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Tonight I'm reading all about the amazing placenta, and placentophagy, which translates to the act of eating ones placenta. As if women's bodies weren't already cool enough, we produce a whole new organ in order to sustain our little babies inside our bellies!! 😁 It truly is the tree of life!! 🌳🌲 When I was pregnant with River I hadn't heard of placentophagy, instead I opted to donate my placenta for stem cell research. I didn't even look at it after she was born, I was so caught up in the moment but the doctors and nurses kept commenting on what a "good looking specimen" it was, so I guess that's something to be proud of? 💁 Anyways I've been reading about the benefits of eating your placenta and I decided to have mine encapsulated this time around so I can take it in pill form. Many mammals eat their placentas (the Chinese and Vietnameae have been doing it for ages!) after giving birth, I think the western world still sees it as odd or gross, but research indicates it has many post partum benefits for the mother, including but not limited to: quicker recovery from childbirth, aids in lactation, less post partum hemorrhaging, reduces stress and likelihood of post partum depression... the list goes on and on 💬 If you have had your placenta encapsulated it have eaten it after giving birth I would love to hear what your thoughts about it are. ✨🙏✨
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grayda1 : Needs a little pepper ;)
rhoda_8 : I want to do this the next time around.
mommy_to_carter_dean : I'm doing placenta encapsulation😁
nursesierra : I will be taking notes from you!!
wildflowersandhoney : I'm planning on doing the same next time around!
alilubslui : I'm doing encapsulation this time around! I've had reproductive health issues my whole life and one of the benefits of doing the pills is that I can keep them for my unborn daughter. If in puberty she ends up with the same problems she may be able to use my placenta to help her. Amazing, huh?!
gisslara : I've been looking into it myself! Can't believe I didn't even consider it with my previous 3! Are you paying someone to do it for you or doing it yourself?
raising_jax_and_jovi : I wish I had taken more time to look and do with My two. Maybe next time
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I'm sorry if I've left y'all in suspense! 😉 I finally have the winner of Mama's Giveaway {I used Random.org}. Drum roll please...the WINNER IS ~ @sobeautifuladay!! YAY! Please DM me your address and I will get these items out to you!! 👏😊💜 Thank you to everyone else for participating in my giveaway and supporting my shop!!✌💕
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mamasmilkyway : #teethingnecklace #nursingnecklace #naturalmama #naturalbaby #teething #naturalproducts #babywearing #clothdiaper #babystyle #vbac #homebirth #breastfeeding #breastisbeast #breastfeedwithoutfear #birthwithoutfear #crunchymama #baby #babyshower #fluffmail #39weekspregnant #40weekspregnant #expecting #pregnant #newmom #birth #babyootd #teethingring #teether #attachmentparenting #gentleparenting
sobeautifuladay : Yay!!! My multiple shares paid off... So happy! I don't have the ability to DM though.. I think it's my version of ig (windows phone).. anyhow could I email you??
mamasmilkyway : Yes, absolutely! Mamasmilkyway@yahoo.com 😊 @sobeautifuladay
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With my wee little VBAC baby in 2012 at the Improving Birth rally. #vbachappens #vbac #specialscars #birthmatters #doula #improvingbirth
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We're so excited to announce that we'll be adding another little one to our family, July 2015!! #SandersPartyOf4
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mminazz : Yay. @mirriahsanders how cool
shan_deluca13 : How exciting!
gatesas : Congratulations to you guys!!😊
lifeofmummy : Congratulations 🎊
mirriahsanders : Thanks everyone!!!! @cuteandcrazyinlove @mminazz @shan_deluca13 @gatesas @lifeofmummy
baileyfrisk : congrats! how far along are you? @mirriahsanders
mirriahsanders : #pregnancyannouncement #bigsister #boyorgirl
mirriahsanders : #babybunching #vbac #hbac
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Thad is nice and healthy. I can start seeing my midwife every week now. After next week, things are gonna get serious! #vbac #waterbirth #36weeks #sacredbirth
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__littlebones__ : Yay for waterbirths! 🙌
gata_tejana : @__littlebones__ ♥♥♥
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My body is building an entire little human made of blood, organs, tissues, blood, and cells. That's just crazy! The nutrition I am providing this baby girl is so important to me and I focus on making healthy choices every day. (Except last week...last week I had donuts). 😳 Today's lunch is frozen blueberries, half a kiwi, leftover steamed broccoli, brown rice with butter, baked local salmon with garlic and herbs. Accompanied by my daily cast of characters; Vitamin D, Vitamin C, probiotics, DHA, prenatal vitamins. Not to be outdone by the few dark chocolate chips for dessert (I keep them in the freezer and they are oh so good). 👊
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laughclan : @nenny_beth @em_walrath I learned a lot of hard lessons in my first pregnancy, and the value of good nutrition is definitely one of them. I gained waaaay too much weight and was not as healthy as I should have been. So now I'm swinging to the extreme other side. Except for when there are donuts from a local bakery in my face 😜
laughclan : @tinabumblebee 💕 I still can't even fathom what it will be like.
laughclan : @illywhoblog ✈️ Come on up!
laughclan : @thechroncilesofwe thanks so much Jenny!!! Not having your own kitchen is so hard! We lived with older family friends when I was 7 mos pregnant with Ben while my husband was finishing his degree and it sucked. Your new home will be worth the wait!!!
nenny_beth : Always eat the local donuts. It's in the bible. 😘 @laughclan
simplydoterraoils : Lovely!
rawkette : I do the same thing with my chocolate chips! Fave dessert. especially mixed with stove top popcorn on TV nights...
laughclan : @rawkette I couldn't do that...I would just dig through the popcorn to find the melted chocolate. 😳😂
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#naturalchildbirth #ninemonths #vbac #epidural #robinwilliams Gosh I miss this!! My youngest is almost 12 months 😭😭
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Happy Friday!! 🎉 Doing the happy dance! 😄 Mama's Giveaway ends this evening so get a few more entries in! Please see my giveaway picture for instructions on how to enter!! Can't wait!
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ktbug242 : Can you follow me for the giveaway??? 😄💕
rdevenuta : Have a blessed day!
piece.of.our.world : How much longer?!😁
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#tbt cutting Amarie's cord. Best experience for myself. At home birth. No C - section nor epidural. She's a soldier @perlajms #vbac #midwife
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mixed_curlzz : 😍😍
fegosm47 : U do kno its friday right.. #tbf
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#flashbackfriday 10 years ago! Easy first #vbac with my 9 pounder Brian Julian. A head full of fluffy blond hair, and the cutest nose. Still has the cutest nose ever. I love you, Buddy and I'm lucky to be your mom.
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เพราะฉันนั้นรู้สึกกับเธอมากไป รู้สึกกับเธอทั้งใจแต่ก้รู้เป็นไปไม่ได้.. #พี่บิว #miss #vbac #love #biw
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ถึงแม้จะได้เจอเพียงเสี้ยววินาที แต่ก็ยินดีที่ได้พบกัน :-) #แนะแนว. #VBAC #ความทรงจำที่ดี
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Birth ball ✔️ #vbac #naturalbirth
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I must be #cleansing, because I feel the need to #purge some of the things I've been holding onto. If you're #pregnant, have kids, or want children someday, I encourage you to look into the ways women deliver in other countries, and also into the #statistics on the way we do things over here. My #ego was so inflated at the time, I knowningly ignored 2 obvious warnings because the annoyance of someone telling me how to live my life mattered more than the #facts. Had I watched #thebusinessofbeingborn like recommended, we honestly would have never chose to be #induced. All those synthetic #chemicals, they interfere with your #natural process and the release of the real deal chemicals in your #brain... It can put your body under #stress, and you will react #unconsciously, whether you know it or not. Could have prevented being serperated for 24 hours, could have been there when they were putting #antibiotics through an #iv connected to her head, wouldn't have been stuck in the hospital for 3 days... but without it... I wouldn't have woken up, and started being #open to what I don't know and trusting my #intuition. Not all stories are like this, but not every birth goes smoothly either... We're all unique. Please keep in mind that people don't bring these things up to make you upset, it's because we don't want anyone else to experience something like that... and we can change things... but only if we understand each other first. What's best for you may be the opposite for someone else. 💗💗💗 #doula #midwife #holistic #naturalhealth #essentialoils #naturalremedies #wearenature #naturalbirth #homebirth #waterbirth #vbac #gentlecesarean #nofear
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#tbt to my first #hbac #vbac such an amazing day! Captured thanks to #heathersmithphotography #beardbaby #daddysgirl #birthwithoutfear
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The #NaturalBirth of My 11 Pound #vbac #baby, Part 1 is #ontheblog now! Jennsraq.com #naturalchildbirth #birthstory #newborn #hospitalbirth #ididit #babyday
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amyprovenzano : Look awesome!  
nicolegranato : This is great!
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🎄Christmas Tree Barrettes!🎄 Who's little girl needs some of these?! $6 shipped! {I don't have a little girl, but it sure is fun making girly stuff! 😉} Leave email for PayPal and let me know which one you want, we'll say the big trees or little trees! 😊💕
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mamasmilkyway : #teethingnecklace #nursingnecklace #naturalmama #naturalbaby #teething #naturalproducts #babywearing #clothdiaper #babystyle #vbac #homebirth #breastfeeding #breastisbeast #breastfeedwithoutfear #birthwithoutfear #crunchymama #baby #babyshower #fluffmail #39weekspregnant #40weekspregnant #expecting #pregnant #newmom #birth #babyootd #teethingring #teether #attachmentparenting #gentleparenting
lvsnature28 : So cute ma'am!!
happyhomemaker_3 : Gahhhh!
jessicaglee02 : 😭😭😭I wish I had a girl.... Ya think I could stick them on overalls for my 2yr old!? LoL
shopconsciousbeauty : Nice pic!
mamasmilkyway : Yes, you could lol!! 😉 @jessicaglee02
laurendemarcohandmade : 💛
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🎄Nursing • Teething Necklaces!🎄 These turned out so pretty! I have 3 of these right now and will be making a few more! Leave email for Paypal below OR to hold your spot for one when made! Remember my rings are treated with Organic Coconut Oil and Clove Oil {in the purest form}! Clove oil is awesome for teething babies! 🌱💕 $14, includes shipping! $2 more, if you want a small container of Coconut/Clove oil to apply when needed! Don't forget to enter my giveaway as well! Happy Thursday! 😊
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mamasmilkyway : I sent you an invoice @criscilla 😊
mamasmilkyway : Lol!! 😊 You got it girl!! @obxbeachmommie
obxbeachmommie : @ob
obxbeachmommie : @mamasmilkyway thank you so much. She just started popping out two front top teeth and we love using clove oil. Plus she gets so distracted while eating. It will be amazing to finally have one of these
criscilla : Yay I got mine!
obxbeachmommie : @mamasmilkyway do you know when the invoice will be sent out? I dont want to miss it
mamasmilkyway : Just sent it! Thanks mama! 💕 @obxbeachmommie
obxbeachmommie : @mamasmilkyway thank you so much!!! Youre so awesome. I can't tell you how much i am looking forward to this necklace. It will help so much. Especially the clove oim
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🌻Nursing • Teething Necklaces!🌻 These turned out adorable! I have one of each right now! Remember my rings are treated with Organic Coconut Oil and Clove Oil {in the purest form}! Clove oil is awesome for teething babies! 🌱💕 $14, includes shipping! Leave email for PayPal!👇 Don't forget to enter my giveaway as well! Happy Thursday! 😊
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mamasmilkyway : #teethingnecklace #nursingnecklace #naturalmama #naturalbaby #teething #naturalproducts #babywearing #clothdiaper #babystyle #vbac #homebirth #breastfeeding #breastisbeast #breastfeedwithoutfear #birthwithoutfear #crunchymama #baby #babyshower #fluffmail #39weekspregnant #40weekspregnant #expecting #pregnant #newmom #birth #babyootd #teethingring #teether #attachmentparenting #gentleparenting
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Attempting a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) is a safe and appropriate choice for most women - ACOG A previous cesarean is not a medical reason for a repeat cesarean. Do your research and make the choice that is best for you & your baby given your knowledge of alternatives. #childbirtheducation #doula #vbac #acog #yourbirthclass Photo by: Pam Cooley Photography www.pamcooleyphotos.com
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Incredible beauty, incredible strength. #vbac #vba2c #intowndoula #doulalife #doula #atlantadoula #atlantabirthdoula #birthmatters #simolepleasuresphotography
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Don't forget to enter my giveaway! It ends THIS Friday, November 21st! You can enter everyday, just tag two different mamas or mamas-to-be below! {See how to enter below} 🎉😄 Look at everything that I want to give away!!! I love giving and what a perfect time right now as we approach Thanksgiving! 😉 The winner will receive their choice of a Teething•Nursing Necklace, a jar of my all natural, Kelp Face Salve {with essential oils} AND a sample of their choice to try 100% PURE YL essential oils!! Yay!! 👏😊🌻 All you have to do to enter is: upload this picture to your IG account, hashtag: #mamalovesgiving, #teethingnecklace & #nursingnecklace and tag two mamas or mamas-to-be below! 💜 Make sure you're following me and I'm following you too! Thank you, for all your support and love!!💕
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superduperbrit : @reebzer @bartonnurse11
mamasmilkyway : Hi Mama's! You have to share this picture on your Instagram and use the hashtags above to qualify for each entry. Thanks lady! 😊 @misems84 @reebzer @3uras1an @beachbabe_00 @superduperbrit
3uras1an : I did once :) gotta do it again maybe!
beachbabe_00 : Oops I forgot too lol Thanks! @mamasmilkyway
scrunchy_momma : @craftpocalypse_klay @alex_umstead
beauty_outofthedust : @barefoot_gypsy_mama @marcimayfield
obxbeachmommie : @jess_kirkpatrick @chrissie_lincoln
themommabearx2 : @samanthasueee @zookeeperjess
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'The birth of a child is the ultimate perfection of human love.' -Grantly Read Every day I wake up feeling so blessed for the beautiful child in my arms and his tiny sister growing in my belly. Life is so good. #pregnancy #laugherybaby2 #babybump #babybelly #thirdtrimester #vbac #homebirth #beautifulpregnancy #healthypregnancy #birthwithoutfear #hypnobirthing
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mcmandymom : I love Grantly Read!
laughclan : @mcmandymom me too! Such a pioneer!
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ท๊อปฟี่ #VBAC
vbac -
nock7399 -
#VBAC #waterbirth This baby's own mama caught her after 2 strong pushes! What a warrior!!!!!! #doula #birthwork #love #naturalbirth #baby
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veronicalaroche : Beautiful baby! What hair! !
ohannafitness - jordanharding15 - kitakeat - doalldoula -
Hey Mama's! Isn't this an awesome little beauty secret?! 👆💜 I actually have one full size bottle of Lavender I would love to sell to a mama, at my wholesale price! There are SO many uses for Lavender Oil! Young Living has a "seed to seal" promise and you are getting 100% PURE Essential Oils in every bottle! ⬅Super important & awesome!!! Leave your email below if you want it or want more information on Essential Oils! 😊💕🌱🌻
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mamasmilkyway : #naturalmama #naturalbaby #lavender #teething #babysalve #naturalproducts #nursingnecklace #teethingnecklace #clothdiapers #clothdiaper #healingproducts #vbac #homebirth #breastfeeding #breastisbeast #breastfeedwithoutfear #birthwithoutfear #crunchymama #momlife #babyshower #39weekspregnant #40weekspregnant #expecting #pregnant #babywearing #lavender #birth #teethingring #teether
dancemau5 : Shabana006@gmail.com does that work
lolabugs_momma : What's the wholesale price? 😊😊
mamasmilkyway : Do you want the Lavender Oil? @dancemau5
dancemau5 : @mamasmilkyway yes, it sounds awesome
dancemau5 : @mamasmilkyway hey, sorry, apparently my bank card isn't working so, go ahead and pass it on to someone else. I'm sorry 😔
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10 months today. Can it be? This babe is such a joy. Easy to smile, affectionate, inquisitive, almost always content. I wish I could bottle up this first year and live it forever! #whatjuliarosewore #vbac #teamvbac
whatjuliarosewore - cfbholidays14 - vbac - dslr - teamvbac -
dani4264 : Such a great picture!
laughclan : This!!! ❤️
awesomewrapswithsteph : Beautiful
thelesliefamily : She is so adorable!! And getting so big!!
cookiesforbfast : #cfbholidays14
cookiesforbfast : #dslr
stephanieprosa : Getting so big! I can't take it!!!!
abseagirl : Amazing photo
popscure - _ghost_xxii_ - rdz_marcelo - k_erika90 -
Still processing. Still... upset... but the preggo update for y'all: I am having a c-section first thing tomorrow morning! Funny thing, c-section room was OVER BOOKED for all of Thursday and Friday, which is why I'm getting smacked with TOMORROW, which is all because my blood pressure is kind of high and they don't want to chance waiting for me to dilate/labor for my oh so desired vbac. But let's re focus: OVER BOOKED with csections all of thursday and friday. WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU!!!!! Okay and re second focus: I'm having a baby cut out of me... tomorrow... morning... okay. I cried for the first time all pregnancy in a public melt down, after 9 months of keeping it cool, in front of all my obgyn secretaries and nurses. I made it through the news in appointment just with heated red cheeks and a very sudden head ache, keeping it calm for my IF and his mom. Then at the check out desk when they asked how it went I lost it. I so badly did not want a csection. I am so nervous about what this means for my future capability of pregnancies. I am also trying to realize tonight is my last night pregnant. My IF is also anxious and sad and excited all at once because we did not expect this soon, so the other IF is still in Brazil, he is on way now, but will not be here till noon or later tomorrow, baby will be here by 8am or 8:30am. My head is pounding. It's been two hours since appointment and I am still in my car processing. Okay. Now... I am alone for rest of night... what do I have for my last meal... oh the pressure.... #csection #vbac #crushed #allthingssurrogacy #lastnightpregnant #imayhavejuststoppedatapackagestore #surrogate #39weeks5days #bleck #ow #scurrrred #visitmeplease
lastnightpregnant - vbac - surrogate - visitmeplease - crushed - 39weeks5days - csection - scurrrred - bleck - allthingssurrogacy - imayhavejuststoppedatapackagestore - ow -
jaimevhughes : @farsideofthesea
surrojsn : I'm very sorry to hear you have to have a csection. One good thing though, you won't have to work this weekend.
farsideofthesea : @surrojsn as I cried into my nurses shoulder I sobbed out: "at least I get to call out of work!!"
jess2playcello : I'm so sorry 😞😞 but just think hopefully you'll be seeing smiles all around tomorrow!
nursenapalm : My drinking buddy will be here sooner than I thought!!!!!
bluewinter14 : I'm so sorry they won't let you have your VBAC :-(.
surropepperbird : Oh sweetie! (((Hugs))) Will this be your first section? Think happy thoughts, it's baby day tomorrow!
allthingssurrogacy : Sending good thoughts your way!!
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An article the #cairnspost published back in May. #ausmumpreneur #mumpreneur #entrepreneur #breastfeedingjewellery #breastmilkjewellery #keepsake #keepsakejewellery #media #cairns #jewellery #placenta #doula #midwife #birth #vbac #homebirth #birth #baby #love
vbac - birth - jewellery - keepsake - cairnspost - entrepreneur - cairns - midwife - keepsakejewellery - baby - love - mumpreneur - placenta - media - breastfeedingjewellery - doula - homebirth - ausmumpreneur - breastmilkjewellery -
alely24 : Asking: do you work with pieces from the US?
beyondthewillowtree : @alely24 I most certainly do! 😄
alely24 : I'm wanting to use both milk from when I nursed my now 2.5yr old (in freezer) & placenta (from my capsules) from my 4mos old...like a swirrled pendant. Is that do-able?
beyondthewillowtree : Hi @alely24 I am not entirely sure about a swirled pendant as the placenta may make the milk appear dirty as such. I do have a new range being announced this week which may interest you, it's very exciting!
alely24 : Ok! I wondered about that- if the two different ideas could mesh somehow! I will keep my eyes open and see what you have coming! @beyondthewillowtree
alely24 : My favorite is your teardrop pendant, so far.
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One of the articles I Co wrote for a magazine back when I first started out. Fresh in my post part um days and creating jewellery for friends 💖 #placenta #encapsulation #cairns #magazine #birth #baby #homebirth #vbac #midwife #doula #support #postpartum #newborn
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Sunny side up VBAC baby girl. #hardcoremama #appleblossomfamilies #VBAC #birthphotography #birthphotographer
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cultivating_earth_magic : Stunning!
mirandaisastar : Yay for VBACs!
chaniitzkowitz : @goldy_gutt
goldy_gutt : Omg
krazysusu : @chanelssuggamama
essieedith : Beautiful work @birthphotographer! Always fun to find another birth photographer. :)
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Hi friends! 👋 First off, I just wanted to say that I'm so thankful for this amazing Instagram community. I've met so many amazing, inspiring people from here, and although I've never met many of you in person, I feel a deep bond with most of you, especially you fellow mothers. 👩👸👵 Being able to follow your individual journeys through photos has been such a treat. I've followed many of you through pregnancies and watched your beautiful children grow up. 👶➡️👧👱 For those of you who know Ryan and I "in real life" probably know that like most young couples we live very humbly. We don't drive nice, new cars, we don't wear expensive clothes, or live in a big house. We are okay with that though, because we have a roof over our head and food in our bellies and that's all we really need. However, we don't have money for any extra amenities. Now, for those of you who have followed our families journey for a while, you probably know that my pregnancy with River ended in a cesarean birth. Although it's not the birth I had envisioned, I am thankful to have a healthy baby girl, regardless of how she was delivered. Besides having a c-section there are other details of my birth story that I was quite upset about (but I won't go into detail about that right now). So, in an effort to have a more positive birth experience this time, Ryan and I decided that utilizing the help of a doula would be the best option for us, and we have found a lovely partnership of two doulas who will be there to help us through Sages birth (which will be happening in only about 8 more weeks 😱). It took A LOT for me to work up the nerve to do this, but we are looking for help to pay for our doula services. We understand that times are tough, financially for most people these days which is why I felt so embarrassed to ask for help, but if you have anything, even just a dollar to spare towards our cause, please know that it will absolutely mean the world to us. If you would like to help us out I have posted the link to our gofundme account on my profile. You can donate anonymously or publically. We promise to pay the generosity forward when we have the means. (Continued in comments) 👇
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raising_river : Thank you for taking the time to read my words ✨🙏✨ many blessings from my family to yours. 📷 credit: @lanceemersonphotography
raising_river : #naturalbirth #vbac #birthwithoutfear
soundmangroupie : Good luck mama!
calpa14 : Yes!! I love everything about this! Best of luck to you & your beautiful family!!!❤️✌️
calpa14 : ^ @raising_river💗
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