#tbt since @falorafa brought this up last week. Back when I tried to photoshop myself into winning a contest from @easymoneysniper on Twitter. Someone ratted me out and he caught me 😳 #uptempoairforums
tbt - uptempoairforums -
b_radv : Lol I remember this
falorafa : 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹
chavez1322 : Didn't you win and then lose cause the guy snitched?
tcman5190 : @chavez1322 yep smh KD had followed me and said to DM him and everything
jorgegeorge.b : #neverforget
theycallmesloth_ : Who ratted you out? And did KD unfollow you?
kingof15s : #SnitchesGetStitches
tcman5190 : @theycallmesloth_ just some random kid. And yeah, with the swiftness
chavez1322 - morda101 - themuffinmancakes - elitepage -
Today's flavor. #mycrewstaylaced #crewstaylaced #uptempoairforums #UnDS #igsneakercommunity #laceemifyougotem #KD #nikesandmikes #nikeair
mycrewstaylaced - nikeair - kd - igsneakercommunity - unds - nikesandmikes - uptempoairforums - laceemifyougotem - crewstaylaced -
theycallmesloth_ - vanityismycurse - breasor8 - kurrtisss -
#pickup thanks to @ray4dashow for the hookup. My new hoop shoes. Just need my ankle to heal now 😣 #kobesystem #uptempoairforums
kobesystem - pickup - uptempoairforums -
cbtaylor23 : How was the draft lol
tcman5190 : @cbtaylor23 lol good! I was on my phone tho so couldn't research much
ddave24 - spongechun - keep_it_houstone - ivan_diaz_mejia -
#pumpkinseason #reebok #omnilite #thepump #reebokclassics #flyasskickseveryday #uptempoairforums #kickstagram #teamreebok1895 @teamreebok1895
kickstagram - reebokclassics - pumpkinseason - thepump - flyasskickseveryday - uptempoairforums - teamreebok1895 - reebok - omnilite -
oabishop : #somanyhashtags
theycallmesloth_ - oabishop - deadbodyman216 - infamousvic -
Anybody interested in a $10 buy in fantasy basketball league? Winner takes all at the end of the year. Once you PayPal me the $10 I'll send an invite. Trying to get a good amount of teams. At 6 right now #uptempoairforums
uptempoairforums -
rjacobs41 : !
theycallmesloth_ : Can I repost this to my followers who don't pay attention to my posts?
tcman5190 : @rjacobs41 PayPal gift me $10 and I'll send the invite
cbtaylor23 : Sending payment now. Tonight or tomorrow would be best for me, as I'll be at the Hornets game Wednesday. But I'll auto draft if I have to
tcman5190 : @theycallmesloth_ of course
tcman5190 : @cbtaylor23 ok. Invite sent to your PayPal address
brotha_d : Dang. Im running my own yahoo one too I would've did a second one
tcman5190 : @brotha_d not too late!
falorafa - bdemecilio21 - cbtaylor23 - chris_._._.pettas -
Been a while since I copped a new pair. Very pleased with these @nike good job. #igsneakercommunity #mycrewstaylaced #crewstaylaced #uptempoairforums #pickups #nikesandmikes #nikeair #nike
mycrewstaylaced - nikeair - nike - pickups - igsneakercommunity - nikesandmikes - uptempoairforums - crewstaylaced -
willikc : I wonder how many pairs of shoes you have. Has to be a lot. LOL
infinitewisdom4all : Last time I counted (last year or so) I was at like 310. Probably over 350 now. @willikc
__k1ng_leonidas_ : Nice man
_jetlifeambition : U know sum
__k1ng_leonidas_ - tragiq_truth - neer976 - kurrtisss -
Since I got challenged again by @og_rodney last week. I'll post 3 new pairs #Top3Challenge #uptempoairforums #kobesystem #kobefeatures
kobesystem - kobefeatures - uptempoairforums - top3challenge -
__k1ng_leonidas_ : Woo I fucking hate u
tcman5190 : @theycallmesloth_ @falorafa @__k1ng_leonidas_ lmao y'all can thank @og_rodney for telling me to do another top 3
__k1ng_leonidas_ : Our shit may as well be Payless
theycallmesloth_ : Tyler posting #FakeFiles quality in front of a green screen for the #Top3Challenge. @__k1ng_leonidas_ @falorafa
falorafa : Once a PS King, always a PS King. Seattle Space Needle-gate all over again! Check this out @easymoneysniper
smannieee : ^hahahaha your friends are so nice, brother! Space Needle-gate is pretty good tho πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
shimabra : Weak!
chavez1322 : Damn @falorafa taking it back with the space needle-gate
youngoutlaw - rubengarcia33 - chelsea_h_14 - ssam_choon -
Was a week of 8s since my ankle brace fit in them #todayskicks #bustedankle #uptempoairforums #kobefeatures #kobesystem
todayskicks - kobesystem - kobefeatures - bustedankle - uptempoairforums -
youngoutlaw : That's five more pairs of 8's than @noelair24 @tcman5190 lol
vince_birth24 : Got any kobes size 11 for sale? @tcman5190
tcman5190 : @vince_birth24 just supernatural 8s
vince_birth24 : @tcman5190 how much?
tcman5190 : @vince_birth24 $100?
vince_birth24 : How man times have they been worn @tcman5190
tcman5190 : @vince_birth24 just a handful casually. Small scuff on one toe but hard to see
vince_birth24 : Can you dm me some pics @tcman5190
courtj_34 - mambacita - michael820625 - mattf1x -
4th wear... This week. #uptempoairforums #TodaysKicks #kotd
todayskicks - kotd - uptempoairforums -
thesoleconnect23 : Nice pic, check out @monsterkicks23
falorafa - grayers - brooklynsmommy1814 - jahsneakerfrk23 -
Man I had these all the way up through college... and if you dialed that phone number it was Roy Jones Jr on the other end talking about the shoe! #tbt #igsneakercommunity #mycrewstaylaced #nikesandmikes #nikeair #crewstaylaced #uptempoairforums #throwbackthursday
nikeair - throwbackthursday - tbt - igsneakercommunity - nikesandmikes - uptempoairforums - mycrewstaylaced - crewstaylaced -
humblebrag : I had these too
dolemitejr91 - demize305 - mrhmcguire - kurrtisss -
These are the shoes I tend to wear most during this time of year. Agree/Disagree. Cuss & Discuss. #mycrewstaylaced #crewstaylaced #igsneakercommunity #uptempoairforums
uptempoairforums - crewstaylaced - mycrewstaylaced - igsneakercommunity -
coop_251 : Cant go wrong with ur selection throw u some polo boots in their and u fie lol @infinitewisdom4all
jasonlee1738 : Agree
infinitewisdom4all : @coop_251 now you know better
coop_251 : Ijs @infinitewisdom4all u need the male thot boots
antnexlev : #TerraHumara @infinitewisdom4all
_jetlifeambition : Bruh pull the polo boots out πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
jr_or_herman : Agree
mister_milton_ : Agree
terry_jonesii - jorgegeorge.b - _foreverkayyyy - dreelectronica -
Cleaning out my closet and took these Gems out. All DS from 2006. The ones on the left were the original Black Mambas from what I remember. #NoPreludesHere, #OnlyOGs, #NikeBasketball, #ZoomKobeI, #KobeSystem, #KobeBryant, #MambaMondays, #KobeMondays, #Heat, #Kicksonfire, #Kickstagram, #SoleCollector, #UptempoAirForums, #Niketalk, #Blackouts, #2006, #TripleOcho, #NotForSale @kobebryant
kickstagram - kobebryant - niketalk - notforsale - heat - tripleocho - kobefeatures - dafuq - kobesystem - mambamondays - 2006 - blackouts - kobemondays - zoomkobei - kicksonfire - solecollector - nikebasketball - nopreludeshere - uptempoairforums - onlyogs -
tgifclothing : πŸ˜ƒ
dividewatches : @dividewatches
benb023 : I beat my all star 1s. U thinkin bout sellin any of these @youngoutlaw
youngoutlaw : #KobeFeatures
youngoutlaw : Not at the moment bro @benb023
anitanotta : Im pissed i trashed mine too. Now i cant even find a pair for cheap anymore SMH. Who woulda thought the cheapest fuckin shoes are worth 600-1K now (kobe 1 & jordan 1) even the lebron zoom gen πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @youngoutlaw
anitanotta : Remember the patent black/gold aj1? Couldnt give that shit away at $50 now its $300-400
youngoutlaw : Remmeber when they were $25 lol @anitanotta
mycflo - hellawonka - aj_kb24 - ervlakernation -
Roshe's kind of been beat to death. That pains me. Still love these tho. #uptempoairforums #TodaysKicks #cheapsocks #dgafaboutsocks #KOTD #TodaysKicks
todayskicks - dgafaboutsocks - cheapsocks - kotd - uptempoairforums -
alna5o : yeah @VinesBeLike
craig_357 - sneak_stakes - holyghostthug - og_rodney -
°M E T E O R O L O G Y° --The interdisciplinary scientific study of the atmosphere. #mycrewstaylaced #crewstaylaced #uptempoairforums #nikesandmikes #laceemifyougotem #KD #igsneakercommunity #nikeair
uptempoairforums - nikeair - kd - igsneakercommunity - nikesandmikes - mycrewstaylaced - laceemifyougotem - crewstaylaced -
concept45 : πŸ‘Œ
falorafa - candimarie_22 - loscrila - georgechuck -
#uptempoairforums #kotd #TodaysKicks #workflow
todayskicks - kotd - uptempoairforums - workflow -
kicks2_nice : Nice!πŸ‘Œ
sokolovcustoms : Nice! If you like dope customs then give us a follow.
retrolaced : Like! Check us out we got some dope kicks for you!
dhunternetwork : Dope pic! Mind connecting?
jorgegeorge.b - neight21 - sheedkennedy - holyghostthug -
Guess I need to find a time to lace these before Black Friday. #uptempoairforums
uptempoairforums -
billy_boehm : Me too.
infinitewisdom4all : Naw, just sell them to me
theycallmesloth_ : No, no, no, no, n non noooooooooo @infinitewisdom4all
falorafa - daddyenz - jahsneakerfrk23 - holyghostthug -
This Is my top 3. I don't have all my shoes with me cause I'm moving some stuff into my new house so from what I got these are the ones I pick. I was challenged by @__k1ng_leonidas_ I challenge @youngoutlaw and @useref15 #Top3Challenge #AdidasKobe2 #Huarache2k4 #KobeIv #KobeSystem #SinceTheBeginning πŸ‘ #UptempoAirForums
huarache2k4 - top3challenge - uptempoairforums - kobesystem - kobeiv - top3 - sincethebeginning - adidaskobe2 -
mario__reyes : Illuminati
edsonzr : The yellow ones lol #robocop @noelair24
tcman5190 : Does Evan have shoes?
noelair24 : @tcman5190 I remember him saying he sold all his. Lol hopefully.
brock_sole : Dope! β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†
noelair24 : #Top3
jamonteverde : nice trio
noelair24 : @jamonteverde thanks!
mario.gonzalezmoran - nessaclaros - jamonteverde - og_rodney -
Finally went to storage today... #mycrewstaylaced #crewstaylaced #uptempoairforums #igsneakercommunity #laceemifyougotem #nikesandmikes
nikesandmikes - uptempoairforums - mycrewstaylaced - laceemifyougotem - igsneakercommunity - crewstaylaced -
sparqplug2 : I need your plug que
naphannnnn___ : Bro u got hella shit
theycallmesloth_ - noelair24 - jimsox39 - r_cleve -
Been wearing these all day.... #mycrewstaylaced #crewstaylaced #uptempoairforums #igsneakercommunity #nikesandmikes #laceemifyougotem
nikesandmikes - uptempoairforums - mycrewstaylaced - laceemifyougotem - igsneakercommunity - crewstaylaced -
mister_milton_ : Thought u didnt like him
infinitewisdom4all : That's because u hear what u want, I never said I didn't like him, I just point out his flaws when everyone else, i.e. you, are slurping him up. Only player I unapologetically can not stand and won't be swayed about is Dirk.
infinitewisdom4all : @mister_milton_
mister_milton_ : I dont slurp anyone. I just pojnt out his strengths compared to mj's and u don't agree! And Dirk has that work for ya ass! I dont like him but give credit where due. And he doesnt have many flaws, again.....your opinion!
infinitewisdom4all : If defense was still legal in the NBA Dirk would be a mid level except guy.....7ft spot up shooter.... 7ft Craig Hodges... @mister_milton_
mister_milton_ : Lol! Cant argue that. πŸ˜‚
gonzo12 - nystatenisland - mister_milton_ - r_cleve -
Answering the call sent out by my sneaker patas @craig_357 & @theycallmesloth_ I give you my Top 3. In 3rd place(hardest to pick actually) are the Royal Foamposite Ones made popular by Penny Hardaway in 1997. In at 2nd place are the Bordeaux Jordan VIIs, the first pair of Jordans I ever owned back in the 5th grade. And in at 1st place are the Black & Red, maybe even Playoff, Jordan XIs. I hate that other nickname that sounds like food. I've owned 3 pairs of these in my life because I missed the very first release as a highschool freshman. That's when I vowed never to miss another sneaker that I really wanted and its been on ever since. #mycrewstaylaced #crewstaylaced #uptempoairforums #igsneakercommunity #nikesandmikes #laceemifyougotem I now challenge @jr_or_herman @tweetdesenutz @humblebrag & @devantebrown_
nikesandmikes - uptempoairforums - mycrewstaylaced - laceemifyougotem - igsneakercommunity - crewstaylaced -
devantebrown_ : Nice...
humblebrag : That's quality
craig_357 : I was expecting to see those OG shadow 10's. But these choices are all great!
theycallmesloth_ : Dope. #Top3Challenge
djhns0n : My fav Jordan as well
everybodylovesnik : That is my fav pair too πŸ‘
infinitewisdom4all : @kingof15s you late big dog. Been did mine
kingof15s : My apologies oh great one
kenlamont_pr - billybob1911 - mister_milton_ - dianejames525 -
Waiting at the doctors office #kotd #wdywt #AirJordan #11lows #concords #chickswithkicks #niketalk #solecollector #nicekicks #uptempoairforums
nicekicks - niketalk - solecollector - airjordan - uptempoairforums - 11lows - kotd - concords - wdywt - chickswithkicks -
thesoleconnect23 : Nice pic, check out @monsterkicks23
jenngarcia2311 : Let me know how she's doing bf
priscilla_boehm : I sure will bf @jenngarcia2311
asha604 - ilycristal - ericaa_nicole0923 - b_diddy25 -
#uptempoairforums #nike #JesusShuttlesworth #Foamposite #TodaysKicks #Kotd
uptempoairforums - nike - todayskicks - jesusshuttlesworth - foamposite - kotd -
tagrn0023 : Man I love that color
__k1ng_leonidas_ - w_aguirre - daddyenz - jahsneakerfrk23 -
Got challenged by @rubix_24 to do a top 3. Very difficult to decide and probably changes depending on the day! But here's what I picked this morning. Let's challenge @ray4dashow @coleworld123 and @billy_boehm
todayskicks - kobesystem - kobefeatures - uptempoairforums -
deesoles24 : Nice
ray4dashow : @tcman5190 so doesn't hv to be all Kobes?
coleworld123 : Damn thats tough lol
daddyenz : Chaos!! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
tcman5190 : @ray4dashow you can pick whatever!
theycallmesloth_ : #Top3Challenge
manwtnoname : πŸ™Œ
rubix_24 : Beauties! πŸ’―
la_mamb4_negra - cabajanga - jorgeloga - just_ded -
Welp, I was nominated by @kicksrmycareer and @stripclubs_and_flyshoes by proxy. So, these are probably my favorite pieces that I own. That retro card should tell you what you need to know about the XI. The Foam Pros were my first foams. The SB Jordan 1s are just dope. All are well worn. 'Sup @og_rodney @__k1ng_leonidas_ & @infinitewisdom4all. I picked y'all 3 because digging out your favorite three shoes seems like something you would not want to do with your life. #uptempoairforums
top3challenge - uptempoairforums -
stripclubs_and_flyshoes : I'm hating on those sbs
jahsneakerfrk23 : @kicksrmycareer @theycallmesloth_ wish they would bring foams back like these
infinitewisdom4all : Bastard....
__k1ng_leonidas_ : So u want a pic of my top 3
theycallmesloth_ : That you own. @__k1ng_leonidas_
theycallmesloth_ : Let me go ahead and challenge @teelarge as well. I saw @adriandavisnow had tagged you and got no response. So I am going to float it out there as well... Where you at homie? Haha
teelarge : !!!
teelarge : Ok ok let me figure this thing out LOL
__k1ng_leonidas_ - stone_face - jlindsey0820 - holyghostthug -
#todayskicks #kobesystem #kobefeatures #uptempoairforums
todayskicks - kobesystem - kobefeatures - uptempoairforums -
aldhamathleticdevelopment : @heslip @mdm021 @dboogez1
youngoutlaw : My goodness.
weareknown - javonarnone - holyghostthug - aj_kb24 -
#wdywt #fila #filakj7 #kj7 #kevinjohnson #filaclassics #flyasskickseveryday #uptempoairforums
filakj7 - fila - kj7 - uptempoairforums - kevinjohnson - filaclassics - wdywt - flyasskickseveryday -
__k1ng_leonidas_ - kobeizdatruking - pacmandacoolest - og_rodney -
I ain't flexed these in a lil while. #mycrewstaylaced #crewstaylaced #uptempoairforums #NikeSB #nikesandmikes #igsneakercommunity
nikesandmikes - uptempoairforums - mycrewstaylaced - nikesb - igsneakercommunity - crewstaylaced -
kimkandy513 - _dyyyyy_ - djhns0n - kurrtisss -
#wdywt #nike #airrevolution #prm #qs #loverution #flyasskickseveryday #uptempoairforums #kickstagram
qs - nike - prm - kickstagram - flyasskickseveryday - uptempoairforums - airrevolution - wdywt - loverution -
qualitykicks305 : Nice!
kobeizdatruking - hypeshxt - jimberwolf - omasneakerexpo -
#todayskicks been awhile since I've worn these... #kobefeatures #uptempoairforums
todayskicks - kobefeatures - uptempoairforums -
mikeyj_2 : Beautiful πŸ™ŒπŸ
ervlakernation : @tcman5190 fresh bro
gg_bibibi : ☺️
jc_pox - ugues_1 - godlyweegee1122 - joegluscic -
#uptempoairforums #TodaysKicks #ACG but it ain't cold outside. #Kotd #nike
todayskicks - kotd - acg - uptempoairforums - nike -
w_aguirre - brooklynsmommy1814 - allsolessneakers - maia.white -
Weekly shoe rotation. Time to sell some stock. This is all I wear. #Nike #Flyknit #Lunar #OutletSteal #40Bucks #Kobe8 #Kobe #KobeSystem #UptempoAirForums #UTA
flyknit - uta - nike - kobe8 - 40bucks - lunar - uptempoairforums - outletsteal - kobesystem - kobe -
jadebelle21 : @falorafa u need new ones! #thatstheanswer
jaydavid21 : I need a pair of black flyknits. I only have loud ones.
falorafa : @jadebelle21 I have to sell one to buy one. I'm on lockdown! 😭
falorafa : @jaydavid21 Dang, you should've picked up a pair while they were between $30-$50 at outlets.
emilymccutcheon21 - neverstxpdreaming - big_terio - darty_r -
Air Jordan XIV. Top 5 all-time. I need a 3rd pair. Gorilla Glue can't save them. #Jordan #XIV #14 #Size13 #UptempoAirForums #UTA #IGSneakerCommunity #Beaters
uta - 14 - beaters - lastshot - uptempoairforums - bred - igsneakercommunity - jordan - size13 - xiv - blackred -
falorafa : #Bred #BlackRed #LastShot
infinitewisdom4all - shafiyah - jadebelle21 - holyghostthug -
Lunar Flyknit. Not as cool as racers or trainers... #uptempoairforums
uptempoairforums -
theycallmesloth_ : Or chukkas
tcman5190 - w_aguirre - _shedominicana - teelarge -
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