But you can't turn 21 tomorrow. 😭 • • • #jb #justinbieber #kidrauhl #bizzle #almost21 #drew #smile #love #bieber #usalways #bieberfever #iloveyou #marchfirst #kidrauhlforever #belieber
kidrauhl - bizzle - kidrauhlforever - usalways - love - marchfirst - belieber - drew - justinbieber - almost21 - iloveyou - bieber - bieberfever - smile - jb -
selena_is_my_amazing_bae : Hi,could you tag Justin in my last pic please? TYπŸ’•πŸ˜­πŸ’Ž
gonnabetheollg - priramadhanti - heart.mahone - bazzlemary -
#mybigbro #missedhim #familyfirst #usalways
familyfirst - missedhim - usalways - mybigbro -
killakah7 : Aint seen my nigga in years
the_keypiece - ladyyems - diva11758 - she_so_awesome_ -
Me at the Husker game #gbr #huskers #basketball #usalways
huskers - basketball - gbr - usalways -
dominator_ds - kayladeanx100 - swav_apparel - leroy_huckleberry -
ArchiCulture documentary is a must watch #Studio #usalways
usalways - studio -
idxuh -
Couldn't have asked for a better team to play for! Going out this year was totally worth it! S/o to the seniors who gave it their everything all season! It's sad to see it come to an end, but I've learned many valuable lessons about basketball and life that I will never forget! #UsAlways #TigerNation
tigernation - usalways -
_dinnk_ : Love you bro!!
acrum_18 : Love you too man! Great job this year!
jamie_brenner - zanemiller2 - tcpill8 - k_woody15 -
Looking Back, that was the most fun season of Basketball I've ever had. Thanks Seniors! #UsAlways
usalways -
ryanmblum : Couldn't agree more with this!
zackcrazy : When are you coming to back to Arizona
jphuston21 : Love you bro
ajgrabes : Love you too Huston! Don't know when Zack
teenya.h.10 : Great job guys! You were awesome to watch!
jkramer2114 : Are u coming to larchwood this summer @ajgrabes
kennedy2021 : Ya. R u guys coming this summer? @ajgrabes
grabere - jujubattles - gilberttaxi - james4unl -
When we both feel the ride was worth lol #fries #chicken #yaass #wingzone #leahlove #fattymamas #usalways #mynights #hoothoot #Maliha #mommysbaby
wingzone - hoothoot - mynights - fries - fattymamas - leahlove - usalways - maliha - mommysbaby - chicken - yaass -
jakemodels : Ha soo cute .
monicexbonds : Lol she just fat @jakemodels
jakemodels - simply_whoot - youthful.goddess - lysztomania -
Skype sess With Him <3 #ThinkB4YouJudge #UsAlways
usalways - thinkb4youjudge -
lafaele808 : @sharonsmommy hi sarah is that you with your boyfriend
sharonsmommy : We Were Skyping @lafaele808
lafaele808 : @sharonsmommy mom buy me one new phone
sharonsmommy : Okay get my number from mom
_bb.rishae - carliestui - inny_19 - westside_25 -
#Huskers fall in Columbus 🌽57🌽-81. Back in action next week at Illinois. #UsAlways #Nebrasketball
huskers - usalways - nebrasketball -
gonzalo.rossello : Man they are so good
teddy_bax : Why'd we go from tournament to straight up shit
naclark1 : LY was a fluke apparently
lumlum__ : @teddy_bax πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
babels2004 : #nebrasketball #GOHUSKERS
babels2004 : #beatillinois
jtothesecondpower : #UGH #Nebrasketballisstilllove
ddoerr7 : @teddy_bax @naclark1 don't worry we got some beasts coming in next year.
kadenglynn - rossapoo - 18shockerz18 - brettm137 -
#Huskers hanging tough but haven't been able to slow down the hot shooting Buckeyes. 🌽41🌽-62 with 7:47 remaining. #UsAlways #Nebrasketball
huskers - usalways - nebrasketball -
ddoerr7 : @blakewagner_10 how can you conclude that? We have no idea how we are going to do in football this year
ddoerr7 : @nolimit45 @mitchlohmeier I bet you didn't say shields just because he didn't play well today, he's probably the one who cares the most
ddoerr7 : @uncle_wes32 we weren't cocky, the expectations were set too high and we couldn't handle it.
uncle_wes32 : @ddoerr7 I agree with you, you said it better
blakewagner_10 : @ddoerr7 I just believe people are expecting way too much just because we have a new coach
ddoerr7 : @blakewagner_10 expectations were high because of what Miles did last year out of nowhere, people are mad because he actually made people care about Nebraska basketball
blakewagner_10 : @ddoerr7 no, people are mad because the team is significantly worse than last year even though they didn't lose any key players from last year.
ddoerr7 : @blakewagner_10 yeah but if we didn't do good last year people wouldn't be mad
cowboyjake14 - football_kid_56 - tf_ninja - brettm137 -
#Huskers get a great start to the second half, now 🌽34🌽-47 at the first break in the second half. #UsAlways #Nebrasketball
huskers - usalways - nebrasketball -
2000fritzy : Tell terran that there are 4 other guys
colemm35 : Huskers are awesome but what is our losing streak right now
treven15 : Awesome!!!lets go huskers!!!πŸ€β€οΈ
codes190 : Agreed @2000fritzy
scott_sterling_14 : I've given up on Nebraska. This is getting out of hand
cowboyjake14 - football_kid_56 - tf_ninja - brettm137 -
#Huskers moving the ball well but have been hurt by turnovers. 🌽15🌽-27 with 7:34 left in the first. #UsAlways #Nebrasketball
huskers - usalways - nebrasketball -
football_kid_56 - tf_ninja - alli_jacobi - pacerallen21 -
#Huskers earn their first brick early but still trail 🌽6🌽-17 at the first break. #UsAlways #Nebrasketball
huskers - usalways - nebrasketball -
teddy_bax : Let's step up our game lets go #Nebrasketball
danny_witherby : lol @teddy_bax
itsaaronhemje : We suck
teddy_bax : I know but we still need to make the nit tournament
cowboyjake14 - football_kid_56 - tf_ninja - brettm137 -
1 brick = 3 straight stops. 6 bricks is the goal. Gotta lay the foundation for winning. Hard hats on. πŸ‘·πŸŒ½πŸ€#Huskers #UsAlways #Nebrasketball
huskers - usalways - nebrasketball -
mr_droge : LOL
mitchlohmeier : Petteway is going to leave, he's going to the NBA orob
ddoerr7 : @mitchlohmeier lol no he's not
ddoerr7 : @mitchlohmeier not consistent enough, needs to work on his game more, if he left after this year he would be playing overseas
mitchlohmeier : Of course he is, he's the typical NBA player, ball hog who doesn't pass but he scores
ddoerr7 : @teddy_bax not pitchford, Ed Morrow and Glynn Watson are gonna be beast.
dontay_4 : @ddoerr7 yes pitchford he's gonna be good next year
mitchlohmeier : Yeah that's true @dontay_4
susanjberke - debhyde6 - kalinmckenna - motogirldesigns -
Don't think we forgot about the B1G tourney last year. #Huskers are in Columbus to face the Buckeyes. #UsAlways #Nebrasketball
huskers - usalways - nebrasketball -
rossplybon : I hope we did forget about that. That was pathetic.
michaelgaer : Haha this should be fun to watch @mattbeckercr7 @icantbelieveitsnotbudler
n_hawk9 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @rossplybon
kadenglynn : We are going down
tf_ninja : GO HUSKERS
tf_ninja : Kadenglynn WE WILL WIN HATER
icantbelieveitsnotbudler : @michaelgaer they're getting destroyed
audieshaaa - kalinmckenna - bryant_warrick_22 - motogirldesigns -
Shavon Shields was named a 1st Team Academic All-American this morning! The 315th in Nebraska's history and the 1st from the men's basketball program. Help us honor and thank Shavon with a double tap. #Huskers #UsAlways #Nebrasketball
huskers - usalways - nebrasketball -
bennet.munger : Shavon who @tyler_doobie @colejames21
kadenglynn - 18shockerz18 - cadenkozi - alli_jacobi -
Me and the love of my life. #pinklensephotography #militaryfamily #armywife #fieldartilleryball #themkisses #powercouple #usalways #thekendricks
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ldara_life : Yes! :) XOXO-Sarah
kkendrick2010 : Thank you @ldara_life
natanyasfitness : Love it!
alvinatorres : You should use this pic for Dell's #dellfiefamcontest. They are giving away a 65" Smart TV, a Venue 8 pro tablet, and Dell Bluetooth speakers. To win simply follow @Dellmilitary and tag your pic with: #norfolk #dellfiefamcontest @dellmilitary for more info:
kkendrick2010 : #norfolk #dellfiefamcontest @dellmilitary
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the journey starts now! Wouldn't start the postseason with any other players #wintoday #usalways
usalways - wintoday -
mikegettemy - christineyweiney - sean_montie - colleenolsen16 -
#vacation #usalways #4years #togetherness #love #friends #lovers #husbandwife #loveumillions #β€οΈπŸ’‹ #πŸŽ‚πŸ’ƒπŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜
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#Huskers struggle all day and fall to Iowa 🌽46🌽-74. #UsAlways #Nebrasketball
huskers - usalways - nebrasketball -
lakenharnly : Dont got pics of my jerseys @gonzalo.rossello
gonzalo.rossello : Take one rn then @lakenharnly
lakenharnly : Bro you too peppy @aidanw_9
aidanw_9 : Thank youπŸ˜ƒ @lakenharnly I appreciate that
naviiiii05 : Lol @lakenharnly
naviiiii05 : U see Duke bear unc @gonzalo.rossello
gonzalo.rossello : @mitchlohmeier k on March 7
gonzalo.rossello : @mitchlohmeier tf πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
tydixon85 - haileygen10 - ccrook_ - csmith811 -
Rough day for the #Huskers. Press has helped the rhythm but still a long ways to go. 🌽62🌽-39 at the 7:48 mark in the second half. #UsAlways #Nebrasketball
huskers - usalways - nebrasketball -
aidanw_9 : Trying your hardest is all that matters. Win or lose, if you try your hardest, you will always be a winner. We may not have won, but we learned from our mistakes. We learned that Fuller needs to shoot more, along with Webster. We learned that Glynn Watson will take over this team next year. We need to work and win the conference tourney. For when trying, anything is possible. We ARE successful. GBR! Thank You
hoby_kead : I think you put the corn on the wrong number
ddoerr7 : @aidanw_9 Thank You for Being Positive! Don't forget about Ed Morrow next year too!
aidanw_9 : That's true @ddoerr7
kaylasea : @aidanw_9 well said, my friend. well said. brighter days are ahead.
football_kid_56 - haileygen10 - avary_k_byers - giarnapinhey -
Lot of work left to do. 🌽20🌽-48 at the first break in the second half. #Huskers #UsAlways #Nebrasketball
huskers - usalways - nebrasketball -
dillpick44 : Were gonna get blown out even worse
nebraskanation : They suck at basketball 😑😠
gonzalo.rossello : ^
2000fritzy : What's the record for biggest blow out? @sportscenter
mattbeckercr7 : It's because they were tired from defy gravity last night @michaelgaer haha lolz
michaelgaer : Haha @mattbeckercr7 truee
msorensen98 : Worst loss I ever saw was when Sadler coached and Huskers lost 93-39, but the fact with this talent, this is disappointing
aidanw_9 : Trying your hardest is all that matters. Win or lose, if you try your hardest, you will always be a winner. We may not have won, but we learned from our mistakes. We learned that Fuller needs to shoot more, along with Webster. We learned that Glynn Watson will take over this team next year. We need to work and win the conference tourney. For when trying, anything is possible. We ARE successful. GBR! Thank You
kylenapier13 - the._songbird - momma_dx3 - alli_jacobi -
Another 1st place medal with my favorite guys. *one of the kids as he gets his medal* "we're going to need our own trophy case pretty soon" #UsAlways
usalways -
keviekev24 : Proud of you guys
crollnin : You're such a good role model @joey.dalton for them and me
josh.jochim : I think I spot the reason you guys won
jaredblum83 - lil_fluckey - amber_kangior - l.lynes -
#Huskers struggling to find rhythm early. Trailing 🌽14🌽-26 with 4:17 left in the first half. #UsAlways #Nebrasketball
huskers - usalways - nebrasketball -
2000fritzy : More than struggling*
jared_sekera - grant_grizzy - momma_dx3 - alli_jacobi -
To the floor... The #Husker Legends Weekend game tips off next. #UsAlways #Nebrasketball
usalways - husker - nebrasketball -
bri_the_mockingbird01 : Those jerseys are pretty cool i like them alot πŸ‘
holmer_husker : I was there
ainsk41289 - k_smitty08 - alli_jacobi - jared_sekera -
Nothing like a pep talk from THE Nebraska Legend for Legends Weekend - Coach Osborne. #Huskers and Hawkeyes tip off in just under an hour on BTN. #UsAlways #Nebrasketball
huskers - usalways - nebrasketball -
tphillips1989 : GBR
hkonen10 : πŸ‘πŸ‘
mslnero : πŸ™πŸ™
pyrojustin_83 - 2jrenz - football_kid_56 - colbyhayes03 -
#myLoveOfALifetime #myHubby #myHeart #USalways #rojas
rojas - usalways - myheart - myloveofalifetime - myhubby -
the_future_mrs_ford_ - helios_los - coliveras72 - richone84 -
Snow got us stuck at home.. ❀ #sowetakeusies #usalways πŸ‘ͺ #mine #masonalreadyknockedout
sowetakeusies - usalways - mine - masonalreadyknockedout -
og_robby_johnson : Fuckers lol
cici0805 : @og_robby_johnson junior is an old man already passed out on the couch.. Lmaoo.. Sorry we did wanna be there snow sucks.. 😝 we need pics! Haha
tainamorena50 : Love the picture πŸ˜πŸ˜™πŸ˜šπŸ’‹πŸ’œπŸ’œ
cici0805 : @tainamorena50 thank you! πŸ˜˜πŸ’œ
og_robby_johnson : I get it ya don't fuck with me cuz I'm white lol
dre_day_168 - sweetyangelina3 - og_robby_johnson - jrd1014 -
My true love @crbelshe #beyoncesangit #bestiealways #beachwedding #usalways #foreverlove
beyoncesangit - foreverlove - beachwedding - bestiealways - usalways -
crbelshe : Aww what a rock! That fella must love you! #vvs1 #usalways @bachweddingo
winterskiss77 : I'm madly in love with this man 😜❀️
crbelshe : @winterskiss77 damn, that's a lucky gal! That looks like 1.5 carats!
jjjames559 - beautifullyabused - crbelshe - thehourglassbride -
GoodNight...#MrsMaldonado #MyLover #MyBestFriend #MYKING #MyHusband #MyLove #FreeMyOtherHalf #LoveOfMyLife #HisForever #HISQUEEN #LoveMyShirt #UsAlways #UnBreakable
myking - loveofmylife - unbreakable - hisqueen - mybestfriend - myhusband - hisforever - mylove - usalways - mylover - mrsmaldonado - freemyotherhalf - lovemyshirt -
brieex0 - tavarezgirl25 - moyaa_iloveyou - jari_ox -
Nick Fuller has provided HUGE minutes off the bench. #Huskers still trail though - 🌽54🌽-59 with just 3:14 left. #UsAlways #Nebrasketball
huskers - usalways - nebrasketball -
charlie.larson.48 : @sam_potter9 so true. This kid has no clue what it takes.
mitchlohmeier : @elibrown40 do u know what petteway is going through?! Do u know how hard it is for him right now? It's already hard enough that he has the whole team on his shoulders
2000fritzy : @mitchlohmeier @elibrown40 it wasn't his fault. We just didn't execute good enough to win
2000fritzy : @nathangrof
chrissjoy : I'm so proud of the guys tonight. They played with all their hearts and were the better team in my mind. Don't listen to the trolls, they're just jealous cause they can't play sports and are probably un-handsome. #gobigred
dontay_4 : @mitchlohmeier you can't say he sucks he made it to the college level I bet you can't do that
reddsonyam : Tuff road loss to a good team tonite. Dont listen to these Trolls talk negative on here! Genuine Husker fans Love Ya Win or Lose #GBR
jshusker : @elibrown40 We were already down by 3, even if he scores there we probably don't win that game. We didn't do enough to win as a team, plain and simple. Tai did not lose that game for us.
tyler.robertson.6 - aiden_bishop_33 - westbrookballer - emma_haylee_51 -
#Huskers hanging real tough on the road. 🌽48🌽-50 with just 7:51 remaining. #UsAlways #Nebrasketball
huskers - usalways - nebrasketball -
huskersbaseball : Let's go boys!
tyler.robertson.6 - westbrookballer - jbeck12 - emma_haylee_51 -
#TP5 #ilove my lil cousin he works so hard and I'm so proud of him! πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜ŽπŸ€ #NBA #NBABOUND #MVP #nebrasketball #Usalways #huskers #huskers #family #nebraska #BigTEN #BTN #BOI #love #family #work #workhard #hustle #basketball
huskers - usalways - love - family - nebraska - nba - btn - mvp - basketball - workhard - work - boi - tp5 - nbabound - nebrasketball - ilove - bigten - hustle -
qrit_ : Thank You!
beckerkearcierene : Love it!
valeriewright_awesomosity : Awesome!
momonamission0720 : Love it!
krissis.korner : Love it!😊
moneyonlinetruth : where you from?
_rolanaye : Texas @moneyonlinetruth
tbandsusa : Cool!
vanayes - jboi_king - valeriewright_awesomosity - genevieve.wynne.z -
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