Less year a year ago, Rawsome Treats was just born!! I'm so thankful to have come this far in a very short period of time, only by the huge love and support from all of you. Let's celebrate one year anniversary together!! First Rawsome Treats raw vegan potluck on Sunday Nov 2nd 5-7pm. Exclusive for Rawsome peeps who have taken Rawsome Smoothie Workshop, limited to only 15 people. Aside from enjoying healthy delicious raw vegan food, we will be talking about detoxing, cleansing and juicing fasting. Inbox info@rawsomenyc.com for more info.
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rawsometreats : #fitness #weightloss #detox #cleanse
scotthirano : Looks like larb pra duk!
rawsometreats : @scotthirano surprisingly Chris says it tastes like tuna so it guess it Larb Tuna. Haha
paopaojenice - saniya_kulku - gigigisele - couplecookinggreen -
What a day #veganpotluck
veganpotluck -
olivia_ranieri : Wow this picture is so fantastic
nicccolllee - mariaprickett - amyykirkland27 - sammiestrella -
No savory foods No masters! #allsweetsallthetime #veganpotluck #nogrownups #noluv #nonothin #onlysweets and #twister
nogrownups - onlysweets - nonothin - noluv - twister - veganpotluck - allsweetsallthetime -
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What's your favorite potluck theme? Ours was last night's soul food potluck. Still thinking about all that good food and company! #vegan #vegangr #vegansoulfood #veganpotluck
veganpotluck - vegansoulfood - vegan - vegangr -
aliciaal - b_movie_euphoria - genova_pizzeria - arthursplaidpants -
The boys gettin down at the #VeganPotluck tonight at #fullcircle #community #conversation #allove @thebendecker @tomas_see @thedailymeditator @keegan_drew
fullcircle - conversation - allove - community - veganpotluck -
lizdialto : Love seeing the evolution of @fullcirclevenice!
healthysexyhungry : ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
owlyouare : 👌😻👌
tomas_see - soulshinecommunityhouse - jesuka818 - happyhealthyexistence -
The tables are all set for our #VeganPotluck tonight!! #tribelove #veganfeast #community #conversation #venicenights
conversation - veganfeast - veganpotluck - tribelove - community - venicenights -
ladlynn : Where can we find out about these events? I don't see this on your website, would love to help/come sometime
fullcirclevenice : @ladlynn this was a private event but all our public our on the site! Love to have you come help
rachelgymrat : Very cool!
iamsunshine78 - noreenla - vesrine83 - mariaschilling -
Wednesday Night #VeganPotluck
veganpotluck -
lindsclift : Yummy
ramabik - king_thunder_beard - nighnighh - ajahvoo -
#veganglow #vegangirl #vegan #veganfriendsgiving #veganpotluck #potluck #friendsgiving #thanksgiving #vegetarian #daiya #daiyacheese #fitstagram #instagood #food #instafood #foodisfuel #nomeat #loveveggies #eatyourvegetables #veganathlete
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If you're in Long Beach area of Southern California this Saturday, October 18th, why not come out and join me in a Fruitluck hosted by @happyhealthyvegan. It's always a good time to be had by all. If you've never been before, not a problem. All are welcome. Show up with (1) your beautiful self (2) a nice fruit to share with others (3) happy attitude to meet new people and (4) an appetite to try new fruits. Hope to see you there!
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adefusco1 : @neilvermillion Was it Justin that set it at 4? What a bum! Honestly I will be surprised if there are people even there at 11 haha..
neilvermillion : @adefusco1 yeah 11am sounds kinda early. I have no idea who set the times officially. Since Anji and Ryan are hosting it I presume they set the times, but I'm not certain. I'm shooting to get there at noon. I think it usually starts around 1pm.
adefusco1 : And everyone doesn't show up until like 3 anyways hahaha. The funny thing is I'm pretty sure @anjibee and Ryan have different times set in their FB invite @neilvermillion
anjibee : The BBC wants to start filming by noon so Justin set start time at 11. The BBC will be leaving by 4. 😯
neilvermillion : @anjibee nice! Thanks for clarifying 👍. So I guess we can blame the early time on BBC 😜
neilvermillion : @veggiebluff hey Sarah! Would love to see you at the #Fruitluck this Saturday in Long Beach. Hope you can make it 👍
veggiebluff : I hope so! 😬
neilvermillion : @janetlyoung would love to see you at the Fruitluck this Saturday if you're in town. Hope you can make it.
cinnamon_qtpie - lenchitalajusticiera - theseasonaldiet - rawlionheart -
My beautiful plate from tonight's vegan thanksliving ("living" cause no animals were harmed) potluck🐷🐔🐄, so much overwhelmingly good food and people! I love this vegan community! One of the best things I ever did was go vegan a few years ago and getting involved with the local vegan community and meeting new people, all you need to do is google whats going on in your city! If theres nothing, start something! Love this positive energy! 🍝🍪🍰🍲🍧🍍🍎 happy thanksgiving!!! 🍁
bepositive - noanimalsharmed - plantbased - canadianvegans - govegan - gimmethequinoa - vegan - plantpower - veganthanksgiving - veganfoodshare - veganpotluck - thanksliving - fucktradition - victoriavegan - veganpower -
holistichayley : #vegan #veganfoodshare #victoriavegan #veganpotluck #thanksliving #canadianvegans #veganthanksgiving #fucktradition #gimmethequinoa #noanimalsharmed #bepositive #govegan #veganpower #plantbased #plantpower
shawbody : Can I come next year?! Looks scrumptious!!
holistichayley : @shawbody of course! Are you part of the vegans of victoria fb group?
shawbody : Oh no I'm not on fb! I'd love to meet more like minded people though! 😊 @holistichayley
vegankmac : Omg yum!
holistichayley : @shawbody oh you can check out the victoria vegan website then!! But fb is definitely worth starting just to connect!
ibananaboy - thekindfoodie - reanna_luyster - into_the_wild_yoga -
Veggie friends!!!! PICK YOUR DATE (I hope you got the visual pun... 🙊) - Saturday 8th, Sunday 9th, Saturday 22nd, Sunday 32rd ☀️🌊 And get ready for a wild time 🌟💫🎉
summer - pun - foodie - selflove - community - vegan - veganpotluck - love - mnb - movenourishbelieve - celebration - plantbased - vegansofig - vegansofsydney - meetup - veganfoodshare - nourishnotpunish - inspiration -
thevegclub : #vegan #veganfoodshare #vegansofig #vegansofsydney #foodie #plantbased #meetup #celebration #pun #mnb #movenourishbelieve #veganpotluck #selflove #nourishnotpunish #community #inspiration #summer #love
kimberlydecosta : Sunday 23rd November! 😊
funkyforestfood : Late November, girlies! 😘😘😘
kinazitzelberger - starrbordon - mhnutrition - tyonvernell -
Getting ready for a Friday night #yogapractice followed by a #veganpotluck ! Right up my alley~ what you see here is a massaged #kale #salad with sunflower seeds, tomatoes, carrots, red cabbage, smoky chickpeas and avocado! #whatveganseat #vegansofig #veganeats
veganeats - kale - salad - vegansofig - whatveganseat - veganpotluck - yogapractice -
thebananaman001 : Nice!
jesssewalker - heathergolightly - lauraimagesgallery - daisydeadpedals -
Tonight I went to my very first Vegan potluck dinner. What an incredible bunch of happy, healthy and passionate people. #thankyou #veganpotluck #whistler
whistler - thankyou - veganpotluck -
jackiemccosker : Good stuff, jeal!
le_loz : 🍵🍜🍲🌽🍅🍆🍠🍍🍐🍒🍇🍉🍓🍑🍈🍌🍋🍊🍎🍎 But 🙅 no to 🍔🍕🍤🍛🍝🍖🍗🍣🍳🍯
jess_ofarrell : Oh my 😍
_jessica______ : You have to come to the next one with us Jessie!! @jess_ofarrell I will let you know ☺️
ellafulloon - misssnowitall - __gremlin - robbboobbb -
Tofu stir fry, pita bread, and more foods. #vegan #tofu #veganfoodporn #veganpotluck #sundayfunday #riversideca #fairmountpark
riversideca - veganfoodporn - veganpotluck - fairmountpark - sundayfunday - tofu - vegan -
waynefredrickson : Next Sunday same spot same time every Sunday forever
waynefredrickson - younjoymyself - nobreadnyc - __alien.cvnt__ -
@sierraknits with the pumpkinception
vegantoronto - vegansintoronto - whatveganslooklike - veganmeetup - tvm - vegansofinstagram - torontoveganmeetup - veganpotluck - torontovegan -
veganmeetupto : #veganmeetup #veganpotluck #vegantoronto #vegansintoronto #vegansofinstagram #whatveganslooklike #tvm #torontovegan #torontoveganmeetup
vegan_hilary - veganoso - thefreshveg - livewild_befree -
@vegan_hilary and her adorable pumpkinception pie at tonight's #vegan potluck!
vegantoronto - vegansintoronto - whatveganslooklike - vegan - tvm - vegansofinstagram - veganmeetup - torontoveganmeetup - veganpotluck - torontovegan -
veganmeetupto : #torontovegan #vegantoronto #torontoveganmeetup #tvm #vegansofinstagram #vegansintoronto #veganpotluck #veganmeetup #whatveganslooklike
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Amazing home cooked potluck at Kevin's house. Wish I had gotten a better photo before we devoured it all! #vegan #potluck #potlucks #Oakland #vegetarian #veganpotluck
potluck - veganpotluck - vegetarian - oakland - potlucks - vegan -
roshibrian - mentholmike_official - substitute_for_love - isisromance -
Almost Raw cheezecake party pie ! I made this to share at the #SpringEquinox #veganpotluck that Elizabeth @veganwolf1 and I held at our humble abode Cashew Cheezecake Base: Blend in a food processor 2 cups of walnuts 1 cup dates 1 tps cinnamon and vanilla powder Filling: Pre-soak 2 cups of raw cashews 2 bananas Juice of 1.5 lemons 1 tblsp lemon rind 1/4 cup coconut flower 1/2 teaspoon vanilla powder 2 tblsp coconut nectar Set with agar agar powder mix 2 teaspoons to 100 mls of @naturalrawc coconut water Heat until agar agar dissolves and combine with ingredients. Pour onto base and set in fridge Garnish with passionfruit and blueberries
veganboy - fitfam - veganlife - refinedsugarfre - dairyfree - recipe - foodpics - bananagirldiet - vegandessert - govegan - veganfoodporn - veganpotluck - foodrevolution - vegansofaustralia - movenourishbelieve - lonijaneinspo - veganfoodlovers - paleo - herbivore - plantbased - vegansofig - vegetarian - instagood - instafood - eathealthy - veganfoodshare - bestofvegan - springequinox - healthyliving - hclf -
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oceanauli : #veganfoodlovers
vegheadnoms : Nice!
naturalrawc : @oceanauli wow Steve please send marketing@rawc.com.au and we will share
jawwatson - theveganmumnson - thevegantraveler - strawberrysmooth_x3 -
Our Spring Equinox Potluck as part of Newcastle Vegans ↖The savoury dish sprawl lenti and vegetable Dahl , white rice, peanut sauce and chilli sambool by Stephen @oceanauli abundant Lentils by Fox @fruitfoxx salad and delicious nachos beans by Sarah, tofu kebabas and seasonal salad by Elizabeth @veganwolf1 tabbouleh salad by Steve's @steve_striker mum ↙Stephen @oceanauli and Steve @steve_striker ↗Faith, Sarah and Beth @veganbeth & @bethmenser adorning their Spring Garlands around the fire. ↘The Sweet Tooth Sprawl Beth's raw cacoa and fruit dessert, Gab @gabventures assorted fluffy cupcakes. John@baker3991 banoffepies Khea's fruit crumble slice, Stephens @oceanauli cashew, blueberry & passionfruit cheesecake, Lisa and Malcolm's assorted chocolate and rum alls. Thanks for bringing good vibes into our home.......group hug and OMs for the animals & making music🎵
healthyfood - newcastlelifestyle - veganlife - dairyfree - foodpics - bananagirldiet - govegan - hclf - veganpotluck - foodrevolution - vegansofaustralia - movenourishbelieve - lonijaneinspo - whatveganslooklike - freeleethebananagirl - herbivore - plantbased - vegansofnewcastle - instagood - instafood - eathealthy - veganfoodporn - veganfoodshare - bestofvegan - healthyliving - potluck -
oscarthekittykat : Love this 😻😸❤️❤️
veganwolf1 : #bestofvegan#bananagirldiet#dairyfree#eathealthy#foodpics#foodrevolution#govegan#healthyfood#healthyliving#herbivore#hclf#instafood#instagood#movenourishbelieve#plantbased###veganfoodshare#veganfoodporn#vegansofaustralia#veganlife#potluck#veganpotluck#newcastlelifestyle#vegansofnewcastle#whatveganslooklike#lonijaneinspo#freeleethebananagirl
veganwolf1 : @veganlouis
veganwolf1 : @smensa90
veganwolf1 : @liseymise
the_urban_veganista : Looks amaze!! 👌
love.light.andfigs : This is awesome :)
veganwolf1 : @the_urban_veganista @love.light.andfigs it maybe time for another one
oceanauli - margot_arambula - moyoseverthing - puddy526 -
A trio of delicious #desserts to cap off an amazing #veganpotluck with IG friends. Cinnamon rolls from @whollyvegan, raw apple dessert from @astigvegan and @lauracavanaghart brought the creamy pie with pecans, sweet potatoes and cashews. Other tasty items from @rose_petalz, @roshibrian and @evesfca (see their posts for the savory dishes). Wow, ladies, I'm still full! What an enjoyable afternoon! 💚 #vegandessert #whatveganseat
desserts - whatveganseat - vegandessert - veganpotluck -
roshibrian : 🙋still full too! I had fantastic lunch👌your soup so delicious @jenncooks
whollyvegan : Love this pic! Today was such fun. And your soup was delicious! I wish I had a big bowl of it now! 🍲
jokevanoo : Looks so great😍😍‼️ sounds like a fun day💝
lm_nutrition : This looks freaking fabulous 😍👌
ohshellii : 👍
nutmegnotebook : What beautiful food! 😍
poppyvelosa : How wonderful! That all looks scrummy!!
poppyvelosa - k_cyun - michela_damore_ - monique12494 -
Grateful for #vegan potlucks with #instafriends. Amazing cooks! @evesfca @jenncooks @lauracavanaghart @whollyvegan @roshibrian @astigvegan Thank you @evesfca for hosting! 😘
sfvegans - selfiestick - goodtimes - veganfoodshare - veganpotluck - instafriends - vegansofig - vegan -
jenncooks : So fun!! Thanks everyone!!
whollyvegan : Yay selfie stick! 💕 Great pic. Your tempeh collard rolls were delish! I want more! 😋
rose_petalz : @astigvegan yay for #selfiestick
rose_petalz : @roshibrian you're welcome. Hope the melon is sweet 💛
rose_petalz : @leslieconn thanks! The food was so yummy!
rose_petalz : @evesfca I agree Eve, a dream come true! ☺️
rose_petalz : @jenncooks fun times indeed 😊
rose_petalz : @whollyvegan thanks Jen! Can't wait to have your yummy cinnamon bun for breakfast 😋
holladala - sporkfoods - missoldsoul - goddessofthelaw -
And there was dessert too. #vegan #veganlunch #vegansofig #vegandessert #veganfriends #veganpotluck #veganfoodshare #veganfriends #potluck #dessert
veganlunch - veganfriends - vegansofig - dessert - vegan - vegandessert - potluck - veganfoodshare - veganpotluck -
nutmegnotebook : One of each please!😱😱😱
roshibrian : I want more....,
evesfca : @roshibrian I just ate more . . . and that was a little too much! 😂😂
evesfca : @nutmegnotebook That's exactly what I said! 😊
jokevanoo : Amazing😋😋 yum😍
rosepursuinghealth : Omg vegan desserts r the best. I love anything with apples!
whollyvegan : Just scarfed down the last cinnamon roll for breakfast. Leftovers are fun! 😊
neilig : Yum yum 😸
trangphanthiet - theveganmumnson - cobranegra_ - rawmissoulamomma -
#latergram of our #veganpotluck hosted by @evesfca. I had a lovely time eating, laughing, and conversing with @whollyvegan @rose_petalz @jenncooks @evesfca @roshibrian @lauracavanaghart Good times. #whatveganseat #vegan #veganfoodshare #potluck
whatveganseat - latergram - potluck - veganfoodshare - veganpotluck - vegan -
astigvegan : @rose_petalz aww thanks Im glad! The stuffed collard greens was one of my faves, so rich and tasty.
whollyvegan : Beautiful vegan feast! 😋 We sure know how to potluck!
evesfca : If you were visiting we would hold potlucks in your honor, @rawmissoulamomma! For real!
evesfca : @astigvegan Thank you so much, RG, for your delicious food and friendship. Today will be a special memory for me. 😊
ahnestveggie : Yum!!! Let me guess @whollyvegan brought the cinna bunzzz? ✌️
pinoy_vegan : Wooooooooooow!
theveganchickpea : Everything looks phenomenal.
rawmissoulamomma : Well...now I HAVE to come.
oceanauli - wtforkshouldieat - caramellevg - tanianiro -
I just opened the door and all this amazing food came in. Great potluck today with @roshibrian @jenncooks @astigvegan @whollyvegan @lauracavanaghart @rose_petalz #vegan #veganlunch #vegansofig #veganfriends #veganfoodshare #veganpotluck #potluck #whatveganseat #wholefood #wfpb #instafriends
veganlunch - veganfriends - vegansofig - wholefood - wfpb - vegan - whatveganseat - potluck - veganfoodshare - veganpotluck - instafriends -
rosepursuinghealth : Looks so good!
veganlifeisgood : @evesfca wonderful! 😊 thanks for the info, I'll look into the group & will enjoy crossing paths with y'all sometime
trangphanthiet : Wow!!! So much good food.
poppyvelosa : Incredible!!
alyssamcshane : I would love to come to something like this!!
evesfca : For sure! Next time we'll include you, @alyssamcshane!
alyssamcshane : @evesfca yay, thanks!!
vegansmoothiesandjuices : 👍👍👍
_jessica______ - theveganmumnson - theplantbasedjake - poppyvelosa -
Don't be jealous with my dessert I had today at #veganpotluck! Amazing #vegan pumpkin cinnamon rolls made by amazing @whollyvegan ( I can eat the whole pan but to bad I have to share with others😔😀) , beautiful @lauracavanaghart made Raw Pumpkin cheezecake with cinnamon oat crust so delightful, @astigvegan brought raw apple tart pie, so yummy. Oh my gosh.... I am in dessert heaven
poweredbyplants - vegansmoothiesandjuices - vegancreations - vegan - sfvegans - veganpotluck - squatday - veganneighbors - plantstrong - funday - veganbrunch - whatvegansdoforfun - whatveganseat - veganfoodinspiration - veganfoodshare - vegantreats -
thevegan8 : Wow it all looks so delicious!
vegan_stephy : Mmmmm what I would do for a pumpkin spice cinnamon roll
besolful_vegan : Wow!!!!
evesfca : Is that your post-workout pan of cinnamon rolls, Roshi?! 😂 Thank you so much for coming with your amazing food . . . and thank you and Brian for the melons! 🍉🍈
rosanne_eatclean : Waaaooohh
vegankitchentablejaxgf : Wow, they all look amazingly delicious! 🙋😋👍
jokevanoo : It looks scrumtious 💖 I am jealous‼️😄 The vegan potluck sounds so much fun👏
greentaraliving : Such delicious fun you are all having!😍
philly_eats - blanche_et_hector_food - coffeedelicious - rafahele_ -
I had a fantastic lunch today at Potluck😋Perfect creamy cauliflower soup with caramelized pear from @jenncooks 👌and dipping your bread in it mmmm.. I want more. Stuffed collard rolls with tempeh and tahini dressing from @rose_petalz (🙋want the recipe pleassssseeeee) roasted delicate squash salad from @whollyvegan so yummy, soba grapefruit salad with peanut sauce made by @evesfca great combination,sisig ( am I correct?)cooked by Filipino Chef @astigvegan 👍 and raw pumpkin cheezcake from @lauracavanaghart 😋. Thank you Eve for hosting and Jen for sharing @miyokoschinner vegan cheese
roshibrian : @karmafreechewy it was amazing
roshibrian : @veganjaxgf indeed they all look fantastic and I ate a lot😋😊
roshibrian : @leslieconn yes @whollyvegan so delicious, go check her IG, she has a picture what is inside @rose_petalz collard rolls looks like!
roshibrian : @tpat35 💚😋
roshibrian : @cmagie it was very yummy👌
roshibrian : @rose_petalz @whollyvegan @evesfca @lauracavanaghart @astigvegan @jenncooks thank you ladies for wonderful time and love all you foods. And the important thing ( for me🙋) I learn a lot from each of you being a vegan, it means a lot for me as a new baby ( sometimes I struggle to find and order vegan foods ) so 🙏🙏🙏again 💞💕💚
fitnesstshirtsonsale : Nice!
coffeedelicious : Fabulous!
greentaraliving - healthy_bandit - rafahele_ - liliyumiwong -
Scenes from a lovely #veganpotluck hosted by @evesfca today! We had a #miyokoskitchen #vegan cheese platter, @jenncooks's cauliflower soup w/ caramelized pears, @rose_petalz's tempeh stuffed collard rolls w/ garlic tahini sauce, @evesfca's tofu & grapefruit soba noodles, @roshibrian's Indonesian yellow rice w/ tofu & tempeh, @lauracavanaghart's pumpkin cashew cheezecake, @astigvegan's raw apple pie, & my pumpkin cinnamon rolls. 🍁🍃🍂 There were even a few more dishes that I couldn't fit into this collage! Everything was delicious. Good times! 💚 #veganfoodshare
miyokoskitchen - veganfoodshare - vegan - veganpotluck -
evesfca : Nice photo collage! Boy, what a day. Thank you so much for your incredible food contributions. I am really, really full! Happy memories.
vegankitchentablejaxgf : Oh my, so many amazing dishes! 👏👏👏
searchoffitness : Now that is a great potluck!
jokevanoo : Oh wow! So amazing😍😍 I wished I could be there☺️
theveganchickpea : That cheese.
leslieconn : Ooohh! The collard wraps! @roshibrian
metteskuttercakes : Hey, I just found your Instagram and though that everything you do looks sooo delicious! I was wondering if you would like to do a sfs with me? 😊
rawmissoulamomma : so much fun to be had!
thikampar_kp - zombie_eats - sonny_chia - rawmissoulamomma -
#watermelonturtle #jumpstartmycar #again #veganpotluck #noshoes #rain #traffic #lacf #jumpstartmycar #dadlookallthisismine
watermelonturtle - again - lacf - noshoes - rain - jumpstartmycar - traffic - dadlookallthisismine - veganpotluck -
s4__santana : Tfti
yajairasantana : @s4__santana Hey Hey!
ivanmendezvw : And the kuala?
yajairasantana : @ivanmendezvw You
thatguy_joshvila - rodger_cacho_1999 - n8vaz - s_santana27 -
Look at what else popped up in my kitchen. #Vegan pumpkin cinnamon rolls with maple glaze from @chefchloe's dessert cookbook. How'd these get here...😍 #veganfoodshare #veganpumpkinshare
veganfoodshare - vegan - veganpumpkinshare -
felicity_k_a : @karagenelle I know right! Yumm
caitongjoco : Aww hell no son this shit got me too on @_spacecowgirl
whollyvegan : @mylifeinpic This was my 1st time trying this recipe & now I think I'll make them for Thanksgiving this year too! People just love cinnamon rolls! 😋
tiffplusjenn : Looks so yum! @emily_suzanne_sumner
lauracavanaghart : I ate my "to go" roll last night. It was supposed to be breakfast today... @whollyvegan
lauracavanaghart : These were beyond delicious. 😍🎃 @whollyvegan
songbird823 : @jimekajonessetzer gotcha'
grace_navratil : @chron_nick
rily1023 - ste86t - whoisnoereally - 10funkidscooks -
Spring Equinox Potluck hosted by @veganwolf1 & @oceanauli 🍃🌻🍂 #vegan #veganpotluck #flowergarland #jasmine #veganfoodshare #ahimsa #yoga #compassion #spring #equinox
ahimsa - yoga - compassion - spring - jasmine - vegan - veganfoodshare - veganpotluck - equinox - flowergarland -
kari_t25 : You're profile is awesome and it is much like what we Beach body coaches do... have you ever thought about becoming a coach?
jess_rayner : Coooooool
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Spending time with awesome people who are part of #vegansofnewcastle #newcastlevegans at our Spring Equinox Vegan Pot Luck. Thanks for the delicious array of food, making music with percussion around the fire and the 3 OMs in acknowledgement to factory farm animals and our occupies oceans and marine life. Here's to Vegan Potlucks!
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fruitfoxx : @baker3991 :)
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We went to a sixties themed #vegan potluck tonight, so @jon_dunn made a vegan ham, of course. #veganpotluck #seitan #veganmeat #veganham #goveg #vegansofig
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It's a #vegan sixties themed potluck, complete with fondue! #vegangr #veganvolcano #veganpotluck
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_maricela_m_g : Do you guys know of any place where I can find vegan clothes and shoes ?
vegangr : @_maricela_m_g if you look online, you'll find lots of options. Where do you live?
_maricela_m_g : Wyoming Michigan
vegangr : @_maricela_m_g It's tough here. I just read a lot of labels when I shop. Shoes are harder. Payless is a good spot. Most everything is faux leather.
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