Vegan Cherry Cheesecake.
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vegantimelord : #veganfoodshare #vegansOfIG #veganRecipe #vegandessert #veganSnacks #veganparty #veganJunkFood #veganBaking #veganCake #cherries #cheesecake #dessert #whatVegansEat
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Mi nueva creación de sábado libre: "Ruan's Chocolate & Coconut fudge Brownie Pie" (tipo Barra) Crocante en la superficie y cremoso en el centro... todo vegano, sin gluten y sin azúcar refinada... Super adictivo!! #vegan #glutenfree #sugarfree
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danny_ruan : #veganporn #vegandessert #vegansweet #veganchocolate #veganbrownie #crueltyfree #coconut #veganfood #vegansnack #chocolatelover #veganparty #dannyruan #yummi
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yes its all vegan!! #vegan #veganpizza #veganwings #veganfood #whatveganseat #veganparty
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_thehungryelephant : Love it x
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Quer coisa melhor nesse frio? Brigadeeeeiro de mandioca! Se é bom? É super! 👍 💞 🍮🍫🍴 #semlactose #vegandessert #vegana #vegan #veganfoodshare #vegansofig #brigadeiro #chocolate #yummy #delicia #instafood #vegetariana #crueltyfree
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ameliavinhal : #chocolate #ficouótimo #veganparty
pianissimojazz : Como??? Me ensinaaa?!
ameliavinhal : Clarooo @pianissimojazz !!
ameliavinhal : @pianissimojazz eu só bati tudo no líquido antes de levar ao fogo e acrescentei baunilha
carolinefomm : Vou tentar!!!
ameliavinhal : Me conta o auê achou @carolinefomm 😊
pianissimojazz : Humm...e é gostoso?? Vou fazer!
ameliavinhal : Muito bom @pianissimojazz me conta!
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Hi guys! I'm excited to announce that @VeganScene, the vegan store and event space I'm opening in Venice Beach moves into our new location at ✨610 Main Street✨ next week! ________________________ We won't be open to the public just yet, but as of now we are now taking applications online and setting up appointments for interviews. ________________________ We are looking for vegans in the Los Angeles area that have a product or a skill set that would be interested in joining Vegan Scene as one of our contributors. Examples include: 👇 •Actor/Theater •Artist •Author/Writer •Baker/Pastry Chef •Band/Musician/Singer •Barista/Bartender •Chef •Comedian/Entertainer •Dancer •Dietician/Nutritionist •DJ •Esthetician •Home Designer •Fashion Designer •Filmmaker •Fitness Trainer/Instructor •Graphic Designer •Hair/Makeup Artist •Jewelry/Accessory Designer •Photographer •Yoga/Pilates Instructor ________________________ Visit 👉 and click on "APPLY" under contributors. ________________________ If you are not in LA, but would like Vegan Scene to carry your products either in store or on our website, visit and click on "APPLY" under Retailers. ________________________ I'm a millennial that went to art school. I know how rough it is. So I'd like to make it clear that this is not some unpaid internship scam. We're a business. If we like what we see, we will work out a deal and you will be paid. ________________________ Looking forward to hearing from you guys! And I will keep you all posted on our launch and grand opening party! #VegansofIG #VeganScene
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fosterwilson : @brianpleahy
vegankim : Fabulous
karolynhs : I'll be contacting you regarding my #vegancupcakes! 😋
honeyb228 : Check this out @sammysan1
johhanna9 : @alexaoknayan
theandrealowell : @tarunsr
themysticaltampon : @martianpics
andrea_veganlicious : I'd love to see the incredible handbags of @meliebianco @jill_milan @freedomofanimals sold here. It would be a great opportunity for customers AND sellers.
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Repost from @irresistiblyvegan I'M SO EXCITED! We (@yvonne_deliciously_vegan @wonderfulvegan, @unhealthyvegan, @comfortingvegan and @irresistiblyvegan) are having a Vegan Potluck on a rooftop with a firepit located on the 2nd floor of the Lincoln Plaza Hotel, right off of the top level of the hotel's parking lot. The owner is more than happy to open the rooftop patio (located off of the Spirit House Bar) to us earlier than normal and is so generous to allow us to bring our own potluck food to the patio area! It would mean a lot to me and it would give thanks to him, if your party ordered at least one drink from the bar. No obligation for drinks—we will also have a tip jar available if you'd like to give! All ages are welcome! (I will have colored rubber wrist bands to put on everyone who is under the age of 21 so it is easy for the bartenders!) Please comment below this post on @irresistiblyvegan's IG gallery if you are coming and how many you are bringing with you so we can let him know how many to expect. This is gonna be a super low key event. We just all love to hang out and meet new people like you do! We'd LOVE to have you join us! (Please only use @irresistiblyvegan's Vegan Potluck post as a sign up sheet to jot down what you will bring or questions you have only about this event so that it will be easy for everyone to get clear info. Thank you!!) Saturday, August 9th, 6:00pm (Bar closes at 2am, but I'm not sure if we all may stay that long! 😜) Rooftop off of the top floor of the parking lot at: Lincoln Plaza Hotel 123 S. Lincoln Avenue, 2nd Floor Monterey Park, CA 91755 (Los Angeles County) Parking: Free parking! Park at the top of the parking structure next to the hotel. There's easy access to the rooftop patio from there. We will have signs up so you can find us! No cover fee, just bring a vegan dish to share, but please let @irresistiblyvegan know what you are bringing on her potluck post so you can see what other people are bringing as well. If you don't know what to bring or don't have time to make something, stop by your favorite vegan restaurant and pick up something to-go that you can share! 😬✌️ #vegan #glutenfreevegan #losangelesvegan
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yvonne_deliciously_vegan : @neilvermillion! I just noticed you like this photo! Please join us since you're from "Love Angeles"!
yvonne_deliciously_vegan : Hope you can make it @sweetsimplevegan! 💞🌸
neilvermillion : @yvonne_deliciously_vegan thank you for the invite. I believe I will be able to attend. Should be fun 👍
justglowingwithhealth : @yvonne_deliciously_vegan Yvonne do you have an idea about how long it will go til? I just realized it's the same day I have an event in Ventura but I really want to go!
yvonne_deliciously_vegan : Hi @justglowingwithhealth! I'm not sure what time it'll end. We're telling the guests that the bar will be open until 2am. They're welcome to stay as long as 2am. However, I doubt everyone will stay that long. Based on events in the past, people may stick around until 9, 10pm? I'll do my best to remember to message you that night to let you know!
justglowingwithhealth : Oh OK that would be great if you remember. I'll be done at 6 so it may be hard. But if not I'd love to meet up another time maybe in the near future! Thanks so much!
77zee : Hi Yvonne I would love to help so if there's anything I can do or need me to bring other then a potluck dish please let me know I work till 4:00pm that day so I have lots if time available after😊🙋 @yvonne_deliciously_vegan
yvonne_deliciously_vegan : Hi @77zee! Thanks for offering to help, hun! You are so sweet. I'll let you know when I have more information! 💜✨ Cc: @irresistiblyvegan
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Vegan party! Festinha com as amigas pra degustar cervejas e comidinhas vegan. Tem pãozinho de mandioca, patês, maionese, tortinha com requeijão de batata e brigadeiro de mandioca! E cervejass!!!!!
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leticia_cttln : Nem chama... 😒
ameliavinhal : @sixxx_vegan e @leticia_cttln mais que Convidadas para o próxima! 💜💕
ameliavinhal : Faltou vc com certeza @logarcete
leticia_cttln : Aeeeeeeeeee!!! 🎉🎉🎉
sixxx_vegan : Ebaaaa! Haha
receitaz : Uau, que lindo!
ameliavinhal : @receitaz 💜
tatttizinha : Muito bom, super
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Listos? Tres días, faltan sólo tres días!! Nos vemos este viernes 25 de julio a las 8:30 en el Gato Calavera ;) #manianiversario #2doaniversario #invitación #todosinvitados #fiestaporlosanimales #veganparty #vayanvayanvayan #nopuedesfaltar #fiestaconcausa #GatoCalavera #LasLeopardas #LosRiot #UnluckyBoyDj
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El gatito no se equivoca, faltan 4 días para nuestro aniversario!! Allá nos vemos!! 25 de julio a las 8:30 pm en el Gato Calavera 🙌🎉🙌 #aniversario #manianiversario #fiesta #fiestaparatodos #veganparty #festejando2años #todosinvitados #invitación #vamostodos #party #GatoCalavera #25dejulio #fiestaporlosanimales
festejando2años - veganparty - todosinvitados - manianiversario - fiesta - fiestaparatodos - invitación - vamostodos - party - aniversario - fiestaporlosanimales - 25dejulio - gatocalavera -
laneleon9 : 💕🙌💕🙌💕🙌💕
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Drunk. 💜 #slc #ethan #friendsforever #veganparty
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We enjoyed my quinoa Mediterranean salad for dinner again. Yum! Recipe will be in my app's 2nd update, early August. #myeclectickitchen #vegan #salad #mediterraneansalad #quinoasalad #quinoa #mediterraneanquinoasalad #arugula #glutenfree #glutenfreevegan #veganglutenfree #beautydetoxsolution #veganmom #plantbasedmom #veganparty #kalamataolives #vegetarian #vegandinner #veganchef
veganprotein - heathy - nutrientdense - veganmom - quinoasalad - beautydetoxsolution - veganglutenfree - energy - veganchef - vegan - arugula - quinoa - vegandinner - protein - myeclectickitchen - plantbasedmom - mediterraneansalad - veganparty - kalamataolives - salad - glutenfree - vegetarian - glutenfreevegan - eatclean - mediterraneanquinoasalad - healthyfoodshare -
ammoncalixta : Looks great!
weizelgulfan : Yvonne how do i buy your ebook instead of the app?
clownadread : 😋
satisfacttion : 😍
thevegan8 : Looks so delicious!!
its_all_good__ : Hello deliciousness!! 💚
pathas04 : Looks wonderful! 👏
rawtillfour : 😍😍
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Birthday boy and his smash cake!Raw Carrot Cake and Coconut Whipped Cream #organic #homemade #rawsmashcake #pirateparty #samuelalbertdobinejiminez #veganparty #vegandessert #vegansofig #vegantoddler #vegansofinstagram #plantbasedbaby
rawsmashcake - organic - vegantoddler - plantbasedbaby - vegansofig - pirateparty - samuelalbertdobinejiminez - vegansofinstagram - vegandessert - homemade - veganparty -
organicveganmum : 🍴🍴🍴
bnmonti : Looks good
thatvegangirlme : Yummm!!!!!
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We had a wonderful time yesterday! Sam enjoyed being with his friends and family. We love our big boy!! #veganparty #vegansofig #veganfamily #vegantoddler #vegansofinstagram #plantbasedbaby #pirateparty #samuelalbertdobinejiminez
vegantoddler - plantbasedbaby - vegansofig - pirateparty - samuelalbertdobinejiminez - vegansofinstagram - veganfamily - veganparty -
thatvegangirlme : Cutest family ever!!
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Heck yeah, so excited about this for the #vegan potluck. This was always a hit at parties in my pre-vegan days and I'm thinking it's going to be even better #veganized! #layereddip #whatveganseat #veganparty
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pranapowder : Lovely!
carpenike : Nice! Do you have the recipe to share?
running_on_vegan : @carpenike I will put one together and share it! I'll let you know when it's posted :)
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Sam's First Birthday! Pirate Party 🚣 (iPhone photos) Credit also to @diego_orozconleche & @raw_vegan_stylezd #samuelalbertdobinejiminez #happybitthday #vegantoddler #plantbasedbaby #vegansofinstagram #vegansofig #veganfamily #veganparty #rawsmashcake
rawsmashcake - vegantoddler - plantbasedbaby - vegansofig - samuelalbertdobinejiminez - vegansofinstagram - veganfamily - happybitthday - veganparty -
onevegworld : Aw happy birthday to our favorite vegan baby 💗
bnmonti : Bummed I misses it. Looks like such a cute party.
vegancookie : Noah says Happy Birthday. Vegan babies are the best! 🎉🎂🎉
organicveganmum : Happy Birthday 💕😃💕
raw_vegan_stylezd : Great party! Twas an honor mateys!
marcyvegan01 : Awww Happy 1st Birthday handsome!💞💕💞💕
kyleeerin : OMG! So cute mama! Great job! And that too right pic of Sam cheesin' is the best! #thecuteneverstops #happybirthdaytosam
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Lets freeze some bananas! #nicecream#nanas#banana#veganparty#prepin#vegan#rawtill4
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Living in a Yoga Mat Wonderland. Come see me tomorrow at the Freedom Yoga Festival in Brampton! I'll be performing there with Sundeep Tyagi @freedomyogagurukul #aintnopartylikeafreedomyogaparty #freedomyogafestival #freedomyoga #freedomyogafamily #kidsyoga#partneryoga #kirtan #veganparty #yogaperformances #yogafestival #yogaontario #ontarioga
yogaperformances - freedomyogafestival - veganparty - freedomyoga - ontarioga - freedomyogafamily - yogafestival - yogaontario - kirtan - kidsyoga - partneryoga - aintnopartylikeafreedomyogaparty -
saugafoodreviews : Whoi
saugafoodreviews - kbfromthe513 - awolrob - leecanuck -
🙋 #vegetable#veganparty
vegetable - veganparty -
leramordva : Моя любимаяяяяя ((( скучаю очень, такая ты крошечка 😭😘😘😘
dinakelter : И снова ты ешь 😏☺️
mari02_14 : @garisonp Ты умеешь есть палочками?
typicalpolina : @dinakelter ээээ эт че за наезд? 😂 я тут просто не только свои порции фоткаю 😁
typicalpolina : @mari02_14 ну да оО
typicalpolina : @dinakelter и вооьще это салатик!!!11
typicalpolina : @dinakelter только и жру тут салатики эти да фрукты!!! стерва, твой комментарий теперь не дает мне покоя хд
dinakelter : 😂
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Nuestro segundo aniversario ya está muuy cerca! Viernes 25 de julio en el Gato Calavera a las 8:30 pm, esperamos verlos allá! #2doManianiversario #GatoCalavera #LasLeopardas #LosRiot #UnlukyBoy #veganparty #fiestaporlosanimales #fiestaconcausa
fiestaconcausa - veganparty - unlukyboy - losriot - 2domanianiversario - fiestaporlosanimales - lasleopardas - gatocalavera -
laneleon9 : #México #DF #manodegato #invitación #todosinvitados #MéxicoDF
mr_mitote - leonimal - conyogadf - laneleon9 -
Barquete de tomate seco com queijo de macadâmia e maionese. Desejo realizado!
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anadosanjosfernandes : A "cara" tá maravilhosa!!!!
ameliavinhal : @anadosanjosfernandes vc tem que participar dessas degustações.. tá mais que convidada pra próxima! ;)
cihhh : Falo nada!
cihhh : Haha
ameliavinhal : Ohhh feiiia!! Vou fazer de novo e te aviso! Era teste..mas ficou ótimo! @cihhh
anadosanjosfernandes : Hummm... e eu vou mesmo! :) Ah! Pedi mais mirtilo, vc quer?
ameliavinhal : Hm..queria era framboesa..mas te falo. Chegando me avisa. Eu fiz geléia com aqueles, vc viu?
anadosanjosfernandes : Vi! Deve ter ficado uma delícia! Ele não conseguiu encontrar framboesa... :( Os mirtilos chegaram.
staystrongandlift96 - carpediembologna - barrinha - valentinacaloux -
Dia genial! Aniversari @kao1one ! #felicitats #happybirthday #mufyah #reggaepeople @paulaherwer @emmayouth @ireneu7 #vegan #veganfood #veganparty 🎉🍍🍉💌👽🎂🎶🎶🚬🍃🎉
happybirthday - mufyah - vegan - reggaepeople - veganfood - veganparty - felicitats -
kao1one : Merci a tots i totes!! Ja repetirem
owenvampicat : ✨😁😎🎉 @kao1one merci!!
zdenkakubicek : Happy b-day! :)
owenvampicat - vegancookin - paulaherwer - kao1one -
And a cake from @chefchloe for my soon to be 7 year old. Hard to tell, but I made it slightly orange by blending/juicing carrots and added orange extract since that's currently his favorite color. Frosting will be dyed pink w/cherries because he saw the pic in the cookbook and declared that was his *other* favorite color. He even bookmarked the page for me so I wouldn't forget. <3 Freezing these babies til Saturday night because I've found freezing a cake makes it more firm and more moist. Defrost the night before in the fridge and frost when completely thawed.
birthdaycake - vegancookbook - veganbaking - vegan - vegansnacks - veganrecipe - vegandessert - vegans - veganfoodshare - veganparty - baking - vegansofig - cake - vegancake - veganjunkfood - vegantreats -
vegantimelord : #veganfoodshare #vegansOfIG #vegans #veganRecipe #veganSnacks #veganDessert #vegancookbook #veganparty #veganJunkFood #cake #birthdayCake #veganCake #vegantreats #vegan #veganBaking #baking
chefchloe : Happy bday! 😘
vegantimelord : Cake was a hit. Thanks @chefchloe!! ❤
jesssewalker - gosweetandskinny - rawdurtytwo - compassion_is_my_compass -
summer - nature - dacha - govegan - veganparty - instagood -
evlionice : Оооооох 😔
nasteakot - alyssakaleda - kevianpower - zhangmemei -
Time to creative - party invitation time! Is it weird that I find this extremely exciting?! #party #diy #vegan #vegangirl #21 #birthday #veganparty #veganliving #boatparty #vegansofig
21 - vegansofig - boatparty - vegangirl - vegan - veganliving - birthday - diy - party - veganparty -
butternut_vegan - pasticcio_di_ceci - happyvegann - poison_lov -
Iced green tea mojito preparation from last nights @healthylilybee dinner party. I prepped each jar with lime and cucumber slices, frozen blueberries and smashed mint. The benefits of green tea can be found on my blog but this little twist is perfect for healthy summer evenings. #healthy #healthydinner #mojito #healthymojito #mocktail #cocktail #healthydrinks #drinks #icedtea #greentea #icedgreentea #summerparty #fitfam #fitspo #glutenfree #sugarfree #vegan #veganmenu #veganparty #vegansofig #veganfoodshare #whatvegansdrink #instafood #instadaily #instaparty #instavegan #healthylilybee
fitfam - summerparty - mocktail - sugarfree - icedgreentea - instaparty - mojito - healthylilybee - vegan - greentea - instadaily - veganparty - instavegan - drinks - fitspo - whatvegansdrink - healthymojito - cocktail - vegansofig - healthy - glutenfree - instafood - icedtea - veganfoodshare - healthydrinks - healthydinner - veganmenu -
taniakeeling : I want to come to lilybee dinner party!!!! Xxx
iainpennington : A healthy way to get drunk 😊 whoo! Looks good x
sarahravencook - mprince_ - iainpennington - go_nyo -
@healthylilybee dinner drawing to a close. Recipes and food pics coming soon. #healthy #healthydinner #healthylilybee #vegan #veganmenu #veganparty #vegansofig #vegansofig #veganfoodshare #dinner #dairyfree #dinnerparty #fitfam #fitspo #flowers #glutenfree #party #instafood #instadaily #instaparty #instavegan #summerparty
fitfam - summerparty - dairyfree - instaparty - vegan - healthylilybee - instavegan - dinnerparty - instadaily - fitspo - flowers - vegansofig - healthy - glutenfree - instafood - dinner - veganfoodshare - party - healthydinner - veganmenu - veganparty -
priyankav14 - elizae2013 - emmaastaire - tessareed1 -
15 minutes to go! #healthylilybee #healthydinner #healthy #glutenfree #dinner #dairyfree #dinnerparty #vegan #veganparty #vegansofig #veganfoodshare #instafood #instadaily #instaparty #instavegan #party #menu #veganmenu
dairyfree - instaparty - vegan - healthylilybee - instadaily - veganparty - instavegan - dinnerparty - glutenfree - healthy - menu - vegansofig - instafood - dinner - veganfoodshare - party - healthydinner - veganmenu -
keziahall : Great minds- I just had a big healthy feast yesterday ! Love the look of the menu- well done you:)
kboughton : @healthylilybee lush menu!
libbygerrard93 - priyankav14 - elizae2013 - yocum___101 -
Hosting my very first @healthylilybee dinner party tonight and couldn't be having more fun preparing it all for my guests #healthy #dinner #healthydinner #party #dinnerparty #flowers #vegan #vegansofig #veganparty #veganfoodshare #instadaily #instafood #instaparty #instavegan #dairyfree #glutenfree #fitspo #fitfam #healthylilybee
fitspo - dairyfree - instaparty - vegan - healthylilybee - instadaily - dinnerparty - instavegan - fitfam - flowers - vegansofig - healthy - glutenfree - instafood - dinner - veganfoodshare - party - healthydinner - veganparty -
flewish : This is awesome
ginny_maclean : I did NOT get the memo? 😔
charliedavie : Have fun!!! Sorry i can't be there ❤️
chessi_bridger - isarobinson999 - elizae2013 - healthyjeneration -
Aniversário pede bolo! E o meu pede um bolo diferente e delicioso!! #semaçúcar #semgluten #semlactose #semovo #nosugar #glutenfree #diaryfree #noegg #vegan #vegano #veganparty #festasemaçúcar #festavegana #cozinhanutritiva #dailylili
semlactose - semovo - semaçúcar - noegg - diaryfree - glutenfree - cozinhanutritiva - dailylili - vegan - vegano - nosugar - semgluten - festavegana - festasemaçúcar - veganparty -
danysa07 : Parabens @liligomes ! Muita Luz no seu caminho!
liligomes : Querido Daniel @comidaecologica , receita sua que nos inspira e nos delicia!! Amo!!! Gratidão sempre!! 🙏😉
liligomes : @danysa07 querida, gratidão!! Beijinhos
kelibarbosa : @liligomes felicidades! Mais Luz Divina ainda no seu caminho!!!!!
liligomes : @kelibarbosa querida, Luz Divina nunca é demais!! 😍 gratidão por sua companhia! Beijoca
fe_cohen : Hummmm.... essa receita já foi postada??
liligomes : 🙈 Ainda não, @fe_cohen !! Kkkk
fe_cohen : 😞
kamariz - katia_uk - anapetraglia - julianeribas -
Temos um cardápio de encomendas lindão. Já viu? Acesse nossa página no facebook // (11) 993809271 #vegan #veganbaking #homebaking #confeitariaartesanal #veganpastry #spvegan #sãopaulovegan #veganparty #vegancake
veganparty - sãopaulovegan - vegancake - confeitariaartesanal - homebaking - vegan - spvegan - veganbaking - veganpastry -
sabateh - brunnodiamante - raphaelbalco - leidyfoster -
I just ❤️the presentation of these mustard and ginger glazed tempeh skewers....tempeh is a soybean meat substitute originally from Indonesia; similar to tofu but higher in protein. #minibites #foodporn #partyfood #partybites #healthypartyfood #vegan #veganparty #veganpartyfood #vegetarian #healthyfood #party #smilespartyplanning
healthyfood - partyfood - minibites - vegetarian - foodporn - vegan - veganpartyfood - partybites - smilespartyplanning - party - veganparty - healthypartyfood -
smilespartyplanning : RP @fslosangeles!
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None of my friends are vegan, but who can resist a fruit platter, blue corn tortillas, hummus, mango peach salsa, and spicy black bean dip?
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alianzaveganos : No one!! Looks amazing!!
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