NHS chic. #venogram #dvtstockings
dvtstockings - venogram -
jcormart : How much time it's gona take?
jcormart : I meen... The venogram?
mollymoo165 : I love those sock! I got extra so i could wear them at home πŸ˜‚ @kathryninstereo
kathryninstereo : @jcormart sorry, I meant venoplasty. It'll take maybe an hour? It depends on how cooperative my body is. And @mollymoo165 why? They're so difficult to get on and they don't have any toes!
jcormart : I love your sarcasm and how you see life, keep it up. I hope your arms not have as much liquid as in last week
kathryninstereo : @jcormart they have way more
me.emily : At least they're not brown! Much love @kathryninstereo xx
mollymoo165 : @kathryninstereo to keep me amused i'd see how long i could keep my toes in! Great! I just love how tight they are! Rather strange i know!
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nynaturechild : Back at it :D #scrubnurse #livingthedream #idontwantnoscrub #vascular #angiography #venogram #fistulogram #ablation #phlebectomy #smartypants
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Yeah that is not a happy arm. #venogram
venogram -
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Today...um today was eventful. Thanks for all of the prayers...still no answers but we are getting somewhere.πŸ’‰ #venogram
venogram -
meghan_rood5 : Love ya alexa were all rooting for you in math class! Your courage is contagious and you've got a bunch of people here for you! Praying for you 😊
sincerelyvh : I love you Alexa!!
harmony1997 : Hang in there girl! They'll figure it out before you know it and then you won't have to worry about this anymore!!! #praying4u
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This is a venograms. We use them to study the blood supply in the hoof which can help to determine pathology. #venogram #ilovemyjob #scienceispretty #normal #whoneedsraul
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crv314 : See, I knew you would put awesome stuff on Instagram! #yourock #nicehashtags ! ;-)
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Today I went to Rush hospital to get an MRI and an MRV. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of my head/pituitary and magnetic resonance venography (MRV) of the blood vessels in my head. #tbi #pcs #brainInjury #traumaticBrainInjury #concussion #PostConcussionSyndrome #MagneticResonanceImaging #MRI #pituitary #MagneticResonanceVenography #MRV #venogram #bloodVessels #headInjury #neckInjury #NotWrestlingRelated #rushHospital #headPain #MemoryLoss #Cognition #memory #doctors #sadness #pain #depression #alone #endure #frustration #confusion #iJustWantMyLifeBack
rushhospital - frustration - confusion - postconcussionsyndrome - magneticresonancevenography - tbi - headpain - endure - bloodvessels - doctors - alone - pain - neckinjury - traumaticbraininjury - depression - memoryloss - magneticresonanceimaging - ijustwantmylifeback - cognition - pcs - concussion - venogram - sadness - mri - notwrestlingrelated - memory - braininjury - pituitary - mrv - headinjury -
satan_i_666 : How did it go?
mamiivy : Blessings πŸ™
eryn_09 : @satan_i_666 it sucked! lol. I had to fast for it, they were running an hour late, one of the most painful IVs ever! lol! It was shittastic! Haha!
eryn_09 : @satan_i_666 but I hope they see something because they keep doing a whole lot of nothing! But now that I have insurance finally they are getting things rolling. I'm just pissed because so far I have wasted over 3 years of my life!
satan_i_666 : Wish you the best
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Just got a #venogram #vein #xray for upper arm. They discovered a broken stint from my previous #fistula &think the possibility to put in another access in that same arm is slim but we'll see what the surgeon says. Prepared for the worst hoping for the best! #dialysislife #kidneywarrior #maribelskidneystory
xray - kidneywarrior - maribelskidneystory - fistula - dialysislife - vein - venogram -
mrssanxay : Always praying for you!
_sugz_ : πŸ™
leodiamond81 : Praying for you HunπŸ™πŸ’‹πŸ˜˜
tanyanio : Praying for you Maribel. Positive thoughts sent your way.πŸ˜‰
maribelb : Thank u all for the prayers & kind words. Don't worry I know it's apart of the dialysis life. Just riding this wave out 🌊 love u all 😘
catdomingocruz : You are one strong mama with plenty of angels around you πŸ™πŸ‘Ό praying for you
maribelb : Thank u @catdomingocruz I do feel pretty secure to have that protection! πŸ˜‡
maribelb : @underwater_boners thank u we'll see what happens. I was very young with healthy veins aneurysms grew like crazy. They say to not sleep on it & constantly keeping it clean. I think they will be putting a graft because of my history. I just know every access is valuable! keep fighting the good fight!
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Make some money on the side as an IV Standardized Patient? #Venogram #IVheaven #medicine #vasculature #legday #makesnosense #checkthatJVP #hypochondriac
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doubleb0 : that blonde is pumping!!!!!
igormihaj : Might be a good time to lay off the pre...haha
tpop_ : Mine are bigger
himichaelgomez : Not sure what I'm liking when I like this pic lol
gibb1991 : Eww it's all veiny and stuff.
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#cannula #inmaarm #venogram
inmaarm - cannula - venogram -
pinks_boutique1966 : Hun hope your ok xx
ks1979 : That plasters going to hurt like a bitch coming off... X
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#Xray #venogram #venoplasty befor/after of a stenotic(closed) stented vein. The after shows opened up blood flow. Another arm saved today. #vascularradiography #radiographer #workflow #eyesofmedicine
xray - venoplasty - radiographer - workflow - vascularradiography - eyesofmedicine - venogram -
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getit - venogram -
steveyjoel22 : #venogram #getit
dollar_dollar_mills : Without the red light: video of Steve rubbing his crotch
aheckle18 : Jeffery ugine
aheckle18 : #getit
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On my way to the doctor for my venogram!! #Dialysis #Beautiful #Venogram #Me
beautiful - me - dialysis - venogram -
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Prep time for venogram/ after iam eating grahm crackers n apple juice. Chillin with the cool nurses. #AKDHC #VENOGRAM #THROMBECTOMY #DIALYSIS #dialysisLife #ESRD nothing major 10yrs still givin thanx #fresenius #davita #kidneyfunction #kidneyfailure #donateLife
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spaceshipthiefingtonworth : U to mayne, hang in there...we fight'n the good fight @artyunderpants
spaceshipthiefingtonworth : @carryoncaryanne <3 <3
elle_roots_mac : How are you doing?
spaceshipthiefingtonworth : Iam extra good, thanx. @lm42057
elle_roots_mac : Good stuff:)
spaceshipthiefingtonworth : Thanx Salvi, much appreciated @pink_flag
jessygee : You're a champ!
spaceshipthiefingtonworth : Thanx Jess much @jessygee
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Pic from dvd of my my new #stent going in my previous 2#stents already in my #lefttransversesinus #vein to treat #stenosis #skull #xray #angio #venogram #radiology #signedmylifeaway but #surgery went well #blessed #raredisease #pioneeringsurgery #oneofakind
raredisease - signedmylifeaway - blessed - angio - pioneeringsurgery - surgery - venogram - vein - oneofakind - radiology - skull - stent - lefttransversesinus - xray - stents - stenosis -
Long hair, don't give a fuck #taylord #vans #venogram
vans - taylord - venogram -
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#venogram #smokey
smokey - venogram -
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