Because food... thats why! Starving! Chickpea, black bean, asparagus, & hidden valley ranch harvest dill seasoning ♡♡♡♡ #nomnomnom #vegetarianproblems #vegetarianlove #vegetariansofig #whatvegetarianseat #vegetarian
nomnomnom - vegetarianproblems - vegetariansofig - vegetarian - vegetarianlove - whatvegetarianseat -
addionix - potatopia - _thehungryelephant -
I'm usually working at this time on a Friday...I am so glad to have the evening off to relax & do nothing...(well that's not true, I have cleaning to do) but...I haven't been able to cook myself a home cooked meal in what feels like ages, so I did Italian tonight. Tomato Basil Eggplant Parmesan on top of a bed of Spinach & Arugla, w/a side of Penne Pasta & Garlic bread...oh & some cheap Merlot. Lol. Happy Friday night. 😊😋👍💁🌙🍆🍴🍝🍷 #vegetarianlife#vegetarianproblems#eggplant#wifeystatus#peteylovesmycooking#CocinaDeAndrea
eggplant - cocinadeandrea - peteylovesmycooking - vegetarianproblems - vegetarianlife - wifeystatus -
__andrearod : @sagittarikiss Who's Veronica? Lol. Jk. Okay. I'll tell her, although I probably won't hear from her tonight. Where do you want to go tomorrow?
brneyedgrl11_11 : Is Petey a vegetarian too? Looks delish...I haven't cooked in ages, so I've been eating a lot of elaborate salads #vegetariansterotype too busy
__andrearod : @brneyedgrl11_11 Well I like to think that he is, but I don't deprive him. I give him food with chicken & turkey as the protein. I don't give him beef stuff though. And when other people are eating meat around him they usually give it to him. (Like ham or chicken.) But when I give hi table food, he get veggies...he likes it.
sagittarikiss : The wedding silly! LoL
__andrearod : @sagittarikiss Lol. Ohhhh. Okay. Well it's not till the evening, so there's plenty of time to talk to her. 😊
sagittarikiss : Perf cuz i work mañana!
sagittarikiss : Hope 2 c u there 👰💃💒💑💍👔👗
itworksbabe : dope!! =)
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#assholes #enoughisenough #itsnotfunnyanymore #gettingold #healthierthenyou #vegetarianproblems #judgmentalpeople #hatecominghere #gymiswhereitsat #peopewhounderstand #relate girlproblems
gymiswhereitsat - enoughisenough - relate - itsnotfunnyanymore - assholes - gettingold - healthierthenyou - peopewhounderstand - vegetarianproblems - hatecominghere - judgmentalpeople -
v_mcphee : Got made fun of for eating too much get made fun of for eating too little fuck people.
eigengrauu : People suck.
ppaino10 - wobblez - dhenzkiez_22_ - eigengrauu -
same #vegetarianproblems #vegetarian #veggie #vegetarianlife #govegetarian
vegetarianlife - vegetarian - veggie - vegetarianproblems - govegetarian -
labelleepattron - feel__healthy - crystal_rojass - falloutfans_00 -
My mother bought my dog a new toy. I'm not letting her give it to her because IT'S TOO CUTE TO BE DESTROYED. 😭😭🐶😂🐷 #vegetarianproblems
vegetarianproblems -
pandaz_xx : *#"vegetarian"problems
scatteredflowers : @pandaz_xx but I don't eat piggies. 😁
khaled_alabran - gracilynnmonica - kenah_7 - _princessxiong_ -
Taking care of the old man today. Hope he likes the chicken- it's always a mystery how it'll taste. #vegetarianproblems #postsurgery #oldman #heartyfood
oldman - postsurgery - vegetarianproblems - heartyfood -
raziel_success : Again looks great! :) @vanebeth
thearybear : Hahaha "it's always a mystery" lol found that part way too funny. Food looks really good btw :)
grapeape31 : Looks delic😋
vanebeth : @thearybear lol it's so true. They always say it's tasty, guess I'll never know lol
brennadom : LOL. #vegetarianproblems I feel ya!!
rorebear_ - reemmohammd1992 - liza_r_ - mlar11 -
Protesting against meat. #nomeat #justkidding #vegetarianproblems #burgerking #fastfoodmakesmesick
burgerking - justkidding - nomeat - fastfoodmakesmesick - vegetarianproblems -
vonnie_jay : They have veggie burgers 😱
e_petttt : ..... jess didn't tell me until after i ate my food.... 😠 @vonnie_jay
vonnie_jay : Guess where I'm going
kissmes0ftly - building_liz - erica_petersen100 - tul_tanakorn -
I use to hear all of these things all the time it was so annoying 😒💁#VegetarianProblems
vegetarianproblems -
1988__gin : I might of said the last one to you once lol sorry 😊😊
salina_g : 🙋🙋🙋Guilty of the burger one .. You know you wanted that fatburger 🍔
bonitajuju - _lala11_ - misterjc_ - rosiowans -
Lunch today is veggie tacos. Its so nice to have a day off to play with food! <3
cheese - hashtags - livegood - vegyourlife - carrots - squash - tacos - nommin - raw - eatgood - veghead - healthylifestyle - butitsnotaproblem - yummy - instaveg - vegetarianlife - vegetarian - vegetabletacos - cucumbers - rawveggies - vegetarianproblems - feelgood - vegetarianfoodporn -
crystaldoke : #Vegetarian #vegetarianfoodporn #instaveg #vegetabletacos #nommin #squash #carrots #cucumbers #cheese #tacos #yummy #veghead #VEGETARIANPROBLEMS #butitsnotaproblem #vegetarianlife #vegyourlife #healthylifestyle #eatgood #feelgood #livegood #hashtags #raw #rawveggies
land_kate : UGH YUMMY GIMMIE!
azv444 : Looks delicious !!!
aliciatenise - makumiki - missvic88 - ellaelisapizoli -
My pants are loud. I wear them in the gym so people get distracted and don't notice how much progress I still have to work on with those muscle gains.
veganofinstagram - vegetarianproblems - veganlife - vegan - vegetarianism - vegans - veganfoodporn - vegetarians - vegetarianfood - veganism - vegansofig - vegetarianlife - vegetarian - vegetariansofig - vegangirl - veganfood - veganfoodshare - wholefoods - thrive - whole30 -
kjrowling : 10 for 10? 💕
thevitalitykitchen : Love it!
msjennadarsi : 💪💥👊
wealth_minded : grow season!
healthfitnesstoday : #followed nice page :=)
joshduv : #vegan #vegansofig #veganfoodshare #veganfood #veganfoodporn #veganlife #veganism #veganofinstagram #vegangirl #vegans #vegetarian #vegetarianfood #vegetarians #vegetarianlife #vegetariansofig #vegetarianism #vegetarianproblems #wholefoods #whole30 #thrive
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My. Frickin. Dinner. #vegetarianProblems
vegetarianproblems -
prettyrockenfantastic - mizz_lil_shorty - love_is_love1209 -
#gfperogies #fail #whycantijusteatwhatalltheotherkidsareeating #kidneydisease #vegetarianproblems #atleastitried #orderedpizza #;)
atleastitried - gfperogies - vegetarianproblems - orderedpizza - fail - whycantijusteatwhatalltheotherkidsareeating - kidneydisease -
...too bad they don't have veggie sausage! #vegetarianproblems
vegetarianproblems -
irunhtx - frenchmlle - zilimisik - ogbobbytrill -
The fact that I live next to this place is a #problem. #vegetarianproblems
problem - vegetarianproblems -
jennsuriel - _marthalaney1213_ - naylovexo - colormeambar_ -
Eid Lunch for 34 people 😁. #Eid #lunch #family #secondday #sheep #meat #Palestine #largefamilies #eidmubarak #full #summer #vacation
sheep - summer - full - meat - family - largefamilies - secondday - vacation - lunch - eid - vegetarianproblems - palestine - eidmubarak -
lailahannoun : Awesome lunch #not
suhannoun : #vegetarianproblems 😂 @lailahannoun
youming_0327 - jannabawab - dana_tawad - mahdiaredraki -
Most amazing birthday card ever from @tomhorsfield22 😂 #vegetarianproblems #tombringshummus
tombringshummus - vegetarianproblems -
qeen.shorty356 : Happy Birthday! 🎈🎈🎁🎁🎉🎉🎉
nicale9 - amykate_newsome - jhorsfield - claudiacam_ -
Sushi sake date night with my aunt :) I love this place! #SushiSake #VegetarianProblems #veggierolls #veggiespringrolls #Seaweedsalad #cheesemakipastries
veggiespringrolls - sushisake - cheesemakipastries - vegetarianproblems - seaweedsalad - veggierolls -
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Turkey in July (I won't be eating it by my family will) #vegetarianproblems #turkey
turkey - vegetarianproblems -
viktoriya_samarskaya - msvintagecat - craftygrams - kristinknit72 -
Since when was falafel a veggie burger? #weird#vegetarianproblems#falafel#notaveggieburger
falafel - weird - notaveggieburger - vegetarianproblems -
angie_lcc - chocolatechipcookie_free_pali - annabelpiechq - awarhafzullah -
Laney is my sorta friend, (so technically this isn't a SisterLOL, but a sorta friend LOL). She considers Yahoo Answers and Wikipedia accurate new sources. She's a little naive but does have a big heart that is in the right place. Anyways, CiCi is a vegetarian (CiCi's Note: I've been one for two years, no it is not a phase, yes I know some AMAZING veggie blogger sites. #vegetarianproblems) and Laney, having found out this, asked her that. A teacher overheard the question and just shook his head and said, "Laney..." The answer, BTW, is yes. #ShoutoutToTheFirstFollower #GetUsToTenFollowers
f4f - f4ffirsttenfollowers - getustotenfollowers - vegetarianproblems - shoutouttothefirstfollower -
sisterlols : #f4f #f4fFirstTenFollowers
big_bald_head -
I never knew what struggle really was till I tried my salad with a spoon #thestruggle #vegetarianproblems
thestruggle - vegetarianproblems -
sour77 : Are you at work lol 😂😂😂 @kempsgurl27
kempsgurl27 : @sour77 yes lol
sour77 : Lol @kempsgurl27
chakra_temple - supachill__ - cookieray12 - cinyonf -
Found my new favorite #vegan restaurant in Arlington, TX! Had a Baguette Charm with seitan strips (wheat meat) , bell peppers, onions, homemade veganaise and melted vegan cheese on a toasty baguette. Also 2 summer rolls with organic carrots, organic lettuce, jicama (Mexican turnips) cucumbers, and avocados in rice paper wrapper. Then some potatoe salad and almond hoison sauce. Straight up amazing! Whoever said being vegan was boring is an idiot! Gotta try new foods! #VegetarianProblems #vegetarian #organic #seitan
seitan - vegetarian - organic - vegetarianproblems - vegan -
vanwildcard : Began definitely isn't boring, so many more choices for flavor #flavorson
gustav213 : @vanwildcard it's seriously crazy how many different things I eat now, so much for the bro diet lol
greentoothfoodservice - na_0mi - mrs_duder - dyeaileen -
This is the story of my life... Nobody wants me at their BBQ 😞 But I can bring Linda McCartney burgers & salad 🍔🌽 #veggie #vegetarian #herbivore #vegetarianproblems
vegetarian - veggie - vegetarianproblems - herbivore -
emmacknight_xx - stachers14 - jamesofthinking - hannaht_xx -
Ariel has been questioning her vegetarianism for a while now and this time she is serious. She just can't seem to bring herself to act on her thoughts though... For it is easier said than done 🍗🍤🍔 #vegetarian #vegetarianproblems
vegetarian - vegetarianproblems -
thetreekisser : I'd recommend doing some more research into the issue for inspiration! Ditching animal products is the best thing we can do for our bodies and our planet. Check out @vegucated, Earthlings, @forksoverknives and #cowspiracy before you make too many steps backwards :) Let me know if you need some support!
alysana_antivist : Noo Ariel don't stop o:
mermaidus : @thetreekisser thank you for the support. I've been a vegetarian for 3 years now and this is the first time I've seriously considered quitting. I'll research some more for inspiration!
vegucated : :-)
thetreekisser - joe_sexson1 - vegierainbow - brooke_from_kokiri_forest -
Veggie tostadas! #Dayyyyummmm #yum #Veggie #vegetarian #vegetarianproblems #Veggiepower! #HappyFatGirl #ThisIsLove!
dayyyyummmm - vegetarian - veggie - thisislove - yum - happyfatgirl - vegetarianproblems - veggiepower -
nereida11g : I want I want!!!!! @bahenabeatriz
mujerbonitalaflakita : @bahenabeatriz OMG THEY LOOK DELICIOUS. ....AY DIOS MIO.....
nutritionisthenewblack - nereida11g - __la_tina - naty_alyssa -
Tofurkey crumble and vegan cheese fajitas ☺️. Im so great at what I do. I know that now bc no one ends up in the emergency room after eating my food..........yet 😳 #wifey #marryme #vitacoco #vegan #vegetarianproblems #vegetarian #foodporn #sogood #inlove #kbye
marryme - foodporn - vitacoco - vegan - sogood - kbye - wifey - vegetarianproblems - vegetarian - inlove -
margilicious88 : Umm..when are u cooking for me then?!
whyamis0weird_idk : @margilicious88 whenever you want my dear
margilicious88 : @whyamis0weird_idk is this a trick?! Why are u being so nice 😟
whyamis0weird_idk : @margilicious88 lol yea it's a trick I'm putting on a facade so ppl in IG think im sweet 😜 😈
whyamis0weird_idk : No woman lol @margilicious88
margilicious88 : @whyamis0weird_idk great i will be there at 6:00pm 😋😋😋
sandra86love - xo_mslee_ - sunil_nyc - alexanderalethawena -
@efrankoski can't handle she can't have these incredible noodles!! #GingerNoodles #VegetarianProblems
gingernoodles - vegetarianproblems -
efrankoski : Not fair...
dexter_john - andrewunscriptd - sonoscarlett - itsallpop2me -
@alexawongxx she want some chicken nuggets #vegetarianproblems #shecraving
shecraving - vegetarianproblems -
I always feel like a piggy when I lay out my food prep for the following day. I have remind myself that a) all 3 of my meals, and snacks, have to go with me to work (super long days) and b) that I need to get 1400-1500 calories a day, in a balanced way, and being a vegetarian does not make that easy. Just another reminder that like the gym, so much of this journey is in my head. #motivated #vegetarianproblems #runfattyrun
motivated - vegetarianproblems - runfattyrun -
cameron_assarpour - gems98 - chunxxxx - neysha111 -
The view yesterday was amazing
vegetarianproblems -
marvinteeny1 : @knightoneil42 yeah it was ok, the only things I could really eat there was the desserts #vegetarianproblems
knightoneil42 : @marvinteeny1 the lines for food and dessert were unbearably long. So we just walked through and admired the old cars that were there
marvinteeny1 : @knightoneil42 yeah I just walked around and stopped to pet all the dogs
knightoneil42 : Haha nice
ashley_bui : I love this
marvinteeny1 : @ashley_bui thanks
the_overcooked_baker : Beautiful view!
marvinteeny1 : @the_overcooked_baker thanks, it really was
mk_dail - - kit_hodgess_ - catmae_ -
#muskokaribfest #vegetarianproblems #grilledcheese for me
muskokaribfest - grilledcheese - vegetarianproblems -
smashedfitness - emmeff17 -
💀Apparently, my boss thinks I'm on the cover of the latest religious comic book. Oh joy 😖 #life #vegetarianproblems #workproblems #nightshift
nightshift - life - workproblems - vegetarianproblems -
harmang1937551 - jessica_jordann - chasebenjiis - kimck5 -
Spot the herbivore.. I don't know why my family brings me to these brunches every time I'm back. All I eat is vegetables.. #vegetarianproblems #meh
intercontinental - brunch - needsbettertablesetting - meh - vegetarianproblems -
tidaweii : #brunch #intercontinental #needsbettertablesetting
gift_nongnapat - omgkaysactually - mvbkk - eunicewuu -
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