I've received several requests on upcoming vegan events in New York. I don't live in NYC, but if I did, I'd totally go to these. 1⃣ Veggie Prom- Friday May 18th. ( 2⃣ Veggie Pride Parade NYC- Sunday May 27th. ( 3⃣ Vegan Drinks NYC- Thursday, May 31 ( If you go, please take pictures! I want to see. Have fun!🎉 #vegansofig
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lovveismyreligion : I wish we had stuff like this in Detroit
gina_marie_5 : I'm so excited for this!!!! I've never been to anything like this!!!!💚💚💚💚💚
msiminoff : I would love to be there. Being one of 3 vegans in small town, meat country is hard.
oneveganfatty : Yay thanks for sharing!
chriscasti : Sounds to me like new York is finally having a "like a boss" day for once in its life.
hwangyy : Looks fantastic !
vegansofig : #vegansofigevents
therawscout : VEGGIE PROM!!! I LOVE IT!!
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