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heart_mind_soul_mommy : #homebirth #vbac
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Almost done with this fascinating book about cesarean and VBAC in America. What are your favorite resources for VBAC? #vbacfacts #vbac #cesarean
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hypnobirthingrocks : Ooh, that looks interesting
naturalbirthbebe : Just added to my never ending reading list!
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{Fan Share} of a beautiful breastfeeding baby, playing with her necklace! Mama says it already helps so much, now that she has something to play with!! Yay!! 😊🎄💕
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mamasmilkyway : #teethingnecklace #nursingnecklace #naturalmama #naturalbaby #teething #naturalproducts #babywearing #clothdiaper #babystyle #vbac #homebirth #breastfeeding #breastisbeast #breastfeedwithoutfear #birthwithoutfear #crunchymama #baby #babyshower #fluffmail #39weekspregnant #40weekspregnant #expecting #pregnant #newmom #birth #babyootd #teethingring #teether #attachmentparenting #gentleparenting
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This mama worked through each contraction. The pain bringing her closer to meeting her bundle of joy. They couldn't believe how far she dilated at home. The nurses didn't believe she could do it. But she reached deep down within, and we supported. With each encouraging word, each breath, and double hip press she birthed her baby with minimal medical intervention! #VBAC
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village_maternity_services : #childbirth #birth #breastfeeding #doula #LD #postpartum #villagematernity # RN #midwifery #midwife #newborn #babies #motherbaby #motivation #IBCLC #CLC #CLEC
lgkingdomwriter : Wow. Awesome.
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38 weeks. Lines on my tummy from sleeping on wrinkly sheets, appendectomy scar, and 3 freckles. I get a new one with each pregnancy - isn't that funny? Take your time, Soup Pickles (or, as Eliora says, Peekles). This procrastinator still has some prep work to do... Also, Asher's pretty convinced baby's name will be Soup Pickles Benson. And he's made it clear that he'll be the only one holding/babywearing baby. #momlife #vba2c #vbac #pregnancy #birthwithoutfear
momlife - pregnancy - birthwithoutfear - vbac - vba2c -
jpenny09 : ❤️ love this.
jeanniemcschooler : We moved from GA before I ever got to a BWI meeting there, but I just love following your little family on here. I can't wait to see this Soup Pickles. :)
viktoria_vamp : I didn't know you are planning a vba2c! That is awesome! I am as well. :) Best wishes! You can do this!
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39weeks 1day almost that time #rough#prego#3rd#trimester#vbac#boy#love#god#peace#39weeks#TagsForLikes @TagsForLikes #instagood #me #smile #follow #cute #photooftheday #tbt #followme #tagsforlikes #girl #beautiful #happy #picoftheday #instadaily #food #swag #amazing
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samaraaa : ❤️
florez07 : Oh man poor thing lol almost there girl
amonikca21 : @samaraaa @florez07 in labor now he will be here today repeat C-Section pray for me yall 💙
samaraaa : Aww yay 🙏😍😘
florez07 : Oh no y another c-section? :(...well sorry you couldn't have ur vbac but your done being pregnant :)enjoy your Lil bundle hun @amonikca21
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That moment. 💙 Our baby boy is here! Born safely AT HOME! Nov 23, 9lbs 14oz, 21.5" long! I DID IT! #homebirth #vbac #hbac #birthwithoutfear #knowyouroptions
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jaxs19 : Congrats!!!
amanda__yvonne : Congratulations!😆
josofine : Omg!!! You did it!!! Yay! Congrats to you and Joe!!
chavill13 : Beautiful! ❤️Congratulations!!
robin00manning : @startanewleaf Yay!! Congrats!
beckalahem : Congratulations!
sewveehoo : Congrats! 😊👊
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#breastisbest #normalizebreastfeeding #boobiebaby #vbac @breast_is_best @normalizebreastfeeding @birthwithoutfear
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freetheboob : Beautiful!
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Alright, here's my first #postbaby post. #6dayspostpartum Am I excited to post this? Nooo. Do I feel somewhat like an idiot? Yes! 😜 But, I promised I would share the post baby journey, so here goes. I'll never feel "ready" to show everyone, anyway, so might as well start somewhere. Also, it was super inspiring to watch post baby posts from other #fitmom all-stars like @beyondfitmom and @jlipose, so I guess I'll do my part to maybe give hope to an expectant #momma out there. Here's 6 days after #vbac for #baby2. I've been soaking up all of the baby snuggles I can get, nursing, and taking care of our toddler. Thankful to have had my mil and now my own mom here to help. Looking forward to working out again when I feel ready, but that's not quite here yet. Also, I know my body has been through a lot lately, and the little thing needs to #recover. Trying to eat lots of protein and veggies, but also indulging in an occasional cookie! Anyway, follow those momma's I tagged for great advice and inspiration. I will keep doing what I do over here, too, and y'all can help keep me accountable because I will try and swallow my pride to keep sharing my journey. :) #fitpregnancy #fitpregnancy
nofilter - baby2 - vbac - fitpregnancy - noflexing - 6dayspostpartum - fitmom - momma - postbaby - recover -
fitmomem : #nofilter #noflexing
cooplomommy : Inspired by your strength- mental and physical!! You go, girl!!👏👌
fitmomem : @cooplomommy Thank you, love! I have a lot of work to do, but am very excited for it!
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Day 1 of the #blackandwhitechallenge // What better image to share than one from baby Zoe's birth last night! :) // nominated by @valglidden and I would like to nominate @nickibehm :) #sheshere #welcometotheworld #baby #birthstory #sweetgirl #vbac #birthwithoutfear #birthphotography
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mrscptpao : beautiful! congrats mama!!!
kkalp : So gorgeous! Congrats @crystalchanel
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Precious hair pearl #pearls #hair #pearl #keepsakes #keepsake #memorial #memorialjewellery #forever #jewellery #baby #babywearing #forever #jewellery #doula #birth #midwife #homebirth #vbac
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melgonzi : Beautiful. What color shimmer is in there? And can you combine more than one color?
beyondthewillowtree : @melgonzi this is a pink fleck. I can create with more then one fleck colour yes :) I can also add shimmer and flecks together which look beautiful!
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Umbilical pearl with gold shimmer (Mica) These can be worn in many ways, from on a necklace, earrings, charm bracelet & many other ways you can think of! Available at www.beyondthewillowtree.tictail.com #birth #pregnancy #baby #child #ausmumpreneur #WAHM #breastmilkjewellery #breastmilk #breastfeeding #placenta #ashes #memorial #memorialjewellery #baby #birth #doula #midwife #homebirth #vbac #keepsakes #keepsake #pearls #jewellery
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beyondthewillowtree : #cairns #cairnspost #QLD #worldwide #handmade
daintreediscovery : Nice shot!
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30 Weeks! 💁 (Please disregard dirty mirror 😂) #thirdtrimester #laugherybaby2 #30weeks #bumpdate #pregnancy #vbac #babybump
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laughclan : @sarahpalamahoffer thank you sweet friend. Love you.
prettyprairie : Gorgeous! 30 weeks!!
lifealaskanstyle : Beauty!!
laughclan : 😘 thanks friends! @lifealaskanstyle @prettyprairie
emsoke : Lookin good mama! Love the new hair too! 💁
laughclan : @emsoke thanks Emily!!
bundlesofbliss : Gorge!
laughclan : @bundlesofbliss thanks Kristin!
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For all of you moms going for a #vbac, be sure to research the hospitals! I didn't do this with my first, and this is what i found. #Communityhospitalofsanbernardino is in the worse zone for trying to avoid #csection
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lunalovegood69 : Man that's scary.. My brother and I were both C-section babies and the hospital we were born at is on that list 😖
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After a month I am finally sharing our surprise VBAC birth story. #birth #birthstory #vbac #blog #mommyblog
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curious_tae : Wow! He came pretty quick once you were at the hospital!! Such a painful last few weeks it seemed for you. I had contractions for six weeks! Not fun! I'm glad he made it safe and sound. Hope all is well with you and your family
ekesmom : Too fast @curious_tae , but that is a story for another blog!
ekesmom : @birthwithoutfear
ekesmom : Thank you @curious_tae we are all doing just fine now :)
mooneyalex12 : I LOVE reading other mamas birth stories! thanks for sharing!!! 😘
zookeeperjess : Love! So happy you got your vbac. My first baby was vaginal and my second was csection due to failed induction so I knew I wanted a vbac this time with Avery. It was so much better and I felt a million times better than my csection. YAy for vbac!!!
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Successful VBAC. Successful nursing so far. Everything went wrong the first time i gave birth went so, so right this time. I love both our boys. #birthwithoutfear #vbac #breastfeedingwithoutfear #normalizeit
breastfeedingwithoutfear - birthwithoutfear - vbac - normalizeit -
_caseefacee_ : Congrats mama. @coffeeandkiddos
jtinker84 : Awww congrats 😍
marvalous74 : You can do it! !!!
marvalous74 : You did it!!! God job momma!
colleenrose249 : Congratulations on your vbac!!! You are truly amazing! Best of luck with nursing! You can do it! ❤💪 congrats
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After a week of labour she met her baby. tiny.cc/VBAC for the full story. #VBAC #birthwarrior #birthphotography #birthphotographer #appleblossomfamilies
birthphotography - birthwarrior - vbac - appleblossomfamilies - birthphotographer -
mariam_alyaf3i : @snorah شوفي هالاكاونت يصيحني 😭 ابا بيبي يديد
tish_taylor : @the12king this page
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Just reminiscing about this beautiful hospital VBAC from 6 years...love those oxytocin moments!!! Everyone is glowing!! __________________________ #hospitalbirth #vbac #childbirth #mother #father #doula #family #yes #picotheday #vsco #vscocam #GraceFull #gracefullbirth
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’ve been tag-teaming watching Miss Abby while her baby brother made his entrance. We made it to the hospital a little less than 24 hours after he was born. Seeing her warm up to him was a beautiful sight - I’m a lucky gal that I get to capture moments like these with my camera, even more so when they are dear friends. #notiPhone #fresh48 #newbaby #VBAC #bigsister #babybrother #kimschmidtphotography #princetonphotographer
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notorious_kel : Beautiful!
kimschmidtphoto : Thanks @notorious_kel!
kimschmidtphoto : #canon #blackandwhite #bnw #bw
chrome_photography : beautiful image
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I feel like I've gained more than a pound this month, but according to the midwife's scale I've only gained a pound haha. I'm starting to feel less nauseated thankfully #12weekbabybump #12weekspregnant #pregnancy #pregnant #babybump #diastasisrecti #vbacjourney #vbac
diastasisrecti - babybump - vbac - pregnant - 12weekspregnant - pregnancy - vbacjourney - 12weekbabybump -
girlwiththespidertattoo : I've only gained about a pound too and yes 12 weeks as well. Also noticed that my nausea is finally getting better too :) congrats on being pregnant!!! @lizyandelldesu
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Finally got around to writing about this important journey I am on. {Link in profile}. Husband and I are headed to an all day birth workshop today and I've got all this goodness on the brain. 👊 #vbac #birthwithoutfear #birthnaturally #birth #blogged #pregnancy #healthypregnancy #homebirth #naturalbirth #teamvbac #cesarean
vbac - birthwithoutfear - birthnaturally - homebirth - cesarean - birth - pregnancy - healthypregnancy - naturalbirth - teamvbac - blogged -
erinlgharris : Good luck!! Three c-sections for me and I still think my first could have been a different outcome. I'm grateful for healthy babes, but a piece of me is so jealous of the natural birth experience! ❤️❤️
laughclan : @erinlgharris It's so important to find the joy and beauty in every experience. Birth is such a huge part of us, I'm happy to read you have a good outlook. 💕
frolleinida : You are such an inspiring Woman!Sending u love,power and strength.I've had a c-section 18 months ago and there wasn't one day,where I didn't thought about it.6 months ago I've had a missed abortion and I'm sure the reason for it was my traumatic birth experience.Now I feel ready to start for this journey again.All the best for you!!!
laughclan : @frolleinida oh mama I am so sorry about your experience. All the love and hugs in the world coming your way. ❤️
frolleinida : 💞❤️Thank u so much☺️
beautyandthebinky : I'm about to hop over and read! Not before I say that your body is amazing (as are you) and I hope you have a wonderful experience! Also, thank you for sharing your journey and information; I know you're an inspiration to others!
laughclan : @beautyandthebinky thank you friend. It is a silver lining of joy that I can bring advocacy and inspiration to other families. ❤️
_ashleyvos : I'll be sending you all the positivity I can muster.
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Yes, that's me right there. And so is every other mother birthing at her own terms! I can't contain my excitement for a passion project with my doula, Irina Otmakhova coming to manifest real soon. Stay tuned because it will definitely make cosmic waves as the way we birth babies revolutionizes humanity itself. "Peace begins at birth", says @ibu_robin 🙏 Brilliant artwork by @spiritysol 👏 I am a fan 😍 #VBAC #GentleBirth #UnassistedBirth #HomeBirth #Waterbirth #HealingBirth
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anakamila - robbiecrisostomo - mommymatters - thegomom -
Nora Rose. 10 1/2 pounds, 21.5 inches. Born September 14th, VBA2C! #vbac #vba2c
vbac - vba2c -
sarapsara : Congrats! I just had a baby a week ago about the same size as yours! Wonder what there putting in the water nowadays. She's beautiful! Enjoy
ashleac321 : Congrats again! Simply amazing ! VBA2C!
mandybethlackey : Perfect and beautiful.
brekolb : Yay! Congrats!!!
zhani_dixon : Congratulations!!!
abbitous : Congrats!
theshrinkingbeauty : Congratulations on your baby girl and your vbac *yay*
freidenkerin85 : Congratulations!!
doloowavee - ashleac321 - lakynp - cleancutmoney -
vbac -
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Tonight I'm reading all about the amazing placenta, and placentophagy, which translates to the act of eating ones placenta. As if women's bodies weren't already cool enough, we produce a whole new organ in order to sustain our little babies inside our bellies!! 😁 It truly is the tree of life!! 🌳🌲 When I was pregnant with River I hadn't heard of placentophagy, instead I opted to donate my placenta for stem cell research. I didn't even look at it after she was born, I was so caught up in the moment but the doctors and nurses kept commenting on what a "good looking specimen" it was, so I guess that's something to be proud of? 💁 Anyways I've been reading about the benefits of eating your placenta and I decided to have mine encapsulated this time around so I can take it in pill form. Many mammals eat their placentas (the Chinese and Vietnameae have been doing it for ages!) after giving birth, I think the western world still sees it as odd or gross, but research indicates it has many post partum benefits for the mother, including but not limited to: quicker recovery from childbirth, aids in lactation, less post partum hemorrhaging, reduces stress and likelihood of post partum depression... the list goes on and on 💬 If you have had your placenta encapsulated it have eaten it after giving birth I would love to hear what your thoughts about it are. ✨🙏✨
placenta - vbac - placentophagy - birthwithoutfear - treeoflife - naturalbirth - naturalbirthaftercesarean - placentalencapsulation -
mommy_to_carter_dean : I'm doing placenta encapsulation😁
nursesierra : I will be taking notes from you!!
wildflowersandhoney : I'm planning on doing the same next time around!
alilubslui : I'm doing encapsulation this time around! I've had reproductive health issues my whole life and one of the benefits of doing the pills is that I can keep them for my unborn daughter. If in puberty she ends up with the same problems she may be able to use my placenta to help her. Amazing, huh?!
gisslara : I've been looking into it myself! Can't believe I didn't even consider it with my previous 3! Are you paying someone to do it for you or doing it yourself?
raising_jax_and_jovi : I wish I had taken more time to look and do with My two. Maybe next time
krissygettinghealthy : I know my friend did it twice and she said it's amazing! Best thing she did. She said her sex drive came back, milk production was on point, moods were mellow and not crazy highs and lows.
hipmamayoga : I encapsulated, got a tincture and a print with our 3rd so happy I did! Had some postpartum anxiety after our 2nd and wanted to avoid that, it worked 👍
alexandradove90 - jooolliiee - tayschelly - _alexia_4 -
I'm sorry if I've left y'all in suspense! 😉 I finally have the winner of Mama's Giveaway {I used Random.org}. Drum roll please...the WINNER IS ~ @sobeautifuladay!! YAY! Please DM me your address and I will get these items out to you!! 👏😊💜 Thank you to everyone else for participating in my giveaway and supporting my shop!!✌💕
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mamasmilkyway : #teethingnecklace #nursingnecklace #naturalmama #naturalbaby #teething #naturalproducts #babywearing #clothdiaper #babystyle #vbac #homebirth #breastfeeding #breastisbeast #breastfeedwithoutfear #birthwithoutfear #crunchymama #baby #babyshower #fluffmail #39weekspregnant #40weekspregnant #expecting #pregnant #newmom #birth #babyootd #teethingring #teether #attachmentparenting #gentleparenting
sobeautifuladay : Yay!!! My multiple shares paid off... So happy! I don't have the ability to DM though.. I think it's my version of ig (windows phone).. anyhow could I email you??
mamasmilkyway : Yes, absolutely! Mamasmilkyway@yahoo.com 😊 @sobeautifuladay
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With my wee little VBAC baby in 2012 at the Improving Birth rally. #vbachappens #vbac #specialscars #birthmatters #doula #improvingbirth
birthmatters - vbac - improvingbirth - specialscars - doula - vbachappens -
amonikca21 - askthedoulas - organicreverence - nicolegranato -
We're so excited to announce that we'll be adding another little one to our family, July 2015!! #SandersPartyOf4
bigsister - sanderspartyof4 - pregnancyannouncement - vbac - boyorgirl - hbac - babybunching -
mminazz : Yay. @mirriahsanders how cool
shan_deluca13 : How exciting!
gatesas : Congratulations to you guys!!😊
lifeofmummy : Congratulations 🎊
mirriahsanders : Thanks everyone!!!! @cuteandcrazyinlove @mminazz @shan_deluca13 @gatesas @lifeofmummy
baileyfrisk : congrats! how far along are you? @mirriahsanders
mirriahsanders : #pregnancyannouncement #bigsister #boyorgirl
mirriahsanders : #babybunching #vbac #hbac
katylynn3991 - sotiria25 - mrs_robertson1207 - mrsj_decker -
Thad is nice and healthy. I can start seeing my midwife every week now. After next week, things are gonna get serious! #vbac #waterbirth #36weeks #sacredbirth
sacredbirth - 36weeks - vbac - waterbirth -
__littlebones__ : Yay for waterbirths! 🙌
gata_tejana : @__littlebones__ ♥♥♥
eyecandypreggosx_ - papadano - __littlebones__ - homesweethomebirth -
My body is building an entire little human made of blood, organs, tissues, blood, and cells. That's just crazy! The nutrition I am providing this baby girl is so important to me and I focus on making healthy choices every day. (Except last week...last week I had donuts). 😳 Today's lunch is frozen blueberries, half a kiwi, leftover steamed broccoli, brown rice with butter, baked local salmon with garlic and herbs. Accompanied by my daily cast of characters; Vitamin D, Vitamin C, probiotics, DHA, prenatal vitamins. Not to be outdone by the few dark chocolate chips for dessert (I keep them in the freezer and they are oh so good). 👊
healthymama - nutrition - thirdtrimester - healthypregnancy - pregnancycravings - fitpregnancy - eatingfortwo - healthyeats - cleaneating - vbac - fitmama - pregnancy - nutrientsforbaby - eatwell -
laughclan : @nenny_beth @em_walrath I learned a lot of hard lessons in my first pregnancy, and the value of good nutrition is definitely one of them. I gained waaaay too much weight and was not as healthy as I should have been. So now I'm swinging to the extreme other side. Except for when there are donuts from a local bakery in my face 😜
laughclan : @tinabumblebee 💕 I still can't even fathom what it will be like.
laughclan : @illywhoblog ✈️ Come on up!
laughclan : @thechroncilesofwe thanks so much Jenny!!! Not having your own kitchen is so hard! We lived with older family friends when I was 7 mos pregnant with Ben while my husband was finishing his degree and it sucked. Your new home will be worth the wait!!!
nenny_beth : Always eat the local donuts. It's in the bible. 😘 @laughclan
simplydoterraoils : Lovely!
rawkette : I do the same thing with my chocolate chips! Fave dessert. especially mixed with stove top popcorn on TV nights...
laughclan : @rawkette I couldn't do that...I would just dig through the popcorn to find the melted chocolate. 😳😂
azurebluee - _beautifulpreggos_ - louiseweister - themarenable -
#naturalchildbirth #ninemonths #vbac #epidural #robinwilliams Gosh I miss this!! My youngest is almost 12 months 😭😭
ninemonths - robinwilliams - vbac - epidural - naturalchildbirth -
trerese_1986 - kcaroliamethyst - bmac1480 - homesweethomebirth -
Happy Friday!! 🎉 Doing the happy dance! 😄 Mama's Giveaway ends this evening so get a few more entries in! Please see my giveaway picture for instructions on how to enter!! Can't wait!
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mamasmilkyway : #teethingnecklace #nursingnecklace #naturalmama #naturalbaby #teething #naturalproducts #babywearing #clothdiaper #babystyle #vbac #homebirth #breastfeeding #breastisbeast #breastfeedwithoutfear #birthwithoutfear #crunchymama #baby #babyshower #fluffmail #39weekspregnant #40weekspregnant #expecting #pregnant #newmom #birth #babyootd #teethingring #teether #attachmentparenting #gentleparenting
ktbug242 : Can you follow me for the giveaway??? 😄💕
rdevenuta : Have a blessed day!
piece.of.our.world : How much longer?!😁
themommabearx2 - wrapmenow - jaclynmichele - jennjennyjenniferr -
#tbt cutting Amarie's cord. Best experience for myself. At home birth. No C - section nor epidural. She's a soldier @perlajms #vbac #midwife
vbac - tbt - midwife -
mixed_curlzz : 😍😍
fegosm47 : U do kno its friday right.. #tbf
lebsa4 - sog_frank - jojofbbyy - jenny_lynnx17 -
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