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Ugghhh every time I try to remove the bandage from where they when in the back of my knee during the venogram, it keeps bleeding.😁💉 I'm assuming it pulls off a scab or something but it burns every time. So right now I'm gonna try to just keep the bandage on it without tape & see if it'll stop. #venogram #blood #bleeding #knee #bloodclot #clots #factorv #factorvleiden #bandage #stupid #health
factorv - factorvleiden - bleeding - clots - bloodclot - venogram - stupid - health - blood - knee - bandage -
alovepwnsface : @tattoos_n_shoes It was taped down with pressure, this was right after I took it off. They said remove it 24 hrs after & I did & it did this, so I put a new bandage on. I waited a few days then tried taking it off again & bled again. Trying to remove the tape from the back of your knee is a sensitive area & it's pulling off any scab. This picture was just right after I took it off to see it was bleeding, I didn't leave it like that. But when I say about not using tape this time, I still have new gauze on & I have a Tommie Copper knee brace type thing so that holds it in place even w/o tape. Also I just bleed easily being on blood thinners.
alovepwnsface : @bipolarbats I had a venogram, it's explained in the post of me before the procedure.
tattoos_n_shoes : Blood thinners can be dangerous, but necessary...just keep an eye on it and get well soon!!
alovepwnsface : @tattoos_n_shoes Yes I know, I've been on them since 2012. I have Factor V Leiden so I'm more prone to them.
toxicatedspirit - she_just_knows - matthewwarrior3 - skarlettrebelle -
#restday #venogram #infusion #glassshards #burning #crpsmum
restday - burning - glassshards - crpsmum - infusion - venogram -
ilyashniukov -
So I said in my last post I'd explain about the procedure I had Monday. I had a venogram to try to remove as much clots from my leg as possible. I knew going in it was highly unlikely that they'd be able to remove all because the older they are, the harder to remove & the first was in 2012. Well they ended up not being able to remove ANY. Then if that wasn't bad enough, they told me I actually also had clots going up into my stomach area that were so hardened that the vein had basically dissipated. So not only was I frustrated they couldn't remove ANY clots but also that NOBODY had said/seen the upper clots on all the many CTs I've had just since December alone. I had been trying to get many people to do this procedure for a long time & I feel if they had actually done it sooner then maybe they could've removed some. I still am having it done on my arm in the near future & hoping that goes better. I was just so incredibly frustrated though that I just felt depressed that evening & some yesterday. I'm only 28, I shouldn't have to deal with so much crap. So all I can do is continue to manage it like I have with compression socks, my Tommie Copper thing, & a heating pad.😔😪💔 #procedure #venogram #DVT #bloodclot #clots #factorv #factorvleiden #hospital #fail #frustrated #annoyed #disappointed #preopselfie
factorv - factorvleiden - disappointed - clots - annoyed - bloodclot - venogram - preopselfie - fail - dvt - frustrated - hospital - procedure -
meandmyangelll : And how do blood clots feel? Where u able to tell that they were happening?
meandmyangelll : I am taking cumadin.. sucks cuz i wanna go on a diet.. n its a bit hard.. i cant have no vitamin K. Which is all green veggies... so im trying to figure myself out still
alovepwnsface : @meandmyangelll Right now I'm on Xarelto but I started on Coumadin, it definitely sucks! I kept getting clots whether I was therapeutic or not. No medicine is perfect but Xarelto has been the best. I also have Factor V so I'm more prone to them. The very first time I had I clot I actually thought it was just a pulled muscle but my one dr was the one that told me to get it checked. But now that I've had many, I can usually tell. I had one in my arm for the first time this past year & I wasn't positive that's what it was but I got it checked & it was. For me it's usually the new/worse pain, worse swelling (cause my leg is always at least a little swollen, hot to touch, etc. Oh & there's no diet restrictions on Xarelto & much less medicine restrictions as well.
meandmyangelll : Wow its pretty scary... I hope you get better... n thank u for your quick response.. take care girl.. - dionyza - hkqueenshar -
A photo I didn't include when I posted from this group of photos I took the day I hung out with Ashlee & Amber. You can also see my awesome ring. ⭐️ --------------------On a side note, it's only like 13/14 days till my birthday!😁 April 5th. I'm getting old, hah. However, on the 4th I'm having a procedure called a venogram where they put me to sleep & *attempt* to remove at least some of my blood clots that have just built upon each other, causing the pain, swelling, & blotchy knee from poor circulation. This procedure can help w/all those BUT the older the clot, the harder it is to remove so we'll see. They're also gonna do my arm at a later date. Just pray all goes well!🙏🏼 #selfie #greenhairdontcare #star #ring #birthday #April5th #venogram #April4th #removebloodclots #bloodclots #FactorVLeiden #prayitgetsbetter
star - factorvleiden - selfie - removebloodclots - april5th - prayitgetsbetter - venogram - birthday - bloodclots - april4th - ring - greenhairdontcare -
shearintuition : Your birthdays two days after mine! Happy almost birthday Aries friend!
alovepwnsface : @shearintuition Somehow I missed your comment! Thank you though & hope you had a happy birthday too!
dreamer_street : That's awesome! You'd like our page 😘
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My #portacath with #bruises and #lesions after a #venogram and being accessed for my #infusions. #invisibleillnessnotsoinvisible #chronicillness #transversemyelitis #multiplesclerosis #rsd #crps #surgery #scars #filter #alienentitiesinmybody #sideeffectsoflife #pain #tegaderm
multiplesclerosis - sideeffectsoflife - pain - rsd - transversemyelitis - invisibleillnessnotsoinvisible - crps - alienentitiesinmybody - surgery - chronicillness - portacath - bruises - scars - venogram - filter - lesions - infusions - tegaderm -
spylightgram - michaela_trygg - sarahjfoxbahamas - olim.editions -
Classic case of #maythurnersyndrome This young female presented with left lower extremity swelling (top left) and was found to have #dvt on #ultrasound. #Venogram of left lower extremity (top right) following #IVCfilter placement demonstrates ileofemoral clot and occlusion of left common iliac vein. Can you spot the right iliac artery compressing the left iliac vein? Following catheter directed #lysis and #stent placement (bottom left), venogram demonstrates reconstitution of flow from the left lower extremity to the IVC (bottom right). #sir #radiology #interventionalradiology #imageguided #minimallyinvasive
sir - ivcfilter - stent - minimallyinvasive - venogram - ultrasound - radiology - maythurnersyndrome - dvt - lysis - interventionalradiology - imageguided -
awitt74 : Nice case. Make sure that patient gets good IR follow up to get that filter out. #removethatfilter
renato.abu.hana - plursian - alex_marie4 -
After a failed #venogram. Time to get #portacath no. 3. #bruises from the inside. #crps #rsd #transversemyelitis #multiplesclerosis #bodytransformation #body #neuro #neurology #neurological disorders #sickartist #surgery that week
multiplesclerosis - body - neurological - portacath - neuro - bodytransformation - rsd - transversemyelitis - bruises - venogram - neurology - crps - sickartist - surgery -
alaka09 : Nice picture. Take a look at my profile for some fitness tips
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#ventriculoperitonealshunt #vpshunt #shunt #shuntlife #iih #hydrocephalus #lifewith #brainsurgery #survivor part #woman part #machine I am #home from #hospital 😃🤕 having had 5 procedures including #brain surgery #spinal surgery and a #venogram so #happy 2b home with my #family #mylife #myworld #iihuk
woman - family - brain - lifewith - myworld - mylife - home - venogram - iih - iihuk - shunt - survivor - spinal - hospital - hydrocephalus - brainsurgery - shuntlife - machine - vpshunt - ventriculoperitonealshunt - happy -
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Just had the #Venogram and now set for for the Rib removal some time in the new year. #TheSagaBeginsRakimLopItOff
thesagabeginsrakimlopitoff - venogram -
beckytolmon : What have you been up to! Get well soon x
halseyallyson : Not quite sure what I am looking at here but glad you are on your way to being sorted. Lots of love xxx
hollybyatt : @halseyallyson It's one of those oil paintings made by putting oil paint into water and placing a sheet of paper on top! @redwza you could sell it and be a famous artist 😂
krusteee3 : Looks uncomfortable I hope they sort you soon 😊
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#Repost @neuroradiology #Venogram on 9.4T #MRI #radiologictechnologist #radiology #anatomy #diagnostic #image #brain
anatomy - radiology - image - venogram - radiologictechnologist - brain - mri - diagnostic - repost -
radiologic_technologist_ : @_re.moura_
jeannette.trevino : 9.4 T? I'm I reading correctly? Lol and I thought our 3t magnet was Great. Lol
habibkhosravi : @alibasanjide babo babo
alyssasgoneawol - smartchoice_myshaklee - hannahhus24 - radgirlcreations -
If you don't think that's cool, I don't know how to talk to you. #venogram #emcocala
emcocala - venogram -
_drellie_ : @vegaracechic After 5 months here, I becoming somewhat competent at taking decent foot rads 😉🐴
jmunny7 : What the heck is happening here? Abnormal. That's all I got.
dustin.major : I bet that horse doesn't think it's very cool!😬😬
_drellie_ : @dustin.major He definitely did not! But after de-rotating him 15 degrees, he definitely feels better about life.
chiffster - kalynk08 - snbridenbaugh - brynndavis -
Superior #sagittal sinus #thrombosis with #venous #infarction left #frontal lobe!!! Findings: Axial noncontrast CT images demonstrate increased density of the superior #sagittal sinus. There is also a #patchy focus of low #attenuation within the right frontal lobe. On the CT #venogram, there is a large elongated #filling defect within the superior sagittal sinus. MR images confirm the presence of thrombosis of the superior sagittal sinus. Axial GRE images demonstrate #blooming associated with the superior sagittal sinus and left frontal #cortical veins. There is superimposed patchy decreased #T1 signal within the left frontal lobe compatible with #venous infarction!
patchy - attenuation - cortical - frontal - t1 - thrombosis - venogram - venous - filling - infarction - blooming - sagittal -
caruliena : @ju_yamasaki @deinhascosta @victorhccg
denucadeddu : @maiibells
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Bilateral VTOS. My original arm has compression with lots of collaterals and slight damage from the blood clot that went thru in Dec (Yay! Verified!) and because someone cancelled their appt after me they did a venogram on the other side to see what's happening on that side (no symptoms) WELL!!!! It's more compressed than my original arm and because there is no collaterals it's a ticking time bomb to clot as well. Funny how I was NEVER going to mention checking the other side due to lack of symptoms and THAT arm needs to be dealt with first. What a morning! Check out my pink arm. Blew a vein so they had to did a ultrasound guided IV. 3 IV sites and a needle prick to numb the area. #thoracicoutletsyndrome #venogram
venogram - thoracicoutletsyndrome -
sarah_fight_tos : 😢
lynnpalmquist -
X-ray level unlocked! #venogram #greynuns #thoracicoutletsyndrome
greynuns - thoracicoutletsyndrome - venogram - - aubrey.adventures -
Two examples of a 'venogram'. Contrast is put into the vein to assess blood flow in the foot. Very useful especially in navicular and laminitis cases. We can use this information to do therapeutic trimming or shoeing. In this venogram you can see there is minimal blood flow to the front of the coffin bone. As well- the lateral side of the foot gets more blood flow than the medial side. #vetmed #abvet #equinevet #horsevet #venogram #hoofhealth
hoofhealth - equinevet - horsevet - abvet - venogram - vetmed -
imagenologia_digital_vet : @dremilydvm thanks!!!!👌🏽
profarrier : Check out my profile. Farrier service in California, lots of news, and I like to share knowledge with vets!
eveningdahlia : @k8tiej_a
evandro_maciel : @barbaraalibiom
abcdfghs - m1ssmorgan - mdarefi - vetsnobiety -
In February I got diagnosed with a rare syndrome, Paget Schrotter Syndrome. I am 1 out of 200,000. This venogram was taken back when I was first diagnosed. Today I got some great news that I am doing well and my body is healing in the right direction. #blessed #godisgood #pagetschroettersyndrome #venogram #thoracicoutletsyndrome #thoracicoutlet #tos #Isurvivedtheclot
godisgood - thoracicoutlet - isurvivedtheclot - pagetschroettersyndrome - tos - blessed - venogram - thoracicoutletsyndrome -
aldridge.m : 👍😀great news! But I have always known you were 1 in 200,000!
jim_fairbank : My daughter had a large clot due to p-s syndrome. 2 months later had surgery. She has came back to continue playing college volleyball. Nice to see other success stories. The Facebook TOS pages have lots of people, not a lot of p-s people.
mrslanapeugh : @jim_fairbank that's awesome she has made a full recovery. P-S is rare, we are in a special group of people!
michie_fit : I had it too. One year later -master powerlifter at 45
brandyhackler - aveeerryy_ - jami_leann_ - kyleighmichele -
so happy. this shows that blood can actually move through my vein. I'm officially off blood thinners and can finally relax. #liftingproblems #bloodclotssuck #venogram #xray
xray - venogram - liftingproblems - bloodclotssuck -
kaylee_b_kelly : WHOOOOOOOOOO!!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
timdoggett : I spy a cheerio?
nicole_butz : Hahah looks just like one @timdoggett it's one of those patches for the monitors.
healthywithjess : I had my3rd #venogram this past April. Hope you are feeling much better now :)
cpenna - madeline.leslie - kaylee_b_kelly - rachael_thoen -
NHS chic. #venogram #dvtstockings
dvtstockings - venogram -
jcormart : I love your sarcasm and how you see life, keep it up. I hope your arms not have as much liquid as in last week
kathryninstereo : @jcormart they have way more
me.emily : At least they're not brown! Much love @kathryninstereo xx
mollymoo165 : @kathryninstereo to keep me amused i'd see how long i could keep my toes in! Great! I just love how tight they are! Rather strange i know!
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angiography - idontwantnoscrub - smartypants - ablation - venogram - scrubnurse - phlebectomy - vascular - fistulogram - livingthedream -
nynaturechild : Back at it :D #scrubnurse #livingthedream #idontwantnoscrub #vascular #angiography #venogram #fistulogram #ablation #phlebectomy #smartypants
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Yeah that is not a happy arm. #venogram
venogram -
moddylion - danyellow_x - livmakeup -
No #sleep, two hour #drive to #Aker hospital for a #Venogram ! Lets go 🚗🏥💉💊
aker - sleep - drive - venogram -
ginneugine31 : All the best!
robertmartin_smith : Thinking of you 👍
ginneugine31 - karolineberthelsen97 - monjawalo - liljefoto -
Mens jeg ventet på dagen imorgen 12.12 Da det bærer inn til #Aker igjen - #Venogram undersøkelsen jeg har ventet på så lenge. Føler endelig å bli tatt på alvor når det kommer til de vaskulære lidelsene mine. Jeg både #gleder og #gruer meg så ufattelig mye - Hva vil de se på #undersøkelsen og hva kan de tilby å gjøre av operasjoner her i Norge? Vil de henvise meg direkte videre til noen med mer kompetanse, eller må jeg begynne research igjen? Jeg har så mange spørsmål, jeg gleder meg til å komme videre! Men alt dette kan vente til i morgen 😊 Nå er jeg bare takknemmelig for å være hjemme mens jeg prøver å lure inn litt julestemning! 😊 Har liksom ikke hatt noe særlig følelse eller rom for jul mitt oppi alt. Ikke får jeg pyntet selv, ikke får jeg laget noe kort og skrivd lange hilsner, ikke pakket inn gaver eller handlet dem inn på egenhånd. Denne jula er og blir praktisk vanskelig. Men mamma order alltid opp uansett hva det er. Det blir jul! ingenting kan sette stop på #familiehyggen og stemningen så lenge hun er tilstede. Uansett så tror og håper jeg at etter i morgen vil alt føles mye lettere, for da får jeg forhåpentligvis svar på det jeg har gått å undret på 💭 Men nu; #adventskalender #julelys #obligatoriskjulebolle #medmyegodt #godadvent 🎅🎄
aker - medmyegodt - julelys - adventskalender - venogram - godadvent - gruer - gleder - undersøkelsen - obligatoriskjulebolle - familiehyggen -
monjawalo : Lykke til imorgen og ønsker deg ALT godt❤️og god jul til deg og dine🎅
vidgis : Er så godt å høre at det har løsnet nå! Lykke til i morgen! 🎉
ellenmarker : @monjawalo tusen takk! ❤️ god jul til deg og din familie også 🎄
ellenmarker : Ja endelig!!! @vidgis tusen takk ❤️😊
indirasandra87 - robertmartin_smith - monjawalo - liljefoto -
This is a venograms. We use them to study the blood supply in the hoof which can help to determine pathology. #venogram #ilovemyjob #scienceispretty #normal #whoneedsraul
scienceispretty - whoneedsraul - normal - ilovemyjob - venogram -
crv314 : See, I knew you would put awesome stuff on Instagram! #yourock #nicehashtags ! ;-)
haleyklassy - crv314 - katieryanart -
Today I went to Rush hospital to get an MRI and an MRV. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of my head/pituitary and magnetic resonance venography (MRV) of the blood vessels in my head. #tbi #pcs #brainInjury #traumaticBrainInjury #concussion #PostConcussionSyndrome #MagneticResonanceImaging #MRI #pituitary #MagneticResonanceVenography #MRV #venogram #bloodVessels #headInjury #neckInjury #NotWrestlingRelated #rushHospital #headPain #MemoryLoss #Cognition #memory #doctors #sadness #pain #depression #alone #endure #frustration #confusion #iJustWantMyLifeBack
rushhospital - frustration - confusion - postconcussionsyndrome - magneticresonancevenography - tbi - headpain - endure - bloodvessels - doctors - alone - pain - neckinjury - traumaticbraininjury - depression - memoryloss - magneticresonanceimaging - ijustwantmylifeback - cognition - pcs - concussion - venogram - sadness - mri - notwrestlingrelated - memory - braininjury - pituitary - mrv - headinjury -
mamiivy : Blessings 🙏
eryn_09 : @satan_i_666 it sucked! lol. I had to fast for it, they were running an hour late, one of the most painful IVs ever! lol! It was shittastic! Haha!
eryn_09 : @satan_i_666 but I hope they see something because they keep doing a whole lot of nothing! But now that I have insurance finally they are getting things rolling. I'm just pissed because so far I have wasted over 3 years of my life!
satan_i_666 : Wish you the best
satan_i_666 - sophiascheibeler -
#Xray #venogram #venoplasty befor/after of a stenotic(closed) stented vein. The after shows opened up blood flow. Another arm saved today. #vascularradiography #radiographer #workflow #eyesofmedicine
xray - venoplasty - radiographer - workflow - vascularradiography - eyesofmedicine - venogram -
nicholas_es - vinny723 - capitalcity_player -
getit - venogram -
steveyjoel22 : #venogram #getit
dollar_dollar_mills : Without the red light: video of Steve rubbing his crotch
aheckle18 : Jeffery ugine
aheckle18 : #getit
sethpalmer3 - jaydensuncle - kstevens72 - emmareils -
Todays special #venogram
venogram -
thehappyaspie : You are hogging all of the fun today, aren't you? :-p. hope it all went ok. Hugs and smoochies from us!
nejellaphotoart : @thehappyaspie thanks sweets. Loveu
sixteen_paws -
On my way to the doctor for my venogram!! #Dialysis #Beautiful #Venogram #Me
beautiful - me - dialysis - venogram -
_rrbeats -
Prep time for venogram/ after iam eating grahm crackers n apple juice. Chillin with the cool nurses. #AKDHC #VENOGRAM #THROMBECTOMY #DIALYSIS #dialysisLife #ESRD nothing major 10yrs still givin thanx #fresenius #davita #kidneyfunction #kidneyfailure #donateLife
thrombectomy - donatelife - dialysis - davita - dialysislife - esrd - kidneyfunction - venogram - akdhc - kidneyfailure - fresenius -
spaceshipthiefingtonworth : Thanx Salvi, much appreciated @pink_flag
jessygee : You're a champ!
spaceshipthiefingtonworth : Thanx Jess much @jessygee
treatkidneydisease : Ahhhh!
truefashionnolabels - thelaquan - abbelynne - formosanblackbear -
Long hair, don't give a fuck #taylord #vans #venogram
vans - taylord - venogram -
madenext - fe_stache0303 -
#venogram #smokey
smokey - venogram -
ayo_nauyt - mahkaylahxoxo -
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