If only erasing unwanted memories is as easy as pressing Shift+Delete, I would have been happier by now. But sadly, dealing with those kind of memories is not as simple as that. #memories #unwantedmemories
memories - unwantedmemories -
_dinaainaa : Lawaaaaa 👍 beautiful gallery @raziorazi
raziorazi : Thank you very much @_dinaainaa : )
azra.ali.399488 : Mmng x boley padam... But we can set our mind... ;-)
deanhawts : So true .
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Sometimes music brings up bad memories... Yet I still use it to escape this world. #MusicIsAnEscape #UnwantedMemories #UnwantedEmotions #Depression #Cutting
unwantedemotions - cutting - musicisanescape - depression - unwantedmemories -
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Its hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember!! 😒😞 #stupid #justwannaforget #letmeforget #startingover #unwantedmemories
letmeforget - stupid - unwantedmemories - startingover - justwannaforget -
dreamelegance : Yo! , What do you think about becoming an official rep for our clothing line!?? If your seriously interested shoot us a text, our numbers on our bio on our profile!
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#unwantedmemories #regret #movingon
unwantedmemories - regret - movingon -
emiliejoer -
#murderedbymyboyfriend #unwantedmemories #scars #stopviolence #abuse #mental #physical #controlling #justice and #support is needed I thank #god #family #friends for their help and for getting me out of the #hellhole sooner. I am now #happy for meeting my #truelove #bestfriend and being in a #normal #relationship #marriage my story will be told...
mental - family - stopviolence - truelove - abuse - controlling - unwantedmemories - friends - physical - hellhole - bestfriend - relationship - justice - god - murderedbymyboyfriend - scars - marriage - normal - support - happy -
amrits_photography : 🙏
kally_ksr : I'm deeply sorry to hear you went through this experience, it's good to know you are in a better place now x
hk_hair_and_beauty : Keep smiling @gbusiness 😘😘
gbusiness : Thank you all @pipkalsi @chansi83 @amrits_photography @kally_ksr @hk_hair_and_beauty and thank you all to everyone...this has inspired me to do something and take action. Will keep all updated any support is much appreciated x
pjabbal : @gbusiness well done girly. It's humbling to know you are living life to it's fullest. X
gbusiness : Thank you @pjabbal 😊 x
pbilks : Love you missy x
gbusiness : Love you too @pbilks x
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God i missed her... she brought back the joyous moments as well as the sorrowful ones.. #Flashback #RPDays #UnwantedMemories
flashback - rpdays - unwantedmemories -
thilagamoney - nanthini_2307 - fireboi987 - haikalkrentz -
Wow can't believe this was over five years ago that I took this damn u i cloud #unwantedmemories #damnuicloud!!!
unwantedmemories - damnuicloud -
dillah_dibiase : Sup stranger
obey_snow_villars : Yea hi
obey_snow_villars : @dillah_dibiase u gotta question or are u just gonna look at my photos all day???
dillah_dibiase : Woah I haven't talked to u for a while but wat u been up to
obey_snow_villars : Get this bruh I don't know who you are at all and I don't remember talking to you like that so idk what to tell you :/
obey_snow_villars : @dillah_dibiase look I'm not really fond of ppl that I don't know at all liking or commenting my pics I don't know you from college or highschool or anywhere for that matter so excuse me if I don't roll out the red carpet of kindness :/
dillah_dibiase : :(
obey_snow_villars - sandramcee - silverdaniels - dillah_dibiase -
Flashbacks I'm not sure I'm totally comfortable with accompany this album so well. #highschoolsucked #unwantedmemories
highschoolsucked - unwantedmemories -
But they like to talk shit like they do know #beenthrough #pain #lonely #sadness #mypast #talkshit #somebodywantme #nofriends #needtostopeating #hecalledmefat #unwanted #unwantedmemories
talkshit - lonely - pain - hecalledmefat - needtostopeating - sadness - unwanted - unwantedmemories - somebodywantme - mypast - nofriends - beenthrough -
tania1878 : @blue_andorange
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#shitifindondeptfordmarket #deptfordmarket #oldphotos #unwantedmemories
deptfordmarket - oldphotos - shitifindondeptfordmarket - unwantedmemories -
old_n_vintage_camera -
#shitifindondeptfordmarket #deptfordmarket #unwantedmemories #oldphotos
deptfordmarket - oldphotos - shitifindondeptfordmarket - unwantedmemories -
old_n_vintage_camera -
#shitifindondeptfordmarket #deptfordmarket #unwantedmemories #oldphotos
deptfordmarket - oldphotos - shitifindondeptfordmarket - unwantedmemories -
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I love the little boy in the kilt - such a cute expression. #shitifindondeptfordmarket #deptfordmarket #oldphotos #unwantedmemories
deptfordmarket - oldphotos - shitifindondeptfordmarket - unwantedmemories -
old_n_vintage_camera -
butwe - ourmistakes - bringsback - unwantedmemories - learnfrom -
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One person can bring so many flashbacks 😂 even if you were trying to forget them. #unwantedMemories #ThatWaviTho .!!
thatwavitho - unwantedmemories -
bcuzimcydd - aye_its_wavi - jonathan_stanford - jan_man27 -
SUICIDE #piccollage #suicide #panicattacks #pain #hurt #crying #tears #sobbing #onething #unwanted #unwantedmemories #unwantedpeople #unwanted things #breakdown #breakingdown #scars #cutting #pills #overdose #fake #fakeloves #burningeyes #nooneisthere #noonetoholdanymore #ihavetofightalone #imalone #brokenpromises #promise
breakdown - pain - crying - imalone - hurt - cutting - promise - unwantedmemories - fake - overdose - nooneisthere - pills - fakeloves - suicide - ihavetofightalone - sobbing - scars - panicattacks - breakingdown - onething - tears - unwantedpeople - burningeyes - noonetoholdanymore - unwanted - brokenpromises - piccollage -
ikpromootpaardendingenxx - ___brave - crumblinglikepastries - lovelyy.sins -
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that feeling when you're home alone and you can't stop yourself from thinking things you want to forget .. it sucks /_~ #headache #wasted #escape #unwantedmemories
wasted - escape - unwantedmemories - headache -
karenremalla - engrubylynsaylo - docjhemm - pinkcitytreasures -
Every once in a while I can manage to actually forget for a bit. But once everyone & everything leaves and I'm back in my room completely alone, with only my thoughts thats when everything turns to shit again. I'm slowly killing myself and there is no stopping it. ( #depression #slowlykillingmyself #cutting #mythoughtsaregoingtokillme #scars #nowayout #fuckedup #painful #forgeting #unwantedmemories #justkillme #goaway )
painful - forgeting - justkillme - scars - mythoughtsaregoingtokillme - goaway - cutting - fuckedup - nowayout - slowlykillingmyself - depression - unwantedmemories -
xamericanidiotx_ - editsqueens -
I Hate that to :/ not really considered wanting to remember the stuff but ya know life is life :/ so
badimages - unwantedmemories - crying -
ouittingxc : #badimages #unwantedmemories
ouittingxc : #crying
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#sotrue #myfeelingsrightaboutnow #unwantedmemories #camefloodimgback #imoverthis #lovethisquote
camefloodimgback - unwantedmemories - imoverthis - myfeelingsrightaboutnow - sotrue - lovethisquote - camefloodingback -
geelbx : #camefloodingback*
amiinabah : Hope your okay darling xx
geelbx : Hehe aw thank you amiinabah I'm fine hehe x x
geelbx : @amiinabah *
amiinabah : Oh good love you chick xx
geelbx : Hehe love you two @amiinabah x x
clickflap -
If you could just milk it for everything I've said what I'd said and you know what I mean But I still can't focus on anything We kiss on the mouth but still cough down our sleeves #SnowySleeplessNights #UnwantedMemories & #ModestMouse4Lyfe
instafriends - modestmouse4lyfe - snowysleeplessnights - unwantedmemories -
josieayerss : Dude, you're like my new favourite person.
carlyjordana : 😻😻 #instafriends
hannahpreston1555 - dancingb3ars - adambomb44 - artosapian -
@cute_ldrelationships @cute_ldrelationships @cute_ldrelationships @cute_ldrelationships #relationships #longdistancerelationship #relationship101 #longdistance #love #faithful #cuterelationships #cutecouples #cute #missingher #missinghim #imissyou #iloveyou #dt #breakups #heartbroken #unwantedmemories
longdistancerelationship - love - cute - relationship101 - missinghim - unwantedmemories - dt - longdistance - relationships - faithful - cuterelationships - cutecouples - breakups - iloveyou - missingher - heartbroken - imissyou -
kellysheehan99 : @dani00xx
redneck_throwdown_ - asiandude666 -
Wearing my new pjs for the first since I got them for Christmas🎄, on New Years🎉😉they are Victoria secret pants and I love them... Anyways, read almost a 300 page book called stained📖. Have been reading since before 3pm😱 it was extremely triggering and vivid, bringing back unwanted memories😓, though I really enjoyed it😱. Tonight's dinner was pasta and sauce🍝 that was my productive night🌚 #food #fatcow #foodie #foodgasm #foodporn #foodisfuel #anorexiarecovery #absaremadeinthekitchen #alone #stained #stayhealthy #strongnotskinny #recovery #recoveryfromed #recoveryfromednos #recoveryfromanorexia #recoveryfromeatingdisorder #reading #triggering #flashbacks #dissociations #unwantedmemories #pasta #carbs #victoriasecret #pjs
recoveryfromed - flashbacks - strongnotskinny - foodie - dissociations - foodporn - food - recoveryfromednos - pasta - stayhealthy - anorexiarecovery - unwantedmemories - alone - foodgasm - foodisfuel - absaremadeinthekitchen - pjs - carbs - fatcow - recovery - stained - recoveryfromanorexia - recoveryfromeatingdisorder - reading - triggering - victoriasecret -
greenbug375 : 👏👏👏
emilyferron : I just recovered so i know that its extremely challenging. It was difficult, but it taught me a lot. In that long month in the hospital I realized I would much rather be healthy and have my life than be sick and frail and spend my life in fear and being sent to the hospital. I'm not saying it was easy, but when I was discharged from the hospital (beginning of June), I promised myself I wouldn't slip back and I would push forward. I eventually did and honestly I have no regrets other than waiting so long to do it. Recovery is hard but it is SO worth it. I can go out now in a tight skirt and crop top and drink and party with my friends. I can dance all night and then eat a piece of pizza because I'm hungry after a long night out with my friends. I can eat icecream at the beach. I can be home alone without being tempted to binge and purge. I got my running privileges back a few months ago and this year I'm captain of cross country! My friends and I are closer than ever and my parents are happy with me. I also finally found courage to break up with my asshole of a boyfriend (who was cheating on me the ENTIRE time I was in the hospital) and I've moved on and I'm happy. Trust me, recovery is worth every hour, day, month of agony. Stay strong ❤
through_gabrielles_eyes : @emilyferron that is such an inspiration story! I want to recover so so badly but there is a huge part of me that is so scared to live without it. I hate feeling uncomfortable in my own skin. I have been living with this for over 18 years and it has taken way all of those years of my life. I know what it feels like to survive but I have never truly lived. I get by... And I go in and out of inpatient all the time. Hopefully in time things will get easier but I know I can't wait until I am "ready" to recovery because I will probably live with it forever. I really need to just jump into recovery with both of me feet. I want to genuinely be happy. I want to enjoy life. Thank you for commenting. I am happy you are living a happy and healthy life. It makes me smile to hear. Have a wonderful day hun❤
sarrakathryn - ellens_journey - beautifully_healing - oosaraoo -
Where do I start.. #cantsleep #mindwanders #unwantedmemories
mindwanders - unwantedmemories - cantsleep -
camchowder : Read your Bible
camchowder : Psalm 62:5 and Isaiah 26:3: read with faith 🙏
oshaq_hennessey : Yes, my soul, find rest in god; my hope comes from him @camchowder
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I know , you don't have to rub it in my face every chance that you get . . . #crying #tears #thanksmom #nobueno #notcool #unwantedmemories #timetosleep #crawlintoaball #alone
notcool - crawlintoaball - nobueno - timetosleep - tears - unwantedmemories - crying - alone - thanksmom -
wendiwilson : @taylorzdawnn I love you tatter!!
taylorzdawnn : i love you too @wendiwilson
bro_ashleyzhere : You ok? :(
taylorzdawnn : no , but I will be. @bro_ashleyzhere
bro_ashleyzhere : You have my new # right? You can text me if you ever need to talk to someone, love you♥
taylorzdawnn : no , you never gave it to me. @bro_ashleyzhere but thanks. (: love you too.
bro_ashleyzhere : 3175603145 :)
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Unwanted Memories I gave you life And you took mine away I tried and I tried And you were the one that couldn't stay Oh-oh-wow Please explain 'Cause I can't handle not understanding the pain Oh-oh-wow Please explain All the things you did that still remain inside my brain It's now all unwanted memories Only now no one can save me It's always when it's too late When I've already started to abate That they try That they care Where were they When they weren't there #gettingthere #original #unwantedmemories #givingitalltoYou #Jesus #iPray #iThank #Godisgood #chantelle-carly
godisgood - ithank - gettingthere - givingitalltoyou - jesus - ipray - unwantedmemories - chantelle - original -
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Burn those b*tches to the ground!! Lol #photographs #memories #unwantedmemories #sorrynotsorry
photographs - memories - sorrynotsorry - unwantedmemories -
ejg_90 -
#unwantedmemories #flashback
flashback - unwantedmemories -
myueh : Then think of me ?
cyinze : @myueh ok, I'll think of your cuteness ☺
myueh : ^^ u so good 😘☺
yee_marsha : U thinking of who? Hehehe......
jvson - jannywt - jameswong77 - raquel_rj11 -
unwantedmemories -
urfavtoy88 - butter_cup06 - naturallyanni -
Look mommy I'm on drugs /: #sickasfuck #fml #drugs #myversionofmolly
mrrobinsonsclass - scarsforlife - drugs - golickseahorsedick - fml - retardmath - unwantedmemories - sickasfuck - myversionofmolly -
codekaotix : @crizzy_glass hahaha love yaaaa
crizzy_glass : I really miss you, like i seriously need to pinch your skin or punch you <3
codekaotix : @crizzy_glass please not pinch fuck! #unwantedmemories #mrrobinsonsclass #retardmath #scarsforlife I miss you toooo :)
crizzy_glass : @codekaotix #you #need #to #chill #with #the #hashtags #seriously #whydoyoudothis
codekaotix : @crizzy_glass eh idk boredom I suppose? :D
crizzy_glass : Oh, okay. I forgive you *hug*
codekaotix : @crizzy_glass *hug*
ozzy385 : Time to hire a public relations manager lmfao
crizzy_glass - jackii0101 - nicoleevanessa - ximeee08 -
Its sad how true this is.. #single #singleprobs #oldconversations #unwantedmemories #missingyou
oldconversations - single - missingyou - unwantedmemories - singleprobs -
claudiasebastiao11 - kaylerxoo - skinnymini_xoxo - x_mudsmoke_liltrippy_x1821 -
Can someone hack into my brain? Coz I really need to remember memories that i've forgotten and removes the unwanted one. #sigh #unwantedmemories #forgetfullness #lifehacked
sigh - lifehacked - unwantedmemories - forgetfullness -
faiqahsharuddin - syakirinariffin - azrinazidin - taiwoharry -
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