@justd16 sent me an amazing opal necklace as a push present to celebrate my vbac and this perfect little custom onesie for her newest goddaughter! I'm so thankful! #pushpresent #opal #octoberbaby #godmother #goddaughter #vbac #birthwithoutfear
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#countdown #5days #BABYBOY #39+2 #VBAC
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단추 태어났어요 👶 2014.10.23. 오전10:05 건강하게 탄생!! #브이백 하는거라 엄청 걱정하고, 처음 하는 진통도 겁나고 그랬는데. 모든거 무사히. 짧게 지나가서 다행이고... 오늘 퇴원하고 집으로 옴 😃 #젖소 생활의 시작 😂🐄 🐮 #VBAC #둘째딸
vbac - 브이백 - 둘째딸 - 젖소 -
eunhee2012 : 옴마~~~순산하신거축하드려요!!!!!몸조리잘하셔용^^
zamong3 : 어머나 ~~축하드려요😍🙆몸조리 잘하시구요😊
eunjung_ : 축하드려요오!^^
__haru_haru__ : 축하드려요 몸조리 잘하시고 두 아이의 엄마로 더 행복하세요😍😍😍
pikipiki83 : 정말 수고 많으셨어요 ㅠㅠ 토닥토닥 몸조리 잘하시고 수유 화이팅!!임당 ^^*
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Perfection. #motherhood #ig_kids #pregnancy #firsttrimester #secondtrimester #thirdtrimester #momlife #beautiful #vsco
beautiful - babybump - thirdtrimester - vbac - joy - mother - fourthtrimester - baby - maternity - firsttrimester - birth - pregnancy - vsco - momlife - pregnant - sahm - babywearing - motherhood - babies - ig_kids - secondtrimester - vscocam -
xxsoutherncraftsxx : Gorgeous photo
pregnancyandmotherhood : #motherhood #ig_kids #pregnancy #pregnant #firsttrimester #secondtrimester #thirdtrimester #fourthtrimester #momlife #vsco #babybump #baby #babies #birth #joy #vbac #babywearing #maternity #mother #vscocam #sahm
insta.versity : Great pic! Stop by (and follow) my page if you want to LEARN how to gain more likes, comments and REAL followers just by tweaking your pics & using the right hashtags 👉@insta.versity
nrod78 : So nice!
rdevenuta : Cool! Have a great day!
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💙💙💙💙 #motherhood #ig_kids #pregnancy #firsttrimester #secondtrimester #thirdtrimester #fourthtrimester #momlife #beautiful #vsco #babybump #birth #joy #vbac #babywearing #wearthem #maternity #mother #vscocam
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kalarathphotography : Beautiful picture!
redwagonbaby : 😄
starrserenity : Look how cute! Aww @_tmariexoxo
_tmariexoxo : So precious! Can't wait! @starrserenity
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💗 #motherhood #ig_kids #pregnancy #firsttrimester #secondtrimester #thirdtrimester #momlife #beautiful #vsco #babybump #birth #joy #vbac #babywearing #wearthem #maternity #baby
beautiful - babybump - thirdtrimester - vbac - joy - pregnancy - wearthem - maternity - firsttrimester - birth - baby - vsco - momlife - babywearing - motherhood - ig_kids - secondtrimester -
kalarathphotography : Precious picture!
caitlinquirk : love this.
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❤️ #motherhood #ig_kids #pregnancy #firsttrimester #secondtrimester #thirdtrimester #momlife #beautiful #vsco #babybump #birth #joy #vbac #babywearing #wearthem #maternity
beautiful - babybump - thirdtrimester - vbac - joy - wearthem - maternity - firsttrimester - birth - pregnancy - vsco - momlife - babywearing - motherhood - ig_kids - secondtrimester -
kalarathphotography : Absolutely beautiful!
lovelife_mia : @rashelleriot
shainysunshinee : @chuchi4love
mzdezy : Oh I love it
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Fresh baby hair and pinky up like a lady ❤️ #grace #vbac #bwf #bwfblog #birthwithoutfear #vbacwithoutfear #lucyraephoto #lucyraephotography
vbac - lucyraephotography - lucyraephoto - birthwithoutfear - vbacwithoutfear - bwf - bwfblog - grace -
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Beautiful Tie Dye Ring Sling going out!! So soft and pretty!! Love the finished product and knowing a sweet baby will be cuddled close to mama! 😊💕🌈
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mamasmilkyway : #babywearing #ringsling #wearyourbaby #wearallthebabies #skintoskin #keepthemclose #gentleparenting #wearthem #attachmentparenting #crunchymama #sleepydust #fluffmail #waterbaby #mom #breastisbest #breastfeeding #babyshower #baby #pregnancy #expecting #birth #homebirth #vbac #waterbirth #uppymama #naturalmama #ringslings #39weekspregnant #40weekspregnant #pregnant
mothersselect : Love it!
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I have two of these adorable sets!! It's all natural baby salve! I made these with 100% PURE Lavender Essential Oils and Calendula Flower, infused Olive Oil. It makes babies bum so soft and really helps with any rash. Calendula is such a healing flower and helps so many things (rashes, skin irritation, vericose veins, ulcers, hemorrhoids, to name a few!) These are 4oz mason jars. Great for a new mommy gift! 😉💕🌱🌻 Etsy link in bio!!
breastfeeding - crunchymama - vbac - 39weekspregnant - essentialoils - lavender - 38weekspregnant - healingproducts - 40weekspregnant - naturalproducts - hippiemama - baby - naturalmama - babyshower - flower - pregnant - clothdiaper - homebirth - babywearing - expecting - calendula - naturalbaby - clothdiapers - babysalve -
mamasmilkyway : #naturalmama #naturalbaby #essentialoils #babysalve #naturalproducts #clothdiapers #clothdiaper #healingproducts #vbac #homebirth #breastfeeding #hippiemama #crunchymama #baby #babyshower #38weekspregnant #39weekspregnant #40weekspregnant #expecting #pregnant #babywearing #lavender #calendula #flower
essentialoilsupply : Great!
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💛💛💛 She believed she could so she did!!! 💛💛💛 A doula can help you believe in yourself which is key to achieve the birthing experience you want! #hireadoula #empowerwomen #takebackbirth #doula #doulas #socaldoulas #doulalife #birthyourway #vbac #birth #labor #homebirth #birthcenterbirth #hospitalbirth
birthcenterbirth - vbac - empowerwomen - hospitalbirth - doulalife - birthyourway - doula - homebirth - doulas - labor - birth - socaldoulas - hireadoula - takebackbirth -
thebabychick - korirpacheco - hennabyb2863 - audreygonsalves -
So after being on the fence my entire pregnancy, I finally have decided that I will be having a natural birth in the hospital. As some of you know, I had a c-section with River and was overall very unhappy with my entire birth experience. Thankfully my doctor was very supportive of me having a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) this time around, but I personally wasn't sure if I could do it without an epidural... 😱 After doing some research and talking to other moms who had natural births I've decided that I want to deliver naturally as well. I'm not going to lie, I am a bit nervous but I'm hoping that continuing to read positive natural birth stories, and doing more research I will be able to do this!!! 💪💪💪 I really want to watch the film "Birth Story" and read the book "Guide to Childbirth" by Ina May Gaskin. Also- any of you fellow mamas who had a natural birth, I would love to hear your story. ✨🙏✨ #vbac #naturalbirth #birthwithoutfear @birthwithoutfear #nbac #naturalbirthaftercesarean
inamaygaskin - naturalbirthaftercesarean - vbac - naturalbirth - birthwithoutfear - nbac - guidetochildbirth -
soundmangroupie : No vbac but I went natural. Hypnobabies helped me tremendously. Not too late to start it, I started late. You listen to meditation recordings that help you manage the pain. Not gonna lie, still hurt like hell, but I was able to get thru it well, so much so that the male Dr. didn't think I was laboring enough and tried to convince me I needed pitocin to move things along. Ha, I showed him! Watch YouTube vids for hypnobabies and you'll see mamas who've studied it get through contractions with ease. (Not to be confused with hypnobirthing) I also wasn't hooked up to an IV and had intermittent belly monitoring, so that I was able to be mobile and walk around. We hired a Doula that was a huge support as well.
periweaver : I had an epidural with my first baby and completely natural with my 2nd delivering a 10lb 3.5oz baby I would 100% recommend natural over drugs anyday!!! Good luck 💕
mamabeck : I did it with my second (not really on purpose though). I'm not gonna say it's all roses and sunshine because it hurts! I will however say that my recovery was so much easier and i felt way more in control of my body. I would totally go natural again
lautanen.kass : @bearthkeeper <3
whidd301 : Good for you! I'm doing natural as well!! I have def found that watching a million YouTube videos of live natural births has been helping me along with staying strong in my decision- and all of the wonderful position options that you have due to no epidural can really make it so much easier than being on your back with drugs anyhow. I'm utilizing a birthing chair in my suite- given its a comfy position for me it's the method I've chosen. I think it's great to give your baby a drug free experience, and to let your body do what it was meant to do!! My mom said she was up and out of bed an hour after it was over and was home with me the next day. What's better than that??!!! Good luck!!!
carowarncke : I had an epidural with my first two and had horrible recoveries with them. So when we had our third I said I would try and do it naturally since everything I read said the recovery was so much quicker and easier. It was the best decision I ever made! I was in labor for 14 hours but I knew I would just take it one step at a time. During every contraction I would try and relax and just focus in getting through it. I was very blessed to have about 3-4 mins between contractions. It allowed me to get a nice break. I will be honest and say the last hour and half I wanted to die! But once my precious girl was out (it took about 4 pushes) all the pain was gone! I felt like myself and I could walk!! Which made me so excited :) recovery was a breeze and I didn't feel all fuzzy inside. If I could go back I would have both my boys naturally.
saracorcoran13 : I'm so happy to read these responses! The fast recovery is the biggest reason for me going without drugs again. I was literally fine 2 or 3 hours later.
mamabear.420 : I had a 100% natural birth with my second! I honestly never in a million years thought I could do it!! It was the most amazing experience of my life. My recovery was soooo much quicker as well! You can do it mama 💪
daniinked87 - jooolliiee - nursesierra - easmama13 -
คิดถึงเพื่อน เมื่อไหร่จะเปิดเทอมมม #me #miss #myfriends #somuch #vbac
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He loves his baby brother a ton already. Belly hugs happen a lot around here! #38w5d
babybump - thirdtrimester - love - brothers - naturalchildbirth - hugs - 38weeks - babyboy - pregnantwithnumber5 - vbac - babybelly - pregnant - bigbrother - belly - homestretch - bellyshot - 38w5d - patientlywaiting - itsaboy -
jennsraq : #babybelly #pregnant #babybump #bellyshot #belly #38weeks #thirdtrimester #homestretch #vbac #naturalchildbirth #patientlywaiting #bigbrother #pregnantwithnumber5 #babyboy #itsaboy #brothers #love #hugs
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Love them. This man has been my everything the last couple days. I cannot even put into words how supportive and perfect he has been. Couldn't have done this without you babe. I love you so much.
birthwithoutfear - vbac - thebestdadshavebeards - bestdadever - wedidit - normalizegentleparenting - littlesister - skintoskinallday - newsquish -
lxmaynn : Aww so precious ! Can't wait to meet her ! 💕
ashalee_eelahsa : Come see her! We're five minutes from Disneyland lol @lxmaynn
lxmaynn : Sweet! Now I know where ya'all are going after! (; hahah
lxmaynn : When do you go home ??
ashalee_eelahsa : Lol! Probably Saturday. So I'll be on space mountain Saturday! Lol jk @lxmaynn
lxmaynn : Hahahah wooooo!
awb5er : Bonding with the beard. Lol!
ashalee_eelahsa : Lol! @awb5er #thebestdadshavebeards
skid__mark - kitty_0713 - _jjeessiiicca_ - jewelkadija -
This boy ll be 3 y.o. two days later. How much i blessed to have him as my son!!! Ps: 3 years ago around this i was having 56+ hours contractions. Bu velet 2 gün sonra 3 yaşına girecek. Böyle bir oğul doğurduğum için o kadar çok şanslıyım ki!!! Not: böyle oğullar kolay doğmuyor. 3 yıl önce bugün 56+ saatlik sancıları çekiyordum. #1stvbac #ssvd #vbac #beloveds #son #proudmama Made with @nocrop_rc #rcnocrop
ssvd - proudmama - vbac - rcnocrop - beloveds - 1stvbac - son -
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Bye bye bottle.. 😘😻💞💖💗 see you soon #asip #babyboy #vbac
babyboy - vbac - asip -
afnyputz - omahjilbab -
Re-instagraming @beyondthebump I LOVE this. I love being a doula! #vbac #pregnancyhumor #dwight #labor #babies
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swoleprincessfp - rennielovee - jeannepaulyn_ - altamontespringsyoga -
39 weeks! Roughly a week to go. Could be any day or could be two weeks. Crazy to think if I'd agreed to a repeat c-section that we'd be holding our little guy tonight.
thirtynineweeks - babycolombatto - birthwithoutfear - vbac -
kcolombatto : #babycolombatto #thirtynineweeks #birthwithoutfear #vbac
ksteele212 - tiffany_stewart22 - faleshamarie - sklundvall7209 -
Just a reminder ;)
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karina__og : @jessianjass
thebff : @z_mama 😘
z_mama : @thebff exzachary
itsreally10months : BOOM!!
chelleboyd : @tayloreliese 😁
tayloreliese : Hahah I love this! @chelleboyd
thegroovydoula : Z Snap!
akr____ : @heysharkbaiiit
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Today's the day! The big chop! ✂️ My hair is crazy thick, and unruly, and takes an ungodly amount of time to wash, untangle, dry, and style. It sounds silly but my long hair was a major source of stress for me during my postpartum period with Ben. Sure, it's pretty when I've taken the time to do something other than a 5 day-unwashed-dry shampooed-bun, but I think my time is more valuable. Time to simplify. #shorthairdontcare #babybump #babybelly #25.5weeks #pregnancy #healthandwellness #selfcare @xoxoemmy2 I'm coming for you soon!!
babybump - 25 - shorthairdontcare - healthandwellness - pregnancy - selfcare - babybelly -
laughclan : @tawnya0812 I've never heard of one! What is it?
laughclan : @nenny_beth I would seriously cry and get really stressed with my hair after Ben was born. It was a wet, frizzy mess and I always felt icky. I love love this new cut!!
laughclan : Thank you sweet friends! I will definitely share a photo tomorrow. I love it!!! @yourstrulydear @ninadorit @wmatto @lifealaskanstyle @prettyprairie
laughclan : I will definitely share a photo tomorrow!! I love love it! And thank you ❤️ @sincerelybea @thechroncilesofwe @keepcalmmommyon @apinchofhealthy @amandajune84 @lenavoth @jessicai84 @typicallysimple
amandajune84 : Yay!
tawnya0812 : @laughclan it's a brush that you can safely use on wet hair without damaging it and it untangles like nobody's business. I just donated 14" and it was what saved me from turning into a monster every morning because I have a crazy sensitive scalp (my eyes tear up when a hair stylist brushes my hair from all the pulling-- which promoted my stylist to recommend it about a year ago). They're on Amazon--"The Wet Brush". I also use it on my 4 y.o. daughter cause she has fine hair but a lot of it (ie daily rat's nest). She used to run from the hairbrush, now she does it herself.
tawnya0812 : *prompted
laughclan : @tawnya0812 crazy!! Thanks I need to look into that!
illyv - danofish - xoxoemmy2 - yourstrulydear -
After 9 months of patiently being #teamgreen imagine our excitement when she told us "It's a boy!" My heart is filled with so much love and happiness, my family is complete. #teamgreenturnedblue #naturalbirth #noepidural #nucb #vbac #bestsurpriseever
noepidural - vbac - teamgreen - teamgreenturnedblue - naturalbirth - bestsurpriseever - nucb -
theonlymrscampbell : Congrats Dean!!!!
candieisthename6 : Congrats !!!
ms_sportsfann : Congrats babes!! He's adorable!!!
danismith929 - ms_sportsfann - adi12347 - homesweethomebirth -
Baby Cyan <3 #CaseyJayDoulaServices #onedayold #fresh #newbaby #birthphotography #birthwithoutfear #VBAC #SuccessfulVBAC #doula #doulalife #congrats
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Born Naturally! I loved making this!💕🍃 3-6 months onesie, 100% cotton and created with fabric paint. Listed in my Etsy shop!! 😊🌳🌼
breastfeeding - 40weekspregnant - crunchymama - vbac - carrythem - 39weekspregnant - handpainted - attachmentparenting - birth - bornathome - babyshower - baby - keepthemclose - fluffmail - naturalmama - tiedye - pregnancy - gentleparenting - waterbaby - breastisbest - waterbirth - skintoskin - hbac - pregnant - bornnaturally - homebirth - babywearing - birthwithoutfear - wearyourbaby - expecting -
justbewellyogasd : Omg this is soo cute!
mamasmilkyway : Thank you 😉 @justbewellyogasd
mamasmilkyway : #bornathome #homebirth #waterbirth #vbac #hbac #birth #birthwithoutfear #pregnant #expecting #tiedye #babywearing #wearyourbaby #skintoskin #keepthemclose #gentleparenting #carrythem #attachmentparenting #crunchymama #handpainted #fluffmail #waterbaby #breastisbest #breastfeeding #babyshower #baby #pregnancy #bornnaturally #naturalmama #39weekspregnant #40weekspregnant
miriamlacey : So cute!
promano4 : Awww I need this. I'm still proud of myself because everyone told me I wouldn't be able to do it! I am woman :)
sgcampaign : Hey there! We'd love to invite you to join our #ToddlingTots photo campaign. We're looking for the cutest toddlers (0 - 5 years) out there to reward with $50 Amazon Gift Certificates. Visit for more details and to upload :)
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#countdown #1week #7days #BABYBOY #VBAC ....
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Put the kettle on! We're here to chat about where to birth for a natural delivery, VBAC. ... Whilst you soak your feet in our aromatherapy foot spa, of course! #mobilepampering #VBAC #birthoptions @thebirthbusiness
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Baby Girl born natural and unmedicated after Mama had 2 C-Sections. Baby Girl couldn't wait and Doula caught her in the car! Quite an entrance <3 #CaseyJayDoulaServices #birthphotography #VBAC #SuccessfulVBAC #CarBirth
carbirth - vbac - caseyjaydoulaservices - successfulvbac - birthwithoutfear - birthphotography -
mrszilz : @birthwithoutfear #birthwithoutfear
maebe123 : Congratulations! 😁♥
carleyray92 - blessedmommaof_3 - riece_lynn - elizabethhuval -
Baby Girls First Latch <3 #CaseyJayDoulaServices #birthphotography #breastfeeding #firstlatch #VBAC #SuccessfulVBAC #doula #doulalife
breastfeeding - firstlatch - vbac - caseyjaydoulaservices - successfulvbac - doula - doulalife - birthphotography -
elizabethhuval : @mrszilz omg this just gave me baby fever so bad. How beautiful!
mrszilz : @elizabethhuval right?! I gotta control my baby fever being around all these expectant moms and fresh babies. :)
beautifulmalice : What a beautiful photo, Case!
britkneetrotman - mariapaulagonzagom - maman_lala - _tcbabyy -
This is why you hire a Doula <3 #CaseyJayDoulaServices #SistaVicki #doula #doulalife #birthpartner #birthphotography #waterbirth #VBAC
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Birth Partner in action <3 #doula #doulalife #birthphotography #CaseyJayDoulaServices #waterbirth #VBAC #birthpartner
birthpartner - vbac - caseyjaydoulaservices - waterbirth - birthphotography - doulalife - doula -
emmygmohr1988 : This is beautiful! I appreciate how tasteful birth photographers are!!
the.vegan.goddess - yourdoulabag - mariapaulagonzagom - modernhealthylife -
My last #workbathroomselfie because I am out of there Friday! #37weeks measuring 47!!! And there is no sign this little man is ready to come out yet. Still going to try for a #vbac
37weeks - workbathroomselfie - vbac -
heidi_handmadefrenzy : You go mama!! You are ALL belly.
dancingfork : You look so amazing! My heart will be with you for that VBAC!
brittanybuttram - daymayberry - heidi_handmadefrenzy - kiboeturyak -
And she's here. Denver Monet. Finally that labor is over. #VBAC #stronger #51hoursoflabor
51hoursoflabor - stronger - vbac -
ms_cant_tell_me_nothin : Congratulations!!!
megash86 : Ok cool. Let me know. @b_loveit
megash86 : Thanks love @ms_cant_tell_me_nothin
angelinhiding : So very excited to finally get to meet my little chocolate drop ;)
xstacy1 : Whew! You'll definitely have some stories to tell her :)
megash86 : Indeed @xstacy1
megash86 : Yes ma'am @angelinhiding
lambertphoto13 : Congratulations cant wait to meet her
pooh2483 - classi_chick85 - l_milly85 - pretty_sass82 -
Waiting in the Dr's office to talk to a "specialist" (OBGYN) to determine whether I can try for a #vbac...#28weeks #pregnancy #preschooler #patience
pregnancy - preschooler - 28weeks - vbac - patience -
heidihorne22 : I hope you can! It's a fun experience. I did it with Tay. But had another breech baby for #3 so couldn't deliver. Silly! Hope you can!!!!
staceypaje : Any advice on preparing mentally/emotionally @heidihorne22 ???
heidihorne22 : For a VBAC? Just know that anything could happen. Have an open mind to delivering or having a c section. And know...BOTH have their own recoveries. Delivering was a while different kind of recovery... :) and either way is just as special. But I wanted to give it a shot bc I only had c section because bk was breech. So it was worth a shot!! God knows exactly how baby needs to enter this world!!
staceypaje : Yes that's exactly how Im taking it...I do want to try cause Ill never know I'd I dont. SO great to hear that it was worth it for you @heidihorne22. True, God knows..:) thanks beautiful Momma!
happybabywrap - charisamy - afunkmomma - meghannreynolds -
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