Need? This isnt about need #modernnotoriety #lunchmoney #redisnext #upriseskateshop #takeyoswagoutforawalk
upriseskateshop - lunchmoney - modernnotoriety - takeyoswagoutforawalk - redisnext -
katiecalihan - p_slinkypaint - bigblack1911 - nolanfarrell -
Dragon-scaled wall at Uprise Skate shop #inspirationinallforms #upriseskateshop
upriseskateshop - inspirationinallforms -
katiecalihan - _tomjackson - bigblack1911 - nolanfarrell -
Nike SB Dunk Low Camo's now available.. #upriseskateshop #nikesb
nikesb - upriseskateshop -
katebennetburns : @sankalives did u make it here before we left? Go back and buy these ^
gsarantos : @paul_georgopoulos cop or not
pasinurine : Uh you better have some 13's for me.
theinfamousking300k : Yall have size 13 and what's the price
ill_shake_ur_junt : i gotta scoop some of these
theturbine - wilkster_carchi - spazmania - s14rob -
#BATTLEFORABERRICA #upriseskateshop #chicagoskateboarding
battleforaberrica - upriseskateshop - chicagoskateboarding -
thesharpend : Oh shit!
handlebarchicago - _toohighty - de_la_soul_95 - c_oooolson -
Met the one and only @steveberra I saw @yoonicorn213 and @codycepeda but didn't get pictures with them. #upriseskateshop #berrics #battleforaberrica
battleforaberrica - upriseskateshop - berrics -
connor_haz_money_and_power : Damn I wanted to go, was it fun?
luciferinthesky_withdiamonds : @connor_haz_money_and_power yeah
grungydicksponge : Haha saw him@ the taco spot by my pad and bitched out on asking him fer a pic lol
bgonzalez6969 - cxsmxnaut - joshmchale - markmumma -
Sick day with at Clemente today. So many good skaters in Chicago, including these guys here. #battleforaberrica #berrics #chicago #upriseskateshop
berrics - battleforaberrica - upriseskateshop - chicago -
onflowapp : πŸ’―
_marisolariana - gtl_13 - katyxa11 - dylantchoryk69 -
❀️ #supraskateboarding #upriseskateshop
supraskateboarding - upriseskateshop -
mattmurk - matteo99999999999 - foreignwhiteboy__ - john_morris9 -
so proud of @calvin_debruler 😁😍 #BattleForAberrica #skateboarding #upriseskateshop
battleforaberrica - upriseskateshop - skateboarding -
calvin_debruler : I love you!
annabanannnas - eknarfeiznekcam - __maarriiiah - mandyrenee_2012 -
Crisp kickflips for the South Side of Chicago. #Chiraq #lakai #blutwn #upriseskateshop #lakailtd Photo by @_serge__
chiraq - blutwn - lakai - upriseskateshop - lakailtd -
mzender43 : Bigs
anthuriumwater : This flick is so Sharp!
elessicx : @anthuriumwater Cheers.
jjreed77 - lala_nomada - binxiam - dannae_ktt -
Kalis | #upriseskateshop #chicagoskateboarding #dgk
dgk - upriseskateshop - chicagoskateboarding -
koolmoeleo : Whoa!!!!
hoagvision : πŸ”₯
takeachillpillbrah - mausikaitis - garageafterlyfe - amerstreetart -
New Hats from @thequietlife #thequietlife #upriseskateshop
thequietlife - upriseskateshop -
thequietlife : πŸ‘
allineedskate : Rad πŸ™Œ
kilmuir21 - boodin - arturincordova - gurpaz2001 -
#coffee #BattleForAberrica #upriseskateshop #squad @upriseskateshop @berrics
battleforaberrica - coffee - squad - upriseskateshop -
aaronsk84life : See ya bro
rivera_alex : Damn I should probably go check this out.
nillagrilla : Get it!
mitch_stfg : Goodluck!
jay5hawn - sigicolarojaleo - sanford.robin - gb13 -
Rain can't stop this! Battle for Aberrica will be going down at Clemente High School! Make sure to dress warm and come hang. #battleforaberrica #upriseskateshop
battleforaberrica - upriseskateshop -
wh_gera : @lil_crispy_cream @where_is_ali
nocomprende : @eljosh0 get the homies. Let's go
mintyrosess : @ulquiorra_____
chicagoriginal : #aintnostoppinusnow
ay_leks : @metraaflakko23
caleb_verrall - jamesmskate - juansayrawr17 - motorik247 -
tbt #fiveonflat @upriseskateshop #upriseskateshop #battleforaberrica
fiveonflat - battleforaberrica - upriseskateshop -
slimdaddy16 : Goodluck bro
goblin_arcadius : We said get him! @alextimeperkins said got em. This is raw bro.
christiandean3 : Yasssss
trevorskinner94 - kindanotreallly - 4bobby2franks0 - eightsbrigade -
Nike SB Flash Pack. Dunk High Prm - Shield Black. Blazer SB - Base Grey/Black. Releasing today at Noon. #upriseskateshop #lightupthestreets #flashpack
flashpack - upriseskateshop - lightupthestreets -
3ste0ve3 : Gotta put up a pic with the flash on
mrtouhy : @upriseskateshop the ones on the right are what Kyle Reese wears in the first Terminator.
thisismortega : @imrichbitch3!
ninjanoyz : @soccerballer41 those dunks are ill.
colin138 : @ticklefarts
lacoka1 : @irishlegend1
gonzorozzay : @jecossyleon I need these!!!
theinfamousking300k : I need a size 13 with the one with the Gray Nike logo and price
jcedillo731 - saulgood312 - bigblack1911 - gb13 -
Syndicate x Alexis Ross The Laundry Bag Authentic designed by Alexis Ross for Vans Syndicate releases Saturday at noon. Available in-store or online with free shipping. #upriseskateshop #VansSyndicate #AlexisRoss
vanssyndicate - upriseskateshop - alexisross -
radiusetc : @_the_mint says hello bros. I'm out here in Osaka repping for home team. Bless!
upriseskateshop : @radiusetc hell yeah all our @snackskateboards homies will be out there in two weeks also! So jealous...
radiusetc : Word I will! Played in the shop lastnite. Bigged y'all up. I'm out of Osaka Tues then to Tokyo for a week. But this is my first time. Gate is open tho. Def next time I'll build with y'all in spring fasho. Keep up the great work! Respect. PS. Which crew?
radiusetc : Got it after updated. Word. Salud!
_markyboy_exellent : Nice vans
twinsmom411 : Smallest size?! @upriseskateshop @uriah_uprise
cobehandsome : @__brendisss
surpriseskate : Free "stain" included!
weezychris - vytorakidz - 41kickz - henrytll2000 -
"Points To Blossom" By Juan Chavez (@musclegutsandluck) Skateboarding just oozes from our minds in everything we do, Juan's installation tells that story better than Juan could in words. Check out more photos at, but you must check out this huge installation in person. 401 N Michigan Ave, Chicago. Photos by @_serge__ #upriseskateshop
upriseskateshop -
graffitidecoration : @fresh_avenue
danieljehan13 : boyzπŸ‘Š @novaklang @ryanmarney28 @_cameronparker_ @tom.catalano @austincowan8
ryanmarney28 : Lets make one @danieljehan13
culture_kids : πŸ™Œ
kyleranker : Skated that
alisojo : So dudes we should go skate this @_edwinsantana @wildmudkip @joe_castro
_edwinsantana : Ayy @alisojo
aelues : Let's go skate it @kushtonchi @alivazquez90 @lo_okyo @nvrending_well
trevorskinner94 - jasonlandau - thebeerics - saulgood312 -
Real Skateboards Available now. #upriseskateshop #realskateboards
realskateboards - upriseskateshop -
koalafax : @shakejunt22 Shrimp deck!!!
shakejunt22 : Oohhhh @koalafax
pugsterlife : That Ferguson board speaks to me on a spiritual level... NEED
aaronsk84life - oscar_ekman - michaelskerrett - ultra.violent_ -
Bohnam #manhob Available now. #upriseskateshop
manhob - upriseskateshop -
elessicx : That Cup Tho
mattperezdts : I'm Tryna get that blade
bohnam : πŸ‘πŸ‘Š
_tomjackson - prosaso - pablo1100 - gorkelios -
Vans Long Sleeve Flannels, Crew Neck, and Thermal are in stock now. #upriseskateshop #vansshoes
upriseskateshop - vansshoes -
ahhhtony_80 : @_j_85
_j_85 : Button two I'd buy @ahhhtony_80
kognac_west : Sickly
_tomjackson - pablo1100 - nickmarx03 - admxbrhn -
New Neon Chocolate Chunk Pull Over and Beanies to brighten up your day. #upriseskateshop #chocolateskateboards
upriseskateshop - chocolateskateboards -
dbirdsell : @chadhundred
vedantvasavda : @j_okam
twinsmom411 : @iputtheavinavrey @acemoneyhandskid πŸ‘
zboy.isaac - dav_cobain - munchies3323 - pablo1100 -
That time when the homie got a signature truck and @thundertrucks tossed in some free hats/tees with purchase. Neen Williams Pro Thunder Truck available now at Uprise. #upriseskateshop #knowcontrol #thundertrucks
thundertrucks - upriseskateshop - knowcontrol -
pwire314 : So sick!!
jordansargent14 - camron_swanson - isahcuningham_ - skater_dude_21 -
Vans Pro Skate Chima Ferguson Pro is one of the best selling, best fitting shoes from Vans. Don't forget that although this is canvas, the Chima has the full vamp Duracap to make it last longer than suede. Available now in store or online with free shipping. #upriseskateshop #chimaferguson
chimaferguson - upriseskateshop -
mikeshaww : Got em
_markyboy_exellent : Awesome
camelosk8 - s_fuxter_n - gesineffe - mirosoukka -
A few extra tricks for #BattleForAberrica #upriseskateshop #landshark #venturetrucks #kent #krooked #kentpark
krooked - battleforaberrica - kentpark - kent - venturetrucks - upriseskateshop - landshark -
koralbakar : Nice πŸ‘
joesmithdost - javontae_lee - jamesespinozaa - unhueonmass -
Adidas Tech Jacket for those rainy windy Fall days.. #adidasskateboarding #upriseskateshop
adidasskateboarding - upriseskateshop -
ayyorockyy : @mskatfritz
wuthom : @jonbacklash
lotec_remede : Dope! $??
jonbacklash : @wuthom πŸ‘
twinsmom411 : @acemoneyhands πŸ‘
mexmurda : Fresh
rosebudd72 - jason_ayc - svmxwell - welcometodavids -
Edited poorly, but got some learned just for #BattleForAberrica have more, hopefully I can post tmrw #upriseskateshop #nikesb #venturetrucks #kentpark
venturetrucks - battleforaberrica - nikesb - kentpark - upriseskateshop -
eheezy - lojavisacon - cbear421_ - crlattimer21 -
Neen Williams Pro Thunder Truck now in-stock. Uprise is proud to watch a shorty from the neighborhood skate his ass off and make it big. Keep killing it @neenowilliams! #upriseskateshop #knowcontrol #thundertrucks
thundertrucks - upriseskateshop - knowcontrol -
nunez_613 : πŸ‘Œ
mzender43 : Cheeks!
_serge__ : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
josephchex : πŸ‘ πŸ‘ @neenowilliams check me out one time!! Thanks!
ledzep4ever : I remember his "warriors" part on 411 or whatever it was, first time I ever saw him or @brockoley
neenowilliams : Thanks brothers!
puteramuhd - sk8b00b00 - bxsk8ter - _juangarcia08 -
Front noseslide by @skatepat while @milwaukeeog76 waxes his board #upriseskateshop #chicagoskateboarding #grimeofficial
grimeofficial - upriseskateshop - chicagoskateboarding -
dustin_sohoften : @bored_homie_larry
raiuleizu - sbgla - rlang20 - tjabangen8 -
Battle For Aberrica PRE-PARTY & WILDCARD game of skate for LAST position! Comp starts at 8 sharp. screening of: DOWNTOWN WIGWAM Friday, Oct. 17th @North Bar 1637 W North Ave 7-2am, 21+ Free #upriseskateshop #chicagOriginal
chicagoriginal - upriseskateshop -
initialinternational : @judah_lenz sign me up yo. Haha
takeachillpillbrah : @luciferinthesky_withdiamonds theres probably gunna be hella pros here
luciferinthesky_withdiamonds : 21+? @takeachillpillbrah
takeachillpillbrah : @luciferinthesky_withdiamonds i know im just saying. Lol
warcoskateboards : @upriseskateshop What's up with getting some boards in the shop? Let me know thanks!
whitechocolatejohnson : @gaslightcoffeeroasters
initialinternational : @codyvtheonlyg
ohhlawddd : @downthegardenpath
caleb_verrall - s_fuxter_n - bulls_on_patron - mrredghost -
How did @spitfirewheels know we are out of beans? Thanks to Spitfire Roaster's Marc Johnson Blend we will be jacked up for a couple days. This won't last too long, if you owe us a favor hit us with some espresso roast please! #upriseskateshop #spitfirewheels #brewedtoburn
spitfirewheels - upriseskateshop - brewedtoburn -
martymartinho : NE'ERMIND
obabygirl : bringin y'all some of our finest
chettythomas_yo : Trade some stickers for a pound of coffee? #baristalife
thebackforty : @upriseskateshop We're doing a roast for the holidays with @castlecoffeeroasters. We'll put you down for a couple bags ❀️
zanebridges : Got any to buy? @upriseskateshop that Marc Johnson coffee must be good.
selectinverse : @hottempersauce
mattperezdts : I need me a cup of that! #coffeeforever @upriseskateshop
ultra.violent_ - gesineffe - deepfriedtaco13 - skateorialist -
Yesterday's wear! Reppin' my city in the #motherland #PuertoRico #UpriseSkateShop #SaintAlfred #Shoecago_Sole #NSaneKicks #Modernnotoriety #ComplexKicks
motherland - nsanekicks - complexkicks - puertorico - plsblv - saintalfred - shoecago_sole - modernnotoriety - shoecago - upriseskateshop -
r.i.p_vanessa : Yeah man. Imn back in Chicago only lasted 3 months over there. Great place to visit horrible to live.
eltoro_lu : @r.i.p_vanessa oh ok, man I'm sorry it didn't work out here.
r.i.p_vanessa : Its cool bro. Im going to finish building the house out there. Halfway there so I'll have a vacation home.
eltoro_lu : @r.i.p_vanessa that's what's up, where you get the house at?
r.i.p_vanessa : I got some land from my family. In Naranjito. No jobs over there and the hospitals and schools are a joke.
r.i.p_vanessa : Plus I got a job offer over here working for Dr Pepper Snapple. So I'm here.
eltoro_lu : @r.i.p_vanessa ahh ok, yeah my Gpops is in Vega Baja. Notice that if you ain't in a big city it's rough. Well do your thing pai, glad to hear you got a good job.
r.i.p_vanessa : I love the beach in Vega Baja. Went there a ton of times.
eltoro_lu - nickolasgaines - bury_me_with_my_soles - matt_so_dope -
Battle For Aberrica PRE-PARTY & WILDCARD game of skate for LAST position! Comp starts at 8 sharp. screening of: DOWNTOWN WIGWAM Friday, Oct. 17th @North Bar 1637 W North Ave 7-2am, 21+ Free #upriseskateshop #chicagOriginal
chicagoriginal - upriseskateshop -
garageafterlyfe : Fuk!!! I'm not missing this one! !
chicagoriginal : @garageafterlyfe β˜‘οΈ @broderickberger list up shortly
garageafterlyfe : Word
th3mufinman : @chicagoriginal what ime is wigwam gonna start?
_david_joseph - chicagosavage1080 - stacksmobb - dsnvchicago -
More awesome Magenta boards! #magentaskateboards #upriseskateshop
magentaskateboards - upriseskateshop -
chettythomas_yo : @gsc_quiznos
pierre_dk : @eloishere celle de gauche
harrychandler98 - jennleee - oscar_ekman - pierre_dk -
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