23 week bump! We find out in 3 more weeks if we can try for a #vbac which will hopefully bring a whole other level of calm over me! Trying alot harder with the #selflove this time! #23weeks #pregnant #vbacwithoutfear #cantwait!
23weeks - vbac - cantwait - pregnant - vbacwithoutfear - selflove -
grassfedmama : <3
dkleighdesigns - issainferno - kokosnest - mumsienaturals -
Mamas!!! You always give the best advice and your experiences really lift us up. So here's the deal this week - we have a special mom at @mommihealth who is faced with a decision really soon about whether to go for the VBAC or proceed with another scheduled C Section. But there is so much to think about that she can't decide!! We would love your thoughts - she wrote a blog post about it (link in profile). What do you think? What's your mom wisdom on the subject? Facing labor head on is scary and exciting at the same time but not having a birth plan makes everything more unsure! Let us know here on Instagram or join us on a TweetChat tomorrow at 5pm PST following #bumpbuzz - and as always THANK YOU for being part of the Mommi community. We are all in this together!! #pregnancy #vbac #csection #decisions #labor #baby
csection - baby - vbac - pregnancy - bumpbuzz - decisions - labor -
sammybeth88 : I just had a VBAC in December and I'm so glad I did! Recovery was much easier even with a 3rd degree tear. The plan that my OB and I came up with was to schedule a c-section but try for a VBAC if I went into labor before that time. I ended up going into labor on my own a week and a half before my scheduled csection and everything went beautifully! I say go for the VBAC!
simple_splendor - jenkimballmiller - dickersontay - jaysears09 -
Shoutout to all the determined #mommas out there! The ones trying to get pregnant, the ones who lost an #angelbaby, the ones who choose to have one child, the ones who choose to have a big family, the married #moms, the #singlemoms, the #workingmoms, the #SAHM's, the #bf moms, the formula feeding moms, and yes, even the #samesex moms. It is ABSOLUTELY worth it! Special shoutout to the moms attempting a #vbac, like I am! #pregnancy #pregnant #mom #breastfeedingmom #breastfeeding
breastfeeding - bf - vbac - mom - pregnant - moms - sahm - breastfeedingmom - mommas - singlemoms - angelbaby - pregnancy - samesex - workingmoms -
delaniemills - goricegirl - ltclucatero - angelica.426 -
This amazing lady gave birth to a beautiful baby boy today. After 82 hours of labor and 1 hour of pushing, she did it! And I'm honored to have been a part of it and to witness this miracle. #vbac #doula #childbirth
doula - childbirth - vbac -
themrsdixon : 82 hours. What. She is my hero.
launanielsen : Seriously, amazing!!
tayadactyl : Yessssaaa
lobleephotography : 82!
madelison : Oh my. She is superwoman. Yay!!!
rachwilliams : 82 hours? Oh geez!
healthylittle : 💖✨✨
missmaraserene : I'm so proud of you Stina!
korbanzo - aubreeparker - teresatoday - megmeowchelle -
I was born competitive and that didn't stop today! Race day! 🏁 you just lost to a girl.. A pregnant girl 😜😂😂 #gomommy Laps for time! I'm so thankful to be feeling great and healthy! Able to swim 4-5 times a week! Best I've felt in all 7 pregnancies! #plexus and swimming has made a huge difference in this pregnancy! I usually struggle with pre-partum depression while pregnant along with other symptoms, not this time 🙌🙏💙... #poweredbyplexus #thankGodforPlexus #100milesbeforedelivery #swimbabyswim #babyryan7 #plexuswherehaveyoubeenallmypregnancies #vbac #theultimatemarathon #naturalbirth #fitpregnancy
thankgodforplexus - vbac - fitpregnancy - poweredbyplexus - plexus - plexuswherehaveyoubeenallmypregnancies - gomommy - babyryan7 - 100milesbeforedelivery - theultimatemarathon - swimbabyswim - naturalbirth -
aprilwright_ : That's amazing!!!! I am so proud of you for sharing that. Thankful God gave you plexus!! Swim Momma! Swim!
raisingryans : Plexus is a health and wellness company focused on products that help regulate blood sugars, improve gut health and offer pain relief. @blessedwithnine @aprilwright_ you are a big reason I go! Thank you for cheering me on!
raisingryans : Plexus slim is a yummy pink drink made from green plants that helps regulate blood sugars, curb cravings and improve cholesterol. @blessedwithnine @britt.stepfordmom
raisingryans : @ashleymn4 @mamabish @cherylyost @misskiwii1
aprilwright_ : Oh my goodness! 😘😘😘 that is so sweet!
theconners6 : Does it taste good??
inthelandofhoneycombs : @raisingryans I am so inspired by you. I am taking up swimming for my RA I start tomorrow. You are awesome Bridget 😘
jess.stepfordmomx : This is so awesome! You are inspiring me to continue to work out and stay active with these posts. It's so hard when your pregnant
jaclynnt - reformed_nj - denajcarr - caitlynnlouise -
The fantastic Jenny Fullerton with her children Chase (almost 5), fraternal twins Eli and Bryce (3) and Grace (8.5 months). Jenny had a text book first pregnancy with Chase. Things went really well and other than some morning sickness in her first trimester she felt great and was able to have an uncomplicated vaginal delivery in hospital. Her second pregnancy went very well and when she went in for her first ultrasound at 20 weeks was surprised to learn that she was carrying twins. She unexpectedly went into labor at 30 weeks 4 days and delivered via cesarean. Her boys were taken to NICU and Eli developed a bilateral Grade III IVH and post hemorrhagic hydrocephalus. Bryce was able to come home in 38 days and Eli spent 44 days in NICU. Eli had to have a reservoir placed and ultimately underwent a endoscopic third ventriculostomy/choroid plexus cauterization procedure (ETV/CPC) to treat his hydrocephalus. He’s been doing great since. Her pregnancy with Grace was a little more taxing. Jenny’s doctor was worried that she may go into premature labor again so she had to have progesterone shots throughout her pregnancy which made her feel really sick without out. She went into labor with Grace at 39 weeks and was able to have a successful VBAC without complication. Jenny has been able to breastfeed all of her children. She nursed directly with Chase for three months and then pumped exclusively until he reached a year. She was able to nurse the twins in NICU and then pumped exclusively for them as well. She’s been able to nurse Grace exclusively without any issues. Two years after her twins were born, Jenny realized she was suffering from PTSD and sought treatment. Almost immeadiately after Grace was born she realized she was facing some Postpartum Depression but is doing well with the help of her doctor and therapist. Jenny has always had a difficult time with her body image and wants to embrace her accomplishments and celebrate her journey through motherhood.#4thtrimesterbodiesproject #fourthtrimesterbodiesproject #4thtrimester #fourthtrimester #postpartum #breastfeeding #childbirth #bodypositivity #stopcensoringmotherhood #motherhood #bodypositive
breastfeeding - stopcensoringmotherhood - motherhood - bodypositivity - 4thtrimester - fourthtrimester - 4thtrimesterbodiesproject - fourthtrimesterbodiesproject - bodypositive - childbirth - postpartum -
n_annis : Such a beautiful picture of you and your lovely babies. Well done for raising such a fab family x
katefit___ : Agreed @hmbulmer
leche_libre : Awesome series!
lauralai_lp : That Mohawk!!
erin_freitas : Beautiful story, and thank you for sharing you story of dealing with PTSD & PPD!
abbyjessicam : I just had one set of twins and my stomach is nowhere near as beautiful as her's! Go mama!
dreamslikedeserts : All these sweet babes
mmmajda : Beautiful babies, beautiful momma, and a beautiful honest story. Thanks for sharing!
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เพื่อนไม่เก่า ขอบคุณป๋าไมค์พามาเลี้ยง #friends #vbac #barbqresort #memory #onthetable #dream
vbac - memory - barbqresort - dream - friends - onthetable -
mukarinthr : อยากไปกิน
pmet111 : @mukarinthr ไปดิ เส้นบ้านมุกหนิ
mukarinthr : วันหลังไปใหม่ดิ
pmet111 : @mukarinthr อ้วนนะ
mukarinthr : ธงๆ อะหรออ้วน 5555
pmet111 : @mukarinthr ธงๆกูไม่รู้ ที่รู้ๆกูลงมา6โล 😂😂
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If you've been wanting to follow my birth stories, part 2 is up now 😊 This leads up to why I was the crazy VBA2C lady 😉
vbac - mom - gethealthy - blessed - pregnancy - momofbaby - vba2c - birth - getstrong - momlife - cesarean - determined - babies - momof3 - naturalbirth - nursingschool -
healthyfaithnfit : #birth #VBAC #VBA2C #naturalbirth #mom #momlife #momofbaby #momof3 #gethealthy #getstrong #determined #nursingschool #pregnancy #blessed #babies #cesarean
healthyfaithnfit : Oh and the url is there on the top of the photo 😊
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This #Repost is dedicated to the mommies to be who are going to Rock their VBACS! #doulalove #Repost from @allomothering So thankful to have celebrated the end of #WorldDoulaWeek by attending a #beautiful #VBAC #homebirth, supported by amazing #midwives. One of the best reasons to pull an #allnighter. #birthjusthappened #takebackbirth #doulalove #doula #birth
beautiful - vbac - doula - homebirth - allnighter - doulalove - birth - birthjusthappened - midwives - takebackbirth - worlddoulaweek - repost -
ashkt : LOVE this!
you.are.not.alone.birth.doula : @ashkt I thought of you when I posted it! 😉
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#kaikevindavis #bicornuateuterus #vbac #birthannouncement
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shwils77 : @kevinisarab77
lexa_mower : You look great and he is so dang cute!
sabrenajensen : Look how cute and chubby!!!❤️
susankayfidler : So cute!! Congrats!
cjainge : This is the cutest thing ever. Sorry I ditched the other day, Grey was being the biggest turd, I'm coming that way tomorrow, I'll text you. I love that baby!
beelou14 : Glad you got your VBAC.
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Solid #advice for your birth. Regram from @glowdoula
vbac - advice - epidural - baby - unmedicated - maternity - birth - pregnancy - childbirth - birthaffirmation - pregnant - birthwithoutfear - doula - labor - csection - naturalbirth -
safeandsounddoula : #doula #pregnancy #pregnant #birth #birthaffirmation #childbirth #baby #maternity #birthwithoutfear #labor #naturalbirth #csection #epidural #unmedicated #vbac
glowdoula : Thanks for the regram, glad you liked! 😇
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A good comparison of things your care provider might say. You can possibly determine if they are #VBAC tolerant or VBAC friendly. Thanks Birth Blissfully for this! #stuffdoulassay
womensupportingwomen - childbirth - vbac - pregnant - stuffdoulassay - hospitalbirth - maternity - vba2c - birth - womenareawesome - doula - momtobe -
stuffdoulassay : #hospitalbirth #birth #vba2c #doula #childbirth #womenareawesome #womensupportingwomen #maternity #momtobe #pregnant
babybellyblog1 : Nice!
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#NowWatching:'s free today only!!! #vbac #ican #birthwithoutfear #triggerwarning
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____felicia : I was really crying!!!
homesweethomebirth : Yes!!!
kellirenee06 - rlybrttny - cassramy - mziz_franklin_1 -
Baby Reynolds was born on March 25th! We're enjoying every second of this precious girl and are so, so happy she is finally here, safe and sound. Thank you to everyone who has been cheering me on - I got my VBAC!
newborn - rainbowbaby - infertilitysurvivor - vbac - baby - itsagirl -
derosa684 : Congratulations on your precious baby girl! ❤
thereynoldsmom : #newborn #baby #itsagirl #VBAC #infertilitysurvivor #rainbowbaby
bellefit : Congratulations!!!! @thereynoldsmom 🌺😘💚 She's perfect!!!! Go mama!!!!😊
ellenbrown13 : The headband is adorable!
crazyseal21 : Congratulations! She's just precious. :) And congrats on your VBAC- what a great accomplishment!
sleepbelt : Congratulations!!!!
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Just got out of the pool and had my best workout so far 👊2,000 yards continuous 👏 can't believe how much my endurance is building in just 8weeks of swimming! ...And can't believe I've got the guts to post myself looking like this😝 thank you for the accountability and for cheering me on! Other swimmers at the pool have helped in encouraging and pushing me to hit my goal of #100milesbeforedelivery #swimselfie #swimbabyswim #babyryan7 #theultimatemarathon #vbac3 #vbamc #vbac #naturalbirth
vbac - 100milesbeforedelivery - theultimatemarathon - swimselfie - vbamc - babyryan7 - vbac3 - swimbabyswim - naturalbirth -
woaryan : You look GREAT!
photojennica : You're doing amazing and very inspiring! When/if we find out where expecting I'm totally following in your footprints/laps ☺️
raisingryans : @rochelleax I've done 30miles and I have 17-18 weeks left. Averaging about 6,400yards a week. Which is about 4miles a week😁 it's not like running miles though 😜 how are YOU? When are you due? 😊 @steph_gus my workout is your warmup 😂 😘 @photojennica I feel the best I've felt out of the 7 pregnancies I highly recommend swimming!!! @profdeb @woaryan thank you, mamas❤️ thank you @ashvawn @aprilwright_ @5tinyarrows for cheering me on. Xo
mariaosborn58 : Good for you Mama!!!!😍😍
rochelleax : That's awesome!! I bet you're losing weight this pregnancy! Lol I'm feeling pretty good! 6-8 weeks left! 😁🙈
raisingryans : @rochelleax I wish. You know how my pregnancies go😝😜... Oh my gosh!!!! So close!!! Exciting!!! 🎀 can you believe it? 💖
rochelleax : Lol I know-i know-- me too🙈😭 hahaha trying to remember to enjoy being pregnant since it's my last baby. 😩 its flying by!
steph_gus : @raisingryans oh girl not anymore!! I have swam in years... I literally would drown!!! Way to go!!!
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Working on a Born at home toddler tee for a little babes birthday! I love painting these because each one is different & the bigger the size the more detail i can put in. #bornathome #bornintowater #homebirth #midwife #doula #naturalbirth #unmedicatedbirth #pregnancy #birthwithoutfear #vbac #hbac #crunchymom
vbac - bornintowater - hbac - birthwithoutfear - doula - homebirth - bornathome - unmedicatedbirth - midwife - pregnancy - naturalbirth - crunchymom -
fitsassykristin : Amazing!
growing_with_grant : :)
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3 1/2 months later I'm still flying high. #birthwithoutfear #vbacwithoutfear #VBA2C #VBAC #goddess #powerful #birth #strong #warrior #ididit #mybodyisnotbroken #birthhigh #birthjunkie
warrior - goddess - vbac - powerful - birthwithoutfear - birthjunkie - ididit - mybodyisnotbroken - vba2c - birth - birthhigh - strong - vbacwithoutfear -
homesweethomebirth : Yes you are. 👍🌺💜🙏
liz5804 : So awesome! Have you watched my 2nd home birth? It was on tv! I'll give you the link if you'd like to see it!
k_nunez2790 : @bu2fulll @c.y.n_920 @msmandy18
bu2fulll : Baddd Asss @k_nunez2790
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@misformollyy weighing 9lbs even, was born at home in this very house in Tempe, AZ on May1,1989. Her older sister, Jessica and older brother Chase @chiffonromance helped me, their Dad bring her into this world! It was over 100 degrees that morning! My wife @oharart2 is one strong lady. #homebirth #birthingbabiesathome #blessmidwives #birthlinebaby #homebirthsaresafe #vbac #healthybaby #lentilsoup #laymidwives #doulas #bornathome #motherswhobirthathome #womenarestrong
healthybaby - vbac - birthingbabiesathome - motherswhobirthathome - lentilsoup - blessmidwives - homebirth - doulas - bornathome - laymidwives - birthlinebaby - homebirthsaresafe - womenarestrong -
misformollyy : Oh yeaahhh! Woot woot
misformollyy : @kaybighe :D
oharart2 : Thanks for the props @3dartman
oharart2 : All love Lil Miss Moo Moo @misformollyy
lisardejesus : You're a bad ass @oharart2
lisardejesus - king_to23 - chiffonromance - sitarose_yoga -
By @erinmvest via @RepostWhiz app: One more #tbt. Roughly 7 years ago at this moment. #sisters meet for the first time! #vbac #HWBAC #ican #homebirth @kyhomebirthcoalition #didimentionitwasavbac (#RepostWhiz app) Thank you @erinmvest for allowing us the share this beautiful image from your #kentucky homebirth!
hwbac - vbac - repostwhiz - homebirth - kentucky - tbt - ican - didimentionitwasavbac - sisters - myoldkentuckyhomebirth -
kyhomebirthcoalition : #myoldkentuckyhomebirth
samannk - poteet4913 - erinmvest - kimberly.barrkitterman -
New Comer in our family. Alhamdulillah saya diberikan kesempatan juga kemudahan oleh Illahi Robbi untuk bisa VBAC (lahiran normal setelah SC). Pemilihan dokter yg tepat, pendamping yg sabar, teman-teman yg senantiasa memotivasi, menjadikan cita-cita saya tercapai. Walau harus menanti melebihi perkiraan waktu dari dokter. Tp klo Allah SWT bilang kun fayakun, ga ada yg ga mungkin mesti jaraknya hanya 18 bulan. Komunikasi dg janin pun ga pernah luput kami jalani, walau ia hadir diluar perkiraan. :D It's because of Love. :) #VBAC #Baby #Girl #RSAntamMedika
baby - rsantammedika - girl - vbac -
ceritaeka : Aaah congratulations 😘😘 happy to hear that!
ceritaeka : Btw ini AntamMedika di Pemuda? Adekku residen dokter di situ :p
bieb_kudo : @ceritaeka : Iya betul. Sepertinya kmrn liat dokter mirip dirimu. Adikmu Perempuan kan?
ceritaeka : Iyaaa. Kemarin jaga sampe lagi dia. Hihihi.
amikpurnima : Selamat @bieb_kudo hbs ini bikin lagi yahh... hihihii
ikeayuningtyas : Wow...alhamdulillah @bieb_kudo ini adek rayya? Wah selamaaat yaaa
bieb_kudo : @amikpurnima : bikin mah pasti. Tapi ga dijadiin dulu :P
bieb_kudo : @ikeayuningtyas : makasih mama Alea
royghobeira - mama.lemons - amikpurnima - ceritaeka -
Yup, I'm #exhausted. But so #proud to have supported such an amazing mom and her husband during a #beautiful #VBAC #homebirth. #doulalife #whoneedssleep
beautiful - vbac - exhausted - doulalife - proud - homebirth - whoneedssleep -
callmemits - therealbanga - sitarose_yoga - thuggishkrug -
So thankful to have celebrated the end of #WorldDoulaWeek by attending a #beautiful #VBAC #homebirth, supported by amazing #midwives. One of the best reasons to pull an #allnighter. #birthjusthappened #takebackbirth #doulalove #doula #birth
beautiful - vbac - doula - homebirth - allnighter - doulalove - birth - birthjusthappened - midwives - takebackbirth - worlddoulaweek -
modernwool : 👏👏👏
modernwool - sitarose_yoga - geneva.caldwell.b - homesweethomebirth -
Девочки, звиняйте меня, но я решила вас окончательно заспамить 😅. Да вот так: руки детками не заняты, выходной, можно и понадоедать 😂. Ищу героинь для своей дипломной работы #Естественныеродыпослекесаревасечения. ОдЫн героин уже есть, это я, но этого мало, сами понимаете нужно незаинтересованное лицо))) Очень нужны реальные истории или хотя бы краткие данные: где, когда и в общем подробности того как вы или ваши близкие подруги/сестры и т.д. родили сами после КС. Пишите сюда, аки не стесняетесь, или в директ. Отмечайте тех, кто прошел через такие #роды. Буду очень благодарна 🙏 #ерпослекс #vbac #естественныероды #роды #акушерка #акушерство
vbac - роды - ерпослекс - естественныероды - естественныеродыпослекесаревасечения - акушерка - акушерство -
valnason : @sagefemmevera в Москве
valnason : @ushkasik какая вы молодец!!! У меня очень похожие роды, только мой малыш покакал и в таз тоже так и не вошел, обидно до сих пор, что так и не смогла сама... Было еще ослабление родовой деятельности и тоже 10 часов под окситоцином и 19 мой малыш мучился без воды... Слава богу, что со мной и малышом все хорошо!
ushkasik : @valnason спасибо😊может во второй раз у вас тоже все получится легче!
ushkasik : @sagefemmevera пожалуйста)
alexandra_blinvseloginizanyati : У меня подруга американка рожала через 1г. 5 мес. после кесарева сама и потом еще 2 раза в Америке и Финляндии. Могу тебе подробней написать, если надо. Будет, так сказать, зарубежный опыт тебе в копилку 😉
sagefemmevera : @alexandra_blinvseloginizanyati давай, Саш)) почта есть моя?
alexandra_blinvseloginizanyati : Нет, по-моему нету твоей почты, напиши
mai_da : А можно мне потом почитать? Я хочу ер после 2кс
anka_alkiseleva - petrovolya - malyutinaanya - felice_anapa -
because i keep it real... how many mommas wanted to slap the smile off their husbands faces while they were in labor? #thisislabor It isnt pretty, but I would relive these moments over and over again. #vbac #vbacwithoutfear #Birthwithoutfear #hospitalbirth #hospitalvbac #igottheepidural it was like death.
vbac - igottheepidural - hospitalvbac - birthwithoutfear - hospitalbirth - thisislabor - vbacwithoutfear -
aerieldakotarae : You're a total BAD ASS 👊😀
lyssalaurennn - mrs.danielle_rudrow - miss_sara_xoxo - paigeecavill -
#Repost @glowinggaiadoula ・・・ Doulas support ALL types of birth. Natural, medicated, c- section, home... You name it, doulas support it. #doula #birth #pregnancy #baby #natural #vbac #csection #homebirth #hosptial #nyc #glowinggaiadoula
hosptial - vbac - glowinggaiadoula - doula - homebirth - csection - baby - birth - nyc - pregnancy - natural - repost -
mapolovich : Dope! 📷 📷 📷
lovenonprofits : ✋
kt_fox - mumsienaturals - mapolovich - sitarose_yoga -
#birthwithoutfear #VBA2C #VBAC #birth #improvingbirth
vbac - improvingbirth - hospitalbirth - doulalife - birthwithoutfear - beautifulbirths - ican - doulatraining - birtharts - vba2c - birth - urhcs - hospitalvbac - doulaclientfriends -
nurturingmother : #URHCS
nurturingmother : #doulalife #doulatraining #doulaclientfriends #birtharts
nurturingmother : #ican
nurturingmother : #ICAN #beautifulbirths #hospitalvbac #hospitalbirth
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looking through photos of Ellas birth. Dr.Tate, my husband and mother-in-law 12 weeks ago! Such a beautiful experience because the doctor in this photo believed in me. #evidencebasedcare #vbac
birthwithoutfear - vbac - vbacwithoutfear - evidencebasedcare -
stazawitz : That's amazing!!
mrsshook : #Birthwithoutfear #vbacwithoutfear
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It's such a beautiful day in Sunny Florida! I thought I would do my own #saturdayintroduction since I seem to always miss Friday!! ☺ I was also tagged by the beautiful @elle.sendingoutlove for #selfloveselfie so here goes some fun facts about me! Hi, I'm Mandi, the owner and creator of #mamasmilkyway 👋 I came up with the name MamasMilkyWay about 10 years ago to use as an email when I was helping mamas with breastfeeding. I used to be a Certified Lactation Counselor and helped so many babies and mamas for years!!👪 ..even though I wasn't able to keep up with that, I still love helping mamas any chance I can! I am so passionate about breastfeeding! It's such an amazing bond between mom and baby and the benefits are so awesome! If you ever have questions, ask away!! ❔💕 When I started sewing/creating things for mom and baby, I thought it would be pretty cool to carry on this email and make it my shop name~ since it was created when I had my first son! {also continuing to provide fun, beautiful breastfeeding fabric choices}🌻 I love my little hobby! I have two boys💙, Noah who is 10! 👈unreal! And Liam, my 1 year old!👈Yes, it feels like I started over, but so fun and exciting!! Both boys keep me on my toes, never a dull moment!🎉 I am also a PROUD #vbac mama! I had Liam at home in a birthing pool after 15 hours of natural labor! That experience was so incredible and I still can't believe it happened and was so perfect. I held and nursed him right away and took complete control of my birth! {I can't wait to do it again😉}. I was born and raised in Central Florida and my husband is from Boston so we are die hard Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots Fans!! #superbowlchamps #bostonstrong! ⚾💕🏈 Jesus is my ROCK!👊💖 I LOVE Starbucks {coffee in general} but I have been limiting it lately to get that #fitmom look I want. 😄💪 Crossfit is what I love to do to workout and have been back at it for a couple months! I love Yoga with my girls too!! Fall is my favorite time of year, although I love days at the 🌞beach🌊, springs etc. Oh and if you haven't noticed, I can't live without my essential oils! ✌🌱💕 I'd love to hear about you! Tag me in your story! 😘
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briitttanii : How much do you charge for ring slings?
mamasmilkyway : #maxaloones #starbucks #normalizebreastfeeding #birthwithoutfear #breastfeedwithoutfear #crossfit #crossfitmoms #babyootd #babystyle #hippiemama #clothdiaper #fluffbutt #clothdiapers #gentleparenting #attachmentparenting #crunchymama #babywearing #fluffmail #breastisbest #breastfeeding #pregnancy #birth #homebirth
alliebee0131 : Love your story! :) I'm working towards becoming a LC I've helped two moms which has been so rewarding! what pathway did you go down to becoming an LC? If you dont mind me asking :)
the_real_kitchen : CLC from Mass over here! Yay
fourget_you_not : Love this! I haven't followed you for long, so I didn't know much of this!
amj48914 : Love your story! I'm from Boston and we are die hard Red Sox and New England Patriots fans too! 😊
mamasmilkyway : Thank you @alliebee0131 It's been awhile so I'd have to look up what program it was through. My job paid for it. I just know I got my CLC ☺
mamasmilkyway : Yay! Thank you so much ladies! 💕 @the_real_kitchen @fourget_you_not @amj48914
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Spending this lovely day learning the facts about VBAC from Jen Kamel of @vbacfacts My head and heart are so full to support VBAC moms now. 💗
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#poll time! Which outfit should my baby come home in?! I can't decide! 😭❤️ #baby #pregnant #workfromhomemommy #vbac #mommiesofig #motivation #girl #gains #coffee #challenge #couponing #lunch #natural #kc #mua #fashion
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soysasha1972 : Top one ☺
lorie_jb : Balloons!
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1 month PP as of yesterday & the end of week 3 of T25. 💥7.5 inches lost 💥1.5 lb weight gain 💥stronger! None of my pre preg clothes fit but slow changes are better then NO changes. Finally back to doing burpees 💁 & push ups. It's a humbling experience to be starting all over, to regain strength & to be okay with modifications vs full on beast mode but taking it one day at a time 💁
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ahdzsmith : You will get there @twcblackhand6970
thankfulmomma : Love the pic!
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Hey beautiful mamas! I've been quiet lately & I apologize for my absence. I've been trying to make a lot of decisions & honestly for several months didn't feel like getting out of the bed, so I basically lived on my sofa. I've also been experiencing severe breastfeeding aversion. I've been pretty open about my past sexual abuse & this has been a trigger. I nursed my oldest throughout my 2nd pregnancy and did not experience such negative emotions then. But I'm 21 weeks now, starting to feel better, and trying to get my ducks in a row for a #VBA4C, and possibly even a HBA4C!!! If you have any #homebirth resources or even personal experience I would truly appreciate the support!! ❤️ #breastfeeding #pregnancy #VBAC #doula #pregnantandbreastfeeding #toddlerbreastfeeding #fulltermbreastfeeding
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babylovesmilk : 💕💕💕
adrop_of_goldensun : Thanks for sharing! Sharing can be so healing too so glad to be part of the process as an audience. I had some aversion in the early weeks too but didn't know it was even a real thing. Glad more people can know about it to understand their own feelings.
pink_blush_blossom_rose : You Got my support, I'm 25 wks and breast feeding my now 18mth old became impossible in the first weeks, and I'm wondering can I start again when I have my baby boy? But anywho, prayers and positive thoughts sent your way love..
laurenlynnsteakley : Such a sweet picture. You have an army of people ready to support you at any moments notice. No past experience in your area but I feel pretty confident that if it can be done, you'll do it with flying colors!
mrslizf : You can do this mama! I had an hbac last September. Just remember to let everything go and take one pressure wave on at a time! You'll be in my thoughts ❤️
maarijke : @treesaanne is an amazing woman mother and doula and friend who simply shared her homebirth experience w me at the park on a playdate. Just had our 3rd baby. 1st homebirth and I feel fucking fantastic!!!! Would love to say that there is something to do or check off your list that seals the deal but there isn't. You just have to want it...for your own. Not bc anyone makes you want it or guilts you into it or because you feel you owe it to anyone. You just have to want it. Trust your body. And hold on loosely. 💗💗💗💗💗 the book Henci Goer's The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth. ...was a huge help. I'll answer anything you have on your mind. =)
treesaanne : Id be happy to chat with you mama.
florinuca : WOW! Had no idea about what you suffered... You must be so aware of it but even moms who were never victims of sexual abuse may experience some SERIOUS and STRONG bf aversion during pregnancy! Hope it gets easier for you to cope with or if it doesn't hope you can get a smooth way to completely wean your little one! Is not a BAD thing if you need it! BF is a bilateral relationship so both should be willing to continue! After my little one turned 3 I really needed to stop, to get to the next level, to have a more intelectual and emotional relationship, not such a physical one! And gradually we got to manage less latches, and finally I got to reduce to 1 latch a day and finnaly to STOP! It was SUCH a relief for me, and NOT traumatic for her at all! Is true she wasn't ready, but I was and she understood (to be honest 3 is a good age to stop, they understand)! As for your VBA4C, if you want it, GO FOR IT! I am 100% sure you are not gonna do this without thinking about it! Do your research, know your body and find a team who respects you and in whom you can trust!
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#vbac #induce #induction #csection #naturalbirth It is sad that in todays society doctors will tell you one thing, last minute change their minds and make you suffer emotionally while theyre enjoying that fat c section paycheck. Women suffer so much being victims to bullshit lies and scare tactics. Women shouldn't be timed on their labor send them home or be patient!
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vegan_mumma : ♡
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