much right in between them. Strong low end but still crisp and clear. A little more open sounding overall. I like the drive control more on the Demon as well. I typically wouldn't put the drive on the OCDs past about 1 o'clock because it starts getting really squashed, where the Demon I find more useable at higher gain settings. @charisetshalom
lana_lost : Dislike, bro)
charisetshalom : Thanks for the feedback....been trying to figure out what my first @fuzzrocious pedal will be. If it works well on bass too then double win since my wife/bassist and I swap gear quite often. \m/
father_and_son_records - drotunes - joako_todopoderoso - aenimic -
Louisville friends!!! Z-Bar! Tonight! New cabs? Maybe.... #Verellen
verellen -
willdeshazer : Wish I'd known. Sorry! Rock out!
jdk83 : Can't wait! Hope to get there in time!
baronvonaaron : Can't wait to hear those cans in Florida...hint hint please
dun_dun_duun : ^^^^ for reAlz come down south
sarahlefou : those cabs are dope.
kthnj - guy_incognito5 - caughtlickingleather - rudydesign -
Sending out lots of gratitude to our design & retail partners, our vendors, and everyone else with whom we work! Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! {We will be back in the office on Monday} #HappyThanksgiving #thankful #Verellen #VerellenFurniture
thankful - verellenfurniture - happythanksgiving - verellen -
dianekarmen - mizzwelch - optimaleathers - juxtapositionhome -
#Regram from @ruardveltmanarchitecture - so excited for our space at Maison&Objet Paris January 23-27, 2015! πŸ˜πŸ‘ #Verellen #VerellenFurniture #MaisonandObjet #Paris
regram - verellen - maisonandobjet - verellenfurniture - paris -
dudleymoore : Where will your booth be? I'll be there!
courtneytilinski : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
verellenfurniture : @dudleymoore you can find us in Hall 5B!
lmooredesigns - v_bailess - optimaleathers - juxtapositionhome -
Soy solo de mi novia que me amaβ™‘ #Quinta #Verellen
verellen - quinta -
luciarodriguez11 - manu.isitillarte - gomeznaoo - elenaferreiro1 -
I couldn't not post this...a beautiful white #verellen #meatsmoke with matching road case heading to Norway from the Verellen Facebook. #rigsofdoom -Andrew
verellen - meatsmoke - rigsofdoom -
tube_powered : @whyisntthisthat I'm too late!
quimbymeat : OMG it's not plugged into a cabinet...
quimbymeat : @zacclowes
amrheinsimon : @yugobetrrrugo kauf mir den
johnnylaslo : Aye caramba!
metal_matt_87 : @_movershaker @chambermaggit
joecurtis42 : Fuck yes
lewrkop : @nickb_boy
adizmalworld - whothey - hampushelfvete - thesoundofwood -
Selling my Verellen Meatsmoke Preamp. Less than a year old and includes a custom briefcase modeled after the old electro harmonic pine box cases. Insulated hard foam and an extra space for an additional pedal or power cable. Looking for $600. #verellen #verellenamps, #gearporn, #bassgear, #ampeg @rigsofdoom
verellen - ampeg - verellenamps - gearporn - bassgear -
skullservant : 😍😍😍😍😍
dickenscommakate - leophobos - juankatrujillo - keridoingstuff -
#diva #lifeisgood when you are #libertybelleweil #sittingonherlinensofa #cozybythefire #shewontmove
verellen - libertybelleweil - cozybythefire - shewontmove - sittingonherlinensofa - diva - lifeisgood -
aliweil1 : #verellen
divinadumafiga : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
lindseybond : @aliweil1 do you carry on the Verellen line? Love Verellen!
aliweil1 : @lindseybond I love Verellen too! But I don't carry it. Obviously Liberty loves it also 🐢
michellemadridv - andreasal06 - csbutler - beaslim -
Great new artwork in the store! #andreacosta #Verellen #noir #grey #design #interiordesign
verellen - noir - andreacosta - design - interiordesign - grey -
andreacostastudio - cottonwoodstyle - designpanels - cottonwoodinteriors -
Gorgeous new tables and rugs now in stock! #teak #Verellen #design #interiordesign #neutrals
neutrals - teak - interiordesign - design - verellen -
kate_1123 - seljesaether - cottonwoodstyle - cottonwoodinteriors -
Have you checked out our latest board on Pinterest? Don't forget to take a peek at all of the silhouettes from Fall market! #Verellen #VerellenFurniture #pinterest
verellen - verellenfurniture - pinterest -
riceconstructiongroup : Love the Robin!!!
ctdecesare : @jenniferlinolson
boutiqueoneoh9 - emoryr - optimaleathers - darylcalfee -
Looks like our Romain sofa has found the perfect spot at @atchisonhome 😍 #regram #Verellen #VerellenFurniture
regram - verellen - verellenfurniture -
tsgchattanooga - lisafriedmandesign - janetpporterfield - _superfly_ -
Playtime. Geeking out and taking notes. #delrio #lgtbiz #somuchdirt #fuzzrocious #verellen #ehx #keismanpedals
verellen - somuchdirt - lgtbiz - fuzzrocious - keismanpedals - delrio - ehx -
fuzzrocious : @jimdunlopusa @fuzzrocious
craigf80 - jrobbins85 - b0rbert - laurshaw -
Lieve schat, dit feestje had je dit weekend nog tegoed πŸ’‹β€οΈ happy birthday alexander .. Xxx (Onze bakker #verellen was blij met al die bananen -én chocoladetaarten deze week ;) :) )
verellen -
sarahbusschots - maite_2308 - pietsonck - rudy_verbeeck -
Since starting my new job, I haven't hardly been able to play any of my gear at all. Tonight I actually packed about 80% of it up. Baby will be here in about 2 weeks. Warning you all of eminent baby pictures. I promise to prop a pedal next to him as often as I can 😁 #amp #amplifier #gear #guitar #bass #orangeamps #orangetinyterror #verellen #verellenamps #verellenamplifiers #bcustomcabs #emperorcabs
verellen - gear - bcustomcabs - amplifier - emperorcabs - verellenamplifiers - guitar - orangetinyterror - verellenamps - orangeamps - amp - bass -
black__tooth - r3ecesmth_45 - luis_sludge - dermot__ -
Wired up a secondary #pedalboard for some #synthesizer action. This is a pretty fun setup....guess I should learn some songs on keys. #analog #digital #notpedalbored #arturia #gottone #makemusic
verellen - geartalk - gottone - gearwire - pedalboard - synthesizer - fuzz - digital - notpedalbored - makemusic - arturia - reverb - analog -
dccustomfx : Awesome
charisetshalom : #verellen #fuzz #reverb #geartalk
gearwire : Dude I would love to hear this!!
degoyen : Is that cathedral afecting the minibrute? What are your favorite fx pedals for the synth?
charisetshalom : @degoyen Yes, the Cathedral is affecting it - I was using the Flerb for some "movement". I really like verbs, delays, and modulation on synths. On a monophonic synth like this, pitchshifters are useful to create a wider palette of sounds. Fuzz and distortion pedals are useful too ;) @gearwire I will post something tomorrow! #gearwire
degoyen : @charisetshalom i love verbs, delays, chorus, flanger, but I the ones that I've heard cut the low end and take all the character put of the synth. Do you know Mooer brand?
charisetshalom : Yes, I know the Mooer brand but don't recommend it. They are cheaply made with poor sonic range - I would not be surprised if you lost dynamics and character with those. The Cathedral has good converters, Eventide and Strymon are also great. Walrus Audio Descent also retains low end character on drum machines and synths @degoyen. Expensive but they should last a long time and usable in studio and live performance.
degoyen : @charisetshalom I've not tried the mooers. I was looking Strymon's big sky and I dooled my keyboard. HAHAHAHA. Thanks for the tips.
valuedlandscape - anubislightandsound - blvd_knight - axis_mundi_records -
New synth for new tunes! #microbrute #constantlovers #experiencefeelings #verellen #meatsmoke
experiencefeelings - verellen - meatsmoke - microbrute - constantlovers -
muzach1 : Nice. I've been thinking about getting one of those.
constantlovers : It sounds fantastic and is super tweakable. πŸŽΉπŸ‘»
trodden74 : So much fun with the@micro that I've got the mini-brute SE on my list.
bensonamps - calebisaacdaniels - mertenszachary - fittzkrieg -
Sharing the excitement of our friends at @southofmarket - they've just announced the opening of a third store in NYC (Tribeca, to be exact), and it will feature solely Verellen upholstery. Yippee! Opening will be in December - stay tuned to @southofmarket for more info! #Verellen #VerellenFurniture #SOMNYC
verellen - verellenfurniture - somnyc -
verellenincali : Congratulations @southofmarket! It will be nothing short of perfection I'm sure!
seizethedecorum : @amseymour
southofmarket : We're over the moon. Thank you, friends :) @verellenfurniture
courtneytilinski : Congrats! certain to be amazing!
leisaharper - elizabethswhite - janetpporterfield - jdouglas13 -
Pedal demos can get a little messy. But whatever.
geardemo - verellen - nobrainer - greenhousefx - toneheaven - ghfx -
sinasoid : #toneheaven #verellen #greenhousefx #ghfx #nobrainer #geardemo
guiillhe - yourbudeli - feregutierrez - joshuakau -
Loved visiting @abeautifulmesshome today and so happy they are going to be carrying Verellen! Gorgeous store and lovely people! #verellen #agourahills #abeautifulmess
abeautifulmess - verellen - agourahills -
shelbyhillpayne - elimccabe - koolyphresh - testebk -
New amp day- sold my Micro Terror towards a Tiny Terror. Really digging it! #orangeamps #amp #amplifier #gear #guitar #orangetinyterror #tubeamp #el84 #tinyterror #verellen #verellenamps
verellen - tinyterror - el84 - gear - amplifier - guitar - orangetinyterror - tubeamp - verellenamps - orangeamps - amp -
respinozaprez : @tequilario
peterbroberg : What's the volume difference? I'm thinking of doing the same upgrade, but don't want to lose any volume. (I know that sounds silly, but the micro terror is pretty dang loud through a real cab)
skullservant : @peterbroberg I can actually get the tiny terror to do apartment low level stuff better. That being said, the Micro Terror has a tiny little bit more headroom because of it
peterbroberg : Makes sense. That's kind of what I expected. I think ill ration my GAS for something else
chronomancer1 : @skullservant what verellen is that?
skullservant : @chronomancer1 it's a 50w custom that I bought off a friend who bought off the original person who ordered it. 2x 6550, Fender Champ preamp section into half of a Sunn Model T output section with preamp and power amp boosts
chronomancer1 : @skullservant sounds awesome!
skullservant : @chronomancer1 it is! It's a nice loud amp and takes pedals like a champ
ntr151 - kentgulbrandsen - mikejlynch - donovan_mcs -
Amps of choice #verellen #verellenamps #verellenamplifiers
verellen - rigsofdoom - verellenamps - verellenamplifiers -
kingguff : That meatsmoke is a fucking monster.
dr.mcinnis : This is just overkill.
patrickjfinn : Love Meat Smoke, gonna rock it here in Seattle in a couple hours, maybe Ben will hear it.
davegc1001 : Nice! I hope you have all three going at once.
haugbjorg : The dude!
henningsb : @rigsofdoom #rigsofdoom
rigsofdoom : Hello fellow church goer
skullservant : @ancienttone
mrmattcowan - wretchedwizard - demianjohnston - aluminist -
New Bruges round coffee tables are available in two great sizes - looking trendy here with hair on hide on the tops! #verellen #verellenfurniture #settingtrends
verellen - verellenfurniture - settingtrends -
hudsonhomeny : Please send me the sizes!
ctdecesare - cosafinaforgiftandhome - kastaninteriorsvintages - kvieregg -
A cozy fire sounds good today @verellenfurniture @milieumag #fireplace #verellen #interiordesign #architecture #MILIEU SUBSCRIBE on MILIEU-MAG.COM or call 855.521.0331.
verellen - interiordesign - fireplace - architecture - milieu -
rachelanderson530 : @marieflanigan how gorgeous!
kittenhardwick : @ameliebernhard
patriciapeckinpaughjewelry : πŸ‘
philipmitchelldesign : Absolutely spectacular! Love it! πŸ‘Œ
marieflanigan : @rachelanderson530 love! 😍
irenemamiye - inspiregwen - lnicsingleton - artkr -
#setupoftheday #pedalporn #pedalboard #fender #telecaster #verellen #verellenamplifiers #strymon #ehx #eventide #catalinbread
verellen - telecaster - fender - pedalboard - verellenamplifiers - setupoftheday - catalinbread - ehx - pedalporn - eventide - strymon -
silvio_pfiffner - kentgulbrandsen - daringdare - screamadelicat -
#gold #corona #verellen #tube #€2,00
verellen - tube - corona - gold -
sevillanightclubriverside : Great!
mesut_tmr : Wa is da
thomazzze : Een cigaar @mesut_tmr
mesut_tmr : Is da 2 euro ?
thomazzze : Dees is nu heel goedkoop , ma ge hebt er ook van € 30
thomazzze : @mesut_tmr
spuntale.2a - pimp.beat - liza_mukhina1 - sevillanightclubriverside -
Thanks to all of our fab customers for being patient with us this week as we've been playing catch up after market! Hope everyone had a great weekend - enjoy the rest of your Sunday (maybe in a nice chair like Olivia) ! #verellen #verellenfurniture #SundayFunday
verellen - sundayfunday - verellenfurniture -
circainteriors : Simply obsessed.
riveroakscharleston : Love that hem-stitching. You deserve "market recovery" time.
melaniepounds : Perfect
andrikaso : Beautiful
atchisonhome : Nobody does details like you guys! Awesome!
verellenfurniture : Thanks everyone!
melaniepounds - darcymoulin - andrikaso - optimaleathers -
Quick shout out to our pals at @sinasoid, the company with which we're creating our line of cables. These guys not only make totally custom cables to order, but they also pick up used gear from time to time. This Verellen JCM800-style head and cab is up for grabs and sounds unbelievably loud and rich. It's a beast, and one of you really should pick this up! Check it out (as well as the AC30 Verellen!) at sinasoid.com #guitar #amp #custom #verellen #seattle #sinasoid #forsale #marshall #jcm800 #stack #gear
jcm800 - verellen - forsale - gear - marshall - custom - guitar - amp - sinasoid - seattle - stack -
baudebr : @pish1 this.
sffuporfa : Thanks for the shout out!
puisheen : @sffuporfa Happy to do it, man! You guys are family!
nickjojola : @uglystickbigwater
mikeylandis540 - jtnichols - kimoraguitars - mixlet -
@deacon403 is happy my #verellen #meatsmoke is back he becomes a mad man when I kick on the OD
verellen - moneynotes - batpig - basstheworld - lowend - bassist - bassporn - notreble - frenchbulldog - frenchie - bassplayerproblems - sp410 - meatsmoke - 5string - fender - verellenamplifiers - orangeamps - 4string - allaboutthatbass - bassplayer - jazzbass - notesthatmoveyourfeet -
mikemarvuglio : #allaboutthatbass #notreble #basstheworld #bassporn #bassplayerproblems #bassplayer #bassist #4string #5string #lowend #moneynotes #notesthatmoveyourfeet #orangeamps #sp410 #verellenamplifiers #fender #jazzbass #batpig #frenchie #frenchbulldog
virtuallyanalog : @mikemarvuglio When did you get the SP410?!? How heavy?
mikemarvuglio : I got it almost two years ago....I want to say it's like 65 pounds @virtuallyanalog but they discontinued it
mikemarvuglio : I want to get the two sp212s someday
virtuallyanalog : @mikemarvuglio I was heartbroken when I found out they were discontinued! I love the the SP212s, but a horn would've been cool too!
mikemarvuglio : @virtuallyanalog there's no horn it's just 4 10 inch speakers with a power handling of 1020watts
i_am_an_fbi_agent : Frenchies and loud amp!
mikemarvuglio : @i_am_an_fbi_agent can't go wrong!!!!
cissie_ceeceesmusic - _grey21 - thechriswaiau - mellacaputo -
Pony Montana, our mascot, on route to the Spiderbait gig. #totallyunhardcore #verellen
verellen - totallyunhardcore -
skullservant - lessthanbrad21 - aleshaburke - delainey93 -
Tones in the home, new Shroud Eater riffs in the oven. Comin back atcha sooooooon... @janvalentine #verellen #marshall #traynor #peavey #fender emperorcabs #sludge #doom #getheavy #shroudeater #305plp #peaveykvlt @rigsofdoom
verellen - traynor - marshall - peaveykvlt - 305plp - shroudeater - sludge - getheavy - doom - peavey - fender -
perpetualscream : Finally!
madamejen : πŸ‘»
entheojean : @perpetualscream couple new/old songs being released soon, last stuff recorded with the old lineup, be on the lookout they're frackin heavy πŸ’€πŸ’©
perpetualscream : Excellent. I'm excited to hear it all! 😺
rigsofdoom - brzezikk - divinemotherrecordings - jaredkoons -
Kick off your Monday morning, with this monstrous Verellen Meatsmoke! 300 watt, all tube, power house. Peal the paint off your walls. For sale on Reverb.com
intoitoverit : All the dads bummed on watts. I'm gonna play guitar through it
special_horses : Ugh
wisconseattle : Want
pritchettnick : @i_h_smith @neillnation @ahudelson is this what we were talking about the other night??
neillnation : @pritchettnick yes!!
i_h_smith : @pritchettnick yesssss
james_ledford : @shred_riffs
ryan_underwood : Hot damn.
rdeversole - thechriswaiau - familiarsmusic - joe_marcos_ -
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