1st Indy van club meeting, 3 vans, 5 guys, not a bad start. #Chevy #van #chevyvan #dodge #dodgevan #vanner #vanning #vannin #vanlife #vandeath #customvanner #slowlyweroll #rollingheavy #indy #Indianapolis #indiana
dodge - vannin - indianapolis - rollingheavy - vanlife - slowlyweroll - van - chevyvan - indy - chevy - vanner - vanning - vandeath - dodgevan - indiana - customvanner -
hoosier_dixie : @jstrakertroublemaker no sweat dude! I'd take an original copy of Wild About You by The Missing Links! 😎
jstrakertroublemaker : Hahahhahaahhaa done !
rollingheavymagazine : ⚑️⚑️⚑️
bobberbri : So Where's the free candy signs
matt.bernhardt : Will do 😝
customvannermagazine : Nicccceee
hoosier_dixie : @customvannermagazine the black one on the end is a 93 conversion van with the early grille. It's a real stunner.
customvannermagazine : Dude that's awesome. I've always wanted to build a clone like that. I'm surprised its not done more often. All the joys of TBI and overdrive with the one thing you need on that era Chev to look old school: that grill.
kenbowyamamoto - s.16.k - koji878 - hymerlife -
Van broke down the other night. I suspected it was the battery, voltage regulator or alternator. Turns out it was just the alternator belt, an easy fix. Got it all right and tight then took it for a spin around the neighborhood. #Chevy #chevyvan #g10 #van #vanner #vanning #vanlife #vandeath #q95 #indy #Indianapolis #indiana #naptown #circlecity
vanlife - indianapolis - van - chevyvan - indy - naptown - chevy - q95 - vanning - circlecity - vanner - vandeath - indiana - g10 -
mkefer : Hell yes!
donniejunk : Cool van dude !
texdeath : Nice! !!
hepcat1963 : There's that sticker... :)
wagonguy1970 : What year... Sweet van...
seventyfive_van - hudgeq3cma - lettifrank3 - lara.cazden0 -
Tight G30 4x4 window van spotted at Speedway. NY plates, I'm guessing on the way back from Van Nats. #Chevy #chevyvan #g30 #van #vanner #vanning #vanlife #vandeath
g30 - vanlife - van - chevyvan - chevy - vanner - vanning - vandeath -
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New wheels and a good scrub a dub dub. #et #slots #Chevy #g10 #van #vanner #vanlife #vandeath #vangloriousbastards
vanlife - van - vangloriousbastards - vanner - chevy - vandeath - et - slots - g10 -
la_mano_nera : πŸ‘πŸ½
xtianpaige : SIDE PIPES!!
xtianpaige : Also get "eat my shorts" pinstriped on the back
frontstreetcycle : Those look good
matt.bernhardt : Fuggin awesome @hoosier_dixie I second @xtianpaige and the side pipes πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘
hepcat1963 : Lookin' good, @hoosier_dixie :)
hoosier_dixie : @xtianpaige @matt.bernhardt thanks for the suggestion but next up is front shocks, then captains chairs and a fold down rear bench, interior and paint. I probably won't do much under the hood for a while.
sovrnrepublic : Rad!
jim_rockford007 - oldrods.dm - danirae138 - milasxpops -
We've all got wheels... #et #slots #Chevy #g10 #van #vanner #vanning #vanlife #vandeath
vanlife - van - vanner - chevy - vanning - vandeath - et - slots - g10 -
derekxcrocker : I'm about to put mine on too :)
hoosier_dixie : @derekxcrocker will you be home all afternoon?
derekxcrocker : I will be home in a little while. Not sure for how long
ceejmcqueen - mr.nine_to_5 - ironhead83 - jena_c23 -
I left notes and knocked on doors trying buy this. City impounded it as an abandoned vehicle then sent it for scrap. #vandeath #vanlivesmatter #vanspotting #dodgetradesman #dodgevan We scooped lots of stuff we could use off it for the 71 Fargo.
dodgevan - dodgetradesman - vanspotting - vanlivesmatter - vandeath -
theautoarcheologist - boyerkurt - stulow - 21stcenturydigitaldan -
#vandeath #vanlivesmatter #vanspotting #fordvan #fordeconoline
fordeconoline - vanlivesmatter - vanspotting - fordvan - vandeath -
harlodavidson - 21stcenturydigitaldan - the_injun - stulow -
#fordvan #fordeconoline #vandeath #vanlivesmatter
fordeconoline - fordvan - vanlivesmatter - vandeath -
rustathrax : LuxπŸ‘
tommystax - harlodavidson - stulow - 21stcenturydigitaldan -
#vansinvanheaven #vanspotting #vandeath #vanlivesmatter #fordeconoline #fordvan @rollingdeathvanclub
fordeconoline - vanspotting - fordvan - vandeath - vansinvanheaven - vanlivesmatter -
rustathrax : Fuck this actually makes me sad....mold
rollingdeathvanclub : Saw a few photos of this one in the yard recently. Very sad :(
kyleduclarkus : It fucking Blows. Where did you see the pics? @rollingdeathvanclub Some dummy tried prying the bubbles out withouth undoing the screws.
rollingdeathvanclub : @badass39ihc posted some a little while back
tommystax : This'd look sweet cleaned up in a bro hug photo with the #destroyervan
boyerkurt - intogloryride - stulow - 21stcenturydigitaldan -
#fordeconoline #fordvan #vanlivesmatter #vandeath #vanspotting
fordeconoline - vandeath - vanspotting - vanlivesmatter - fordvan -
the_injun : That's a pretty clean grill!
kyleduclarkus : I am going to have to go back. I was chased out of the "No Entry Employees Only" area they store the propane equipped cars three times. Threatened to ban me.... @the_injun Didnt like my words of wisdom.
intogloryride - stulow - 21stcenturydigitaldan - redright9 -
#vanspotting #fordeconoline #vandeath #vanlivesmatter
fordeconoline - vanspotting - vanlivesmatter - vandeath -
vannin_days : That is not kool!! Would make a great wallhanger though
detroitvintagewheels - paulwhiteart - jim_petkus -
Still blows my mind that @jj72891 @mikehnath @reachalexander and I made our way out of this relatively unscathed. Beyond thankful to be alive! #fbf #arkofthecovenant #facedownrecords #facedownfamily #holyshit #vandeath #blizzard #texas #wtf
blizzard - arkofthecovenant - facedownfamily - fbf - wtf - vandeath - holyshit - facedownrecords - texas -
_i_am_dad_ : Miss all you dudes!
danielsgraves : @thatsoundguy Same dude! I have some family out in Flagstaff, hopefully one of these days I'll make my way back out there.
_i_am_dad_ : That would be awesome! I would drive up there to see you man!
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Vannin on a spring day. #Chevy #van #g10 #vannin #vanner #vanlife #vandeath #vanhalen
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Vanagon graveyard reminds me of the elephant graveyard from lion King. Just shells of once majestic creatures. #vanlife #vandeath
vanlife - vandeath -
pedal.to.metal - dustywesty - adventuresingoldie - vancafesc -
Vanning about town. #Chevy #van #g10 #vanner #vanlife #vandeath #hoosier #hoosiertire #indianapolis #indy #racingcapitaloftheworld
vanlife - indianapolis - van - vanner - indy - hoosiertire - racingcapitaloftheworld - chevy - vandeath - hoosier - g10 -
h2_j2 : on point
luapsniktaw - v8shaggy - kiz.kavgalari - shelbyandsimon -
I took the Electric Green Machine by to visit his ancestors. #Chevy #van #vanner #vanlife #vandeath #chevrolet #louischevrolet #gastonchevrolet #chevroletbrothers #indianapolis #indy #racingcapitaloftheworld #themonthofmay
chevy - vanlife - indianapolis - van - vanner - gastonchevrolet - louischevrolet - indy - racingcapitaloftheworld - themonthofmay - chevrolet - vandeath - chevroletbrothers -
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Dead Econoline. #ford #van #econoline #vanner #vanlife #vandeath #slots
vanlife - van - vandeath - vanner - slots - econoline - ford -
hard_carl : Rad Econoline
awhitewindowlessvan : Them wheels 😍
thevagabondaccount : Cool
unused_acount_______________ : Wow
nvdetail - r25rea - texacaligirl1969 - trashwiley -
The heartbreak of Ford wheels. πŸ’” Looks like these will be going on the honeymoon machine of @derekxcrocker and @vegankelly #chevy #van #vanning #vanlife #vandeath
chevy - vanning - van - vanlife - vandeath -
vegankelly : Fuuuuuuck yes!! Haha D Is going to be so psyched to see this when his flight lands!
hoosier_dixie : @vegankelly stoked for you guys!
ceejmcqueen : @hoosier_dixie dude, are these the ones you just got?
vanpassion - motoramic55 - _southern_son_ -
Shout out to @derekxcrocker for scoring this set of 4 slots for me at the swap meet...for $100!!! #buddies #bros #amigos #chevy #van #vanner #vanlife #vandeath
vanlife - van - vanner - buddies - bros - chevy - vandeath - amigos -
derekxcrocker : Anytime man. You're lucky they weren't ford pattern :)
ceejmcqueen : @hoosier_dixie hell yes! When are they going on?
hoosier_dixie : @ceejmcqueen I'm heading over there soon. Need air then we will swap them
ceejmcqueen : @hoosier_dixie text me when you head that way.
9mmheater - grease_n_ink - ibiteface - alex_slinky -
Very very Rusty Dodge. #vanspotting #vandeath #dodgetradesman #dodgevan It was parked somewhere very wet. Wheels were completely pitted and NFG everything was stuck. 360 4bbl water damaged ruined overhead wooden console. Interior was water logged and stunk.
dodgevan - dodgetradesman - vanspotting - vandeath -
kyleduclarkus : It was an awesome Color Combo. @kara_vannin @theautoarcheologist Was too bad it was rusted to death and the loader beat it. I got the bubble sun roof and the Flip Top Gas Cap. The screws holding the roof rack kept stripping and being on the inside was damn near unbearable. @dolly_shawn the Grille was cracked otherwise I would have grabbed it.
tommystax : U climbed in there while it was on top of that minivan? #VanWarrior ✊
kyleduclarkus : Had to save what I could. @tommystax
trashwiley : Thats a shame. I know where theres a pretty clean looking sportsman with the one rear door and that same color scheme, but its the last thing i need right now.
kyleduclarkus : Everyone needs more Vans Nash! Haha. @trashwiley
supergiant : What's up with those mags!!?
kyleduclarkus : They were no good. Realy bad pitting other side were bent mis matches. The lug surface was very puffy and cracked. @supergiant
kyleduclarkus : @bamavanner
paulwhiteart - philter1987 - dailydoseofmopar -
Carport Cadaver 4-11-15 #hamajanghawaii #vanning
vanning - hamajanghawaii - vandeath -
57longroof : Not #tooFARGOne yet!
kyushakai : Love these old vans
44tooth : @57longroof Good one. Unfortunately that orange stain around it is the rust that's been bleeding out of it for years. It's a cool van though! @kyushakai
ooltewahspeedshop : Now that's an odd one. Never seen a Fargo van. Must have come from Canada and somehow made it's way to the islands.
prizmsurfboards : Ok now this breaks my heart.... Not cool man.
44tooth : @ooltewahspeedshop Totally weird! I've never seen a Fargo van either. It was a cool van for sure. Breaks my heart too @prizmsurfboards!
yourscumtealroars : @scumslider
simon5pics : Buy it chop it lay her on the ground
mooneyes_hawaii - retired.at.28 - spicolis_pool_service - all_art_all_art -
I gave this little electric green machine its first bath today. 2 weeks in and I am enjoying it more and more. I still need to do a full service tune up. Stereo should get here in the next few days, then I'm not going to do anything else with it for a while until the Shovelhead is all together and running like it ought to. This will be my first summer with both the van and bike I wanted. #righton #chevy #van #g10 #customvan #boogievan #70s #vanner #vanlife #vandeath
vanlife - van - vanner - 70s - chevy - boogievan - customvan - vandeath - righton - g10 -
sm_chewy : Perseverance pays off. Nicely done.
matt.bernhardt : This is a keeper πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
hoosier_dixie : It really is @m.bernhardt Everything works, the body is in good condition, mechanically sound, etc. I found out today I can hop the 6 cylinder for not too much. I'm happy with it.
vipfitnessvancouver : Great shot!! πŸ’ͺ
dphii : its a beaut'.....
rinsekitusa : Nice Shots πŸ‘ Check out our new innovate product called RinseKit 🚿 I'm sure you'll love it πŸ˜„
satanyeworship : This thing is perfect as it sits... I'm so jealous.
hoosier_dixie : Thanks man @satanyeworship
bitxo__malo - fran_man__ - grease_n_ink - alex_slinky -
I'm still trying to find the perfect novelty plate for the front of my new van. this one came close, but didn't quite make the cut. #truckin #jesus #chevy #van #g10 #vanlife #vandeath #vanner
vanlife - van - truckin - vanner - jesus - chevy - vandeath - g10 -
reverbsplash : Please say you bought that
reverbsplash : If you did, I'll put it on the front of my kia. I'll pay you sticker or more.
sharonshababo : So funny.
greasykulture : That would look great on my van too!
blackhorndevil : The van of god.....
trav_baby : #christiansofinstagram
hoosier_dixie : As @coloradocool_aid and @shovelheadjed know only the best novelty plate will do, no half steppin.
ih_lover_123 - 9mmheater - rinsekitusa - bergandocean -
Looking forward to warm weather and good times. #finallyfriday #vanner #vanlife #vandeath
vanner - finallyfriday - vanlife - vandeath -
ceejmcqueen - shardikusa - rinsekitusa - r25rea -
And so begins the stickering... Feel free to send me more. #stickers #decals #chevy #van #g10 #vanner #vanlife #vandeath
chevy - vanlife - van - vanner - decals - vandeath - stickers - g10 -
thetripoutannap : Email me an address thetripout@hotmail.co.uk
emmagreen04 : Same here hoosier i send you
greasykulture : Just cover that sucker in GKMs
13perro - campervanster - rinsekitusa - pigpen_nj -
So, the big rub on this little guy is the following; it's slow. The straight 6/three on the tree makes 150hp. Regardless, top gear on the highway should be cruising at 1500-1800 rpm. I could barely maintain 65 mph at 3k empty. I shudder to think about top speed hauling a couple bikes. The rear end is probably stump puller 4.10 gears. Does anybody have experience with swapping rear ends? Maybe a 10 bolt with better highway gears? Any suggestions for junk yard donor vehicles? @customvannermagazine @rollingheavymagazine @slowlyweroll @rollingdeathvanclub @bigrons_vannin @vanner_babes @chvrch @mr_van_parts @misterfrothy #chevy #van #vanner #vanlife #vandeath #g10 #g20
chevy - vanlife - van - g20 - vandeath - vanner - g10 -
_southern_son_ : The mid to late 70s were awful for horsepower. They hadn't figured out how to deal with the smog stuff yet. I'm thinking of putting a newer fuel injected 5.3 and a 4L60 or 80 in mine.
customvannermagazine : Later model Chevy Van running gear is a direct swap. Snag a rear end out of something with overdrive out of a half ton van and it's gonna be more highway friendly. Sometimes the RPO tag under the hood will denote the rear gear if it hasn't been swapped. Like southern son said it will take longer to reach speed but I feel like you are aware of that trade off. It's worth the trade off if you ask me. I had an 83 one ton sportvan with 3.73 rear gears and it was awful. I rarely drove over 60. My gas gauge was like a clock in reverse.
_southern_son_ : Also. If you want to change the rear gears, it's not hard to change the ring and pinion. You just need an indicator and some patience.
mkefer : 3.55:1 or thereabouts should be ample.
satanyeworship : I remember seeing this seeking in louisville. (I think and was bummed I wasn't quick enough.)
satanyeworship : Selling*
sublimelivin : @colonel_billiam
ashleighgrams : Ahhh!
hudgeq3cma - danirae138 - lennyasomvel -
Back in that old van club. Third time is a charm! #chevy #van #g10 #vanner #vanlife #vandeath #customvan #boogievan @customvannermagazine @rollingheavymagazine @slowlyweroll @vanner_babes @bigrons_vannin @rollingdeathvanclub
vanlife - van - vanner - chevy - boogievan - customvan - vandeath - g10 -
matt.bernhardt : Haha nice
rollingheavymagazine : ⚑️dig it ⚑️
coloradocool_aid : Sweet!!
derekxcrocker : Yes! Come over later!
goodtimesreform : I almost bought this thing like 3 different times. Seemed like a really good deal. So much potential! πŸ™Œ congrats dude!
hoosier_dixie : @goodtimesreform thanks man. I mainly bought it because the body was in good shape. that mid 70s Chevy sheet-metal is low-quality Japanese scrap from World War II. it rusts pretty easily. this van definitely needs some work, and the potential is pretty much unlimited. I am stoked. πŸ˜œπŸ‘Œ
1dandelion : How'd I miss this!? So awesome man! πŸ‘Œ
hoosier_dixie : Thanks! @1dandelion I've got a ways to go but I'm pretty stoked on it.
steve_vanderweele - solidstudiosinc - remediosluisreyna - dreelers.cx -
The No Future line up. Some new boards and some existing items. Check it all out on the Website! #nofuture #nofutureskateboards #sorry #abab #sushi #15minutes #craptech #daveshippyoil #FTP #toughonkooks #NFS #vandeath
abab - ftp - sushi - 15minutes - toughonkooks - nofuture - nfs - daveshippyoil - vandeath - craptech - sorry - nofutureskateboards -
jmagallanes97 : WOW!
el_gigantor : Where can I buy the Sorry Hybrid deck? Can't find it on the website..
nofutureskateboards : @el_gigantor it should be on the website shortly. I'll do an Instagram post when it's up
el_gigantor : Nice! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
shanelannen : i need that acab hybrid more than ive ever needed anything in my life ever @nofutureskateboards
nofutureskateboards : @shane_lannen as soon as they are in production you will be the first to know
devan_berry18 : How is the a.c.a.b. deck? @nofutureskateboards I was thinking about getting that or possibly the NFS. I skate transition, pools, ditches & street. Im a bit torn between the two decks because I know the a.c.a.b. is a hybrid deck and Im not really a longboarder, much appreciated if you could give me breakdown of the two.
downhill_distance : The line up is πŸ”₯
danielradames - cervantesadam78 - pachecodacunha -
RIP #boogievan #vannin #partysover #vanlife #vandeath #getajob
vannin - boogievan - vanlife - eagleflyfree - vandeath - getajob - partysover -
rpfaster : #eagleflyfree
luckybastardco : lucky!
sovrnrepublic : Rad!
edgerger : 😲
sovrnrepublic - bsmca9 - shelbyandsimon - ellobo7699 -
Buy any of these @nofutureskateboards and get a matching shirt for free! #bogomadness #craptech #15minutesofshame #vandeath #wearenotsorry
craptech - bogomadness - 15minutesofshame - wearenotsorry - vandeath -
shanelannen : best decks best company no future ACAB 1312
nofutureskateboards : Fuck yeah guys!!!!!!
mononlongboardcompany - nick.h16 - monster992600 - coastalconcept -
We suck at social media. anyways, print @skateslate ad from like months ago, well maybe 2 months ago. A little new, a little old, a little what were we thinking? #nofuture #nofutureskateboards #ACAB #NFS #vandeath #sorry #toughonkooks #FTP #sorry
ftp - acab - toughonkooks - nofuture - nfs - vandeath - sorry - nofutureskateboards -
boardfactoryshop : Wow!!! I want it!! :)
coldalton : A.C.A.BπŸ·πŸ”«
vincent_the_bear : The one on the left looks delicious
yung_chop - errrrlybird - thabigmike - pvrcpr -
Thanks for the sweet sticker @candyman_eps !!! 😜#buddies #bros #amigos #vannin #vanlife #vandeath
vannin - vanlife - vandeath - amigos - buddies - bros -
candyman_eps : Didn't get too bent did it?
hoosier_dixie : @candyman_eps Its perfect!
greg_salva_adventures - chiefgoldchainz - all6shall6parrish6 -
Poor T1...;(( one day I will liberate you from this awfull back ;)) #mercedesT1 #vandeath #vanlife
vanlife - vandeath - mercedest1 -
neverbo75 : "On the Road again again" Bernard lavilier
robleishman - 86lukeh - robertfarre - kevinjacobphoto -
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