Assalamualaikum world.. Namaku Azka *salim satu-satu :)
babyboy - vbac - asix -
panduprawira85 : Muaaaaaaaaaaaach
puspasari_susanti : #vbac#babyboy#asix
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I had such a fun day at the UCF game with my boys!! Liam is snoozing in my UCF sling {it was so comfy} while my 9 year old is hitting up all the games/giveaway tents! 😊💕 #neveradullmoment #babywearing #ringsling #keepthemclose #sleepybaby #wearyourbaby #wearallthebabies #ringslings #madewithlove #skintoskin #homebirthbaby #vbac #ucf #goknights
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Team work #serenebirthservices #birthphotography #doula #naturalbirth #VBAC
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New baby earthside. Always amazing. #VBAC #birthwithoutfear @deserei
birthwithoutfear - vbac -
deserei : @kenzieburns2 you got this ❤️❤️
oohlalaaashay : @kenzieburns2 awesome. I'm due in November too for vba3c!
jahmids : Beautiful
linseyfrannypanties : I need this. Again. And again. And again.
jenlove119 : Miss my budd!!! @mralimoe Millers tomorrow going with 3 friends come!!!!
riveratiny : Pa que lleve la camara y me tome una haci @chaya623 lol
chaya623 : Si yo quiero😍😍😍
katelizama : Ooooh baby!! Happy birthday little one 😘
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Baby is thinkin' "YESSS, I MADE IT OUT VBAC STYLE!" This mama truly kept her head game strong and at the end of the day-- she pushes through her wall of self-doubt and proved to herself that she could do it! #successfulvbac #vbac #vbacsuccess #birthwithoutfear #birthphotographer #babygirl #babiesofinstagram #napa #napavalley #california @birthwithoutfear #vbacstyle
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I love you Cori!! You did amazing!! #vbac
vbac -
millersfbg : Tell them congrats! Was it a boy or girl?:)
czsumrall : Thanks @millersfbg it's a boy. We named him Grey.
millersfbg - jastueber - gloria.b86 - jennphillips -
I just gave a set of Blossom Baby onesies to a dear patient going for a twin #VBAC. Let's wish her well! #twins #multiples #blossombabies #onsie
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"AFTER" // THE NURSERY, Y'ALL!!!! :-D I spent all morning working on it! This is the right side of it! I'll post the left side soon, the glider will be over there (it literally just came in 5 mins ago!!! :-D my hubby has to put together)! I'm sure I'll add things here & there... but it's complete for the most part! The climbing monkey & animal decals right over the crib came from DOLLAR TREE, of course! The net and stuffed animals also came from Dollar Tree (its kind of like my FAVE store)! It was a "Halloween" net but once I saw it I had this awesome idea to put his little animals in it since Baby Avery won't be able to sleep with them anytime soon! The foam circles and the animals on them came from Walmart. They are sold separately, the foam animals are actually stickers, so I stuck them on to the circles and placed them all around the room (some not pictured!). I also cut out foam leaf shapes to go under the window sills and right beside the door! The crib bedding, diaper bag, bassinet sleeper, monitors (actually came with the safety kit), plastic crate... EVERYTHING, came from Walmart! #frugalliving!!!!! We also ordered the glider and car seat from there too! Easy, peasy nursery decor FTW! I let Aiden & Andy help me too! Hubby came home on his lunch break and absolutely LOVED it! & said I should open up a daycare LOL! I already feel like I'm running one with just 2 littles at the moment! #creativity#frugaldecor##pregnant#pregnancy#highriskpregnancy#8months#thirdtrimester#octoberbaby#mommytobe#preggers#babynumber3#grateful#boymom#momofboys#itsaboy#boynursery#vbac#csection#36weeks#36weekspregnant#crunchymama#nursery
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kerrilynn44 : So cute!!! I love it!! It looks so peaceful with the sun coming in the windows 😊
gypsy.mama.nc : Thank you!! :-) I LOVE the natural light! ☀☀☀ @kerrilynn44
tristinefleming : Very cute!!
ladybug244 : Love the nursery! #savingsons
cmbbell : @gypsy.mama.nc ahhh so exciting having a place for the new arrival
healthyhappyandfit4u : Looks nice!
payne.donna2015 - thatbabymama - lalabubaby - healthyboymom -
Вот так выглядит доула после родов, где мама только что сама родила дочку после первых родов при помощи кесарева сечения) #доула #tresbebeclass #tresbebe #29роддом #ерпослекс #vbac
tresbebe - 29роддом - vbac - ерпослекс - доула - tresbebeclass -
tres_bebe_class : @dzamilyakkerman спасибо! Молодец, конечно, мама) видишь, сколько в глазах удивления))
jenya_ga : Ух ты! Поздравляю!
shakti_osher : Моя мечта ))
tres_bebe_class : Надеюсь, скоро появится рассказ в нашей рубрике "Мамы о родах"
annajanii : Где рожали?
emmathesheep : Д, ты крутая!
tres_bebe_class : @annajanii в 29 рд)
tres_bebe_class : @emmathesheep рожала-то мама - вот кто настоящий крутыши!)
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So much blue lately and I love it!! 💙💙 Ombre/Tie Dye Ring Sling made for the lovely @sheenahunter! I love how this turned out!! 💕
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mamasmilkyway : #babywearing #ringsling #wearyourbaby #wearallthebabies #skintoskin #keepthemclose #gentleparenting #wearthem #attachmentparenting #crunchymama #sleepydust #fluffmail #waterbaby #mom #breastisbest #breastfeeding #babyshower #baby #pregnancy #expecting #birth #homebirth #vbac #waterbirth #uppymama #naturalmama #ringslings #39weekspregnant #40weekspregnant #pregnant
sheenahunter : I really love the way it turned out! 😍Thank you again!! @mamasmilkyway
jjwickless : 👍
jjwickless - youniquelyhaley - linsey_graff - sheenahunter -
I'm dying. DYING!! This is so rad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @birthwithoutfear #thiswholemommything #birthwithoutfear #bwf #birthaffirmations #affirmationcards #vbac #vbacwithoutfear #readytorockaVBAC #journeytovbac #futureVBACer #rad #peaceloverainbows #mybodyiscapableandstrong #LOVEit ❤️💛💚💙💜
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Throwback Thursday! >> The very beginning! Around 9/10 weeks. Then 14/15 weeks (the growth restriction started soon after this). And 35 weeks! // Almost 36 weeks! Avery did really good at our appointment today, still small but functioning pretty good right now! I had a dream last night that he was HUGE and looked just like a mini version of my hubby! Counting down the days! About 14 left!!!! #36weeks#35weeks#bumpwatch#bumpupdate#pregnant#pregnancy#highriskpregnancy#8months#thirdtrimester#octoberbaby#mommytobe#preggers#babynumber3#grateful#boymom#momofboys#itsaboy#vbac#csection#35weekspregnant#crunchymama#transformationtuesday
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_gingermom5_ : 🙏 praying over you!!
cruisingcaterpillar : oh mama I'm keeping you in my prayers!
gypsy.mama.nc : Thank you ladies!!! Means so much!!! ❤💟❤💟 @_gingermom5_ @cruisingcaterpillar
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Time to get creative! #NURSERY!!! #pregnant#pregnancy#highriskpregnancy#8months#thirdtrimester#octoberbaby#mommytobe#preggers#babynumber3#grateful#boymom#momofboys#itsaboy#boynursery#vbac#csection#35weeks#35weekspregnant#36weeks#crunchymama#gentleparenting#cosleeping
boynursery - boymom - thirdtrimester - 35weekspregnant - vbac - mommytobe - preggers - nursery - grateful - pregnancy - highriskpregnancy - gentleparenting - 8months - cosleeping - crunchymama - momofboys - 36weeks - pregnant - 35weeks - babynumber3 - csection - octoberbaby - itsaboy -
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#tbt to when I had the most beautiful and healing home birth I could have asked for ❤ couldn't have done it without my beautiful momma! #myelliotrae #homebirth #vbac #birthwithoutfear #nanathedoula
vbac - nanathedoula - myelliotrae - birthwithoutfear - tbt - homebirth -
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4 things #CSections #Moms don't want to hear 1⃣You took the #EasyWayOut 2⃣Are you sure you need a C-Section? 3⃣Do you regret not experiencing birth? 4⃣You're less of a woman for not having a Normal #Birth 🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼🍼 well here's my #situation : it's my 4th C-section 1⃣nothing about being cut open and 8 weeks of #bedrest is easy! 2⃣ yes I'm sure I needed a csection! My babies well being is a #priority and time is of the essence! 👊 2005- my son had a bowel movement 2006- my scar had not heal completely so I couldn't had a #VBAC 2011- found out that in 2006 my #Csection was lateral outside but vertical inside since my #organs we're attach to the #uterus and now 2014 is too much of a #risk to try for a #NormalDelivery besides I'm getting my #tubestide so imma get #surgery either way 😂 3⃣ I #experienced birth! 😉😊👏 I had all the pains, I was alert during #surgery (just not in 2006) 4⃣ I'm not less of a woman! 😠😑 I been told I'm not a "real woman" well guess what?!?! My husband has no complaints! 😝😆😋 and what about the adopted moms and ladies than have difficulty getting #prego?!? We are still women!!! 🙋💁👠💅💄🎀 and most important than being a "real woman" my focus is being a #mother 😘😏😇 #pregoproblems #pregnancy
experienced - vbac - risk - moms - normaldelivery - pregnancy - csections - birth - pregoproblems - tubestide - surgery - organs - prego - csection - bedrest - mother - priority - easywayout - uterus - situation -
cjmoon_86 : @ajchavarria32 you go girl! Having c-sections doesn't make you less of a woman! They don't know what they are saying and obviously they don't know the pain you have to deal with after giving birth! Not to mention or being able to carry your baby right after birth due to your cuts being fresh. We are all women no matter how we deliver our babies. C-sections, natural birth, or adoption it's all comes down to giving those babies our full attention, love, and care. After all, we just want to share our love and be the best mothers we can possibly be for our kids!
ajchavarria32 : @cjmoon_86 👍❤️😊
charleydeeandme : AMEN! Good for you!
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One year ago today I did something that many people told me I couldn't (and shouldn't) do... I had my precious Hadley June in a natural Unmedicated child birth after having Isabella via a c section (#vbac ). After only being able to breastfeed Isabella for 4 months (due to misinformation, a NICU stay & lack of support) I was determined to get it right this time! I had taken the classes, read the books & been to the support groups...I was ready! Well the next 6 months were some of the hardest of my life. It seemed like everything was against us... I suffered through 3 bouts of Mastits, a tounge tie, my Raynaud's syndromes causing nursing to be severely painful, depression, & many people telling me I just need to give up, that I was just "not ment to breastfeed". I refused to believe that a God that designed my body so perfectly to carry and deliver, would not also create me to breastfeed. Fast forward 1 year and we are still going strong!!!!! Although it was not easy we fought through it and here we are today (nursing only from one side ;) ) I share this not to toot my own horn (even though I am SUPER proud of myself) But to let everyone know not to give up! That even though something may not be easy and others are giving you an easy way out... That you don't have to take it!!! Educate and trust in yourself (and God) and you can do all things! #improvingbirth #ican #lll #breastfeeding #knowledgeispower #normalizebreastfeeding #breastisbest #nip #nurseinpublic #vbacfacts #unmedicatedbirth #doula #breastfeedingusa #one #oneyear #extendedbreastfeeding #icandoallthings
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ssullivanphotography : Love it!! Way to go momma!!
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🎉🎊40 weeks!! 👶🚼#40weekspregnant #40weeks #vbac #babybump #expecting #9monthspregnant #dueseptember17 #dueseptember2014 #septemberbaby #virgobaby #virgo #love #motherhood
babybump - virgo - 40weekspregnant - vbac - dueseptember17 - 9monthspregnant - dueseptember2014 - virgobaby - motherhood - expecting - septemberbaby - love - 40weeks -
misfitmarilyn14 : Good luck mama! I had the same due date, my induction isn't until the 29th tho :/
thischickfromcanada : Yaaaa!
misfitmarilyn14 - heatherbecker - happybabywrap -
How is it possible that this baby is 8 months old today?! I swear it seems like she's just 3 months old. Cannot believe eight months has passed already. #SecondBabyTimeWarp #cfbmilestones #vbac #vbacbaby
vbacbaby - secondbabytimewarp - vbac - cfbmilestones -
cookiesforbfast : Have passed* omgggg 😩
laughclan : She is looking more like Benjamin! ❤️
hydermommy : Can I just have her!!! Gorgeous Julia!
wonderfullyimperfectlife : She is adorable!
adayinmollywood : I knowwwww! I'm sad :(
cnhauk : 8 months?!? STOP!
cookiesforbfast : @laughclan that's funny - you're the second person to say that recently! The strange thing is that she looks like hubs and he looks like me, and yet they look alike.
cookiesforbfast : @hydermommy haha aww thank you! So wish we could get our four together!!
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Welcome Garrett 💙💙 Born September 17th on my due date!! He was a successful VBAC!! 👍👍💪 weight of 8lbs, 11oz. He is so sweet and smart!! ❤❤ love my boys!! #40weekspregnant #healthypregnancy #pregnancy #newmommy #newborn #babyboy #9monthspregnant #love
newmommy - vbac - 40weekspregnant - healthypregnancy - love - 9monthspregnant - newborn - pregnancy - babyboy -
ashtons_mommy2012 : So beautiful, very happy for you!! 😍😘❤️💋
gett_it : #vbac
gett_it : Thanks he's perfect!! 😊😊😍😍 @tamz19865 @healthychick81 @hjdavies23 @cantusanb @ashtons_mommy2012 ❤💙💚
dannisen : Congratulations ! 💕💕💕💕
cantusanb : How was the labor? I'm getting nervous going to try for drug free.
gett_it : This labour was so very painful campares to my first. I couldn't believe how difficult it was, I do not want to go through that ever again!! Lol @cantusanb
gett_it : Thank you!!😊😊 @dannisen
cantusanb : Ahh did you go without pain meds? Im so sorry now I'm scared
13ubblebutt - amandahlynn26 - mamatoavery - heatherbecker -
#34weeks #6weekstogo #VBAC #Gonnarockit #babyboy #countdown
countdown - vbac - babyboy - 6weekstogo - 34weeks - gonnarockit -
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Crib, bassinet sleeper, safety kit & bath items: done and done! ❤👣❤👣 Left to do: DECOR DECOR DECOR, assemble the glider, baby laundry, sterilize bink binks & bottles, pack his diaper bag, add a little more to his diaper/wipe stock, create baby log book, GIVE BIRTH & probably a few other things that I'm forgetting #mommybrain LOL! // Doctor's appointment later! :-) #pregnant#pregnancy#highriskpregnancy#8months#thirdtrimester#octoberbaby#mommytobe#preggers#babynumber3#grateful#boymom#momofboys#itsaboy#nursery#boynursery#vbac#csection#35weeks#35weekspregnant#36weeks#crunchymama#gentleparenting#cosleeping
boynursery - boymom - thirdtrimester - 35weekspregnant - vbac - mommytobe - preggers - nursery - grateful - pregnancy - highriskpregnancy - gentleparenting - 8months - cosleeping - crunchymama - momofboys - 36weeks - pregnant - 35weeks - babynumber3 - csection - mommybrain - octoberbaby - itsaboy -
hunzi0912 : Looks beautiful, im Praying for you.
peppy_jeppy : What is a baby log book?
thevaletgirl : Awwww! So cute! I'm excited for you. May God continue to bless you and your family!
gypsy.mama.nc : Thanks ladies, so much!!!! XO❤💖 @hunzi0912 I'm bursting with excitement and so many other emotions right now!! @thevaletgirl // @peppy_jeppy it's a way of keeping track of diapers (wet or dry), feedings (breast/bottle & how long or much) and sleeping times! :-)
peppy_jeppy : Very cool!! Great idea! We did something a bit similar for both of ours. We used a white board and dry erase markers. ;)
gypsy.mama.nc : @peppy_jeppy That's a really great idea too, the dry erase board!!! I'm just a sucker for baby memorabilia and one day I'll probably be like "aw at this time 12 years ago you had a 2 oz of milk followed by a poppy diaper!" LOL Hmmm... now you have me thinking about doing a dry erase board too, just for daily convenience and could transfer it to the log book at a later time!!! 👍👍
peppy_jeppy : Hey, yeah! That would work really well. Than u have the convenience factor, just like u mentioned and can log later...the best of both worlds. :)
_katharinaelizabeth - okcsi - mrs__p11 - healthyboymom -
#happybirthday to my awesome #threenager #Dash! Life has been a whirlwind since you joined our family three years ago! You were my first #VBAC baby, and gave me a faith in myself that had been stripped away years before your birth.
happybirthday - dash - vbac - threenager -
careymarie88 : Happy birthday
faedorah - carrie3 - mista_boognish - jojo_jasso -
I was blessed to have all #vaginalbirth I have many friends and family members whom had #cesareanbirth #vbac #csection #vaginaldelivery #childbirth #birthchannel #laboranddelivery #blessed #grateful #thankful #humble #thankyouJesus
vbac - vaginaldelivery - humble - birthchannel - blessed - vaginalbirth - csection - thankful - grateful - cesareanbirth - childbirth - thankyoujesus - laboranddelivery -
cookiesforbfast - row1demopolis - djrollem - jessica_fazekas -
Eeeeek!!!"BEFORE" getting started on Avery's nursery!!! RIGHT NOW! Eeeeek!!! :-D He'll be using the SAME crib that both Aiden and Andy used! #sosweet! :-) The glider & car seat will be in this Friday! We chose a jungle theme, but it may end up looking a bit more eclectic when I'm done with it unless I decide to keep it simple! I bought a few decals & a banner today, but I'm still looking around for a few more decorations even know he'll be rooming with us in our bed (yes, we #cosleep!!!:)) & his bassinet at first! I'll be making a few things too! Excited to meet our little one!!! #LotsOfBabyLaundryToDoAndHeIsntEvenHereYet! ❤👣❤👣 MORE PICS COMING SOON!!! #pregnant#pregnancy#highriskpregnancy#8months#thirdtrimester#octoberbaby#mommytobe#preggers#babynumber3#boymom#momofboys#itsaboy#nursery#vbac#csection#35weeks#35weekspregnant#crunchymama#gentleparenting#cosleeping#daddytobe
cosleep - boymom - thirdtrimester - 35weekspregnant - vbac - mommytobe - preggers - nursery - crunchymama - pregnancy - highriskpregnancy - gentleparenting - 8months - cosleeping - momofboys - pregnant - sosweet - daddytobe - babynumber3 - csection - lotsofbabylaundrytodoandheisntevenhereyet - octoberbaby - itsaboy - 35weeks -
thelittlestway : Co sleepers here too. Our theory has been for the most number of people in the house to get the most amount of sleep each night and rolling over to nurse fits the criteria. Just started following your IG feed. Love, love, love your Bible journaling.
tristinefleming : We had to cosleep with Tavin too. It was the only way he'd sleep... And the only time I slept! 😉
gypsy.mama.nc : Yes!!! Co sleeping is just a way of life for us with a little infant... And occasionally our toddlers during storms (^_^). It was seriously the ONLY way that I got sleep with our other two at first! Babies need to be with their mamas to sleep peacefully! It's really so much less stressful than having to get up and walk to the next room every time the baby makes a little peep... :-) @tristinefleming And thank you so, so much!! ❤💖 @thelittlestway
ya.sanford2015 - eleana.92 - pinkkandy - thehighwaythrifters -
You guys, this online community is amazing. Thank you so much for all of your congratulations and kind words. Truly. As for me, I'm still in shock we are going to have a daughter! I can't stop staring at baby girl's profile. ❤️ #20weeks #pregnancy #motherhood #theeverydayproject #our_everyday_moments #birthwithoutfear #vbac #hbac
vbac - hbac - birthwithoutfear - motherhood - pregnancy - theeverydayproject - 20weeks - laugherybaby2 - our_everyday_moments -
cookiesforbfast : I was trolling the vbac hashtag, as I often do, and look, here you are!!!! So beyond thrilled for you!
laughclan : @cookiesforbfast here I am!!! So excited for the second half of this pregnancy journey.
jessica_a_anderson : ❤️
laughclan : @lifelovelattes @shirazinmysippycup thank you! 😊
laughclan : @sarbearbenson thanks!! I'm excited to experience both!
laughclan : #laugherybaby2
briarhandmade : Hey you are in the PNW! I'm in Vancouver, WA. Yay for baby girls!
laughclan : @briarhandmade WA born, never leaving! ❤️
cookiesforbfast - ilovejustin81 - angela__strand - mrshughes937 -
💥500 followers!!! WOO HOO!! 😄🎉👍 I am so excited and have decided to do a fun raffle for a NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS Ring Sling!!! The sling will be 100% cotton, double layered~ one side black and one side purple and will include ONE of the iron-on images in the picture, on the tail of the sling! Either, Jack & Sally OR Jack with a personalized Mickey!! 😊 You can purchase 🎫1 ticket for $1, 🎫6 tickets for $5 and 🎫15 tickets for $10! I will have this raffle open until Sunday night at 12am EST so I can have your sling completed and sent to you by October 1st!! If you tag someone and she/he buys a raffle ticket, then I'll give you an extra raffle ticket {only if you've bought a ticket(s)}! Using Paypal, send gifted amount to mamasmilkyway@yahoo.com and leave your IG name in memo section!! Winner will be chosen Monday morning, 9/22!!! 💀💜🎃💕🎄
breastfeeding - 40weekspregnant - crunchymama - vbac - 39weekspregnant - attachmentparenting - jackskellington - wearallthebabies - babyshower - pregnancy - keepthemclose - wearthem - birth - baby - gentleparenting - skintoskin - sleepydust - breastisbest - waterbirth - pregnant - ringsling - homebirth - waterbaby - ringslings - fluffmail - wearyourbaby - nightmarebeforechristmas - expecting - uppymama - babywearing -
mamasmilkyway : #babywearing #ringsling #wearyourbaby #wearallthebabies #skintoskin #keepthemclose #gentleparenting #wearthem #attachmentparenting #crunchymama #sleepydust #fluffmail #waterbaby #jackskellington #breastisbest #breastfeeding #babyshower #baby #pregnancy #expecting #birth #homebirth #vbac #waterbirth #uppymama #nightmarebeforechristmas #ringslings #39weekspregnant #40weekspregnant #pregnant
chelseajoyce92 : How much would it cost to buy one like this outright? :) @mamasmilkyway
jjwickless : 👏
hellochristyy - keviiinskywalker - ashtonemily - hackler2015 -
We've been keeping a 20 week secret! {Link in profile and gender reveal!}
naturalbirth - homebirth - birthnaturally -
lori_williams : Congrats!!!!
mrsreude2008 : I'm so glad you finally told! I've only known for a week and a half, but it was killing me lol
jennab124 : Congrats!!!
laughclan : @mrsreude2008 haha you did?! From Laurie?
mrsreude2008 : Haha yah she spilled the beans 😊
laughclan : #homebirth #birthnaturally #naturalbirth
katespiller : So happy for you!!! Hope all is well an you are feeling good!
laughclan : @katespiller thank you so much! 😘
cookiesforbfast - valley_grl - ilovejustin81 - mrshughes937 -
A little infographic work this afternoon...
birthbusiness - vbac - hbac - ican - csections - infographic - birth - naturalbirth - icansandiego -
soybrooke : can I take lessons??
justaddsunshineinc : Looks great!!
design_wright : @soybrooke haha! Sure! Piano for illustrator?? 😉
design_wright : @justaddsunshineinc thanks friend!
design_wright : #infographic #naturalbirth #vbac #hbac #csections #birth #birthbusiness #ican #icansandiego
getpicpack : wonderful
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VBAC - vaginal birth after caesarean #youcandoit #vbac #doula #carriagehousebirth #hireadoula
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hellylou87 : Are women allowed to have vaginal births after sections? Is one thing that's put me off not having another baby, not getting a choice and having to have a section!
nancfarmer : Yes! YES! Yes! It is your body! Find a supportive care provider, educate yourself to the max! And Find your local ICAN group! VBAC IS your right! @hellylou87
mamastormborn : @hellylou87 my mom had 2 VBACs and 2 CBACs (one emergency, one elective. as a doula, I've attended 2 successful VBACs and 1 that became an elective CBAC.
deemprincess : Doesn't it depend on how many c-sections you've had previously?
hellylou87 : I've had just one baby who turned 5 days before my due date and was breech. They said they couldn't turn her and that I had to have a section the following day! Was a huge rush and I felt completely disconnected from the whole process and my baby! I'd love another baby but the thought of being made to have another section and not ever getting to feel what labour feels like and not getting a choice, and how I personally feel having a section lead to PND, stops me from even thinking about it!! Is good to know it is possible though!! X x
bloomingbirthrva : @hellylou87 There's a great website called vbacfacts.com that you should check out. Also, find an ican chapter in your area. The first step for a successful vbac is educating yourself. Then, find a supportive provider and birthing location. Stay positive!
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Oh this is so so true!! No one but my husband and my doula saw my VBAC birth plan but it was so empowering to educate myself and be ready for EVERYTHING. #birthwithoutfear #vbac
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Tonight I was reminded that #birthmatters !!! An amazing birth group that supports all of us in our own unique journeys. It's not throwback Thursday or flashback Friday but this picture of Levi's birth makes me nostalgic. Tonight was a wonderful night celebrating #vbac and #hbac mommas! Love my #glitterhippies #birthwithoutfear #vbacwithoutfear
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mariamayzel : Love it!
yoginimama127 : Love, love, love this!
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Ice Dyeing a size 6 wrap with beautiful ocean colors!🌊 Her inspiration was the ocean water with different hues of blues. 💙 Believe it or not, that purple turns out blue. 😊 I can't wait to see this finished!! 💕
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35 weeks + 3 days!!!!! // 8 months! We went to the doctor today, but still have to go back in 3 days, so an update on Baby Avery will be posted then! But as far as we know, we are looking at a little less than 3 weeks for his arrival. 38w for me but only around 34w for him... More info soon. ❤❤❤ Thank you so so so much to everyone who has been lifting us up in prayer! #pregnant#pregnancy#highriskpregnancy#8months#thirdtrimester#octoberbaby#mommytobe#preggers#babynumber3#boymom#momofboys#itsaboy#ultrasound#nonstresstest#vbac#csection#35weeks#35weekspregnant#prayer#jesuschrist#faith#hope#praying
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gypsy.mama.nc : Yes!!!! I feel the same way!!! Thanks to God of course and everyone's prayers!!! :-D ❤🙌 @tristinefleming
lalabubaby : Congrats :)
sahetta : Looking good mama! Take care of yourself <3
gypsy.mama.nc : Thank you, savoring my last few weeks of being able to have a normal sleep schedule and time to rest during my toddlers' nap time!!! (^_^) ❤💟 @sahetta // thanks! :-) @ lalabubaby!
kerrilynn44 : You look gorgeous!! My thoughts and prayers are with you and Avery and the rest of your family ❤️
charl8johnson : Thanks so much for the mini update. You look great and growth is upon you... #goodsign #ToGodBeTheGlory
gypsy.mama.nc : Thanks y'all!! ❤💟❤💟 ☺ @kerrilynn44 @charl8johnson
nattyrf511 : You are so adorable
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