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love ❀ #sadness #cannibals #marikahackman #indie #indiemusic #love #unrequitedlove #loneliness #secretsongs #maisnon #pain #alone #music #songs #happy #hope
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flora.merle : Your post is cool 😍
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Soo.. my bf and his best friend and I were in a group chat. My phone went dead so i fell asleep. I woke up excited to see what was being said and if nyone missed me. Come to find out my bf dpsent give af about me.. says its 'hard to find someone loyal'. .. it hurt. What does that even mean? We dated for only 2 days! But.. i descided not to mention it.. whos up? // #bands #depression #vent #ugh #antisocial #hate #secretsociety #unrequitedlove #anxiety #frustration #5sos
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miri_124_ : ιΠΌ no Ρ‚Π½erapιΡ•Ρ‚, Π²υΡ‚ Ρ‚rυΡ•Ρ‚ ΠΌe; ι wιll lιΡ•Ρ‚en, and ι wιll care ❀️
atlanticfeelings : @miri_124_ Thank you doll ツ
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Mood for today πŸ‘ŠπŸ’” #love #unrequitedlove #hurtme #eminem #rihanna #hurt #hurtmenomore #watchmeburn #lies #selfesteem #ideservebetter
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Nyesek emang :( #unrequitedlove #wtf #langsungshoweran #nyanyilagudmasiv #catatanharianseorangJJKP
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prettykeli : Wow!
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πŸ˜πŸ‘…πŸ‘I really thinks she is the one for me, can't believe how lucky I am to be her friend. πŸ‘­ I just wish I could be her girlfriend but she is way out of my league 😭😫 #unrequitedlove πŸ’”
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m_darcyrd : You wish @annie.nicholls πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜‚
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A little freehand during lunch break. I can't stop thinking about a good peanut butter sandwich and this leads to what Charlie Brown had said.
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thearticulate : Hey, thanks @gicatam ! Your stuff is amazing! 😍
dynamiqueblog : I hear that πŸ˜‹βœŒοΈβœ”οΈπŸ‘Š
vab4eva : Oh no @thearticulate Now I need a peanut butter sandwich ha!!
gicatam : @thearticulate oh my gosh thank you!! πŸ’•
adriannawebster : @teacup_33q
duchesscdesire : Would love this as a print or my kitchen!!!
harvest_espresso : @thearticulate crunchy or smooth though?
laurasmess : Ditto @duchesscdesire I would also! πŸ’™
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I know it all too well, when once again it's happening #UnrequitedLove #LykkeLi #NP #NewNecklace #SunAndMoon
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domenicmartinez : Dreah
bubblegump1nk : πŸ’•
1dreah_ : Dom @domenicmartinez
domenicmartinez : Are you coming to sac for xmas?
1dreah_ : Nope πŸ˜” my Xmas is coming to LA this year @domenicmartinez
domenicmartinez : Awe i wanted to see you
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#regram @lessonslearnedinlife #brokenhearted #relationships #relationshipquotes #missyou #movingon #missinghim #missingyou #hurts #heartache #holdingon #heartbreak #heartbroken #hedoesntcare #heartbreakquotes #relationshipquotes #crush #inlove #love #loveyou #lovehurts #loveispain #lovequotes #loveisblind #loveisntkind #unrequitedlove #brokenheart #broken #thinkingofyou
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#quotes #unrequitedlove #realtalk
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Hindsight πŸ‘“ #angelamariealfaro #heartist #poet #writer #poem #poetry #quote #pretty #words #poetsofig #poetsofinstagram #poetrycommunity #writersofig #writersofinstagram #hindsight #place #forbidden #love #unrequitedlove #memory #past #nostalgia #flashback #heart #heartbreak
heart - love - quote - forbidden - nostalgia - writersofig - heartbreak - words - hindsight - poetrycommunity - flashback - poem - poetsofinstagram - heartist - past - writer - poetry - unrequitedlove - poetsofig - writersofinstagram - place - pretty - memory - poet - angelamariealfaro -
chanelmajx : @patt.v 😳
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I think that it's finally time I give up. You've treated me worse than anyone else, you mess with my mind and my heart. At least they told me what was straight up. I gave you everything and more. I gave up my life for you. And now I'm nothing. One night you tell me you love me so much the next you're screaming at me that you had a shitty day like it's my fault and then you go home and you talk and flirt with gallons of other people. Liking their selfies and all. Who knows what else. You very very rarely liked anything of mine when we were together. I'm just not good enough. I'm nothing. Not good looking enough, not happy enough, not fun enough, not cool enough, not perfect enough. I am. Nothing. And it slaughters me on the inside everytime I see it with my own eyes but you just tell me lies to make me smile for the moment. I haven't stopped crying in over a month since the night it happened. I've been here waiting for this "break" to end I haven't been eating or sleeping right and you're perfectly fine. You don't care. You've picked up the booze and drugs. You have people that are there just for a good time but they don't know you like I do. They only know the fake surface you. No one could handle your temper and jealousy like me and still love you after. I'm here. I've been waiting. Only for you. Yet me proving my. Love to you means nothing to you. Why can't anyone love me? Especially when I adore them. I might as well just reveal myself on this acct. nothing's getting better and it doesn't matter to anyone but me obviously.
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dragonfruitx : #heartbroken #hurt #love #unrequitedlove #worthless #hopeless #tired #depressed #broken #upset #sad
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I can't Stop! Jules is asdfghjkl. 😭 #Julesmarchenoir #revenant #quote #books #Unrequitedlove #love
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Whatever. #electraheart #grunge #tumblr #tumblrpost #marinaandthediamonds #quotes
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carla.noreen : Your shot is amazing 😁
a_forrestation : @carla.noreen it's not mine but thanks
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Bueno, lo importante es que tenemos salud :/ #unchosen #unrequitedlove #noway
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Look at this!!! She finally got her claws in my poor small boy! #BirdieTheCat is a little vixen but she is still sooooooo cute. I guess it's love (for her anyway) #vixen #deweycat #unrequitedlove
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maddie_alice : Relationship goals
nick_pratte : Bird du is is
addmom712 : @nick_pratte what????
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FXB (Chapter 13) (Mangle's P.O.V) I'msorry... So soRRy foraTTacking. If I didn't, 'she' will make me sUFFEr. mE? Youhave NOidea how it is being me... IDONTWANT to get into detail about myPAST but, bEFOre..was RiPPeDaPart aGAInAGainagaINand aGaiN... P L EAPLEASE STOP THIS M A DNESS.Ican'tthinkright. I'mSCaReDoFHim-Her.. Ever since being separate from (Toy) Freddy, she never EVer ACTed right. She loves Freddy, A LOT. Y O U DON'T want to get in the way. (Bonnie's P.O.V) Me and Freddy then ran to the bathroom, we had to disturb the quality time the two were having in order to tell them. "They're HERE?!" Chica shouted. She was surprised by the sudden news I told her. "Ugh... Why did it have to be them..?" We all hate our counterparts... I don't know about Foxy though, but they were rude to us from the beginning we awoke. When were all provoking... Jeremy? I believe that's his name, they would always attempt to bring us back to the backroom forcefully. They didn't want us to be seen, they didn't want us to do anything at all actually, just stay in the back room and be nothing. Freddy disliked his counterpart, of course, their relationship was like two kings from two different lands against each other. Even if they so much as look at each other, I wouldn't be surprised if a fight would happen. Chica hated her Toy counterpart a lot. Other Chica would usually mock her and tease her. I think the other Chica believed herself to be more attractive. Funny thing is actually... She's just like if Chica had a little sister. Foxy's counterpart? I have no idea what their relationship is, but I've never seen him have anything against that pink fox. From what I remember, that pirate vixen doesn't seem to have anything against the pirate fox. She's sort of cautious around him.. And for me? I hated my Toy counterpart with a huge passion. That blue Bunny always told me such... Horrible things. Such as, "You are alone... And always will be alone. Worthless, Faceless, Ugly, or Forgotten." She mocked me and sang songs for not having a face. I was faceless back then because she had my face. I don't know how the hell it got to being makeuped though.
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xdonnie_bonniex : *golfers clap*
badocsok : ima criiiiu bc that makes sense
xdonnie_bonniex : I LLLLOOVVVEEE
crystalfoxart : BRUHHH
foxythepirateee : I can't get over your profile pic I giggle whenever I see it.
mangle_the_broken_fox : πŸ‘
badocsok : when will new chapter b out? Jut asking, not rushing u but I love it and I am waiting for FRONNIE to happen :3
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kiss me, kiss MEEEEEEE!! #unrequitedlove #somean #catlady #butifeedyou #givemelove #fleaqueen
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For.... #unrequitedlove.comπŸ’”
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πŸ˜” #poem #poet #poetsofinstagram #poemsociety #poemsporn #shortpoem #creativewriting #writersofinstagram #original #love #crush #unrequitedlove #heartbreak #sad
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valiant_13 : @dauntless_gallant
karina.al_ : @michellee.m_ 😫
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I want to feel so safe and in love with someone that I can just fall asleep in their arms is that even a thing?
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_widlange_ : @dominican_phe
_qveen.tee_ : Aww 😊😊😘😘 I know @tee.baby
jaaayd_15 : @fay_12_12_14 πŸ™ˆπŸ™ŠπŸ™‰
fay_12_12_14 : I want you to 😘😍 @jaaayd_15
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#fallinlove #fallapart #onceuponatime #love #broken #brokenheart #pain #crush #infatuation #unrequitedlove #heartache #heartbreak #hurt 🌚
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(Note: I made Toy Bonnie a female in this one. Feel free to ask me why or wait, the Fanfic will explain later why Toy Bonnie is Female.) FXB (Chapter 12) (Freddy's P.O.V.) Well that just happened, a dismantled Fox just tried to dismantle me and Bonnie just now... Then suddenly she came.. "I'm sorry... My little friend here apparently likes to bite guests.." "Chica... That wasn't very nice..." The Pink Vixen said, rubbing her head with her expanded hook. "Well you shouldn't do that to anyone... Even if they are our replacements once more..let's come back and see what the humans want with us tomorrow." The Toy chicken said to her. She looked at me and Freddy. "... Hm." Ah, yes, I remember them, from many years ago when me and my friends woke up. Such advanced robots created, they understand emotions well, they can talk, and they can detect criminals from a mile way...The 'toys' never did like us... If anything, they despise our existence. It's strange the humans went to such an extent for these robots. Ironically, We ended up replacing them months after the old location closed down. I immediately took Bonnie's hand and got out of the backroom, "... Bonnie, we're gonna have to warn Chica and Foxy about them. We don't know if they are a threat or an ally. If anything, I wouldn't trust any of the new ones.." I told Bonnie and he nodded. "Question is... Why are they here..?" Meanwhile, in one of the opened boxes. (Toy Bonnie's P.O.V.) ... ... ... Offline. Where's my face? My face... MY FACE. I NEED MY FACE... FREDDY WONT LIKE ME IF I DONT HAVE A FACE. F R E D D Y F R E D D Y (Toy Chica's P.O.V.) "Bonnie... They took notice of us, because little Mangle here decided to come out and provoke the other Bonnie and Freddy..." I said, kneeling to... Her. If she knew I knew what her secret was, she'd...dismantle me. Her voice was distorted and low, I already knew she hated and I mean HATED being this state. "Give me his face... THE FAKE BONNIE'S FACE. WHERE'S MY FREDDY?! I NEED A FACE SO I CAN SEE HIM AGAIN." I sighed, "Bonnie, we can't do that... Our purpose is to abide by what the humans want..." She didn't answer me, Poor girl is out of her mind.
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lets.eat_919 : @badocsok WAIT XDDD
badocsok : FINNNEEE
foxythepirateee : I'm so confused...
lets.eat_919 : @foxythepirateee what?
foxythepirateee : Which one doesn't have a face?
lets.eat_919 : @foxythepirateee Toy Bonnie
foxythepirateee : Oh. Ok I just read the next chapter I get it now.
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'Seriously. Who is this waste man trying to sneak into my bed' #pomeranian #pomchi #tiger #love #cuddles #unrequitedlove #nolove
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#missyou #movingon #missinghim #missingyou #hurts #heartache #holdingon #heartbreak #heartbroken #hedoesntcare #heartbreakquotes #relationshipquotes #crush #inlove #love #loveyou #lovehurts #loveispain #lovequotes #loveisblind #loveisntkind #unrequitedlove #brokenheart #broken #thinkingofyou #brokenhearted
loveisntkind - loveispain - love - loveisblind - missingyou - brokenheart - thinkingofyou - movingon - broken - holdingon - missinghim - heartbreakquotes - hurts - brokenhearted - lovequotes - heartache - lovehurts - missyou - heartbreak - unrequitedlove - crush - relationshipquotes - hedoesntcare - heartbroken - loveyou - inlove -
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sandykaye_ : If you don't tell them then how will you know? β€πŸ’‹
inspire_niki : Wow‼️
free.zpirit : Sigh
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• I fear crying more than heights because falling at least has a certain stopping point i cannot face that great canyon in my bones because i honestly don’t know just how deep this sadness goes. • // #grunge #softgrunge #pale #pastel #palegrunge #pastelgrunge #depressed #depression #sad #sadness #lonely #alone #loneliness #love #heartbreak #unrequitedlove //
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mynameisebola : Recent for recent?
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πŸ˜” what's life without a touch of unrequited love?
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lux_aeternis : #unrequitedlove #love #life #sadness #lifecanbecruel #iwishyoulove
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I know I look like shit but I love the song and the movie it is from (if I stay) and I really think you should go watch it like now πŸ‘Œ #ifistay #heartlikeyours #love #lovesong #music #lyrics #cover #singer #inlove #unrequitedlove #fallinginlove
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amyzenmusic : @flourescent_antidepressants Nice! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
flourescent_antidepressants : Thanks ☺️ @amyzenmusic
amyzenmusic : @flourescent_antidepressants np keep singing and feel free to check us out!
flourescent_antidepressants : Yeah I will:) @amyzenmusic
the_saddest_clown : Your voice.. β™‘ 😍
flourescent_antidepressants : Aw thank you ☺️ @the_saddest_clown
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Boba thought: these kids love me too much... *sigh*
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Snuggled watching #theholiday #perfectxmasfilm #judelaw #lonelythisxmas #unrequitedlove
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sophwildcc : Love watching that film at Christmas! Hopefully see you soon Jo :) have a great crimbo!!! X x
jofear69 : You too soph x love to everyone xxx
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Sunday before Christmas πŸ‘Œ#TheHoliday #unrequitedlove #beautiful #christmas #tears #valium
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lalacraves : I do not think Jude Law could be any more perfect in this
kellly87 : πŸ‘Œ
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#sketchbookproject @thesketchbookproject
unrequitedlove - sketchbookproject -
ludwigdermaler : Very Lichtenstein! I love it
ludwigdermaler : @prahamrp - mine is going to be mostly collage with some paint also. One of my biggest influences and my favorite book as a youngster was "La Femme 100 tetes" by Max Ernst. I'm going in that direction but with a little more Chris Kuksi rococo. I can't wait to start!
prahamrp : @ludwigdermaler mine is anonymous. This is just one page. Collage. Yes. That's a Lichenst. I may do a more artsy one but this is more of a purge. Mostly words. It looks like a HS student made it. I'm more a writer than an artist. So maybe next time I'll make a more painterly book. But this is OK for now. I'll leave the art to the artists. Like u.
ludwigdermaler : It's good to purge (artistically). Someday I'll return to the city, visit the library and see you sketchbook in person. Its nearly time for a visit, Xzavier's never been and my friend has a restaurant there (Kenka izakaya) that I'm excited to take him and my girlfriend to. And now, the sketchbookproject library is tall on my list also.
prahamrp : @ludwigdermaler yes. Visit. My book and yours will be in the tour. I'll look for your friends restaurant!!
prahamrp : @ludwigdermaler wow. Your friends sushi place is open until 2 am. Yay
ludwigdermaler : Yes my friend Umeki. It's right bellow search and destroy the punk clothing store. I designed clothes for him under the name SWAMPUNX. I'm starting a Instagram account soon to just showcase the punk clothes I've made.
prahamrp : @ludwigdermaler yay! Punk clothes. I used to shop at Trash and Vaudville. Yay!!
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