Took Luka & Dane to say goodbye to their cousins today since they're moving while they're at school Thursday. Luka made it 10 feet out their door before she broke down in tears. 😒 #iamsadtoo #utahsucks #sistersshouldnotmoveaway
iamsadtoo - utahsucks - sistersshouldnotmoveaway -
christenahincy : Sad day, they will he missed!!
tammywoods24 : I'm sad and I don't even know them. That baby!!!!
emjhatch : :( Seth doesn't understand what's happening, it's going to be weeks of me explaining why mason can come out and play and him getting sad every time.
cbakeymaze : Boo
chelsschilling - tammywoods24 - natalierdickson - ryanhalversen -
One thing that needs to go is the snow ❄️ - #utahsucks #supermadrightnow #alsoveryannoyed
utahsucks - alsoveryannoyed - supermadrightnow -
blackperuvian : Omg !!! :'( fredaaaaa:'( I miss uuuuu. Msg me plizZ
fredatuaone : @blackperuvian miss you too sweetheart 😘 okay I will :)
lexijbball - lutui221 - livin_life2021 - laitae -
My mom sent this pix this morning. Said for me to be grateful to not be walking in snow, cause i was panicking about the rain yesterday. Sooo thankful to have been freed from Utah!!!! #snowisprettythroughapictureONLY #dontmisssnow #ihatebeingcold #onlyutahpeoplelikesnow #lovemysunnysandiego #utahsucks #vivacalifornia lol
snowisprettythroughapictureonly - dontmisssnow - lovemysunnysandiego - ihatebeingcold - onlyutahpeoplelikesnow - utahsucks - vivacalifornia -
a_newlifebyfaith : @patriciagomez32
machita3710 : I hate the snow and the cold weather! People always tell me that because I'm from New York I should be used to it but I hate it lol
a_newlifebyfaith : @machita3710 lol I lived in Utah for seven years, and I was not one who came out when it snowed! I don't like being cold! You remind me of the cartoon penguin who left the artic for the warm sunny beach lol
machita3710 : Hahaha! That's funny ! I guess so πŸ˜œπŸ˜‹. I left the rugged buildings and nasty weather for paradise πŸ‘Œ
r.a.j.760 - smalls_180 - po_etix - denieceyface -
my good luck sweatshirt. #bearthefuckdown #arizonawildcats #utahsucks
arizonawildcats - bearthefuckdown - utahsucks -
lindsayquitlollygagging04 : this one is not backwards at least... still learning instagram lol
lindsayquitlollygagging04 : @trevorjack44 you like arizona?
trevorjack44 : Hell ya
lindsayquitlollygagging04 : thank the lord!! maybe now I can forgive you now for liking the darn steelers. .. maybe
abaybayrag - amckie109 - trevorjack44 - dylmarphoto -
Loooove my cats πŸ˜πŸ€ you can't read the score, but it's a Win! #utahsucks #wildcatforlife #uofa
utahsucks - wildcatforlife - uofa -
e_bree - dbaenen9 - derksmenswear -
All the things you can't get in Utah...oooh I'm glad I moved! #Colorado #utahsucks #shocktop
utahsucks - colorado - shocktop -
awkwardlywitty : Omg I always stock up on the Alaskan when I go to CO. Lucky!
anniekawardle : @awkwardlywitty come visit me
anniekawardle - kiriprice26 - 500daysofdan - momma_cruise -
Really missing my girl today @mariahlynn08 #bestfriend #missher #utahsucks πŸ˜’
utahsucks - missher - bestfriend -
mariahlynn08 : Miss you girl!!! Love you! Utah would be better with you here!
soph.ia.t - jodanielso__o - laurenjoyful - jtaylor_9116 -
Beer run! #craftbeer #utahsucks #socalbeer
utahsucks - socalbeer - craftbeer -
thesourhourdotcom - roth_sfc - therocknbk - craftloyal -
utahsucks -
flyfaced : How's the booze
tnet1676 : We brought 5 cases from boise to there
ninalavelle : Not enough
tnet1676 : @tightestpizza
baileemay13 - willis_hallway - k8lynmack - _indiana_jane_ -
Beacuse i lite way kinda miss them and are turn upsπŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜ #NoMoreTurnUp #AintBoutThatLifeNoMore #MyNiggas #TheyNoWusup #MissThem #UtahSucks #Untys/Sisters #MissnHome
missnhome - nomoreturnup - aintboutthatlifenomore - untys - missthem - utahsucks - theynowusup - myniggas -
b_l110213 : @aeliavalilef yeeeπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
liva_vailea : Aww I miss u more even thou your a pain in the butt....πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­ but I can't wait till u visit...been a min!!!!! Love u nieces😘😍❀️
finau85 : TU..YEEE🍸🍷🍹🍻
b_l110213 : @liva_vailea yaw all cant live without me...i mean who els finna give yaw a pain it the booty?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ see yaw in 5-6 weeks😘
b_l110213 : @finau85 one tyme
finau85 : 1 last time lol
acekween500 : Turn up.turm.up.aha @liva_vailea @aeliavalilef @finau85 @b_l110213 aha
liva_vailea : YeeeeeπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
liva_vailea - tongan_tribe_900 - michelle.milk - finau85 -
Sunny snow day? #utahsucks
utahsucks -
aniessalyne - tugboat55 - alyssabella29 - k.i.t.y.k.a.t -
Definitely don't miss the San Diego weather haha Utah still sucks though. #pluglife #utahsucks #work
utahsucks - pluglife - work -
ssilvibece : Have a great night 🐻
beatproject : Feo
anhellicaa - bettie_maravilla - mune_cali_ferrs - sayrita_pandita -
Is this what Heaven looks like? Lol 🍸🍺🍻🍷🍹#lasvegas #walmart #winelover #iminheaven #utahproblems #alcohol #iwantitall #utahsucks
alcohol - winelover - iminheaven - utahproblems - walmart - utahsucks - lasvegas - iwantitall -
avinash_1_2 - nyiahhhh_021415 - andynaoi - marlen.marisio -
Driving 400 miles for chipsπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜©#thestruggle #chippy #lasvegas #utahsucks #filipinofood
utahsucks - chippy - lasvegas - thestruggle - filipinofood -
baesickenzie : I feel ya. The filipino struggle is so real in Utah.πŸ˜ͺβœ‹πŸ˜’β€οΈ
bb08092 : I know 😩 they used to have a filipino store in salt lake, but noo they took that one down. And like you have to go vegas to get anything filipino.. And that includes filipino restaurants😩😭 @baesickenzie
baesickenzie : @bb08092 I know it's so stupid! That's why I love being in San Diego because lots of Filipino people and places to get food! It's like heaven!πŸ˜πŸ‘Ό
bb08092 : Haha I've never been😭 that's why I love the Philippines cx that's where it's at πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜© @baesickenzie
baesickenzie : @bb08092 I've never been... Yet! At least someone in Utah gets the struggle tho!πŸ˜ͺβ˜ΊοΈπŸ’•βœŒοΈ
bb08092 : I knowπŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ‘Œwe the only Filipinos here XD @baesickenzie
d_aldaz_7 : Tbh- "oops I missed"
bb08092 : Technically I said it slipped** πŸ˜‚ @d_aldaz_7
_melanyortiz - vincent_murray_ - baesickenzie - cody_xplodey -
Didn't think this is what Utah would look like in February, but mountain biking is fun too! #furnacefebruary #mountainbiking #logan #wellsvilles #shorts #utahsucks #tanning
furnacefebruary - logan - wellsvilles - tanning - mountainbiking - shorts - utahsucks -
jmitch727 : πŸ‘Œ
elenoralees : So good! Are you on RIDERS app – @riderschannel?
steveyyy_d - jules_rd - amoseyonover - alexanderchisholme -
Wish us luck. Drawing is in 10 minutes. #luckyforlife #idaholottery #idaho #utahsucks #saltlake #saltlakecity #utah #lottery #fun #wishing #money #february2015 #fun
idaholottery - lottery - saltlake - utah - wishing - fun - luckyforlife - february2015 - money - saltlakecity - utahsucks - idaho -
weighmywords : Lovely!
gun_alv : ---->> @HAVE_189_FOLLOWERS_HERE <<----
flora.collins.k - valeriechanel - slhoyler - consequencekinds -
Jackie gets a cookie at the summit. #tetonpass #avydogwannabe #dontearnyourturns #springskiing #utahsucks #fieldwork
tetonpass - dontearnyourturns - utahsucks - fieldwork - avydogwannabe - springskiing -
c.zentner - jules_rd - mooney_ryan - laurencejutras -
This ER has the rudest people working here! My girlfriend is clearly in pain and they want a urine sample to test if she's pregnant! πŸ˜‚I'm about to flip! 😑 #davishospital #utahsucks #gethersomedrugs
utahsucks - davishospital - gethersomedrugs -
fall4joy : #utah doesn't suck. #somepeoplesuck. hope she gets better. Sorry you two had to go through that.
saraleann89 : hospital nurses are assholes. I hope everything is okay Breezy !
kyliebucholz : Lmfao she's definantly pregnant πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
carly_b6 : Its twins!
sirelmobear - kyliebucholz - celesticals_74 -
Goodbye forever, mountains. #fuckutah #utahsucks
utahsucks - fuckutah -
alexxpeterss - chilla_chin - samanthajean14 - tycumminsdesign -
Snow time #snowbird#skiresort#utah#rockies#rockymountains#ski#resort#snow#mountains#thebird#thebirdistheword#utah#skiing#skiutah#mountainporn#chipsrun#lovetoski#utahisrad#utahsucks#weareskiing#snowbirdresort#snowbirdskiresort#wasatch#saltlake#littlecottonwoodcanyon#littlecottonwood#wasatchmountains#wasatchnationalforest#bigemma#emmanine#gadvalley
skiutah - littlecottonwoodcanyon - snowbirdskiresort - mountains - littlecottonwood - utah - bigemma - thebird - snowbird - snowbirdresort - skiresort - skiing - emmanine - weareskiing - thebirdistheword - lovetoski - wasatch - rockymountains - wasatchnationalforest - utahisrad - saltlake - mountainporn - rockies - gadvalley - snow - resort - utahsucks - ski - chipsrun - wasatchmountains -
peekture_ : breathtakingly beautiful :D
andybosc : Nice! If you like the alpine lifestyle, you may like @thealpineway.
lizprairie - builttoughinthewasatch - t_rich - boldpoles -
The winning streak continues tonight....#6gamesStraight #Cp3 #bestIntheWest #TheTruBig3 #LobCity
bestinthewest - 6gamesstraight - utahsucks - cp3 - lobcity - thetrubig3 -
djaelove412 : #UtahSucks
lovejuicii - mrspittsburgh412 - whylie_productions - yeah_its_me_1 -
Drinking a tall iced coffee in Utah. See ya soon Las Vegas... #pagewage #agewage #utahsucks #coldcoffee
utahsucks - coldcoffee - agewage - pagewage -
jennsibb : @beerglass @steves_ass_istant u both shouldn't be drinking at fucking 10 in the morning... #drunks
ashbeck86 : @jennsibb honey its 1130 here. That's lunch time in my book....but I did have my first one on the plane ride here. #830amboozin'
ashbeck86 : @jennsibb text you when I get home? I land at 320. Maybe a dinner/visit session? I'm craving a lil Marlee time too! Been too long since I've seen her.
jennsibb : @steves_ass_istant sure lady! I got up super early this morn to take the guys to the airport but get ahold of me!
ashbeck86 : @jennsibb will do. I'm thinking I'll be checkin in on you daily till age is over. ;) so if tonight doesn't work I'm sure I'll see her this week too.
710panda : Damn missed this! Have a blast we will talk after you get back @beerglass
wandering_wood : Definitely not beer... @beerglass
plurscout710 : @beerglass I've got a ns13 colored drippy rig that needs your signature!! I'll be at AGE & would be humbled to get a chance to meet you and see your new work. Will you have a booth?
e_hersey - bryanh619 - wexxtracts - mrshashhoney -
#PaintedSky #Trees #Sundown #UtahSucks #SunSunSun
paintedsky - utahsucks - sunsunsun - sundown - trees -
dancingwithnature - pandarae07 - ejb_78 - marc____us -
while talking to my niece tonight she sent me pictures of all the things she wanted me to see... miss my Utah babies #FloridaSucks #utahSucks
floridasucks - utahsucks -
seemone : She's so funny.. After she hung up, she kept bringing me things to take pictures to send to you.
paseniandeita - fononga_wolfgramm - anitab801 - flying_fish0_o -
I'm averaging 1.5 tumbles per trip down the slopes. #skiing #utahsucks
utahsucks - lds - nocaffeine - skiing -
dpet_kare11news : Quit Drinking & Skiing.
scottyworldpeace : Don't tell me how to live my life @dpet_8newsnow #lds #nocaffeine
dpet_kare11news : @scottyworldpeace #idowhatiwant
pattidaniels : Who cares how you ski? You look cute, that's all that matters😘
austinhouser14 - turninheads_ - aninha_furtado - csacks47 -
Why not? #utahsucks #snow #sorry4thewait #weouthere
utahsucks - sorry4thewait - snow - weouthere -
meeshstu2u : You're always going somewhere fun. #Jealous
sleeplessmay : Beautiful!
austinhouser14 - pattijass - chefjlow - cat_at_roof -
We coot... #roadtrip #cute #coot #cali #uvuroy #bros #utahsucks #yay
cute - yay - coot - uvuroy - bros - roadtrip - cali - utahsucks -
ryanbabycakes : 😍😍😍
spsmoot : Wow πŸ˜πŸ˜›
kole_kelly : #UVUROYHAIRCUT
zaidi_rothwell - carsonko09 - harlisimons99 - haydoo_ -
I'm really done with this fog. Going on 2 days without sunlight is unacceptable. #thisweatherblows #icey #cold #notinthemood #honda #accord #k24 #donttouchever #sorrynotsorry #needsmorelow #stickerwhore #dailydriven #gottaloveit
accord - donttouchever - dailydriven - thisweatherblows - needsmorelow - honda - notinthemood - k24 - gottaloveit - sorrynotsorry - utahsucks - icey - stickerwhore - cold -
tarawerton : Haha where are you? 2days without sun when you are from Arizona is never fun
that_carchick_gabby : #utahsucks @tarawerton this is where I live!
blujeanprincess - tarawerton - issy_isamu - shawneebrunt -
#dunesonedayboredthenext. #utahsucks
dunesonedayboredthenext - utahsucks -
kimrawlinson - lachapelle_b - benjamindiamond1 - shunofagunn -
#Lovemesomebulls #chicago #losbulls #chitown #utahsucks @bullsmafia23 πŸ€β€οΈπŸ’―βœ”οΈ
losbulls - utahsucks - chicago - chitown - lovemesomebulls -
bullsmafia23 : Go bulls πŸ‘ŠπŸ‚
carlucci995 - jairoai - pestradaa - samiiex3 -
I can't believe Utah gained one of my best friends. It's only for 3 months but that to me seems like forever given the fact that I saw you nearly every day for the past year. But I know you're chasing your dreams of living in the snow and being the independent person that I've always admired. I love you and safe travels my little snow bunny πŸ°πŸ’•πŸ‚βœˆοΈ
utahsucks - loveher - futurebridesmaid - youllmissthesun - wcw -
inanetteshell : #wcw #futurebridesmaid #utahsucks #youllmissthesun #loveher
lcbeckman : Ugh. I love you. @inanetteshell Now I'm crying and driving. #notsafe
erinlang5 : Why are you leaving? :( @lcbeckman
living_lg - kelly1in - sojubelly - freddy_jay87 -
I miss my two, sometimes blonde, besties πŸ’™ @oryonthelion @s_h_a_y_butter #blondebesties #sometimesothercolors #imissyou #iloveyou #utahsucks #pasaroblessucks #loveme #cutiepies #myfriendsarehawt #lesbianlovers
blondebesties - loveme - dodgerssuck - pasaroblessucks - lesbianlovers - goangels - iloveyou - utahsucks - imissyou - sometimesothercolors - myfriendsarehawt - cutiepies -
quincyrose : @oryonthelion
s_h_a_y_butter : Why are you making me cry with fresh makeup on πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
quincyrose : Hahahhaha cuz I like yo face naked duhhhh πŸ˜‚πŸ’πŸ’™ @s_h_a_y_butter
s_h_a_y_butter : You like all of me naked πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜ miss you bb! I luhh youuuu πŸ’‹πŸ’•
quincyrose : I'll see you tomorrowwww!!! Right? @s_h_a_y_butter
s_h_a_y_butter : Hells yeah 😊
kennybpasten : Ahh... Duh #GoDodgers β—πŸ˜˜
quincyrose : @kennybpasten #dodgerssuck #goangels
greenwithenv18 - shaydebridges - jacobdykes805 - audgeybee -
Wow nice pic. :3 #redhair #waitredhair? #snow #fauxfurhood #bignoob #utahsucks #azisbetter #ithinkthatisasmile #cute #iguessilikeyou #yeahthatsafilter
azisbetter - redhair - fauxfurhood - cute - snow - iguessilikeyou - ithinkthatisasmile - bignoob - yeahthatsafilter - utahsucks - waitredhair -
marinakay3 : What in the hell! Haha #muchthx #natural #ucrazy
mollybrantingham : she's the cutest though
amylunar - mollybrantingham - jennachitt17 - marinakay3 -
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