Why do I need a Doula? This great question came in from Ask the Midwife, my new email series. Check out the link in my bio😊. I could talk for hours about this, but here are the main reasons I believe pregnant moms, especially first timers, those planning to VBAC, & those who have an obstetrician as their provider, should hire a doula. Doulas & midwives compliment one another even in out of hospital birth settings, & preserve rather than interfere with partner & family support & privacy; often dads are grateful they do not have to learn to be a labor coach. In many cultures today, & throughout history, until relatively recently, when birth was moved into the hospitals in the 1920s to 1940s, & people dispersed away from their villages, women supported women through childbirth & postpartum. Doulas fill this void, & are trained to provide emotional support, comfort measures, reassurance, encouragement, empowerment, advocacy, & basically mother the laboring & postpartum mother. There is an impressive body of research on the many benefits without risks, of the continuous support of an experienced doula during labor, such as improved coping, self confidence, esteem & empowerment, enhanced satisfaction & positive feelings about their childbirth, shorter & easier labors, an easier time adapting to motherhood with enhanced skills, longer breastfeeding, more positive feelings towards their baby & even improved relationship with their partner! Scientific evidence from gold standard medical studies also reveals less pain & fear, less childbirth interventions including cesarean, vacuum & forceps deliveries, less episiotomies, medication for pain & stimulating labor, less babies in poor condition needing intensive care & longer hospital stays, & all the associated risks to of above interventions, & less postpartum depression. This is HUGE! It's having a personal coach so that you have the most wonderful healthiest experience possible. All successful professional athletes & performers have one. My newsletter is coming out next week. Be sure to sign up for in-depth answers to questions by clicking the link in my bio or typing this into your browser πŸ’›.
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lionheartcircle : Yes you should hire a doula
homesweethomebirth : @lionheartcircle That's what I explained in the caption. πŸ˜€πŸ’›
manar_magdyy : @saramagdy11
lionheartcircle : Lol. I love responding so plainly when you post this!! "Should you hire a doula?" "Yup" but it's true. A good doula for EVERY type of birth
fashionillustrationtribe : Keep sharing the message and the history!! I had doulas at all my births. Every woman deserves this true CARE and SUPPORT and knowledge, love, in this rite of passage that is birth.πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸŒŸ
learningwith_lilly : Planning to become a doula myself ☺️
chelseamiran : @katie_michelle5 😘
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It's always such an honor to document a baby being born into this world. Santa Cruz Family Doulas did such a wonderful job helping this Mama birthing her little baby girl! #susannahgill #susannahgill-photographicstorytelling #birthphotography #VBAC #birthwithoutfear #hospitalbirth @santacruzfamilydoulas
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I had light (for me) surges for a few hours in the morning, mostly able to manage, just unable to sleep. More annoyed than in pain, but I'm accustomed to very painful cramps with my cycle (which feel like early labor) After driving myself to the midwife for an appointment in the 9 o'clock hour, they cleared their afternoon calendar and I headed home. After one bigger surge at their office (after being checked and found to be 90% effaced and at -1 station), I headed home. My second big surge came when I pulled into the driveway. This is early labor, hair down & game face on. Photo by @junabirthphotography #homebirth #hbac #vbac #birthphotography
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#vbac #homebirth #birthphotography #birthwithoutfear
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#Repost @hapahippie ・・・ 365 days ago, we brought our beautiful son into the world. Born in the comfort of home, we are endlessly grateful to our birth team for their outstanding support. After a cesarean section 8 years before this photo, I was unsure whether I would ever get the peaceful & natural birth I had hoped for. I did, twice over- thanks to the supportive team at Birth Matters, a smattering of really amazing mamas at ICAN meetings, our doula @okimama, my beloved's unrelenting support, and a fiery Sagittarius determination. Thank you to @junabirthphotography for the amazing photos that we will treasure forever. #homebirth #birthmatters #hbac #vbac #birthphotography #junabirthphotography
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Love how accessible Midwifery care is, here in Vancouver. Love my midwife team and grateful I was given the choice to have them as my primary care. 36 1/2 weeks! Even though this is my second child, this is the first time I've made it to the third trimester, the first time I'll experience labour and hopefully the first time I will experience natural delivery. How did/does everyone feel in their last month? #midwife #pregnancy #36weeks #vbac #thirdtrimester #yvr
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Over on @hapahippie today, I'll be sharing some of my favorite TBT photos from the #vbac home birth of our son. Birth photos by the talented and lovely @junabirthphotography.
vbac -
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365 days ago, we brought our beautiful son into the world. Born in the comfort of home, we are endlessly grateful to our birth team for their outstanding support. After a cesarean section 8 years before this photo, I was unsure whether I would ever get the peaceful & natural birth I had hoped for. I did, twice over- thanks to the supportive team at Birth Matters, a smattering of really amazing mamas at ICAN meetings, our doula @okimama, my beloved's unrelenting support, and a fiery Sagittarius determination. Thank you to @junabirthphotography for the amazing photos that we will treasure forever. #homebirth #birthmatters #hbac #vbac #birthphotography #junabirthphotography
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junabirthphotography : I can't believe it has been a year already! Give sweet Makai a kiss for me!
hapahippie : I will! Thanks honey! @junabirthphotography. This is one of my favorite photos ever.
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#tbt the baby named Abigail. This birth was everything she could have ever hoped and dreamed for. πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’— #honored #doula #namesake #fortworthdoula #ProDoula #birth #Vbac #2vbac #repeatclient
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healthylittle : So sweet!@fortworthdoula
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#vbac #birthwithoutfear #homebirth
birthwithoutfear - vbac - homebirth -
sashihesson : Oh wow! What an amazing photo!!!! ❀️
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#tbt to the morning I met Sawyer πŸ’™ still on a #vbac high ❀️ #boymom #namesake #momof3 #mythirdson
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Say hello to my early #birthdaypresent! Little girl arrived Tuesday morning weighing 9lbs 4oz and is 21.5" long. She is beautiful and perfect. I am doing great as I recover from my second successful #VBAC! #happybirthday #imnotpregnantanymore #labor #delivery #love #newborn #baby #giftfromgod #happy #newmom #momof4
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aninspirednest : Congratulations! She's precious. πŸ’—
nutritiouseats : Congrats! She's precious
heidib4 : Congrats!
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A year ago I knew I was in for a long night. I remember enjoying the peace and quiet of everyone else being asleep. Pacing, dancing, swaying. Called Sandrine to sleep over to watch Archie and Zipporah when things really took off. Which they didn't until the next day. I woke Matt early hours to walk the block. Slept on and off. Talked to my baby, reassured and encouraged. Oh how I love labour and birth! Wallace's was not easy, but oh so worth it. Look at that precious face. #labour #birth #wallacedinte #naturalbirth #vbac
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After 34 hrs of labor 1:42pm on July 29, 2015 14 inch head circumference 14 chest circumference 13 1/2 waist circumference 20 1/2 length 3.32 kgs / 7lbs 4oz (after a big ole poop!) #birthwithoutfear #vbacwithoutfear #vbac #vbacbaby #hbac
vbacbaby - hbac - birthwithoutfear - vbac - vbacwithoutfear -
cllh80 : Congrats girl!!! You done good!!!
dnovax : I didn't know you were having her at home!? Ohhh yesssss!!!! 😍
nicolerose27 : It wasn't at my house but it counts lol @dnovax
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New mommies. Experienced mommies. Daddies. Granddaddies. Grandmommies. You need to educate yourselves. Know the options. Be an educated momma and grama! Don't let them tell you what to do, ask them about EVERYTHING!#LEARN #GROW #RESEARCH
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mrsalyssummosier : #vbac #vbacmama #vbacfacts #vbacwithoutfear
haileyrgomez : Get it girl!!! I'll send you my copy of Ina May's Guide to Childbirth. It's fantastic. My births are my catalyst for my future plans to become a doula so I can help Mamas achieve the births they deserve. No one should ever be made to feel less for questioning their care provider. Ever.
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The beautiful Becky Larsen with her daughters Annabelle (4) and Claire (6 months). Becky participated in the project previously to share her entrance to motherhood as well as the death of her son Isaac (would be 2). You can see her image and read her previous bio here: After Isaac’s death Becky struggled with the desire to get pregnant right away but knew at first it was that she wanted to be pregnant with him again. That she simply wanted him to be here as her baby, not that she was ready for a new baby. After months of grieving she found herself in the place where she did feel ready to add to her family only to find her cycles out of sync. A few months later, around Easter, Becky had been ill and spotting and a friend suggested she take a pregnancy test. To her surprise, the test was positive and she immediately embraced this pregnancy as a new baby. While they were hesitant to tell anyone, she began planning for her pregnancy and birth. She even called her doula and birth photographer and began thinking of names. Becky’s spotting never ceased, however, and soon turned to bleeding. She kept testing until one came back negative and she found she had miscarried. Becky spiraled into another bout of complex greif. She had now lost a baby in labor at full term, and another very early on which led to an amazingly emotional time for her. Claire was conceived after one more cycle and while her pregnancy went well, Becky says there wasn’t a milestone marker or time throughout that she felt safe. Having lived it, she knew that the potential for loss was there at any point. {continued in comments} #4thtrimesterbodiesproject #fourthtrimesterbodiesproject #4thtrimester #fourthtrimester #postpartum #breastfeeding #childbirth #bodypositivity #stopcensoringmotherhood #motherhood #bodypositive #4thtrimester #4thtribodies #pregnancy #everybodyisbeautiful #feminism #feminist #selflove #bodylove #fourthtribodies #4thtrichicago #cesarean #vbac #stillbirth #miscarraige #infantloss
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meecher11 : Thank you for sharing your story. Hugs to you strong mama!
schoolbusvintage : @elenamgrover this journey reminds me so much of your own, mama. thanks for sharing @4thtribodies
abingson : Nice!
amirietaylor : Awe you might like this one @allaboutchelly
j.dubbz : I absolutely love this page. Amazing message
queenofuckingeverything : Such a strong Mama and I'm sorry for your loss
fraumusgrave : Thank you for sharing Becky, you are just beautiful!
loveaverage : Gorgeous
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VBAC mom having her "I did it!" moment. You sure did and you rocked it! This was her second attempt to home birth VBAC. It was amazing!! #birthwithoutfear #homebirth #vbac #mhbirthphotography
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beckasana : Brought me to tears. Beautiful moment πŸ’œ
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Repost By @glowdoula: "Truthbomb. You know it. #truthbomb #tgif #pregnancy #vbac #birthwithoutfear #positivebirth #baby #pregnancyglow #doula #womanpower #woman #birth #quoteoftheday regram @the_bumpbox" #hypnosisinchildbirth #hypnobirthing #birthwithoutfear #beautifulbirth #childbirth #brisbane #baby #2lifedoula #doula #affirmation
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Jordi Tapia #20weeks #mybaby #hopingfora #VBAC #nofear #wewillsee #bepositive #love
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bombotious933 : How cute @sweet_n_cyn_ful
happybabywrap : ♥
lt.loves.ej.28 : πŸ™ŒπŸΌ #VBAC #youcanDoit @sweet_n_cyn_ful
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Yup.. it's hot. Once it hits 38 degrees my mom bod hate seems to vanish quickly. Comfort while running after 2 little is more important today than a little jiggle. #stopthemombodhate #mombod #heatwave #heatwave2015 #csection #vbac #momlife #momlifeisthebestlife
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bailayz88 : You are beautiful no matter what!!! @npartridge29
mallorybea : You go mama!! πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ
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L.Lestat Moua Born November 11th, 2011 Although my first baby was born via csection. I pushed for a vaginal delivery even though the doctor's were worried I might have complications. I was blessed to have experienced the #VBac (Vaginal Birth After Csection) with help of an epidural that I took at 7 cm dilated. And there he is.
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Fuck #VBAC I am the 1% 😰
vbac -
jpiff718 -
Hoy al final de la clase de Yoga Prenatal meditamos en honor de Violeta y Sofia, las mamás que están más próximas a dar a luz. Esta meditación la hacemos cada vez que una mamá cumple la semana 38 o 39 de embarazo, para así manifestar junto con ella todos sus deseos sobre la llegada de su bebé. Con amor nos conectamos y unimos para darles el soporte, la confianza y recordarles lo poderosas y bendecidas que son. Gracias @sofiabruck y @violeparilli por este camino hermoso que hemos recorrido juntas, por su corazón abierto en cada clase, a ambas por elegirme como su Doula, gracias x toda su confianza. Gracias a TODAS y CADA una de las mamás que forman y han formado parte de esta Tribu de amor durante su embarazo. Un privilegio el mío. Sat Nam! #yogaprenatal #pregnancy #prenatalyoga #motherhood #ceremony #meditation #khalsaway #babyyoginis #babylove #tribudeamor #embarazoconsciente #vbac #satnam #kundaliniyoga #tribemama #feminine #miamiprenatalyoga
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luquidelfino : ❀️
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Awesome VBAC story on my blog today! #cesarean #vbac #birth #naturalbirth #birthmatters #motherfriendlycare
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The amazing Taryn James and daughter Savanna (2 months). {Taryn is a previous participant! You can view her initial image with her son Thomas here:} Taryn and her now husband were married in 2013 and knew that they wanted to have another child soon after. They began trying right away and when a year past, she knew that it was time to talk to her doctor. Their son, Thomas had been a surprise, so having trouble conceiving wasn’t on their radar. Her doctor found that her progesterone levels were low and gave her a four month trial of Clomid to see if that would help, also letting her know that if it didn’t, she would need to refer them to a fertility specialist. Taryn was terrified of that option and took her 4 month timeline to get pregnant very seriously. When the final month came, she knew that she had conceived even before she had a positive test and was thrilled that they wouldn’t have to look into other options. {continued in comments} #4thtrimesterbodiesproject #fourthtrimesterbodiesproject #4thtrimester #fourthtrimester #postpartum #breastfeeding #childbirth #bodypositivity #stopcensoringmotherhood #motherhood #bodypositive #4thtrimester #4thtribodies #pregnancy #everybodyisbeautiful #feminism #feminist #selflove #bodylove #fourthtribodies #4thtrichicago #vbac #cesarean
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_americanpharoah : So realistic. I love it.
rebeccakellam : @selisabeth
abingson : Nice!
kenai_chicken : I have that tummy, too!
catyfreemt : @jesscogar another good ig page!
kandykone : I don't understand why women can't be grateful and accepting that their babies are coming out healthy and ok, no matter how they're being delivered. Why the tears and disappointment. Just be grateful. πŸ˜–
knittening : Being grateful and accepting of having birthed healthy and ok babies can coexist with being unhappy or disappointed with the way they were birthed. One feeling doesn't have to be assigned to the entire experience. Nor do they negate each other if they are different. Birth experiences and expectations vary vastly, and are often complex, and all emotions experienced with them are valid. @kandykone
younique_fit_couple : Nice pic!
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Did you read yesterday's birth story?! If you did, then you would have seen this gorgeous example of Doula & Daddy teamwork, workin that rebozo for baby's positioning. If you didn't, you still have time! Link is in the bio. The doula/midwife relationship is a powerful relationship, and we are so thankful to have a doula internship program here that teaches and empowers doula's, and a beautiful list of graduate referrals for mama's to meet. Call a doula!! Make them part of your birth story, we promise it's worth it. Especially for moments like these. #doula #doulalove #rebozo
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mommaarts : "each one teach one" - pay the wisdom forward. Love the learning relationship midwives and doulas share. πŸ’–β€οΈπŸ’›
southcoastmidwifery : #callthemidwife #homebirth #birthcenter #orangecountymidwives #orangecountynurses #birthassistants #midwives #midwife #midwifelife #birthstory #waterbirth #vbac #outofhospitalbirth #naturalbornbabies #gentlebirth #southcoastmidwifery #breastfeeding #breastisbest #liquidgold #healthybirth #empowerment #truth #womensrights #holistichealth #guidetochildbirth #birthwithoutfear #birthphotography
karamagoo : @_chelseamorning @thebradical flash backs!
_chelseamorning : Haha @karamagoo - the Rebozo loves you.
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This one is at the top of my playlist as we get ready for labor. #birthprep #acceptance #peace #vbac
acceptance - birthprep - vbac - peace -
perryjcsorvillo -
Birth Center approved boots! #bigsister #vbac #the_birth_center #utahbirthcenter
the_birth_center - bigsister - vbac - utahbirthcenter -
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10 toes! #bigsister #the_birth_center #utahbirthcenter #vbac
the_birth_center - bigsister - vbac - utahbirthcenter -
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100th born at The Birth Center 2! #vbac #the_birth_center #utahbirthcenter
the_birth_center - vbac - utahbirthcenter -
chelsea.bates : @sarah_hare16
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Infant exam by baby 100's midwife Eve. #utahbirthcenter #the_birth_center #vbac
the_birth_center - vbac - utahbirthcenter -
brihoopes - breannadro - sueeemy - ninawiser -
Baby 100 and one of his several smiles in his birth day. #the_birth_center #utahbirthcenter #vbac
the_birth_center - vbac - utahbirthcenter -
ninawiser : ❀
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The Birth Center has helped 100's of babies into the world. Yesterday our newest facility had its 100th baby-a triumphant VBAC-- born! What joy! Special thanks to the following for contributing to the gift basket we surprised them with: Salt Lake Prenatal and Massage Cous Cous Mediterranean Grill Wildbird Slings Whole Foods Jessica Glines Yoga Sweetest Thingz Red Balloon Toys Adrianna Costello-Martin's crocheted hats Ashley Bankhead, nutrition and fitness specialist Brittney Gonzalez Rebecca Mcinnis and The Birth Center Eva Brown's quilt #the_birth_center #100 #vbac
the_birth_center - 100 - vbac -
the_birth_house : How wonderful! Congratulations to you all.
brihoopes - breannadro - sueeemy - ninawiser -
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