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Chloe's "Italian Apple Cake" stole the show at yesterday's Easter Dinner. Yum yum yum!!! #chloesitaliankitchen #veganfoodshare #vegcookbookclub #vegan #vegetarian
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veggienextdoor : This was SO delicious. The top of the cake got nicely crunchy. Then you flip it over. I loves getting little crumbly, crunchy pieces in every bite. An excellent coffee cake!
evesfca : It's a good one!
nakedcoconuts : 😃 😃
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Chickpea omelets with mushrooms, spinach, and sun dried tomatoes from #bicngvcookbook
bicngvcookbook -
elizabethompson82 : @vegancatlover 😝😜
veggienextdoor : @elizabethompson82 @broccolishitake I miss the club!!! But maybe we could reinvigorate the group by using the tag for all vegcookbooks all the time? (With maybe an occasional selection as a bonus). Think about it 😸
elizabethompson82 : @veggienextdoor - it still exists! It has a Facebook page 😊
veggienextdoor : @elizabethompson82 ahh! Never checked there. Thanks!
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It's here! I ordered this for our month of cooking for The Veg Cookbook Club! Can't wait to get started! #vegcookbookclub #govegan #vegan #buticouldnevergovegan
vegcookbookclub - buticouldnevergovegan - govegan - vegan -
anna.pelzer : Ooh that's a good one! I recommend the balsamic pears with cashew cheese!
anewdayvegan : Cool! Thanks for the tip!
robmarvlove : Cool. How many Moosewood cookbooks do you have?
anewdayvegan : Haha, Robert! About 7 Moosewood cookbooks! I'm having lunch there on Saturday. It won't be the same without you ! 💞
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Buckwheat banana bread pancakes with peanut butter syrup from #buticouldnevergovegan
buticouldnevergovegan -
elizabethompson82 : @broccolishitake - is there any other way?
elizabethompson82 : @jennthusiasm - it was good 😊
elizabethompson82 : @kajal216 - yes, they were good 😊
kajal216 : Yum!!
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The Veg Cookbook Club's cookbook of the month is But I Could Never Go Vegan by @keepinitkind Kristy Turner! Check out The Veg Cookbook Club on Facebook to learn how to join in on the fun! #buticouldnevergovegan #vegcookbookclub
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Ooh! Can't resist this for 99cents! Kindle version of The Kind Diet on Amazon. #vegcookbookclub #veganfoodshare #vegancookbooks
vegcookbookclub - vegancookbooks - veganfoodshare -
crumbsbetweenpages : THIS is the book that made me become vegan!💚👊🏼 @veggienextdoor
veggielawyer : Thanks for sharing!! Just grabbed my kindle and purchased :) anything else good on sale??
veggienextdoor : @veggielawyer I didn't see anything else but if you find any good vegcookbook deals please let me know!
veggienextdoor : @crumbsbetweenpages love that!!!
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Il migliore acquisto del mese. #marthastewart #bookstagram #bookporn #cookbookclub #cookbooks #vegcookbookclub #cookbook #veganfoodshare #booklover #womoms_official #healthychoices #healthy #thewomoms #womomsunafotoalgiorno #abmlifeiscolorful #bigodino #abmlifeissweet #abmhappylife #photooftheday #photogram #abmathome #itrentenni #ifood #foodblogger #infoodwetrust #cookout #vegetariano #vegetarisch #vscocam #giunti
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ugly_by_nature : Nice
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#instafood#instagood#chef#cheflife#frenchcuisine#vegetarian#vegcookbookclub#vegchefs#chips#tomato#paste#yummyinmytummy ❤️☺️🔥🍷🍴🍴🍴
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I bought myself an early birthday present today-found this in person! It looks like an amazing book. Can anyone recommend their favorites? And yes, I'm making myself wait😍#vegan #thevegcookbookclub #vegcookbookclub #vegansofig
thevegcookbookclub - vegcookbookclub - vegan - vegansofig -
anewdayvegan : Dvaglio, I made them yesterday too!
anewdayvegan : The chocolate chip cookies are wonderful!
jules_luvsveg : @dvaglio See comment⬆️
cremajoe : 👌
elizabethompson82 - vegamandarosedunn - themelbournevegetarian - coachphoebe -
Butternut squash crostini from #chloesveganitaliankitchen
chloesveganitaliankitchen -
hnoflecopter : I need to make more stuff from this book!!
elizabethompson82 : @hnoflecopter - I love this book!!
poppy_roshibrian : May Each Day Of The Coming Year Be Vibrant And New Bringing Along Many Reasons For Celebrations. Wishing You And Your Loved Ones A Very Happy New Year🎉💗💖
elizabethompson82 : @roshibrian - happy new year to you!
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Best Crumble Ever! Apple Cranberry Crumble from Vegan Casseroles with So Delicious ice cream and coconut whip. #vegancasseroles #juliehasson #vegcookbookclub #vegan #dessert @juliesoriginal #foodporn #veganfoodporn #nomnom #veganfoodshare @so_delicious
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leaveittovegan : @juliesoriginal
martenbilton - mrchristian83 - eemmalineee - almondbuttersaurus -
Chocolate Chip Peanut butter banana muffins from Thug Kitchen. True thugs eat off paper plates. #thugkitchen #thugkitchencookbook #Elvis #vegan #veganbreakfast #veganfoodporn #nomnom #veganfoodporn #veganfoodshare #vegcookbookclub
elvis - vegan - thugkitchen - vegcookbookclub - thugkitchencookbook - nomnom - veganfoodshare - veganbreakfast - veganfoodporn -
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Spiced Apple Pancakes from 1000 Vegan Recipes by @robinrobertson. #vegcookbookclub #anewdayvegan
anewdayvegan - vegcookbookclub -
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Out the door chia donuts from #osgcookbook and coffee in my new mug!
osgcookbook -
thedude9737 : This is a great photo
elizabethompson82 : Thank you @thedude9737 😊😊
ktkinoakland : I've heard mixed reviews on these. Glad to hear you like them! I have yet to pick up a donut pan...
elizabethompson82 : @ktkinoakland - I did like them! They aren't like traditional donuts but they are tasty! I got my donut pan on amazon for less than $10.
theveganteacher - ayseozerofficial - honeywithspice - kelly.schuldt -
This blustery evening calls for homemade alphabet soup and saltines!
theanniemcshane : Perfect for this chilly night. Thanks love!
alyssamcshane : It's definitely a new fav, @thevedge_
alyssamcshane : Thanks, @angelique_sk!!
alyssamcshane : @jenncooks @thedoughgirl Us too, now! Yum-o!
___kaitlyn - mitabee29 - kristi.keating - enriclluelles -
Macaroni and cheese from #thevegantable
thevegantable -
eastbayjenn : Btw, this is my fave Mac and cheese recipe, I've I've tried half a dozen different ones. I always go back to this one. I like it unbaked best (baking seems to mellow it too much) but my new fave way is to sprinkle with panko and broil for 2-3 mins to crisp the top. Yum!!!!
elizabethompson82 : @jenncooks - I think I like dreena's Mac oh geez best. This one was a little soupy for us, but it tasted good. I should try making it like you do.
elizabethompson82 : @leyahi - that's a great idea!
thesugaryshrink : #fiestaware #turquoise
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Butternut squash risotto from @colleenpatrickgoudreau's #thevegantable
thevegantable -
livewild_befree : 😘✌️
elizabethompson82 : @jhitt78 - whenever you want!! 😊😊
that_veggie_girl : I always intend to make risotto more, and then forget haha This looks super yummy though, maybe I'll remember this time! 😜
elizabethompson82 : @lauralou_fink - it's a bit of a fuss, but it's worth it. I particularly love this recipe.
robinsveganlife - veganagain - johnwiseman - dvaglio -
It's not traditional (in my family) but we're having Mama's #Spaghetti and #Meatballs tonight. Having company over on Christmas Eve because it's more fun with friends. Vegan Meatballs (mushrooms and brown rice) from #chloesveganitaliankitchen and sauce from #isadoesit. #italianfood #pasta #veganmeatballs #tomatoes #whatveganseat #plantstrong #veganfoodshare #dairyfree #vegcookbookclub
chloesveganitaliankitchen - plantstrong - isadoesit - veganmeatballs - meatballs - italianfood - vegcookbookclub - whatveganseat - veganfoodshare - pasta - spaghetti - dairyfree - tomatoes -
eastbayjenn : @whollyvegan @ktkinoakland @nutmegnotebook Everyone liked the meatballs, even the non veggies. 👍
eastbayjenn : @roshibrian You are so sweet. Best wishes to you too. See you in 2015!
trangphanthiet : Oh I have been wondering about those meatballs. I will make them then.
kzcakes : The meatballs are out of this world, right?!
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Pumpkin soup from #chloesveganitaliankitchen with giiiiiiaaant croutons.
chloesveganitaliankitchen -
elizabethompson82 : Probably not @mstefanich
elizabethompson82 : @taylorwolframrd - you have to get it! It's my favorite from this year for sure!
poppy_roshibrian : The warmest of wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year❤️💗💚
elizabethompson82 : @roshibrian - thank you Roshi! You too!
govegwme - broccolishitake - ryssiebee - 1guywiththebeard -
Tomato basil pasta from #osglowscookbook for #pastamonday
osglowscookbook - pastamonday -
sydneykath : You have a beautiful account!!
elizabethompson82 : Thank you @sydneykath 😊😊
elizabethompson82 : @broccolishitake - I like this one, I've made it a lot. My sister likes the avocado pesto, but I prefer Chloe's from her first book.
broccolishitake : Thanks! I'll be watching.
sandyturtles - phillyvegans - veganalamode - veganbeautyguru -
Bangkok curry from @happyherbivore's #hhll
hhll -
elizabethompson82 : @jenncooks - I don't think I've made the green curry. This one is good, really I'd probably eat sweet potatoes covered in dirt they are so good, but this is a nice recipe 😊
venugopadev : 👍😎
veggienextdoor : @elizabethompson82 haha. I am obsessed with sweet potatoes! I would eat them daily if mike liked them more.
elizabethompson82 : @veggienextdoor - I think they are probably one of the greatest foods on earth!!
govegwme - veganvibe - christinabedetta - veggievisa -
@happyherbivore mock tuna on a @pretzilla bun with @fieldroast chao cheese: #vegantunamelt
vegantunamelt -
elizabethompson82 : @rachaelrei - I LOVE happy herbivore's mock tuna recipe. It's so good!
pretzilla : What a tasty looking photo, @elizabeththompson82! Mind if we use it on social?
elizabethompson82 : @pretzilla - go for it! I love your pretzel buns 😊😊😊
pretzilla : Thank you so much @elizabethompson82! We're happy to have a fan like you!
cmagie - f1kirstyf1 - caitlow615 - paris_vegan -
Pale ale stew from #vegancasseroles with grilled chao cheese (got the last package in the store).
vegancasseroles -
elizabethompson82 : @taylorwolframrd - I liked it a lot! It's pretty good plain too.
elizabethompson82 : @veggienextdoor - I got the very last package at the whole foods in northbrook. I find they usually get things first, but I imagine we'll get it in evanston soon ☺️
veggienextdoor : @elizabethompson82 I hope so! I have been checking for it every week :) I love the northbrook store - its HUGE!
leslieconn : @veggienextdoor I got it in Northbrook too.
thekalekitten - kelly.schuldt - ktkinoakland - jenniferfortheveganwin -
I have a pasta with pink sauce problem.
elizabethompson82 : @vegancatlover - yes? Right away!!
elizabethompson82 : Whoops, @vegancatlover, I meant yes! Not yes? 😄
chendesignr : ❄️⛄️ @inmike_ki
elizabethompson82 : @katereallycooks - I think this is my fifth time 😊😊
ryssiebee - cmagie - kelly.schuldt - dvaglio -
Butternut squash pasta bake from #vegancasseroles.
vegancasseroles -
juliesoriginal : ❤️❤️❤️@somermccowan!!
eastbayjenn : I bought it for myself for Xmas. Can't wait. What are your faves?
elizabethompson82 : @jenncooks - admittedly, I've only tried the pasta dishes, but they've all been great. The pumpkin pasta is probably my favorite, though the truffle Mac was great too. I'm going to try a non-pasta this week I hope.
veggienextdoor : Those crumbs!!!
vicjeanc7 - broccolishitake - ogidni1111 - poppyvelosa -
Didn't feel like what I planned on making, so made this baked pumpkin pasta from #vegancasseroles instead.
vegansofig - vegancasseroles - vegcookbookclub - whatveganseat - vegan - veganfoodshare - thevegcookbookclub - pumpkin -
elizabethompson82 : #vegan #whatveganseat #veganfoodshare #vegansofig #thevegcookbookclub #vegcookbookclub #pumpkin
eastbayjenn : What do you think of this book? I just got it and wondering where to start. Any suggestions?
elizabethompson82 : @jenncooks - the truffle mac n cheese is really good. This dish (the pumpkin pasta) is great too. We weren't huge fans of the pale ale stew. I think I've made one other pasta which was great too. I've heard the chili is good and I want to make the veggies and dumplings soup, too. Can't wait to see what you try!!
eastbayjenn : Thanks for the ideas! It's the season to make casseroles! 😄
realryanthomas - robinsveganlife - veggiessavetheday -
#HappyHerbivore Chickpea Noodle Soup with extra noodles, made by @867530mike bc I had a loooong day at the office. #vegan #Vegetarian #veganfoodshare
happyherbivore - vegetarian - veganfoodshare - vegan - vegcookbookclub -
veggienextdoor : @elizabethompson82 so thankful for the long weekend!!!
elizabethompson82 : "Just get through today, just get through today" - me to myself 😊
veggienextdoor : @elizabethompson82 hang in there!
veggienextdoor : #vegcookbookclub - I did some HappyHerbivore cooking just last week!
livehalffull - ogidni1111 - marekvermin - consciouschris -
So good! Oats cooked in OJ for breakfast this week inspired by #HappyHerbivore. With orange zest, chopped navel orange, chia seeds, vanilla, and a splash of soy milk. #healthy #vegan #vegetarian #veganfoodshare #veganmealprep #mealprep #OatmealoftheWeek
healthy - vegetarian - vegan - oatmealoftheweek - happyherbivore - vegcookbookclub - veganfoodshare - veganmealprep - mealprep -
veggienextdoor : Notice the dish, @amydgorin :-)
notaleaf : I wish you'd come make breakfasts and lunches for the week. 😭
veggienextdoor : @notaleaf awww. Its not so bad! You can do it :-) I listen to podcasts while cooking and try to pick easy recipes.
veggienextdoor : #vegcookbookclub - and another recent HappyHerbivore winner :)
myvegan_life - heartofbianca - notaleaf - hpitlick -
Pizza burger with avocado pesto from #chloesveganitaliankitchen on a pretzel bun!
chloesveganitaliankitchen -
poppy_roshibrian : Pretzel bun💚👍, love them now because of you.
elizabethompson82 : @roshibrian - yay! Love a good pretzel bun!!
that_veggie_girl : Such a good cookbook! I made a bunch of things for thanksgiving using it 😁😁
elizabethompson82 : @lauralou_fink - I love this book!
vegancatlover - broccolishitake - misslaurenn_e - myvegan_life -
Mac 'n cheese with pesto from #chloesveganitaliankitchen: a repeat because it's so good!
chloesveganitaliankitchen -
elizabethompson82 : @jenncooks - yes, my basil plant is long gone. I buy it at the grocery store now 😁
anotherhungryvegan : How's that book??
elizabethompson82 : @leyahi - it's so good!
elizabethompson82 : @anotherhungryvegan - I love it! One of my favorite cookbooks!
ziajojo - haley_ferretti - camillerosevegan - wayneaw -
Still battling the head cold but my cookbooks came in! In pjs and ready to read them in bed before 7:30 :) @chefchloe #thugkitchen
vegcookbookclub - yummy - veganfood - veggies - vegansoffortworth - vegan - thugkitchen -
cityorhippie : #vegansoffortworth #vegan #vegcookbookclub #veganfood #veggies #yummy
chefchloe : Umm SO cute!
robynashleyallen - featherwash - animaliakirstea - vegetarianwarrior -
Truffle man 'n cheese from #vegancasseroles.
vegancasseroles -
elizabethompson82 : @laurenbyogi - this was my first recipe, but so far so good!
elizabethompson82 : @cinbock - I'm excited to see what you pick!
somermccowan : @broccolishitake I haven't tried this one yet! I need truffle oil!!!
baconandbrussels : 👌😋
theglowingfridge - veganguidetothegalaxy - veg_meg - kelly.schuldt -
Cream of Tomato Soup with Roasted Italian Chickpea Croutons~ From The Oh She Glows Cookbook. My first time making this delicious soup. Used my sunflower seed substitution that I use to avoid cashews (keeping my son safe). The chickpea croutons make the dish if you ask me. #vegcookbookclub --early 2014 selection #vegan #vegansofig
vegcookbookclub - vegan - vegansofig -
onehealthynut : I'm going to have to check this one out for sure
cinbock : That book is so great! I'm starting to repeat all those awesome soups.
jokevanoo : Mmm....looks really tasty😍😍
littlemissangie : LOVE this one!! And yes the chickpea croutons are a must!! 😋 Have you made the 10-spice vegetable soup with cashew cream in the OSG cookbook yet? SO GOOD!!! 😍
thedreamyleaf - theglowingfridge - thefunnyvegan - evesfca -
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