Random splurges of beauty on my bed! #vera #verabradley #vb #indigopop #vavabloom #cocoamoss #laneonrose #sunvalley #beauty #obsessed #love #random #neverenough #brightestyearever #f4f #s4s 💞🎀💖💁
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yankeesfan6288 : Can i buy that backpack from you @verabradleyxoxox
gottaluvvera : 😍
zoie6556 - give_me_vera - pink_fashion_giraffe - i.s.a.b.r.i.n.a -
Love my #vavabloom #tote and #laneonrose #zippidykeychain ! I got the tote for 15 dollars on clearance!! 💁💁💁 Happy #nationalhandbagday ! #verabradley #vera #vb #brightestyearever #becolorful #fbf #awesomedeal #greatdeal #clearance
verabradley - vb - vavabloom - tote - brightestyearever - becolorful - awesomedeal - greatdeal - zippidykeychain - nationalhandbagday - vera - laneonrose - fbf - clearance -
verabradleystyle : 😘🌸
gottaluvvera : Awesome deal on the Tote! 💕
verabradleyxoxox : @verabcollection @gottaluvvera thank you ladies 😘💞
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Yay my bag & matching wallet came! 😍😍 #verabradley #loveee #wallet #bag #hipster #vavabloom
verabradley - wallet - vavabloom - bag - hipster - loveee -
verabradleystyle : ❤🌸
gottaluvvera : 😍
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#tbt #vavabloom Valentines day order for @mariamcloy by @noksangoma. I really want to develop a range of vases, loved this.
vavabloom - tbt -
sokhayatyumre - noksangoma - buhlen -
Which bag is which? #twins #vavabloom
vavabloom - twins -
robidee22 : 😍😍😍😍
robidee22 - misfired_potato -
Lay down on your pillow and turn the lights down low let me take you to the garden where the passion flower grows Close your eyes and enter dreams as love's emotion sets the scene and flitters through the garden where the passion flower grows Touch the tender petals of the flower as she grows a tentative endeavour as your feelings overflow Let me draw you to the place where ecstasy can be embraced the beauty of the garden where the passion flower grows Feel your mind exploding in the heavy scented air experience the shiver as your captured unaware A little touch of heaven where imagination flows the valley in the garden where the passion flower grows. Charles M. Moore #loveflora #passion #passionflower #pollendancer #perfectpetals #abunchofsmiles #vavabloom #nature #poem #theultimateartist #theartofnature #sheffield #socialsheffield
socialsheffield - poem - pollendancer - vavabloom - nature - sheffield - abunchofsmiles - theartofnature - perfectpetals - loveflora - passion - theultimateartist - passionflower -
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It came!!! 😍😍😍👜👜 One of my favorite retired patterns next to Provençal! #VeraMail #VeraBradley #VaVaBloom #TwoWayTote #VB #brightestyearever #crossbody #tote
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harajukubeauty : #gottaluvvera
maryssadering : My print!!:)
maryssadering : #twinning
harajukubeauty : @maryssadering yes!! Your backpack! Ugh, i wanted that backpack too, but they didnt have it in Va Va Bloom 😭
gottaluvvera : 💖💕
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Милейшая сумка #кроссбоди #onthego в цвете #flutterby. Родственница #clare, немного другой формы)) есть внешний карман на молнии, такой же и еще три мелких внутри, два небольших боковых! При небольших размерах сумки количество карманов приятно удивляет!)))
vavabloom - clare - marussi - vbbutterfy - fanfare - розовый - crossbody - pink - lola - onthego - красиваямама - марусси - гв - vbonthego - сумканакаждыйдень - bag - кроссбоди - flutterby - цветы - сумка - myvbmoscow - одеждадлякормления -
myverabradley : #сумка #сумканакаждыйдень #crossbody #bag #розовый #pink #цветы #myvbmoscow #marussi #марусси #гв #одеждадлякормления #красиваямама
mvastafyeva : Я решила, пока не могу выбрать расцветку рюка, куплю сумочку кромсбоди небольшую))) и теперь не могу выбрать clare, on the go или little hipster нет смайлика, бьющегося головой о стену)))
mvastafyeva : А clare или on the go только в розовеньких расцветках? Не ожидается других?
mvastafyeva : Когда в поисковике вбиваешь clare показывается несколько расцветов, но они в наличии?
myverabradley : @mvastafyeva Clare в наличии одна пока, #vavabloom. Скоро приедет еще одна такая бело-розово-зеленая с неочень ярко выраженым рисунком. Отшибло мне как цвет называется, позже напишу))) on the go есть в расцветке #flutterby и #lola. Lola просто еще не выложила на сайт)) но она уже в наличии. И скоро приедет еще в одной #fanfare такая белая с черно-желтыми узорами
myverabradley : @mvastafyeva марьяна, найдите меня в фб, Марыся Любимова. Я вам напишу)))
mvastafyeva : @myverabradley отправила заявку)
myverabradley : #vbonthego #vbbutterfy
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#velvetowlphotography #sunshine #vavabloom #maternity #lifestyle
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janamr : Okay is it just me or have your pictures gone to a whole new level? Amazing love it! Way to go Heidi!!
katiecannonphotos : @janamr It's not just you, I've noticed too!! Awesome job @hide_illy_velvetowlphotography
hfrey91110 : I just love everything about this photo 💗 @hide_illy_velvetowlphotography @kryscott
luluedward : Wonderful!!
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I believe I have a thing for vera Bradley.😍 #verabradley #vavabloom #uiowa14
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exoticambitions : #cute #trend #tumblr
exoticambitions : #latepost #likeback #lp
exoticambitions : #l4l #tflers #tagsforlikes
exoticambitions : #college #freshman #me
exoticambitions : #duffel #bag #bags
exoticambitions : #igers #instadaily #instalikes
robbybechler : haha awesome
bryerleather : So Dapper
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Outlet shopping!! #verahaul #verabradley Awesome deals!
verabradley - verahaul - heather - plumcrazy - midnightblues - verryberrypaisley - vavabloom - clementine -
kyhall4 : #clementine #plumcrazy #heather #midnightblues #verryberrypaisley #vavabloom
mrsbush18 - i.s.a.b.r.i.n.a - verabradleystyle - give_me_vera -
Mom sent me this picture this morning...looks like we did a little damage yesterday... #verabradley #vavabloom 💐🌸🌺
verabradley - vavabloom -
tjhartman20 : That's not even right...
ucci19 : OMG 😍
karlimudrinich : Right @tjhartman20 ???? Too much!!!
mculp21 : This is heaven!!!! 😍😍😍😍
stashasecrets : I think you have VBD !!
ggcrilley - mculp21 - melaniiiiie_ - karenbouch -
@catherine41814 'a New Bed Spread in Va Va Bloom!!! 😍💗😄 I love it!
pink - paisley - fashion - vavabloom - verabradleygirlhashtag - color - purse - tumblr - orange - food - bedroom - roomdecor - verabradley - flower - purple - pattern - bedspread - green - diy - fun - teenbedroom -
catherinemagnusson00 : It's great.💜💚💞😍
verabradley_girll : #verabradley #vavabloom #flower #tumblr #color #orange #pink #green #purple #pattern #verabradleygirlhashtag #fashion #food #purse #bedspread #teenbedroom #bedroom #roomdecor #diy #fun #paisley
fricaine_brand : Neat pattern.
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New addition:) #ipadsleeve #verabradley #vavabloom
verabradley - verabcollection - vavabloom - ipadsleeve -
lauraleesa : #verabcollection
verabradleystyle : ❤👍
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Looka there! What does Mittens have??!!?! It looks like she has mommies new #VaVaBloom #weekender !! 😻❤️👛❤️😻 #verabradleycats #verabradley #cat #cats #catsofinstagram #tuxedocat #blackandwhitecat
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Bday flowers from #vavabloom
vavabloom -
mountainsnowkat : Hippo birdie two ewe!
hillbillydad : Happy birthday !!
puddin_g : Thanks y'alls!!!
evegburton : Happy bday @puddin_g!
mountainsnowkat - hillbillydad - evegburton -
#vavabloom ...thats the tune, bada bing bada boom.
vavabloom -
k_rissyriss : Get a new purse?!
k_rissyriss -
Последний из могикан) единственный гибридный рюкзак в наличии, все остальные пока кончились) спешите))) #vavabloom #backpacktote #myvbmoscow
messengerbabybag - lola - vavabloom - juleptulip - plumcrazy - midnightblues - convertiblecrossbody - venetianpaisley - backpacktote - myvbmoscow -
myverabradley : @willow_ka пока никаких)) едут, приедут в течение недели. Завтра можно будет просто посмотреть разве что, я привезу в цвете #midnightblues - но он уже куплен. Я его как раз отдам. А едет в цвете #venetianpaisley точно, еще кажется #plumcrazy. Я сейчас без своего файла на даче пока) не помню точно))) завтра с утра смогу сказать
willow_ka : @myverabradley да я тогда завтра приеду посмотрю на рюкзачок, еще интересуют Hipster, Clare, On the go, в цветах lime's up, heather, Olivia pink
myverabradley : @willow_ka в таких цветах нет, только что есть на сайте в разделах кроме архива. То есть если по поиску в каталоге они видны - это не значит что они есть)) нужно смотреть только в разделах сумки или по цветам. Эти модели есть: Clare в #vavabloom, on the go в #lola, hipster в #vavabloom и #juleptulip. А в heather есть кроссбоди #convertiblecrossbody
willow_ka : @myverabradley ну мне бы посмотреть хотя бы на них в живую пощупать цвет лола я не нашла а juleptulip, интересно, сможете все три завтра привезти в разных цветах посмотреть?
myverabradley : @willow_ka да, привезу конечно!)) буду к двум)
willow_ka : @myverabradley отлично, а на сайте я еще нашла on the go on flutterby, lola нашла) отличный цвет
myverabradley : @willow_ka да, точно!)) flutterby и lola, ага. Привезу))
willow_ka : @myverabradley спасибо
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Vera Bradley Print Bags - Perfect for any Vera Bradley lover... NWT! - $varies #verabradley #vavabloom #flower #quilt #print #colorpop #iwant #weship #resale #retailtherapy #retailtherapyresale #consignment #houston #cypress #tomball #texas #ootd #shop #shopmycloset #purse #handbag #tote
shop - houston - vavabloom - retailtherapyresale - quilt - cypress - purse - retailtherapy - weship - iwant - consignment - ootd - handbag - tomball - verabradley - flower - colorpop - tote - shopmycloset - resale - print - sold - texas -
retailtherapyresale : #sold
margarettefh - bringingpeopletogether - healthymomforlife - i.s.a.b.r.i.n.a -
Пока внеконкурсное фото новой сумки #caroline в цвете #vavabloom. Ксюша ну просто очень фотогенична, именно глядя на это фото пришла идея сделать конкурс #bestvbmodel. Ведь оказывается настоящая красотка есть в каждой из вас, дамы) даже если вы никогда не прочили себя в модели))) спасибо, Ксюша)
bestvbmodel - caroline - vavabloom - baroque -
lisoenok : Марина, это тебе спасибо за возможность выступить в необычном для себя качестве:) мне жутко понравилось:)))
vsyanka : Блин) а такая сумка есть в наличии?)
julia_i_butuzy : Ого!! Ксюшу не узнать!! Суперскиефото! Ксюша - звезда! :))
myverabradley : Хихи, да @vsyanka , есть в наличии в цвете vavabloom, одна штука) есть еще эта же модель Caroline в #baroque
myverabradley : @julia_i_butuzy да, Ксюша прекрасна, бесспорно)))
myverabradley - nikademuss - ruana - inadya -
I only travel with Vera 💁❤️ #jazzyblooms #vavabloom #lillibell #marinapaisley #veryberrypaisley #verabradley
verabradley - vavabloom - marinapaisley - jazzyblooms - veryberrypaisley - lillibell -
hailee_debold : What's the front pattern on the right called? @shayebrown2016
shayebrown2016 : Vavabloom @haileemdebold
hailee_debold : I don't know the names, I just know the prints that I like, ha @shayebrown2016
allison_arnold - angelika_runs - vera_holics - alexisw21 -
Супер-мама-сумка уже на сайте! Это придумал гений, однозначно!) незаменима для мам с грудничками, пеленка разворачивается прямо из сумки! #makeagangebabybag #vavabloom #myvbmoscow #сумкадлямамы
myvbmoscow - makeagangebabybag - vavabloom - сумкадлямамы -
nikademuss - dreamcatcher_kz - thevbqueen - g_shea11 -
Day 16/100 I love cool craft projects, and this one turned out better than I expected! With a little mod podge and some Vera napkins, I made my Va Va Bloom initial! Crafts make me so happy! Now where to hang it... #100happydays #verabradley #vavabloom #brightestyearever
100happydays - verabradley - vavabloom - obsessed - brightestyearever -
ociliberti25 : #SoulPrint
msbeccaparker : #obsessed 😍😂
gottaluvvera : Looks awesome! Great idea! 😊💕
msbeccaparker : Aww thank you!! 💖
mom2my4babes : Mind if I ask which napkins you used? The paper ones or fabric? Thx!'s ADORABLE!
msbeccaparker : @mom2my4babes not at all! For this I used the cloth napkins, but they are VERY hard to work with! The paper ones are a whole lot easier to mod podge with! But since Va Va Bloom is my favorite and they never made paper napkins in that pattern I had to settle for the cloth ones. Still turned out pretty great but it was much more difficult than usual!! Lol lol hope this helps! 😊
gottaluvvera - _carolinewarren_ - karaiswhatweaimfor - h.schnettler34 -
Сегодня приехало много новинок в цвете #vavabloom. Вот например долгожданный рюкзак для мам #doublezipbackpack. Уже на сайте, 3950 рублей. Было два, остался в наличии один! Остальные новинки постепенно вывешу на сайт завтра))) там много интересного)))))
vavabloom - doublezipbackpack -
olya_che_ : Где такие юбки раздают:)?
myverabradley : О, это очень просто @olya_che_ в лавке с сокровищами @chudesign, на фото Ульяна - сама хозяйка медной горы)))
workroom_of_km - aliskin - iuliya - irishafedotova -
@jordanjtodd my umbrella came in today! #vavabloom #verabradley 😁😍
verabradley - vavabloom -
_briannahallock : @airmansangelll I didn't either until I first saw this one last year and it my absolute FAVORITEEEE.
_briannahallock : @airmansangelll I have 4 or 5 things in all different prints too :P I'm just obsessed with this one haha
jordanjtodd : @_briannahallock love it!!! :)
jordanjtodd : @airmansangelll I never get the same pattern either! Haha :)
airmansangelll : It's soooo cute!! Now that it's on sale I bought my backpack in it!! 😍
_briannahallock : @airmansangelll I'm thinking of ordering the back pack soon too and use it for school when I start next fall!
jordanjtodd : @_briannahallock @airmansangelll I have had the backpack for 3 years. Love it & it has traveled all over the US with me! Lasts forever
islaand_girl : Haha @_briannahallock I JUST bought a shit ton from their sale !
faithtucker_ - valentin_mariel - _briannascott - hippy_chickk -
Won this beauty half price on eBay! It's brand spankin new too! So if everyone else could send they're va ba bloom items my way that'd be great because I am in LOVE! So now I have a lap top case, zip id case, and duffel in my favorite print! #verabradley #vavabloom #feelinglucky
verabradley - feelinglucky - vavabloom -
_briannahallock : @jordanjtodd kind of but I never go out in it! Haha it carrys your phone and money like a wallet. I think I'll get the lanyard bc I have the zip is case and I can wear both around my neck with the lanyard!
_briannahallock : @jordanjtodd never mind I just ordered the umbrella hahaha. I just couldn't pass it up! I almost got a lily Pulitzer umbrella the other day and regretted not doing it, so I just had too! @garra_schulze it's my fav!!!!
jordanjtodd : @_briannahallock I almost got a free umbrella because of how much I was going to spend but I waited one day too long and the offer was gone :(
_briannahallock : @jordanjtodd oh man I'd be so bummed!! I got my lap top bag (it's actually just the messenger bag but I use it for my laptop and school books) on the very last day just hours before the 40%(I think it was?) sale was over haha. We'll technically my grandmother got it for me.
jordanjtodd : @_briannahallock I have a backpack, wallet, purse, and duffel by vera. I'm just obsessed LOL
_briannahallock : @jordanjtodd I already had a comestic bag, hipster, notepad and pencil, reading glasses with a case, and a purse/diaper bag. The messenger, duffle and umbrella will all be new! I just want to collect it all hahaha
_briannahallock : Oh! And the zip id case and I think that's all..
heatherknappxo : They have this new print in a makeup bag new with tags on eBay to for pretty cheap! Saw it this morning when browsing!
of_course_i - zackpilcher - lovejaelle - lauren_rendall -
I do love a cute #monogram. #verabradley #vavabloom
monogram - verabradley - vavabloom -
verabradleystyle - smurrey76 - carolinemclain - ida_lynette -
Treated myself to two new @verabradley bangles today! So excited!
verabradley - ribbons - vavabloom - veralove -
msbeccaparker : #verabradley #vavabloom #ribbons #veralove
x0tiffanylynn0x - meetkatherine - esthera108 - lisalovesverabradley -
#newlunchbox #verabradly #vavabloom ❤️👍
verabradly - newlunchbox - vavabloom -
_briannahallock - verabradleystyle - kimberlymdemara - kwb75 -
Day 2/100 One of my favorite spots in this whole world... My bed!! Haha 😊 Comfy, warm, and covered in #vavabloom of course! Makes me so happy! #100happydays #verabradley
100happydays - verabradley - vavabloom -
ociliberti25 : Baroque throw blanket? I LOVE IT! 😋💚 #VeraLove
bsm_verabradley : Love tha bed.!'😍
msbeccaparker : @ociliberti25 yes it is! That would be Minnie's blankie! Hahaha 🐶🐾
msbeccaparker : And thanks @bsm_verabradley ! ❤️
gottaluvvera : 💕
theheritageshop - souliemolie - carlanicole91 - brezzy2800 -
#filofax #filofaxsaffiano #filofaxlove #purple #verabradley #vavabloom
verabradley - vavabloom - filofaxlove - purple - filofaxsaffiano - filofax -
sweetly_evil : Such a beauty!!
cooks247 - krobrph - patwisse - jackie_lovez_music18 -
Just a little late, but a few off favorite colors. I'm so bummed they don't make this pattern any more! #julyphotochallenge #daysix #verabradley #vavabloom
daysix - verabradley - julyphotochallenge - vavabloom -
eelalli : This is random- but I'm in LI for the weekend! There's a Vera Bradley store in East Northport right?!
superb91 : @eelalli hey sorry I'm just seeing this! There is one at the Walt Whitman mall in Huntington on 110, and then the other one that's a little further is in the Smithhaven mall.
craftynail - eelalli - x0tiffanylynn0x - dnriker -
My new @verabradley just came in. :D #loveit #vavabloom
loveit - vavabloom -
libby_lou7 - paigeyvance - alex_brubaker - alovegrove13 -
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