This carving overlooks a yoga studio I just visited. "Misperception is a BLOCK to knowledge, while ACCURATE perception is a stepping stone TOWARDS it. This removes the block entirely." - ACIM
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fitxsport : f4f?
myradicalroad : Your blog is right on!!
kari_t25 : I love your profile, let's connect!!
joshduv : @myradicalroad awww thanks so much!!
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Its funny I do everything, but one! Lmao! #VegetarianProblems #15yearsStrong #LunchTime 🍴
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mariaxmunoz : That's right girl!! Stuff your face 🐽
suzzannaa : @mariaxmunoz hahaha!!!
mariaxmunoz : I just sent u a snap chat of me pigging out 🐷
eileen_face : I commend you! I became one 2 yrs ago and I can relate lol
djmaku : Never knew! Keep it up! πŸ™Œ
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Meatballs! But what shall I have for tea? #vegetarianproblems πŸ˜„
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Anytime I get Mexican food they tell me like I'm gonna change my mind for $1? Make it rain! #guacamole #vegetarian #vegetarianproblems
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Who else here is like this? Annoyed by stupid comments humans say? Pissed off by all the ignorance? Contemplating making your morals lower but only for the opposite side? (Animals before people) Yes, I know how you feel. I feel the same. Absolutely and 100% done with the human specie. #VegetarianProblems #VeganProblems #AnimalRights
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real_animal_rights : Ugh people are so ignorant and clueless and don't even see it!!!!
__caseyxo__ : πŸ˜”I really just died today.. This isn't exactly related to this posts topic but today they were cutting down this beautiful, 100 year old tree JUST FOR A FUCKING HOUSEπŸ˜’ Like go build your house some where else!!!!!! There were animals who lived there and those fucking assholes came along a DESTROYED IT!!!! Hate humanity... Honestly ...
madeanimals : πŸ‘πŸ‘ŠπŸŒ±πŸ’ͺ😒
thefatheralmighty : God is good all the time and all the time God is good
thisissarahk : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
skyzz_ : Im the species of hippie not human
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😰 I now dislike #epicmealtime
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kush_420 : 😍😍😍😍😍
trinfayant : AUSTIN?!?!?!? 😠
trinfayant : @kush_420
kush_420 : I would so eat that !! πŸ˜‹ (licks lips)
trinfayant : 😭 thats so cruel. I feel bad for u. Lol @kush_420 #vegetarianproblems
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Tofu & veggies stir fry with some white rice. πŸ˜‹πŸ·πŸšπŸœ#dayoffcooking#tofu#eatyourveggies#mexicancookingasianfood#vegetarian#vegetarianlife#vegetarianproblems#cocinadeandrea
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fanceeeface : Looks delicious!
effifoods : Double Like!
greenipatty : Lol your hashtagsπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
greenipatty : I need to try tofo
elvirarodz : It looks delish baby girl @__andrearod
brneyedgrl11_11 : I'm glad you're a vegetarian. Now you can visit and make me something I can eat 😜
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Haha true if you're vegan or vegetarian. #haha#ha#lol#hahaha#funny#hilarious#blue#red#brown#pink#vegan#vegetarian#vegetarians#veganprobs#vegetarianprobs#vegetarianproblems#veganproblems#funnyquote#funnyquotes#funnyposts#funnypost#funnymeme#funnymemes#post#meme
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nursekiki1983 : Funny!
inner_health_center : Awesome pic! We have similar interests in regards to health. Lets connect, follow me and I'll follow you back
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Soo true #truth #preach #nutrition #vegetarianism #vegetarian #ignorance #veggies #vegetarianproblems #problems
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tinafichera_tiu : This is awesome!
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Homemade Alfredo with spinach and baby portabellas over cheese tortellini... #vegetarianproblems #yum
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wcollins2 : That looks delicious
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πŸ˜žπŸ’­πŸ”πŸŸ #vegetarian #vegetarianproblems #hungry #hangry #working #mood #always #alwayshungry #wendesday #instamood #instagood #instalove #hhoughtoftheday
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sharonwalrus : Everyday
trapadapa : Wow!
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razzhoney -
Going to some peeps' for dinner tonight, but let's be real: vegetarians have to eat before they go eat. #amirite? #vegetarian #vegetarianproblems #veghead #fitfood #healthfood #wholefood #dinner #predinner #planahead #activelife #cyclist #portobello #spinach #egg #freerun #buylocal #mustard #sriracha #nomville #reality
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VIP bar is called abattoir 😩 #vegetarianproblems
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So this happened.... #DuckDonuts #BrbCrying #TooGood #HashTag πŸ₯🍩
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alondrapaigee : OMG! Those are seriously my favorite! @semperfortisx
semperfortisx : It's seriously my new favorite too! It was so delicious! 😭 @alondrapaigee
xxxbozxxx : Bacontopped donuts
semperfortisx : My sister got that one! I just got glazed and strawberry #VegetarianProblems @xxxbozxxx
xxxbozxxx : @semperfortisx we fought off saber tooth tigers and wooly mammoths to get to the top of the food chain all so you could reject the divine pleasure that is bacon.....
semperfortisx : LOLOL yes. I can still eat veggie bacon! @xxxbozxxx
xxxbozxxx : @semperfortisx veggie bacon? Is that even a thing
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It's extra for guac.. >.< #bitchiknow #guacamoleisextra #avocadoproblems
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sabrinag52 : Have you tried the sofritas from chipotle?!!
iam_the_bad_wolf : @iam_thelast_centurion you're so dead! #madwoman
iam_thelast_centurion : Lol love you ;)
iam_the_bad_wolf : @sabrinag52 no, it looks like soyrizo, I just get the veggies.
sabrinag52 : Idk what soyrizo is lol try it! So much flavaaaah! I had it once but doesn't have enough protein for me or otherwise I would get it more often!
iam_thelast_centurion : Theres no soyrizo in it
iam_the_bad_wolf : @sabrinag52 maybe next time when @iam_thelast_centurion hooks it up!!
sabrinag52 : Whaaa he works at chipotle??
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When playing "This Little Piggy", it always, for whatever reason, seemed weird to me that the middle piggie was eating roast beef (it also bothers me that he couldn't share with the next pig, but that's a whole other issue), so my piggies eat things like veggie burgers, falafel, cupcakes, & pumpkin pie. 🐷 #teacherproblems #vegetarianproblems #babyfeet #littlepiggies
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catscoffeecupcakesandcarrie : #thislittlepiggie #vegetarianjokes #vegetarianlife #teacherlife #babytoes #socute #littletootsies #teenytinytoes #thislittlepiggiehadcupcakes #howido #changingitup #nurseryrhyme
bissy_ree : In honor of @catscoffeecupcakesandcarrie.I took a little piggies pic
gingerriffic1 : My brother in law always said ate a banana. Lol
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My face when my friends want to go to places that only serve meat based things. #vegetarianproblems
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enocldu : 😍
trill_tivna : 😍😍😍😍
trill_tivna : Youre mad beautiful wtf
trill_tivna : Youre hairs poppin
trill_tivna : And ya medusa
trill_tivna : And ya nose ring
trill_tivna : And ya eyebrows
brianmelford : πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€
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#yummy #dinner #tofu #veggies #plantain #healthy #vegetarianproblems
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blueavocadolv : Amazing!
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I believe all animals are equal. If we don't eat cats, dogs, and humans, why would we eat cows,pigs, and sheep? I love being a vegetarian β™‘β™₯ #Vegetarian #VegetarianProblems #SaveTheAnimals #EatASalad #Salad #Pasta #AnimalRights #HumanRights #Equality #Equal #TreatedTheSame #Peta #Meat #MeatSucks #Healthy #HealthyDiet #Yum #LiveLonger #Healthier #Happier #Vegetables #grains #fruit #yay
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b.e.n.n.e.t : SO TRUE
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Ugh I hate this πŸ˜’ When I first when vegetarian people were like "So if you were stranded on a deserted island with only a cow would you eat meat?" Like, well.... What are the chances I'll be stuck on an island anyway, also, most islands have plenty of plants which have some sort of nutritional value so I think I should be fine. πŸ˜‚ Use your brain before saying stupid stuff like this next time! (If you have one...) QOTD: What's the dumbest thing a meat eater has said to you? AOTD: read above
meredithsmith09 : I have always wanted to go vegan what is it like? @cs_blackpantha @eqandappys
cs_blackpantha : @meredithsmith09 you're associated with lizzy aren't you? πŸ˜‘ but it's pretty cool! You eat so many foods that you didn't even know existed when you eat animal products! I've had meat eaters at restaurants tell me that my meal looks so much more sophisticated and theirs looks simple and plain so it's pretty cool!
meredithsmith09 : Yea I'm her friend but I did watch the earthlings and it's sick what they do I might try it for a while
cs_blackpantha : @meredithsmith09 Wait? So you're not like Lizzie? Do you actually have some compassion? Wow! Good for you! 😊 Firstly, if you want to go meat-free you HAVE to do your research, there's people who don't do research and die of malnutrition. The main place I get my protein from is nuts, but I also get it from beans. In the US (where hemp is legal) you can also get quite a bit from hemp. Iron I get from Spinach and Kale and B12 (unless you like the taste of nutritional yeast or Vegemite...) I suggest you get supplements.
meredithsmith09 : I love nuts and Vegemite I don't like spinach that much that's why I put it in my smoothies to not have to taste it. I mean i guess I'm not like her We watched earthlings together. I mean are you surprised in not like Lizzie? @cs_blackpantha
meredithsmith09 : ** I'm ^
eqandappys : @meredithsmith09 If you're serious about veganism, you can message me. But if you're being a troll, don't waste my time or Caitlin's for that matter. Thanks
meredithsmith09 : I'm serious @eqandappys
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My baby trying to cook tofu for me hes so cute i love you @hustle_ally #thestruggle #vegetarianproblems
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aaronacosta01 : Tofu??? Wth u need some meat in your life lil homies. #protienforlife @hustle_ally @xoladyy_hustlexo
xoladyy_hustlexo : Im vegetarian lol
xoladyy_hustlexo : @aaronacosta01
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Everyone's making s'mores and I'm over here with my chocolate sandwich #vegetarianproblems
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dakdiane : Oo poor muffin
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Yes please! #vegan #veganfoodie #veggiefoodie #veganproblems #vegetarianproblems #fatkid #fatkidproblems #meatfree #crueltyfree #ilovefood #veganbakery
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jesse6517 : Hahaha we have vegan spots all over highland park and eagle rock lol
yazz_lh : I should move there then lol @jesse6517
r0byn_lynn : Check out The Joint on Claremont! They just opened and have a ton of veggie options!
yazz_lh : Thanks @r0byn_lynn !! I'll def Check it out it's so close to me!!
theunimpossibles : Amazing!
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Craving McDonald's chicken nuggets? #meconsiente #vegetarianproblems #estoyenelcielo #betterthanchicken #meatlessπŸ‘Š
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I know where I am not today. #baconenvy #leslieville #vegetarianproblems
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hannaheeren : cholesterol fest :D
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I'm majorly pissed bc my mom bought a huge box of off brand Lucky Charms and I don't even eat marshmallows. Fucking hell. #vegetarianproblems #depressedaf #moreshittytagsoops #Ofmiceandmen #Manoverboard #Sublime #uponaburningbody #badreligion #misfits #mychem #piercings #sohardcoreomg #brandnew
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Why is everyone so overdramatic and judge mental about everything? Okay, wow, I'm a vegetarian, get over it! Don't make me go all psycho preacher on you and tell you how it's 1000x better to be vegetarian, cause I will. JsπŸ’ #hope #vegetarianproblems #stopjudging
stopjudging - vegetarianproblems - hope -
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😑😑😑😑😑😑next person that ask me I'm biting there head off for protein!!!! Meat is not the only thing with protein!!!!!!! I eat just as much protein as an average meat eater!!!!!!!!!!#vegetarianproblems #nomeat
nomeat - vegetarianproblems -
russ_maahwar : Respect
deaderick : Thank you.
peachykeen30 : Amen...#hatethat
proud2bnaturalme : @colorme_natural I can relate!
kat_zay : Beans are full of protein duh... Ppl just don't know 😣
ursiekisses : How long have you been vegetation ?
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Really, dad? #whyyougottabesorude #vegetarianproblems
whyyougottabesorude - vegetarianproblems -
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This is what I live withπŸ˜‘ #vegetarian #reallydad #iworry #ugh #vegetarianproblems
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mckaykay_4ever : Lol
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Salad and a roll at the company picnic. #vegetarianproblems
vegetarianproblems -
vanessa_robin : You know I feel your pain. :)
momtomy3loves - lawtida - crochet_dh - vanessa_robin -
Omg hahaha perfection! #vegetarianproblems #vegetarian #vegan #drhanniballecter #drlecter #Hannibalthecannibal #hannibal
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erizzobeth : Omg this is the best!
erizzobeth - king_of_imagining - reconblackbird - sincerelysara22 -
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